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    These are truly a one of a kind irons, Titleist T300 with TGI 80 shafts factory installed at KBS. 6-GW (48 degree) GP MCC Midsize Grips Standard L/L/L These shafts play so well in these heads, and provide a bit heavier feel for those wanting to move from steel but afraid of lightweight graphite shafts, but yet they are manageable as well for moderate swing speeds like I have. The red/black grips with the red/black shafts create an amazing looking iron. $600 is a steal and you get the privilege of saying they once belonged to the biggest Club-Ho on MGS!! So there’s that
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    Played the Robert Cupp course at Palmetto Hall Plantation on HHI yesterday, shooting 43/47:90. There was water hazards on every hole and was more difficult than the Arthur Hills course, playing 5700 yards with a 120 slope. I did birdie the 2nd hole. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy Cobra F8(12.0*)w/ Mitsubishi Tense ck Blue Regular; 3W & 5W Cobra King F8 w/ Mitsubishi Tense ck Blue Regular shafts; Tour Edge CBX119 22* Hybrid w/Project X Evenflo Regular shaft; Wilson Staff D-7 5-PW + GW + SW w/UST Mamiya Recoil 460 Regular graphite shafts; Cleveland RTX Zipcore LW(58*) w/DG Spinner shaft. Putter: 33” Slotline SSi 693; Bag: Cobra Ultralight Cart bag, Peaccoat Blue.
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    Wife told me to go play, so I caught the super twilight after work. First hole I hit a great drive down the right side of the fairway, then threw an absolutely dart of a gap wedge right over the flag, two feet for a kick in birdie. Let’s not talk about the rest...
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    Had a first in my golf career this weekend...won long drive in a tourney! Hit one 287 directly into a 15 mph wind. I'll take some of the credit, but man do I love my TR20!
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    Home improvement seems to be all my wife and I have been doing for nearly 3 years since buying a house in the neighborhood where my wife grew up. In 2018, we refinished the hardwood floors throughout the house, installed HVAC, removed the old, worn-out oil furnace, replaced the old fuse box with a modern breaker box, and rewired the entire house. In 2019, we refinishing the basement. After a short break, we renovated our daughters bathroom to be more suitable for teenagers/adults rather than kids in June of this year. That leaves us with only the kitchen remaining, which is on the schedule for 2021. Last week, we began noticing an issue around guttering along the front porch. After carefully taking down the guttering, the wood backing was completely rotted through. We removed it while searching for the cause of the problem. The guttering and leaf guard system is in great shape given it was installed in 2012. The front porch roof is supported by three posts. What we found was the post on the opposite side of the downspout was nearly three inches shorter than the other two posts. The porch roof had settled around the shorter post causing a big dip in the gutter causing the water to flow in the opposite direction of the downspout. The gutter would fill with water rather than drain properly. The water would then overflow back into the wooden backing because the wooden backing was installed with the top edge leaning backward, toward the house. Completely incompetent craftsmanship! The old adage holds true, you never truly own your home, it owns you!
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    joined ya! but just barely....
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    PSA don't rush because that's when bad things happen. Having no lights in the room meant me trying to finish another piece before it got dark which led to an incident. Foot slipped off the edge and I started to go down to the first floor, quick reaction times helped but I messed up my kitchen ceiling earlier than desired. Positive is most of the hole in my floor is fixed
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    Total disaster of a round. 46/46:92. 5 was a magic number: 5 fairways, 5 greens, 5 3 putts, 5 doubles or worse. This was just a round to forget and move on.
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    Look what ups just dropped off. Again, thank you @GolfSpy STUDqueand the whole MGS team for the awesome prize.
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    Thought this was a great read about club fitting. Seems to sum up my opinion and many of the opinions on the forum. I think it might be a good must read before you go to a fitting. https://pluggedingolf.com/there-is-no-perfect-fit/
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    Played this diabolical par 3 in central Texas (White Bluff Old Course) and after all these years, I thought for sure they’d cut down this oak in the middle of the tee box. Nothing like flighting down a 7 iron but then hoping it climbs high enough to the elevated green. Just a few choice words were muttered upon arrival of this hole. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Welcome to golf! I'm with @Peaksy68, the best thing you can do is to completely ignore almost all of the online advice you'll get, and ignore all of Youtube. Almost all of the online commentators will see only the symptoms of what you're doing (i.e. the lack of turn noted by @Buffly), very very few of us know enough to identify the actual causes of the symptoms. Go get some lessons, even an introductory series of group lessons if that's available, to revise the basics of grip and address. Play and practice, enjoy yourself, golf isn't easy, but its a lot of fun.
