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  2. I grew up in Corvallis. Not a lot of hard rain; just drizzles and drizzles and drizzles.
  3. Sorry to hear about your job situation. I have been in that position a few times. For me my focus was on getting a job. Fortunately my unemployment never lasted long, but I didn’t want to spend money since I really didn’t have disposable income so no golf or anything like that. Recessions an lay-offs probably took the biggest toll on my golfing group as people were unable to play.
  4. So awesome really looking forward to giving this style a real try Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. Today I’m stuck inside so I’m watching some you tube golf coaching me on separation in my golf swing and also working on driving my right elbow down across my hip in the downswing. These drills have helped me with better contact at the range. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. That sounds significantly less like my game...
  7. Should be a law!!!! "Any Spy who does a WITB without pics is subject to flogging, tar-n-feathering and good-natured ribbing until said pics are submitted"
  8. I try to remain golf agnostic and go with whatever gives me the best results after a fitting. Currently rocking clubs from Callaway, Ping, PXG, Titleist, and Evnroll. Played a Srixon ball for most of last year. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. Michael Courson, Alexandria, LA, and 60-70 rounds a year Twitter: @MichaelCourson, IG: @mcourson983 7.5 Handicap and 90mph Swing Speed Cobra F6+ driver, F6 3-4 wood, F7 irons standard length, Cobra Trusty Rusty 51 & 60 wedges. King F9 One Length
  10. Hmmm.....not familiar with it. Sunday is supposed to be beautiful so enjoy yourself.
  11. Wife just got me a Garmin S20 as a birthday gift. Cant wait to try it out. Will continue to use my @PrecisionProGolf range finder for exact pins.
  12. Masters no doubt. For really no other reason than it's the 1st Major of the year, the beauty of the course, the prestige & history.
  13. We had a new guy join our club maybe 15 years ago... new to golf period!! A little on the crusty side, but generally a nice guy. The first time I played with him, I made a birdie. When it went into the cup, he yelled "Double Eagle"!! Everything that went in less than par was a "Double Eagle"!! It was funny for awhile, but I don't want to hear it anymore. Pretty sure I will never hear it on the course. Albatross.
  14. Howdy South Central Spys; I love golf, I love playing it, watching it, talking about it, reading about it, well you get the idea...lol I live in Houston Texas where we can usually play golf year round! I've played golf since junior high. Never been very good but very passionate about the game, if I didn't have a family and a job maybe I could be better. But do play a couple times a week locally and belong to Bay Forest Golf Club. I'm currently a 17 handicap. We've had an incredibly wet winter season and has been hard to get much practice in this year but spring is now upon us and I'm ready to get some work in to lower my handicap. I'm a Veterinarian and I live with my wife (she's a golfer and has a hole in one...I don't) and my 11 year old daughter ( she's starting to take golf a little more seriously). I found Mygolfspy when looking for Driver comparison ratings and I've been hooked on the content every since. Don't know any other spys but I think that will change I'm originally from Tulsa Oklahoma but I've lived in Houston now for 12 years. I play Bay Forest, Timber Creek, Wild Cat, Eagle Pointe and Southwyck golf courses the most. All are very respectable public courses. Last Summer we took a family vacation to the Monterey Peninsula in California, stayed at Spanish Bay Inn and spa. One of the highlights of my life ! Played Spyglass and Pebble Beach ! I was was in heaven ! But they made me leave...it's expensive but well worth every penny See ya around guys and gals Daviddvm
  15. Your husband is a better man than I. Enjoy the Challenge and good luck! I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on how it goes and what you think of them.
  16. The 360 sensors use both the mic and bluetooth. I don't know if the grips work differently. However you are not able to use bluetooth with any other device ie speaker while using Arccos.
  17. I do things differently than the way you do. I hit recent content, read the posts I want, then click Mark Site Read and it works the same as it always has. Chrome and Win10
  18. I've been playing golf for years now but have not really taken it seriously until after college as I was a student athlete and did not have much time to play. I always shoot for the mid-80's for score but the numbers go up and down from there pretty significantly round to round. This season I would like to play at a minimum of twice a week (that's going and playing the course, not necessarily two full rounds of 18) and practicing twice a week as well. A place that I could definitely improve my game the most is mentally. Learning from and forgetting bad shots while having positive swing thoughts and confidence over the ball is a mind set that I struggle with a lot. I joined this forum to not only gain a greater understanding of what golf can be but also to share that experience with like-minded people. I look forward to gaming with you all either in person or in spirit!
  19. I used to use the Grint and the watch is an upgrade from that IMO. If you need the handicap feature from the Grint just add total score when done. The watch is so much quicker and I trust the Garmin GPS a bit more.
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  21. More coming. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  22. GolfSub70

    Sub70 golf

    Yeah it's slightly higher pitched and I guess that gets amplified when hitting in indoor/confined spaces. I'll try and post more comparison videos if I see them or get a chance to record any myself.
  23. Any other member reviews of the XF?
  24. Compared to my TM Rocketbladz HL the lofts on the Pings vary from 0.5 on the longer irons to 1.5 degrees on the shorter irons. The fitter had me hit some Srixons (Z 585 I think) and I liked those as well.
  25. Hi guys, I’ve been playing golf since I was around 15, so for about 14 years. My handicap has been rising up to a 14 now since I’ve been working more and more. I love playing golf, reading about golf, and watching golf. The game is captivating for me because it’s ultimately you vs. you. Along with the camaraderie while playing with friends and having a beer after the round, I enjoy just being outside and trying to golf my ball. I stumbled upon MGS while researching clubs and technology that could help me. I’ve never been fit but plan to get fit soon. I’m from south Alabama but just moved to Akron. Haven’t found a home course yet. So far, adjusting to the off season of playing golf in the Midwest, it seems to be pretty good as far as courses go and some of the people I’ve met around the Columbus area.  I am currently working for AEP on the smart meter project for Ohio.  My username is fairly even keel. Much like myself. Just my name.
  26. lol, since I'm not very good, I make a point to play fast so anyone I get partnered with at the very least can't complain that I was slow...lol
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