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  2. I think I would tell myself to be more consistent in practice. For years my practice routine was just to go out and whack away on the range without giving thought to ball position, tee height, alignment, etc.. I think as I've gotten more serious about how well I play, that's really hindered my progress to this point.
  3. Interesting, thanks for checking. That was a very curious discussion, and I'm bummed I can't figure out the putter tech they were talking about.
  4. Tied myself with another 84. Much better round today though, no three-putts, 2 hybrid was pretty good off the tee, and irons were probably the best they've been since I got the clubs. Unfortunately hooked my tee shot into a bush on No. 14, cost me two strokes. Also, I wasn't really smart about leaving full pitching wedge distance in, which hurt me on several holes where I just didn't have a great touch from inside 85 yards. Ready to have my 58 wedge back!
  5. Not familiar with the irons, but the Rifle shafts are a nice shaft. I played the 5.5s back when they were in production. I don't think they are a problem except I don't believe they make them anymore. If one breaks it might be hard to find a replacement 4.5. For $100 it is worth it. What do you have to lose? Someone here may be familiar with the heads.
  6. I was fitted by a semi-retired master club builder who had done work for the PGA Tour when I was about 14 years old. Fitted me into a set of club-makers special irons and woods, and I loved those clubs. Since then (29 now) everything has been replaced as they are slightly too small and light for me, and I’ve always done my own ‘fitting’ since then by playing what I like to look at and matching the weight I like to feel. I worked at a golf course in Pennsylvania in college, and the pro would let me hit clubs and pay for them at cost plus a bit which is how I ended up with a Karsten TR Pal putter and an i25 driver.
  7. Ouch. Sorry to hear about that, it's crazy how expensive some of those are. I hope you can find one that'll last you a long time.
  8. Hi just wondering what shaft do you have on your g410 plus please? Sent from my SM-A715F using Tapatalk
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  10. We've talked about his plight in other threads and that it may be past due for a complete overhaul; coach, caddie, etc. The glaring connection for me was the timing of his games downfall with the engagement and marriage. It could simply be that this has affected that 90% "between the ears" part of the game??
  11. That’ll wake you up. Glad your OK. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. When struggling with putter contact I stick a bandaid near the toe and heal, on each side of the sweetspot that only leaves a small part of the sweetspot exposed. If you miss the sweetspot and hit the ball on the cushion of the bandaid you know it immediately and the ball goes halfway to the hole. The basics of putting are keeping your core/head rock still, so as long as you do that find a way to set up where you can see the line and make a repeatable stroke. Don't limit yourself to the "conventional" wisdom on setup and ball position - find a way to see the line and let your inner athlete out to roll it on that line.
  14. Something about that tiger quote just hits in all cylinders for me
  15. Forgot to add, head cover included.
  16. I use the Walmart brand, Equate, I think it is, spray suncreen. The 50 spf sport. Usually buy them in the big can, or the 2 pack of smaller cans, pretty cheap compared to the name brand stuff. It works well and is easy to apply. I spray everywhere I can and spray extra on the back of my right hand (not my golf glove wearing hand) to put in on my ears, forehead, etc.
  17. Thanks all. The misses and kids got me a nice shirt! And a replacement French press for the one I broke last week!
  18. The biggest putting difference I've ever seen is figuring out how to best see the line, and develop a stance and stroke that allows you to naturally roll the ball on that line. I putted extremely well when younger putting almost entirely by feel. Had the ball far up in my stance, off the front foot and used an old, short 8802 toe hang putter with my arms fully extended. I got away from that for 20 years listening to the "experts" about how ball should be directly under your eyes, straight back-straight thru shoulder rocking stroke, use the line on ball, etc. Big mistake. I made lots of 3-5 footers, but made way fewer long putts and often struggled with distance control and more 3 putts than I ever had. When I got back to that old putter and actually being able to see the line and roll it pure I putted SO much better. Bottom line is find a way to let the natural inner athlete out and forget about all the technical stuff and mimicking most of the guys on TV.
  19. I’ve been enjoying the evnroll pistol way more than I thought I would! I like a more pronounced bump than it has but it’s a little wider than the Pistolero I was using before that so it fills my hand pretty well.
  20. I played the Callaway Chrome soft Truvis in yellow for 3 years and I can see them in the air and on the ground so much better than a white ball, or even a solid colored ball.
  21. If the ball is starting on line at the middle of the green like you describe and you just don't know whether it's going to draw or fade from there then find a feel the gets the ball curving consistently in one direction and adjust your aim point to the opposite edge of the green.
  22. SCIENCE!!!!!!!! Take Dead Aim
  23. Have her try getting into left side before backswing even complete and have a feeling of her chin getting a couple inches closer to the ball in transition. May have to exaggerate those feels even more if that doesn't keep her in posture and covering the ball.
  24. Finished my "official" testing yesterday, full review coming tonight!
  25. Update - I decided to keep these. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  26. Update - I decided to keep these. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
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