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    Arrived....... Just three days before the Club Championship......so I gotta wait until next week to put them in the bag. But I cheated.....went out yesterday evening and played in the Wednesday Night Shootout..,,just 9 holes, but it was fun! As expected, the irons are 1/2 club longer and fly higher! #CobraCONNECT using the King Cobra F8’s. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I know sticking to one brand goes against the MGS way, but I really enjoy it. I'm from Chicago and it's fun celebrating a classic brand based out of my city that really makes great stuff. They lack the credit they deserve and I don't mind the fact that just about all of it can be found at a great price. So here's what I'm working with: Driver: Wilson Cortex 9.5* with Graphite Design G-60 Red X-stiff Fairway: Wilson FG Tour F5 17* with Axivcore Black X-stiff (at 16*) Hybrid: Wilson M3 21* with Aldila Phenom 85 Stiff (at 20*) Utility: Wilson V4 Utility 4 iron with Aldila Green 105S Irons: Wilson FG Tour V6 5-GW, S300 AMT Wedges: Wilson PMP 55, 59 KBS Hi-rev 2.0 Putter: Wilson Staff 8802 milled Next moves: Wilson Staff Model Wedges once I can get them in custom shafts. The stock are too light. I also need the new utility but haven’t been able to test it yet. Also, my bag is from Shapland Bags. They're an up and coming name in the golf industry that everyone needs to check out. Their bags are phenomenal. Let me know what you think! Thanks, Peter
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    This belongs in the Happy Thread:
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    For those of you who know anything about me, you'd know that I've got a flavor for eclectic, off the beaten path, not so mainstream equipment. One might also interpret that as NOT 2020, NOT gigantic name brand, and definitely NOT high-dollar. Well the answer would be yes to both. It's not often that I'm able to get my lean budget, mint clubs, and new "ish" tech to all play nice in the sandbox together. I know Wilson is a little better known brand but like Bridgestone, it's just not a name many would go to a their first pick. I've wanted to own a set of W/S sticks for a while. Well for a very lean $125 I picked up these beauts. I honestly can't see how these were played with for more than three rounds. They're in demo quality with just very light scuffing on the face of a few the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
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    10.5 SIM Max Roger Dunn gave me $328 for the flash, it was hard to say no. With the credit I had, I paid $130 out of pocket. Tracking down a "real" Ventus to put in it and test, but if I can't get one the stock non velocore Ventus actually felt really nice!
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    This will be interesting... stepping out of my comfort zone....
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    Pretty quick. Maybe a 2 day build. Then 4-5 days shipping. So definitely less than 2 weeks. Then sent out for the shaft install. Here's a couple more pics taken outside today ....just because
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    So sitting here in NW PA watching it snow outside, drinking a little Buffalo Trace, I might as well spell out my equipment for 2020. I'm not going to spec out each individual club but just a basic coverage of what I have and have on the way. 1. All clubs are Regular Flex. 2. Driver is a Ping G400 Max. I play 9 degrees. 3. 3 Wood is a Ping G400 Stretch. Love this Club. 4. 2 Hybrids. A Ping G400 3i and a Cleveland 2009 Launcher 4i that I cannot, no matter how hard I try ever hit a bad shot with. This launcher is consistently 210 yards from just about anywhere. Whenever I have a bad lie in the rough or wherever, this is the club I go to..I know...makes no sense but it works. 5. Irons - Ping G700 5i-9i, PW, GW, SW, and I have a Gide 58 degree Eye Sole Lob Wedge that I love. I have a Ping Glide 3 60 degree Standard Sole on order to replace the Glide but we'll see...like the Hybrid Launcher, the 58 degree Glide is a can't miss club. All of the G700s are Green Dot. 6. Grips. I have used the Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Midsize grips the last 2 years and really like them. Prior to that I had used Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Midsize for about 15 years and loved those. Note: 3 years ago, I was having consistency problems off the tee quite often so I decided to try Step Tees. They have worked wonders for the Driver. I bought the JP Lan 3 1/4" wooden Step tees off Amazon. A little expensive, about $8 for 100 and they usually only last one swing but they have greatly improved my game. last year I bought 500 and ran out mid August. This year I bought 800 (see picture). I also use 1" and 1 1/4" step tees for the iron/hybrid shots. 7. Balls - Unfortunately, here is NW PA, the ground is wet in April, May and into June causing a lot of plugs and lost balls. Last year I saw a sale at Dicks for Maxfli StraightFli balls, $10 a dozen if you buy 3 dozen. I figured at that price they would make good mud balls until the courses dried out. I ended up playing them most of the summer. They actually have good distance and feel for a cheap ball. Yes, a Pro V has a little more distance and is better for the short game but at $10 a dozen, the StraightFlis were darn good. 8. Bag - I have used a Ping Traverse the last 2 years and it is a very good bag. I'm looking at a Ping Pioneer for this year if I can get a good price. 9. Putter - Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft For now that's it....have a great golf season Spies....
