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    It was a long weekend but it was well worth the complete lack of sleep - our kids won their fourth national championship IN A ROW, with a score of 98.575. That score ties the highest on record of any band in the circuit, which was set in 2008. My son's the goofball on the right in white holding the championship banner Now that the season is over, I can share a video of their performance online. Here's their championship run from MetLife Stadium this weekend.
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    Had SWMBO do a video @ cage. I’ve got work to do, I’m moving around like a Mookie Betts bobble head doll. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I lost my voice for a good 5 minutes I screamed so loud.
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    69 12/14 fir 12/18 gir 28 putts First time I have shot in the 60’s in back to back rounds and it was on 2 different course. This game is a blast sometimes. The 2 fairways I missed, I made birdie. Hit the best 5w of my life from 233 to 5 feet, made the eagle. Unfortunately it will be another week before I play again.
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    Congrats to all. I'll bet you had a big smile of pride when it was announced. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Congratulations! My granddaughter was competing there this weekend also. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Thank you. And Thank You all who have served, currently serving, and the sons & daughters who selflessly serve our nation. Your sacrifices do not go unnoticed. [emoji631]
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    Update after my second round with the SELs yesterday. I was playing a completely new course to me and we went from the Championship Tees with 15 mph winds (Texas). Doing so gave me the opportunity to use my longer irons frequently in the round, including longer par 3s and some longer par 4s as well. In regards to the MB, I got to play my MB 5 iron, 5 times today and have to say I'm really impressed with the results (please note this is the lowest MB iron in the SEL set). From the 5 shots, 4 were in the green (closest was 6 feet) and 1 was around 10 yards short of the green due to my own error. I would take that EVERY single day for sure!!! Kinda still wish us lefties had the option to have 3-4 in MB as well, but is a move forward with Mizuno and no biggie. Next year I hope the JPX Tour version gets released in left-handed and I will be buying them as well if that's the case (I'm that in awe with these Mizuno irons)
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    It's the ultimate backyard golf course, a nine-hole par 3 built on about 20 acres. It's crazy fun.
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    Literally: https://www.nationalgeographic.com.au/animals/australias-shark-infested-golf-course.aspx Despite the snow, I'm still pretty happy to live in a place where most of the wildlife isn't likely to eat or poison me.
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    Here’s my marker being lasered! Pretty cool
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    Yes. Just park at Pinehurst and walk into the clubhouse, and they will be happy to take as much of your money as you'd like to give them. I have several Payne Stewart hats, and logo balls from their massive pro shop. And plenty of $85 polo shirts with the Pinehurst logo on it for you to buy. Also, I have pictures of it somewhere, but you can walk down towards the starters building by the first tee, and there are statues to Donald Ross and Payne Stewart with his famous fist pump pose in bronze that you can take all the pictures you want next to or beside. While I was there a few years ago I was just walking around that area and the starter came out and engaged me in conversation and handed me a few scorecards from #2 and welcomed me to walk around and take as many pictures as I wanted. He couldn't have been nicer. The clubhouse is full of history as well. I have lots of pictures inside the clubhouse of US Open pictures and memorabilia hanging on the wall. It's a fantastic clubhouse, and great place to visit. Definitely take some time and visit while you are there.
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    Rushed out of work to get as many holes possible as rain is coming. 15 minutes from work and realized I had some keys I had to take back.Turned around and back to work. Dropped keys off and took a different route home only to find the on ramp closed. Back to original route and finally made the course thinking on 5-6 holes. Teed off dead in to the sun and never saw it. Felt like I tugged it and sure enough I found it under the trees left side. Bogey on an easy par 5. Settled down and was +2 after 8 thanks to a birdie on #8 then doubled #9. My worst hole on my course. Its generally a short iron in but the steep slope and creek behind begs me to take 1 less club. Then I end up backing it off the sloped green. Ive been really focusing on getting more aggressive with short irons but this hole is in my head and my playing partners can see it. Dont think Ive been in that creek but once in two years.
