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  2. No this is the most consistent putting i have had since moving to the Stroke Lab Seven S, Not since the Spider Long Legs. I did see the new TaylorMade Spider RS, which now I want to try and see.
  3. Great effort, not a lot of filler in those 10,000. Are you going to be giving away all the clubs you've used over the last 3 years? That would mean something for everyone
  4. I was already thinking about upgrading to the new HOVR Drives from the last gen model, now I'm pretty much sold on them. They have been awesome for me so I expect more of the same, very comfy walking shoe and lots of traction but mine are nearing end of life. I'm also curious to see when/if they come out with the next gen Spieth shoe, he seems to be wearing something I've not seen in their catalog. I also have and like the Spieth 4 so I'd expect the next in line to be just as good. Seems like in years past they launched around PGA show time, but I'm guessing the pandemic and logistics
  5. That's what I thought! I was at the Kraft Nabisco when she won. She lucked out; Suzann Pettersen folded the last few holes. I think she will do a great job!
  6. I haven't been to the practice area other than the range for quite awhile and it shows when playing. Today I decided to spend an hour or so just on pitches and chips. Pitching green closed!!! Maintenance crews were doing some digging (sprinkler work I guess) by the green, and they didn't want any errant balls while they were working. So, I spent the time practicing chips with my 60º LW and 49º GW on the putting green. We still don't have holes in the putting green, so I used 2 tees about a hole-width apart. I used to only chip with my LW and was reasonably good at it, but I have
  7. Don't know about the UK.
  8. Now am really intrigue to check out the new Spider SR, after leaving the Spider for the Odyssey Stoke Lab Seven S, I like the look of this new Spider SR and the Spider S. I wonder if the performance would exceed the Stroke Lab Seven
  9. was fitted last July for irons. Fitter fitted me for Nippon 105S. Been working on my swing since and have been getting consistent numbers. Results below. Do y'all think 105S is about right? what about 120S? 120X? just curious before I buy. Thanks
  10. As John Barba asked me one time, “Can you keep a secret???” I replied, “Heck yeah!” He then says, “So can I!” I did learn that this whole thing about CG location in wedges is kind of BS.... So, it’s not a new technique of placing CG, at least primarily.
  11. 34inch putter. Brand new. Never been used. $300.00 shipped
  12. He's certainly made a lot of improvement this year. I hope he can keep it up, however there is always the chance that one really bad round could ruin his comeback. I put him in the "Fagile" category right now. As long as he can stay under par, he should do OK.
  13. I can't say anything about specific data that I've collected, or comparisons to other brands that you've named, but I can definitely confirm that the Cleveland SOFT tech works. As long as the putter face is square, off-center hits seem to still roll true and loss of distance is weirdly minimal. I've holed 10'+ putts hit off the toe more often than I'd like to admit or deserve. Immediately you get that "damn I hit off the toe" feeling, but the ball seems to roll just like you centered it. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  14. I could write the same thing except an 83 would be a relatively good day putting for me; a poor day putting is more like 87.
  15. Tagging @GolfSpy_THV to see if he has any idea.
  16. A little while back I posted my new golf bag. I had bought the OGIO Woode. Well after a couple rounds, I realized it wouldn't work for me so I returned it and swapped it for this.. Had to order it through the in store kiosk.. and while I was placing my order my finger slipped and I accidentally ordered these too... coincidence would have it that the shoes just happened to be my size and I've been thinking about getting a putting mirror to accompany my Puttout.. so it just made too much sense to not cancel the order..
  17. My wife had 32 in her 1973 H.S graduating class in Spokane. Several of them work for Microsoft and Boeing.
  18. I see that CIC is a local qualifying course this year. @tony@CIC you going to watch??
  19. My daughter moved to LA (and broke daddy's heart), and I plan on visiting her sometime later this year. Can anyone recommend a public course or two that I should play while there? I'm a 16 handicap, so nothing that would make me want to abandon my clubs forever. Also, what are the COVID restrictions in place? Surely I won't have to wear a max while on the course, even in Cali, right? FWIW, she lives near the USC campus. Tanks as always!
  20. I walk the vast majority of my rounds. Just picked up a set of ewheels v2 for my CG 3.5+ so I'll be walking happily ever after now...
  21. Congrats MPR. I will have 5 years in August. I just hit 10,000 posts today—-special thread to come—so you better get posting Thanks for being an awesome staff member to work with!
  22. There’s a video out their done this week by the PGA Tour, and in it they show Bryson hitting various clubs. When he gets to the driver, guess which build he’s using in that VERY video?! Yep. Same one I have. Busa at 45”, triple X shaft tipped at 2”!!! Now, it didn’t work out for Bryson, but he tried it!!!! Unreal. Same. Exact. Build. Crazy!!!! Here’s a pic of the video of him at Bay Hill I’m referencing.
  23. I stand on a one inch piece of plywood when hitting off a mat in my yard. The height seems about right.
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