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#330337 The Joy of Breaking 80

Posted by GolfSpy Barbajo on 04 September 2017 - 02:12 AM

Played as a single at Crystal Lake Golf Course in Lakeville, MN today - one of the last times I'll play it before we move east. It's a fun course, always in great shape and well conditioned - not overly long but you do need to think your way through it.


Breaking 80 is really the Holy Grail for golfers - I guess it validates you as a playah. I can remember trying like hell to break 80 and how good it felt once it happened - so good that you wanted it again.  It's really hard to break 80 for the first time, but once you do, the floodgates open and you can do it more often, to the point that anything over 80 on y our home course feels like a lousy round. 


Anyway, I was paired up with another single - a kid (I call him a kid, he's 37) named Paul. Sometimes when you hook up with someone on the course you just know it's going to be a good day.


 Paul told me about how his family fled Cambodia and the genocide of the Khmer Rouge when he was only 4, and then lived in a refugee camp in Thailand until they were finally able to come to the US when he was about 7. We talked about parenthood and being married to German women (they forget NOTHING. They remember stuff that hasn't even happened yet!).  Anyway, Paul showed to be a pretty decent ball striker but told me he had never broken 80 - and that was his goal. He'd been close - 82 was the lowest - but you could tell is was something he wanted.


Paul finished the front 9 at 6 over par - so he had 2 strokes to play with (Crystal is a Par 71). He saved par on 9 with a great up and down, but he didn't like his chances. I told him to take it one shot at a time and you never know. 


On the back 9, Paul started par-par-birdie-birdie-birdie -- the first time he had ever had 2 birdies in a row, let alone 3! On the par 4 15th he flew his approach about 35 feet long and left his first putt about 7 feet short - and drained it to save par.  On 16 he hit driver (not a driver hole) and put it in the weeds of a creek that cut through the fairway. We found it and he did have a shot - and hit the thing about as hard as he could with a wedge and hit the green, leaving an uphill 30 footer. I could tell he started gripping the putter a little tighter because he left his first putt about 15 feet short. 


Well son of a gun if he didn't drain that one to save par.


Paul had a 3-putt bogey on 17 (again, a stranglehold on the putter) so when we got to 18 I mentioned it looked like he was gripping the putter a little tight. He hit a nice drive into the fairway and then his approach to about 18 feet, with a sidehill uphill putt.  Again, he left it about 7 feet short - he said he might have gripped it a little tight, and then drained that putt to save par - finishing the 9 at 2-under.


We waked off the green and he tallied up his score - an 80 shattering 76.


I've never seen a guy so happy with a score ever - he wanted me to sign the card and attest the score so he could show it to his buddies. Dude was walking on air!


And the thing is, I had almost as much fun watching Paul shoot his 76 as he did shooting it. What a great moment and it reminds me why this game is so much fun.  I told Paul about the forums and I hope he joins up. You guys would like him. 


There was one downside - he beat me by a stroke!  :angry:  :angry:

#235547 Lots of New Members!

Posted by GolfSpy Barbajo on 21 November 2016 - 09:52 PM

Hey gang --


I'm sure everyone has noticed a nice influx of new, active members over the past several weeks.  This is awesome, and I want to thank all the new members for joining us and for being active, and I also want to thank all the Forum "Vets" for welcoming the new blood.  


We had an awesome year for member testing and other contests in 2016 - and we're planning on more of the same next year. As we say in Minnesota, it's gonna be a "hoot!"  Make sure y'all keep your eyes open...


Thanks for all you do here - new members, old members and occasional members help make this the most open, welcoming and fun golf forum on the web!



#273993 TESTERS ANNOUNCED: PING i200 Irons

Posted by GolfSpy Barbajo on 24 April 2017 - 07:55 PM


Attached File  i200-group.jpg   317.47KB   908 downloads


PING i200 Irons
(Apply in this thread ONLY)



Yet another product review opportunity for you fellow MyGolfSpy'ers - and this one's a honey.


We have 4 sets of PING i200 irons that need testing and reviewing by our Community Forum. Do these things really deliver on PING's promise of distance, forgiveness, control and feel in a smaller, player-focused package? 


Attached File  PING_i200_iron-1-e1483976194186.jpg   87.68KB   859 downloads


We want you to tell us what you think!


