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    And now, the time has come. Dare I say, this challenge has been the best one yet. It's feedback from the competitors and fans like this that have really driven the challenge to another level. Thanks to our 5 test subjects and the hundreds of regular followers in the thread. This has been a great season and we thank you for coming along for the ride. Overall Stats: @B.Boston not only steered the ship into the harbor, he did a power slide into his space with style by wrapping up the overall category running away. This was truly a dominating performance by someone who took his game to the absolute next level. Who wouldn't want to cut their handicap in half? He didn't just improve one area of his game to bring down the HC either, this is across-the-board improvement. Very impressive! It's also very fun to look at the group's improvement as everyone experienced gains in multiple aspects of their games. You're each going to be formidable opponents in your next tournament. One of the keys to this challenge's success is total buy in and our guys really delivered with a staggering 95.5 rounds amongst them. There's no such thing as protecting the handicap in this group. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Which brings us to our final standings and podium prizes: We can #cuetheduckboats for @B.Boston and his fan base. For the grand prize, he'll be bringing home a custom Cobra License Plate Trophy PLUS 1 polo, 1 pair of pants or shorts, 1 hat, 1 pair of shoes. @daviddvm produced our best ONE length showing to date with a strong second place and even spent a little bit of time in the lead of our challenge. For his prize, he'll be sporting a PUMA Golf cap, polo and pair of shoes Although he had to withdraw from the competitive piece of the challenge early, @Headhammer managed to do enough throughout his competitive weeks to get himself onto the podium still. It's interesting to think about what would've happened had he not injured his elbow. He can impress his physical therapist with his new PUMA Golf cap and Polo I would be remiss if I didn't also acknowledge @GB13 and @edingc for their gallant efforts and detailed reviews throughout the process. I hope you guys enjoyed the challenge as much as the fans enjoyed heckling you! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - And our last prize of the day....the member of the thread. This one isn't always an easy choice but for CCC4, the decision was clear. We chose someone that participated day in day out, asked tons of questions, spammed the memes, and competed in each weekly challenge. You know him, you love him, (you may be slightly annoyed by him); this year's winner is: @xOldBenKenobiX Congrats! Shoot me a PM to claim your grand prize of a Cobra SPEEDZONE Driver and Arccos for the full set. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - THE END. HOPE TO SEE YOU NEXT YEAR.
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    machined solid face impact feel and sound accuracy consistency ...all words golfers like to see when considering a putter and Ping brings these to you with their new Heppler line, packaged in a black chrome shaft and a stunning copper and black finish. join me as we follow along with these members while they test and review the new Ping putters: • @Shapotomous - Fetch • @MadMex - Piper-C • @Alf. S - Floki • @MyWifesSwingCoach - Tomcat and testing from the MGS staff: • @GolfSpy STUDque - Ketsch Also, don't miss @GolfSpy Dave's review - https://mygolfspy.com/ping-heppler-putter-review/
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    OK EVERYONE Time to announce our Group Halloween Costume Winner.... This challenge was a fun one to get to know the full compliment of Cobra ambassadors. You guys definitely embraced the halloween aspect of this challenge....some of those pictures were downright scary. @Peaksy68's rendition of Lexi improving her lie may not be our winner, but, my God, was it memorable. Yeesh. First, let's do some honorable mentions: @Nunfa0 and his rendition of the whole crew was particularly fun and well-edited: @MaxEntropy got some bonus points from Cobra for actually having the man himself in the picture. Very nice dedication (even though it was from last year): @jddaigneault and his commitment to the entire outfit and a story to accompany. Can't wear that orange without someone on the course calling you out for looking like Rickie: But, the winner was actually unanimous. With big LOLs and an extremely accurate depiction, our winner of the Puma shoes this week is going to be........ @knightsofnii with his uber-accurate rendition of Duffnering: Congrats on your win this week. Send me a PM with your shoe size and shipping address to get them sent along!
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    Testers Wanted (4) Feel, while very subjective, is an important aspect of golf clubs for most golfers. Soft for one player is mushy for someone else, while firm to some can be considered harsh to others. For those firmly in the firm camp (yes, that was intentional), the PING Heppler may be for you. Offered in the same models as the flagship Sigma line, Heppler is a machined solid flat face that provides a firmer impact feel and sound. All this comes in a stunning black and copper finish that provide effective alignment cues. Want to be a Tester We’re looking for four golfers who are motivated, detail-oriented, and committed to providing a thorough review of the PING Heppler putters and sharing your thoughts and grades with the forum community. Testing is open to golfers in the US, Canada and UK. Reply to this thread with the following information (do not quote this post): First Name/City State/Country Current Putter in Use Check out all the models (see them here), and tell us which one interests you and why? Wondering which PING putter best fits your game? Try PING's online fitting tool! We'll be choosing the testers sometime next week, so check back and see if you've been chosen. Good Luck!
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    First Tournament Recap Kirke and I left for the Twin Cities on Sunday afternoon. We were looking at about a 4.5 hour drive. But along the way, I remembered a sign I'd seen for a course along the road. We impulsively decided we needed to check it out, and that was a great decision. Grantsburg (WI) Golf Course was a total blast to play. Just under 2,000 yards for 9 holes. They charged $10 for the 9 with cart, and didn't charge for Kirke. He and I decided to play it as a two-man scramble. There is a shorter set of tees as well, and that bailed us out on one hole when I duck-hooked a drive. Nearly every hole is blind on at least one shot. I probably wouldn't want this to be my home course, but for a quick nine, it was a total blast! It was the kind of course you finish and immediately want to go around again because you would have a better idea of how to attack it the second time. Monday morning, we got up early (I didn't think Kirke had a chance of sleeping in; he was pretty excited). We grabbed Chik-Fil-A for breakfast and headed to Eagle Lake Youth Golf Center for some morning practice. We starting with Kirke practicing some longer putts. We then got a bucket of range balls. Kirke was on fire on the range. He was peppering the 100 yard sign with his driver (he normally carries the ball right around there), and he hit one in the 50 yard net on his second attempt. His swing was looking really sharp: But we got hit with a thunderstorm (with quite a bit of lightning) partway through his bucket. We took shelter for a while to wait it out. The storm was going to pass in about a half hour, but more concerning was the fact that the radar looked to be showing an enormous storm system over the whole Twin Cities just about the time of Kirke's scheduled 3:12 afternoon tee time: Once the initial storm cleared, we headed over to the short course for what (I'm pretty sure) was our third match on the Eagle Lake pitch and putt. The longest hole is 90 yards. This course is the scene of one important golf first for Kirke: when he was 3, it was the first time he beat me on a hole we played at the same yardage. It was a 40-yarder, and at the time, he hit hybrid on the green and two-putted for par; I went over the green and made a bogey. I digress. Monday morning was a new first: the first time Kirke and I played nine holes from the same tees and he beat me outright: Note that he shot a solid even par 27. I skulled my tee shot on 2 OB over the green and missed a few short putts for a 30, so Kirke thumped me thoroughly. A cool accomplishment for him, and it certainly won't be the last time I lose to this boy. From there, we headed to another place that Kirke has wanted to go for a while: Topgolf! We spent most of our time competing on the Junior Quick Nine game: three shots each to the nearest three targets. I had to shoot for the red and yellow targets that were further from our bay to even it up a little, so of course Kirke ended up beating me a little more often than I beat him. After a quick stop at the local PGA Tour Superstore, we began the drive to the course. When we arrived, I was struck by the 1) number of kids and 2) the dollars spent on youth golf equipment. It's a different world. Anyway, we waited the COVID-approved