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    Thanks gentlemen, I really appreciate it! Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Obviously my granddaughters Band didn’t win[emoji12]. She said it was a great experience. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    The intent behind this survey is to understand peoples experience in fittings and to understand how fitters can improve. Obvously well trained professional is an important piece it was by far the most voted on requirement. I'm also slightly confused on your point stating "if you are buying clubs anyway, by all means get fit" that's why most people are getting fit. I got a fitting recently to understand where equipment could actually improve my game and although I am an 8 or so handicap I found that I'm loosing 22 yards on my Driver and that doesn't include the big tips the fitter gave me to work on over the winter. I have several friends/family who are 20+ handicap and although lessons will be much more impactful, they see getting properly fit is important. Using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Congrats - doesn't get any better than that. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    I play 5-6 times a week during our season (April to November), alternate between 4 pairs of FJs, one of them being spikeless. On average I replace my spikes once a season. I replace with cyclone spikes which the FJs came with. And yes you have to be careful on the greens - it's easy to leave marks. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    You are correct. Last time I was there I insisted the guys I was with go take a look. Mid-Pines is great. Thanks for the reminder Dave.
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    Well my club ho habit really started late in life---- Up until 2001 I had only played 2 different sets of irons since 1977 or so. I did have 3 putters but putted with the same one which was a Ping Zing 2 for over 20 years. Then I got into the golf shop business with a friend of mine in 03. He got me to trying different clubs etc. We closed the shop in 09 due to the recession and had lots of older stuff. He passed away in 2011 and I ended up with all the stuff. Then I went to work for the metal recycling company in 13. That added fuel to the fire. So much stuff comes in and I can not stand to see any classic club destroyed in the shredder. I buy the stuff by the pound usually between .05 and .15 per pound. Most of my putters I have for the sake of being expensive 0.15 each and some full sets like $1.50. I shoot my grips on and off with air. I actually need to sell a lot of stuff--- Some I give away and some stuff I trade to a local shop for store credit. I also go to thrift stores that is where a lot of my bags come from. My wife bless her does not have any problem with my hoeing habits. Some of the persimmon woods she loves to look at. And she knows I do not spend much money on golf stuff. I even salvage grips from POS clubs I find. I also salvage shafts from the same sources. She knows it can be worse. When she married me I owned 2 18 wheelers and had 2 dirt track race cars and 2 antique Harleys.. If you think golf and boats are bad mess with race cars and antique Harleys. And we ain't even going to go into owning big trucks
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    Thanks Guys! [emoji631][emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    The survey is not where would your money would benefit you most, it is about club fitting. Regardless of handicap if you are buying clubs you should be fitted. There is no down side to being properly fit.
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    Snakes, ticks, and poison ivy are a far worse threat than sharks.
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    ... Haha, I will take Bull Sharks in the lake I will never enter, on a course I can play in warm weather, over snow every time.
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    Finally played another 18 yesterday and used the regular Tour ball instead of the X. All was right in the game and the ball performance was exactly what I expected. Sort of repeating myself at this point but the regular ball just fits my game and the X isn't working out as well. I will say after doing some more side by side comparisons on the green, I actually do prefer the X ball when putting as it feels a little more like a solid rubber thump instead of a more plasticky click. The difference isn't super drastic but if I could take all the performance I get from the standard Tour ball and add the putting feel of the X then it would be perfect package. If I didn't have the two to compare side by side though I probably wouldn't even notice enough to be bothered.
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    More than one set?! Wow, talk about living the high life. I value my manhood and my marriage to ever think about bagging more than one set. My golf inventory is similar to the 'Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark' swapping idol scene...I buy a club, I better sell/remove one quickly before the boulder (my wife) finds out and unleashes the fury.
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    I game the Adams Pro DHy 18* from 2014. If you can't find one at your local shop, they've been re-branded as the Taylormade GAPR Lo. The Adams is about $230 cheaper on eBay. I think I found my 18* head on eBay for $15. DHy is fade bias and one of the most consistent ball flights off the tee. Being a lefty, I can aim down the right side of the fairway and find myself near the center of the fairway 90% of the time.