Please apply ONLY in this Official Application Thread by telling us the following:


First Name

Home State/Province/Country

Current Handicap

Current Iron Set


Attached File  i200-4-7.jpg   414.42KB   825 downloads


We'll be announcing the 4 testers next week, so please check back. And make sure to take a look around the forums and join in the discussion. It'll only help your chances of being selected!

#317133 Hit a HUGE milestone yesterday

Posted by scooducks on 20 July 2017 - 05:26 PM

I was able to get out of the office early yesterday for a late afternoon round with one of my best friends. We played golf in high school together, and he was always the number 1 guy, and I was number 2, but he was much better than I was. He went on to play D1 college golf for a couple of years, I stopped playing all together while I was in school. 


That being said, I have never been able to beat him, at least straight up. I've come within three or four strokes a few times, but never really a serious threat. 


Things have been clicking pretty well with my swing, putter has been a little cold, but all in all I've been getting around the course well and posting some decent scores.


Through 9 holes yesterday, we both came in at two over. I three putt 10 and 11 for bogeys, he pars both so I feel like he's starting to pull away. Getting up to the 12th tee I hit the worst tee shot of the day with my three wood, drop kicked it about 190 yards leaving me 200 yards to the pin from the middle of the fairway. I proceeded to hit an incredible 4 irons to about 8 feet and bury the birdie putt. From there I put the foot on the gas and was able to snag another birdie and made a few long putts for par. 


When we were tallying up the skins (I cleaned up, came away with $22), I noticed that I shot a 74, and my buddy shot a 75. I have told myself for years that I probably would never beat him straight up, but I got it done yesterday. Might go out and buy a green blazer to commemorate the round. 

#301083 TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Mizuno JPX 900 Irons

Posted by GolfSpy Barbajo on 21 June 2017 - 03:54 AM

(4) Testers Wanted!!

Attached File  JPX 900 - 4.jpg   200.32KB   1304 downloads

Mizuno JPX 900 Irons


The irons that tamed Erin Hills!



You know a Tour Pro likes his sticks when he plays them without a contract.


That's what Brooks Koepka did last weekend, gaming the MIzuno JPX 900 Tour irons while lapping the field at the US Open at Erin Hills because he likes them.  Mizzy is rightfully proud of its latest Major championship, and in the spirit of striking while the iron is still sizzling, we have an opportunity you can't refuse!


Attached File  JPX 900 - 3.jpg   50.12KB   1211 downloads




We're looking for four avid and ambitious golfers to test and review (and keep) a set of Mizuno's JPX 900 irons.  We have one set of the JPX 900 Hot Metal Irons (which tend as much toward Game Improvement as Mizuno gets), one set of the middle-of-the-bell-curve JPX 900 Forged, and TWO sets of Koepka's JPX 900 Tour irons, definitely aimed at the playah in all of us.


Attached File  JPX900_Tour_3Clubs-Shafts.jpg   127.77KB   1182 downloads




Here's what we need you to do --- 


1. Your first name and home state/province

2. Your current handicap

3. Your current set of irons




4: Visit MIzuno's website (click here) and determine which JPX 900 iron set best fits your game!


Remember, you MUST apply in THIS THREAD ONLY!!  We'll announce the testers in this space next week. 


Attached File  JPX 900 - 2.jpg   60.11KB   1169 downloads


#266331 Hey, I actually won one these Masters giveaways

Posted by JudgeSmails on 05 April 2017 - 06:02 PM

Mizuno was doing some trivia on their FB last night, happened to be logged in at the right time....


Attached File  CaptureMZ.JPG   21.77KB   199 downloads

#330983 Members Gone Missing?

Posted by jlukes on 06 September 2017 - 06:15 PM

Shankster - Haven't seen that guy post in like.... 5 minutes

#305719 Range trolls

Posted by Rusty1885 on 26 June 2017 - 10:27 PM

I went to hit some balls at the muni near my work this morning. I took 4 clubs with me in the mini bag. I was working on impact trying to get the proper shaft lean on my wedges. I lined up 5 balls and started on the line. It was a 9 o'clock swing on my Aw so I'm looking at 85-90 yards carry.

I was at the far end of the range away from the crowd. I got 2 jumbo buckets because I'm working on muscle memory and repetition I know I'll be hitting 'em fast.

There's an older guy who came and settled next to mine with a small bucket, no big deal. We had our pleasant greeting and I was back to my work. About 10 mins into it he stopped and just watch me. I was doing really well at this point my balls flew Med trajectory just like I wanted and it landed right over the 75 marker one on top of another.