half hour before Kirke's tee time before he went to the putting green. Given the amount of swings he'd already taken that morning, he didn't feel the need to hit any range balls. They were only a few minutes behind schedule for Kirke's tee time. Kirke was paired up with one other 7-year-old boy; they both had the same Cobra junior bag. There was no rain when the round began—and not a drop fell during the round. We were grateful to be able to play, having come from so far. As per my earlier post, I had done as much online scouting as I could of the course and was pretty confident that it would set up well for Kirke. What I didn't realize was the degree to which most of the greens were set well above the fairways, most with pretty severe false fronts. On the first hole, Kirke hit his approach well above the hole. Given the speed of the practice green and the fact that the green had some significant slope to the front, he was very timid with his first putt, barely getting it halfway to the hole. It ended up as a three-putt bogey. I'm not going to recap every single shot in part because, already, they're blending together a bit for me. Here's his card: He made a solid par on 2. The 3rd was another that had a severe incline; he flared his 6 iron right and short and didn't get up and down. The surprise hole for me was 5; it was one that, given the yardage, I had hopes he would birdie. He hit a perfect drive, leaving him just over 100 yards to the green. But his FW cut a bit on him and he ended up in a pretty deep greenside bunker. His first bunker shot hit the lip and rolled back to the same spot. He got out on his second try, 2-putting for a bogey. The thing I was most proud of him about, though, is that although he was 4-over through five holes, he wasn't down at all. That's (honestly) a bit unusual for him; when he starts with a few bad holes, his attitude can get frustrated and a bit sulky. Monday, though, nothing seemed to phase him; he just wanted to go to the next hole and keep playing. The next three holes he rolled up solid pars. The final hole was a blind drive, and although he hit it well, when we came over the hill we found he was in the right rough. This left him with about a 75-yard shot from pretty heavy rough over a deep bunker; that's a tough shot for a little guy. He ended up bunkered; got out in one shot and two-putted to finish with a bogey (his par putt just missed; that ended up being more important than we thought in the moment). To be honest, neither nor I were expecting 5-over to finish well. We were the first group to get done, and Kirke's playing partner clipped him by one, shooting a 4-over 40. But as each group came in, no one was posting anything lower than Kirke's 41. So Kirke ended up T-2. I'm pretty sure he thinks that medal is the greatest thing ever! After the round, we hit a gas station so Kirke could get a much-needed and well-deserved Mountain Dew slushie. Then we enjoyed a four-hour drive home (with lots of good conversation). It was a great two-day road trip, with lots of really special father and son memories made. We've got the ball from his first tournament set aside (to go with his first hole-in-one ball). Kirke appreciates the support so many of you guys have shown: I share your comments and such with him. Thanks for that! We're still not planning to make a habit of driving to these events on any sort of regular basis, especially in the near future. I did find out, though, that there's a Upper Peninsula Golf Association that has a junior tour here. It's already done for this season, but I'm hoping that maybe next year, Kirke'll be able to play an event or two.
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    It's crazy to think we've already reached the final week of the challenge! What a fun and crazy summer. I know I'll say it again before the end, but a massive thanks goes out to MGS/Cobra/Puma/Arccos for arranging this awesome opportunity. And it's been great getting to know more about each of the competitors and commenters in this thread. I unfortunately had to cancel tomorrow's tee time because the weather is not going to cooperate with rain and thunderstorms forecast all day. But my Thursday round is looking good, and I'm going to look around for a tee time Friday if I can find one as well. This last week is a good opportunity for me to get out and explore some of the other great courses we have in our area.
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    I set-out this summer to get my GHIN below 5. As of the most recent update, I am below 5! Stoked.... I really think I can get it below 4, so I’m setting that as the next goal. I lose most of my strokes in the last 4 holes of each round when my back stiffens-up and I’m unable to turn as well as I did on the first hole, so there’s room to move it lower. A few more fairways each round can help.... Time to hit 3.9!!!!!
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    As many of you know I've been dealing with some severe elbow pain for a while and after conferring with my doctors, Chairmen @GolfSpy STUDque , Lexi Thompson and my family, it is with deepest regrets that I announce my withdrawal from the Cobra Connect Challenge. I want to thank Cobra Golf & My Golf Spy for the opportunity and I wish my fellow competitors best of luck as they continue through the final challenges. While I'm down, I'm not out and still have a few things to offer over the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled.
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    I had the day off of work so what better way to pass the time than play some golf. I had a tee time early this morning at Diamond Springs Golf Course in Hamilton, Michigan. I grew up not far from this course and remember when it first opened. It's a Mike DeVries design, which if you're a fan of Michigan golf, you'll know him as the the architect behind Pilgrim's Run in Pierson, The Mines in Grand Rapids and Greywalls in Marquette. I think the last time I played here was in 2014, and I don't honestly know or remember how I did. I had spent some of last night mapping out the course on Google Maps with intended club use and tee shot lines, from the white tees which play somewhere around 6,000 yards but rates out harder than my usual course. Literally as I was driving to the first tee I thought, "Why not really challenge myself?" and decided to play from the blues (the tips at this course), which play to 6,800 yards and a 73.0/137 rating. This is by far the longest and most challenging course I've ever played, and I played pretty well for most of the front and the first third of the back, but man, did the rest of the back just absolutely beat me up. I didn't have an awful day driving the ball, but it was pretty wet and the entire course is a single cut of Kentucky bluegrass that really didn't afford much roll. So it put a lot of pressure on my tee game to have both distance and accuracy, and even then I had a lot of mid-to-long irons into greens. Of all days, the battery in my laser died and I was not able to use it the entire round. Thankfully, Arccos was very helpful, but the laser's accuracy to flags cannot be matched by guessing on the satellite images. Holes 9, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 border or cross a ravine that is all hazard area totally in play from the tee and I unfortunately found that area four times by a handful of yards in total. I ended up shooting a 92 (44/48), but literally 5 yards left or right on most of the holes would have been a very good drive. Between a bad three-putt (I lost focus on a tap in from about 12 inches) and just one or two of those holes, I wasn't far from a round in the mid-80s. On my home course that lacks all of the hazards I would have easily had a really, really good round. I'm obviously bummed that I didn't break 90 (which was my goal going into the round), but looking back on the round I'm really happy with how I played. I absolutely pounded the driver today but just got a little wild. I'm stoked that the SpeedZone Xtreme is working so well for me, as my miss now is a pull that is 100 percent my swing and not the club. I also am starting to enjoy the SpeedZone irons as well. All in all, well worth my time and $45 for 18 and cart. After my round I headed out to Holland and The Links at Rolling Meadows, a nine-hole par three course that plays very, ahem, favorably from the front tees. By the time I got to the course, a steady rain had started. While this meant I had the course to myself, it also meant walking in the rain and I was thoroughly soaked by the time I was done. The course is a very cool little "links" style course with a lot of wetlands and actual challenging greens. $25 got me a Coke Zero and 27 shots at getting closest to the pin. I love that I was able to play 27 holes in just over two hours. You would think over 27 chances from 120 yards and in I would have jarred one, but alas. I played OK (+5 over the 27, notching two birdies on the first 9 but none on the last two go arounds), but I was really starting to get tired by the time I started my third nine. My best effort for the challenge so far is 7'1" (85 inches) from 70 yards on No. 5 during my second time through: Very fun day, and I still hopefully have at least another 18 holes to try to best this effort.
