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    Closed on our new house last Tuesday; moved in on Wednesday. We sure have a lot of "stuff", even after getting rid of a lot. Guess I need to think about cleaning out again! I haven't played golf in a week, and I'm too sore from moving to even think about swinging a club. I might try to sneak away tomorrow to walk 9 holes with the guys, just to see if the muscles cooperate.
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    Round #3 at my new home in the books. Conditions today were pretty windy with a near constant speed of 15~17 MPH and gusts over 20 MPH. I really didn't expect to play well and honestly wasn't even sure If I'd want to finish the round... Instead I went -1 through the first four holes before finally running into trouble! On the day, I shot a +13 85. Most of the damage was incurred on the back nine when I let myself get too aggressive. I am very happy overall though. The real gem of the round was Hole #13. It's a short Par 5 at 478 Yards (on the scorecard) and I haven't had to hit more than 7 iron into the green, but today it was my 50* wedge thanks to a helping wind! To top it all off, I was paired with two very nice gentlemen who are relatively new to golf. They were really fun to play with and it was a sober reminder of the journey I've been on to improve my game over the past six+ years. I was even able to give one of them a small tip that seemed to help him make better contact. He was struggling bad toward the end of the front nine, but came back with a par or two and even had a solid birdie chance on one hole. I hope to play with them again and help them on their golfing journey.
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    This stuff has been happening for a very long time. We just have more cameras today so it's rare for anyone to get away with anything.
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    From my couch, this has been some really great fantasy football to watch. Lots of big games from you guys even reaching deep into the player pool for clutch games. Looking forward to the night games!
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    Keeping my daughter interested in putting with dad in 2020. She’s 16 months and has to hit the ball on the putting mat every morning before she goes to grandmas house.
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    There is judgment in everything in life. There are also consequences for our behavior and actions. And if you really want to go there, you judged someone with your statement above, even with the words you didn't say. Judgment is a part of life. Just because it's a taboo word in the general public doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Not that I want to make this political in any way, but there is a certain segment of our culture who lives on social media and goes around finding ways to destroy people's lives simply by opposing their worldview choices. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have become the de facto social police, and people are losing jobs (and committing suicide) simply because of actions or opinions that in the past would have never raised an eyebrow. But a certain younger "woke" generation thinks it's ok to destroy people's lives, simply because someone doesn't agree with their point of view. For what it's worth, nothing I said above is news, or not already known. If you want to defend Reed for being a total ass in public and cheating in golf, that's your prerogative. I just see a young man with a lot of talent to play a game that in the past has demanded integrity and calling penalties on yourself, instead of being forced to have them called out to you, when you truly know you broke the rules. It's a pattern of behavior that has followed Patrick Reed everywhere he's gone. So it's not like this is a one off mistake that has never happened in the past. He's habitual with this. And I find it truly sad that this young man has disowned his own family. What exactly did his parents do that was so unforgivable? And since Reed won't speak about it publicly I guess we'll never know. Truly sad though, and I don't believe this will end well when all is said and done with Reed in life. There's more to this story that is yet to be written, and not in a positive way. I almost pity him in a way, if he didn't seem to intentionally self-destruct so much.
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    Time for the news feeds to get over it - that's all I see from all of them this morning.. I do like Reed but he F'ed Up. It's done, penalty imposed which cost Reed lots of cash in the end, not to mention good will around his name. Wish those news jockeys would start focusing on the President's Cup.
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    LSU is really good, but Georgia had some key players injured or suspended, so they didn't have the horses to compete with the LSU juggernaut. Frankly, regardless of who Clemson has or hasn't played, I'd like to point out that they have won 28 straight games, and haven't lost a game in almost 2 years. Overlooking them or assuming they are an easy out would be a mistake. My prediction is that LSU and Clemson end up in the championship game, but I don't see anyone beating LSU this year. There is just too much talent and too much Joe Burrow for anyone to handle.