Then he said, may I make a suggestion? I looked up. He then followed by, you should take full swing and hit it harder. Your head should move back a little bit on the back swing and weaken the grip. Hmmm! I politely said I'm working on something very specific thanks for the suggestion. He took it as an invitation to come over and proceeded to try to fix my grip. I said my grip is fine and please I just wanna to be left alone.

He went back to the stall and mumbled something, every now and then he'd stopped and look at me and said you should weaken your grip. I saw that by this time he had only a few balls left to hit so I just waited out. Soon he was done and gone.

But wait there's more, the saga continued.

The next guy showed up with his buddy sharing a stall, he apparently teaching his newbie buddy. They were kinda loud but I blocked it out. Soon the guy turned to me and said you should have wider stance and wider swing, the shaft should point at my chin at address, take the club more inside and finish high.

What?, I said I'm working on something specific, thanks. I could here him telling his friend about how I could never be a good golfer because of the flaw I have in my swing. I turn and ask what do you shoot, how is your short game? He said he's a good player with a plus 10 handicap and his short game is excellent.

I pulled out my laser and point at the 100 marker, I said 105. Hit it. He topped the first, skilled the second, pulled the third. I put 2 shots next to the pin and said thank you. We didn't speak again. WTF.

#253893 First Hole in One!

Posted by Rob Wedge on 24 February 2017 - 10:07 PM

First hole in one today witnessed by Mygolfspace members JLukes and PhillyGolfGuy! Mercer Oaks East, hole 16 130 yards out. Slam dunked with a PW! Felt great, even better having those 2 guys to witness it. 



Attached File  Hole in 1.jpg   202.38KB   219 downloadsAttached File  Hole in 1a.jpg   319.82KB   211 downloads


#283782 You're not Special?

Posted by PlaidJacket on 10 May 2017 - 03:35 PM

If you consider yourself a Millennial you might feel Triggered (LOL) by the following ----


Last night I was watching the golf channel and listening to a rather long discussion about the state of the game so to speak. Meaning golf in general. I know, we keep hearing this all the time. And, it's getting a little worn-out if you ask me. So basically last night the talkers were all worried about... get this; Millennials! I'm serious. Everyone seemed to agree except Chamblee somewhat that golf needs to change because Millennials are so unique and different. My goodness. I had no idea. I could hardly believe what I was hearing. It was as if a new species have settled on the planet and we must now accommodate them, change our ways, and perhaps most importantly change golf for them. What a bunch of horse$hit. Wikipedia defines this "cohort" as generally being born somewhere in the early 80's up to early 2000's. And again according to Wikipedia Millennials have increased familiarity with communications, media?, and digital technologies. Big Whoop. I could unravel those items easily but I'll save it. Still I suppose the Mills have quite a burden to bare and therefore they are special I guess.


From my narrow point of view I don't see the need to change golf to accommodate any group. Let alone Millennials. Or the elderly or baby boomers or some other X or Y generation. If you want to play and participate in the game welcome aboard. If not... have a nice day. You are not special or unique. The world doesn't revolve around you, me or anyone else.

Have a nice day. :)

#310065 TESTERS ANNOUNCED: Bettinardi Queen B 9/Studio Stock 8 Putters

Posted by GolfSpy Barbajo on 07 July 2017 - 02:50 AM


Attached File  IMG_3145 copy.jpg   92.62KB   1047 downloads






There may have never been a better time to be a putter fanatic. Whether you love inserts or face milling, it's a buyer's paradise out there, with the smallest of boutique outfits to the largest of OEM's offering a wide variety blades, mallets and everything in between.


For the true milled face putter aficionado, however, there’s one name that’ll make you howl at the moon:



Attached File  IMG_3142 copy.jpg   87.54KB   979 downloads


Bob Bettinardi has been setting the putter world on its ear since 1992, when he introduced  the very first one-piece CNC milled putter. Over the past quarter century, Bettinardi has earned a well-deserved reputation for crafting some of the sexiest flatsticks on the market, but is the beauty on skin deep? Is the style backed up with cup-seeking substance?


MyGolfSpy is looking for four of you to find out!


We need two of  you to test and review (and keep!) the Bettinardi Queen B 9, and two more to test and review (and also keep!) the Bettinardi Studio Stock 8.


