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#235547 Lots of New Members!

Posted by GolfSpy Barbajo on 21 November 2016 - 09:52 PM

Hey gang --


I'm sure everyone has noticed a nice influx of new, active members over the past several weeks.  This is awesome, and I want to thank all the new members for joining us and for being active, and I also want to thank all the Forum "Vets" for welcoming the new blood.  


We had an awesome year for member testing and other contests in 2016 - and we're planning on more of the same next year. As we say in Minnesota, it's gonna be a "hoot!"  Make sure y'all keep your eyes open...


Thanks for all you do here - new members, old members and occasional members help make this the most open, welcoming and fun golf forum on the web!



#273993 TESTERS ANNOUNCED: PING i200 Irons

Posted by GolfSpy Barbajo on 24 April 2017 - 07:55 PM


Attached File  i200-group.jpg   317.47KB   876 downloads


PING i200 Irons
(Apply in this thread ONLY)



Yet another product review opportunity for you fellow MyGolfSpy'ers - and this one's a honey.


We have 4 sets of PING i200 irons that need testing and reviewing by our Community Forum. Do these things really deliver on PING's promise of distance, forgiveness, control and feel in a smaller, player-focused package? 


Attached File  PING_i200_iron-1-e1483976194186.jpg   87.68KB   827 downloads


We want you to tell us what you think!


Please apply ONLY in this Official Application Thread by telling us the following:


First Name

Home State/Province/Country

Current Handicap

Current Iron Set


Attached File  i200-4-7.jpg   414.42KB   794 downloads


We'll be announcing the 4 testers next week, so please check back. And make sure to take a look around the forums and join in the discussion. It'll only help your chances of being selected!

#266331 Hey, I actually won one these Masters giveaways

Posted by JudgeSmails on 05 April 2017 - 06:02 PM

Mizuno was doing some trivia on their FB last night, happened to be logged in at the right time....


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#253893 First Hole in One!

Posted by Rob Wedge on 24 February 2017 - 10:07 PM

First hole in one today witnessed by Mygolfspace members JLukes and PhillyGolfGuy! Mercer Oaks East, hole 16 130 yards out. Slam dunked with a PW! Felt great, even better having those 2 guys to witness it. 



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#301083 (4) TESTERS WANTED: Mizuno JPX 900 Irons

Posted by GolfSpy Barbajo on 21 June 2017 - 03:54 AM

(4) Testers Wanted!!

Attached File  JPX 900 - 4.jpg   200.32KB   947 downloads

Mizuno JPX 900 Irons


The irons that tamed Erin Hills!



You know a Tour Pro likes his sticks when he plays them without a contract.


That's what Brooks Koepka did last weekend, gaming the MIzuno JPX 900 Tour irons while lapping the field at the US Open at Erin Hills because he likes them.  Mizzy is rightfully proud of its latest Major championship, and in the spirit of striking while the iron is still sizzling, we have an opportunity you can't refuse!


Attached File  JPX 900 - 3.jpg   50.12KB   900 downloads




We're looking for four avid and ambitious golfers to test and review (and keep) a set of Mizuno's JPX 900 irons.  We have one set of the JPX 900 Hot Metal Irons (which tend as much toward Game Improvement as Mizuno gets), one set of the middle-of-the-bell-curve JPX 900 Forged, and TWO sets of Koepka's JPX 900 Tour irons, definitely aimed at the playah in all of us.


Attached File  JPX900_Tour_3Clubs-Shafts.jpg   127.77KB   893 downloads




Here's what we need you to do --- 


1. Your first name and home state/province

2. Your current handicap

3. Your current set of irons




4: Visit MIzuno's website (click here) and determine which JPX 900 iron set best fits your game!


Remember, you MUST apply in THIS THREAD ONLY!!  We'll announce the testers in this space next week. 


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#292202 TESTERS ANNOUNCED: Callaway GBB Epic Driver

Posted by GolfSpy Bones on 27 May 2017 - 01:06 AM

Congrats to our selected testers.

Mr Theooo

I will send you a PM shortly.

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#289623 This had to be done...

Posted by GolfSpy Barbajo on 20 May 2017 - 03:44 PM

As a classic rocker, one doesn't visit London and not visit a particularly renowned street crossing...

Attached File  IMG_3568.JPG   1.41MB   172 downloads

Attached File  IMG_3563.JPG   2.06MB   173 downloads

Attached File  IMG_3540.JPG   62.57KB   166 downloads

Attached File  IMG_3502.JPG   1.49MB   168 downloads

Took us all morning to walk there. It's been a hard day's night, but I feel fine.

And it was worth it [emoji41][emoji41]🇬[emoji1058]🇧

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#286909 MGS testing opportunities

Posted by GolfSpy Barbajo on 16 May 2017 - 09:35 PM

We try to social media the hell out of every one of these opportunities (is 'social media' a verb?) - but some things resonate more than others.  The Matrix shafts opportunity went pretty well for shafts - it moved the needle more than any other shaft testing we've done in the past couple of years.  It didn't get the same love or attention on social media because the day that went live was the day TaylorMade's sales was announced, so it just got lost in the shuffle.


We have a couple coming up in the next two weeks that are very interesting, but they probably won't create the same kind of buzz as PING or Callaway, but that's just the nature of the beast. We try to collect products across a pretty wide spectrum that we think will be of interest to our membership - sometimes we hit it, sometimes we miss it!

