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    The MyGolfSpy Forum is a true Community in every sense of the word. For the reader, by the reader. We aim to be a welcoming place where all opinions can be heard and all members are encouraged to participate. One of the greatest barriers for this (and other forums for that matter) is the on-boarding process. New members fresh to the site are searching to find their way around and often have too much ability to handle up front. Enter, the Recruit Group. The Recruit Group will be aimed at assisting new members by guiding them through the process to learn 'how to forum' before they're full-on members. With that, comes a few restrictions as well. These restrictions will hopefully encourage new community members to discover all that we have to offer while limiting the impact on our existing and established members. The following permissions will be disabled for Recruits: Display Name Change Content Reporting Chat Box Posting listings in Buy/Sell/Trade Apply for Forum Testing Opportunities The following permissions will be limited for Recruits: 10MB max photo uploads Max 15 posts per day Limited to 5 recipients per message, 50 total, 10/day Rest assured, these measures should not be looked at as punishments but rather view them as the rails to keep you on the tracks until you're ready to be a contributing member to the forum. Want full permissions? It's quite easy to get promoted to Member. You just need to hit the following criteria: Make 15 posts AND Receive 15 likes AND Spend 2 total days on the forum. That's it. Easy enough? Get posting! Be sure to hit up the FAQ for assistance. Questions?? Either reply to this thread or reach out to one of our great staffers: Yours Truly, @Golfspy_CG2, @GolfSpy MPR, and @GolfSpy Stroker To the rest of you who are established, please make every effort possible to help lead new members to the information they need to find success and camaraderie. We're all in this together! Note: If you've suddenly found yourself in the Recruit Group but have already satisfied all criteria to be a member, just reload your sign-in. It's an automatic rule that runs when a member logs in to the forum.
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    Went out to the grocery store today. About half the people were wearing masks and gloves. The store was following some good practices. For example, after every transaction at the self service checkout, an employee wipes down the scanner, the credit card machine, etc. Was good to stock up on some groceries, hopefully I won't need to go out again for a while.
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    Hey MGS Community - How's everyone doing? We at Fujikura are using this time to do our part to turn our attention to education and having a conversation with golfers. We want to get back on the course soon just like you, but in the interim we hope we are able to chat with you and answer some questions. We have looped in our sales team, product experts and Tour fitters to participate in the Q&A and help answer your questions. Please feel free to use this as an opportunity to ask us anything, it does not have to be just about shaft specs. Also, please let us know how you’re doing during this tough time – how are you trying to keep your game in shape? or what golf content are you watching on YouTube? Things like that. Also, if you’re looking for some reading material about Fuji and how we design and make shafts, check out ShaftU which is educational content in collaboration with MyGolfSpy: https://fujikuragolf.com/education#shaft-university maybe some of this will inspire questions that we can address here! Thanks for chatting with us and we hope to hear from you. Also please follow us on Instagram and twitter and you can engage with us there also. Sincerely, The Fuji team in Carlsbad, CA
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    This is the most terrifying part of the whole pandemic.
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    Just think of those applying to be 'Official Testers' here. Do I need to bring up the 2018 Odyssey Putter giveaway in 2019, or those applying to be a Tester in the chatroom?? Some just don't get regardless of how clearly you communicate or how many times.
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    Have a Tee Time w Bacon Boyz Friday, my 2 weeks up[emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Good idea. Hopefully this will help the site not descend into anarchy like so many other discussion forums do. I have only been commenting a couple days but everyone has been great so far.
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    Hey Guys, I've followed MyGolfSpy for quite a while, never getting involved with an account or commenting on any forums. I've always been the type to go to the forums to get others input on products though. I finally decided to join the community so I thought I would share my current setup. I finally got my first round of 2020 in on Sunday when the courses opened up, however, we are currently getting several inches of snow so I figured getting involved will help pass the time of the current weather situation. If you have any questions on why I play what I play, let me know! Driver: Cobra F9 w/VA Composites Drago X75 Fairway: Ping G410 w/Tensei Orange X Hybrid: Ping i20 X Irons: Mizuno MP18 MB 7-PW & SC 4-6 w/KBS C-Taper 120S Wedges: - Titleist SM7 w/KBS C-taper 120S Putter: - Scotty Cameron Phantom 7 (up to bat)....Scotty Cameron Newport 2 (in the batters box)
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    Testers Wanted (2) T100-S and (2) T200 Titleist Irons What better way to get our minds off of all the troubles in the world these days than a good iron testing. Well at MyGolfSpy, we don’t do good, we do MIND BLOWING--You Can Not Be Serious testings!! And that’s what we have here! When Titleist introduced its new T Series irons last fall, it included pretty much everything you’d expect from Titleist, all neatly arranged—T100, T200 and T300. The T100 fit the accomplished amateur and many tour pros, while T200 and T300 were designed for the distance and game improvement segments respectively. Now this spring comes the T100-S, and you can read the excellent First Look by our own Tony Covey here: Titleist launches T100-S. Titleist in the first ever Forum Testing opportunity that I can recall, is going to provide our members a chance to put these beautiful and now longer players irons to the test. But wait there’s more: Titleist doesn’t just dip its toes in the water, it goes off the high dive! It realizes most everyday forum golfers aren’t cut out for such a player’s club. So, it’s widening the testing field to include the T-200 iron as well! That's right two models, two testers each. So read the instructions closely, as not following them exactly could cost you an opportunity to be a tester. How to Apply This is important, so please follow these instructions carefully: 1. If you haven't already, make sure you're a registered MyGolfSpy Forum member 2. Provide us with the information requested below. 3. Be honest on your selection of desired test iron and handicap, it doesn't do anybody any good to have a 36 handicap testing an iron designed for tour players and single digit handicaps. - Your First Name - City/Sate - Your Handicap - Current Iron Model In Play - Desired Model to test- You Must Choose ONE-saying something like "either one" will get you disqualified. Lastly but just as importantly Please do not 'quote' this post when applying.. Per the manufactures request: this review opportunity is open to golfers who resides in the US. We'll be announcing the testers in this thread next week, so make sure to check back.