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    Played 13 holes after church yesterday and slid some tour shots in side by side with my normal gamer. I’m just longer off the tee with the gamer, 5 yards or so on solid strikes mainly because it launches higher. After that though the balls are comparable - I’m coming to the conclusion that the Tour is an extremely competitive ball that will fit the right swing type perfectly and at a nice price point. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    My wife is super cool and has little issue with me buying clubs; so long as it’s a 1:1 swap. One comes in, one has got to go. I’m not the most impulsive buyer and once I have something I like, I’ll tinker with it but it will also stay in the bag. It works for me as I’ve only played four sets of irons since 1998. Wedges are a whole other thing but once I get something in my hands, it’s there for a bit. [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    LOL I wish I had ONLY 2 sets----- But my stuff is old---- My front line set is what is in my signature---- I keep sets put together in bags have at least 6 sets put together now complete with balls tees and gloves. Grab and go. Like I have told guys on here and WRX if you are here and do not have any clubs give me a call. You can grab and go or grab an empty bag and put something together. Mostly I have older blades but I do have lets see 4 sets of CBs and not only do I have a plethora of persimmon woods but quite a selection of somewhat modern metal woods too along with metal fairways and hybrids. Putters I have all kinds at least 100. Yep I am a club ho and will admit I have gotten out of control. I was in the shop yesterday afternoon cleaning up a set of Louisville Golf 50 series persimmon woods I had found on the pile at work the other day. I kinda got overwhelmed at the stuff I have in the little shop not counting what I have in the spare bedroom in the front of the house and in the building across the street. Sometimes my biggest decision of the week is what clubs I will take to the course next. I will say I am more than likely the biggest club ho on MGS but I can not hold a candle to some on WRX.
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    Cool day but not too cold to play golf... more than likely my final round unless something unusual happens. 110 ... all carry over water with a PW.... Par gets me 80, birdie gets me 79.... stuck it to 3 feet and drained the birdie. Absolutely love these irons. Hit so many great shots with them already...
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    I wish I was that good! haha. I mean on the fitting day, I purposely hit those few shanks just to see forgiveness. haha yeah, that's right...I did it on purpose.
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    Love those videos. That app really shows the ball flight well. I know you purposely hit that first one with a big draw just to show how workable these are and how well the shot tracer works
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    Shot a 40/43:83 today using a Maxfli Tour. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    This was a 4 iron off the tee today with the G410's. Carried 215 yards. I absolutely love the 4 iron. Solid feel and great ball flight. Temps today was 59
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    80 today -- no fanfare --- just 8 bogeys and the rest pars. Missed a couple of putts that made the difference between shooting 80 and in the 70s. Posted the score and it knocked a 74 off the group, so my handicap jumped up a stroke -- which is a good thing as we'll be freezing handicaps at the end of the month until March.
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    Played after church and a meeting today - got 13 holes in - was 3 over. Liked Across - very easy to use - haven’t really reviewed the data from the partial round yet. My approach shots were great all day - 27 feet in fact. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Once again tee shot and short game were good. Short game seems to be improving as time goes by; feel for distance is improving. Lag putting was pretty good, but struggled in the 6-8 foot range. Greens were aerated, but I should have been better. NEed to get back to work on some indoor practice. Iron play was slightly better but really needs some work; may need to build a full bag of hybrids and I seem to hit them great.
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    How fast are you going through spikes? I find they hold up better if you dont walk on concrete. I play once a week and can get about 6 months out of a set. I use champ stinger.
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    That is awesome [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Schoolhouse Nine last week with Allie. The pictures tend to flatten out the undulations on the greens, but they are pretty wild.