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    Alright, since the challenge this week involves a playing partner so the Arccos stats will be excluded from my averages I thought today would be a good time to share an update of Baseline vs In-Challenge stats. Here is my baseline Arccos stats: And my current stats with the #COBRACONNECT clubs: WOW is all I can say when I see those numbers. All of the Cobra clubs, with the potential exception of the hybrid, immediately and consistently feel good in my hands. And the distances have been very consistent for me. I think this, along with some changes in course management (these challenges really make you think!) have caused me to be more focused and dialed in on the course. Here are the Cobra averages: Overall these are right inline with what I was expecting my real world distances to be based on the lofts. The 5 iron and 9 iron still are slightly inflated due to a few downhill shots. The 9 iron has as many shots around 135 as it does around 150 so I expect that will move down in the next few rounds. I have no complaints at all. The wedges have been incredibly versatile for me and I now rarely take a full swing with the 60 so that yardage is down too. I figure this is probably a good week if any of you guys have any burning questions about the Cobra clubs or challenge in general that I can answer as we don’t have an equipment review to share! I can’t believe that the fall is coming so quickly and this summer of cobra is nearing its close. I’ve got a few chances left to push my way back on top and bring home the coveted #COBRACONNECT Challenge Championship! #cuetheduckboats
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    Played my final round of #CC4 this morning. It was very surreal feeling as this has been quite an experience this summer. I hit some really good shots, some really bad shots and a few in between and had a lot of fun just taking everything in. The weather has been very touch and go here already this September, so I'm trying to enjoy what little golf we have left this season. Playing at my home course I shot an 85, which is fitting as that's what I shot during my first round with the Cobra clubs in the bag way back on July 18. That feels like not long ago, but also a long time ago! Hole No. 7 pretty much summed up the type of play I've had for the past several weeks. I pulled my drive a little left and smacked a tree, with the ball rebounding all the way back into the fairway. Lined up my second shot with the SpeedZone 7 iron and hit the most beautiful layup shot that was headed exactly where I wanted -- at least until it caught a lone branch and dropped straight down in the fairway about 150 away. Undeterred, I pulled 8 iron and put a great swing on the ball from the fairway and saw it bounce up on the elevated green. Walking up I had this left for an unconventional par: And the friggin' putt lipped out. It's been a wild ride, and I'm looking forward to summarizing my thoughts in our wrap up posts. Massive thanks to @GolfSpy STUDque for herding us around for the past few months, and of course to fellow competitors @B.Boston, @daviddvm, @GB13, and @Headhammer, who put on a good show and made for some excellent competition!
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    Yes!!! Thanks!! I already had the hair and the frown, lol That's my "Yes! I frickin WON!" look
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    Holy cow, ( a lot expletives being shouted out right now) are you kidding me? this is awesome, thank you very very much.
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    I've been thinking about this two man challenge since I first received the calendar for the #COBRACONNECT4 challenge. Unsure of what would be best I've actively talked up MGS to numerous playing partners and many have been interested but none ponied up and became members here. My wife did sign up and she has been on my shortlist but with school starting she has her hands full at home helping my daughter and one of our friends son with virtual classes during the week. My search continued until, last week when our family friend and my wife's life long neighbor and her little brother's best friend growing up, was down enjoying a martini with me I do make a great dry Vodka martini. This man is referred to around our house as "The Guy"! If something is broken or stopped up or if you're doing home repair or if you need an exotic tool you call "The Guy" he has everything and more importantly he knows how to do everything! We started talking about golf and he told me he had started playing again ( he and I used to play together pretty often until he was in an auto accident and suffered several broken vertebra and had to give up golf for several years). I told him about the #COBRACONNECT4 challenge and #TeamCobraONE. We discussed one length clubs and the rationale behind the concept." That makes total sense to me" said the man my daughter calls Uncle Randy! I said " well you can try them out next week and be my alternate shot partner in the week 7 challenge!" Randy was reluctant because he isn't playing as frequently or as well as he used to. But I know Randy, he's clutch! He's the kind of guy you know you can count on whenever and whatever the circumstances. After my encouragement "The Guy" is now a MGS member and should be a valuable member for sure. This will be the first round of golf we have played together in six years and I am so proud to have such a good friend on #TeamCobraONE aka #TeamONELength I'm proud to introduce I'll be encouraging Randy to become active as he becomes more familiar with MGS. My home for golf! I won't be surprised if "The Guy" plays some really good golf!. But one thing I know it will be really good to play golf with my friend again!
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    Week 7 Recap The Cobra seasons always feel so long at the outset then zip by before you can blink once they get going. Week 7 has drawn to a conclusion and we're really nearing the finish line with two of our competitors separating themselves but others still within striking distance if they get the right bounces. Scores came in on both ends of the spectrum this week as the teams of #cuetheduckboats #teamcobraone both went low low low low. @B.Boston and @Lacassem went the lowest and got this week's win. By virtue of being on the winning team, Lacassem wins his second prize of the summer so he's reached his max. Congrats! Heading into the final week of the season, @B.Boston finally overtook @daviddvm and we've got a real nail-biter going into the final week! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Week 8 - Caddie, Do You Know De Way? Competitors: This week, our competitors are charged with playing a new course (or seldom played) and using Arccos Caddie to navigate the course. They may disagree with Caddie for a 1/3 stroke penalty at any time but otherwise need to follow the recommendations. Standing on each tee, you get strategy choices...they'll pick one and follow the club recommendations from there. Lowest CCNet wins! Fans: Everyone loves a good prop bet. Attached to this thread, you'll find a poll with prop bets available for your betting consumption. These will cover many areas of this last week's challenge. We also need your help voting on your favorite follow throughout the challenge for the social aspect of the overall competition. Good luck! (If you don't see the poll, hold your horses and check back later)
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    Even though I know we left some strokes out there, I really enjoyed the round! Always like playing over at Western Greens, and it was a nice to change to play with someone else who really cares about the game like @edingc does. And apparently we used to be neighbors! As far as the clubs were concerned, I will say it's a lot harder than I was anticipating to play with a totally new/not-fit-to-you set. Cody has his irons and wedges bent flat, and it was hard for me to trust the fade-ball flight I was seeing, because I'm used to draw most of mine. And (needless to say) there's a big difference between these 2020 Cobra King Speedzone irons and my ~30 year old Ping Eye 2's. I think if I had a few range sessions to get more used to the clubs, our score would have been a whole different story. A few big take aways for me: 1) The MIM wedges are really something. If you're in the market for new wedges, you'd be doing yourself a disservice not to give these a serious look. 2) The Speedzone Extreme driver is really nice, and really forgiving (just not when you put atrocious swings on it). On the range, I hit across the face pretty judiciously and it kept giving really stable ball flights. On the course, I didn't actually get a chance to use it until the 10th, and hit a bomb; unfortunately I had lined up like I was hitting my own driver with my typical ~15yd draw, and this sucker went dead straight. I think if I'd have trusted the straight flight I was seeing on the range and lined up accordingly, Cody would have been putting for Eagle pretty easily. The other 2 tee shots I used it for, I just had terrible swings. No club I know of fixes that! 3) The irons really weren't as big or as much offset as I thought they would be. Don't get me wrong, they're not blades, but I was pleasantly surprised with the look of the irons at address. I also didn't give the carbon fiber top line a single thought throughout the entire round. 4) Alternate ball rounds are really hard! Just because of how things shook out stroke-wise, I didn't use the driver until the 10th hole. If I remember correctly Cody didn't even putt past 3 or 4 feet until the 5th. It's a lot harder to get into a rhythm, and I'll have much more of an appreciation for the format when I'm watching alternate shot set-ups in the future. 5) The MGS community is pretty freakin' awesome. Even though it wasn't either of @edingc's or my best days, it was a pleasure and privilege to be able to participate in the CobraConnect Challenge with Cody! It was also pretty cool to meet and play with a fellow spy (finally!), and a great guy at that. I wish I'd put together some better swings for ya, but really grateful to be able to compete on team #TeamCalvesLikePhil!
