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    I’m gonna go ahead and post my round. Shot a solid 82 10 over. If some putts that I missed by inches would’ve dropped, it would’ve easily been a 78, would’ve should’ve could’ve. Best part about my round was NO doubles, and 2 birdies. When you tee off with a hybrid, it’s not long enough to get in trouble. So here’s the recap. 4 hybrid, 7 iron, PW, 58* Rating of 71.10 Slope of 129 Gross score of 82 (10 over) Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Shawty went low low low low. I always get nervous hitting someone else's clubs but this was even moreso since the head was so small. Felt great though, I could definitely have some fun out there with those Blueprints.
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    Creativity... These babies inspire creativity. Went to the range today, and the short game area. The Open always makes me try to lower my ball flight... Was working on the knock down 7-PW. Nothing cooler than hitting a 85 yard knock down 8 irons. Really brings on the feel of these clubs... let’s you play those touch shots without the rockets... Face milling and grooves on these look and feel like sand paper.
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    I just looked and they did a lot better with the offering than when I bought my F8 3 wood. That makes things a lot nicer!
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    Enquiring minds want to know.... How'd you hit it? FWIW, I'm guessing both you and @Shankster are robots, so he may not be the best judge.
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    My wife is a photographer and celebrated her 5th year in business yesterday. The last two years, she has been voted Hawaii Magazine #1 Wedding Photographer in Hawaii, which is a hell of an accomplishment given the number of photographers in the state. Every year, I've tossed up a post to drum up some support for her, and with @Golfspy_CG2's permission, I'm doing the same here. All I ask is that you check out her site and/or IG page (Vanessa Hicks Photography) to see her work and after doing so if you feel compelled to cast your vote for her, please do so here: https://www.hawaiimagazine.com/content/vote-2020-hawaii-magazine-readers-choice-awards-and-you-could-win-trip-big-island. After hitting the link, just scroll down to the 'Best of Hawaii: All Islands' link, click it, and enter 'Vanessa Hicks Photography' in the Best Wedding Photographer field. Follow the directions after that and your vote will be cast and you'll also be entered into a contest to win a trip to Hawaii! Vanessa works very hard at her job, and we both truly appreciate the support!
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    I went with mid size grips for my clubs and I am very happy. They have 4 wraps on them so are really chunky. I am so used to them now that when I swing a club with a standard grip it feels like a twig and that it's going to fly out of my hands . The grips are comfortable and have just the right amount of tackiness to impart the utmost confidence (look at me using my fancy words)
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    I'm not sure if you are aware but they give you a while bunch of choices for grips. It's not just a single one. They have at least one choice for every preference.
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    I know JB is a bad word around here, but you all know he’s my favorite. Let’s go JB!!! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I play with Winn Dri Tac midsized grips, I couldn’t find anything that looked similar, so I just went with what looked the closest. I do miss my Winn’s Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Ok @Shankster because of this review, I had to hit the 2i at my ping iron fitting tonight. (Looking at the i210s not blueprints lol) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zD5FKIQcdM
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    I am sure the die hard Mizuno fans will argue all day. As would the PING die hard’s. The wand chooses the wizard. [emoji6]
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    That photo is drool inducing. [emoji1786][emoji1786][emoji1786] They have nailed the look. Still looks like a PING, but also a dead sexy blade. I wonder what the feeling will be with those vs the new MP line. I remember a lot of heated debates when the s55s came out too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Very applicable test, @Shankster. I'm placing the over/under on trees hit during my Sunday round at five. Durability will definitely be tested.
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    A whole new meaning to “Tattoo’d it”...
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    Hit the range to figure out my pull then played. +2 for the 9 and hit 4 fairways..with my driver a couple times. No bad misses. GIRs 3/9 with easy chips/pitches on my misses. Turns out my pull was caused by me putting right thumb farther over the grip which was closing te face....back to my normal struggles.
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    ... Here is a sneak peak for you. The course is really in the middle of nowhere. Hard to tell from the pictures, but this was about a 175 foot drop from the back tee's. Then the par 5 in the background goes straight back up the other mountain.