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    To add clarity, (I hope), one of the areas you are not allowed to alter is "The area of the player’s intended swing,". Reed claims that the lump of sand that he moved was far enough back that it didn't matter to his swing, but a normal swing wouldn't have missed it by even a full inch. Its clearly in the area of his intended swing.
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    Looks like it's going to be s*** weather for El Presidente's Cuppe. Typical of Melbourne weather. Can't do a bloody thing right.
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    2019 for me personally was good, not great. I mid year change of jobs kind of put a damper on some golf and personal life. Luckily I found a great job that I love with a lot less stress. So for that I am thankful. 2020 I plan to get in more rounds with my wife and Father in law ( he makes me drink beer and Golf.. Man I love him.. LOL), at 82 not sure how much longer he'll be able to play, Daughter is at the age where we are more a pain than a blessing.. Granddaughter has said she would like more golf so that is a huge positive. With my bag staying the same ( unless it doesn't ) I should be good to go for some more great rounds.. Shot in the 80's most of the year with only a couple in the low to mid 90's ( too much beer).. My goal for 2020 is not to go over 89, and break into the 70's again. How am I going to do that you ask? Play par 3 courses... Nah, focus on my contact. when I'm having a bad round or hole I tend to get a little free and hit fat shot. that is how I head into 2020..
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    For 2020: More tournament rounds looping for my daughter. Even more non-tournament rounds playing with my daughter, my dad, and ideally both of them together. More short-set rounds. Classics rounds with the Muirfields and the Apex Grinds. Don't come up short so often - hit more club.
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    Extremely fortunate and grateful today. We went to see some festively dressed up horses and farm animals for the kids. My youngest took a Goat horn to the eye socket area. So thankful he just has a little shiner. Could have been much, much worse. I don’t think I’ve ever been so sick to my stomach, happened in a split second... No farms for the Shanskters ever again. Tell your children you love them everyone!
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    This past year I have been working to improve my short game and Iron play. My iron play has improved to 6 out of 10 my short game still is weak. So next year I will be working to improve that. Plus as I will be a young 78 next year my only real goal will be to shoot my age. So by improving my short game I should have a decent chance to reach that goal. Plus the most important goal is to just make sure I enjoy playing the game and don't make it seem like work.
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    USGA 8-1a. (4) player may not remove or press down sand or loose soil to improve any of the conditions affecting their stroke. Intent does not factor in this scenario.
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    Before I get to the meat of this review, let me give a background on myself both personal and golfer... My name is Shane and I live and tee it up in the 'burbs north of Houston, TX. I was born and raised in Waco, but I’ve spent the last 15 years in the Houston area. I’m a lefty that played for a competitive JUCO program about twenty years ago, but I really started to enjoy this game after graduating from Baylor University. My love of the game continues to grow as I now have two boys under two at the house and my priorities are shifting constantly. Being a loving husband and father will always be #1a and #1b in my life, but golf is #2. I’m a scratch golfer with my strength being my mental approach to the game. I don’t get pissed on the course anymore nor do I find the need to helicopter an ill-performing iron deep into the woods. I only get to play about twice a month so I better enjoy my time on the course because it’s back to changing diapers when I get home. WITB: As I started to type out my WITB (as seen in my signature), I noticed MGS really is my ‘dealer’ and Adam and Co. have a drug I can’t refuse…that drug being data…which is so much better than gold medals, random rankings, or YouTube reviews by a single golfer. My driver, 3W, irons, wedges, glove, and now golf ball (based on personal preference) all finished in the top 3 of their respective ‘Most Wanted’ tests. My current putter did finish 9th in the 2017 mallet test, however, it did beat out the 2017 most wanted mallet, the Evnroll ER7, and the Envroll ER5 in my own testing. I chose the ER6 due to the ability to change the head weight, something I wish was more readily available in the Evnroll lineup. Oh, and I just purchased the 2019 Most Wanted GPS Watch to replace my aging SkyCaddie Linx GT system. As my wife would say in regards to MGS enticing me to yet another golf purchase: Who the hell is MyGolfSpy and why do you need a golf watch?! Why don’t you spend that money on your