#285319 Life comes at you pretty fast.

Posted by MmmmmmBuddy on 14 May 2017 - 03:00 PM

As many of you know, I have been a club fitter/Web Admin for one of the largest independently owned on course golf stores in the US for the past 14 years. I have loved my job, and was not looking for other employment.

However, an opportunity presented itself, and I am leaving my job to accept a position as the Head Golf Professional at a local Semi-Private golf club in the area. I will be pursuing my PGA Class A Membership over the next few years.
I am extremely excited to take on this opportunity. I will try to stay involved on the forum as time permits, but I suspect that my access to all of the cool, new equipment might be a little limited.

Let me get settled, and maybe we can set up some kind of a West Coast MGS event at my course. (Feels a little weird typing that).

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#268009 Considering a new putter

Posted by Badfish on 10 April 2017 - 05:48 PM

If I was averaging under 2 putts per hole with a petrified turd taped to a stick the last thing I would consider is changing my putter.

#227100 WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Get Fit Like a Pro - Win a Trip to Srixon/Cleveland with M...

Posted by GolfSpy Barbajo on 20 September 2016 - 04:49 AM

Get Fit Like a Pro!


Win a Trip To Srixon/Cleveland with MyGolfSpy!


A Tour-Level custom club fitting truly is the Holy Grail for any avid golfer. For most of us, however, it's only a pipe dream.


For two of you, however, that dream is about to become a reality.


MyGolfSpy, along with Srixon/Cleveland Golf, is looking for two lucky golfers to enjoy the same level of fitting experienced by top Tour Pros Graeme McDowell, Russell Knox and Hideki Matsuyama.


We are giving away TWO all-expense-paid trips to Srixon/Cleveland headquarters in Huntington Beach, CA, for the golfer’s full monty: a full bag, driver-to-putter custom fitting from Srixon/Cleveland!


Oh yeah, you get to keep the whole shebang, too!



The Details:

The two winners will each receive:

  • Round trip airfare to Southern California
  • 1 night hotel, meals
  • Tour level custom fitting for:
    • Srixon’s new Z65 series driver/FW/hybrids/irons
    • Cleveland’s new RTX-3 wedges
    • Cleveland’s new TFi/Huntington Beach putters
    • Srixon’s Z-Star Series golf balls
  • A Srixon Z-Four stand bag with your name on it
  • A “tech-talk” dinner meeting with Srixon/Cleveland club designers
  • A tour of the Srixon/Cleveland facility in Huntington Beach, CA
  • A round of golf with your new equipment
  • And a few surprises along the way!


How To Enter:

In this thread, tell us the following:

  • Your name, home state or province and current handicap
  • The makeup of your dream Srixon/Cleveland bag from putter through driver.

Check out the Srixon website here

Check out the Cleveland website here




We are truly psyched to be able to bring you this unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be treated like a Tour Pro. Apply today – we’ll be announcing the winners October 7th!

#248108 Ball Markers

Posted by aliens8mycow on 18 January 2017 - 02:12 AM

My need to tinker has grown... I've moved past putters and started making ball markers. Just a 1 1/4" copper slug, 1/8" thick, stamped with all sorts of fun stuff, and torched for interesting color.

I made a few for my regular foursome just to get some practice. Each one either has a guy's nick-name or something they always say on the front, and the backs are all the same aside from the actual name.

What do you guys think? Anyone else make markers?

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#241066 Bubba 's got a brand new Ball!

Posted by GolfSpy Barbajo on 14 December 2016 - 02:26 PM

I hope they make an Aqua colored one for him.


Then we can say there's something about an Aqua Volvik man.



I guess you have to be of a certain age....

#283806 You're not Special?

Posted by scooducks on 10 May 2017 - 04:09 PM

As a millennial, I can definitely see merit in what you are saying about changing to accommodate the millennial generation's "consuming habits" for lack of a better term. Probably not the best idea.

However, golf does need to change. Specifically, we need to do a much better job of catering to children, and teens. We need to make the game so incredibly accessible to them. The industry is in decline. We need a new generation of golfers to come up behind us to rebuild the game if we want a bright future. No golfers leads to fewer courses/ranges, which leads to the eventual demise of golf.

It's too late to capture millennials. That ship has sailed. Let's get after the 7-17 year olds right now. Grow the game from the bottom up.

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#229848 WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Get Fit Like a Pro - Win a Trip to Srixon/Cleveland with M...

Posted by GolfSpy Barbajo on 07 October 2016 - 10:46 PM

Alright gang -- it's time to announce the winners of our Get Fit Like a Pro with Srixon/Cleveland!


This has been another awesome contest - and many, many thanks to all who put their names in and got to take a look at the new stuff from both Cleveland and Srixon as part of the process.  This trip is going to be a blast!!!


So without any further adieu, the winners are.....









Congratulations guys!!!  You'll be joining GolfSpy Dave and I at Srixon/Cleveland's Huntington Beach, CA headquarters November 9-10th for a full bag fitting, tour, tech talk, a round of golf with your new toys and maybe, just maybe, a couple of awesome surprises along the way.  Look for a private message from me shortly with details.


