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    One of them has a pretty innovative head rest. That first step is just the right height.
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    Obviously, Chuck just got off the golf course and they need airing out!!
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    The fact that they aren't paying any attention to your shoes is impressive!
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    We don’t own dogs, they own us...and there’s nothing wrong with that. Great pic!
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    Yep - she’s a minty pick up from @GolfSpy MPR This one is actually 38” - so I’m just slowly adding loft to try it as another Armlock setup. There are a few models from the old Method line that I’ve become fascinated with. One of the minor feel issues with my Bettinardi SS38 AL is a relatively high balance point. The sliding Counterflex weight rod in this B1-01 let’s you fine tune the balance point - something I’ve discovered makes a difference for me with broom handle builds.
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    Bork bork bork!!! Did you take care of the good boys?
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    Dude! Get your lazy butt down here and take us out!!!!
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    Nah...he's been with us for about 5 years. Stuck with him, I guess... even though he can be a real pain sometimes.
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    We have its twin!!
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    awww very cuuute kitty
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    Smithsonian National Museum of American History
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    There's a set of his clubs in the clubhouse at Army-Navy CC in Arlington VA
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    pretty cool and it doubles as a cat cave
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    writing a comment - interesting logo
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