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    4-0 start. I'll take it!
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    I’d strongly recommend getting some lessons from a local pro. Getting some basic setup advice from a pro is the best thing you can do as someone starting out. What you feel like you are doing may be different to reality, and trying to fix it yourself after reading advice may not actually help you. Although nearly everyone here is an avid golfer, there’s probably only a couple of guys actually qualified to give advice. Perhaps search for @chisag’s “tip of the day” fo some really good ideas. Is your fitting at a store or with a fitter? Hopefully it’s the latter, and the fitter might be able to give you some basics to work on. Good luck and enjoy the journey.
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    I have this table saw for the farm. Very well built saw and has a nice safety feature. Makes me feel safer when working alone in a building with less than ideal cell service. My next door neighbor also bought one, but only after almost losing three fingers. So be careful out there in DIY land.
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    Well a Sim Max D 9* head is on the way to me. If I can’t make the D work, I guess that will end my Sim experiment. Maybe I can talk the wife into a TSi3 for my birthday!
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    My clubs are the original AP2's and after 12 years they have been great clubs. I did my research and hit almost every major brand and it was great to work with a knowledgeable fitter who understood my swing and was able to switch and match shafts. It was really cool and very different from my Titleist tour van fitting 12 years ago. After the marathon session the top 2 were Mizuno JPX 921 Hot Metal Pro and the Wilson d7 Forged. I'm going back tomorrow to make a final decision and make my shaft decision. I am leaning to the Mizuno for the fact you have so much flexibility with options including grips with no up charge. I play midsize so this is a huge bonus. I will report back once they are ordered!!!
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    +1 for dish soap..maybe leave it on there for a few minutes to break down the sunblock then use a soft bristled toothbrush to "scrub" the remaining sunblock on the face. That's what i would try... MDGolfHacker
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    A little late to the game here, per usual. But I gave it a go. I decided to give the R-Motion a try mostly because it advertises that it gives some basic information about my swing but also because it integrates, and comes with, a free version of a simulator. The reviews on R-Motion are mixed at best, but I was hoping I would be able to get one of the better experiences. There are a few aspects to the R-Motion to dig into; the R-Motion device, the App, the data and the Simulator. Pros: Relatively reliant ball flight and swing path display on the R-Motion app and GameGolf. Free simulator GameGolf is a quite fun and useful. Great for a quick 18 rounds at home. Cons: Both GameGolf and R-Motion provide little to no instruction out of the box. Almost everything of value I found were on forums….still varied by “experts”. Neither GameGolf nor R-Motion provide a user friendly experience to rename or add clubs. R-Motion provides a full range to choose from, but GameGolf is unnecessarily restrictive. I saw on several GameGolf forums you cannot change the loft more than 5 degrees from the default…….true…..however change it 5 degrees, save setting, then change it 5 degrees more and you’re good to go. R-Motion club attachment is horrendous. Buying multiple is stupid expensive. Regular blue putty from a hardware store is the fix. R-Motion uses some variance of Rolomotion to acquire swing data. Problem is, if you top or stuff a ball it looks at swing path and may show a great hit. GameGolf – short chips take some getting used to. Putting is absolutely pointless. There is a setting to automatically take a 1 or 2 stroke based on distance. R-Motion – On my Pixel phone I cannot let the R-Motion turn on before logging in or the app will freeze then need to restart phone. Must login first, then activate the R-Motion device. No way to export swing data or track progress. I brought R-Motion with me to an indoor practice facility using a ForeSight tracking system. The two systems track different data points so it is difficult to say if R-Motion was accurate or not, however I feel the R-Motion was reasonably close for the most part and flight path was comparable. There were definitely shots that the two provided very different numbers (assuming ForeSight tracker is accurate). Would I recommend R-Motion? No. The data it provides just doesn’t help me improve my practice and the mishits are too unreliable. Also, take into consideration that Rapsodo doesn’t appear to sell it any longer. Me: I’m a beginner/recreational golfer (mid/high 90s). Been playing for several years, but that typically has meant 3 or 4 rounds a year having a few beers with friends. Recently, prior to quarantine, I started to take a real interest in golf and wanted to actually improve my game.
