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  2. Sounds like love at 1st flight. Good luck, great start. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. I had a few “questionable” moments on the course, and this ^^ is exactly the reason why. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, I’m very competitive and work pretty hard at it. Part of the time, it’s because I’m frustrated that it doesn’t seem like my practice is paying off at all, and the other half is wanting to always do better. That said, one of my main goals this year, has been to channel the frustration into more competitive drive, and use it to help me play better, instead of getting angry and playing worse. It’s been a really interesting learning experience, on how to manage my emotions and turn negatives into positives. It’s made my rounds more enjoyable, made my scores lower, and makes people around me say, “he was a pleasure to play with”, not “wow, what an *******, never want to see him again!”
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  5. Everything is too difficult these days. This is why I don't bother keeping an "official" handicap. I use a free HC system. I enter my scores and it calculates my HC. I don't give two shits how accurate or inaccurate it is. It gives me an approximate HC. I'm sitting at a 9+ right now. Pretty much where I figured. I don't compete and I don't plan to. I just play golf and have a good time.
  6. I finally started the offseason program tonight (well a dry run, so to speak, planning on starting a new routine next Monday), and it is no joke! I haven't been in the gym since spring because I focused on range time instead, and I'm definitely going to feel it in the morning. I really hope the program helps with my hip and lower back mobility. I can tell I sit at a desk all day. The exercises that isolated those areas really show just how inflexible I am.
  7. Sold Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. I couldn't sniff 66 on my best day ever! How much you want for that thing?
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  10. I have a hard time keeping up with these threads on new members... from all locations across the globe. So for those that I've missed, HELLO & WELCOME TO MY GOLF SPY!!
  11. I remember playing that gnarly bermuda pop shot all too well when I lived in Charleston. It's a totally different shot required than any other greenside shot, indeed. I tend to play wedges more by feel, as well. I play a lot of 1/2 and 3/4 wedge shots, but it's more feel than relying on "known" distances.
  12. Really need to shake things up with my team. Looking to move a qb and looking for a rb or wr. Feel free to send offers! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. Very interested in review - In UK shotscope has reduced price down to around $160. I currently use a Garmin X40 which does generally a good job in club tracking - activated by motion (X40 also does fitness stuff as well). It can track clubs used but you can manually enter on band after making shot or can update afterwards on PC (or phone - but PC better). I was after something that did it completely without my need to do anything. Also the stats from Garmin are not the best and cant track putts. (I think you can buy sensors to fit on clubs like arccos/shotscope - but more expensive than either and still have issue with quality of stats). If anyone has feedback? I have used it for 2+ years (playing 1-2 times per week) so has been very helpful but the interpretation has been more manual. It works as just a standard GPS distance tool. (There are watch versions available but I just wanted a fitness band size. Alan
  14. I have put it for sale here, but not exclusively here. It’s for sale on a lefty site, and I am getting seriously low balled. I don’t have to sell it, it just isn’t being used. I figure I’d sell it to someone and save them the box store trade in markup, but it looks like I will just keep it at this point.
  15. I do belong to a club but stupidly joined a club I can’t really get to after work because of traffic. So lost a lot of rounds this year. But now joining somewhere on my way home from work. So things will hopefully change.
  16. Shot ok with a 78, as my new swing continues to evolve. Really starting to like it, although I still chunk a few up here and there...
  17. Excited for seeing your results, guys. Very nice looking putter, especially in all black.
  18. 08 Silver Scot MBs aint nothing to sneeze at either------ great irons. I will let you into something for fun. Us dedicated Macgregor guys refer to the later Armours from the PGA days up as "Wanna Be Macgregors"
  19. Only one way to find out... I thinks it been said “Just do it”[emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  20. Very true but the Titleist Trufeel isnt that ball. Ive heard that Bridgestone has something in the works that will supposedly obsolete urethane but its all rumor and speculation until it actually comes out.
  21. ... Played with someone today that was visiting Hilton Head from Pittsburg and it was his first round in SC. He kept hitting his chip shots a hair fat and the velcro like bermuda grass was grabbing the club and advancing his ball a few inches only. I was having a hard time judging the swirling winds on an unfamiliar course so unfortunately I had lots of chipping opportunities. I was getting my chips close but actually chipped in a 2nd time midway thru the back 9 and Steve asked me how in the heck are you chipping so well when you play bent grass at home just like me!?!? I told him the technique is the same, you just have to add a little more speed and put contact is a must. But I also gave him a refresher on chipping basics before the tip that changed his chipping. ... Start with the ball just inside your back foot so your club head is descending into the ball. Make sure you have your with on your front foot and your hips are leaning forward with a slightly open stance. I prefer to see at least 70% of the weight on the front foot but you can use how ever much is comfortable between 60% and 90%. Like most things in golf both hands equally is best, but you can use the leading hand more than the trailing hand if that helps you. It is a pulling of the club head forward, not a pushing motion so pulling mostly with the lead hand is perfectly OK and if you have been pushing with your rear hand, I would highly recommend using more lead hand until you get comfortable pulling the club head with both hands. If you have a lot of feel, I like to see some hinging of the wrists on the backswing and slight unhinging into the ball but no release, just a hit and hold. That said, keeping your wrists still with little or no hinging works well for those not blessed with good feel. So that covers the basics. ... If you have the basics down but still struggle with consistent contact, here is a drill for you. Look at the front of the ball only, and attempt to hit the front of the ball with your club head, not the rear or center of the ball. This should do two things. 1) Stop you from scooping from the rear attempting to get the club head under neath the ball and 2) create a slightly descending blow into the ball which is the key to solid contact. Many of you that struggle with chipping will be surprised how much better your contact is when focusing on and hitting only the front of the ball. Give it a try and I hope this helps!
  22. I'm definitely going to be investing in some sort of data management program here shortly. The comments regarding tracking strokes gained/lost definitely ring true and figuring out exactly where I'm losing those strokes will be imperative. Currently I'm seeing my overall game like this (very generalized): Realistically, my average score over 15 rounds is 80. This can be a mix of playing from the tips or one up.. as previously mentioned, my playing dynamics will vary depending on who I'm playing with. I realize that all of the individual course difficulty/hdcp. stats can play into this but I'm just trying to paint a broad picture. On average, par for the various courses included is 72 (again very generalized). What this means is that I'm playing to roughly a 90% efficiency which includes both Execution and management. I realize that 90% sounds quite high but if we all consider 72 a perfect score, which in the overall picture of the game of golf and various skill levels the world over, it is. Not necessarily 72 but "Par". Quantifying the perfect score in a percentage of 100%, an average score of 80 (72/80) is 90% efficiency right? I realize it should be much more complex than that but I'm starting with this as to not overly complicate things. So ultimately I'm seeking to close that 10% window and you all are giving me some excellent ways to get there. Additionally I see this like weight loss, fitness, or any other goals that require effort to achieve. It's the last bit that will always be the most difficult and require a substantial amount of focus and discipline. Almost more-so than the previous 90%.
  23. The only photo of me on the day and its after my only bad tee shot. I was very lucky to have a shot after it ended up much better than I expected. I'm blaming a long wait on the tee, not a lack of ability
  24. Interesting. It was a custom order from Cleveland, ordered a degree flat. I don't have any nearby place to check it. I put a new grip on at lunchtime today: a Flat Cat slim. Early results with the putting gate: the majority are still hitting the left side of the gate.
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