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#1 TWshoot67



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Posted 09 December 2010 - 05:14 PM

I'll try my best to get this situation correct. There's seller #1(proclubs) and Seller #2(pro_stix_2008). Both had listed the NEW KBS SATIN PROTOTYPE SHAFTS up for sale. It started about 2 weeks ago with Seller #1. Original listing was Used Demo set for $199.00 3-pw. NO PROBLEM! The problem begins when Seller #1 see's that Seller #2 Puts up a 4/Sale add and he lists a NEW set for $499.00 a set 3-pw. Still no problem just rather STEEP Price IMO. Now what gets me pissed off is once Seller #1 see's SELLER #2's listing he decides to re-list his USED set for 299.00, a 100.00 increase? In the mean time I've been trying to find out more about these shafts from KBS but can't seem to get any info other then they exsist and they are being tested on PGA Tour. Well coinsciedence or not after I started 3 threads in 3 separate Golf forums both listings majically disappeared off eBay. Well to my surprise tonight I'm back on eBay and what do I see? Seller #1 has his same USED DEMO set up 4/Sale again but now he wants 499.00 for the 3-pw Pulled shafts. Now how can this seller not feel like he's ripping off the public when if anyone like me seen this guy list them for 199.00 ORIGINALLY and NOW he wants 499.00. Was he instructed by KBS to raise his price or is he just a price gouger? I mean obviously he was making money at 199.00. I mean they were listed for like 3-4 days before seller #2 came along and put his NEW shafts up for 499.00. I mean the minute seller #2's shafts where up for 499.00 seller #1 pulled his listing and raised his price. I just find this as total lack of morals. Does he think we are all stupid and didn't notice that he's raised the price 3 times? I just find this completely wrong. Now he probably got them for free and he's trying to hit the MOTHER LOAD on the fact that they are PROTOTYPES and there's supposedly only 50 sets of each loft for a total of 150 sets. The worst part is KBS has said through the grape vine that none of these profiles will be released because it's not what the PGA tour players like at present so they are going to be tweaked a bit, then they will eventually be released to the public. So in essence these shafts are really worthless except for the WOW factor: "LOOK WHAT I HAVE AND NO ONE ELSE HAS THESE BABIES IN THEIR IRONS" I mean chances are these will not fit any of the amatuers(hacks, me incuded) that want to play them! I mean maybe you get lucky and they fit your swing style.You can read it for yourself as here's the link to seller # 2:

PS: I have nothing against either seller. What I'm against is the way these listed were up then down then back up again not once , not twice , but three times for seller #1 that I know of and atleast 2x's for seller #2. Can someone tell me is this KBS DOING? Did they get wind of seller #1 selling the shafts below there price point listing them for 199.00 and then making the seller take them down because they want these shafst to be like MATRIX with their 1,200.00 shafts??? I mean it just seems very fishy to me. And NOW BOTH SELLERS MAJICALLY HAVE BOTH SETS AT 499.00. Is it KBS telling the retailer to sell at this price point? or is this just two sellers getting together and decideing to rob the public? either way it's wrong and this stuff needs some regulation.I mean just look at Matrix and there SLOGAN, The first 1,000.00 shaft.

PSS: Funny after writing all of this a day ago. It looks like there's another problem as they have been removed from eBay AGAIN!!! Now that's atleast 3 X's that they have been up for sale then taken down again. I did talk to one of the sellers and they said it was a problem that was RESOLVED with KBS on the SELLING PRICE, but I guess there must be something else because they where just up 24 hrs ago and now they have been removed again? CRAZY
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#2 hendricks97



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Posted 09 December 2010 - 05:53 PM

Most of the time issues like this are due to fraud and the listings are removed by EBay, not the sellers.
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#3 DoNDoN



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Posted 09 December 2010 - 10:10 PM

From what I have been told is that these will be available for purchase at any KBS retailer. They will be available in limited quantity and the wholesale should be around the same as the KBS black.

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