son’s birthday party?!? Wow, what a gift?!! Putting background: My most recent SAM PuttLab Report showed my stroke to be boring and robotic with very little rotation or arc to it. My stroke is a very straight back, straight through stroke with 1.0* of face closing at impact, a slight loop (straight back then loop inside) that strikes the ball with a slightly closed face with most of my ball strikes at the center of the face or slightly out on the toe. The final crushing blow to my putting ego was the putter recommendation: The Bettinardi Queen Bee 6 with a double bend shaft. Yes, the ‘brick on a stick’ putter. The most minimally engineered putter head out there. And to top it off, the double bend shaft…la-dee-freaking-dah. The fitter did say that if he had to put a number on my ER6, he would give it about a 95% compatibility rating which is good enough for me. Here’s a video representation of my stroke: On the course, I find my strengths to be in distance control while my weaknesses tend to be under-reading the break and getting a little quick with the stroke at times, thus pushing the putts left of intended target line. Day of Arrival: I received this putter on a typical 95* day in October here in Southern Texas, but it wasn’t the heat that caused a momentary increase in blood pressure…it was the label on the box that showed the contents to be a right-handed utility club. A what?!? As a lefty, I’ve had my few instances where I received a right-handed club and the cold, hard reality of waiting another two weeks to receive the correct club quickly set in. Yes, very first world problems indeed. Thankfully it was a mislabeled box and my Cleveland Frontline Elevado in 35” was finally in my hands. It was time to get to work. Don't mind me sitting on my front porch, Mr. FedEx...you just come lay that beautiful package at my doorstep. My wife wanted this putter off the front porch ASAP due to it clashing with our fall decor. Uh, say no more woman, I got you covered. THIS is the label that caused my heart to drop into my gut. Looks (10 out of 10 points): You get a Lamkin Sinkfit midsize pistol grip at 120g. A glossy black shaft that feeds nicely into a matte black putter head weighing 370g in a classic winged blade design that frames the ball perfectly at address. Simple white top line alignment. Lower profile as a result of the 2135 technology. Speed Optimized Face Technology (SOFT) forged aluminum face insert that, according to Cleveland, adds speed on off-center strikes so there won’t be any distance lost on 6 ft putts. Also, Tungsten Forward Weighting which puts the center of gravity positioned closer to the face for better stability through impact resulting in straighter, more accurate putts. Overall the putter checks every box that I look for in a putter. Matte black putter head with a simple top line alignment and a glossy black shaft. Simply all you need to roll the rock. SOFT forged aluminum face with the tungsten weighting up front and pushed out to the toe and heel. No review complete without that rear view! Face-balanced design for those with a 'simple' stroke. With the forward weighting of the Cleveland Frontline Elevado, here’s a pictorial reference as to the placement of the weight versus the Evnroll ER6. Feel/Sound (8 out of 10 points): Most golfers, myself included, mistake sound for feel on putters so I did my best to separate the two in this review. The sound of the putter is muted and pleasing to my personal taste. It doesn’t have a high pitch at impact you might think with insert, but a similar note you’d hear from a softer insert putter. In regards to feel, putts coming off the sweet spot felt great while putts out towards the toe and heel were a little difficult to distinguish. With the lower profile of the putter, the sweet spot is compressed into a flatter area so my misses were more on the top of the putter face and it felt similar to when you catch a tee shot high on the face of a driver…kind of that deadening feel. Here's what I'm referencing: One last note, the overall weight of the Elevado is about 10g less than my Evnroll ER6, but it feels a good bit heavier in the hands which I equate to the forward weighting. It's not necessarily a bad feeling, it's just astonishing how much heavier it feels despite weighing less. Basic Characteristics (15 out of 20 points): Here’s what this putter has going for it: Accuracy from about 6ft and in. Distance control from outside 20ft. Yes, there’s a stigma that heavier putters lack distance control but this putter did really well at 3-putt prevention from outside 20ft. With the weight pushed up front and out, the stability is noticeable on the shorter putts. Forgiveness on toe hits (where I normally miss my putts) didn’t result in severe distance loss on longer putts. Here’s where there could be some improvements: Better mid-range performance. I can put the Evnroll on the right line but miss a putt with speed. With the Frontline Elevado, my misses were right or left of the cup. I don't mind missing a putt based on speed, but if I line up properly and the ball starts offline, we're going to have some words! I’m at a loss as to how my simplistic stroke with a face-balanced