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    While you are correct, Bryson did have a great advantage growing up in golf that a lot of people don't get. His dad is a PGA professional, good guy and good golfer, but a little weird too. When John was GM at Dragonfly Bryson was out there all the time. Also allowed him to work with Mike Schy all the time and my guess is at little to no cost. Not a "country club" kid but some certain advantages.
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    I think Poulter, Montgomerie, Sergio and a few others are asshats at times, but I'd play a round and have a beer with anyone before deciding not to a second time. I've had a fair number of folks surprise me over the years.
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    Last 2 rounds have been nothing to talk about really, after weeks of finally getting my game in the right direction. 2 back to back rounds of 87 and 89 and the first one was just a horrible putting day with 38 putts and the second was back 9 doubles that couldn't get out of.. Stupid game of golf.. But hey lets try again this weekend and get the ship back on the right course..
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    The only problem/inaccuracy with this is how people interpret “feel”. Pros generally use the putters that they use because that feel translates to ball speed. Ball speed is distance control and they have trained themselves over many years that the sound/feel they experience will cause the ball to go X distance. Since they are good at hitting close to the same spot and delivering the putter in the same way they won’t see as much benefit from ball roll technologies. Evnroll for example would require a player to learn new feels to roll the ball a specific distance since center contact has lower ball speeds. Amateurs who struggle with delivering consistent loft, face angle, or ball impact location benefit from ball roll technologies since they help equalize those misses. I don’t think there can be any argument that grooves change how a putter performs. The question is whether the technology provides you with the help you need. For example if you deliver the club with an open face and off the heel on one putt and then a closed face off the toe on the next you need to work on your stroke and worry about the putter characteristics beyond the face.
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    The Champ is 0-4??????????? Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I was actually playing up to work on 125 and under. It really was just on of those days...bad shots, bad decisions, and after the plus 10 front I just kinda lost mental focus to try and play decent. Hit the ball better during most wanted testing yesterday and hope to do the same tomorrow and get in a little more short game work before my round on Sunday.
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    another update: some very basic googling got me Calvin’s home phone number. i just got off the phone with his dad, real nice guy basically told him at this point if Calvin can’t produce proof that he sent my clubs, i’m gonna need a refund and that it can either come direct from Calvin now, or paypal can take it from his bank in a few weeks. dear old dad is gonna have a talk with Calvin
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    Yesterday I really believed I was going to be 0-4, but got very lucky last night. Now I am telling the wife that I need this: https://fathead.com/products/4900-00151?variant=32963184230488
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    Rub it in why don’t ya
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    First thought would be to use a good amount of what caused the residue to emulsify it and remove the lot completely. Usually the "propellant" or liquid emulsion that is effective at applying the substance is what will again move it once it has evaporated and done it's job the first time. Probably not enough surface to say, try a test spot to see what happens. Just a thought, best wishes for successfully restoring the surface.
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    After a handfulnof sunny rounds, the spray sunblock and other junk accumulated on the face. I recall reading a warning about not getting sunscreen on the face. I've tried a few things to remove what's left of the residue. Does anyone know of a good cleaner? Soapy water nor windex wont do the job. I dont have any screen or lens cleaner and a bit scared to try alcohol. What's left is gritty, and I thought maybe the face was pitted, but I can scrape it away with a fingernail.
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    What practice ball?.. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
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    Certainly there are usually stands there on 18. But considering ANA was really only advertising to the TV audience, that wall could have been virtual, added in by Golf Channel. I'd have loved to see the water behind the green come into play for the first time in a long time. That being said, if I were playing that hole with a backboard up and water short, I'd drill it into the wall every time.
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    That's just insane. I really haven't caught any fliers, but our rough isn't all that thick right now. I may be showing my age here, but I like to get the ball on the ground and rolling as soon as I can. I've been known to use everything up to a 6i if I have a long way to go and very little fringe to carry.
