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GolfSpy STUDque

Hey Everyone,

We've just installed a native Member Map for the forum.  It pulls from the "Location" field in your profile.  To quickly check if your location is correct, there's now a minimap on everyone's profile showing the location.  It's generic enough that no one's personal data should be at risk.

ALSO, the Member Map allows you the ability to paste custom markers for your home course or courses you've played abroad.  This feature is only as good as you make it so PLEASE head in there and start populating the courses.  If we get the database built up, it can actually be useful to help locate courses or spies to play as you travel around the globe.  Just finished playing one?  Drop a review to let others know what you think. 

This can be a fantastic database if we use it properly.  Let's flex the muscles of this community!


Each of these items can be navigated to using the drop-down menu at the top of the site.  Alternatively, you can click these links to see what it's all about:

Interactive Member Map: CLICK HERE
Course and Member Markers List: CLICK HERE
Activity Stream for Reviews: CLICK HERE

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