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    Back with the training again today. It was definitely a day of mixed feelings. The good news: after taking the entire summer off I finally matched my top green club speed again. I was also within 1mph of my best blue and red swings. And the bad news. After 507 days of training together I regret to inform everyone that my SwingSpeed Radar is no longer with us. The next swing after 144mph I tried to give it one last gargantuan effort to set an all time personal best. Unfortunately this is what happened: If I had to predict I would say that my swing that broke the radar was otherwordly. The device decided that rather than show me such a massive speed it would crack it's own screen to save me from myself and the massive ego that would follow. Thank you old friend.
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    For those who don't know what a SLDR-C looks like, here's a picture. I've heard, not sure where exactly, that with an after market shaft they are perhaps the greatest driver ever made.
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    Final report is on the way. Here is a short summation. I am an older player with a slower swing and ball speed; so when we did our video, Bridgestone recommended I play their e12. I already play that as my gamer. So the best option for me to test was the RX. I cannot really express my surprise and even shock at how much this particular ball has helped my game: cleaner straighter drives, more consistency with my group of irons and my hybrids, and, finally, the spin needed on chips and pitches. No, all my mediocre skills were not miraculously improved. I may change to this ball. I have loved Bridgestone spheres since I returned to golf after a 2 decade period. The confidence I have come to expect with their balls was re-confirmed. Heck, I even tried to mash one ball using non-golf methods with no luck. One ball I played for over 34 holes (would have finished the round with it until I sent it swimming). Considering I have 2 boxes of e12 and a few sleeves of e6 in the trunk of the car, it will be a few months before this retired person needs to resupply. When that time comes, I will be sure to get some RX. They will not make me senior tour ready, but this month, I have found good results and good fun in the Tour RX.
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    i posted these in a KBS Thread I started. But they belong here just as well. A combo I have been working on putting together for a while, had to buy the irons first then send them out to KBS for the shafts. Titleist T300 5-GW standard length and li KBS TGI 80 R flex
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    There must be something to this practice thing I hear all about. Not bad for February. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I missed the entire fantasy football draft. Ended up with 5 QBs on the bench. One starting RB out for the season and my second starting RB was a backup. That being said I finished a hair under .500 for the season but was in the playoff hunt all year. Towards the end my team was pretty good. Point is a lot can change and in this format hang in there.
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    When testing on an unknown launch monitor always compare your current driver to the ones you are testing.
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    77 today. 5 straight rounds in the 70s dating back to November. I guess those lessons and practice are paying off!
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    Got on course today for the first time since late October, got out with the new T300. Bit of rust on the first hole, but bounced back nicely with the first birdie of the year on the 2nd hole. 128 yard par 3, 9 iron to about 12 feet left of the hole, and rolled the putt in Ended up with a 42 for 9 holes, and narrowly missed my 2nd birdie of the year on the par 5 7th. Overall was pretty happy with the way the irons went, a few lose drives. Putter was pretty solid as well. Guess I'll keep the irons for a couple weeks
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    I'm partial to the "What have you bought lately?" and "How'd you play?" threads. A lot of the same regulars in there. And, while I won't name names, there are a few particular members who seem to always say they're not in the market for anything, only to come back about a page later with some new gear to post about... The SuperSpeed thread is great, as is @GolfSpy MPR's road to single digits thread. It was the inspiration for my own thread of a similar goal. I've noticed more than few threads being brought back from the dead lately. Always makes me chuckle when there's a new response on a thread that's five or more years old.
