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  2. Of the four @ -7, I think Zander S. Fires lowest round score. Main dicriminator being I think his putter is best under final round Sunday pressure. I may be wrong though, after all it is the Masters..... Sent from my SM-N960U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. So of those at -7. Who shoots the lowest round tomorrow? What do they shoot and is it enough to overtake Hideki.
  4. First round booked next Saturday afternoon morning was booked already this morning which is wild. One of my favorite courses around
  5. Was doing some adjustments to the counterweighting that i put in my Odyssey Two Ball Ten S. I don't have the stock Stroke Lab butt weight in it, I have Tour Lock weights in it, including one of the weights that you can place down further inside the shaft. Think i have the weighting right to smooth out my stroke. When the weight is not right, i start hitting at the ball too much with my stroke.
  6. That’s awesome. I thought the feel was a lot more solid than the 5.5 and teamed with the low bend, it was the correct amount of toe hang for me. I hope it works well for you!!
  7. I think Callaway applies the 50% trade in bonus to the trade, not PGASS, but you’ll end up getting it. Check your credit card balance or just call the store in Nassau County if things aren’t right, (I think it’s in Carle Place?) they‘ll answer your questions better and faster than the CS number provided on the website. I wouldn’t worry though, they are very reputable, I’ll bet you get a call back from them on Monday. Just relax and look forward to hammering that 5w!
  8. It's an interesting course. There was a big wait on the front nine at the par 3 over the canyon and the next hole, a par 4 with the 2nd shot over the canyon. We played with a local wintering there from N. Utah. Had a great time on the front nine even with the wait!! He was only going to play nine holes, but enjoyed the round so he continued on with us. On #10 the marshal started hounding us to move faster because the the men's club was right behind us. I told him to take a hike. He rode our ass, then went ahead and watched us hit into the greens. I purposely played as slow as I could,
  9. Did a putter fitting for one of these myself today. I was surprised how much I liked it in the end.
  10. I did play Wolf Creek. Loved the course. Also played Falcon Ridge, Conastoga, Oasis, and Palms there. I've yet to play Coyote Springs, though.
  11. Unfortunately the next two weeks are shot for me, I could possibly get out for 9 Thursday, but I’m getting snipped Friday and will probably on the shelf for at least a week [emoji418]️[emoji418]️[emoji418]️[emoji51] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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  13. I liked Sky Mountain in Hurricane too. If you get a chance, go to Mesquite and play Wolf Creek!!
  14. First one off this morning and played in a tidy 2.5 hours walking. Went 39/40 for a 79 on my usual course. Started off really well with only a dumb club selection on the second hole resulting in my lone bogey in the first right holes. Then doubled the ninth and had to hold on to close under 80. Driver started off nice on the first nine but got erratic on the second. Also this course has about 5 tee shots where driver is not an option and really have to use a hybrid and I hit one of them good. The rest not so much, though funny the two par threes on the front were long with pins in the b
  15. TEC71

    Miura QPQ

    How is the QPQ holding up with play?
  16. Hideki. Dude. Nothing but respect. He shoots 71 tomorrow he wins. Regardless, tomorrow is going to be an awesome finale.
  17. Phantom X 11.5 arrived today. UPS pulled up just as we were headed over to my parents for dinner. I said wow dude, good timing, mind telling my wife that this box is actually from Tiffany’s? Wife doesn’t care. She laughed and said I’ve never seen a Tiffany’s box for golf clubs
  18. Bummed to see JT and Finau both fall back a bit, but tomorrow should be a great final day!
  19. My wife insisted we cook out at my parents today. I made my world famous “Good luck” burgers served with moms potato salad. Weekend backyard dinners with my wife, daughter and parents is the good vibes stuff I need in my life.
  20. James Horn Irvine, Kentucky Currently using the impact no.3 34 inch I played the 38 inch for a few months and saw the 34 inch on sale and had to try it. thanks to you guys it helped me make my choice after looking into other brands similar models I went with the Tommy Armour and haven’t looked back. I would love to test the new no.3! Thanks for you’re help!
  21. The big question is does the course play like it did before the storm delay or after? Will someone have to go out and win it or will it be about not losing it? Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  22. Returned home to Montana and, upon winding up my parents antique wall clock... bang...thunk...twang . It ran, on time, for about 30 minutes then stopped. I'm pretty sure it is a main spring. I was with them in 1973 when they purchased it from a store in Carmel, CA (still have the receipt). I've located a clock repair store in Bozeman and hoping they can do the repairs. I'm already missing the sound of its tick-tock swing pendulum in the quiet of the night .
  23. Paul Texas san antonio Seemore sb20 Impact no.3
  24. IMG_2715.HEIC Uncorking this for the evening Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  25. You are correct - but don't minimize the rub against your palm
  26. Rose has played well. Interesting things, he is -7. he shot -7 on Thursday and some said it was possibly the best round of golf he has ever played, given the conditions that day. He shot 72 yesterday and some said it was the best he has played to save a round that could have gone sideways after being 3 over on the round after 7 holes today he shot 72 in what some said was the best par saving scrambling rounds they have seen with terrific saves on 11, 14, 15, 17 and 18. As Justin Leonard said, and he’s still at -7. So hes going to have to be more aggress
  27. I thought you were supposed to grip the club in your fingers!!
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