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  2. Ditto on Higgo. I’m gonna miss watching him at 6am on the golf channel
  3. What would you do for higgo? I’ll take golf balls or clubs
  4. 127 into a slight breeze. Too far for a stock 52, too short for a PW. Yes, I have a gap. What else to but hit the 52 hard? Knowing that I pull the ball when I swing hard I aim right and let her rip. 18” short. No pics as we were all too busy talking about what could have been.
  5. ... To Tyler86 too, the 3 I bought are the Head surfer sun hat. 2 more with stiffer brims are OP sun hats I bought at Dicks, 1 is a sun hat from Eddie Bauer and the straw hat Is from Columbia and bought that one on sale in an airport Columbia shop. https://www.worldwidegolfshops.com/ahead-mens-surfer-sun-hat-100015531/p
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  7. The current T100 will be out of cycle in the next month or so. That’s why they weren’t included and obviously the new model wasn’t available when the testing was done.
  8. It was funny. And You weren’t very far off in actuality
  9. Wow this competition is dragging. There is a US open tourney showing up on app. when does that start?
  10. Monte's No Turn Cast video will improve your swing and eliminate the $h@nks... You're welcome!
  11. When I took up golf in the early 1990's at 45 years old, I always wore a glove... everyone did, so I did too. In the hot summer sun here, I had a tan right hand and a really white left hand. Not really a cool look. When I started gripping my own clubs, I went to a full corded grip and removed the glove. Now I use Pure DTX grips and they are quite rough, and Yes, I have callouses. I actually felt like I didn't have good contact with the club when I wore a glove; my hand wasn't in direct contact with the grip. In the desert I don't need a glove; however, when I travel to a humid location I
  12. Played this morning Cart Path only but humidity wasn’t bad. Fareways were a little sloppy so no roll at all. Anyway +2 going into 8 which is an easy Par 5, well sometimes easy……managed to double it with a “Hosel Rocket” Ended up with a +5, 41 as I managed to drown Tee shot on 9th on the Island Green but ecked out a bogie. still a fun morning!!
  13. Had to be either the drive on 7 or the 3wd, 2nd shot on 10. The drive was a little down wind with a right to left push... perfect for that hole. The 2nd shot on 10 was directly into the wind and I got lucky when the 3wd caught the ball a bit low on the face and came out hot. It cut through the wind nicely and rolled up to about a yard shy of the green. Chipped up with the putter and tapped in for my 2nd birdie of the day.
  14. Unintentionally almost did it with Callaway . Have some 699 irons coming and after fitting with a demo set and talking with Jason and Cody over there at Sub70 i have nothing but good things to say. Wouldnt surprise me if i end up almost or all sub70 in a year or so.
  15. Not so much now that I am retired but before retirement I traveled quite a bit resulting in me showing up at golf course as a single. I personally do not like playing as a single. I always ask do they have someone who they could pair me up with. Other times, I have hung around until I saw a single, twosome or threesome and just walked up and asked if they minded if I played along with them. On a few occasions, I was turned down but not very often. I try my best to be cordial, play quickly, and avoid certain topics of conversation that tend to be controversial. Conversation comes pr
  16. I have bought from them on several occasions with no problems whatsoever.
  17. I believe that the issue, correct me if im wrong, was cover durability, a couple years ago. I believe they pulled what was left off shelves. I grabbed a few double dozen packs, for friends that are cheap and for days that im feeding the woods, last year when they were “back on shelves”. Literally tried to rip the cover off with brand new wedges and in the sand. Gave up. Could definitely put some wear in them, but no tears and definitely nothing that should deter people from buying playing them at that price point. I dont think they play as long as other balls, but soooo cheap! HAVE NOT PLAYED
  18. Going to be creating a small office area in my house which consists of putting a standing desk in my family room and maybe a cabinet.
  19. I’m interested, but I’ll call Ping tomorrow and see if it’s something that can be done. Hope you still have them!
  20. You can have one of these for $2,650
  21. I also see the Forged wedges on there, do you happen to have a spec sheet on those Johnny? Will all of the dealers on the website be able to fit for the irons and the wedges? Thank you Kindly Sir.
  22. Yesterday
  23. Have you sold the unit ? Can you send it internationally ?
  24. I picked this up today at Dicks. It's my last putter purchase of the year..... Seriously this is it..... No more ...... I promise!
  25. shaft search continues. i’ve been scouring ebay and the classifieds for my shaft and no luck. my old shop might have one in stock, they’re getting back to me tomorrow about it. in the meantime i’ve been reading up on the KuroKage XD which looks like the latest version of my shaft. seems like it’s the same general profile, with a slightly stiffer tip. so if i can’t find mine anywhere i think this is the route i’ll go
  26. Appreciate the input from ya’ll! I’ll definitely try the level on the face trick. I’ll be sure to post back with some picks of the results.
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