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What are Forum Themes?

In 2022 MGS Forum Mod Team worked to give the options to our membership to experience the forum in a unique way by way of themes. We have several unique themes for users to try which will be a change from the more bland standard white and black theme. At the bottom of any page simply select "Theme" a drop down will appear and select the theme which you want to try. 

Here is a preview for you

**New MGS Standard Theme** - Matches what the blog website looks and feels like. Very similar to the Alt Light with a bit more refinement. 

Screenshot 2022-09-24 10.56.00.png


MGS Blog Dark Theme - For dark theme users that prefer the MGS colors and all the same features and feel of the standard theme.


MGS Original Theme - This was the original default theme for anyone coming to the site. 

Screenshot 2022-07-03 18.57.51.png


MGS Dark Theme - It has been around as long as I have and is a great standard Dark Theme for those who don't like bright white screens.

Screenshot 2022-07-03 18.57.29.png



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