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    Got a solid 1.5 hours of short game practice today. It was freezing but I managed. These were some 30 yard 2 hop checkers down wind! Love that big first hop I get with these on the finesse shots, the a grab on bounce two with very minimal roll out. These were from 40, same thing, a nice big first bounce then stop. I would expect a touch more roll out on an actual green, or perhaps some backspin. These were about 15 feet high 56° into the wind. Here we have some 50 yard shots, same deal, flighted down... took me a while to dial up the 50 yard shot, I ended up switching to the 52° because they started to get caught up in the wind with the 56°, but I could flight them nicely with the 52° as well. Dispersion in the picture is from the 56°, just not where I’d like it, but wind definitely had a factor. I also hit all sorts of touch shots around the green, flops, low crispy ones. I actually backed up a high spinner 20 yard shot. Haven’t had that shot in my bag for a good while, and this is with severely worn out wedges
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    40% off at the Ecco store .... final cost $123 shipped to my door.
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    MPR is a living legend with all of his DIY threads, his single digit charge, and the time he gets to spend with Kirke. Cobra Connects are just a blast to be a part of and have been awesome. If you look deep enough, the original introduction threads are classics. If I recall correctly, @GolfSpy MBP set a new standard. @PMookie just left a nice reminder in his Valentine's Day message, the jokes thread is a must read. While I am certainly biased, I am a fan of the Hard Rock Challenge. @PING Apologist #9 had his calling card with the safety equipment. There are some pretty great stories of guys trading in their ProVs for Callaway HX Hots, Top Flites, Pinnacles for a round or two of misery.
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    +7 front -2 back - for a 76 the hands higher on the backswing move is starting to produce some really nice shots
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    ... I have said over and over again, I do not understand why anyone would try and learn the most difficult game to play and make it even harder on themselves. This will probably be on my tombstone: Every golfer should play the most forgiving clubs they can effectively play. ... The only reason not to play SGI irons is your game has progressed to where the trajectory, spin and accuracy is better with a less forgiving club that allows you to hit shots that get you closer to the pin. Hitting the ball high and straight is by far the best way to learn the game and for many the best way to play the game. Properly sequencing your swing, returning the head to the ball with a repeatable face angle and hitting the ball on the same spot on the iron face is difficult for single digit players and damm near impossible for beginners and high index golfers. So positive feedback is essential for most beginners and the most forgiving clubs will give you the best chance of hitting positive shots. ... Once you become more proficient with your swing and face contact, you may find controlling your trajectory is better with a GI or even a Players Iron. You may find a lower trajectory is more conducive to hitting the ball closer to the pin and a variety of conditions. Then again, you may already have a good trajectory and the ability to move the ball to an effective degree with SGI irons. I played with a Club Champion from NJ that played the most forgiving irons Ping offered. He said he played a tree lined course with little to no wind. But playing with us in Texas, he really struggled in the constant strong winds and hard fast fairways because he did not flight his ball or hit shots with less spin. But back home in NJ he had no such problems and won his CC Mens Tournament many times with SGI ions. ... Attempting to hit much more demanding clubs because they will fine tune your focus and stop you from making reckless swings is a mental problem, not a training aid. Of course much about golf is a mental problem, so if this works for you then obviously you should do exactly that. But for the vast majority, hitting better shots with better swings is the best way to improve and you can do that with a full set of hybrids. So learn to play the game with the most forgiving irons you can play. Then IF you need to change irons to facilitate improvement in ball flight and spin, try a more demanding iron to see if it is beneficial for your game.
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    I've read all of your posts and all the replies. The answer is simply...NO, forgiving clubs will NOT stymie your improving. Simple as that.
