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  2. Jeebus that's a purty bag. Hopefully the Mezz fits right in (I actually really dig the look of it), but at least you've got those 223s to keep people's attention
  3. Congrats testers! Looking forward to the reviews. MDGolfHacker
  4. I want the ball to land and stop and the tour level balls generally do that for me. I can say specifically more distance but maybe more consistent distance and less penalizing on misshits. Maybe the lower compression balls just don’t spin enough for me resulting in poorer performance.
  5. I did the same when I went to Top Golf Last month with the family. Only one club left the bag the entire time I was there as the kids just wanted to play the angry birds app on the screen, LOL. MDGolfHacker
  6. Funny but true - I've read the Top Golf balls are heavier, in part because they need to be super durable but also because they have the RFID chip inside them.
  7. For those that have used both, is this a big differentiator? To me it doesn't seem as much (I don't like to look at my phone a lot while playing). The only downside might be not getting real time club distance data.
  8. Hey Rob, I've got packers coming in 2 weeks, will leave Nebraska in 3 weeks, won't settle in to new address until 3rd week of July...point being I don't want to miss it when you call for second/final payment. You have a rough idea when that will be, and the damage? Thought about messaging you but perhaps the answer interests everyone else at this point too...
  9. Thanks everyone! Perhaps the most disappointing part of the whole thing is... It was *such* a beautiful day out there that day .. perfect weather, perfect temp, great playing partners, course in literally perfect condition (not too dry, not too soft), greens were rolling fast and true, no one pressing us from behind, ... So it goes!
  10. yes sir. Switched the aspect ratio of the app in samsung labs, and it solved the issue. Thanks.
  11. As I said, grips are very personal. I do not believe their is a singular correct grip, as so much has do with swing matchups, hand size, comfort, swing intentions, etc. Ultimately, the correct grip is the one that helps you play your best golf. Then its no surprise that you will always find good players that are outliers like Bryson or a 10 finger player like Tommy Gainey. You are right that there is more than one way to play this game effectively. Thats exactly what I alluded to in the paragraph that you did not quote.
  12. Had the opportunity to test out an earlier version of a Cleveland driver .. part of the problem was the shaft was definitely a little on the heavy side for me, but I'd felt as if the head was almost too forgiving - if that's possible!? - eg. giving up too much ball speed and distance working to try to keep the ball online... But... this newer version looks like a huge improvement, and I know I like the PX Cypher shaft, so... Hmmm... Hope it keeps performing for you OG!!!
  13. They don’t want you to fly the nets
  14. Had one of those - really great net!, but - for me it seemed to be a total alligator wrestling match to get it folded up.... Anyway hope it works well for you!!
  15. Congrats on the 2x graduates!! We'll be (theoretically, anyway) dealing with a similar thing in about 16 years, so... Not sure "looking forward to," is the right phrase, but... I love your ball-imprint idea. I mean, it works on so many levels. Not only does it help you mid-round, but THINK of how much it'll mean to some random golfer when they happen upon it in the woods (after you've given up on finding it, and have naturally pulled another from your bag, reminding yourself in the process to Relax & Have Fun) - it will be like a sign from the Golf God (Geoff, for what it's worth. His name is Geoff), literally telling him to Relax & Have Fun. I think there's a business model here. "It's a Game: Enjoy It," "Enjoy the Walk," "Smile, You're Being Recorded" - I mean, the possibilities are endless. "I Saw What You Did On 7th Fairway", etc. Psychological Warfare via golfball. PsyOps Golf: if you're going to lose your ball, help someone else lose their mind. (I realize this went off the rails, but I can't help laughing at some poor guy (me) traipsing through the woods and thinking "ah HA!" and then reading the message on the ball and freaking out - I would legit watch this "hidden camera" show, for real. Good luck on the next event - once you find your groove, I'm sure you'll post some awesome scores.
  16. I see we are at 7, my buddy may be back in to round out the groups. I won't be able to know for sure until we are closer to the start date.
  17. I played 9 this morning at Glendale. I finished with a 46, which included 2 triples. Overall, I struck the ball pretty well. The two triples were due to some just bad shots. One the first hole, the grass was a bit frosty and I caught a wedge really thick (twice). On the 5th, I hit a fairway bunker, duffed out of that into a tree, chunked my approach. Just ugly. The rest was pretty decent. I seem to have lost my driver a bit and am blocking everything at the moment. So, I need to spend some time sorting that back out. Over the past 10 rounds, stats show I am pretty good at long approaches (150-200 YDS). I'm leaving about 1/3 of my approaches short, 1/3 are GIR and the rest are a bit sprayed. Putting has really come around. I'm still losing some strokes (-4.6) as compared to a 10 HC, but the last three rounds are closer to -1.3. So, I think some of this was an aberration. Overall, I'm as follows after the last 10 rounds: Definitely improving though!
  18. I think this is a better video that explains the lateral, rotational, and vertical forces that help increase speed.
  19. You mean where he broke tradition.
  20. yes, that is correct. The watch collects information as you play. You can get club hit confirmation on the watch just so you know it picked up the swing. You can add a penalty on the watch if you want OR you can wait and add it post round when editing. Otherwise, all data is uploaded to app on phone post round and you can edit in app or web dashboard.
  21. Today
  22. Played an early 9 this morning. Shot of the day happened on the Par 4 7th. I had my typical miss and blocked a driver off to the right rough. I got to my ball and found a couple small trees directly in line to the green with about 195 to the middle of the green. I pulled a six and hit a low fade stinger under the trees which ran onto the front of the green for a nice 2-putt par. So nice to come up with a plan and then see it come to fruition!
  23. I was totally planning on doing this! It'll be nice to have a good idea of what to do as I go into the round. Nothing is quite as hard as playing a nice (hard) course for the first time. The yardage card will make this quite a bit easier. I'm planning on printing it all out I'll be sure to post how it goes!
  24. I would agree with @Wojtek, it is very possible the app does not know how to handle galaxy fold for screen aspect. I had the same issue (screen cutting off top and bottom) when I got the iPhone 13 mini recently, but with a different app. I had to wait two updates until the app would display correctly on my phone. It is extremely frustrating.
  25. Ohms

    Maxfli Tour

    I just bought a couple of boxes of Tour X a couple of weeks ago (based largely on the MGS ball lab and tester reviews) I've played 3 rounds with them and what a good ball it is! My scores aren't going down too much yet, but that's largely because I have to re-calibrate my distances. I played the TP5 for the last 4 years and this ball is 1/4 to 1/2 club longer consistently. It doesn't check quite as fast, but on short irons the ball mark is within a step or two of the ball- you just have to account for that. On chips, same deal- you just need to back up your landing spot a couple of feet if you're used to a super spinney ball. On drives- wow, can this ball fly! I gained 10 - 20 yards, I think due to the higher compression and piercing flight- the ball cuts through the wind pretty well. I've backed off driver on a few holes because trouble that wasn't in play with the TP5 is suddenly a real possibility. For putts, this is the best alignment stamp I've ever used. It just fits my eye and doesn't take very long to get set up. I didn't use to align at all, but this stamp is so easy and quick I find myself using it 5 or so times a round. The ball rolls well and feel a little firm off the face, but not distractingly so- nothing to worry about at all. Durability- I hit a cart path on the fly 260 yards out on a drive (that turned into a 300+ yard drive as a result!), and the ball just had a minor mark on it after cleaning it up. I couldn't feel any scuffing and kept playing the ball with no hesitation. Thanks MGS! I wouldn't have considered gaming this ball if it wasn't for the lab and reviewers.
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