Really excited for this trip - and we're looking forward to meeting you guys and spending a couple of days together in Southern California.


Should I bring my surfboard????

#283782 You're not Special?

Posted by PlaidJacket on 10 May 2017 - 03:35 PM

If you consider yourself a Millennial you might feel Triggered (LOL) by the following ----


Last night I was watching the golf channel and listening to a rather long discussion about the state of the game so to speak. Meaning golf in general. I know, we keep hearing this all the time. And, it's getting a little worn-out if you ask me. So basically last night the talkers were all worried about... get this; Millennials! I'm serious. Everyone seemed to agree except Chamblee somewhat that golf needs to change because Millennials are so unique and different. My goodness. I had no idea. I could hardly believe what I was hearing. It was as if a new species have settled on the planet and we must now accommodate them, change our ways, and perhaps most importantly change golf for them. What a bunch of horse$hit. Wikipedia defines this "cohort" as generally being born somewhere in the early 80's up to early 2000's. And again according to Wikipedia Millennials have increased familiarity with communications, media?, and digital technologies. Big Whoop. I could unravel those items easily but I'll save it. Still I suppose the Mills have quite a burden to bare and therefore they are special I guess.


From my narrow point of view I don't see the need to change golf to accommodate any group. Let alone Millennials. Or the elderly or baby boomers or some other X or Y generation. If you want to play and participate in the game welcome aboard. If not... have a nice day. You are not special or unique. The world doesn't revolve around you, me or anyone else.

Have a nice day. :)


Posted by strokerAce on 03 April 2017 - 02:20 PM

Attached File  phil.jpg   20.34KB   269 downloads

This is how I felt when I found out I was selected to test the Ping Glide 2.0 wedges.  It really doesn’t get much better than this.  Now I know how Phil must have felt on that Sunday back in 2004.  Thank you MyGolfSpy for entrusting me to provide a thorough, critical and honest review and thank you to the community for your respect, camaraderie, and presence in my life...it wouldn’t be the same without you!


Now...let’s get started with some questions, shall we:


●     Handicap/average score?

I’m a hack…(there, I said it)... Don’t believe me? Just watch or better yet, don't!…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ru6PTiOHRuY 

However, in the last year or so, I’ve gotten pretty good at hacking it around and have managed to stay in the 80’s most of the time.  My average score is right around 85 which (on a Par 72) would put my handicap at a 13.  On good days I can shoot 81 and on bad days 91, but for the most part I’m usually between 83 and 88.  I really should take some lessons, but first things first; let me get the proper tools in the toolbox...


●     Strengths of your game?

I’m pretty good at getting the ball down the fairway towards the hole in the ‘expected’ number of strokes.  By that I mean more often than not I can get either on the green or close in 1 on a par 3, on or close in 3 on a par 5… (I suck at par 4’s; let’s not go there)


I’m not a super-long hitter but I’m probably average.  I can hit my driver anywhere from a long of about 290 to a short of about 220 and I’m usually right in the middle around 250.  My 7 iron goes about 160.  I don’t really know what the term "good ball striker" means but I don’t duff it too often.  I may have 1 or 2 skulls or fat shots per round but for the most part I can usually strike the ball pretty consistently...it’s the face-at-impact thing I struggle with.  I suppose I should say that I don’t 3 putt too often, but it seems that my 2nd putt is for bogey more times than I’d like.


●     Weakness of your game?

This is where I’m **really** hoping these wedges help… my weakness is 100 yards and in… the typical, ‘feel’ shots

For example - I’m 40 yards away... is that a ½ swing with my 54 degree wedge or is that a ¾ swing with the 58???  I’m just off the green and it’s an uphill approach… do I try a lofted 58 or a bump and run with my 50 degree?  I’m in the thick grass off the fringe… steep swing with the 58 or chip with the 54?  I go to the range quite a bit but I’m usually practicing full shots.  I should really practice these half and three-quarter shots more… 


I’m also not very good from the bunkers, which, again, I think is a range thing.  Most of the public ranges I go to don’t have bunkers to practice from so, if I get into one, I’m pretty much needing a new pair of boxers….

I used to have a sandbox in my backyard that I built for the kids when they were really little and I would hit out of there sometimes. 

Attached File  sandbox.jpg   37.03KB   228 downloads


But that sandbox has been gone for a long time... along with my bunker gameAny suggestions on bunker practice are welcome.  I live about an hour away from the ocean but I don’t think they’d like me hitting balls all over the place down there while people are sunbathing... 


Another thing that I’ve never been able to do intentionally (and it surprises me the few times it happens) is put spin on the ball.  I’m really impressed when people can land the ball on the green and make it spin backwards.  I hope these wedges help me figure that out.  Maybe not a ton of spin but enough that it hits, checks and doesn’t keep rolling off the green.  I realize that is partially a function of my swing but the “new, sharper-edged grooves are spaced closer together for increased friction, imparting more spin” on the ball hopefully will help a bit.


●     Typical ball flight?

I try to hit the ball straight, but usually it fades off to the right about 5-10 yards….and sometimes off to the left quite a bit farther when I try to NOT HIT IT TO THE RIGHT


I hit the ball pretty high.  Not sure why...maybe it’s because I’ve never had a lesson, maybe I don’t have enough forward press?  Sometimes it helps to hit it high, but when I hit a nice straight drive and the ball lands with a --thud-- and doesn’t roll very far I’m pretty bummed out about that “high ball flight” thing.