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    Took in a great day and ran around the former golf course right down the street. Little bit of mud never hurt anyone.
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    I discovered MGS at the end of last season, as an engineer I LOVE the testing done and the push back against industry standards in that realm. I just started posting on the forum last week and it might be one of the best new habits of mine to come out of this current lockdown! Not a huge fan of this "recruit" status, but I do see how it can benefit the current community. Anyone in OR want to play, shoot me a msg!
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    I believe you’re correct, forum traffic does seem to have increased. Quarantine at home will do that. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    * WELCOME * all new Recruits!! There are two other important resources to check out... #1. MGS Moral Code @ https://forum.mygolfspy.com/guidelines/ (also found under "Members" on the banner menu at top of every page) and, #2. FAQ (also found on the banner menu) Looking forward to reading more interesting golf stories and viewpoints!!!
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    Well.... As ZIPR23 texted me, I just need to stay inside, close the windows and doors, and hideout for a bit! Between the Jones bag and this, my luck has been HORRIBLE this week. The Rep is sending me his Ventus fitting shaft for now. He’ll let me know how they’ll handle this soon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    It certainly was - but sad in a way (re: people reading instructions).
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    Odyssey Putter was one of the funniest threads ever. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I was just THRILLED to learn that my town now has a number of cases, and they started with a family from NYC that has a summer home here. They decided to leave NY and hunker down here after shelter in place was enacted in NY, and when they arrived of course they drove all over town visiting stores and pharmacies to buy groceries and stock up on supplies. It's mind boggling to think that the health of so many people is going to depend on the common sense of others...
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    Apparently I did. After a little more digging with a Betti group I belong to I found out that this was a 1 of 10 all made for Rocco. 4 went to Rocco and 6 were sold through a dealer. The dealer that sold the six putters confirmed this was not one of the six he sold so it was one of the four that went to Rocco. Cool find for the price I paid considering I just got a PM offering me 4x what I paid for it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    @JScott yea, I was revered back to recruit today just because I join on Friday. I was only 3 likes away from meeting criteria to just be a member. I just commented in the recruiter greeting post and got the 3 likes and it all of a sudden said member again....
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    Stuff like this really irks me. Some people are required to go to work, or if they don't go, they lose their income. I get that and totally sympathize, and what makes it worse is these folks are probably terrified of getting sick since they're working retail and in contact with a lot of people every day. Groups of people coming in to just browse and kill time are not only wasting employee time, they're potentially asymptomatic carriers. I know grocery store employees, Target, WalMart etc. are there because they sell foodstuff. Now isn't the time to wander the store looking for a new curtain pattern IMHO.
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    Tough call. I do watch the news and we had been planning on this for a while. But while I felt like we were "prepared" ourselves, I couldn't prepare for how others have reacted. I don't typically keep a lot of frozen or dry goods in the house, one, because of dietary habits, and two, because we live in a pretty small house with limited storage space. Same story for things like toilet paper and soap. For just my wife, dog and me, it doesn't make financial or space sense to store too much. I wasn't prepared for the massive amounts of hoarding, that's for sure. I'm thankful we still have eight rolls of toilet paper left, but if my local stores don't gain some more stock in the next couple of weeks I'm going to be asking a co-worker for a pack. Admittedly, this is compounded by the fact I only go out once a week for groceries and try to only go to one or two stores (social distancing, folks!), but the massive amounts of hoarding took me completely by surprise. I can understand buying an extra pack of toilet paper or some extra meat to freeze, but I don't want to even think about the amount of food waste from the initial gutting of the stores two weeks ago around here. I did rack up a $500 grocery bill two trips ago, so I did "stock up" more than normal, but I maxed out most of my storage space and now have whittled that pile down again. Hoping my grocery run tomorrow looks a little more "normal" than it has for the past three weeks. EDIT: To be clear, I'm not blaming anyone. I re-read my first sentence and realized it could come off that way. These are just extraordinary circumstances beyond my wildest dreams.