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    Shoot! @ncwoz beat me to the thread. I had the pleasure of competing alongside (but still socially-distanced from) Nate this morning for the #CobraConnect alternate shot challenge. Neither Nate or I had ever played the alternate shot format, which truly puts a lot of pressure on your shots because you're responsible for your partner's next opportunity! Nate had the "luxury" of about 10 minutes and 12-15 range balls worth of practice with the Cobra clubs and off we went this morning just after sunrise. Before I cover the round, let me just say @ncwoz can smack the cover off the ball. I'm not short or slow by most measurements, but I fully realized how fast he swings in comparison by hole No. 2. After I hit a good 7 iron from the tee to about 162 yards from pin, I told Nate this would be a pretty full 8 iron or even a soft, choked up 7 iron to the green for me. He proceeded to pull the SpeedZone 9 iron and hit one of the highest, most towering iron shots I've ever seen, ending up pin high left of the green. Jaw dropping... So we got off to a great start, rolling three straight pars to open the round behind three pretty good tee shots from myself and some great short game and putting from Nate. We were feeling really good after No. 3, after a fantastic drive from me and a booming 6 iron from Nate led to par (I chipped up with the 58 and we two putted - obviously Arccos is not very accurate when we're socially distanced and using different putters). And then we just couldn't replicate that magic over the next 15 holes. A few balls were lost, and few trees were hit. We walked the course, but had we been in a cart I imagine it would have looked something like this: I appreciate Nate's willingness to do whatever it took to complete this challenge, even pulling off an impressive left-handed Tiger-esque punch out from some bushes that I found by pulling my 5 iron off No. 6 tee so far left that I was over No. 7 tee box. The scorecard with all of the gory details: I'll draw attention to the putting because I absolutely murdered the round with my awful distance control today. The only hope we would have had for scoring better would for me to have not needed to putt at all. I left poor Nate so many bad second putts, as evidenced by the staggering number of 3 (gulp, and 4) putts. So while Nate might say it's his fault, I'm not so sure. This was my worst putting round of the year by far, I could have probably used a wedge to putt more effectively today. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting/playing a round with another Spy in real life (small world, by the third hole Nate and I realized that we lived less than a quarter mile apart for the past two years), and it was fun to see Nate give the SpeedZones a shot. They certainly weren't a great fit for him, he's probably in the 60TX/70X driver shaft category, but I'd be curious to see if he has any thoughts to add. As for me, aside from the putting I actually put together a reasonably good ball striking round and still feel pretty good about all of the clubs, but especially the driver and wedges.
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    Since I'm not competing in the 2-man alternate shot this week I thought I would hold a contest to giveaway half of my TEAM HAMMER swag. For a chance to win find the post on my Instagram @Hammerh69 and follow me and Cobra Golf. https://www.instagram.com/hammerh69/
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    So, I know this is close to the biggest kept secret in all of sports history, so it will be all shock and awe when you see who I will be teaming up with this week.... But before we get to the announcement, I’d like to recognize some of Boston Sport’s finest dynamic Duos (in no particular order): 1. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick 2. Larry Bird and Kevin McHale 3. Manny Ramirez and David “Big Papi” Ortiz 4. Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito With such a rich history of talented players working in tandem to achieve excellence in their sport I am beyond thrilled to announce the newest Boston Sports Dynamic Duo B.Boston and @Lacassem! We will be taking our talents to Blissful Meadows Golf Club this Saturday in what is sure to be an exciting and enjoyable round of golf. #cuetheduckboats
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    I’ve got a tee time booked tomorrow at an executive course. It will be three generations playing golf! My oldest son, grandpa and papa, and myself! I’m looking forward to having my son out there again after he came in Maine, but this one will be a better fit for him.
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    When I saw the closest to the pin on par 3's challenge the first thing that popped into my mind was playing a par 3 course. So I immediately booked a room at a golf resort up north with a beautiful executive course. My plan was to play 72 holes over 2 days, 36 each day, with the ultimate goal of a hole in one. Hey, I had 72 chances why not? Well, best made plans. When I got to the resort on day one, after a 2.5 hour drive, it was pouring rain. Not to be deterred I paid for 36 holes and went to the 1st tee only to find there were no pull/push carts, they had been removed due to COVID. Now I haven't walked a golf course in 25+ years and I certainly haven't carried a bag in more than that time, but the challenge must go on. So I put on my rain gear, adjusted the backpack straps on my Cobra stand bag and went to the first tee. The course, while beautiful, was soaking wet and getting sloppier with on and off downpours. I am happy to report that the rain hood on the Cobra stand bag works very well at keeping your clubs dry. The course is laid out well with lots of water and strategically placed bunkers and my first 8-holes were fairly unremarkable, hit some of the postage stamp greens, missed some others. Then I got to #9, the longest hole on the course listed at 174-yards by Arccos, all carry over a pond with trouble everywhere. When I tell you I flushed my Cobra SpeedZone 5-iron, I mean I didn't even feel it come off the face and the result was the closest of the round. From the 9th tee back to the 1st tee has to be at least a 1/2 mile walk, partially through a hiking trail with a fork in the road and of course I took the wrong side of the fork and had to hike back to the 1st tee. Panting like a dog, wet from rain and sweat I decided to shed the rain gear and just play the next 27 and deal with the rain & sweat I didn't record anything closer than 9" in round 2, since that was the mark to beat. I grabbed a quick lunch and came back for another 18 holes. When I got back from lunch the course had moved the pins and the tee boxes. The 4th hole, which played at 159 yards in the morning was 10 yards closer in the afternoon. Normally at 148-yards I'd take an 8 iron, but with the rain and trouble all around the green I hit 7-iron. I thought it actually went in, but just came up a few revolutions short. That one is gonna be hard to beat gentlemen!! By now it was raining non-stop and greens were just getting saturated as evidenced by this shot from a gap wedge from 87-yards out. After my 3rd nine in the rain, soaking wet, sore back and elbow I packed it in hoping for better weather the next day. I woke up the next morning to even heavier rain with no sign it was gonna let up. With my back & elbow killing me I decided to pack it in and drive home knowing I had a shot that was probably gonna get me near the top this week.
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    ... True dat. The only question is do I have an iron that covers my yardage gaps. I am currently playing T100-S which are "distance irons" with "jacked lofts". I am playing the same courses I played with all my old irons. It took a little while to figure the distance for each of my new irons, but not too long. I love the way they look at address, love the feel, trajectory and control. I honestly, really REALLY, double pinky swear, would pass a polygraph test that I don't care what is on the sole. That ship sailed a loooooong time ago so I got on board and now I play golf with my irons. I birdied 4 holes today and not a single one of them asked me the loft of the club that I used to hit the green, they just provided a box for me to enter how many strokes I took.
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    I feel like I have to at least get started with this oldie but goodie from last year. I'll raid the closets to see if I can find something new for this year as well.
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    Played at Red Tail golf club in Devens MA with @GolfSpy Barbajo @B.Boston and @Lacassem Had a great time despite the fact that a 15 minute rainshower decided to visit us shortly after we began! From L to R, Barbajo, B. Boston, Lacassem, Stroker... BTW - I swear that Mark and I did not call each other and plan to wear the same belt and shorts!
