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The Freedom of Speech Golf Forum is Here!

  • The members are what make a great forum.
  • We want you to be able to express your opinions.
  • Ask questions and share what you know.
  • Just a few simple moral codes we hope you follow below.
1. Avoid abusive language...try to look in the thesaurus for another word ;)

2. Obviously this is a golf forum so political, religious and race comments would be better on a different kind of forum.

3. No reason for personal attacks fellas...remember this is just a golf forum and there honestly is no reason for them. We always encourage personal opinions. Just make sure not to criticize someone else for theirs.

4. Keep the porn posts on the porn sites...the MGS forum is obviously not the right place for it.

5. Product Advertising - (PLEASE READ) this is a touchy subject and one not easy to moderate for companies that advertise with any forum. I have thought about this and consulted with many companies about how we can resolve this and make it beneficial for all involved (advertisers & members). The MGS forum wants EVERYONE to feel like they can be a part of this forum and I encourage all companies to take part. In the end it will only make for a better forum and better content for the members. And therefore our forum will not turn away any Non-Advertising companies from posting like other forums do. However...we are sure you understand that it is not to fair to have the exact same posting privileges as a Advertiser on the forum. So we have come up with the following criteria which we feel both encourages both Non-Advertiser educational posting and promotes the Advertisers product promotions.

ADVERTISERS - Will be able to post promotional info, run contests, post both pre-product and current product release photos, display contact info (with banners), provide educational posts, promote coupons and discounts to members and highlight new product releases.

NON-ADVERTISERS - Will be able to post any and all educational type posts and also display contact info in your signature (without banners).


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