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    How do you improve on a line of drivers that had a member of the family win the coveted Most Wanted Driver in 2018? That's certainly a tough task for any group of engineers. But the really smart guys in the lab coats in the rooms where nobody is allowed to go in Phoenix are betting they have done just that. And they have gone into uncharted waters to do so. PING has been if not the last , then most certainly the last major equipment company to produce a driver with movable weights. For years PING has stated that it had enough technology built into each version of it's drivers that you need not worry about unscrewing plugs, or sliding bars, or inserting cogs etc. They had done all the work for you and the driver would work just fine, and they did thank you very much. Well take a close look at the rear of the new G410 Plus pictured below. You'll see three possible ports for a movable weight, center for neutral, on the heel for draw bias and out on the toe for fade bias. People have finally gotten what they have clamored for. And for those who prefer a driver with a bit of a draw bias and don't need to change if from that, well PING hasn't forgotten you, as it made the G410 SFT--Straight Flight Technology--and it otherwise has all the same technology. Will this movable technology along with all the hosel adjustment that can moved into eight different configurations make one of the best drivers on the market year in and year out even better? Well we're going to leave it to four dedicated and trustworthy and oh alright, it's OK to say-- LUCKY as well-- members of the My Golf Spy forum to test, play, review--and keep-- these drivers. The members of the forum will anxiously be awaiting the results. The testers will be getting these drivers pretty much the same time they will be hitting retail shelf's, so you will be among the very first consumers on the course with these incredible looking drivers. HOW TO APPLY: in this thread - and ONLY in this thread - tell us the following: 1. Your first name and home state or province. -US and CN eligible. 2. Your current handicap and driver swing speed 3. Your current driver 4. List whether you would like to review the G410 Plus or G410 SFT Pretty straightforward! Good luck, and we'll be announcing the testers in this forum early next week! WE HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE! Congrats to the following testers: @jlukes @fixyurdivot @tony@CIC @PING Apologist #9 Please see the post below for more details: Edited April 2, 2018 by GolfSpy Rob (see edit history)
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    It's been a while since I have posted. On January 1. I became a retired Virginia Gentleman. My participation on this site was available through the use of my office computer that I no longer have daily access. Due to my computer illiteracy, without its use, one could say that I am "off the grid". Occasionally, such as today, I am asked to come in to assist in projects that I was involved. So I thought I would take this opportunity to say hi and to let you know how much I will miss my daily discussions with my MGS friends. The bad news is that I am "off the grid", the good news is that my retirement plans have been realized. Specifically, my desire to do something associated with golf during my retirement. I now work part time at a local Annapolis golf shop called Dukes Golf. To say that I enjoy the experience would be an understatement, the interactions with fellow golfers is better than I expected and I am learning a lot about golf equipment. The one thing I have come to know is how much I don't know.
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    Testers Chosen! Testing the 2019 Callaway Epic Flash: @edingc @yungkory And testing the Epic Flash Sub Zero: @THEZIPR23 @sirchunksalot Full announcement posted here. 4 Testers Wanted First there was just Epic and it had Jailbreak, then came Rogue and it had new lighter Jailbreak, Flash forward another year and we now have Epic Flash and Epic Flash Sub Zero, both with an even newer version of jailbreak and newer lighter crown but most importantly a face that was created by Artificial Intelligence----there has to be a Harry Arnett vs. Chad Coleman joke in there somewhere---to produce ball speeds that make heads spin at the USGA to insure they are within CT limits. We all know how the USGA is about it's rules these day...but I digress. So with all that these two drivers have to be the best ever right? Or at least the best of 2019? The results of My Golf Spy's Most Wanted testing released just last week, showed the Epic Flash Sub Zero at the top of the list. And that's no small achievement, as 2019 has widely been proclaimed the year of the driver, first by our very own Tony Covey last fall and afterward by just about every reviewer with a camera and YouTube login. But we're going to give you, actually four of you a chance to find out for yourself just how good these two drivers are. HOW TO APPLY: in this thread - and ONLY in this thread - tell us the following: 1. Your first name and home state or province. -US and Canada eligible 2. Your current handicap and driver swing speed 3. Your current driver 4. List whether you would like to review the Epic Flash or Epic Flash Sub Zero Simple Enough...Good luck everyone, we'll chose our testers sometime next week!
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    Testers Chosen! If every movie is a comic book movie these days, Callaway's latest fits in perfectly. [Movie announcer voice]: In a world in which Artificial Intelligence has changed everything... The AI has now redesigned The Flash: [Meanwhile, in the alternate driver comic universe, something is being injected with really fast foam.] OK, where was I? Ah, that's right: announcing the testers for this computer generated speedfest! Testing the 2019 Callaway Epic Flash: @edingc @yungkory And testing the Epic Flash Sub Zero: @THEZIPR23 @sirchunksalot Join me in congratulating these four! And guys, look for a PM from me with details for the review.
