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    My wife and I splurged and played this course 10 years ago just after the Tournament of Champions; the stands were still up. You will have probably the longest drive of your life there!! We played in the afternoon for the cheaper rate, and we asked if we could change clothes in the locker rooms because we had dinner reservations that night. We showered and changed and had an absolutely wonderful meal watching the sunset.
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    This one is a must if you find yourself in Maui, just make sure you have extra balls, because if you hit it in the tall fescue you probably won't find it. @Kenny B you are right, I had a 400 yd drive on #18, longest to date for me. I got to play for the resident rate because of being active duty military at the time.
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    This course is a destination-type course that visiting Las Vegas is famous for; like playing Bear's Best which has a combination of holes from Jack Nicklaus's courses in the western U.S. and Mexico. If you like links-style golf courses and want to play the courses in the Open Championship rotation... but can't afford to make the trip to UK, it's the closest you'll get to playing The Road Hole, Postage Stamp, and hopefully not Hell Bunker!! Not cheap unless playing this time of the year, but not that expensive either. Nevada residents get a great price break!!
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    Rates can be a little steep at times, but really fun to play some of the famous holes from the UK. Got an eagle on #9 on a really cold day in April.
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    I used to play there a lot when I was working on base for the US Department of Energy; just down the road from the course. Easy to get off work at 4pm and hit the course before heading back to the hotel. I have found over the years that the quality of the course depends on whether the AF General plays golf or not.
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    Played this course on my honeymoon almost 14 years ago, just days before they played the Grand Slam of Golf there. It's Kauai, you can't go wrong playing out there.
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    I've gotten to play this course a number of times, including a Spy get-together in 2018. 8 of us in total: @cnosil @Golfspy_CG2 @MDGolfHacker @TheWahoo @BIGBALL @jb0330 and @golfinnut The course has a very scenic and challenging layout with lots of water and sand. The downside for me is that it's in a low area so it holds water so it stays soggy for a long time after rain. Also they've got airflow issues that make it difficult to keep their greens alive late into summer. If you catch it at the right time, you'll enjoy the experience immensely. If not, it's still worth the trip.
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    The one and only @Golfspy_CG2 hosted me here on a few occasions. Lovely course with some recently installed, tight Bermuda fairways. I like it because it's a long course without requiring you to bang away with driver all day.
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    Had an amazing time playing this beautiful course with @Kanoito. Hope to play it again sometime in the future!
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