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  2. Tom Garrick, Bend OR, 70 Rounds per year FB Twitter Instagram 20.5 GHIN and 100 Swing Speed Ping G30, Seizon Z355 driver and FW Woods Adams Blue Hybrid F9 Irons single length, F9 Driver, F9 5-6 & 7-8 FW, King Wedges Cheers
  3. Right now, all of my plans are in the wind, but we weren't looking at that time frame. Pretty sure those dates won't work for me this year. Thanks for that info, though.
  4. Weather dependent...waiting for it to warm up a bit and hoping it doesn't rain.
  5. No more words needed. Private home at Oxmore Valley Golf Course Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. I can't speak to the cause of the behavior but I can confirm that it's not a setting we have control over. Since the last update a few weeks back, Invision has released 2 updates for hot fixes reported so maybe this is a result of that?
  7. ... Whatever it is called, I have 2 of them. So Double Albatross? The irony is I still don't have a hole in one. While more than a few HIO's are lucky, at least most times you are aiming at the flag. But with an Albatross you are just aiming at the green so I think there is more luck involved. That said, my cousin has never broken 100 and has 4 HIO's ... sigh.
  8. Not sure if this thread is still active/relevant but I have found Tour AD shafts to be WORTH EVERY PENNY. Are the expensive? Sure. But so is PXG and plenty of other golf equipment. That being said, these are not one size fits all. I highly recommend being fitted. When I saw my guy at PGA SS (Scott Swords in TX), I saw him multiple times over multiples sessions. I hit new heads with new shafts, new shafts with my existing head, different lofts, different weight settings, EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN. What was the result? He did not push me to buy a new driver head and shaft all-together, but simply recommend this shaft because of the MASSIVE spike in ball speed, carry and reduced dispersion. For my 2017 TaylorMade M2 I was hitting the Tour AD IZ 7x the best. When hitting the Titleist TS2 (when considered buying a new head) I was hitting the Tour AD DI 7x the best. Both were incredible feel. We found they were performing slightly different from each other based on the head. But all in all, I'm now carrying 280-290, whereas before, when I was in the wrong shaft for my swing, I was around 255 carry. Incredible quality, high price, but worth the penny if it yields the gains you are looking for. Hope this helps. -ACE
  9. Took advantage of the annual Titleist ball deal and got 4 dozen ProV1s for the season. Every year when I do this I let my kids pick what the text on the side of the ball reads. They have come up with some good ones over the last few years but this year they wanted to go with Grim Reaper. Need to have a long talk with my kids this weekend.
  10. $1,000 for P-750 PW-5 and P-790 3 & 4 Iron. Entire set was built and pured by Club Champion. Used for 1 season and in excellent condition. KBS GAPR 3 & 4 shafts included as well. Specs are in the attached build sheet.
  11. Thank you, sir! The first one is at Heritage Ranch (Fairview), the second is at Stevens Park (Dallas) and the final 3 are all from Santa Fe, NM. Beautiful courses there.
  12. Thanks, I think it's called the Raceway golf club? I did a little reading online, not much info, looked okay. I'm just really looking forward to getting out there and knocking some of the rust off.
  13. scorecard back right / glove back left / phone front left / divot, long and short tee & extra ball front right.
  14. Sorry to hear about your job situation. I have been in that position a few times. For me my focus was on getting a job. Fortunately my unemployment never lasted long, but I didn’t want to spend money since I really didn’t have disposable income so no golf or anything like that. Recessions an lay-offs probably took the biggest toll on my golfing group as people were unable to play.
  15. So awesome really looking forward to giving this style a real try Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  16. That sounds significantly less like my game...
  17. Today
  18. Should be a law!!!! "Any Spy who does a WITB without pics is subject to flogging, tar-n-feathering and good-natured ribbing until said pics are submitted"
  19. I try to remain golf agnostic and go with whatever gives me the best results after a fitting. Currently rocking clubs from Callaway, Ping, PXG, Titleist, and Evnroll. Played a Srixon ball for most of last year. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  20. Wife just got me a Garmin S20 as a birthday gift. Cant wait to try it out. Will continue to use my @PrecisionProGolf range finder for exact pins.
  21. Masters no doubt. For really no other reason than it's the 1st Major of the year, the beauty of the course, the prestige & history.
  22. Your husband is a better man than I. Enjoy the Challenge and good luck! I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on how it goes and what you think of them.
  23. The 360 sensors use both the mic and bluetooth. I don't know if the grips work differently. However you are not able to use bluetooth with any other device ie speaker while using Arccos.
  24. I've been playing golf for years now but have not really taken it seriously until after college as I was a student athlete and did not have much time to play. I always shoot for the mid-80's for score but the numbers go up and down from there pretty significantly round to round. This season I would like to play at a minimum of twice a week (that's going and playing the course, not necessarily two full rounds of 18) and practicing twice a week as well. A place that I could definitely improve my game the most is mentally. Learning from and forgetting bad shots while having positive swing thoughts and confidence over the ball is a mind set that I struggle with a lot. I joined this forum to not only gain a greater understanding of what golf can be but also to share that experience with like-minded people. I look forward to gaming with you all either in person or in spirit!
  25. I used to use the Grint and the watch is an upgrade from that IMO. If you need the handicap feature from the Grint just add total score when done. The watch is so much quicker and I trust the Garmin GPS a bit more.
  26. More coming. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  27. GolfSub70

    Sub70 golf

    Yeah it's slightly higher pitched and I guess that gets amplified when hitting in indoor/confined spaces. I'll try and post more comparison videos if I see them or get a chance to record any myself.
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