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  2. I had an issue about 2 years ago when really trying to stripe the ball in practice but not had any issues since. With Uk restrictions for about 9 out of the last 12 months I've hardly swung at all, so guessing my golfing muscles have atrophied and need building up a little to with stand the forces of a full swing.
  3. Haven't, but can't say it would be any different then a normal Club in the procesd. It was something i put in my review that i would like to see in the future. A sort of custom fitting option with different grips, sizes and so on.
  4. What led you to pick the JB's over the 286's? Was it the bounce, heel/toe relief, or something else? I'm thinking about new wedges, and I'm loving the looks of the Sub 70 wedges.
  5. 10. I play at 2-3x/week while we're wintering in AZ. I average about 3 rounds/month when back home in Montana. Here's hoping you get out soon.
  6. absolutely. there’s never one right way. i won’t paraphrase him from memory because i don’t want to mess it up. when i’m in front of my computer tomorrow i’ll find the video and link it here it was a simple cue for sure, i just found it interesting that he said “i can’t play without a swing thought in my head”
  7. I just ordered my Edison wedges today. I took the WedgeFit analysis, found I made an error and ended up working with Bill to get the best fit through a series of emails. They were very responsive. As an example, I emailed a question to Bill on Super Bowl Sunday thinking I'd get a response on Monday. An hour later I had my response. I was so impressed, I found Terry Koehler's email and wrote him 8:00 last night how impressed I was with their interactions. True to form within an hour I got a response thanking me for the feedback. By the end of the week the wedges should be built and
  8. Big old goose egg. Not the norm for me but the rainfall all month kept me off the course. Rained so much the course closed a lot. Never had that happen at my course before.
  9. My current golf goal is to just hit a club. Hurt my wrist at work Dec 22 2020 and spent two months locked in a wrist brace sitting at home. Just went back to work on light duty 8 days ago. Short term. Being able to play. After that I will be working on a grip change and work on being less steep.
  10. Good bunker play is very important at the Bayou... I know!!
  11. Nice. I love Byron Morgan putters. Salty grip looks good too. TheRollAbides :) Sent from my SM-N960U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  12. It's a tough job. When I started playing golf in the 1990's, one of the guys at my club took a rep job (don't remember which company). Young kid; low single-digit golfer. He burnt out quickly and eventually went to work for his brother who was the head pro at a course in Oregon.
  13. Just goes to show that like every other aspect of the game, there's no one right way to do things. How many thoughts does he have when he's getting over the ball? I'd be surprised if it's more than one.
  14. The ten is sold huh? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. Good for you, all around!! That's really really impressive to not only drop that weight, but keep/gain muscle in the midst of losing weight overall. Excited to see how your season goes, and here's to a hopefully toasty and dry-ish spring!
  16. I'm just the opposite. I set up more square than your bottom pic, and I could use more height. I have tried setting up like your top pic, and I have mixed results. It's OK if I rotate hard in the downswing; sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. When I don't... it's bad!
  17. Extremely important!! I tend to get a little lax in my rotation, and bad things happen!
  18. I follow Golf Sidekick's tutorial videos and get very "slappy" with the sand.
  19. Wawa is the only place I get coffee I don’t make
  20. Done. I do not think that the number of questions was at all excessive, at least assuming that they are all relevant to the goal(s) of the study. I look forward to seeing the results and conclusions of the study.
  21. Anyone on here change the grips on your speed sticks? I’m thinking of trying a CB jumbo max grip to reduce hand pressure and tension while doing to protocols Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  22. Also get a few lessons to make sure your set up is on too. I just had one and I was setting up open at address and essentially turning a 9i into and gap wedge Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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