Attached File  QueenB9-Pocket-21.jpg   125.69KB   943 downloads Attached File  ss8-face.jpg   95.72KB   916 downloads




​This one's a biggie, so please read and follow these instructions carefully...


In this thread, please tell us:


1. Your first name and your state/province/country

​2. Your current gamer

3. Custom fit - yes or no?

4. Preferred putter - Queen B 9 or Studio Stock 8 (click here to view)



We'll be announcing the testers in this thread next week. Good luck!



#286909 MGS testing opportunities

Posted by GolfSpy Barbajo on 16 May 2017 - 09:35 PM

We try to social media the hell out of every one of these opportunities (is 'social media' a verb?) - but some things resonate more than others.  The Matrix shafts opportunity went pretty well for shafts - it moved the needle more than any other shaft testing we've done in the past couple of years.  It didn't get the same love or attention on social media because the day that went live was the day TaylorMade's sales was announced, so it just got lost in the shuffle.


We have a couple coming up in the next two weeks that are very interesting, but they probably won't create the same kind of buzz as PING or Callaway, but that's just the nature of the beast. We try to collect products across a pretty wide spectrum that we think will be of interest to our membership - sometimes we hit it, sometimes we miss it!

#345412 Tyson Lamb Putters

Posted by GolfSpy_X on 14 November 2017 - 01:34 PM

Let's speak some truth here:


First lets discuss the first topic and the one the was actually brought up.  



Do you have the right to sell something you own? 


100% of people I assume will answer yes to that. For those there is no need to read any further. Because if so, the fact that someone tells you that you can't is like I said "absurd".


If for some strange reason you answered no, let's discuss and hopefully move this discussion forward rather then where Tyson and his Lambassadors hope for this to go which is sideways or any way other then dealing with the fact that the way he does things rubs everyone we speak to the wrong way.


So, first off no putter he sent was ever sold.  Even though we have the right to do whatever we want with it.  Once again we own it, that gives us the right to sell it, recycle it, etc. etc.


We had a graphic designer that reached out and basically begged to design our new website.  He said he would not accept payment, only golf equipment.  We have never done a contract like that before and told him we preferred payment, for legal reasons.  He assured us that he was well off enough to not need the money and was the biggest golf club junkie ever and loved that all he wanted was a Tyson Lamb.  Once again we told him we preferred to pay in cash.  He refused.  So we sent him a Tyson Lamb putter and many other golf items like he requested.  That is bartering and that is a form of business that has gone on since the first days of commerce.


Secondly, Dan Mann posted a joke of sorts on Instagram about anyone wanting to buy one of his Tyson Lamb putters.  Once again...never sold.


So, if you are keeping track so far. No putters actually sold.  One bartered.  


Now on to the real part which is what we are about.  I have known about Tyson for close to 10 years.  First met him when we dealt with his first failed buckle company.  I think it was called Identity belts for those that might remember.  He contacted us because he wanted coverage and never sent product after months of excuses.  Then I contacted him before anyone really knew about him and told him he had one hellova a future in putter design and would love to work with him since we both had a passion.  After a couple of phone calls I quickly realized that would not be a possibility. Parternships are built on relationships and I knew working with Tyson would be impossible.  No need to sugarcoat.


That does not mean that we do not cover what we think deserves covering.  He once again reached out seeing how he could work with us.  


So far we have written about Tyson 4 times and 4 times HE offered to send putters.  These aren't "gifts" folks they are for content purposes like any other form of content we produce. This is the norm not the outlier.


Let me remind all of you that when we write articles about golf companies or brands they typically either send us equipment for testing or for photographical purposes. 


Once again we never sold one of his putters but let me explain to you that answered "no" why we have the right.  We run a business. We test clubs.  That facility you see and the employees that work here cost money.  Quite a bit of it.  These tests also provide value for consumers and the industry.  The amount of effort and cost that goes in to running this facility, this operation, this business have to be paid for.  Do people actually expect us to test clubs for 10 years and collect clubs like we run a museum?


We get equipment in, we test equipment, we then give the best performing equipment for our testers away to them in evert category, we raffle equipment, we donate equipment, we run contests on social media for equipment.  By the way all costs quite a bit of money to ship to these people.  Once again all raising the cost of running a business.  We are not a non-profit or a charity.  In order to continue staying in business we have to make money.  So, the second that equipment hits our facility we become the owners of that equipment and the entire industry knows this.  Therefore we can do whatever we please with said equipment. The fact that he or anyone else doesn't get this is insane. And at the end of the day Tyson has just burnt yet another bridge in a small industry with very few bridges.  Something he has shown a pattern of doing in his 10 or so years trying to find a way in this industry.  There is more to being successful than being creative. 