●     Typical miss?

My “miss” is usually right… not a slice!!!  I have a tendency to block it.  My hands and arms get stuck behind me because I don’t get on plane and I have to ‘save it’ …..somehow.  My body tends to get out of sync and my hips move too quick but I’ve gotten pretty good at getting the clubface relatively square at impact….told you I was a hacker, remember?  

OH, you forgot? Here’s another reminder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCOxEGVMuSk


●     Current comparable equipment?

Last year I bought a set of Callaway Mack Daddy 2 Tour wedges - 52 and 58 degree.
Before that I had 3 different wedges - an old Taylormade 50*, a Cleveland gunmetal 54 and an old rusty Titleist 58; I had someone do a “bag evaluation” and they suggested I get newer wedges that are from the same manufacturer with the same grips.  Good advice. 


I do like the Callaway wedges.  I wanted the MD3 milled version but they were very expensive because they were just released so I went with the next best thing.  After using them I realize that I went with the wrong lofts.  At around 100 yards my 52 is too lofted and I can’t quite get the ball there with enough height and get it stop.  I should have gone with the 3 wedge configuration - 50/54/58.


●     Swing tempo?

I’m a fairly smooth swinger.  I don’t have a super fast takeaway or follow-through.  I try to think of a metronome and that rhythmic melody.  Although, I’m not a musician and can’t play an instrument to save my life.  Maybe I should try something else or learn to play the guitar.  Guys who play guitar get all the chicks.  Imagine if I could play guitar and hit a long ball!  Chicks dig the long ball….just ask Rory.

Attached File  Rory Blonde.JPG   16.26KB   205 downloads Attached File  Rory Blonde2.jpg   22.35KB   205 downloads


●     Driver swing speed?

The last time it was measured it was right around 100-102 mph.  I just got a new driver with a lighter shaft so I’m hoping I can consistently stay above 100.  I need to get on a LM and check it out.


●     What makes you love the game?

I’ve always been fairly athletic and managed to be pretty successful at most sports I’ve tried - basketball, baseball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, slow pitch softball, bowling, darts, badminton, tennis, ping pong, nerfhoop…(you get it).  But golf is a sport that is really, really peculiar and enticing to me.  It is seductive and beguiling; there are so many different layers to it and it can be so hard to repeat yet so simple at the same time.  Every shot is a new test.  EverySingleOne.  Just because you hit one good drive doesn’t mean that the next one will also be good - as opposed to: if you make one free throw, the odds are pretty good you’ll also make the next one. I love a challenge and, to me, the game of golf is a unique test of ALL of your skills; mental, physical, emotional, psychological; it truly is a thinking man’s (person’s?) game. 


Another reason I love the game so much is the serenity it brings to me.  I was born and raised in the great Pacific Northwest where I enjoyed fishing, camping, hiking, boating, riding dirt bikes and generally enjoying the outdoors.  I am at peace when I’m out on the course; it is the ultimate getaway, stress reliever, break-from-everything-serious-in-the-world.


This quote from the great Arnold Palmer (rest in peace) really says it well and I couldn’t agree more:

Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is at the same time rewarding and maddening - and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented.


●     How long have you been golfing?

I came to the game pretty late in life; I toyed around with a junky old 9 iron that I got at a yard sale when I was a kid but didn’t start playing until I was in my mid twenties and then only occasionally (with the set of Knight™ clubs I got at Costco!).  I started playing semi-regularly about 8 years ago and within the last couple of years I play as much as my work and my wife will allow.  If I could, I’d play every day.  I get a fair amount of vacation at work and will take days off during the week to play.


●     What kind of golfer are you?

I’m not too serious.  I mean, I like to be successful at everything I do and I’m competitive, but my livelihood doesn’t depend on it; I always try to keep that in mind and not let things get to me.  I’m happy to play alone, with people I just met, or with some pals… doesn’t matter to me.  I play for fun - not for trophies or money - and no matter what happens I always have a great time.


●     What’s your story?

Attached File  creswell.jpg   33.04KB   188 downloads 

I didn’t play golf.  I didn’t play mini golf, I didn’t play par 3 golf, I didn’t play golf.  Nobody I knew did; not friends, not family, no one. Our school didn’t have a golf team.  I was a poor kid who grew up in a town that was a gas station fill-up exit off the highway.

Golf was a rich man’s game and there was no way I was going near it.  We had our side of the tracks and I stayed on it.  I played basketball and tennis at the town park all year long; it was free.


Attached File  usmc.jpg   20.32KB   190 downloads

It didn’t take me long to figure out I needed to get out of there if I wanted a future and the fastest way for me was the Marine Corps.  I played a couple times on base with some borrowed clubs and a fellow Marine, who had played as a kid, said I had “some real potential”... I’ve never forgotten that and I never did forget how much fun I had out there.  But...I was pre-programmed; golf was still a rich man’s game, only now the officers played it and us enlisted pukes weren’t welcome.  Thank goodness it was the early 90’s and I was in the computer field.  I couldn’t wait to get out and make the big buck$!  Haha…


From San Diego to North Carolina I went working for the man.  Big corporate job and now I was ready to play golf.  Only I had no idea where to start and what I was doing… so, I just did it.  Bought the cheapest clubs I could find (Costco!) and me and a buddy played all the time.  For the most part we were terrible but having the time of our lives.  And when one of us hit a “good” shot… oh wow!  I don’t even remember if we kept score. 