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    Week 5 Recap: As a relative unknown, this week could’ve gone either way. Based on our first hand accounts, 14 in the chamber seems to have been very challenging but extremely rewarding for those that made it through. Course management at its best. Great job everyone! Here’s our competitor’s scores from the week: and the challengers (who got smoked once again.... noticing a theme?): Time for the gear draw. Send me a PM to claim your prize: Thanks to his second win of the season, @daviddvm is your new leader of the challenge: ——————————————————— Week 6 - Closest to the Pin Competitors: As we begin the home stretch, it’s time for our guys to get precise. By now, they should be very comfortable with the full set and it’s time to take the training wheels off. This week, our competitors will be firing at flagsticks trying to get closest to the pin. For this week’s entry, we want our competitors taking a picture of a tape measure to verify the exact distance of their closest shot. Anyone got the guts to bring out a school ruler? Special Rule: Of course you can play a Par 3 course if you choose, but in addition, you may count approach shots from beyond 125y on Par 4s and 5s. Fans: Group Halloween Costume. A fan favorite for these challenges, let’s see your best impression of a Cobra staffer. This can be done by either an actual costume or photo editing work. Best costume wins this week’s Puma kicks to give next year’s costume a boost. Here’s the full list of staffers... it’s much deeper than you’d think. https://www.cobragolf.com/tour-staff
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    (6) TESTERS WANTED: BIRDIEBALL PUTTING MAT The biggest knock on artificial putting greens is that they don't roll like real putting greens. BirdieBall believes it's cracked the code. Using a proprietary foam material, it claimed status as MyGolfSpy's "Best Putting Mat 2020." Given the state of the world, it seems everyone is adding something to the "at home" practice arsenal, so here's your chance to keep sharp while locked down. This opportunity is available to current forum members residing in the US. To apply, reply to this thread with the following information: First Name and Location How do you keep your putting sharp through the winter? Current/Past Experience with putting mats Go to www.birdieball.com and tell us which speed green you'd want to test
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    There are a lot of questions surrounding ball lab, but two of the most common I've seen (in some form at least) have been "What balls are in the test?" and "How can I compare the balls within the test?". While I certainly expect/hope there to be a summary released - Tony has hinted at a subscription model database with full data that will be added to as new balls come out - I thought I'd try and put together a quick reference using the information currently at hand. I went through Tony's Twitter to look at Ball Lab related posts and compiled a list of balls that are definitely in this test. I use the word definitely somewhat loosely because there are 3 boxes of unmarked Wilson golf balls that appear to be Baller Boxes, but could turn out to be something different. A few more quick notes about this list that I'd like to address: I am not starting this thread to direct conversation away from the specific Ball Lab threads posted by our forum moderators. When a new Ball Lab is released and the subsequent thread created, please discuss the specifics of the report in that thread. I've done my best to collect information directly from OEM websites or MGS to gather ball construction and MSRP information. In some cases I had to rely on a retailer's website because the information was not listed on the OEM site or I did not immediately see a MGS post about the ball. If something is incorrect, let me know and I'll edit this post to fix it. Because I don't want to take away from other discussions about Ball Lab, the information here is relatively sparse. I have separated the balls by category: 2-PC Non-Urethane, 3-PC Non-Urethane, and 3/4/5-PC Urethane. Other information simply includes MSRP (per dozen), True Price, and I will link each ball to their respective Ball Lab report as they are released. Without further delay... 2-PC Non-Urethane Bridgestone e6 - MSRP $21.99 - TP $XX.XX - Callaway Supersoft - MSRP $22.99 - TP $XX.XX - Srixon Soft Feel - MSRP $21.99 - TP $XX.XX - Titleist Tour Soft - MSRP $34.99 - TP $XX.XX - Titleist Velocity - MSRP $27.99 - TP $XX.XX - Wilson Duo Soft+ - MSRP $19.99 - TP $XX.XX - 3-PC Non-Urethane Bridgestone e12 Soft - MSRP $24.99 - TP $XX.XX - Callaway E.R.C. Soft - MSRP $34.99 - TP $XX.XX - Taylormade Soft Response - MSRP $24.99 - TP $XX.XX - Top Flite Gamer - MSRP $22.99 - TP $XX.XX - 3/4/5-PC Urethane Bridgestone Tour B RX - MSRP $44.99 - TP $XX.XX - Bridgestone Tour B RXS - MSRP $44.99 - TP $XX.XX - Bridgestone Tour B X - MSRP $44.99 - TP $XX.XX - Bridgestone Tour B XS - MSRP $44.99 - TP $50.61 - https://mygolfspy.com/ball-lab-2020-bridgestone-tour-b-xs/ Callaway Chromesoft - MSRP $47.99 - TP $59.79 - https://mygolfspy.com/ball-lab-2020-callaway-chrome-soft/ Callaway Chromesoft X - MSRP $47.99 TP $XX.XX - Cut DC - MSRP $29.95 - TP $XX.XX - Kirkland 3-PC - MSRP $12.50 - TP $XX.XX - expected 10/7 Maxfli Tour - MSRP $34.99 - TP $XX.XX - Maxfli Tour X - MSRP $34.99 - TP $XX.XX - Mizuno RB Tour - MSRP $42.95 - TP $XX.XX - Mizuno RB Tour X - MSRP $42.95 - TP $XX.XX - Oncore Elixr - MSRP $35.00 - TP $XX.XX - Oncore Vero X1 - MSRP $39.99 - TP $XX.XX - RZN MS-Tour - MSRP $29.95 - TP $XX.XX - RZN HS-Tour - MSRP $34.95 - TP $XX.XX - Snell MTB-X - MSRP $32.99 - TP $XX.XX - expected 9/30 Srixon Q-Star Tour - MSRP $32.99 - TP $XX.XX - expected 10/14 Srixon Z-Star - MSRP $39.99 - TP $XX.XX - Srixon Z-Star XV MSRP $39.99 - TP $XX.XX - Taylormade Tour Response - MSRP $34.99 - TP $XX.XX - Taylormade TP5 - MSRP $44.99 - TP $50.61 - https://mygolfspy.com/ball-lab-2019-taylormade-tp5/ Taylormade TP5 X - MSRP $44.99 - TP $XX.XX - Titleist AVX - MSRP $47.99 - TP $XX.XX - Titleist Pro V1 - MSRP $47.99 - TP $49.36 - https://mygolfspy.com/ball-lab-2019-titleist-pro-v1/ Titleist Pro V1x - MSRP $47.99 - TP $XX.XX - Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash - MSRP $47.99 - TP $XX.XX - expected 10/21 Titleist Tour Speed - MSRP $39.99 - TP $XX.XX - Vice Pro - MSRP $34.95 - TP $XX.XX - Wilson Staff - MSRP $49.99 - TP $XX.XX - NOTE: I'll try to clean up the formatting on this post, but I'm short for time at the moment. Hope everyone finds it useful! EDIT (9/16): Updated with latest report and estimated scheduling (per Tony's Twitter account). EDIT (9/17): Updated with new golf balls - Top Flite Gamer, Titleist Tour Speed, Maxfli Tour X, & Oncore Vero X1. EDIT (9/23): Updated with latest report.
