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Attachments: What Would Have Been In Your Bag In 1862

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Attached File old clubs 2.jpg
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( Posted on Sep 22 2010 11:03 PM )
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Attached File hickory_golf_clubs.jpg
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( Posted on Sep 22 2010 11:03 PM )
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      10 Sep

    Played yesterday and it was 76 degrees w/ 5mph winds, today playing in 50 degrees w/ 15-20mph winds. Sometimes I hate MN

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      29 Aug
    Dhuck Whooker

    Spent this afternoon in a Golf----- checking out the equpiment. Can't afford to buy a bag of tees, so all we can do is dream. Used to do this in sporting goods stores when I was 12 , too. Now I'm 54. Nothing was really changed. All this great stuff and no money to buy it.

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