Well, he got married and the kid came along and I went down south to Hot-lanta so my golfing days were put on hold.  I played about 3-4 times a year down there but not enough to get very good and I had a new girlfriend at the time anyway.  However, I still had that itch.  I just had a good time every time I went out there on the course….especially when I went out with the rich kid daddy’s boys and showed them up with my 2nd hand clubs.  Really taught me that I could do this if I wanted to. 


Next thing you know I’m moving north to Boston, getting married, having kids and going to night school.  Add those 3 up and it leaves zero time for golf.  But.. once things settled down a bit, I finished my degree, the kids got a bit older… IT WAS TIME.  I watched a lot of television...really studied how the players played.  How they held the club, swung it, hit the ball, etc.  That’s pretty much how I learned.  No lessons, a few books (Ben Hogan, Harvey Penick, Tiger) and here I am. 


Working at Boston University as an information technology professional and playing as much golf as I can. It really wasn’t until the last couple of years that I became somewhat serious though.  Committing myself to getting better and really understanding what that takes.  I’d love to join a club but with 2 growing boys (13, 10) going to college soon I’ve put that dream on hold for a bit.  So, I play in my 9 hole work league scramble and get out for 18 on the weekends or during the week.  This is the year… this is the year I break 80.  First step was getting fit for clubs and the next step is lessons.  I’m so excited to get started I can hardly keep still.  Rich man’s game no more… this poor kid from the s*** town is ready.


●     What is in your bag?

I’ve had soooo many different clubs; this year, I put my foot down...line in the sand time!  I’m done going through sets of clubs!  I was changing my entire bag out almost every year...even down to the putter.  So this year, (with help and encouragement from MyGolfSpy!!) I decided to get fit.  I figured if I’m going to get a set of “forever” clubs (haha!) then I’m going to get a set that I know are specific to me and my swing.  This year I also decided to jump into the ‘single length’ pool.  I know, I know… it’s a fad, but to me, it just screams simple.  As I’ve said, I’m not great , have never had any lessons, am able to hack it around decently, but I’m also analytical (I’ve been a computer programmer all my working life and think logically), and if there is something that can make the game easier, I’m all for it.  To me, if I can groove a swing for a majority of my clubs (5-P) and repeat it no matter what the number is on the bottom that takes a lot of the “thinking” out of it.  I hope I’m right.  =)  (BTW- I think Tom Wishon is brilliant)

My ‘forever’ bag this year:

❏    Titleist 915D2 driver - red diamana 50g stiff shaft

❏    Titleist 906F4 15.5* fairway wood

❏    Titleist 816H1 hybrid - red diamana 60g stiff shaft

❏    Wishon Golf Sterling single length 5-PW irons - TT XP90 stiff shaft

❏    **New Ping Glide 2 wedges!!!  - 50/54/58**

❏    Yes! Donna 33” putter

Attached File  DSC04760.JPG   85.51KB   179 downloads


●     How did you choose them?

At the end of the season I did some analysis on where my game was at and what I wanted to do going forward.  I was able to pretty consistently shoot in the 80’s with what I had, but doggone it, I just know I can get into the 70’s!  And, as the great Martin Hall always says - “If you keep on doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting”....and I didn’t want to keep doing what I was doing….so I made the decision to pay an expert watch me swing the club, try a few different things and tell me what the proper equipment should be. 


I read a lot of reviews.  I mean A LOT.  I work at a computer 40 hours a week so I have plenty of time to go online and do research.  In doing so I was trying to find a way to make things easier.  I don’t get to play every day - once a week, sometimes twice but not every day - and after reviewing/analyzing my game at the end of the season I realized that with 8/9/P I was pretty good; I could hit the ball relatively straight and my dispersion wasn’t too far off.  I thought to myself - man, I wish I could hit my long irons like that.  About this time MyGolfSpy had some info on the new Cobra One Length irons (https://www.mygolfspy.com/tested-cobra-one-length-irons/). 


That really got my wheels spinning.  Can this be the holy grail?  An 8 iron swing for everything?  LET THE RESEARCH BEGIN!  I’d never heard of Tom Wishon but after watching and reading, the guy just seems like he knows what he’s doing.  I tried the Cobras at a golf expo and convinced myself that, yep… this is for me.  The fitter I went to is an official “Wishon™” fitter and I told them I was interested in the single length but if they thought I’d be better off in progressive irons I’m fine with that.  After a few well struck 7 and 8 irons and some not-so-good 5 irons he said I’d be a good candidate for the single length.  He also fit me into a Titleist hybrid with a specific shaft and, we had some time left so I asked if I could hit a few drivers.  He agreed and recommended one for me.  It wasn’t a true driver fitting but he said I’d do pretty well with the one he suggested.  Sidenote - there seem to be 3 prominent one length/single length club makers - Cobra, Wishon and Edel. If I had an unlimited budget I would’ve gone with the Edel but I think (hope) I’ll be happy with the Sterlings.


●     What region do you play out of?