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    (5) COMPETITORS WANTED: #CobraConnect Challenge 3 The premiere event of the summer is upon us and it promises to be bigger than ever. #CobraConnect Challenge 2 was the largest test-related thread in MyGolfSpy History as five competitors battled it out through unique challenges over an 8-week period. The resounding success of that event, and a new line of F9 clubs has inspired Cobra to come back with a vengeance. 5 lucky competitors will receive: 1. Arccos 360 with Caddie 2.0 (to establish baseline numbers) 2. F9 Speedback Driver and Fairway Wood/Hybrid combo as desired* 3. F9 Irons (conventional or single length)* 4. King or F9 Wedges* *All with the #CobraConnect Smart Grips installed (new models available now) 5. Ultralite Stand or Cart Bag For those keeping score at home, this is a full bag of Cobra clubs (minus putter) with Arccos to track your data along the way. This is a serious commitment so think long and hard about the expectations before applying. We're seeking golfers who can play every week during the challenge, post regularly in the thread, and can be active on social media**. **Prior account not required, but it will be expected that those without establish a new account for the challenge This opportunity is open to ALL GOLFERS ON PLANET EARTH That's right, you read it correctly. Righties, lefties, men and women from all corners of the international golf market are eligible to compete. If you'd like to apply for this opportunity, post a reply to this thread only listing the following information: Name, Locale, and Rounds per year Social Media Accounts Handicap and Swing Speed Current Set Desired Cobra Set Please do not quote this post in your application Click HERE to learn how to increase your chances of being selected
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    I went to the yearly demo day today in Shreveport, LA, that Edwin Watts puts-on every year. They always have a good turnout by the reps, and there isn’t a ton of traffic. The best part is it’s outside on a range so you can see the shots live and not on a screen! It was great weather, 52*, sunny, with a slight breeze behind us, helping. My whole purpose for going was to have my driver, and 3w, go head-to-head against all of the other manufacturers there and get numbers from the launch monitors that the reps bring. My numbers with my current G400 Max are pretty good, but I do launch it a little bit high, with a tad bit too much spin. I wanted to find something that kept me in the fairway, but would optimize my numbers a little bit better. With all of the reps, I told them the same thing, I wanted to improve my numbers, keep the left side of course out of play, and find more ballspeed and consistency if possible. I mainly did not want to lose the accuracy that I have with my current driver. With the 3W, I was looking for something better out of the fairway off the deck, not so much off the tee. Wilson, Ping, Mizuno, TaylorMade, Callaway, and Titleist were all there. Cobra and Srixon’s reps didn’t make it. I started with PING. I hit my driver a few times, then the rep gave me the new 410 with the Tour 75X to start, and then the Even Flow Black 75 X. He started with the rear weight in the toe, and then after three straight cuts, he moved the weight to the center position which worked better. Ball flight and consistency were better with the EF, but, my pet-peeve, he didn’t bring his monitor so I had NO hard numbers!!! I don’t think I hit the 410 any farther than my driver, and I certainly did not hit it any straighter! I had too many misses with it. I moved to the fairway wood. He handed me the 5W to try with the Even Flow black shaft in 85 X. He set it in the flat position, and I really hit it well! Nice and straight, over and over again, but, with no hard numbers, it’s hard to keep it in consideration. Next was Mizuno. I started with the ST 190 with a Kuro Kage Silver TiNi 60X shaft, and the rep set-up his Foresight for me (yay). Numbers were OK with it, but not better than my Ping. Ball speed hit 165 on the high end, spin right around 2000, but I still saw some left misses with it. It looked amazing, and it felt incredible! He switched me to the ST190G with an Atmos Black 6S (no X), and the ball flight, consistency, and numbers were better. Ball speed still stayed in the range of 165, so still 2 mph less than my Ping. The ST190 3W was really good! Numbers for ball-speed got into the mid 150s, and a spin was around 3500, just like I wanted. Distance was right in the gap I was looking for, 265 total. We moved to the Kuro Kage Silver TiNi 80X and it was perfect! Ponder mode!!! I then went to Callaway..... To start off, the rep acted like I was bothering him, and then he didn’t bring a launch monitor either. I went ahead and built an Epic Flash SZ with the Tour AD-IZ 6X shaft in it. I took six swings with it. The first two shots went left and fell out of the sky, so I gave it four more tries. The shaft was 10g lighter than one I was fitted to, so it wasn’t exactly the same as what I tried Michigan. I didn’t like flight of the next four balls, so I put the driver back and moved over to TaylorMade. No LM, no buy! The TaylorMade rep was cocky right off the bat because he hadn’t “heard of a Veylix shaft before,” saying it in a demeaning tone. He lost me right away. I gave him a chance to redeem himself. He had me take three swings with my Ping, and he tried not to let me see my numbers. I saw the ball speed: 167, swing speed:114. Shady little punk! I didn’t say a word because I wanted to see what lies he’d tell me. He handed me an M5 with the Tour AD-DI in STIFF! 114 swing speed and he hands me stiff! I took four swings, and the balls went in four different directions. He asks, “How did that feel?” I said, “Loose, and the balls were all over the place. Why did you hand me a stiff shaft and not X?” “Well, I didn’t think you needed X.” I said, “114 mph swing speed doesn’t need an X?!” His mouth dropped, knowing he was caught. He tried to tell me that the 166 ball speed was a 3 mph gain against my driver... I let him know that, “No, my ball speed with my driver was 167.” His face turned red. I let him change the shaft one more time to the Tensei White CK 60 TX. I hit it ok, but sprayed it still. I was done there. What a PO-! I’ve always felt that TaylorMade reps give a bad name to their company, or make their reputation even worse. I didn’t care for the M5 anyway, it looks extremely cheap to me! I ended the day with Titlelist. I have worked with this rep before, and he does an excellent job. I took two swings with my driver to start, and he handed me the TS3 with an Aldila Rogue silver 6X shaft in it. I told him about the TS3 finishing second in Michigan because of dispersion, and he said this shaft was just a starting point. I took two swings, and then we moved on. He then gave me Tensei White 70X, and it was ok, but a tad bit too stiff. He made some adjustments to the hosel, and then I noticed him switching the weight, as well as going with a Fujikura Evolution 757 Tour Spec X shaft. The first three swings sent the ball dead straight, and on a nice, low-spin trajectory. I then missed two to the right, and he made another couple adjustments. One of the adjustments was going to the heavier weight, the blue 4g one... The next four went 286, 293, 296, 294 carry! 166-168 ball speed, 1.49-1.51 smash. BOOM. I hit a few more and carry went down to right around 290 carry; I was tired! But, that driver was IT. Dispersion was great, feel/sound was great, distance, spin, NO LEFTS, and it beat my driver on carry and was as straight! Ball speeds weren’t a ton higher, but the mix of everything gave me numbers I wasn’t getting with mine. I did hit some 3W and had better numbers than in Michigan with the Diamana D+ 80X shaft in the head. So, fairway-wise, I’m down to my two Tour Edge Exotics 13.5 and 17, both of which I can adjust, and the Mizuno ST190, or TS3 with Diamana D+ 80X. So, kids, in the end, PMookie found his driver, and he ordered it from Discount Dan’s already! (I’m selling my G400 Max head and shaft separately.... Look for them soon!!!) I will say price did have something to do with the purchase. The TS3 has no upcharge, so it was $449, total. The Callaway was going to be around $575, and the PXG Gen 2 had an upgraded shaft and it would’ve been $825! Money did help make the decision.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Greetings fellow Spies, may I have your attention please.... Please give a warm and hearty congratulations to these fine men who will be testing the following clubs. Testing the Ping g410 Plus give a round of applause to: @jlukes @fixyurdivot Testing the Ping g410 SFT give a round of applause to: @tony@CIC @PING Apologist #9 I am sure I speak for all of us in the community when I say I can't wait to hear what you have to say. Looking forward to your thoughts gents! Have fun and hit em well. Thanks to all of you that applied (over 1000!); there will definitely be additional testing opportunities coming this season so please stick around and enjoy this great community of fellow golfers!
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    That is kind of how I feel writing this, but.... I couldn't use post 1000 for any other purpose than to thank everyone for the great time. It's been a real pleasure being part of this community and I'm really looking forward to continuing the experience. I've found it to be a great place to learn some stuff, laugh often, get the opportunity to be listened to and get super feedback on any questions I've had. It's such a departure from a lot of the other forums I've read, and I can't imagine choosing those over this. I hope we can continue to roll on with the same spirit and sense of community that I've enjoyed for the last year, and that you all can continue to enjoy it as much as I do. I salute all you spies!!
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    Bomb? f Or gouge? Without a doubt, golf is a game of both power and finesse—a game of Speed and Soft. In the next weeks, we have a great group of reviewers who will put both versions of Bridgestone’s e12 to the test. Reviewing the e12 Speed: M. Parsons Greg B135 ga_pike tchat07 DannyDips And reviewing the e12 Soft: thegolfgal Ronoc Low Country Golfer 00sportsman azstu324 Reviewers, look for a PM from me shortly for more details.