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    Consistency is Key Friday round planned. This is the “earn the spot in the bag or not” round. I was at the range on Saturday for a bucket... got lost on my way to Lowe’s somehow, and had a car full of golf gear... how does that happen? Still really consistent in the distance area, something I had it pegged as not as good as a CB gamer PW. Fairing really well, there is some real world testing from a mediocre golfer on the set vs specialty wedge. Being that it is a full swing club for me, most of the time, it really shines on well struck shots. But the slightly off shots are not punished as much as say my 58° wedge, if I miss toe or high with it, I am short of target every time. Not present with the ZipCore. I will post up a post round assessment... but you’ll have to wait for a few to find out if it makes it to the tool kit permanently.
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    I think we will be seeing a lot of Bryson winning tournaments over the next several years. I like the way he analyzes the courses and his game and uses his talent to his advantage. I guess it's the science we have in common. Please don't dislike me too!! I don't know Bryson, and I won't pass judgement. I know many pros, and I have to say that there are many more pros that have attitudes I don't care for than ones I do. Most times what they do on the course is not what they do off the course, and it goes both ways. But... I'd have a beer with Bryson, then maybe I'll know him.
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    The wall was there because the ANA has had stands there for years. It's not a new thing. No fans; no need to erect the corporate seating area, just a wall. It just looked odd this year. It's the same issue at other venues where stands for fans encroach on the golf course. OB markers are there, just further away than we see on a telecast. Why should the pros be penalized for hitting the ball to the same places we hit it that's not OB when the stands are gone?
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    That must have hurt. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    I can remember way back in the day you could get them from the GCSAA. My old man being a club pro and former tour player knew people and could get them. But remember this was in the late 60s early mid 70s. We went all the time. Last time I went I am thinking around 90 or so and I got those tickets through a friend who was a GCSAA member. LOL I remember my old man asking my bud what was the first thing I did when I got into the gate? My bud told him hit the concession stand for 2 Pimento Cheese Sandwiches and a Coca Cola
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    Monday morning played lousy. 1st 8 holes a few pars mostly bogies until the 8th. Par 3, 155 yards over water, 2 tier green and windy. What could go wrong[emoji12] IMG_1433.HEIC Hit it to 6’ under the hole and got the bird. My Bud 5’ above the hole also got his bird. See easy game[emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    47/46 93. Driver was off its' chops all day leaving me in a bad position a lot. First time out with the D7's and while I didn't hit any in the power holes, they seem to be working well.
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    Spent yesterday on a launch monitor. I'll update this with some numbers, but the short version is I was impressed with the gaping of the D7's. 10-12 years gaps for me from GW-5i. And every peak height 29y +/- 1 y. Also, didn't hit a single crazy flyer the likes of which I've been seeing on the course, so still blaming that on the rough(and ability to play out of it).
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    Beginning at the 3:40 mark.
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    I forgot to post after my last round. I played September 12th with my sons and a friend. It was rather short notice, and helped me forget the fact I wasn't in NE Ohio with the group. I surprised myself with a round of 94. Considering I played a total of 3, 18 hole rounds, and was a sub in a league 4 times. Not a great year of playing opportunities.
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    Just gearing up for the long season. If Engram can pull his head out of his rear end and I get Michael Thomas back, my team will be fine. At least until more injuries hit the league. Sent from my Moto Z3 Play using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Is this what you were looking for: https://mygolfspy.com/most-wanted-golf-ball/ "Also, cheaper (2-piece) balls and matte finish balls are affected more significantly by moisture."
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    And here I thought it was a seal. And they all look to have hues of the i500's... which brings up a question... who was the first mfg. and which model was the original "players distance" iron?
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    Info on the new Honma TR21X irons is out, and damn, do they look good! https://mygolfspy.com/honma-tr21x-irons-a-new-players-distance-option/ Looks to me like a cross between the P770 and the Forged Tec, and trying to bridge the gap between player's distance and GI irons. If the results from the Honma driver forum test are any indication, some folks are in for major yardage gains with these things! What do you think, would you give them a shot?
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    I'm glad you're ok, that looks like it could have been nasty.
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    I would think that the biggest benefit of the one length mentality is trying to simplify the game of golf, if the equipment can help diminish the learning curve, so new players can have more fun and have more people gravitate towards golf. I know cobra had their own challenges to get these clubs developed, but I believe it is worth for other OEMs to get into the one length game.
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    Got the wall up and insulated just because it's going to be in the 30s tonight again. Any barrier to keep cold zone a cold zone and the warm zone a warm zone. Taking a break then fixing that hole in my floor before it gets dark. Got a closet and the other easier wall to do tomorrow hopefully.
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