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    Ive been on light duty at work for 5 weeks and counting. Hurt my left shoulder at work and was convinced I had a torn rotator cuff. Ultrasound showed no rotator cuff tear which Im very thankful for. It did show some damage to the bicep tendon, and according to my doc,I got very lucky as this is much easier to solve.
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    I'm a little partial to the Cobra Connect Challenge II, myself.
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    I have been using my shortened shaft (45.75 to 44.25)for a few rounds and wanted to report back that it was a great decision. More consistent ball striking and no loss in distance and maybe a bit longer on pure strikes. As for the weighting, I made no changes. This may not have been necessary since the G400 is a bit head heavy and is often paired with a counterbalanced. shaft and since my shaft isn’t Counterbalanced it just worked out. Obviously the difficulty is trying the different lengths. Choking down and seeing where I was hitting the face was how I tried to find the right length. I then bought an inexpensive shaft And cut it down. With no intention of going back to the original length, the worst case was that I need to extend the shaft a bit or add more weight to the head.
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    Got only my second round of the year in today. The weather hasn't been cooperating on the weekends and from all the rain lately, the first hole was still a lake. The starter recommended I hit from the ladies tee, and being the manly man I am, decided to not listen to him. I can clear that, usually my ball ends up around the two trees on the left, so if I move up one tee, I'll be good. I proceeded to hit an 85 yard bomb that ended up just in front of the next set of tees. I followed that bad boy up with a 30 yard 3 wood to another area surrounded by water. I can feel your jealousy as you're reading this. In all seriousness, I should have listened. Knowledge of the course on a daily basis is his forte and not mine. Ahh....pride, you destroy empires and rounds of golf. 7 On a par 4 7 I hit another bomb on the third hole that went 124 before deciding to go to a longer tee. I've restarted SuperSpeed training and the last time I did I kept popping balls up, but now I'm hitting up more on the ball and the shorter tee is causing me to top my drives. The driver started behaving after that and I played decent. Still got a lot of work to do in order to get where I want, but overall I was happy with my round. 50 3/7 fairways No greens in regulation 18 putts Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Pretty sure you can still enter if you hurry.
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    You're all enablers!!! Thanks me too! I'll definitely post my thoughts somewhere on the boards. Off of the range balls it felt great, can't wait to get it on the course tomorrow. I SHOULD'VE MENTIONED THIS AND GOT MORE MONEY. Thanks for forgetting to remind me. Some e-friend you are!
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    New here, but have to show off my new toy. Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero - Mitsubishi Tensei CK White TX at 45". I hit multiple drivers and while this one feels like a wood baseball bat when I hit it, I couldn't argue with the numbers. I hit the Mavrik with the same shaft and at 200 balls each over two days (10/10/10) I averaged 1.9mph higher ball speed with the flash than the Mavrik. I think it's because my miss is more on the heel than the toe. Misses on the toe of the Mavrik were longer, while misses on the heel were longer on the flash.
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    You just had to buy something, I call a lack of self control Seriously though, I hope you flush it.
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    We are having a PXG fitting day at our course on March 26th in the afternoon. If you can swing it, it might be worth the drive to get fit by one of their Master Fitters
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    Yep. Thats the one i have....well one of the ones. Ha Great price on it by the way As fsr as name on the bag. Im not sure i would put mine on a staff bag. But i have this one and i always get a lot of compliments on it.
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    Cobra f9 driver|3wood|3H. 4-Aw cb/mb combo 54/58 ping glide 3.0 wedges. Ping sigma tune 2 putter. Game ball is tp5x
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    Couldn't resist these new FJ light weight spikeless shoes. they feel REALLY good. Also bought of bunch of new MCC+4 grips. Will start installing them next week. Spring has got to be around the corner...maybe. FYI I need to expand my shoe rack.
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    This is the SLDR’s SLDR. The SLDR-ier-est of them all. If you try to tell me different, you don’t know SLDR.
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    So should I start an over/under thread on golf electronic devices?
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    SuperSpeed is in a class by itself. It's like the Energizer bunny...