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    I got a hole in one on the first hole today. Makes for a really enjoyable round. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    … Last year I wrote in my review “I am not sure I have ever been as impressed with a driver in the 13 years I have been reviewing new clubs at the PGA Show as I am with the entire F8 line up”. This year I am going to be even more demonstrative. The Cobra F9 is the best driver I have ever played. Before making a definitive statement like that, I put my F9 in play for almost 2 months, playing over 50 rounds using several different shafts and the combination of distance, trajectory, forgiveness and especially sound/feel is better than any driver I have played. Read on to find out why. … Before getting into the cornucopia of technical reasons why the F9 is so good, I wanted to talk about the sound and feel of the F9. OEMs have the unenviable task of producing a driver that appeals to old school players that prefer a dense, muted sound/feel and younger players that prefer an explosive and loud sound/feel. The Cobra is very aware of the roll sound and feel play in choosing a driver and has gone to great lengths to ensure the F9 combines a dense muted sound with an explosive feel. Center hits have a very solid and unique sound/feel and you instantly know you have hit one as good as it gets. I have heard more comments on how good the F9 driver sounds and feels than any driver in my 20 years of reviewing clubs and this includes plenty of younger and older players. Hitting the ball a little toward the toe, the sound is a bit louder and more metallic letting you know you have missed the center but still produces a solid feel with excellent results. … The USGA sets limits for CT which measures the amount of spring like effect the club face can legally produce. CT stands for Characteristic Time, a measurement of how fast the ball comes off the face of a club. The springier the club face is, the farther the golf ball can fly and all OEMs basically have the same CT so it is as close to the limit as possible. Engineering a driver that produces more distance has to be accomplished in other ways. Cobra does this in the F9 with SPEED. They have done extensive research to find ways to make the club head move through the air faster. Cobra’s patented Speedback Aero Design is a combination of streamline measures that are designed to increase the club head speed producing longer drives. Speedback Technology results in an amazingly aerodynamic club head shape thanks to rounded leading edges, a raised crown, as well as a raised skirt and tail. Like a race car, Speedback Technology is a breakthrough in driver engineering and these speed enhancements reduce drag and allows the club head to reach maximum speeds for any given players swing. Cobra is the first OEM to combine a low center of gravity with a streamlined, aerodynamic shape. While I can’t say I feel my F9 club head moving any faster, my golf ball certainly can and I am seeing 5-7yd gains and sometimes even more. It is pretty rare to gain yards with today drivers if you have been orderly fit. Going from the Fly Z to the F8 I gained a few yards on mishits but center contact produced similar yardage. Gaining some yards off the tee with a driver that is equally, if not even more forgiving is just huge for most of us and there is a very good chance you will see distance gains with the F9. … Last year Cobra introduced the first CNC Milled Driver Face with their F8 driver and in 2019 they have improved the design with the F9. Mike Yagley Director R&D & Testing told me it took over 2 and a half years to perfect the face and their milling is up to 5 times more precise than conventional hand-polished driver faces. That is no small feat. Mike said “the process of machining is very different from the typical weld and grind process, the head and face are designed differently because of that. The machining patterns take some time to design, develop and optimize. Ensuring we had enough capacity to machine every head was critical too.” What this exact CNC milling means is the rebound effect along all areas of the face are perfect in thickness, producing not only the fastest ball speeds but also more forgiving on slight mishits. And slight mishits is an area where the F9 excels. Mishits as far as an inch out on the toe, where average players tend to miss will lose a little distance of course, but direction and trajectory are minimally effected resulting in very playable drives. An added benefit of the milled face is you can see exactly where you made contact as a visible ball mark is left on the face after every shot. You can easily wipe it away after every drive or wait til the end of the round to see where you are contacting the face over a full 18 holes. I have to admit it is an instructive feature I love to use when I am playing. … Along with CNC Milling, the Cobra F9 face also utilizes Dual Roll and E9 Technology to produce more accurate and longer drives. My miss tends to be a little low on the face and in the past I was punished rather severely for this miss because the ball comes off the face with a lower trajectory and little spin, so the ball just didn’t stay in the air long enough. But shots hit low on the face of the F9 fly higher with more spin than other drivers I have played, and on Phoenix desert hard and fast fairways, some drives have equalled perfectly struck drives. Dual Roll Technology’s top half has more curve for less spin and higher launch and the bottom half has less curve and is optimized for different swings speeds depending on loft. The F9 also takes advantage of 3 different vertical bulge curvatures. The CNC Milling can create exact bulge curvature to ensure shots hit on the toe, heel or dead center have an optimum gear effect to bring your tee shot closer to where you want your ball to finish in the fairway. Gear effect simply means shots hit on the toe starting right curve back left and shots hit toward the heel starting left curve back right. Dual Roll combined with E9 Technology is the result of exhaustive research into typical driver miss hits. Cobra has found the 9 spots on the face where most players mishit their drives, from low heel to high toe and maximized the distance and trajectory of those hits through their unique variable face thickness and elliptical face pattern. … The engineers at Cobra are always pushing the envelope and they came up with their largest carbon fiber crown and it is the first to wrap completely over the crown and into the body. This produces a 12% larger crown and compared to titanium driver crowns saves 10gms of weight the engineers could move to a more effective location. Sounds a lot simpler in theory than actually producing the revolutionary F9 driver head. Mike Yagley on the wrap around carbon fiber crown “The titanium to carbon fiber bonding ledge is very different. That took some development work. The sound of a driver is very critical to feel, we spent additional time optimizing the sound at impact. Finally, finishing / painting carbon fiber is different from titanium, that took a little more effort.” The F9 carbon fiber crown also has creases called PWR Ridges that create more energy return and power, resulting in higher ball speeds by adding rigidity to the crown. These ridges also help frame the ball for those that like a visual aid. After a few rounds I didn't even notice they were there which is a nice bonus compared to many other driver crowns with features that are much more obvious and distracting. The F9 also utilizes what Cobra calls “trips”, lightweight polymer speed strips on the crown and titanium speed strips on the sole that maximize air flow and reduce air drag both above and below the head. Everything about the F9 driver screams SPEED. … The F9 is offered in 9.5*, 10.5* and 12.5* heads giving players options to provide the best combination of spin and trajectory. This is accomplished with loft, but is combined with their MyFly 8 hosel and adjustable CG weighting. The MyFly 8 adaptor allows you to change the loft to 8 different settings and when adding or subtracting loft, the Smart Pad Sole keeps the clubface square at address. The F9 weights can be installed in the rear for maximum forgiveness, a slight draw bias and a higher ball flight with more spin. Many golfers hear the “high launch low spin” mantra and while that is true for higher swing speeds, many average golfers actually need more spin to keep the ball in the air longer and produce the best combination of carry and roll. The unique looking Speedback structure on the bottom rear of the driver lowers the center of gravity