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    Can't answer why they would have deleted your post as I am not associated with MGS. I can only repeat what is being said on the podcasts, they are looking to crowdsource the cutting of balls so they can get a larger sample. Don't cut balls you buy, cut those that you find and post the results. They are looking for the pictures to be done in a specific way and are looking at non callaway balls as well.
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    Maybe it's just me, but when I think short and precise (frequently cited as the winning recipe for this event), JB Holmes does not immediately come to mind . https://www.theopen.com/ My #1 and #2 looking strong... literally running away from the field.
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    Put the MTB-X up against the Z Star today at the short game area and putting green. Distinctively firmer than the Z Star. There’s a new leader in the clubhouse. Something about feeling like you’re hitting a marshmallow and watching it sizzle on the green. Nice and toasty... This seems like a perfect time to talk about durability. This ball has 45 holes on it, and a few practice sessions worth of wedges. Overall it’s pretty beat up, a few spots where I can catch my fingernail on the cover. They don’t like landing in sand. Gets the nice little sand blasted spot.
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    Absolutely fascinating read posted on Facebook by MyGolfSpy:
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    To each their own as they say, but if I ever get to the point I'm floating golf balls in a salt bath, my wife will most surely take my clubs away .
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    As with others, not necessarily in order: Arcadia Bluffs, MI (North Course; playing the South in three weeks. It will make this list!) Tiburon Gold Tiburon Black Quail West St Ives (MI) Talking Stick Rio Secco Sun Mountain (Las Vegas) Bermuda Dunes (Palm Springs) Palmer Course at La Cantera (These could be on this list as well: The Club at Savannah Harbor, Brickyard Crossing, The Fort, Purgatory, Cowboys GC)
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    Pasatiempo Kapalua plantation Edgewood Coyote Springs Stadium course PGA west Pacific Dunes Bandon trails Bandon Dunes Harding Park Half moon bay ocean Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    ... I can hardly wait to play all of Bandons courses. I was filming some Humana commercials and the Mrs and I drove down from Portland to take a look at the coastline ending in Bandon and I was so smitten. My list in no particular order: TPC Southwind Erin Hills Pine Needles Olympia Fields (North and South) Quintero Grand Cypress Old Course Sandpiper The General at Eagle Ridge Rustic Canyon Barefoot Landing courses
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    Not ranked at all Pacific Dunes Bandon Dunes Old Macdonald Medalist Pinehurst #2 Pinehurst #4 Riviera CC Eugene CC Tokatee GC The Cradle at Pinehurst. - perhaps the most fun I've had playing golf in years.
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    Seriously impressed with the course. Some of the recovery shots were amazing. Course setup looks to be about perfect.
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    Putting since the putt out made me realize my path was so poor
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    Congrats boys! Put em to the dirt and grub em up!
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    I'm not going to lie. If your expectations revolved around a perfectly timed delivery, then perhaps the company isn't the only one at fault here. I'm not saying they are blameless, but I'm sure you've had this planned for some time and could have ordered something sooner. They are still on the hook for their same-day shipping policy, but a refund s&h is all you should reasonably expect. A word of caution for the future: all a company has to do is print a label in order for the tracking number to appear on a carrier's site. It's not uncommon to have them print a label, slap it on a box, and take it to the carrier/have it picked up the next day. It all just depends on pick-up and delivery schedules.
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    Where were your findings posted? They explained in this week's NPG podcast that Callaway is not the only one at fault, however they did state that Callaway appears to be the worst offender. If you have findings, share them here. Just be sure to include pictures as we spies tend to be a #datacratic society and don't always go on word of mouth.
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    Cmon...round is a shape.
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    Congratulations to all RTX 4 testers chosen! MDGolfHacker
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    Awesome! Have fun, guys. I feel like I am need of new wedges, let's see how these do.
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    How does everyone feel about the Connect grips? Do you wish they were in a different model of grip?