I currently live in Franklin Massachusetts (home of the nation’s first public library and 4th safest city!).  I’ve lived in all 4 “corners” of the US but I think I’m here to stay.  I work in Boston and play a lot of courses in the western section of Mass; I should really play more courses in Rhode Island though… any recommendations?


●     Describe your short game

Whoever came up with the phrase “necessity is the mother of inventionmust have watched me around the greens and realized that it was necessary to invent a more playable set of wedges.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve chipped in a few times but have skulled & chunked more than my fair share of shots as well.  Kinda like this - https://www.facebook.com/AskGolfGuru/videos/1522584917783476/  It is quite frustrating to put a couple good shots together only to have it all go to crap right next to the green. 


Early in the season I tell myself - “just get it on the green and keep it there”...so I don’t necessarily get it really close, or at least in the 1 putt, gimme range but after I’ve had a few rounds under my belt I get more comfortable with the feel and am a little better with chips and pitches - not always gimme range by any means, but at least better than 40 feet away.  One caveat though - I’m not very good at putting enough backspin on the ball so that it will hit the green, skid a bit and stop so I have to plan for the amount of “roll” that the ball will incur once it lands.


●     How is your wedge play currently?

I’d call my wedge play average.

Most people use wedges from 100 yards and in so I’ll use that as a measuring stick.  I’m most comfortable making a full swing.  A full swing for me at 100 yards is a 50 degree wedge, from 80 is a 54 and around 70 is a 58.  Anything closer than 70 yards and I’m either choking down on the club or taking a partial swing.  I’ve tried both and I’m not great at either but I’m probably better at choking down than doing the partial swing thing...a partial swing changes my tempo and I usually end up leaving it short.  [note: another thing I’m looking forward to trying with these wedges is the grip; according to Ping “This proprietary grip is 3/4 of an inch longer to encourage gripping down to achieve a lower trajectory and "dial in" tighter control on touch shots. Grip-down markings at 1 3/8-inch intervals guide hand placement, and a softer tapering profile improves feel when utilizing the lower grip-down markings.”...and as someone who likes to grip down and take a full swing these markings will be super helpful]


From off the green I’m not too bad… I can get the ball onto the green more often than not, but probably 70 percent of the time I leave myself a longer putt than I’d like.  (NOTE: as a 13/14 handicap sometimes a 1 putt is essential for par so getting the ball close on a chip becomes really important.)  


I’ve managed to hit more than a few decent ‘flop’ shots.  Kind of surprised myself with that; I think I must’ve learned to do that with my crappy 9 iron as a kid so I didn’t break the windows in the house from the back yard. 


As I said before, it’s a crapshoot (both literally and physically haha!) from the bunkers for me.  Sometimes I hit some incredible shots and other times I’m just trying to get out of there and on the green so I can putt.  I rarely hit a bunker shot really close to the pin.  I think I get too tentative and am afraid I’ll send it flying over the green.  I also start thinking about stuff I shouldn’t once I get in there - take this much sand or that much, don’t ground the club, hit behind and follow through...blah, blah, blah…. I should just hit the damn ball.


●     What are you hoping to get out of the wedges?

I want the ball to climb the face of the club like Spiderman

Attached File  spiderman-on-wall.jpg   39.07KB   164 downloads


I want the ball to hit the green, stop, and back up like I was driving down the street in Miami and just saw Madonna hitchhiking in the buff…..this really happened.

Attached File  madonna.jpeg   73.34KB   168 downloads


I want the ball to explode out of the sand like Pam Anderson going for a rescue.

Attached File  Pamela-Anderson-Baywatch.jpg   32.4KB   166 downloads


And, I’m hoping that the wedges live up to the hype

From Ping:
New, sharper-edged grooves are spaced closer together for increased friction, imparting more spin (up to 400 rpm in testing) for precise distance and trajectory control from full swings and finesse shots. The enhanced sole grinds and lead edges in the 431SS heads have been carefully crafted for exceptional surface interaction and versatility, gliding through the turf and sand to enable creativity in shot making
Eye 2-inspired sole design provides the ultimate in bunker performance, resulting from the classic dish profile along with the tapered hosel. A refined lead edge upgrades all-around performance with the iconic ES grind.


Based on this I’m hoping for a few things.

  • Not to be worried if my ball ends up in the bunker; I want the confidence to know that I can both get it out and get it close
  • To be able to hit those ½ and ¾ shots that do a little Chi Chi Rodriguez dance on the green and sit next to the pin like a good labrador retriever.
  • To impart some spin on the ball so that when I take a full swing and the ball lands on the green it doesn’t go racing off like it’s on a California highway car chase.


Finally - if you’re similar to me when you play golf… what are you hoping that I test or try so that you’ll have a good basis for deciding whether to purchase these?




Received the wedges unexpectedly on a rainy day.  The FedEx driver left it outside and the box got wet so I didn’t include any outside photos, but, after a long and tiring day it was really, really nice to see that waiting there for me.


The wedges were in a typical “golf club box” but they had cozy black booties to keep them safe and warm for their journey east.

Attached File  aa2.JPG   168.79KB   163 downloads Attached File  aa4.JPG   57.85KB   169 downloads


First impressions

I thought that the wedges looked a bit chunky at first.  They seemed to have a thick topline.  However after comparing them to my current wedges (Callaway MD2) I realized that wasn’t true.  