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    This is probably the hardest post I’ll write of the entire challenge, if only because it signals the end of a wonderful three-plus months that made an otherwise crappy, COVID-laden summer really special. First, again, I need to thank Cobra, Puma, Arccos and MyGolfSpy for putting on this excellent competition. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of work! I hope we not only lived up to, but exceeded your expectations. A big shout out goes out to my competitors, @B.Boston, @daviddvm, @GB13 and @Headhammer, for playing some amazing golf during our weekly challenges and making this a very humbling experience for my golf game! I also can’t forget to thank @ncwoz for joining me during the alternate shot challenge. Hopefully we’ll grab another round together sometime soon. And finally, thanks to @GolfSpy STUDque for organizing and running this entire show. The amount of work he has done behind the scenes during this challenge has been amazing. With those aside, let’s take a look at my performance. First, my Arccos handicaps from the 15 baseline rounds: And my overall handicaps after playing 26 rounds with the Cobra clubs in the bag: I didn’t see the drastic improvement in Arccos handicaps that some of my fellow competitors did. What happened? During my 15 baseline rounds, I shot 80 or less seven times, establishing pretty lofty Arccos handicaps based on my historical golf game. During my 26 competition rounds, I broke 80 only once and routinely lived between 83-87. My estimated WHS handicap was around 11 when I applied for #CC4, and it crept to about 13 before I got hot at the beginning of July. During the baseline period it dropped under nine. As of this writing, it’s back to 11. I’m pretty sure that is what statisticians would call “regression to the mean.” Was my inability to continue playing sub-80 golf the clubs’ fault? No, not at all. While I may have struggled initially with the irons, I’m now starting to get more comfortable with every single Cobra club in my bag. I think my results boil down to a few things: I continued my monthly lessons with my coach throughout the challenge. I made a lot of good progress during my June lesson and it led to my improvement immediately thereafter during my baseline rounds. During my July lesson, we tried to change a feel on my downswing. I over-corrected and really struggled for a few weeks with woeful balI striking. I tweaked my left knee walking the course sometime in early August. I’ve been dealing with on-and-off pain since, depending on how much I walk in a day. The pain has made walking the course and playing difficult, and I also assume it led to some of the compensations I was making in my swing. I neglected my putter! I rarely practiced putting this year, and as my Arccos numbers show, I really struggled these last few weeks. I recorded a total of 25 three-putts in the six competition rounds I played in September. That is an astronomically silly number and a great way to ruin otherwise pretty good rounds! I am very happy with the improvement in the chipping and sand handicaps. The Cobra KING MIM Black wedges are an excellent fit for my short game and allow me to hit any shot I can imagine. My confidence around the green and from the sand is at an all-time high. With all that being said, I did record a number of personal bests during the challenge: Some particular highlights from the challenge I’m proud of: Recorded a personal best 76 during the 14-club challenge week, beating my previous lowest score by two strokes. Had two drives over 300 yards total with the Cobra SpeedZone Xtreme, and raised my Arccos “smart distance” to 265 yards with the driver. (Go back and read my Epic Flash review - this is a huge improvement from last season.) Played from the 6,800 yard tees at a pretty difficult course and played even par golf for over half the holes (I won’t mention how the other half went... ). Notched an eagle on No. 9 at my home course, going driver, 7 iron, and finishing with a tricky downhill chip-in using the 54 degree wedge. Played more than 60 rounds of golf during the 2020 season. Over 50 of those rounds were 18 holes, and 46 of them occurred after I was chosen to be a participant in #CC4. A big thank you to my wonderful wife who was all about me getting in my rounds for the challenge. I was the bottom in many of the weekly challenges. Setting such a low baseline handicap didn’t help my chances, nor did the course rating/slope of my home track, but I want to point out how well each of my competitors played. I thought I put up pretty good scores during every week except the irons-only challenge, but I just got blown out! Even recording a personal best 76 during the 14-club challenge was only good for third place that week. I would have needed to shoot under gross par on multiple weeks to have finished in first place. The level of talent in this year’s group was unreal, and I’m so proud to have been a part of it. Each of the weekly challenges were a ton of fun; they really made me work on improving my game. Playing a course with only woods/wedges or irons really forces you to hit shots you normally wouldn’t. And playing the forward tees can really change a course as well (thanks, @GolfSpy STUDque, for that suggestion). I’m definitely a more well-rounded player coming out of this challenge. What’s next for me? Our season here in Michigan is rapidly winding down, and that’s probably for the best with the condition of my knee. My hope is that some additional rest will have me healed up completely quickly, so I can get back to grinding trying to improve for next year. As of right now I plan to keep the Cobra clubs in the bag, although I may replace the 4 iron with another SpeedZone hybrid. Oh, and I think a putting lesson and maybe a fitting is in order . Thanks again, everyone. It’s been a blast having the forum participation throughout this summer. #TeamCalvesLikePhil4Lyfe
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    Week 8 Recap @B.Boston closed off the season with another strong week shooting a CCNet 66.1, the lowest individual score of the season. What a time to go lowwwwww! Playing well on such a difficult course certainly helped him here. The overall category (x2) is still yet to be decided but he's certainly taken the challenge by the short ones. Great shooting! This whole season has been incredibly impressive for the duck boats as he's only finished outside the top two twice all year. Here's the current standings: For our members, the prop bets introduced a new wrinkle to the challenge. With 62 entries, 5 of you went a perfect 4 for 4: @cnosil @DevilDog29 @golfish! @Scott33 and @The 19th Hole. Here's how they shook out: Winner: B.Boston Disagreements with Caddie: Way under, 3 Total Net Strokes: Over, 285.7 Total Putts: Over, 132 The oddsmaker (cough cough) could've been better but the house would still be bringing home money so that's all that matters. To settle this out for our prize this week, here's the wheel spin: Congrats on your prize! Shoot me a PM to claim your kicks. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - And, it's with bittersweet finality that we draw the competitive aspect of this challenge to a close. Thanks to our competitors for bearing the cross this season and to every one of the members who made the #COBRACONNECT Challenge 4 the best yet! It's been a pleasure serving you. Over the next few days, our competitors will be submitting their overall standings and final thoughts for the challenge and Cobra lineup. If you've followed along (either casually or intensely) please share your favorite parts of the challenge and maybe highlight a few things you'd like to see for future challenges.
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    I’ve been kicking around the idea of having a custom putter made and finally completed my research and decided on a company to work with. Today I sent in my deposit and will begin the process with Low Tide of designing my one of a kind putter. I will be going with their new Drift head and over the next week or so I’ll be working with their team to design the putter. Everything from neck style, finish, alignment aid, engravings, stamping and paintfill is on the table. Definitely plan to incorporate my two sons names with engraving and my initials stamped somewhere as well. Might include my wife’s name too Basic putter specs include 350g head 34” 2* loft 71* lie angle I’ll be updating this thread with design and build updates as they happen
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    Had a fun time playing with my oldest son and my dad today. My father in law couldn’t make it so @Lacassem’s brother played with us. I shot a smooth even par 27 with 5 GIR and 4 up and downs. I wish I could make all approach shots like that on a regular course! The holes varied today from a low of about 90 yards to a long of 170. It was a surprising mix of looks with some up and down hill too. None of my shots really tracked to the flag as I was favoring a cut shot today that I never started far enough left. I was happily pin high a lot so I’ll take it. Here are a few pics from the day: Jackson hit the ball really well on this hole here and might have had made the green but it tailed off into the environmentally sensitive area and was unfortunately lost. He still had a great time though! It was a really good hit, just to a bad spot. I told him Daddy does that all the time too. And one last one of the three generations of Pluta men golfing together for the first time!
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    Despite my earlier comment about playing dress ups, I decided after watching Lexi Thompson attempting to Reed her lie at the Women's Open that I just couldn't resist. Probably not my best look, my wife was worried the neighbors would see me Also gave me a chance to try on my new Puma Ignite Pwradapt Caged shoes that arrived yesterday, courtesy of MyGolfSpy and Cobra
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    WARNING THIS POST MAY CAUSE NIGHTMARES!!!!! For this weeks challenge I thought I would take you through the roller coaster that is a round with John... Usually I arrive at the course feeling good and do some warmups and try and connect to my inner Norman... Then it's off to the first tee for a bit of Rickie style.... If it's a good day then I cruise like Lexi... If it's not such a good day then Bryson Hampton might appear... If it's a really bad day I find that beer and self contemplation help...
