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  2. Mine is being delivered today. Unfortunately I haven't been able to swing in 2 weeks due to back problems...
  3. YIKES! $350, what makes the so much better than the OW Lightspeed? Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  4. Poppy is great. Blackhorse/Bayonet are great also, probably the hardest courses in the entire state. Del Monte is short but fun. Quail Lodge and Carmel Valley are both ok but the others are better. Those two get a little goofy on a few holes.
  5. As a 9.1 you are not playing mediocre golf, that is good golf. That is one of the hardest things to understand. There are a lot of people that play golf and many would kill to be at your level. All that being said I understand where you are at. I set a goal a few years ago to improve from a 2 to scratch. It took a lot of work and while I did get there maintaining it is difficult. I am not that good. I have to work to stay there. BUT one thing I noticed when I was playing my best was that the round itself was extremely boring. I mean I would go out there feel like I was going through the motion
  6. Eagle Ridge used to be a good spot (but they had been doing some upkeep on the course a ways back, not sure if they are done). There is also San Juan Oaks. Bayonet Blackhorse are 2 of my favs in the area (actually playing Bayonet on 4/24). Less in the Monterey side, but could be on the way to Sac would be The Course at Wente Vinyards. or a quick detour over to Half Moon bay I would suggest Half Moon Bay Golf links (I preferer the Old Course - shorter but more character. Quick note, they do not have a driving range, but there is a little one about 5 mins away kinda tucked into the neighborhoods
  7. Welcome to the club! In all seriousness, what I've bolded is something I've been struggling with as well. Despite putting in a lot of practice, I just haven't found the "ah ha" moment where everything just clicks. I understand bad shots are part of the game (sometimes self-induced, sometimes poor luck), but lately every time I feel like I'm making progress in one area I fall back in to bad habits in another. It feels like a constant cat-and-mouse game patching up my full swing, so much so that I don't always get to practice other areas of my game that need help. Doesn't matter if I can ch
  8. Putter: Might be time for a new flatstick. Thought about an armlock, but that though passed by quickly. Decide DLD to look for something a little more unique than a normal off the shelf putter. Was putting with one of the putters at MGS headquarters and it has made me want a 3/4 or mini putter. Have always like a shorter length putter but have never owned a mini.
  9. I played there also very nice track. These are some of my favorites when I lived out there, not sure if they still open.. http://www.chardonnaygolfclub.com/ https://www.indianvalleygolfclub.com/ https://tpc.com/hardingpark/fleming-course/ https://tpc.com/hardingpark/ https://www.thefountaingroveclub.com/ https://www.silveradoresort.com/ https://roosterrun.com/ http://www.roddyranch.com/ golfsangeronimo.com/ https://www.bodegaharbourgolf.com/ https://www.peacockgapgolfclub.com/ https://www.presidiogolf.com/ https://franklincanyongolf.com/
  10. Same here. I have to admit I’d be a little self-conscious about strapping that thing on and then chunking a bunch of range balls...
  11. I am reaching the same kind of frustration point as you are. Been working hard on my short game which has significantly improved but my scoring really hasn’t. Same basic scoring range as you; occasional 70s but most everything in the 80-85 range. Just at a loss as I can play some really solid golf during a round and can them play some really awful golf. My coach has been busy but I am going to try and get some ideas from him. I know I can be playing 70s golf Sorry no solutions but understand the feelings.
  12. I bought a new SM 4.5 bag, and I have a question. Do you guys spray anything on it to protect the fabric, or to prevent it from fading? I want to use some kind of protectant on it, but I am not sure what would be best for dirt or fading. Any recommendations?
  13. Looking to move Woodland and/or Watson...both showing some improvement the last few weeks!
  14. Its a pretty good course when the conditions are right. The fairways and rough were a bit spotty and the greens had not fully recovered from being punched a couple of weeks ago so they were much slower and more bumpy than normal. But it was still nice to be outside. If I had to choose (and price was less of a concern) I would rather hop down the road and play "The Course at Wente Vineyards". The greens are typically in better shape and it is a bit more challenging of a layout (to me).
  15. I'm no lawyer but I think your best course of action would have been to plead the 5th.....but it's too late for that now!
  16. Your location says you are in Va Beach. If you want to drive to the peninsula the addicted to golf store has a cute RXi listed on their used club list. Don’t know it it has all the weights but the cure website says it can get up to 410gr. To bad they sold the va beach store or they could transfer it over.
  17. I used to have a Tour AD DI driver and 3W shaft...wish I would never gotten rid of them Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  18. Congrats Undershooter! My team sucked bad lol Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  19. Comments Read like, but that happens in lots of comment sections. I think it would be very difficult to prove they were shills. This is how the “we tried it” portion of the site works. They try a product for a short period of Time and write an article. I tried on the shirt and have to say it did what it said it would do. I don’t think there was any intent to misrepresent with the article based on my conversations with Harry. He really seemed genuinely impressed which is why he wanted me to try it on. They get lots of products sent to them to review. Not everything is reviewed and
  20. How much for just the link? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  21. Love that course, next time in Cali I will have to make a stop there.
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  23. Spotted another one of FB today, I already reported it Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  24. Went out and played Poppy Ridge Golf Course in Livermore, CA this weekend. I was excited to use my new Driver for a 2nd time on the course. So of course I hooked my first drive out of bounds on the first hole. Great start...From there on it worked great though. Unfortunately, I am a bit out of practice with my putter so I 3 putted a few holes that I had pretty good looks at birdie (all within 20 ft) and missed several other birdie attempts that would have really helped my round. Managed to stay focused enough to shoot a 77. Playing again in 2 weeks and hope to improve on that putting performan
  25. I currently use Scotty cameron and taylormade putter would like to try no 2 wide or 3 putter
  26. •Jayden Syrenne •Edmonton, Alberta •Taylormade Spider Tour •Tommy Armour Impact No. 1
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