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  2. $$$$ allowing, the following will be replaced this season. Driver, both fairway woods, both hybrids and all irons. The only items that will remain are my two new wedges and putter. My driver is 10 years old, fairway woods are 11-12 years old respectively, my irons are also 10 years old.
  3. When I join as the single, I generally find the reason they couldn't find a fourth!
  4. Happy birthday @BombAndGouge. Have a great day.
  5. It looks like it's an old school metal spike one anyway.
  6. There are various ways to setup your notifications. Here are a few screenshots that should help. Keeping in mind as a Mod I have one or two options you won't see on yours. The key ones you'll want to have is in Mentions & My Content, Followed Content and Messenger. There are various options for both for all. As you can see you can have notification list, push, email, or combinations. The other part is make sure any of the threads you want to be notified for you are following. This can be done at the top. Or down at the bottom where you write replies. Not you will not see the Hide option. Then there are following members. Following a member will also send you a notification (based on your followed content setting).
  7. MyGolfSpy Forum: Trending Topics 2023 What is safe in your bag? What's on the chopping block? We are on the edge/beginning of launch season there will be plenty of new gear out to try, test and drool over. However are there any that are guaranteed to be safe in your bag for next year? We hav… 2462 views 2023 Sub70 699 https://www.instagram.com/p/Cl7ZbRDoyRy/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Anyone else as excited as I am? 2930 views What's your best golf meme Let's see your best golf meme. Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app 10029 views Announcing 2023 My Golf Spy Outing-Pinehurst Area It's been asked for and talked about for quite a while. But we are having our first official My Golf Spy outing in 2023. It will be nights and 3 rounds of golf at Talamore Golf Club, Mid South Co… 12441 views MGS Forum: PGA Tour Pick'em League In coordination with our PGA Tour threads that will be coming out this year we are going to run a pick'em series once again. However we are running it slightly different to last year and will h… 4964 views Happy Birthday thread I'm changing things so here is the Happy Birthday thread. If you see someone's birthday on the right side of the main forum page and want to say HB, this is the new place to do it. I'll still be … 31750 views clothing for cold weather What are your recommendations on lightweight non-restrictive and warm clothing - keeping in mind a reasonable budget. Springs and falls up here start off pretty cool so I like ot layer a few light… 2964 views Prefer to stop receiving these emails? https://forum.mygolfspy.com/settings/?area=newsletters.
  8. Apparently late to the part on this as its been done before and I just asked about it in the Stack Thread. I haven't tried Stack, but SuperSpeed was a ton of work, tiring and exhausting. There were certainly days I just didn't want to do it at all and found some of the motivation lacking. I can see where if there is little to no progress where it gets frustrating and difficult to continue. I can remember several of the testers saying similar things.
  9. Curious...could we get some kind of qualitative value for how much more forgiving the V2 model is vs the original?
  10. Would love to see a head to head vs all the main SS systems like Stack vs Super Speed vs RipStick and see what benefits each have or where some excel and where some may be better suited to certain swing speeds vs others. What do you guys think Stack has over the others and does it suit some swing speeds more than others?
  11. How many of you are getting antsy to get started? Are we going to see any side bets going on for this event?
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  13. Did you all get your picks in? If not be sure to also check out the Event Thread to get a good overview and insight for the event.
  14. Definitely going to work to try and catch some of this. While Pebble isn't my favorite course there is no doubt the prestige it holds and how it can often play tough along with provide some great view. Should be a fun watch regardless!
  15. Under armour and puma is a great cold cloths and now is a good time to get it I wear the Duluth stuff mock quite a bit You could find a nice and affordable Under Armour or puma on Amazon or eBay you have to only pay attention to what you're ordering there are some risks when you're blindly ordering from e-commerce platforms.
  16. I'm curious to see how this change will affect you. When I have my own wood fitting, either at the end of this season or next, I'm eager to explore the potential impact of switching to a lighter shaft, as there is a 20-gram difference.
  17. At my previous club there's one par 3 many people including me have done the very same, also easy to do from the tee and I've gone side to side a few times...
  18. Story one---- Playing at my local course (when I was 30 years younger and a better golfer) and just teed off on the 9th hole when lighting alarms went off and I sat in the club house for the better part of an hour thru a torrential downpour. Most of the golfers had left as there was standing water everywhere, but I was 2 under and not about to abandon my best round to date. Received the 'all clear' and managed to hit my second shot on 9 before the alarms went off again. This time I waited (all by myself) for 90 minutes to get back on the course. After informing my wife I wouldn't be home until I finished 18 regardless of how long it took. I finished with a 3 over score in 7 1/2 hours but couldn't enter my score because as the ball floated over the hole on five of the greens, I counted it as going in. Story two---- I play with a personable group of guys of varied skill levels. I was partnered with one of the better players on a rainy day when from a perfect lie he hit the fattest 5 wood and dug a divot so deep that to this day a family of ducks has claimed it as their personal pond. I looked at him and asked if he knew what that was. His response of course was no. That my friend is the reason why Pickle Ball is the fastest growing sport in the country. If you can't laugh .....
  19. The wider blade style and a plumbers neck. Nice balance and a super solid feel without any audible noise and a Milled face.
  20. With some kind of magnetic device like the gloves that NFL and College players wear.... Nah man, I'm the real deal.
  21. I wonder why the 5's look differently than the other two? You would think that the 4's would be closer to the 5's but they look like the 7's!
  22. Not a problem. We have moved back to this method as it has been more engaging and easier to follow for testing. We like the sign up feature here, but don't like how the reviews show. Maybe at some point we will be able to transfer all the 2021ish reviews over, but for now there are those few that are separated.
  23. Golfworks dont make clubs that dont have forgiveness. They are all easy to hit, IMO equally. Instead the different models offer variations like COG height, offsets, lofts, materials, appearance and price. Choose the one that suits you best in those regards. Remember Monty had a great career playing shovels, and thats not because he was a hacker and needed help. Rather his swing suited that style of club better ( i forgot the actual reason why that is so- Dave Edel mentioned it somewhere)
  24. Oh, I see why you were confused by my spin reference - it made it sound like I'm specifically targeting a spin window. Lol. I wish. I meant more like, when I skull the ball three feet off the ground into the net with my 7-iron, but my launch monitor shows 180 carry... It's clearly not reading the spin accurately I have a tendency to miss over the top, which I'm working really hard on, butt the problem for me hitting into a net is I have no idea what spin I'm putting on the ball, which would be helpful to know. On the range, it's clear enough to see. But over Covid early-days, I managed to groove in a pretty good out-to-in path without knowing it. So something like this feels like a nice option without spending $4k on the GC3/Bushnell
  25. ... 4 winters here now and 3 full years and I never get tired of looking at those mountains. I doubt I will ever take them for granted.
  26. The "Designed by AI" isn't stamped on the club face itself , it's on the wrapper since this is still new in wrapping, same way previous Callaways were wrapped.
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