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    Played the Fazio Canyons Course at the Barton Creek Resort in Austin. The course rating is 74/142 from the tees we played! Gulp. I shot 40 on the front, and hit greens 2-7. Things were going well. Then John, my brother’s brother-in-law, the member, joined me... The wheels fell off from there. Shot 47 on the back. 4 doubles! John’s a great guy, a lefty, and we’ve played this course four times together. He ALWAYS gives commentary on where to play the ball with a cut or draw. Well, he’s lefty and plays a draw, I’m a righty and play a draw, so every time he says, “Aim for that house/mound/whatever,” it’s where HE aims, and that’s the complete opposite for me! Ugh. I can never relax and just play with him. I feel I always have to be in conversation since I’m his guest. He talks the WHOLE TIME. Anyway. I had a good round going for 9 holes on the toughest course at Barton Creek... Glad to have a chance to play such a nice place!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Wowwwwww! What a prick! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    DirecTV had just launched their streaming service and were advertising on THP. Myself and another forum member had "cut the cord" several years prior and were PM'ing tips and tricks we had learned along the way. At that time, DTV Now wasn't offering anything we couldn't stream somewhere free. Probably still aren't. JB took bits and pieces of dozens of PM's between myself and the other member and painted them in the public forum in such a way that made it look like we were doing something illegal. Which we most certainly were not! When we called him out on it in the public forum, he painted himself into a corner, wasn't able to get out and it was obvious to everyone he was lying. I was getting hundreds of PM's from various forum members. At that point, he deleted the forum content pertaining to this topic and banned myself and the other forum member. I haven't been back to see if I'm still banned and honestly don't care. Garbage site with a garbage owner!
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    Don't say never. He can make it look otherwise
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    Those look so great. I’ll have to try one just for fun someday. Not sure that I have a swing to match up with them. Haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    And a much different profile at address. Helps with guys who think too much [emoji6]
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    hey.... don't get me wrong... I've been schooled by guys that play the g10 and guys that play the mp32.... play what works for you.
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    From what I can remember about the Hogan’s I held, didn’t hit. The PING’s are a touch longer in the blade length, and very similar in blade height. Plus if you like the added bounce, the Blueprints have enough to help when needed.
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    I want to say our games bear resemblance. Thanks for giving it some consideration... I played three sets of irons from 1999 - 2018. 962b’s, 670’s and PING i5’s. Now that I am falling out of love with my Hogan’s I want to get back to what always worked for me, Titleist or PING. These have been on the radar for some time. These are such a good looking club and I am thrilled for you that you get to share this story.
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    Shanks...when you get some rounds in I would like to know if you believe these are blades that a 6-ish handicapper could play and actually manage. Congrats on being hand picked for this one, it will be fun to follow. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Yes I suppose that would make a difference. I will say I have missed by a mile on these. Wasn’t as punishing as I would have imagined. Going back to a few years ago demoing clubs I miss hit the cobra MB’s pretty bad and it hurt like heck, and was severely punished. Not the case so far with these.
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    Yes sir! No idea how honored I was to be asked to test these. I honestly asked Stud and CG2 if I was being punked. So many great reviewers on here! My promise to the forum is that I will not let you down.
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    You’re welcome. I am adjusting my style of play a bit from trying to bend them like Bubba to a little less curve. So far so good. It’s nice to play from the fairway.
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    Getting blade aesthetics correct (in my judgment) is a delicate balance between doing something interesting without making the club look busy and garish. There are several blades in this comp that are absolutely great looking blades, but they're entirely nondescript: Titleist, PING, Mizuno, and Callaway (for me) seem underdesigned. I'm absolutely certain that for many players in this class, that total simplicity is what they're looking for, and I get that. But they don't immediately win me over just on looks. On the other end are clubs that seem a bit overdone: Honma is in this class for me. The various angles don't seem to have any harmony. The TaylorMade entries are interesting to me. Simple, but with some nice elements. Probably on balance, though, still a little too simple. I've loved Rickie's blades for a while now, and still do. But they good looking in a less classic way. I'd classify the Hogans the same way: I like them, but they don't give me the same "now that's what a blade should look like!" vibe. The Exotics is (in my opinion) just ugly. The shape looks clunky (maybe it's the angle of the picture?), the graphics are too aggressive for a blade, while the design is bland. All around, it is not a combination that appeals to me at all. The finalists for me are the Wilsons and the Srixons. Both of them are just gorgeous: simple, but not bland. Understated, but with elegant design touches that give them character.
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