and increases the moment of inertia. What that means is the F9 will hit the ball higher and is very forgiving when mishit. Overall the F9 has great aerodynamics (low drag) and excellent mass properties (low CG and high MOI) something that has not been accomplished before the Cobra F9. Higher swing speed/high spin players can move the weight up front to lower trajectory and spin with a slight fade bias to maximize their drives. Additionally the 9.5* head produces roughly 200-300 less spin than the 10.5* head. My only complaint with the F9 weighting is moving the weight up front changes the sound and feel to a more metallic sound/feel. But thankfully weight in the rear gives me the best performance and the best sound and feel I have ever experienced. I also give Cobra a ton of credit for keeping a compatible MyFly adaptor that works with shafts going all the way back to the Fly Z. Those of us that use high end shafts know the frustration of buying a new driver and finding out that expensive shaft you were fitted into doesn’t fit in your new driver. Some of the labeling on the adaptor has changed, but the concept is identical and if your shaft fit your Fly Z, F6, F7 or F8, it will also fit your F9. … Cobra not only offers 9.5*, 10.5* and 12.5* heads, they also offer something I think benefits a very wide range of golfers called Tour Length. All things considered, your longest drives are not produced by longer shafts. Your longest drives are produced by hitting the center of the face. And for many players a shorter shaft makes it easier to hit the center consistently. Called Tour Length because players on tour know this and play shorter drivers than most retail offerings and find their best combination of distance and accuracy is achieved with a shorter shaft. I have never payed a driver any longer than 44.5” and that is what is offered in the F9 Tour Length driver. It is a Special Order as most retail stores do not stock Tour Length so ask your Sales Associate or Club Pro about ordering one. And of course Tour Length can also be ordered directly through Cobra’s website. … By now it is pretty obvious the F9 is a very special driver so it makes sense it comes with special colors. To my eye they are just beautiful at address with a glossy black crown and a subtle Cobra logo alignment aid but underneath is a very fast race car yellow and easily visible when someone else is swinging one. Recognizing the polarization of such a unique color, Cobra also offers the F9 in a light gray color with a matt crown as an option. Personally, I love the yellow. I am also very impressed that the F9 comes with one of the hottest shafts on tour as a stock option, the Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec Blue 6 is a midweight shaft ideal for medium to faster swing speeds seeking a mid-launch, mid-spin profile in Regular and Stiff flexes and the ATMOS Tour Spec Black 7 with a stouter and heavier profile that is ideal for faster swing speeds seeking low-launch and low-spin in Stiff and X-Stiff. Both ATMOS shafts have a proprietary black gloss paint instead of the standard white ATMOS color scheme and in my opinion look so much better with the F9 black heads. These Fujikura ATMOS shafts are true After Market shafts identical in every way other than the color. For moderate to medium swing speeds the F9 also comes with the UST Helium Lite and Regular flex shafts with a high launch, high spin profile and have been praised on many golf forums for their playability. The Project X HZRDUS Smoke 60 is also offered in Stiff and X-Stiff for medium to faster swing speeds producing mid launch with low spin. One of these shafts should fit you and I am playing the ATMOS Blue Tour Spec and honestly thought I would hit it several rounds then install one of the proven shafts I have played in the past, but performance with the Atmos Blue is so good I never switched. And if none of these shafts work for your swing, Cobra offers quite a few more at no uncharge including HZRDUS Black/Yellow/Red, Even Flow Blue, Aldila NV 2KXV Green/Blue and Tensei CK Blue 50/60/70 as well as some ultra premium shafts offered at a reduced cost. … The F9 comes with Cobra Connect powered by Arccos in the butt end of the grip. Just get the free app on your phone and you can keep track of your drives. Although I will warn you, it can be a real eye opener. You know, those 265 yd drives you hit when you take the 135 yds to the pin on your second shot and subtract it from the 400 yd of the hole off the tee. 265 yds right? Well, the pin is up front, the tees a little forward and you cut the corner of the slight dogleg as and Cobra Connect tells you your drive was 235yds. In all honesty this is vital information, even if ego deflating because knowing how far you hit the ball is a very important part of playing the game. Cobra Connect with honest driver distances, lets you know if you can clear the water or carry the dog leg, bunker barranca or know which tees to play on a new golf course. And I have saved the best part for last. With current drivers selling for $499 and higher, the Cobra F9 with true after market premium shafts, Cobra Connect and some of the fastest ball speeds ever measured sells for $449. That makes the best driver I have ever played an absolute must demo in 2019.
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    Pardon the interruption....we have an announcement to make.... Throughout time there have been a lot of famous Betty's.... Betty Cooper Betty Boop Betty Ford Bette Davis Betty White It's time to follow along with these 4 spies as they lock arms with their very own Betti-nardi ... @GB13 @downlowkey @KCLeo12 @CarlH Congrats gents! We all look forward to hearing how this new 'armlock' technique works out for you!
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    After long last, late last week I finally took delivery of something very, very special that I'd like to share with you all. Way back about 8-9 months ago, I was futzing around on-line one Friday and got a notice that MGS was "going live" with a "closest-to-the-pin" contest on their YouTube channel. Curious, I tuned in to watch Adam and crew at MGS HQ preparing to see who could get closest to the hole on the simulated floating green (#14) at the Coeur d'Alene Resort. They were asking viewers to participate and submit their guesses for the closest shots in order to win some prizes. I believed I simply typed in 5' and sat back to watch the fun. I really didn't pay too close attention to the successful shots, but more enjoyed watching these guys make their attempts in a variety of ways. A few days later, I get an email from Adam stating that I had indeed won the grand prize...A custom wedge from the Wedge Wizard himself!!! I was absolutely floored! Not long after, I was in contact with Jacob (the Wiz) and we discussed model, options, design and all the good stuff that goes along with a "blank check" like this opportunity and off we went. Long story short, and after some unforeseen delays and hiccups, this is what I was presented with... She's a PING Glide Forged and as you can see in 60* with 8* of effective bounce. Her transmission is an Alta CB 83g graphite mid-launch shaft paired up with a Dyla Wedge grip making for a D5 swing weight. Jacob actually included a nice hat & tee shirt from his shop as well which are super cool! Wall hanger? NO. I actually swapped out my Glide 2.0 58* with it because I just had to play with it yesterday and what can I say...She is AWESOME! Butter smooth and did everything a hacker like me could ask of it. I had a bunker shot facing me after my tee shot came up short at the par-3 8th. My ball was lying on the flat and with a fairly clean lie, but the bunker was below the hole with a pretty sizable lip on it that is kind of like a hump. I only had maybe 20' to the pin and some green to work with behind it should it go long. I lined up and reminded myself to follow-through and actually executed the shot correctly. The ball popped up, landed just beyond the lip and rolled out to about 5' away from the cup. Made the par. Made a few other shots with it that were just off the green and wow did she ever perform! Are you reading about the next Seve or Phillip? Heck no! But what a club!!! Thank-you so much to @golfspy X, MGS and Jacob "The Wedge Wizard" himself for making this happen and giving me a unique and truly awesome stick! For curious (or the sick), below is a link to Jacob's website. He does fantastic work and is one Hell of nice fella to work with if you are looking for custom work. Cheers all and thanks for viewing! https://wedgewizard.com/
