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Attachments: What Makes a Round Memorable

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( Posted on Jul 22 2010 04:02 PM )
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      26 Nov

    I heard a rumor that Golf Town in Canada is going out of business. They will be shutting stores and going online only. Has anyone else heard this? Is there any truth to it?

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      03 Nov

    Wood Bros Persimmon, has anyone done a comparrison of the distance that they managed to hit old Wood Bros drivers. I recently obtained a Kool Kat ads have found that it is only about 5-10 yards shorter than my gamer Callaway 815 Alpha. I have just turned 50 so grew up with persimmon and still enjoy playing them occasionally but most of the 50's clubs are about 20 yards behind , I normally carry the Callaway about 235-240 as my swing speed has come down to about 95mph. Would be interested...

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