putter could pull so many putts, especially with putts that broke towards me…is it the forward weighting? Is it the pistol grip? Do I need more forward press? On-Course Performance (20 out of 30 points): On the practice green I can roll the Frontline Elevado just fine against the Evnroll. Even out on the course, flat putts with little break were rolling great. However, when I played my second of six rounds with the Elevado, I noticed one particular flaw and it’s only related to the fact that I currently game one of the most consistent faces in golf...the front weighting feels heavier in the hands and I found myself getting super quick with my stroke on the shorter putts (<6ft) with substantial break. Very specific circumstances, yes, but at the same time, when you are faced with a sliding putt and don’t have any confidence your putt will start on the correct line, it messes with your mental state. I noticed my putts weren’t starting on the line I intended so I made a quick slow-motion video of the two putters to see how quickly the Elevado got the ball rolling in comparison to the Evnroll. Turns out the ER6 got the ball rolling quicker by about two inches which might not seem like much, but on a putt that’s breaking from the start, your ball could start offline by about half a cup right from the get-go. Here's the video of how quickly each putter got the ball rolling: Here's a freeze frame of each putter after the ball had traveled one complete revolution: Miscellaneous (6 out of 10 points) The headcover seems like a cost-cutting measure and after-thought more than anything else. The headcover is too big for the putter head but hey, I’d rather Cleveland Golf spend their R&D money on the putter head than on the headcover. Play It or Trade It (10 out of 20 points) This putter deserves to be played. It might just be a placebo, but to me, there’s something to the forward weighting and 2135 technology. I’ll let MGS determine if this technology is legit based on their lengthy testing. Does the Elevado fit my particular game? Not entirely. So, where do I go from here? If you’ve stuck around long enough to make it to this point in the review, you’re a lefty and you think you’re stroke would fit this putter, I’ll gladly send you this putter for the cost of shipping. I would ask that you include your thoughts/opinions on the Frontline Elevado here in this thread once you receive this putter. The first lefty to DM me can have dibs and I’ll send it out via USPS Priority so you’ll get it within 2-3 days. Sound good? Conclusion If I was still childless and playing a lot more than I am now or if I still maintained a revolving door with putters and never got a good putter fitting then this putter would probably fight for a spot in my bag. I love heavier putters, I love black putters, I love putters with great feedback and those that sit square at address. However, I have all of that in my Evnroll ER6. The deciding factor to me was on putts that had quite a bit of break to them; the forward weighting of the putter really caused some inconsistency with the stroke. My stroke felt rushed to a point where I started to pull the ball quite a bit on putts that broke towards me, almost like the putter face was closing down early. Most of the courses in my immediate area don’t feature greens with a lot of undulation, but I do face the occasional round where I’m looking a shorter putts with a lot of break and the Evnroll just performed better with the rear weighting and consistent roll off the face. Final Score: (69 out of 100 points)
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    Very true, but your kicker did beat my kicker by 1 so you can be proud of that. I have no idea what to expect tonight with Eli Manning back in for the Giants. I'm hoping he's the same old Eli and dumps off about 15 passes to Saquon to avoid being hit.
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    Haha! Yeah I bit the bullet and got it off the Hive. It's pretty special, think I'll hold on to this one! Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
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    Trevor Lawrence will get drafted with a top 3 pick whenever he becomes draft eligible. Travis Etienne is a legit NFL RB. Clemson's defensive front 7 matches up with any team in NCAA Div 1. Basically if Lawrence is on his game you can't stop Clemson, because Etienne always brings it, and as a defense you have to decide who you want to shut down, and you can't shut down both. If you stop the run, Lawrence just finds the open receiver, or runs for 20 yards before you know he was running on the play. Sure, I get it, Clemson plays in a basketball conference that totally sucks this year in football. I mean, I live here in FSU country and they just totally suck, but Clemson has been blowing people out for the past 3+ years in a totally non-competitive fashion. Dabo has a powerhouse up there and if anyone can give LSU a game it's them. But I just think LSU's defense is better than Clemson's, at least in the secondary. And if I had to pick between Joe Burrow and Trevor Lawrence, I'd take Burrow every day of the week, and twice on Saturdays. He's that good.
