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The Secret of 300 Yard Drives and Scratch Golf

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#16 HillWilliam



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Posted 16 March 2014 - 05:34 PM

Great post, Phana24G- on the mark...There's occasionally some good stuff over there but so much of the review talk is limited to the big boys and much of it sounds like marketing department b.s..

The forum over there is exactly what you describe...I'll leave it at that. I don't mind listening to guys describing their career drive as their driving distance...My best and my average are about 50 yards apart...and as much as I'd like a pretty draw, after 45 years, I typically have a slight fade. I spend too much time doing horticulture in the woods and ruining great fairway shots with 2 and 3 putts...Which is why it's fun to be here...Almost a like private club vs a high end muni...who's members would YOU rather hang with?

As long as we're baring our golf souls, I buy too much equipment. I KNOW my money would be better spent on lessons but a new club, set of irons, ball etc gives me something new to look forward to on the weekend. There...I'm cleansed.

#17 silver & black

silver & black


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Posted 08 April 2014 - 09:38 PM

I am now entering my seventh year of play. I progressed on a reasonable path from 142 (my opening day spectacular) to about a five handicap. I had been taking lessons from a local range pro and was pleased with my progress Two years ago, I realized that I had gone about as far with this guy as I could, so I went on a search for a more advanced teacher. Via word of mouth of local media, I tried the local "name" and "elite" instructors. I spent most of last year in golf hell courtesy of a couple of method teachers who managed to turn my game into a complete mess. A pricey golf school was next. My main accomplishment at this place was adding four pounds in four days.

At this time, I then began to seek information on the Internet. I was primarily looking for instruction, but also uncovered several interesting forums, where I finally uncovered the secret to the game of golf. If you really want to break 80, and then enter the world of 300 yard drives and eventually become a scratch golfer I am about to reveal THE secret:

1) Quit Taking Lessons
2) Hold Off on ANY New Equipment Purchases
3) Discontinue Your Participation in MGS and Other Similar Forums
4) Join Golf WRX
and here is key

That is it! Within your first 75-100 posts, you will be breaking 80 on a regular basis. Somewhere around post 250, your driving average will rise above 260 yards and the first 300 yeard drive appears. Now, this is where you separate the men from the boys. As you learn the appropriate verbage and acquire the haughty condescension necessary to continue to successfully post, it appears that in the post 750 to 1000 range, you make that transition to scratch/near scratch, and routinely drive the ball 300 yards.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! Along the way, you will somehow acquire a job that permits you to spend thousands of dollars on esoteric Japanese equipment. Instead of being some loser like me, concerned about spending $500 for a new driver, you can now spend that much just for a shaft and change them out on a regular basis as the tempo of your now 120mph swing speed varies. Apparently, this new job will not require you to spend very much time actually working because your number of posts goes up, and you are playing golf almost every day.

Unfortunately, not everone can achieve the 120-125 mph swings with this simple technique. Since rigorous honesty is a sine qua non for being a Golf WRX insider, you may have to settle for that 108-114 mph swing. However, with some additional posting in the short game and wedge sections, you can now achieve a mini-tour caliber short game with a few hundred posts in those sections, and score just as well as the "average" WRX golfer.

 LOL. That is golden!

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