Attached File  e2.JPG   278.95KB   164 downloads


One of the first things I noticed is the color.  I’m used to shiny metal things - irons, wedges, putter, etc.  These were a matte gray - truly.  And I loved it!  They look really really refined and professional.  The bottom of the wedges are so smooth and silky soft to the touch.

Attached File  d02.JPG   99.2KB   162 downloads


Unfortunately, it was a bit of a hectic evening so I had to put my new toys away and play with them the next day.  :(


Once I got them out and examined them a bit more closely I noticed a few things. 

-       There is little to no offset which is very nice.
Attached File  abc.jpg   63.99KB   165 downloads


-       The grips are amazing.  Very sticky and solid.  I absolutely love the markings on the grips and can’t wait to try them out.  I think this is really going to help with my distances because I’ll be able to consistently grip down to the exact same position each time.


-       The face and grooves are the real deal.  I was a bit skeptical on the whole “sharpest grooves ever!; 20 deg sidewall angle” thing, but you can really see it.  I’m excited to see how the ball reacts both on well struck shots and some not-so-well ones.

Attached File  d01.JPG   109.24KB   163 downloads


-       Definitely one of the nicer -simple- touches they added was putting the loft number on the toe.  Just really makes the bounce stand out and, in some ways, reminds you that you should use it.  :)

Attached File  d09.JPG   108KB   165 downloads



Does the hydropearl finish repel water?  Does a bear poop in the woods…

Attached File  d12.JPG   129.52KB   162 downloads


Really like the way they look in the bag.

Attached File  d10.JPG   126.18KB   162 downloads



And at address…

Attached File  d06.JPG   272.77KB   160 downloads


And when I hold them up in the air

Attached File  d.JPG   80.39KB   160 downloads



The 50/54 are SS grind and the 58 is the ES grind.  You can really see the difference when you put them side-by-side.

Attached File  d03.JPG   106.87KB   161 downloads



They do look good behind the ball.

Attached File  d08.JPG   211.01KB   161 downloads



Compared to current gamers (Callaway MD2 Tour)

This video really shows the difference in the bounce between the Cally’s and Ping’s...



Notice how much “meat” there is on the Ping…

Attached File  e6.JPG   140.06KB   168 downloads

Attached File  e5.JPG   87.85KB   169 downloads


You can really see a difference in the grips…

Attached File  e1.JPG   151.9KB   167 downloads



Clearly a different strategy was used when designing the faces; I like how there is a clear difference between the face and the rest of the club on the Ping; not sure about that white line though?  We’ll see..

Attached File  e4.JPG   241.14KB   168 downloads

Attached File  e3.JPG   176.7KB   168 downloads



Compared to PW in my Sterling irons

Notice the difference in the color of the shine on the clubs.

Attached File  f02.JPG   221.91KB   168 downloads

Attached File  f11.JPG   125.94KB   170 downloads


Comparing the clubface of the Sterling PW and Ping 50* wedge you can see the subtle but distinct differences (PW on bottom)

Attached File  f03.JPG   171.09KB   167 downloads



And that’s it! 

Attached File  cheers.jpg   45.28KB   167 downloads

Sorry for the lengthiness and cheers to those of you that made this far.


I can’t wait to get started using these bad boys and am really looking forward to the second part of the review.

#255241 How did you get started in golf?

Posted by aliens8mycow on 05 March 2017 - 01:53 AM

I recently had the opportunity to give a little bit back to the game, and it brought back a lot of good memories from when I started. I thought this might be a good place to share how we got hooked.

I was in high school - 1986. A good friend of mine lived on the country club, played on the school golf and tennis teams, and drove a nice car. I drove an old clunker, and grew up in an $8000 house. Not a typo - $8000.

So... Chad asked if I would like to learn to play. Of course, I had no equipment, nor any money to buy it. We were at his house at the time, and his Dad overheard. He said "we have a family membership at the country club - I'll tell Mike (the pro) to add you to it. I just got new clubs, so you can use my old ones. If you like 'em, keep 'em." They became my 1st set - Wilson FG 17 blades.

That weekend, Chad was going to take me to the course to play my 1st round of golf. I got to his house in jeans and a t-shirt (all I had). Again, his Dad chimed in "you'll need slacks and a collared shirt to play - gonna need shoes, gloves, and other stuff too." Before I could chime in with a response, he said "Chad, just take him to the pro shop and get a few outfits and some shoes - have Mike put it on my tab." I told him I couldn't afford all this stuff, and he said "it won't cost anything - they'll just put it on my tab."

So, we go do some shopping, and I spent the next 3 years posing as part of their family at the nicest course in town without paying a dime for any of it.

Needless to say, I was hooked, and would have never been able to start if they hadn't helped.

30 years later, after playing during my college years, quitting to raise kids, then getting right back to it, I finally have the chance to help the golf team at a local high school (mostly low-income kids who want to play but can't afford equipment). Being a putter ho, I've been able to build up some custom putters for them, and being a ball hunter, I've been able to donate about 1000 balls to practice with. Once they have a final team assembled next week, I'm going to make a personalized ball marker for each of them.

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#200404 Tips For New Members!

Posted by GolfSpy Barbajo on 28 April 2016 - 04:58 PM

All the Test/Review opportunities we've had so far this spring are bringing in a TON of new members, which is beyond awesome!  