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    Agreed, so much coverage on this, lets get past it and focus on what's next. Reed's reputation is well known, nothing new.
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    I don't think any one is over-looking Clemson - there is a reason the Vegas lines opened with them as favorites and the #1 seed was important to avoid Clemson in the semi, I just don't know much about them except what I can read/look up on the internet.
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    I am just here for the Nifty soliloquy
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    2019 was the best golf year I've had. I got to play my annual game with @fozcycle in Florida. I played with @MaxEntropy a few times and we pot @Mr_Theoo out as well. @GolfSpy Barbajo surprised me with a round at Firestone and that was really the highlight of the year. I joined a "club" and played almost every weekend and got my handicap down to 14.4 at seasons end including shooting a 79. So, all in all, I had a great year golfing. Looking ahead, I hope to get out again in March with @fozcycle and @revkev and play again with Blake and Sean. Also may be able to sort something out with @GolfSpy Barbajo to play again. I want to play as much as possible to try and get my handicap to a 10, if I can. I may even start practicing!
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    As 2019 draws to a close let us pause for a moment to reflect on our golfing year and state our goals for 2020. 2019 for me was a year of tremendous personal and professional change. In the midst of all the turmoil Golf was my escape as well as my stabilizing force through these challenges. As the load became heavier Golf allowed me to breath again, recharge my batteries and Soldier on. My golf in 2020 is simply to be more engaging with those who enter my 12 square feet. I play a lot of 9 hole single dude rounds. I also play a lot of “walk on” rounds with folks I’ve never met before. My golf goal for 2020 is to have a positive effect on those who I’m fortunate to meet and engage for 3 hours of my life. After all life really is more about heartbeats than head counts. What say you? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    BUMP! My official review is up for those interested. Here you go: Now that the review is up and running, I'll be more open about my experience with the Cleveland Frontline Elevado. Fire away with any questions you might have.
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    Gotcha. I thought that’s what it was, but wanted to make sure.
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    Very common in Florida are waste areas or waste bunkers which are not prepared and maintained as bunkers that are considered a hazard. The area Reed is in is a waste area. It is treated the same as any other general area of the course and practice swings are allowed, just like on grass. Just like anywhere else, you can't improve your lie.
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    Awesome comments! 1. if you hit 18 greens 36 putts would be an average day. Number of putts is not a good way to qualify your putting. As a 20 handicap player I'd ask. Did I make all my three foot putts? How many three putts did I have inside 30 feet? (Hopefully zero.) 2. I will never disagree with someone saying I need to get better tee to green to take the pressure off my short game! FYI - your short game is a scoring tool, not a saving tool! 3. I want you to develop the skill and confidence to two-putt out to 30 feet as you do 6'-12'. Speed is the most important. 4. Proper strategy would place your ball about pin high and within 30' all day. When you are outside 150 yards the center of the green is your target. Both strategies will help you reduce the twenty handicap. 5. The ability to control you golf ball is required to get you down to a 10 handicap. Well Done!
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    Still trying to string a couple things together before it's 100% official, but it looks like the wife and I will be relocating to the Dallas-Fort Worth area sometime within the next month! Not sure exactly where we'll wind up, but we're excited for the change. If there are any spies in the area that want to show me around to a few courses after the move, I'd appreciate it. I've compiled a small list that I want to check out, but haven't spent a ton of time looking at each one. Also, if anyone wants to help a guy out with some potential job leads, send me a private message. My wife has landed a nice gig, but I'm still on the hunt.