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    We've got a MyGolfSpy Madness NCAA Basketball bracket up on ESPN again. What will the winner win? Well, thanks to Cleveland Golf, the winner will walk away with a custom Huntington Beach SOFT putter. You get to customize the specs and personalize the model of your choice with the colors of your choice. Let us know what you will build when your bracket smashes the competition! Get in the action now: Link to Group: LINK Group: 2019 MyGolfSpy Madness Password: mygolfspy
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    Okay, so here’s the agenda: Friday(Mar 15): Hosting RevKev & 00sportsman at my club, Pebble Creek 8n Tampa. I have known Rev for over 8 years and we have played a couple times a year. This will be my first meet with 00sportsman. Tuesday(Mar 19): Hosting cksurfdude, who is in town for a clinic at TPC Tampa Bay. Hope he enjoys the warmer weather. This will be my first meet with cksurfdude. Friday(Mar 22): Hosting MattF, RevKev & 00sportsman. This is the 3rd or 4th time MattF has visited from Cleveland. This is gonna be a very exciting week. Anxiously awaiting the meeting of more Spies. I must add, this may never happen again as a Developer is trying to purchase the golf club to build apartments, condos & single family homes. This bad news may not happen, but if it does, I’ll be looking for a new club. It could take 3 to 4 years for permitting, zoning, and environmental approvals, so let’s pray it does not happen. I really enjoy Hosting other Spies and can’t wait for next week. Let me hear from other Spies about meet ups they have had.... Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy Cobra Connect Bag: Cobra F8 Driver(10.5*) 3-4W(14.5*) & 5-6W(18.5*)w/Mitsubishi Tensei ck Blue Regular; Cobra F8 3 Hybrid, 5 Hybrid & 6-PW, Gw(49*) SW(54*) LW(58*) all w/UST Mamiya Recoil 460 ES regular shafts. Lamkin Cobra Connect grips with Arccoss tracking sensors. Putter: Evnroll ER6 33”. Bag: Cobra Ultralite Cart Bag(Peacoat/Silver).
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    ... I will admit putting can be unique. There are many ways to get the ball to roll into the hole. But there are also many ways to almost assure that ball will go anywhere but the hole. When I taught golf I gave a free short game lesson with every 5 lesson program. By far the biggest mistake I saw and continue to see is golfers breaking down their wrists, especially the right wrist for a right handed golfer. In the old days when greens were shaggy and slow, a pop stroke where the stroke was a flip of the wrist and it was successfully used by some on tour. Some were legendary putters. There are 2 reasons why this has a 99% chance of not working for you. 1) Pros roll hundreds of putts every single day and their feel and control is fine tuned and constantly maintained, so a flick of the wrist worked for some of them, but only with consistent daily repetition. 2) Todays greens are so much faster and smoother and it is very rare to see a Pro with a wristy stroke. ... I feel the best way to have a repeatable stroke is to allow your arms to hang naturally, then just like a pendulum, swing them back and forward the same length and same tempo going forward as your tempo going back. This gives you the best opportunity to hit your putt the same distance over and over again. Breaking your wrists and flipping them thru impact means every stroke is different because it is impossible to have the putter head pass your hands at the same spot on every putt. I found that even though hanging your arms naturally is the best way to putt as well as the most natural, for a myriad of reasons both physical and mental, many students were not able to just let their arms hang. But regardless of how you decide to stand and hold your putter, it is essential to not have the putter pass your hands going forward. ... This is my favorite drill to fully understand, as well as instantly check your putting stroke. Take a white tee and put it in the butt end of your putter so the top of the tee is pointing at your chest when you address your putt. Choose a distance and then stroke a putt like normal. With the feel of that distance still in your head, stroke a 2nd putt but do not look at the ball. Keep your eyes locked onto the top of the tee pointing at your chest and stroke the putt with the same speed concentrating only on keeping the tee pointed at your chest for the entire stroke back and forward. Many of you will see the tee point left of your chest on the backswing and even more of you will see the tee point right of your chest just past impact. Some of you may not even know you do this. Many of my students were surprised how much they moved their wrists in the stroke. For those of you with a very good sense of feel, you may actually release the clubhead just a little going back as well as forward and your tee with still point to your chest but a little left moving back and a little right moving forward and that's perfectly OK. This is a drill you can do on your carpet at home, but it works best on a real green with a hole. Good Luck!
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    It seems like we have more members participating in the discussions. Not sure if that's a seasonal 'thing' or more new members signing up and sticking around. Either way that's great news for MGS.
  19. 15 points
    The first Sunday of March is special to me. It is now seven years ago that I became the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church of Wakefield. I'm thankful for the privilege of ministry with this faithful and loving congregation.
  20. 15 points
    ---- ANNOUNCEMENT ---- Three....3....trifecta We learn at a young age that good things come in threes....three blind mice, three little pigs, three little kittens, three-ring circus and it only gets better as we get older: 3 pointers 3 goals for a hat trick 3 on a par 4 3 run home runs 3 scoop ice cream and a shot from a sharp-grooved wedge that spins the ball back to 3 feet for a tap in.... ...and on that note I'd like to announce the testers for the Bridgestone wedges. Please join with me and congratulate these 3 fine gentleman: @hartrick11 @SteddyGolf @TR1PTIK Congrats spies, I'll be sending a PM your way soon. Our community is looking forward to hearing your thoughts on these and can't wait for your test results!
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    With the new forum software and its leaderboard feature, this thread has run its course wrt its original purpose. All you have to do is explore the leaderboard to find this information in a beautiful layout. https://forum.mygolfspy.com/leaderboard/ So why post this reply? I've got some behind-the-scenes data to share. Here's some cool stats you can't find in the leaderboard. Registrations are important, and will continue to grow, but when we talk about building the community, we like to look at content and activity. The total member count can be empty calories if these new members aren't actively engaging each other. Trends throughout the year are certainly cool and give an indication of the natural ebbs and flows of the golf season. However, when we look at performance, year-over-year is a much better measure for the MGS progress. In this regard, we're quite healthy. While 2017 was steadier, 2018 exhibited much more explosive results. Both years experienced similar winter breaks but 2019 is off to the hottest start yet. I'm sure that's no surprise to anyone. Let's keep it up! POINTS. This thread is about points. You can go to the leaderboard for points received but what about points given?? Here's a list of the most generous members in our community: 1) @Rickp 21367 2) @cksurfdude 18957 3) @MattF 18020 4) @tommc23 15188 5) @silver & black 14850 6) @Golfspy_CG2 12797 7) @ole gray 12385 Eight) @Shankster 11827 9) @fozcycle 11036 10) @revkev 10431 11) @Kenny B 9703 12) @cnosil 9019 13) @MGoBlue100 7319 14) @GB13 7256 15) @tony@CIC 6858 16) @GolfSpy Stroker 6213 17) @MDGolfHacker 5579 18) @Undershooter 5479 19) @PING Apologist #9 5445 20) @JohnSmalls 5209 Tis truly better to give than receive. Really incredible to see so much generosity from even relatively newer members. Good work everyone. I feel bad I'm not on this list! That's all I've got for you today. Let me know if there's any extra stats you'd like to see. Edit: Sometimes these things are too smart for their own good. Kept turning "8" for Shankster into
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    Here are a couple pictures of our newest prototype. The 639-G wouldn't be available until 2020 if we decide to move forward, but I thought I would share. It should fit between the MB and CB...MB profile but a little more forgiving.