Welcome to all of you!!!


A couple of tips to help you enjoy the MyGolfSpy Forum more:


1. Make sure to include an avatar or picture in your profile.  It adds a little personality, and it will DEFINITELY help  you if you'd like to be selected to test a product.


2. Post an introduction thread in the Introduce Yourself section of the forum (click here).


We have a friendly group here and we'd love to hear more about you and your game.


3. Check out the different threads and share your thoughts.


Lots of great conversations going on - please feel free to jump in and tell us what you think.  Our only rule is to be nice!


4. To get the latest posts, click on the "Newest Posts" button in the upper right hand corner - that'll keep you up do date.


5. Something on your mind? Start a new thread -- ask questions, seek advice, share your experiences - we're a community unlike any other on the Internet, and all opinions are respected.  Let's hear what you have to say!


Any questions, shoot me or GolfSpy Bones a PM!


Welcome, and have some fun out there!

#116337 How Forum Testers Will Be Chosen (do not apply within)

Posted by GolfSpy T on 30 September 2013 - 06:22 PM

As the MyGolfSpy Forum has grown, so too have the opportunities for our Community Members to test and review golf equipment for the other members of our forum. To date, the reviews our community members have produced have been of the highest quality.

You have followed our template. You have done an amazing job working with our staff to keep things organized, and you have stayed true to the MyGolfSpy tradition of proving objective and honest reviews.

We have not asked you to be cheerleaders blasting away on Twitter of Facebook to sing the praises of MyGolfSpy of the golf companies whose products you have reviewed. We have asked only that you call it like you see it – good, bad, or otherwise, and you have done exactly that.

Unfortunately that hasn’t been good enough. As our community has grown so has the in-fighting, snipping, and to call it what it is, the aura of self-entitlement. Our forum is not as tight and friendly as it once was. Much to our dismay, it’s becoming more like every place else.

After much discussion, GolfSpy X and I have decided that if growth means tolerating obnoxious behavior, spiteful comments, and any of the other silly business that comes from people who generally don’t know 10% of what they think they do, and worse yet, means we get pulled away from the important things we’re working on to grow the site in order to settle petty disputes between adults acting like toddlers, then quite frankly, we’re content to chase a few readers away and grow more slowly if it trade-off is we don’t have to deal with any more nonsense.

At the heart of some of the issues is our forum testing program. With every selection there are inevitably behind the scenes grumblings about who deserved to be selected and wasn’t, and whose entry was better than another’s. It’s tedious. It’s unnecessary. And it ends today.

Beginning with the next round of equipment (ETA early November, if not sooner), we will no longer be putting up posts asking for volunteers to test and review equipment for the MyGolfSpy Forum. There will be no questions to answer, no photos to post, no requests for specifications. All participants for future forum testing opportunities will be chosen by the MyGolfSpy staff.

How Equipment Testers Are Chosen

There are four basic critera/considerations we look at when we choose our testers:

1. Donors – There’s no behind the scenes BS. When we say we don’t take advertising from big golf companies, we mean it. We don’t take so much as a dime. The consequences of that are that we have to rely on our readers for support…and truthfully, as much of it as we can possibly get. Moving forward, we’re going to be more overt about supporting those of you who support us. A minimum percentage of all product (25%-50% depending on quantity – guaranteed) will be set aside for MyGolfSpy donors.

2. Quality Content – The best way to ensure quality is to rely on people who have provided quality in the past. Well-written, humorous, or thought-provoking posts will go a long way towards you being selected. Photos are an important part of any review as well. We’re going to give priority to guys who have proven they can produce quality photos.

3. Participation – In the past we’ve used review opportunities to try and grow the forum. That’s over. I’m not saying 100+ posts are required, but I can damn sure promise you we’re not giving away anything to somebody whose only contribution to your community is a “pick me, pick me, I want this” post. If somebody wants to participate in our community review process, he needs to participate in a more general sense.

4. No Douchebags – The foundation of our moral code is that we…every last one of us…treat each other…every last one of us…with respect. Civility is the new buzzword. I don’t expect you to agree with everything I say, or agree with everything that everyone else says, but there are polite ways to have conversations, and polite ways to have disagreements without resorting to name-calling, and other childish behaviors that have inevitably, and unfortunately become a part of every online community.

It’s insidious behavior, and I’m no longer willing to reward even a little of it. We’re not going to start pulling down posts or anything like that, but I can promise you this: all community testing opportunities will be reserved for those who carry themselves with class and treat others with respect – always.

How to Let Us Know You Want to Test

If you are interested in being a MyGolfSpy Equipment Tester, there are a few things you can do to signal your interest in being selected.

1. Update your signature to include the following info:

a. Iron specs (flex, length/lie)

b. Driver specs (loft/flex)

c. Dexterity (right or left-handed)

d. Where You Live

e. Your handicap or average 18 hole score

2. Make sure your content includes the occasional picture. We have to know you can take quality photos.
3. Conduct yourself with class and treat others with respect – Always.

Allotments, and terms (USA vs. Worldwide, Left-handed vs. RH only, stock vs. custom, limited lofts, etc.) vary wildly from opportunity to opportunity, so providing as much info as you can will help us find qualified testers.


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