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    All I have to say about the Reed incident is that, despite his past transgressions, he should have been given the benefit of the doubt, especially with the lack of evidence available to review. There was only one camera angle to look at, and it provided no definitive proof that he was actually improving his lie. The video certainly didn't "look good" but there really wasn't enough evidence from just that camera angle to definitively state that he actually improved his lie in any way. His explanation for his actions is certainly a plausible explanation, at least in my opinion. Sent from my Pixel 2 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    I think she'll do well in this role and wish her luck with the new gig. I suspect she'll continue to play in select events simply because she is still young and, while injury prone, by no means unable to still compete. As for the Davis Love getting slighted, I'm pretty sure he could care less.
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    Not for the Bengals he won’t. He has amazing talent and all the potential in the world but we have seen talented QB’s end up on bad teams before and never recover. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Putt well ! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    That's a great video and both of your reactions were priceless. That carpet looked fast and it didn't look like the ball was going to make it. Was that the Cleveland putter with the homemade shaft?
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    This is the one thing that shocked me the first time I hit Evnroll. It has a completely different sound and feel unlike any putter I've tried before. How many of you have tried hitting initially off the toe and heel compared to your gamer? Really putting that groove tech to the test.
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    Yeah, that’s probably accurate. All these good games, and Clemson playing Virginia, really shows what a joke the ACC is this year. It’ll be interesting to see how good they are when they are playing teams with a similar talent level.
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    Every player has a pattern; some are wider than others. Your task is to understand that dispersion to help figure out your tendencies and use that pattern to figure out where you should aim. It isn't a theory, it is a solid strategy to playing golf.
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    It’s a cop out, because instead of taking responsibility, he blamed his infraction on something else, and not himself. Therefore, he’s saying it wasn’t his fault and we should blame the cameramen, not him.
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    Spending the weekend in Manhattan with my wife and daughter...we had to bring the elf on the shelf [emoji4]
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    Makes you wonder if he “actually” won Rickie’s Masters...?
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    PR moniker update: Captain Assh.... errr... Asterisk... I intended to say Captain Asterisk... it's the camera angle
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    You are correct. They also stated that he improved his line of play
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    I'm with @chisag and @cnosil on this one. If your current irons are a terrible fit, there might be some good gains with a properly fit set. If your main issues are with the indian and not the arrow, then Sub70 looks like a great option to have some fun with some new irons without breaking the bank. If you fit well into some of the stock shafts, they are a steal. Even with some of their more expensive shaft upgrades you are looking at prices below a new set of Hogans and practically half of a similar set of big brand OEMs. Oh my stars....the 699 Pros are on the website...I might be getting in some serious trouble in 2020...
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    It’s interesting to me how subjective feel is. Both you and I feel the Tour X feels softer, the test group consensus is that it feels firmer. You are fine with it in regards to performance. I’d quit playing golf if I had to use it. The x - I could game the Tour although I would be giving up something to my gamer with it. Based on the yardages that you’re reporting we have similar swing speeds and yet I’m 12 yards shorter with the X than my gamer off the driver. 8 yards shorter with it than the Tour. That tells me there’s something different about our swings that produces differing results - unless there’s some difference in our equipment that produced those differing results. Nice write up and thanks - I hope your weather warms up. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I'm looking at wedges. Either the new CBX-2 in a 46° and 50° with Recoil Smacwrap shafts or @GolfSub70 Satin 48° bent to 46° and 52° bent to 50° with Recoil 680 SC F4.
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    My kids are in late middle and early high school. They don't want dear old dad around as much anymore. Especially my oldest, who is fiercely independent. Plus, they are off doing their own things. My youngest played a lot of afternoon rounds with me after school/work. After years of trying various things, my wife has found a hobby that she loves in photography. She often tags along with me and my daughter to snap nature shots. All in all, 2019 has been a personal success in terms of golf and quality of life. I don't imagine I will change very much in 2020. I think my family and I have found a recipe for happiness that we will ride until circumstances change. Which, as I think about it, may be any moment now given we are engulfed with two teenage girls!