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    The bummer for me is the top 2 don't even support MGS that I'm aware of but you can bet they will market these results. It shows the professionalism of the MGS staff and at the end of the day they do base the results on performance and not bias....which I surely would have in this case.
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    Male and Female Testers Wanted: Wilson D7 Irons Take the Wilson D7 Challenge! The Wilson golf company is extremely excited about the new D7 irons with RE-AKT technology. D7 with RE•AKT Technology™ puts power where it’s needed most. Long irons feature three rows of Power Holes and a thinner, more responsive face for maximum distance. Fewer Power Holes combine with optimal weighting and extreme feel in the shorter irons for the most precise distance control. D7 helps golfers play their best. For the 2019 testing schedule MyGolfSpy aims to bring you more variety than anywhere else on the internet. This test is a great example as we'll select our testers in a way that's never been done before. THE WILSON D7 DISTANCE CHALLENGE is underway and will be coming to a city near you. In addition to the opportunity we're offering here, you can also enter for a chance to win a custom club car golf cart to make your fellow golfers jealous on the course. The D7 Challenge runs from now through June 2019 all across the United States and Canada. Players of all handicaps can benefit from the RE-AKT technology so take the challenge yourself to see what all the fuss is about. To apply for this opportunity, attend an event and comment in this thread with your experience using the following template: 1. Name and Handicap 2. Date and Location for D7 Challenge event attended 3. 1-2 paragraphs on your overall experience Rather than wait for the entire challenge to be over before announcing, we hope to select a few testers each month (depending on entries). Get those responses in as soon as possible! The D7 irons are available in Men's and Women's models so let's get some diversity going! CLICK HERE to find an event near you
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    Since we're doing unpopular opinions, I'll state this one more strongly than I am fully convinced of: every Tour event should follow Augusta's policy of disallowing all phones on the premises. There's something sad (in my opinion) about a gallery of people behind a golfer, who are there in person, who nonetheless experience the whole event looking at the screen in their hand because they need to take video of the whole thing.
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    My son at Ft Benning during graduation and now at Ft Pope during field maneuvers. Yea I'm a proud Dad !
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    Alcohol should be consumed after the round, not during. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I am just thankful to be healthy. Today is one year to the day that my appendix ruptured. First hospital misdiagnosed me and was released 3 days later. A week later I found myself in a different hospital. Finally got everything under control. Lost 20 lbs (I was only 155 lbs to begin with). With all of the testing and procedures I had, I found a great group of doctors that helped me identify some longer term issues I have been dealing with and I was formally diagnosed with Crohn's disease. I am now receiving the appropriate medication and my quality of life is better than it has been in years. Everything I went through gave me a new perspective on life and what was important to me and how I am going to carry myself.I joined a gym, I am working out regularly and I am in the best shape of my life. I am being the best father and husband I can be. I am working my ass off at my job while maintaining a great work/life balance. I am actually taking steps to getting better at golf rather than just saying I want to get better at golf. It was a crazy year for me, but right now I am living my best life and I will continue to do so.
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    So before y'all email me again claiming our testing is a scam, we're geoblocking you, that we never announce winners, that you've been to the site every time there's a new testing opportunity yet never get picked, that we're desperate for testers and never choose you, and so on and so on and so on... I'm BUMPING THIS THREAD!!!! It's FRICKEN EASY!!!! Be active, participate, post good content, show us you care about our community and aren't just here for free sh&t.
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    If you put Rickie Fowler's personality with DJ's talent we would be talking about the second coming of Arnold Palmer
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    I shot a 39/41:80 today with two Birdies! I had 11/14 FIR 5/18 GIR and 30 putts with 7 one putts. Man was my putter hot! Gamed my Bellum Winmore blade today. I also had one sand up & down and only one double bogey(1st hole).
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    Driver: Ping Serene with graphite shaft Woods: Ping Serene 3 & 5 with graphite shaft (I added custom skins on my driver and woods) Hybrid irons: Ping Serene 4, 5, & 6 with graphite shaft Irons: Ping Serene 7, 8, & 9 with graphite shaft; TaylorMade 4 r7 Flex L Wedges: Ping Serene Wedge & Sand wedge with graphite shaft; Cleveland RTX-3 52/10 Putter: Edel E-2 custom fit (This is my 3rd putter. My first two were left handed which I found easier. I must work harder at it for right handed.) This predominantly Ping Serene setup is my first set of clubs. I was fit for them 4.5 years ago. With the exception of a couple short injury rehabs, I have given my best to wear them out with practice. The TaylorMade r7 4 iron and the RTX gap wedge were new additions over the holidays to help fill in some problem scoring areas. The zany skins on the woods are my own designs and have helped to protect those from scuffs. Plus they're fun to look down at when I play. I switch out my Kitten driver head cover with Wonder Woman and a Pink Flamingo.
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    I love this. Just shows the sacrifice these brave people make....
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    My "winter" hobby aside from chipping and putting in the basement is woodworking. I took a chair apart that was destin for the trash, salavaged some wood for a wall clock with a golf theme. I modified the pattern slightly to reflect my personal interest in golf Chris
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    It's all about perception!
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    So you’re saying these dudes should have a 6er before a fitting? Get real life performance.