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    Reading this out loud for the wife. Her response "So I am not the only person who gets annoyed by you?" She has no problem pointing out my flaws
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    TEAM HAMMER ARCCOS REVIEW Let me start my review of Arccos by telling you that I’m a bit of a Luddite. You’ve probably already guessed that since I lack the video production & graphics skills of our younger competitors in this challenge. Considering I can barely operate my IPhone, taking on Arccos and relying on it for strategy, club selection and recording of rounds was a big step for me. If you are cliff notes kinda guy/girl here is my summary of Arccos up front. Here’s what I love about Arccos: · Overhead views of holes · GPS distances to F/C/B of greens · Distances to hazards · Shot corrections-wind, elevation, etc. · Club distances · All the analytics Here’s what I love less about Arccos: · Must manually move pin to actual locations on each hole to get correct putting distance · Heavily tree lined fairways causes missed shots · Misses/Adds putts · Difficulty identifying fairways from rough on drives · Manually changing a putt to chip · Slows me down & can irritate playing partners that don’t use it · Manually reviewing the round hole-by-hole, club by club & shot-by shot ON COURSE PEFORMANCE: The GPS data is my favorite feature on Arccos. I’ve never owned a range finder and my depth perception is horrible, so that aspect alone has helped me with club selection and reduced my shorts on approach shots by almost 20%. I have rarely found the GPS distances to be off of the actual distance. I also really like that you can get the distance to any point in the fairway or to a hazard. The overhead views of holes is also a great feature when a playing a course for the first time. Knowing my club “Smart Distances” has also helped with hitting more GIRs, though I do take offense when I ask which club to get home in 2 on the long par 5’s and Arccos shows me the laughing emoji. I find when I’m playing well it’s fairly easy to update each hole, but on days when I’m struggling to find a swing that works, I forget to move pins and make sure it recorded all of my strokes. This is why I created my own club sheet (see below), even though it creates redundant scoring, inevitably there are shots that need to be recorded in Arccos after my round. I’m a fast player, my fastest round this year is 2:14, but my average round is 2:45. Managing Arccos slows me down having to move pins, add shots, add penalties, etc. When you are playing with a partner it can slow them down while you are trying to update all of the previously mentioned items. What’s funny is some playing partners love to use me for the GPS distance to the hole function, but as soon as I am changing a chip to a putt and rough to a fairway, and moving a pin it’s not unheard of to get a “come on, man”. OFF-COURSE PERFORMANCE: The tour level analytics are really what makes Arccos worthwhile. You’re getting the same information Pros use to improve their game and Arccos allows you to look at the data from a macro or micro level. You can really drill down on the data to improve the way you think through your round. Just to show you how far down you can drill here are some analytics on my 7-Iron. I can see what Arccos recommends as my smart distance with the club, drill down to see my max distance, see the accuracy of my approach shots and distance to the pin with this club. Then I can go deeper and see how my GIRs compare to tour pros. Ummmm, I’ve got some work to do. MISCELLANEOUS: I had challenges with Arccos understanding which part of the golf course is fairway and which part is rough. Case in point here is a tee shot that Arccos recorded as a missed fairway, when the ball was dead center of the short grass. On heavily wooded holes it can be difficult to pick up shots. Sometimes it won’t show the shot, but record the distance when you take your next swing & other times it will say Club Detected, but won’t register the shot. Here is what my 18thhole looks like every week. It does not see the driver or second shot, but picks it up on the 3rd shot. I usually use the back of my putter to pick my ball up off the green, and I’m ashamed to admit it can sometimes take me 3-4 tries to get in my putter. When reviewing rounds it’s not uncommon to find 1-2 extra putts added to a hole in Arccos due to this practice. One thing I’ve found in using the App versus the Dashboard on your computer is that changing the data in one of them doesn’t always change the data on the other. Sometimes there is just a lag in the data from the Dashboard to the phone and sometimes it doesn’t update. My 14 in the chamber round on my phone said I shot 84, when I updated the dashboard it changed to 91, but never changed on my phone so I had to add all those shots on the App as well PLAY IT OR TRADE IT: I like a lot of the features of Arccos, redundant scoring, correcting missed shots, moving pins, sorting out a chip from a putt and fairways from rough, not so much. At this point I’m not sure if I will play it or trade it. By the time my free subscription ends I will have a wealth of data on my game to analyze, I will know my ranges for each club and I really don’t need it to tell me I still come up short on 40% of my approach shots. So, do I renew my subscription or just get a GPS device? What would you do if you were me? OVERALL ARCCOS CADDIE RATING: I know tech is supposed to make our lives easier, but I feel like certain aspects of Arccos have made the game more laborious to me. That being said, having a new set of clubs with no idea how far they go has made it indispensable through the Cobra Connect Challenge.
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    CONGRATULATIONS 2020 MYGOLFSPY FANTASY GOLF CHAMPION APOLLOSHOWL We got everything we could've hoped for in this year's finals. In the end, one stands above the rest. It is with great honor that I pass the Fantasy Golf Champion badge to your profile. Wear it with pride for the next year. Thanks to everyone for making this a great season and working with the breaks as they were thrown our way. For those curious, here's your final standings:
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    I started physical therapy for my elbow today and this was the 3rd exercise we did!
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    I'm lucky because he has done an excellent job explaining himself in more than one place! I'm honored to be playing with fellow Spy @ncwoz this upcoming weekend. Really early in the season, pre-COVID, Nate flagged me down at one our local courses just as I was about to tee off No. 1. I think the plan was to originally get together for a round sometime earlier this summer, but with everything going on it just hasn't happened. I figured this challenge was as good of an opportunity as we were going to get. From what I know about his game, I'm hoping he's an asset off the tee and on the green, both of which tend to be weak spots for me. I'll be curious to see how he gets along with the SpeedZone irons since I know he has been in the market for a new set for quite some time. On my end of things, since we're playing my home course (where he has played before but not as often as me), I'm hoping my local knowledge will give us a big step up on the competition. I feel like two solid finishes over the final two weeks of this challenge could bump me up a ways in the rankings. Realistically, I'm just looking forward to the round and I think it will be a lot of fun!
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    Week 6 Recap Competitors: Our heroes went flag hunting this and almost delivered on the perfect moment of a Hole in One during the challenge. @Headhammer went out with a BANG leaving his within 2 inches and, literally, inching out @B.Boston for this week's win. With another consistent week, @daviddvm holds on to the the top spot (by virtue of tiebreaker) with the duck boats hot on his heels. Unfortunately we're losing Hammer to injury from here on out but he can certainly be proud of his recent surge up the leaderboard. Fans: Halloween costumes were RIGHT. You guys are scary. We're going to shoot these off to Cobra for input as well so stay tuned for a formal announcement in a day or two. If you want to see them all in one place, check out this Google Slideshow: HERE - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Week 7 - IRL Alt Shot Competitors: This week will take teamwork. Our competitors have been tasked with finding an in-real-life person to act as their alt shot partner. We gave them a few different options to accomplish this in a COVID-friendly environment but the task is simple: shoot the lowest CCNet score in an alt shot format. The CCNet formula got a little bump in complexity as we'll now be needing the partner's HC in addition to the Slope and Rating of the tees played. Fans: Sorry, this will be a limited field event. The partner of the winning competitor will bring home this week's Puma Swag. We would also like to hear from the IRL teammate with their thoughts of the Cobra setup, recognizing the fact that they may not be a perfect fit size-wise.