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    I know that a new set won't magically cure anything and that's not what I'm looking for. I bought my current set second hand as I was looking for something different. I can't shell the money for a properly fit big name brand and after discussing with Jason at Sub70 I can get what I'm looking. Sent from my XT1635-01 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    ... As a lifelong Club Ho I have probably played over 100 sets of irons in my golfing life. Rarely has any set provided a quantifiable performance boost over the irons they replaced. They did provide a different feel and or look that gave me a mental boost and every now and then a set comes along that actually makes a small but noticeable difference, like the P790's. That said, life is short and golf is fun, so if a new set interests you and you are wiling to make the switch without a boost in performance or scores, I think it is always fun to try something new. OTOH, if you are hoping the new set will make a marked difference in your ball striking and your scores, you may want to save your money. And conversely, if you were not properly fit for your current F8's and the 699's will be fit to your swing, that could well be enough reason to make the change. ... The great philosopher Rosanne Rosannadana said it best when talking about changing golf equipment "It's always sumthing."
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    I didn't practice today. Posting season is over. One of my takeaways from the year is that I have been practicing too much... IF I want to be relevant in any scramble tournaments. Why is that, you say? Here's my rationale. I am not a long hitter of the golf ball. At 72 I've lost distance over the past 10 years (probably longer I don't remember that long ago!), although I'm working on trying to get some of that back. As a result I have to rely on straight hitting and a decent short game to compensate for not hitting many greens. With lots of practice I have done pretty well staying a single digit from our tees at 6100y. Yes, I could move up to the senior tees, but they are at 5400y which I consider too short. The Men's Club allows players to play from the senior tees when the age plus their handicap equals 90 or more. I'm not there yet. The past several years I have only been using my index as a measure of how well I'm playing week-to-week. This past weekend I played in a charity scramble... lots of fun, but no one wants a short-hitting single digit player in a scramble, especially when each player must hit 3 drives. The only way I'm a single digit is because of my short game. I'm to the point right now where keeping a handicap is irrelevant since I don't play in tournaments except a few scrambles for charities I support. If I don't post scores for a handicap, I don't need to practice my short game any more... just go play. On days when my short game sucks, I figure I would be a 16 handicap. With that 16, our team handicap last Saturday would put us in the mix; probably not at the top, but not near the bottom either. Have I been working too hard on my short game? Maybe. I have always tried to perform the best I can with what I've got, but maybe I don't need to do that anymore. Just play and have fun, and I can still track my scores, just not in a handicap format.
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    I'll try to throw up some pictures tonight or tomorrow, but my favorite training aids have been: WellPutt Putt Mat - I can't even remember how I first came across this mat, but it was a game changer for me and it is currently making a huge impact for a buddy at work (I'm actually selling it to him due to a lack of space at my new house ). This is a great mat for dialing in distance control. Pair it with a putting rail, mirror, or some gates and you'll have one heck of a setup to help you reduce the 3-whacks. Zepp Golf - I only have hands-on experience with the first version, but Zepp has made tremendous progress in the swing analyzer market. The features incorporated into the latest units have the potential to make a big difference when working on your swing without the aid of an instructor. Likewise, Hudl is a great tool as well and makes it very easy to share swing videos with your instructor between lessons. The Haack Net by Rukket Sports - This has to be the best bang-for-your-buck practice net I have found. It goes together fairly quick and will catch more shots than you'd expect it to (even without the side nets). Bag Shag Original - Not what most would consider a training aid, but think about it this way... What's the primary reason most people don't work on the short game (actually hitting multiple bunker shots, chips, pitches, etc from different lies)? For me, it was simply because picking up that many balls and repeating the process was too much work. Seriously, get a ball bag to use for practice. It doesn't have to be this one. Eyeline Putting Rail & Edge Putting Mirror - I'm combining these two because most of the time I used them in conjunction. It's a great way to dial in setup and stroke. At $60ea. they are a little pricey IMO, but well worth it if you're struggling with this aspect of your game. I've tried several others, but these have to be my absolute favorites, and the ones I'd recommend to pretty much anyone.
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