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    Well that just happened! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    First off I want to apologize for not taking any pictures while I was at Sub 70 today. I was caught up in the moment. A little backstory on me is that I just started playing golf only a couple of years ago. I've played baseball and softball competitively all my life and traveled the country doing it. I had a great uncle and my uncle who was like a father to me pass away 5 years ago. They loved golf and I never understood it until my fiancee and I found out we were expecting. I made the decision to hang up the cleats and quit traveling the country playing ball. That change depressed me for awhile. I didn't have anything to feed my competitive nature and ultimately led me to taking up golf. That was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I joined a local country club and used a set of clubs that was my uncles. They were a set of Cobra Gravity back irons with X100 shafts. Sure this set of irons was nowhere near fit for me but it was a start. I was absolutely horrible at the game and it was quite frustrating as I knew I was better than the 36 handicap with how athletic I am. After that first year at the country club I met a fellow member on here @jacustomgolf. We became good friends and league partners. Right before we met and started golfing together purchased a set of 716 AP2 irons with S300 shafts in them that our pro fit me for. That first year of golfing in league I brought my handicap down to a 30 but still struggled. With the help of Josh and his expertise the following year I knocked a couple more strokes off my handicap to a 28 but something was missing. Last year in the off-season I worked on my driver all winter long and things were finally starting to click. Josh and I went to club champion and I was fit in a totally different shaft and set up. After messaging Josh a million times I finally purchased a set of Srixon 765 irons with the Nippon Modus 3 tour 120 x stiff shafts. This was a game changer! I dropped the handicap down to a 22 and I still struggle with the driver but its coming along. Enough of me and lets get to the story of what led me to Sub 70 golf. Around a month ago Josh mentioned something to me about a new direct to consumer golf brand. That golf brand is called Sub 70 golf. I talked with Josh more about this and ended up emailing Jason at Sub 70 to set up a fitting. Since then there has been a lot of talk about this brand model and the brand itself. I took the 2:45 drive to Sub 70 today to meet with Jason, swing some of their products, and compare them to my current set up. Jason and the staff at Sub 70 did not disappoint. As I stated earlier I have been to Club Champion the previous year and experienced the corporate side of a fitting. Yes it was impressive with all the different shaft and head combinations but I did not like that they try to push you into upgraded overpriced shafts. I didn't know what to think about Sub 70 at first as it is a smaller company only selling their brand. Let me tell you I am extremely happy that I chose to do this. Jason took me from his office, through the warehouse, back into a room with a simulator that had a bunch of their irons lined against the wall and also his personal set of clubs. Jason looked over my clubs and discussed options that they offer for irons (639 CB forged, 739, and 699). After looking at my Srixon 765s he asked if I was professionally fit for them or how I came to purchase them. We talked a little more about them and he asked me to warm up using my irons and watched me swing. As its February in Illinois and the weather hasn't been the greatest I have not swung a club in months. He noticed a little tweaks that I needed to make in my swing and once I was fully warmed up and in my grooved he handed me the 639 CB and asked me to try it. It took me a couple swings to adjust as the 639 CB had the DG S300 shaft in it. What happened next surprised me. I was gaining a full 14-17 yards even on miss hits! I kept switching back to my 765s as if my eyes and the numbers were deceiving me. The 639 CBs definitely impressed me as well as the wedges! I was carrying the 6 iron in the 200-210yd range and miss-hits were carrying 190-200yd range. We both agreed the Nippon Modus 3 tour 120 x stiff shafts were the best fit for shafts for me. Now the wedges. The pictures of the black wedges online don't do them any justice. As soon as Jason brought me one I almost had to wipe my mouth from drool. I LOVE a nice jet black vehicle and this wedge has the look and shine of that and they perform! The feel was so soft and smooth it was crazy. At times I wondered if I was hitting a ball or not. Thats how good they feel! Jason was extremely honest with me and looked through my bag and saw I have a Cobra F8+ 3 wood with a 2knv green x stiff shaft, a Srixon U65 iron with a steel fibre i110cw x stiff shaft, and a U65 4 iron with the Nippon Modus 3 tour 120 x stiff shaft and told me that it would be pointless to even try and fit me into their 3 wood and hybrids. He said what I have are excellent clubs and work just fine. The honesty went a long way with me! We chatted for a little while longer, went into his office and wrote all the specs down (shaft, lie, grip, and head) and he told me he would send me a quote later today. He thanked me for coming out and testing his products and I thanked him for taking the time to work with me and let me demo his clubs. As I was on my way back home I received an email with a quote for what I swung. Sticker shock?! NO WAY!! I called him instantly after I read the quote and asked him if he wanted some money. I could not believe the price as it felt like it was too good to be true but that is the whole point of the direct to consumer model. Let me just conclude with if you are in the market for new clubs I highly recommend checking out their clubs. If you are just a car ride away from Sycamore, IL give them a buzz and go test the clubs in person with Jason (the owner). If you are farther away than a car ride go online to www.golfsub70.com and check out their demo program. Worst case scenario you are out $20. I don't know about you but I would rather be out $20 instead of $800-$1,000 for a new set of clubs. Sorry this post is a mile long and if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask them on here and I will respond. Thanks for reading and in 2019 I WILL BE PLAYING the @sub70golf 639 CB 5-PW, 50, 54, and 58 wedges. I will also start a thread and keep a log of how I play with them if this weather ever decides to cooperate in Illinois and will also post pictures of the Sub 70 clubs when they come in.
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    These things showed up. Thank you tax return. P790s w recoil shafts. Now off to the range/ course to put some work in. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Shankster’s “Modern Classic” Project ‘Nifty this ones for you’ Ok ladies and gentlemen. I have a few things up my sleeve for this year. Starting with my driver. I can’t stand 460cc balloons, so I bought a 235cc Callaway “mini” driver, when I started playing in the mid 90’s this was just a Driver. Technology and whatnot has “improved” the game. Equipment quality has improved for sure, but what has the 400 yard drives done for the game? At least that’s what companies want us to think. The MGS crew does an excellent job at weeding out the BS and giving us straight up results, which I thoroughly enjoy, I mean who doesn’t want data that is actually useful? The marketing teams just want us to think bigger, better, faster, this place proves or disproves that. Perfect! I am not against technology at all, I welcome it... but I also am a history buff. I came across some iron and woods specs from the 70’s I believe, and the average driver loft was 11 ish degrees. Yes times have change, and with the added tech we know that 11° is not for everyone. Can you imagine if Jack, Arnie, or Seve had the technology we have today? They probably would have over analyzed it just like it is done today. Or maybe they’d have been even better, but one thing can be said, the artistry has somewhat diminished and there are a bunch of robots out there. Did you see social media go nuts when Tiger “Duck Sliced” that wedge at the WGC? That’s artistry and people loved it. Yeah, 400 yard drives are cool, but stuff like that can’t be made on a trackman, that’s pure vision and well... art. (Would have been cool to see that ball flight data though!) The combo set thread has me thinking, and analyzing some of the data I pulled from my last sim session, I have a pretty good idea what my plan for a set is. I’ve always looked past Callaway, mostly because I don’t like their marketing, and that one time when I broke a Big Bertha driver demo. Anyways, I am looking for a loft and lie machine and dial my clubs in myself... oh no that’s not a good idea you say? Well I don’t think a standard set with standard lofts and lies from the factory will ever fit me. From what