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  2. Sluggo42

    25 More Yards or 3 Less Strokes Per Round

    3 strokes- easy call
  3. PAgolfer2017

    Island of misfits short bag

    Does it get any uglier then the Nike Sumo Square driver? Then throw in the Tommy ARmour 1 lengths and I’m set! Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  4. Golfspy_CG2

    Golf Trip Ideas

    I'll throw in Pinehurst as well. He may be a bit young to appreciate some of the history there, but the golf is the best on the east coast IMO. Also if he is inclined to read at all, have him read Son of the Game by James Dodson before the trip. It's the story of how Dodson had to drag his son kicking and dragging to NC when he accepted a job there. His son was a teenager and didn't wan to leave the NE where it was all he ever knew. A really good father son story as well.
  5. TheWahoo

    Random Thread

    That's why, in the mornings, when I'm getting ready to greet the world, I tune to "Morning Drive" on TGC. There are several shows on TV that I follow and like. But I always DVR them. The one thing I dislike as much as the news are commercials, this allows me to fast forward through them. Sometimes, I watch the shows again in case I missed something the first time. Occasionally, for domestic points, I will watch the Bravo channel with the wife. She likes those "Real Housewives of ......." shows. The one consistency seems to be that all of the so-called housewives are living the good life, so to speak, but they just don't know how to be happy. I guess it shows that a happy person will be happy, a miserable person will find a way to be miserable.
  6. Welcome to the forum. I'm sure having the company around will help answer some questions that pop up.
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  8. Peaksy68

    Peaksy Got a Brand New Bag

    Originally I was leaning strongly towards the JPX 900 Tours, but they finished up just before I was ready to buy. Didn't love the 919's, but these MMC's got me excited from the first swing. Taking them out out for a run this morning.
  9. Titleist 714 CB irons P-4. Bent 1 degree down and + 1inch DG R200 and the original standard shaft pulls DG S300. In good condition, signs of bag chatter. -$310 TYD Titleist Ap2 4 iron DG X100 standard length and loft shaft, in excellent condition little sign if bag chatter. -$75 TYD thanks for taking a look, PayPal only buyer pays fee.
  10. NiftyNiblick

    Looking to buy a new putter in the near future, please comment

    Calamity Jane replicas are still available. How can you beat the Calamity Jane?
  11. So I repeated one trial of the roll test (see earlier post) using 3 testers and 4 putter models. Tester 1 is a 14 hcp, Tester 2 is a beginner golfer with no established hcp, Tester 3 is a junior non-golfer who has taken a few lessons. (testers 2 and 3 aka SWMBO and Kiddo 2). My instructions to the additional testers were to focus on keeping their tempo/effort consistent while using the tee markers to manage length of stroke. The putter models tested: EXO Rossie, Odyssey Works Fang 2-Ball, Nike Oz, and Square2 Finesse. The two Odyssey putters have similar 2-layer face inserts. The Nike and Square2 putters have a single layer face insert (both metal). EXO Rossie Fang 2-Ball Oz Finesse Tester 1 10'6" (2) 11"0" (1) 8'10" (4) 10'3" (3) Tester 2 16'5" (1) 13'7" (3) 15'1" (2) 12'0" (4) Tester 3 18'3" (1) 14'4" (4) 14'7" (3) 15'1" (2) The results again seem consistent with Odyssey's claim that the EXO's combination White Hot and Microhinge insert produces better, more consistent roll. Only Tester 1 showed a result where the EXO did not produce the longest average roll out. In that tester's case, the putter with a similar insert edged it out by a mere 6". Keep in mind, the distance measured was the 'eyeball aggregate' of 6 putts with each putter, and Testers 2, and 3 had more aggressive tempo than Tester 1.
  12. cnosil

    How'd you play?

    And this is why looking at and evaluating play via stats is so difficult. You have to know what you are comparing against. I still want to hit greens because my short game results in too many 2 putts. For me missing the green just means I have a short putt for bogey!
  13. TheWahoo

    Lefty Thread

    Sorry, at my age and health, I find that I can no longer march. But if I could get a handicap flag and a cart............... If the issue is equal access to golf equipment, perhaps, we should invite the ladies to join us. That would make the march much more enjoyable and I would be willing to share my cart.
  14. This is where I personally have some differences of opinion; which is based on what I have learned from my putting instructor. Aim to me is where you setup, impact in my opinion is more important. If I am high and left but at impact my face is in the correct position and I correct the loft based on how my stroke works shouldn’t that be my goal? As an example, the same think was mention during the last TXG putter fitting. Ian put Matt in a putter that he aimed left because his stroke mechanics got the face back at impact. When he gave him a putter he setup at the center of the hole he missed because he pulled the ball because Of the over rotation. Unfortunately, This is how my analytical mind works, sometimes I wish I was more of a feel person that didn’t need to understand all of this.
  15. Looks like the Ping getting 2mph more ball speed just needs a little more launch to beat the Srixon. Loft it up .6???? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  16. Kenny B


    The distributor here in the PNW told the store in town that they only had one case of Wild Turkey Honey Sting, and they didn't think they would be getting any more. Didn't say why. I have to order it because no one stocks it. I hope they get more; it's great for those cold days of golf. Thanks for introducing it to me, Foz!!
  17. RickyBobby_PR


    Yeah it’s not going anywhere in any sport and the line is very grey. What might be crossing it to one person is nothing for someone else.
  18. Camcmart

    Official MYGOLFSPY Fantasy Football League 2018

    You never know, I don’t get my hopes up until all is said and done haha Cameron Martinez, RN
  19. azstu324


    Being the meat man is a blessing and a curse isn't it? Making people happy = good... People expecting delicious meat for every occasion = not good I'll see if I can dig up the bacon-wrapped turkey that I smoked a couple years back. It was a thing of beauty.. Felt like I was eating a Rembrandt.. :-P Sent from my VS985 4G using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  20. hartrick11

    What equipment are you thinking about?

    Just pulled the trigger on a set of the new King Forged 5-GW, all CB, with the black $ Taper shafts. My first non-Ebay set of irons! Probably going to round out the set with a 4i in Forged Tec Black and a King Black 2-3 utility iron, but need to hold off from additional purchases for now!
  21. Nooooo, now I need new wedges!!! That is a seriously good idea. I always struggle opening my wedges up really far without hitting the heel into the ground and twisting the face closed. This will solve that problem.
  22. Miketheripper

    Driving Iron or Hybrid?

    Great to hear that it holds its own against other driving irons, since I haven't had a chance to hit any others, I've only compared it against my F6 hybrid and F7 4 iron. Those are some really impressive numbers you're getting. Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  23. knightsofnii

    Sponsor logos?

    You need to be sponsored by an embroidery company just to get the sponsors on there!!
  24. Gilberg

    Mizuno 9501

    Need help identifying Mizuno 9501 putter. No info on internet and Mizuno USA cant find the model. Who knows where to get info. Thanks.
  25. GSwag

    College Football

    As long as they are in the conference they are in they won't be recognized. They would have to join a Power 5 conference and do what they are doing to be recognized. It's really as simple as that. Look at it another way. If they were in the SEC or ACC, how many wins against conference foes would they have?
  26. For sure! I had a practice session at GOLFTEC yesterday and at the end I just tried to see how far I could hit the 4i and I got one about as far as I was hitting that 3i when we played
  27. I should of stated obo, I'm ready to sale so send me some offers any decent offer will not be ignored Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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