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  2. Rory and I look nothing alike, and I can't do the things that Rory can. I seriously doubt that Rory could tell me anything that would be useful to me to make my swing better. Most any swing coach would be better, but the coach would have to be able to work within my capabilities.
  3. Mirza / Chicago Illinois I am right handed Club to test: -Preferred: 18* - Recoil ES 75 F3 Regular -Backup: 18* - Recoil ES 85 F4 Stiff +24 Handicap I currently play a hybrid. Adams a3OS boxer 4 iron hybrid
  4. I should have specified. This is for all shots. I can’t seem to get the club head back to square with any club without doing this. It also gives me the ability to do the hold off finish that I am used to, very shut clubface and just swing the daylights out of it.
  5. Sorry I am late to the thread, just finished a round trip roadtrip to Nashville. I am stoked to have been chosen for this test. My wedge game is my absolute weakness, and source of most frustration during a round. I try my best to remember RGC's rule 17b: Laugh at the bad shots But when it's every other hole where I miss a scoring opportunity because the wedge game, I struggle to laugh.
  6. Recently ordered a pair of Zero Friction (Storm) All Weather gloves from Costco. I'm in the Chicagoland area they are warm but interlocking fingers with these gloves isn't ideal because of how thick they are around the digits. The gloves also bunch-up when you curl your fingers in. These gloves are great value but I would be willing to pay slightly more for a pair of gloves that would let me play with my normal grip. I have been working to switch my grip to a 10 finger grip to make it work with these gloves, not happy about it but getting to still play in cold weather is a win IMO.
  7. I bought Damage Control on Ebay for $6 ??????. It was brand new, and lists for $40+. There are some on Amazon, too.
  8. Hey @spf513and @Jbmullin. Noticed y'all started dudes either out or injured. What's the deal?
  9. Manufacturer affiliation doesn't matter. TXG is unlikely to bad mouth a product sitting on their racks that they are trying to sell. If you owned a golf shop, would you say anything bad on YouTube video that gets thousands of views about the product you are trying to sell? No, plain and simple. Watch their Sub 70 iron video, it's like pulling teeth trying to get them to say Sub 70 irons are as good as anything else. They also have other videos where they stumble trying to explain around why certain results aren't meeting their expectations or what they might be selling. The video with them tes
  10. My review is up. https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/40126-2020-official-member-review-wilson-d7-forged-irons/?tab=comments#comment-671044
  11. My experience from long layoffs (I used to travel a lot) is that the body doesn't do what it always used to do, and the mind has no expectations. The result is the long game actually works pretty well... for 9 holes of so. Then I would revert back to my usual shots. However, the short game was always trash for a couple of days. Good luck and have fun!!
  12. There haven't been any comments in a couple weeks, but wanted to update and let you know I'm still hitting bombs. Played in a tournament this weekend and drove a couple par 4's for easy 2 putt birdies. One of them flew 320 over trouble and stuck on the green.
  13. ... Got greedy today and it cost me. No plans to play but 52* with partial sunshine and no wind so I said WTF and went out to play on an almost empty golf course. Hit my new DHy off the first tee and was very happy with the trajectory and distance. But by the second hole the sun went away completely and the wind picked up tooaround 7-10 mph. 3rd hole it started to drizzle and the temps dropped to 45*. I don't know what the 4th hole was like because I was headed to my car LOL. Fingers were already getting numb so I got a rain check...
  14. Completely agree. JT's lead foot and ground pressure is extraordinary. If you watch JT on a pressure plate his left foot almost completely disappears. They are both trying to accomplish the same thing, JT just needs more force to do it than Bryson.
  15. I'm not good enough to hit my clubs exact specific distances with a full swing, so moving my hands lower on the grip does nothing for me except introduce another variable in my ball striking prowess. With that said, I can take distance off a club by using a 9 to 3 swing.
  16. Yeah, it was strange. I'm excited to try the choco-mint I ordered for my personal order. I'll let y'all know if I notice any differences in consistency/color. And maybe I should with a different flavor? Not sure.
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  18. I do want to learn how to properly shoot a bow too, maybe even hunt with it.
  19. I saw these on the touch of modern app and wondered if anyone has heard of or tried these? Doesn't really look like my kind of thing but hey you never know. No I'm not trying to sell them. I'm legitimately curious as to whether or not they work.
  20. I still have my Steelhead driver and warbird fairways in my garage. They haven't seen the light of day for a good many years now. Maybe I'll pull them out and take them to the range one of these days.
  21. There are so many good replies to this thread, but thought I'd throw in a few comments as well. We have a ton of really, really great members on this forum. There are a lot of great testing opportunities each year (even this year during COVID), but in reality there are far fewer testing opportunities than deserving members. As others have said, be active! If you regularly purchase new equipment, throw up an unofficial review in that section of the forums, or contribute to an already existing thread if there is one. Not every piece of equipment or golf gadget is officially tested by t
  22. New forum member so hi to all! hoping someone can help... currently going through a WedgeWorks order and ideally the shaft I want is a modus 115 which is what I have in all my other wedges, but as this isn’t an option need to pick something else. It’s likely I’ll buy the shaft separate and get it fitted, but may as well try something new which is perhaps comparable. Anyone have any experience which could help? Have attached available shafts
  23. That may be the issue. I just checked to see if the site worked on IE for me and I couldn't get signed in. If you don't want to install a new browser, you might try Edge instead. IE is pretty outdated.
  24. If you already have some JB Weld that will work fine for the extension. Rather than buying solvent, I use a little gas for tape solvent to slide the grips on.
  25. Apart from Golf, my hobby is to read articles and news about the latest technology especially about electronics gadgets such as bluetooth earbuds, mobile phones, headphones, tablets, iphones, headsets, games, mini projectors and ipads etc. I am a tech lover.
  26. Except the kids clubs have smaller heads, so I would think the kids headcovers likely wouldn't fit adult clubheads. But maybe the kids driver headcover on the 3W, and kids fariway headcover on the hybrid?
  27. I am a Dallas Cowboys fan, we are leading the worse division on the league right now, the Cardinals are probably going to destroy us tonight, but looking at it, we can win the east at 6 and 10. Actually, did you know that with the current format of the NFL a team can go to the wild card round without winning a single game? All it is needed is to go 0-10-6, tying all of the divisional games, and having a stronger schedule against the rest of the division. Divisional tiebreakers Head-to-head (best won-lost-tied percentage in games between the clubs). Best won-lost
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