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  2. Still part of the team, I'll check back in in 3 holes.
  3. Great write up, really enjoyed it. Felt the exact same way about my CC fitting. Solid experience but didn't end up buying from them with some of the upcharges that were suggested.
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  5. Once was coaching against a kid who hit left handed and putted right handed. Was quite confused until I figured out what was going on.
  6. I player higher end balls simply because I don't lose that many which makes the cost low and when I practice at MGS I typically use their ProV1s. From a performance perspective I hit full swing shots pretty high with a moderate amount of spin which means they don't spin back and release a little bit. Short game spin is also pretty low so I can't play the hop and stop type shot so everything releases. since I swing in the 105+ range I do get better performance from the higher compression balls.
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  8. You can look at this past years most wanted testing for your swing speed: https://mygolfspy.com/2022-most-wanted-driver/
  9. This is what I was eluding too in the "LIV Moving Forward" thread. Rickie is among a pretty healthy handful of mid career, well known players who have somewhat flatlined in performance and find the Shark Tour's BIG $$$ offerings very enticing.
  10. I occasionally get to play some of the fancier courses here in Utah through my job. Next week I get to play the Painted Valley course at Promontory (link). I'm pretty excited. It's at a pretty high elevation (~ 7,000') so the ball should carry a ways... but it's over 8,000 yards from the tips (haha). I obviously won't be playing from there, but it's apparently quite the challenge. Tony Finau holds the course record of 67. Should be fun!
  11. Nice Birdie!! Along with a nice day on the course!!
  12. Oh boy, that sucks. Hope it’s nothing major. Good luck tomorrow.
  13. Well, I jumped on the Mizuno band wagon! I went to be fitted for clubs back in February and I hit all 3 of the new line. The 221s felt great but I am not a scratch golfer so they were quite unforgiving for my swing. The 223s gave me a little more carry and were much more forgiving. The 225s gave me about the same carry as the 223s, but were just a tad more forgiving on a few mishits. I ordered a set (5-PW) of 225 with the Project X LZ shafts. They just came in a couple of days ago and I just finished hitting the range with them. I obviously haven't hit them much but so far I am extremely happy. I will be hitting the course in the next few days and I'll keep everyone updated!
  14. That's some sound advice, right there. I try to not mess with anything outside when there's lightning around. Back around fifteen years ago, a friend and I were bass fishing on Fort Loudon lake up near Knoxville and we saw some storm clouds rolling in. We took off toward the dock hoping to beat the storm and get off the water asap. Right about the time we get in sight of the dock the rain comes down in buckets along with lightning. My buddy coasts along the dock at a pretty steady clip and I jump off and take off running for the truck. I get there, we get the boat out of the water, and Allen starts to get in the truck at the same time lightning strikes and he tells me once he's in that when he touched the truck and felt the hair stand up on his body.
  15. Glad to hear that. I didn't get an email - so maybe I need to re-register? I'm a pretty active SS user and syncing my watch all the time after rounds. Hate to miss anymore announcements like this.
  16. Hmmm will have to check my schedule with SWMBO.
  17. There's no one size fits all here answer. Grips are very personal. Alot of it is based on your hand size. Some if it is based on the action on the ball where someone who battles the left miss might like a larger grip. Theres many, many, valid reasons why one player might prefer a smaller or larger grip. That being said, in my opinion, the explosion in midsize offerings is because a decent percentage of people grip the club incorrectly and a larger grip feels more comfortable and natural. For someone that runs the grip more through the palm of the hands and less through the fingers a standard grips feels too small. A larger grip is easier to hold with less pressure and feels better. I'd rather see the root of the problem addressed and the grip fixed, but if you are going to hold the club that way you probably do play better with midsize or +4 grips.
  18. Had not heard that either and definitely puts a twist on the subject. I did just see that Fowler is (was) considering playing in the series. He is one of many former top end players who have lost their games and are at that point in their careers where the VERY BIG breadcrumbs must look awfully enticing.
  19. Back in the day some non pro line clubs were forged. Some were Pro Line seconds and some were forged out of cheaper steel.
  20. Got the s62 and used it the past couple years. Love it. But since I updated through garmin express I cannot view the holes properly on my phone (galaxy fold 3). The top and bottom are missing. You cannot pinch to make smaller or bigger. Anyone know how to fix this issue? Maybe I'm dumber than usual lol. It works just fine on PC.
  21. Excellent condition 10.5 Driver head and 15* 3W head. HEADS ONLY. NO SHAFTS, NO WRENCH, NO HEAD COVERS. Will ship to conUS for $245 (for both)
  22. Did you receive your irons yet? I placed a custom order from Golf Galaxy on 5/9 and they quoted me 5-6 weeks. It's only been 2 weeks and I haven't reached back out to GG to see if there is an updated time frame.
  23. Just checking in, all good for the august get together?

    do you think brining the camera and or drone would be out of the question? would love to fly the course and get a video.

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