In close to 20 years in the golf industry I have NEVER worked with a person as difficult and as arrogant as Tyson Lamb.  Never.

And I have never had someones mom call us or leave comments in the comment section. That explains much of the above.

#292202 TESTERS ANNOUNCED: Callaway GBB Epic Driver

Posted by GolfSpy Bones on 27 May 2017 - 01:06 AM

Congrats to our selected testers.

Mr Theooo

I will send you a PM shortly.

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#289623 This had to be done...

Posted by GolfSpy Barbajo on 20 May 2017 - 03:44 PM

As a classic rocker, one doesn't visit London and not visit a particularly renowned street crossing...

Attached File  IMG_3568.JPG   1.41MB   185 downloads

Attached File  IMG_3563.JPG   2.06MB   190 downloads

Attached File  IMG_3540.JPG   62.57KB   180 downloads

Attached File  IMG_3502.JPG   1.49MB   184 downloads

Took us all morning to walk there. It's been a hard day's night, but I feel fine.

And it was worth it [emoji41][emoji41]🇬[emoji1058]🇧

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#285319 Life comes at you pretty fast.

Posted by MmmmmmBuddy on 14 May 2017 - 03:00 PM

As many of you know, I have been a club fitter/Web Admin for one of the largest independently owned on course golf stores in the US for the past 14 years. I have loved my job, and was not looking for other employment.

However, an opportunity presented itself, and I am leaving my job to accept a position as the Head Golf Professional at a local Semi-Private golf club in the area. I will be pursuing my PGA Class A Membership over the next few years.
I am extremely excited to take on this opportunity. I will try to stay involved on the forum as time permits, but I suspect that my access to all of the cool, new equipment might be a little limited.

Let me get settled, and maybe we can set up some kind of a West Coast MGS event at my course. (Feels a little weird typing that).

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#268009 Considering a new putter

Posted by Badfish on 10 April 2017 - 05:48 PM

If I was averaging under 2 putts per hole with a petrified turd taped to a stick the last thing I would consider is changing my putter.

#227100 WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Get Fit Like a Pro - Win a Trip to Srixon/Cleveland with M...

Posted by GolfSpy Barbajo on 20 September 2016 - 04:49 AM

Get Fit Like a Pro!


Win a Trip To Srixon/Cleveland with MyGolfSpy!


A Tour-Level custom club fitting truly is the Holy Grail for any avid golfer. For most of us, however, it's only a pipe dream.


For two of you, however, that dream is about to become a reality.


MyGolfSpy, along with Srixon/Cleveland Golf, is looking for two lucky golfers to enjoy the same level of fitting experienced by top Tour Pros Graeme McDowell, Russell Knox and Hideki Matsuyama.


We are giving away TWO all-expense-paid trips to Srixon/Cleveland headquarters in Huntington Beach, CA, for the golfer’s full monty: a full bag, driver-to-putter custom fitting from Srixon/Cleveland!


Oh yeah, you get to keep the whole shebang, too!



The Details:

The two winners will each receive:

  • Round trip airfare to Southern California
  • 1 night hotel, meals
  • Tour level custom fitting for:
    • Srixon’s new Z65 series driver/FW/hybrids/irons
    • Cleveland’s new RTX-3 wedges
    • Cleveland’s new TFi/Huntington Beach putters
    • Srixon’s Z-Star Series golf balls
  • A Srixon Z-Four stand bag with your name on it
  • A “tech-talk” dinner meeting with Srixon/Cleveland club designers
  • A tour of the Srixon/Cleveland facility in Huntington Beach, CA
  • A round of golf with your new equipment
  • And a few surprises along the way!


How To Enter:

In this thread, tell us the following:

  • Your name, home state or province and current handicap
  • The makeup of your dream Srixon/Cleveland bag from putter through driver.

Check out the Srixon website here

Check out the Cleveland website here




We are truly psyched to be able to bring you this unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be treated like a Tour Pro. Apply today – we’ll be announcing the winners October 7th!

#116337 How Forum Testers Will Be Chosen (do not apply within)

Posted by GolfSpy T on 30 September 2013 - 06:22 PM

As the MyGolfSpy Forum has grown, so too have the opportunities for our Community Members to test and review golf equipment for the other members of our forum. To date, the reviews our community members have produced have been of the highest quality.

