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  2. I tried playing in my running shoes a couple times as a test before buying spikeless golf shoes, but I wouldn’t do it otherwise. Might get away with it when it’s dry if you don’t swing very hard. Decent golf shoes provide better traction and stability than running shoes. There are comfortable spikeless and even spiked golf shoes.
  3. PW loft at 46* is still pretty normal by today's standards. I would go 50*, 54* and then 58* or 60*. There is a problem with stronger irons, where PW is 44* or even lower. In that case I would choose 48* gap wedge (preferably the same model as PW) and then 54* and 60* (note in my signature I have made a mistake in the past when choosing the lofts of my wedges). These are bigger gaps between shorter clubs than I would usually prefer but thats what you get when buying stronger lofted irons. The only other option I see is a 5 wedge setup (44, 48, 52, 56, 60) but I have never seen a set like this in the wild and I don't think I would go this way. When it comes to woods and hybrids I think it really depends what loft of the lowest fairway wood one can play. If one has enough (but not too much) speed for a 15* fairway wood, then I would go 18* 5 wood or 18-19* hybrid and then something like 22-23* 4 hybrid/iron (depends on the loft and distance of the longest iron). Unfortunately many of us don't have enough speed to effectively play 15* fairway wood from the turf so the better option becomes something like 4 or strong 5 wood (16,5-17*) as the longest wood in the bag. From then sensible gapping is something like 20/21* hybrid etc. At least in my experience and opinion...
  4. Week 2 is in the books and it was.... something. I recently took up cycling and so in my usual Super Speed Training time I go cycling and by the time I get back, its dark, I'm tired and I get beyond lazy, somehow I managed to go these trainings at 1 AM (On Wednesday) and 2:30 AM (on Friday) and the results are as good as I could have expected them to be and since I was swinging inside the house, I didn't swing my driver, so could get that speed. Overall, I saw a slight increase (barely any) but I was closer to my highs on average, so speeds are creeping up, slowly but surely. Also got my first round of golf in this past weekend and I was driving a better than I expected, hit a bomb straight down the fairway on the first couple holes, then the fades/slices started to creep back in, but not a bad first round back overall. With week three on its way, I'm hopeful for the best. Will keep y'all posted. EDIT: THIS POST HAS OFFICIALLY MADE ME A FULL MEMBER!! THANK YOU ALL FOR THE LIKES AND THE SUPPORT!
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  6. Handicap and Location: 20 & Austin, TX Social Media Accounts Instagram // GatsbyTV Twitter // BigBlackSanta Facebook // Yes Expected rounds in an 8-week span 24 Current OEMs in your bag Driver // Cobra F9 Speedback, 7.5 degrees Driving Iron // Cobra King Utility One Length Irons // Cobra King F7 One Length Wedges // Cobra King Black One Length, 56 & 60 degree Putter // TaylorMade Spider X Head to https://www.cobragolf.com/ and build your dream bag for this challenge All Done! =D I also already play with Arccos sensors attached to every club. This is exciting, I'd love to try out the new Single Length Irons
  7. Well I was coming up short w the same 3/4 swing - but I’d gone from a 54 to a 56; and a58 to a 60 so that should be expected. I just had to get my brain straight. So now I take a full swing, full back, full follow through - and I’m back to my numbers pretty much. Like I said, they do go higher. But for me that’s a plus. Like any club it’s about spending time to figure out what you get w a full, 3/4, or 1/2. But my most improved stat this spring has been my chipping - or what Arccos calls chipping - around the green. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Been playing for about 35 years total. Was extremely competitive 25 years ago, playing 4 or 5 times a week (worked at a country club) with a 4 handicap. Needed to finish school, get a real job, etc and have played maybe 3 times a year in work events for the last 15 years. My son plays baseball in college and when his season was cut short due to coronavirus, he started messing around, caught the golf bug and now has me back into it. I’m guessing I’d be a 12-14 handicap right now...determined to get back into the 70’s. What do you love about golf? It’s evolved for me. 25 years ago I’d play Friday matches where we’d barely speak to each other, grinding over every shot...and I loved it! Today that would be miserable. It’s nice now to get out with my son or friends, be outside, away from work and drink a few Beers. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? .i don’t know any spies (that I know of). I just got fitted and bought new irons, replacing the 20 year old Pings, and was doing research before I bought woods/hybrids when I stumbled upon the site. Where are you from? What is your home course? Grew up in the North Dallas / Richardson area, playing Firewheel, Sherril Park, Chase Oaks and Tennison most frequently. Now I live in Round Rock (just north of Austin) and usually play Teravista, Star Ranch, Forest Creek but get lucky from time to time and have a friend get me on at UT Club. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Can’t complain. What do you do for a living? IT Sales How’d you pick your user name? My usual one was taken so it’s variation on my name.
  9. Thanks for the comments folks! @DaveP043 - Thanks for responding. I double checked, it looks like I forgot to multiply one of the inputs by 12 months. I've now corrected the mistake. @RickyBobby_PR - These numbers are all correct as of 2019. I got all of my numbers from each club directly via email, phone call, or in-person. I double checked my correspondence with Belle Haven and the original $82K number is correct.
  10. @TDubbGolferGuy - Thanks...I noticed that too. Ended up getting each club on Amazon. There's a part of me wondering whether they're selling out, because they're no longer making them or whether its a COVID-19 supply chain issue.
  11. yungkory


    I couldn't find bone-in short ribs anywhere, so I grabbed some boneless ones. Gonna braise them in the dutch oven tonight for this week's dinner protein. They're brining in the fridge right now, I'll post pics when I'm done!