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    I had the Mizuno MMC Fil-Hi last year, 20*, with the Veylix Rome Shaft and I hit BULLETS with it. My 20* hybrid was more versatile, so I sold the MMC. It was a great club, though!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    69 7/14 fir 12/18 gir 27 putts One of my most solid rounds of the year. Missed fairways were by about 2 yards, all of them. Missed greens were left in great positions except 1 and I hit great flop to 2 feet. Played par 4’s in 3 under, par 5’s in 2 under. My 2 bogeys were on holes I normally bogey. 205 yard par 3 that has a green sloped like a mountain and 221 yard par 3 that I missed 8 footer on. Overall extremely pleased.
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    @fozcycle welcome back brother! If I remember you and your family have had a heck of a year. Praying for you guys. Glad to have you back. I really enjoyed reading about the connection you have with Maxfli and the past with your grandfather. Looking forward to your review
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    What is your favorite training aid, and what swing flaw did you get it to help with? I have struggled forever with over swinging, and tried everything to correct it. It has been such a struggle that even a lob wedge could get past parallel. I finally found something that has helped tremendously - the Gabe Golf swing trainer. It is a 7 iron with ball bearings in the shaft. You swing it to the top, and pause while the balls loudly slide down, then swing through. It has changed my swing dramatically. Better top position and better tempo. It really helped break my swing into 2 distinct part - the backswing, and the downswing. The pause gives me time to get to the proper top position, then clear my mind and only focus on the downswing. It's like the freezer drill where you freeze at the top, and I suppose that would work if you had a mirror. But with hearing the balls drop, it allows me to focus on the feel more than a visual. It's pretty amazing that after a few hundred swings with it, I can hit it farther and straighter from a paused position than I can from a normal swing. It added about 5-10 yards to my 7i carry, which was already at 185. I might have to adopt the Hideki pause in my normal swing! Anyway, I just wanted to share that with anyone suffering from the same problem, and find out from others if they have any similar stories with training aids that helped them transform their swing.
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    The demo sets come with a 6 iron and a 9 iron. They charge $120 to start the demo, then refund $100 of that when the clubs are returned. They provide a return shipping label.
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    OH. MY. GOODNESS.... https://www.golfsub70.com/sub-70-639-cb-forged-black-irons.html?fbclid=IwAR0r9IaLyw41iufxb3haNZ39gDjJ6E7cR3eM4CyqyOIJvTNKdaEdL8TkffM
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    yea the 790's were a bad match for me to begin with. Im a high speed player, launch pretty high already and generally lower spin with my irons. yes the 639's are shorter but its mainly b/c weaker lofts and the heads spin more than p790's. For me I prefer the weaker loft and extra spin to lock in a yardage. with my 790 6iron I hit it anywhere from 200 - 230. every once in a while with the 790 there's that hot spot where it just flies the ball an extra 15 yards that does me no good. When I hit the 639's I hit 10 straight shots within 8 yards of each other and regarding flight, I can never flight down the 790's. They naturally wanna launch high so when I'm hitting in these crazy Chicago winds all spring my ball gets caught up and goes nowhere just comes down to what an individual is looking for. If you want control the 639's are much more desirable. If you struggle with elevating irons and need distance, then the p790's are a good option
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    The purpose of a cavity back is to distribute the mass of the club head further from the sweet spot so as to increase its rotational moment of inertia about its center of gravity. In essences, that increase the size of the sweet spot. Now, in doing that, a club designer may choose to move the center of the gravity down at the same time, and that does create what most manufactures sell as a game improvement iron. But a cavity back with its center of gravity not shifted, is still a game improvement iron. Cavity back irons are also made that have their centers of gravity in the same relative positions as blades. It is those clubs that I believe work as well or better for shot shaping than blades. To shape a shot requires applying unusual spin to the ball. To apply side spin, you strike the ball with a slightly glancing blow. To control the shot height you adjust the dynamic loft angle; you do that by shifting your stance laterally relative to the ball or/and by tailoring your swing for the shot. But you still want the club to meet the ball at its sweet spot. Actually, I see no reason why you couldn't do that at least as well with any cavity back as with any blade. Blades can be made with their centers of gravity just as low as can game improvement clubs. In fact, many of today's blades are designed that way.


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