You have followed our template. You have done an amazing job working with our staff to keep things organized, and you have stayed true to the MyGolfSpy tradition of proving objective and honest reviews.

We have not asked you to be cheerleaders blasting away on Twitter of Facebook to sing the praises of MyGolfSpy of the golf companies whose products you have reviewed. We have asked only that you call it like you see it – good, bad, or otherwise, and you have done exactly that.

Unfortunately that hasn’t been good enough. As our community has grown so has the in-fighting, snipping, and to call it what it is, the aura of self-entitlement. Our forum is not as tight and friendly as it once was. Much to our dismay, it’s becoming more like every place else.

After much discussion, GolfSpy X and I have decided that if growth means tolerating obnoxious behavior, spiteful comments, and any of the other silly business that comes from people who generally don’t know 10% of what they think they do, and worse yet, means we get pulled away from the important things we’re working on to grow the site in order to settle petty disputes between adults acting like toddlers, then quite frankly, we’re content to chase a few readers away and grow more slowly if it trade-off is we don’t have to deal with any more nonsense.

At the heart of some of the issues is our forum testing program. With every selection there are inevitably behind the scenes grumblings about who deserved to be selected and wasn’t, and whose entry was better than another’s. It’s tedious. It’s unnecessary. And it ends today.

Beginning with the next round of equipment (ETA early November, if not sooner), we will no longer be putting up posts asking for volunteers to test and review equipment for the MyGolfSpy Forum. There will be no questions to answer, no photos to post, no requests for specifications. All participants for future forum testing opportunities will be chosen by the MyGolfSpy staff.

How Equipment Testers Are Chosen

There are four basic critera/considerations we look at when we choose our testers:

1. Donors – There’s no behind the scenes BS. When we say we don’t take advertising from big golf companies, we mean it. We don’t take so much as a dime. The consequences of that are that we have to rely on our readers for support…and truthfully, as much of it as we can possibly get. Moving forward, we’re going to be more overt about supporting those of you who support us. A minimum percentage of all product (25%-50% depending on quantity – guaranteed) will be set aside for MyGolfSpy donors.

2. Quality Content – The best way to ensure quality is to rely on people who have provided quality in the past. Well-written, humorous, or thought-provoking posts will go a long way towards you being selected. Photos are an important part of any review as well. We’re going to give priority to guys who have proven they can produce quality photos.

3. Participation – In the past we’ve used review opportunities to try and grow the forum. That’s over. I’m not saying 100+ posts are required, but I can damn sure promise you we’re not giving away anything to somebody whose only contribution to your community is a “pick me, pick me, I want this” post. If somebody wants to participate in our community review process, he needs to participate in a more general sense.

4. No Douchebags – The foundation of our moral code is that we…every last one of us…treat each other…every last one of us…with respect. Civility is the new buzzword. I don’t expect you to agree with everything I say, or agree with everything that everyone else says, but there are polite ways to have conversations, and polite ways to have disagreements without resorting to name-calling, and other childish behaviors that have inevitably, and unfortunately become a part of every online community.

It’s insidious behavior, and I’m no longer willing to reward even a little of it. We’re not going to start pulling down posts or anything like that, but I can promise you this: all community testing opportunities will be reserved for those who carry themselves with class and treat others with respect – always.

How to Let Us Know You Want to Test

If you are interested in being a MyGolfSpy Equipment Tester, there are a few things you can do to signal your interest in being selected.

1. Update your signature to include the following info:

a. Iron specs (flex, length/lie)

b. Driver specs (loft/flex)

c. Dexterity (right or left-handed)

d. Where You Live

e. Your handicap or average 18 hole score

2. Make sure your content includes the occasional picture. We have to know you can take quality photos.
3. Conduct yourself with class and treat others with respect – Always.

Allotments, and terms (USA vs. Worldwide, Left-handed vs. RH only, stock vs. custom, limited lofts, etc.) vary wildly from opportunity to opportunity, so providing as much info as you can will help us find qualified testers.

#241066 Bubba 's got a brand new Ball!

Posted by GolfSpy Barbajo on 14 December 2016 - 02:26 PM

I hope they make an Aqua colored one for him.


Then we can say there's something about an Aqua Volvik man.



I guess you have to be of a certain age....


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