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Attachments: What Makes a Round Memorable

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      10 Sep

    Played yesterday and it was 76 degrees w/ 5mph winds, today playing in 50 degrees w/ 15-20mph winds. Sometimes I hate MN

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      29 Aug
    Dhuck Whooker

    Spent this afternoon in a Golf----- checking out the equpiment. Can't afford to buy a bag of tees, so all we can do is dream. Used to do this in sporting goods stores when I was 12 , too. Now I'm 54. Nothing was really changed. All this great stuff and no money to buy it.

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      08 Aug

    Why do manufacturers put an iron equivalent on hybrids when the distances seem so much greater than irons. Surely it'd be better to just give lofts. Incidentally, perhaps irons should have degrees of loft on them instead of numbers too!

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