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    Alright I was able to sneak out for 9 this morning and got paired up with another single. It took me a while to get going starting bogey, double, double. My putting was ok but definitely looks better than it really was. On the third hole I went long into the fringe which is absolute death on that hole. I proceeded to hit a putt that would have travelled 3-5 feet on level ground and watch it slowly roll down the slope, past the hole, and into the fringe on the other side. Two “chips” with my putter and a 1 one putt on the hole somehow doesn’t feel as good as a “one putt.” At any rate after that I settled in was swinging much better and this week’s challenge isn’t about putting... its about getting it nice and tight to the cup! All I have to say is things went really good (legitimate birdie opportunities) or really bad (missed greens... usually short sided). I played the day off the tee trying to get inside the 150 so that those shots would qualify as well, and I’m glad that I did. On the two par 3’s one was playing its full length about 224 to the pin and I hit a bad hybrid that missed the green wide left. The second par three, my finishing hole, was playing about 120 and I hit a good shot that settled about 16-17 feet from the cup. Good birdie opportunity, but not even in the conversation for this week’s challenge. My two best tries came as approach shots on par 4s. The first was on the 4th hole from 129 yards. I hit a pitching wedge to the slightly up-hill green and watch the ball fall out of sight tracking towards the flag stick. I thought I hit a good one and knew it would be close if I had the distance control down. Right about 59 inches after landing short and releasing towards the hole. I happily made my birdie putt and moved on happy that I at least had a decent effort after the bad first three holes. My best effort of the day came on the 7th hole which is an uphill par 4 with a tricky second shot due to the incline and slant of the fairway. You don’t really get much of a level lie at all in the fairway which can make for some really interesting approach shots. I habitually come up short on this hole so I made sure to take an extra club and a good hearty swing to the tucked back left pin. I would normally never go at this pin as most lies want to start left and go left for me on this hole. I aimed well right of the flag anticipating the draw and hit another shot that was tracking to the flag when I saw a bounce and it disappeared from view. At this point the single who I had been playing with and who was up ahead said “whoa, nice shot, that had some zip on it!” So I figured I got another good shot in. After climbing up the green I was happy to see the results! Right at 4 inches! Not quite good enough to take down @Headhammer’s excellent effort but I was thrilled to have a kick in birdie. With the weather this weekend looking unsettled I’m not sure I’ll have the opportunity to improve, but if I do it will be at one of the two executive courses near by with my 5 year old playing along side. He had fun up in Maine and I figure this was the perfect week to bring him along for one of the challenges and get him back out onto the course. #cuetheduckboats
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    I present to you my sister...if my parents were Blair O Neal's parents... Sorry, I don't quite fit into my wife's clothes...not that she has any golf clothes anyway...plus this is probably a better picture of me as Blair...xP
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    Between you, @daviddvm, and @B.Boston, you guys made me blush. I'm really humbled and this made my day. I'm still not @Headhammer on Instagram walking out to a backdrop of hammers on the wall wearing a skull mask smoking a cigar cool. Loved that post, man. It was awesome! That being said, I hate you got knocked out with an injury and really hope you can get back on the course soon.
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    Well fellow spies this post make 2,000. I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone for allowing me to be a part of the greatest community in golf! Here is to another 2,000.
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    First, a few pictures because the course was looking mighty fine even on this overcast and dreary September day. I shot an 87 on the 69.4/123 tees. Honestly, although the score wasn't earth shattering this was a very clean round for me. Never playing here before really, really hurt. First, as far as the challenge is concerned, I didn't disagree with the Caddie once. More on that in a paragraph or two. These may have been the most undulated greens I've ever played on. I had 20 putts on the front nine, and the crazy thing is that I wasn't even putting that terribly. Basically, if you were not within eight feet of the hole, you were better off the green. On more than one occasion I was just happy to escape with a three-putt and not something worse. I understand the course is not long and so its difficulty lies with the greens, but it is also frustrating (as someone with no local knowledge) to hit the fat part of the green and then be faced with either a huge uphill or slippery quick downhill putt. Now that I've played here once, I know that off the green isn't necessarily a bad miss. I was majorly disappointed in Arccos' strategy. After doing the Caddie preview last night, I expected to hit driver on almost everything that wasn't a par 3, since that's what the app was recommending. On the course, the app recommended an entirely different strategy. Only twice did it recommend driver, and instead it had a love affair with my 2 hybrid. I had a reasonably effective day with the 2 hybrid, but there was a two/three hole stretch on the back where I started losing the ball right with it and that led to a couple double bogies that hurt. On the bright side, Arccos absolutely nailed the strategy on the first par 3 on the front. A big downhill par 3 (one of my favorite hole designs), with the wind whipping up at the tee box (wish I had snapped a picture). A threesome let me play through after they hit their tee shots and with the audience I stepped up with the 9 iron and hit a perfect, beautiful tight draw that landed and stuck about four feet from the pin. The birdie putt lipped out. I ended up joining another single that was visiting from Washington, D.C., area on No. 10 tee box. It was very nice chatting with him throughout the rest of the round (socially distanced, of course), and he was very interested in the Arccos Caddie challenge and MyGolfSpy. By the end of the round it was a running gag that Arccos would recommend the 2 hybrid even when there was plenty of room to hit driver. Thankfully, the 2 hybrid kept up with his driver pretty well and we were really evenly matched the whole nine holes. I did end up pulling driver on No. 17. I assume that's what Caddie would have recommended on the par 5, but this is the screen I received. I actually got this on the first par 5 on the front as well, and ended up pulling 2 hybrid (which was actually the right club choice). Any day spent on the golf course is a good day, and a round in which I play the same ball the entire round, have two birdies and nearly a hole-in-one is a great day in my book. Very fun round to start the wrap up of #CC4. I did end up getting tomorrow afternoon off as well, so one more shot at besting this effort comes tomorrow. Stay tuned!
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    ... OK, I was pretty sure the P770's would challenge the T100-S for my bag this year. And they still might, but I had such great round with my Titleist irons yesterday. One of my problems is the gapping at the bottom end. With a 44* pw and adding the 48* wedge meant I could not play both my UDi 2 iron DI and my 19* hybrid. I have had several rounds where I chose the wrong club for that day, really needing the one in the trunk of my car. But I got a good look at the Taylor Made DHy today and it may solve my problem as a combination of a DI/Hybrid in one club. I have so much confidence in my T100-S and would rather not entertain new irons but ... well ... you know.
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    First and foremost I would like to thank DavidDVM for inviting me to play in the CobraConnect Challenge. I have recently started playing the game again and enjoyed playing the Challenge. Especially with an old friend that I used to play with. This is also my first post on this forum and new to MyGolfSpy so "Hello" to everyone. Thanks B. Boston for the Welcome. When David told me about the One Length Irons I really wanted to try them out because it sounded like a great idea. After a short learning curve I felt very confident in the clubs. Note: We went straight to the Tee Box, I never hit these clubs one time before the Challenge. The extra yardage is great not to mention they are way more forgiving than my 15 or so year old Deep Reds. I also have a higher ball flight on my Approach Shots with the Cobra's. My Sand Wedge shots were checking within about 5 feet of my ball mark. All in All the Cobra One Length has me excited about the game again and looking forward to getting my Handicap back down. Something else worth noting coming from a person with back problems. I am more comfortable physically with the One Length. My back is straighter and I am not swinging the club as hard. And I am less fatigued after the round. We were able to get in 5 more holes after the Challenge without alternating shots. And then we both succumbed to the Texas heat. Cheers...
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    First off, my apologies for not being super active this week. School started for me, so my amount of free time has been cut down a bit. Anyway, for this week’s challenge, I decided to partner up with my mom. We used to play all kinds of alternate shot/scramble/best ball games when I was little and she was introducing me to golf, and I figured it be fun to do again. Nostalgia!! We had an absolute ball of a time, and while the golf was subpar (most confusing terminology ever), it was great to do again. We ended up shooting an 88 at my home track (68.6/128). Her adjusted handicap is 19. She really liked the irons and wedges, but the driver was just too far off in fit for her to swing well.
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    I see you are a brand new member, so welcome! The post from Tom the Golf Nut that you responded to with "wow" struck me. As an administrator of this here, his viewpoint is the predominant one on this site,. even as the Forum has grown significantly in the last 5 years, it has retained an overwhelming positive vibe. There are very few posters who come into a discussion to pick arguments or as the common term goes..troll. We have active members from + caps to those that shoot well over 100, and each ones' input is valued, and we can learn from each end of the spectrum, and the great thing is 99.9% of our members realize that. So I think you will enjoy your time here, glad you found us and look forward to hearing your thoughts
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    Update for folks wondering. @GolfSpy STUDque has gone through and selected the divisions, we are currently putting them together on the back end and making last minute tuneups to scoring (aka adding the carry bonus), testing to make sure everything runs as intended, and getting things set. Expect a post hopefully later today with divisional announcements, draft times, and all the stuff you're craving.
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    I found my self the last time I was fully shaved. this was on 2005. My stage name back then was Elsa. Sorry Lexi. Also sorry everyone else.
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