  12. My normal sunglasses that I play in have a scratch on the left lens that, when hitting driver, is like RIGHT where the ball usually is. It's annoying to say the least. Looked up replacement Oakley lenses -- $80. Looked up buying the same model with the lenses I was going to put in them, per @Jmikecpa's recommendation of the Prizm Golf Dark, and it's $120 on Amazon. So I guess the scratched ones can be my new daily pair.
  13. Man, as someone whose miss is a block to the right, that tree is FRIGHTENING. Honestly, that's kind of a silly window to have to hit through. They should at least trim back that overhang on the left, geez. Golf is already hard, I don't need the greenskeepers to make it impossible.
  14. I’ve been using Arccos since 2017. 99% of the time it’s great (except for putting which I’ll get to) but it seems like once or twice a year something goes haywire. And when it does I completely get your frustration level. You aren’t out there on the course to be fiddling w your phone. However, almost all my blow ups have been tied to one of two things - I did something else w the phone like taking a phone call and the phone never started listening for the strike - or I was wearing rain pants and it can’t hear through those. What I’ve learned - just reboot the phone between holes. Technology isn’t perfect. My phone and computer both freeze from time to time. My phone has more trouble putting to the blue tooth of the car than it does w the sensors:.. but I get it. I’m forgiving of the foibles, but my complaint is about 1) the putting , 2)marking the flag stick. It rarely misses the first putt but usually fails to get my second putt. And maybe I should be glad that it never gets my third... but that’s self defeating. I guess I’m forgiving of the “mark pin “ function because it IS such a huge improvement over the first iteration. My suggestion for improvement would be a single tap function right on the main screen rather than having to go to the green screen. I suggest this for speed and ease. I hope their Link has a physical button to push. I don’t mind looking at my screen between holes to check the putts as I walk from green to tee. But I don’t want to be seen standing at the hole messing w my phone. Yet, how else can arccos know where the hole is? Look at it from their side. We can choose to never set the actual pin. It all depends on how accurate we want some of those chipping and stats to be. Not perfect but getting better all the time. Like I said, I’ve been using for three years and I’m still using it ... some of my clubs don’t stand up to that test of time. Curious what others think. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. I bought a grip saver/remover tool that is like a long thin tool that you use with solvent to break the tape seal. Works well, have removed some grips, no issues so far.
  16. Well unfortunately this did not go that well, was told I had to pay to ship back as I am from Canada , and really no certainty I’d get a new one back. I argued a bit and they agreed to pay for shipping but I’m somewhat stubborn and decided that the whole uncertainty aspect regarding repairs was a negative. I went shopping already for a new one. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  17. Unless you are a low single digit player - just use a tee off the tee and don’t look back. If you are one - into the wind is when you consider not using one. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  18. I've never golfed in BC, but I do have a nexus, so that would be possible to once the border reopens
  19. I use a cheap creme brulee butane torch. 10s heat in the middle of the hosel, then rotate 120° and give it another 10s, then rotate 120° again and a final 10. Don't move the flame or rotate while applying heat, you need to put the heat into the metal not evenly heat the metal's surface. After 30s it should twist right off. If you're ever in a pinch and don't care about lighting a ferrule cap on fire or dripping molten burning plastic onto other flammable substances you can do the same procedure on a gas burner oven. When I was first starting that's how I did it. When the hosel was hot I'd wrap it in a towel, step on the head, then twist the shaft out. That works great too, just be careful not to overdo it with the heat or, you know, burn your house down...
  20. Very interested in seeing how this plays out. 1 Idaho Falls, ID. 16 hc 2 stock ball alignment aid when I use one 3. snell mtb black or pro v1 if those aren’t available for this test
  21. Looking for a Sim Max 3 hybrid stiff flex. Used condition and completely stock is fine. I could also offer taylormade driver shafts in trade plus cash if interested. Let me know Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
  22. I just today swapped out my Lynx Black Cats for my Mizuno JPX 825 Pros, including the 4i, and benching the 4h. We'll see how long this lasts. I was liking the shot dispersion of the JPX better, with the same feel. JPX feel better on off center hits. Black Cats still feel incredible out of the ctr of the face with a towering trajectory. I was also able to hit the 4i on the range ok. Ok meaning better than I could hit my 4h Bio Cell. I could get the hybrid airborne easier but just sprayed all over. The iron would curve less even if going offline. On course today I was terrible with it though, 2 huge slices. So here's my bag for now: Bag: Cleveland CG Ultralight Ping G400 Max, PX Evenflow Blue 65S Cobra Bio Cell 3w, PX S stock shaft Cobra AMP 3H, Aldila RIP R 70g Mizuno JPX 825 4-GW, TT Dynalite R300 Taylormade ATV 56/16° for sand. Walter Hagen MS2 putter.
  23. After one round, I’m not seeing any distance lost: if I can say anything after 1 round, it’s that maybe this ball is less spinny than my Srixon Z star.... Then again, I had my 1st hole in one with the B X today 🏌
  24. I have the golfworks economy loft lie and it works great for my needs. I caught it on a sale. I got sick of 5 day turnarounds at my local shop to have someone else bend them. I can also be a bit picky w the requests, and I play w stuff alot. I wasn't as concerned about getting my money out of it as I was seeing value in having more control over my equipment. It's a top 5 favorite investment in golf for me. Only downside to the golfworks model is the economy bending bar can leave impressions in hosels if you really move some metal. It also needs to be bolted to an incredibly sturdy surface. Deck screws into a 2x8" is not enough.
  25. Just joined. My only active friends on Strava before this are a serious triathlete, and an ultra-marathon trail runner who seems to podium at every event he enters, so it tends to be a bit demoralizing to post my workouts! Should I expect the same here?
  26. Thank you...pretty awesome [emoji109][emoji41] Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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