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MyGolfSpy Mental Health Week

This announcement is no longer active


Each year MyGolfSpy takes a week away for a Mental Health Week. This is not only to recharge and regain energy, but also time to focus on ourselves, spend time with family and look out for our own mental health. 

We encourage all of you to take some time to consider the same. This year in particular hits home and as Forum Staff we will still be around, however more as members versus moderators and staff. Newsletters will be limited and for the week to follow emails will take a back seat. 

Threads will still be moderated by way of reported content and you will still see us on the Forum interacting and engaging. 

This week we also have a timely special guest for our Community Call - Matt Blois of Golf Liberty. Please join us Thursday for discussion on his new shop, mental health foundation The Preserve and more. 

Thank you to all the members for being as incredible as you are allowing us to do this with no hesitation. 

Forum Staff


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