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  2. My distance control and strike are somewhat erratic, but yes I do do that, and it does help. I probably don't do it enough to be fair.
  3. Walking 9 round with the old(er) guys today. Went to the course; it was 61º sunny with no wind. Five minutes before tee time, clouds rolled in and the wind started blowing about 15-20 mph... figures! Well, the Men's Club tournament was over yesterday, and the club removed the putting pins on the practice green; not sure why. They also spread a thin layer of sand on all the greens this morning after rolling them last Friday. As a result the green speed was a little slower than on the weekend; not much but a little slower. I had one birdie and one bogey for another EVEN PAR roun
  4. I makes my ball-flight lower, and it feels strange having weight above my hands. Sometimes I'll choke down for punch shots, with moderate results. Sent from my moto g(7) power using Tapatalk
  5. Tomorrow is my first game in over 3 months due to lockdown. Have not even swung a club during that time. So I am on the first tee, here is what I believe are the odds of where I think it will go. .02% Straight 39% Right - My default is to aim right unconsciously 60.8% Left - Usual bad swing is out to in. Grabbed a few used balls as the course has lots of water and deep rough. The good news is that we are not yet allowed to play comps so no pressure, just lots of laughs. Will let you know.
  6. I think I figured out my waywardness... If my left hand grip isn’t ridiculously weak I suck at golf. I mean almost underneath the club, then a moderately strong right hand. Was just hitting some amazing stinger 52° shots. A lot of bite in that shot.... Now the all important part. REMEMBER TO DO THAT ON THE COURSE!
  7. Only on side-hill lies. Choking up on the club does not fair well for me. In fact, my left palm is nearly off the end of the grip usually.
  8. I do want to learn how to properly shoot a bow too, maybe even hunt with it.
  9. I saw these on the touch of modern app and wondered if anyone has heard of or tried these? Doesn't really look like my kind of thing but hey you never know. No I'm not trying to sell them. I'm legitimately curious as to whether or not they work.
  10. Hi guys, I have suggested this to several times and were surprised that the responses were that they had never tried it. I was taught to shorten my grip as a means of closing the gap between clubs. For example with my normal grip I hit a 7 iron 155M (170yds) however by moving my hands down the grip I can vary the length by up to 8m (8.8yds) It means that I can still have a full swing, just takes a bit of getting used to holding the thinner grip. Once you get used to it it can make a huge difference particularly with shorter clubs. Is this something you do.
  11. William / Las Vegas,NV VKTR+ Hybrid in either regular or stiff shaft 18.2 handicap Currently play Cobra Max hybrid 4 Sent from my SM-G973U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  12. I mainly hunt small game with my dogs because I do trials and training all summer long the hunting season is all fun no pressure for the dogs and I. I am hoping to get out with the bow at some point this year but it's not likely.
  13. I still have my Steelhead driver and warbird fairways in my garage. They haven't seen the light of day for a good many years now. Maybe I'll pull them out and take them to the range one of these days.
  14. There are so many good replies to this thread, but thought I'd throw in a few comments as well. We have a ton of really, really great members on this forum. There are a lot of great testing opportunities each year (even this year during COVID), but in reality there are far fewer testing opportunities than deserving members. As others have said, be active! If you regularly purchase new equipment, throw up an unofficial review in that section of the forums, or contribute to an already existing thread if there is one. Not every piece of equipment or golf gadget is officially tested by t
  15. Today
  16. New forum member so hi to all! hoping someone can help... currently going through a WedgeWorks order and ideally the shaft I want is a modus 115 which is what I have in all my other wedges, but as this isn’t an option need to pick something else. It’s likely I’ll buy the shaft separate and get it fitted, but may as well try something new which is perhaps comparable. Anyone have any experience which could help? Have attached available shafts
  17. Chuck from Round Rock, TX RH 1st - 18* - KBS Tour V Stiff driving iron 2nd - 18* - Recoil ES 85 F4 Stiff hybrid 8 handicap Ping G410 22* hybrid, irons start at 5 iron
  18. That may be the issue. I just checked to see if the site worked on IE for me and I couldn't get signed in. If you don't want to install a new browser, you might try Edge instead. IE is pretty outdated.
  19. I was just going through golf books yesterday, getting ready to reread some over the winter--plan out what to concentrate on for 2021. Topping the list are my favorite golf books of all time: Percy Boomer, On Learning Golf (1946) Fred Shoemaker, Extraordinary Golf and Extraordinary Putting Gary Nicol and Karl Morris, The Lost Art of Playing Golf and The Lost Art of Putting I rounded out my reread list with: Golf Practice, How to Practice Golf and Take Your Range Game to the Course, by Matthew Cooke, Arick Zeigell and Zack Parker wit
  20. If you already have some JB Weld that will work fine for the extension. Rather than buying solvent, I use a little gas for tape solvent to slide the grips on.
  21. Bryan Littleton, CO RH - Yes 18* - Recoil ES 75 F3 Regular Backup - 3 wood – 14* - MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram Regular 15 Hybrid - Titleist 3h
  22. Apart from Golf, my hobby is to read articles and news about the latest technology especially about electronics gadgets such as bluetooth earbuds, mobile phones, headphones, tablets, iphones, headsets, games, mini projectors and ipads etc. I am a tech lover.
  23. Except the kids clubs have smaller heads, so I would think the kids headcovers likely wouldn't fit adult clubheads. But maybe the kids driver headcover on the 3W, and kids fariway headcover on the hybrid?
  24. If the seller threw in some extra clubs I would say you got your money's worth!
  25. I am a Dallas Cowboys fan, we are leading the worse division on the league right now, the Cardinals are probably going to destroy us tonight, but looking at it, we can win the east at 6 and 10. Actually, did you know that with the current format of the NFL a team can go to the wild card round without winning a single game? All it is needed is to go 0-10-6, tying all of the divisional games, and having a stronger schedule against the rest of the division. Divisional tiebreakers Head-to-head (best won-lost-tied percentage in games between the clubs). Best won-lost
  26. My intention is to see how many are paying for putters that are not designed for their swing type. I have the same stroke path as you, out to in with a slight arc. However, at point of impact my clubface is open at 0.1 degrees. So in my case I was fit for either a blade or mallet with a slight toe hang. I'm sure the "feel" guys will feel a lot happier when they sink more putts.
  27. One book that I read recently, that really helped me was "Golf is Not a Game of Perfect" by Dr. Bob Rotella. I've recommended it to others, and they said they benefitted from it was well. I'm definitely going to check out Damage Control.
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