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    Wow..just wow! Thanks to @hckymeyer for nominating this thread as one of the most memorable...Well I think I want to thank him...ha But he sure nailed it. The BobCat/Tony back and forth will forever be MGS legendary stuff. Imagine some random internet dude telling one of the most respected Golf Equipment Writes in the business that he is clueless. Glad I had finished my coffee by then. Then to see it was resurrected by Studque two years later, and quietly went away....until today that is.. My actually biggest takeaway from the thread....going back 4 years I found it quite amazing how many drivers were brought up and raved about SLDR, Cobra LTD F6,, XR16, Big Bertha, G30 and others. And how rarely if every do I see any of those in bags now days. Probably the only one of the bunch would be the G30. This is an equipment forum and it goes to show, we do love trying and buying new and shiny!"
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    Here's a great example with T knowledge bombs, and also a fun thread to read... Operation beat SLDR is the thread and knowledge bombs start around page 5 Here and again Here and keep going Here, Yup, more Here too. Actually you all should just read the whole thread, it's pure gold
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    WELL, I found out that I have been doing something right!! Saw this on TV today.
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    For clarity: my dad is not a golfer, but he is a hiker--so post church lunch he likes to join me for a walk out on the golf course. Although I wish he was a golfer (he played many moons ago), it is still a good way for us to spend some time together. Now with that, we were able to escape the rain this weekend and trot out for a quick 3.5 mile walk (front 9) ruined by my golf game. He is reasonably tech savy, so I enlisted him to help test the Skycaddie this past weekend. I really wanted to test the ease of use and accuracy. My pops is a purely numbers guy so I figured he would fit the bill. We got onto the first teebox, I told him that he was going to test a piece of technology and it was his job to figure out how to use it and I will help if absolutely necessary. The purpose was to see how easy the device is to use with having no prior knowledge of it. Device powered up, tossed it to pops and let him run with it. Being a pure numbers guy he went off measuring field markers, where my ball ended up and without fail the device nailed the posted yardages. When we arrived to the first green, pops remarked that we forgot a scorecard. I smiled and told him that we didn't need one, the device would keep score. With no more instruction than that, he figured it out with a, "this thing is cool" and further remarked how simple and fast it made keeping score (default par/2 putt). Further more he figured out how to measure previous shot distances which he became obsessed with (cool when you mash one off the tee box), and hole by hole Dad remarked how accurate it the SC was with the posted distances on the course. Only once did it measure 3 yards difference of one marker (based off of center of green measure) the rest were within one yard of the marker. Through the 9 holes only twice did I have to go hands on to help--once to show how to pull up the list of hazards 4 holes in, and the last time was on number 9 when I, frustrating and embarrassingly (after hitting a horrendous tee shot), didn't want to ask for layup yardages and I just took the device to get a quick distance. Truth be told only once I did I need to go hands on to help. Walking to the truck dad couldn't stop saying how the SC was a "cool little device" and how amazed he was at how easy it was to use. Literally a nongolfer that had never even seen/heard of Skycaddie took the device and ran with it.
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    This is one of many videos coming, when I finish my final review, but see if you can tell the difference in sound that the ball makes upon contact with the putter face. I hit a Titleist ProV1 first, then the Bridgestone B RXS, then a Srixon Z Star, and then a Titleist AVX. My apologies for the limited audio quality, as it's just the iphone speaker on the other end of the putting green on a tripod. I will probably do the test outdoors on a real putting green, and place the camera behind me for better audio quality, and try the same test that way outdoors.
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    I think you are potentially correct. The wider sole helps mitigate your problem. The wide sole may have a negative effect for someone else. That is why generally we recommend fitting even for poor golfers since the clubs can help compensate for what you are doing in your swing. I think a better statement is that properly fitted clubs can help a golfer play mediocre golfer with a flawed swing. That said every golfer has a flawed swing.
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    My game is turning more consistent in the past few weeks. I'm starting to work my way around a golf course better without the big numbers or double bogeys, and draining about 50 feet in putts on the last two holes for back to back birdies to close out this 9 hole round at even par really left me very encouraged with the state of my game right now.
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