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Ask Me Anything

Welcome to the MyGolfSpy Ask Me Anything section of the forum. We’ve been putting this together for a few months, and we are excited to bring industry experts, equipment manufacturer representatives, and influential people in the golf industry to answer your most pressing questions.

We encourage you to ask questions about their field of expertise, their backstories, and their personal opinions/thoughts on the game of golf and equipment.We’ll keep the question portion open for three or four days for members to ask and upvote their favorite questions.

Or guests will take up to ten minutes to answer the top voted for questions after the question window is closed. We’ll post the video response in the thread. 

Please mind that they are donating their time to the forum and the moral code still applies to the questions asked of our valued guests. If you have recommendations for future guests or even have a few great connections of people that would be willing to be a guest, please reach out to @GolfSpy_TCG

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