I’ve gathered they fit you for one club right? So, as a “Mechanic”, or as I prefer a “Technician” it’s time for me to tune up my golf clubs. I really don’t care what the numbers say on the bottom, although I’ve brought it up before, it’s just a number... middle aged dogs can learn new tricks. It’s the loft I’m looking for. So classic clubs mostly had a 51°/52° Pitching Wedge, and 4° increments all the way up to around the 3 iron which was around 24°, a 2 iron was 21°/22° (modern 3 and 4 irons), so we’ll get over the numeral they decide to boost ego’s with on the bottom. Come on Shankster get to the point! Well, ok you asked for it. I will be building this “Modern Vintage” over the course of the summer, to include steel shafts for the fairways and the driver. Callaway Mini 1.5 (set to 11°) 43.5” SLDR TS (set to 14.5°) 42” (for now) Callaway Apex MB 4-GW (same as a vintage 2-PW loft wise) 56, 60 wedges (need to test some bounce options) PING Anser TR 1966 Reason for the set GW is because I really don’t use the 52° for anything but full shots. I feel a square soles set matching club will do better for this. Will adjust loft and lie on each club to achieve proper gapping and neutral ball flight if I can find a loft and lie machine that won’t break the bank. If the MB’s don’t work in the longer irons I’ll replace them with some goo filled, hollow irons or have even considered more hybrids or a 7 and 9 wood, equivalent of classic 4 and 5 woods. But after reviewing the ball speeds from my last session, I think my irons are too hot in the mids, and too low in the highs and lows. As Dang3rtown would agree, it’s time to scoop the mids, and even out the progression of ball speed. Maybe even up the treble if needed. As I was writing this I stumbled upon MOI matching sets. There isn’t a tone of info out there on it, but it is sort of like the one length stuff. You pick your favorite club, say the 7 iron and measure the moi of that club, you then adjust length as needed to achieve the same MOI from 1 iron all the way down to wedges. So your .5” increments might be more or less to get that right, so your long irons will get shorter and your short irons might get a little longer. The magic number seems to be .4” increments. More to come on this later after more research is done. Obviously a fitting will be first in line, if not just to find the right shafts for me. I’ve also been inspired to make a swing change, thanks Joe. I’ll have a thread on that journey too. Hope you enjoyed this. I’ll be posting updates in this thread. “Driver” is due here tomorrow 2/27/19
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    The Awesome Power of a Wife's Love He gathered his remaining strength and lifted himself from the bed. Leaning against the wall, he slowly made his way out of the bedroom, and with even greater effort forced himself down the stairs, gripping the railing with both hands. With labored breath, he leaned against the door frame, gazing into the kitchen. Were it not for death's agony, he would have thought himself already in heaven. There, spread out on newspapers on the kitchen table were literally hundreds of his favorite chocolate chip cookies.Was it heaven? Or was it one final act of heroic love from his devoted wife, seeing to it that he left this world a happy man? Mustering one great final effort, he threw himself toward the table. The aged and withered hand, shaking, made its way to a cookie at the edge of the table, when he was suddenly smacked with a spatula by his wife. "Stay out of those," she said. "They're for the funeral."
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    1. Grant - 9 handicap 2. March 9th - Dave DiRico’s Golf and Racquet 3. Let’s get this party started. I am challenged when it comes to distance. Adding some distance would be a game changer for me. I visited True Spec Golf for an iron fitting and they could not beat my Launcher HB irons. When I saw the Wilson Challenge I figured let’s see if these have what it takes. Signing up was a breeze. After you click the rsvp button you get an email confirmation. I made the hour and 45 minute drive to West Springfield, MA for the challenge here. I was a little early and didn’t notice any mention of Wilson from the outside. Once inside I introduced myself and told them I was there for the Wilson D7 Challenge. I was lead to an isolated hitting bay in the back where I was greeted by the Wilson Rep, John Fagan. What a great guy! I quickly warmed up with my own 7 iron as we tried to figure out the Foresight launch monitor. It was missing a ton of shots and looked about 20 years old. Anyway, the shots it did pick up showed I was hitting the ball 140-142 very consistently. Once loose John reached for his bag and pulled the D7 with the stock KBS Tour 80 steel shaft. Hitting it it felt nice but the distance was essentially the same as my launchers and I was losing everything right. He handed me another club and basically the exact same results. We moved back to my current 7 and was right back where we started. Then it happened, he handed me the D7 with a Recoil shaft and boom! Slight right miss and about a full club in distance gained. I game the Nippon NS Pro 950 GH in stiff for comparison and they have been awesome but these were a whole new ballgame for me in terms of distance, feel and consistency. I can go on and on but to wrap up it was a lot of fun and I’m glad I did it. Lasted about 30 minutes and I’d compare to a big box fitting at the end of the day. Once done you are given a code to text distance gained and you get a text back in which you need to confirm. Very simple process. I walked away with 9 yards gain in carry with same peak height, about 500 less rpm and a descent angle in the 45 degree range. I’ll take that all day. I was disappointed to learn only 2 people had signed up for today’s event. I hope he gets some walk-ins because it is a fun club to hit. I also walked out of there with this. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    There was a special ceremony called "Legacy" where fathers who were veterans were called up to pin the blue cord (Infantry) on their sons. It was quite an honor for myself and my son was happy too. Yea it was something I will never forget. He's training for now and they are out in the field quite a bit. He said he was enjoying it except for the cold and rainy weather. lol
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    A country boy was out doing his chores. When he finished feeding the chickens he kicked one of them, after he slopped the hogs he kicked one of them, and after he milked the cow he kicked her. When he went in for breakfast all he had was dry cereal. He asked his mother where was his bacon and eggs? His mother said because he kicked the chicken you can’t have eggs for a week, because you kicked the hog you can’t have beacon for a week, and because you kicked the cow you have to eat dry cereal for a week. Then his father walked in and kicked the cat. The boy asked his mother if she wanted him to break the bad news. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Good news: Found out my wife and I are expecting a baby girl in September! Bad news: i bet my chances to play a lot of golf are going to be going down drastically!
  46. 11 points
    Good grief! WOW! I can't believe it! What an honor and fantastic opportunity!!!! Thank you MGS!!!!!
  47. 11 points
    I'm leaving the office now and want to thank everyone for their well wishes, suggestions and comments. Darn, I'm going to miss this place. The next time, I'm asked to come in for any reason I will check in. I have purchased a laptop and now need to find out what to do with it and how to do it I wish all my MSG friends the best and hope to be back sometime on a regular basis. Until then, enjoy the game, appreciate that you can and do play the game and your fellow golfers. I don't know if its because the game attracts good people or creates good people, but it is my experience that the vast majority of golfers are good people.
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    Hi Everyone, we have reached out to Wilson to find out if the list will be updated as spring and the weather permits. So lets see what they say. if everyone could just hold off on the posts that there is nothing near you, it'll keep the thread much cleaner. I'm going to remove those for now, so don't take it personally. it's just an effort to make the thread quicker and easier for everyone to get through and post about their actual experiences there. Thanks for understanding!!
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    I tried to Geoblock Canada once but @GolfSpy MBP said I couldn't
  50. 11 points
    Twas the night before Most Wanted Driver And all through the site Every MGS member was wondering Who won the driver fight The medals were hung On the home page with care With hopes that their favorite brands Would soon be there With Adam in his t-shirt And Tony in the his cap They had just put the finishing touches On the testing recap
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