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    ... I am pretty lucky as we also rarely eat out. We only eat organic and it is hard to find good restaurants that are seasonal/organic/grass fed. We really splurge in Portland when I am shooting Humana commercials and infomercials because it is one of the rare areas that is very farm to table. ... But the upside is my wife is basically an at home chef. She is an amazing cook and food is always delicious as well as being healthy. My only part as her sous chef is manning the grill and this time of yea , grilling becomes our preferred method of cooking. The silver lining (a real stretch I know) is maybe people will stop eating unhealthy fast food and start learning to cook more at home.
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    Yep! That’s what I am afraid of here. All summer homes on my road for the most part. A few full timers.
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    Thanks much MALyons31! Appreciate it I'm here for the long term...especially given current environment. Need my GOLF FIX!
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    Been on the forums since Friday and I’m in love! I love seeing everyone’s WITB and how they got there, seeing golf course recommendations, and of course, people’s fitting experiences at different places. Really enjoying it here so far!
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    What up everybody! Been on the forum since Friday and I love it.
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    My wife really needs to take my phone away. I just bought one of Rocco Mediate’s Betti Roc and Roll long putters. I need a support group. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This is happening everywhere. We have had people come to my city from NYC because they can't be tested there and want to come my way and when they are told no they say fine I'll go back. Stupidity like this is what bothers me the most. I had to go out to the store to get supplies to make chicken and penne in vodka sauce for the guys in my firehouse. I not only cook 90% of the meals I eat at home and cook for the guys at work too.
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    Both the Walmart and our big grocery chains take online orders and will deliver to your car so now we don't need to even go inside. Once we get home the bags are brought in with gloves on and each item gets disinfectant on it. Puts an entirely new spin on grocery shopping.
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    Definitely will miss the Bacon Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Have fun buddy and cook some bacon on the course I played yesterday for the first time in over a month. Hit the ball decent and it was fun getting out of the house. Heck the last time I played the grass was brown and yesterday the course was pretty and green. I did walk using my pushcart and could tell by 14 my endurance was not like pre shat bug that is going around. I miss my gym time and boy can I tell the difference on the scales and on the course.
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    This is a piece of suede material put into a plastic holder. just go to Walmart, look in the bath mat section and you can buy something almost identical without the plastic holder. That's what I use for my divot and path control. Less tha $10. Sent from my moto g(7) supra using Tapatalk
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    The main forums are like that. I try to stay away from them and stay in the Classic Golf and Golfers section and the Clubhouse Grille section of the 19th hole. Actually we are getting some new converts from over there to here but they are the good guys that are fed up with what you just described
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    That is the nice thing about MGS it happens all the time and no one seems to care gotta love it
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    Where I live we are under "stay at home", not to sound petty and selfish but I got to say I really miss hitting/smashing golf balls, real ones, hard. Even living in MI, with having a golf dome in the area and a driving range with heated tees, I get to smash those rocks on a regular basis, throughout the year. I haven't gone this long, about 14 days, since I had a hip replacement, 2009. But considering what others are going through, I can wait.
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    I have the same small strip for my backyard. Works well enough! On that note, I've been working a ton with my 60 degree wedge hitting all sorts of different chips and pitches. Even have a pretty good 15-25 yard lob shot going at the moment. Probably won't pull that out on the course unless absolutely necessary, however.
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    Oh goody. My neighbors just showed up, they are from the DC area. Haven’t seen them since September... So much for being away from everyone. My guess is there will be 10+ people here by the weekend.
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    QQ: when all criteria are met, it will auto "adjust" correct? I am reading that correctly? Thanks!
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    Trying to get my post count up so I can use their BST forum. Other than that, it's a pretty useless forum with nothing but people who flame each other.
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    Got out for my first day of golf this year with the service dog today. A few course employees said I couldn’t bring the dog at first but were fine after I explained service dogs. The guy I played with was really cool with everything so that was great.
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    Absolutely--- Their new software will censor out any reference to MGS like this *** and it will censor out the word Spy too. It will also censor out words like fart---- And it got worse after MGS broke the data on the Kirkland balls.
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    Yeah. We rarely go out to eat as it is, I could cook a 6 course meal here for the cost of taking these 5 kids out. Did you see this?!?! [emoji6] Just remember what day it is... [emoji846] Co-Worker sent it to me, showed my kids. Oldest was crying, second oldest said... “I’m gonna graduate when I’m 27!” Good chuckle on the ole 1st of April.
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    Welcome aboard MALyons31...enjoy the knowledge!
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    This is a good and smart idea from the Mod Crew, well thought out gents!
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    Our course opened today and our foursome was the first group out - that's become a tradition. Forecast was light winds, sunny and mid to high 40's. Actual weather: strong winds off the lake, no sun and 42*. Since it was cart path only, I decided to walk at least the front 9. Drove the cart to #1 from our house with the push cart on the back. The other three guys decided to use their carts. Played really awful - I decided to stop keeping score - it might have been after I drove 3 balls in the water on #1. .I figure I ended up somewhere between 90 and 100. However, it didn't matter I was out of the house, into fresh air and able to trash talk with my buds. Edit: FYI there were no pins so we had to guess where the hole was - that didn't help scoring. The grounds crew inverted the cups so the ball couldn't go in but you couldn't see the hole until you were on the green. .
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    Jmikecpa - you have a support group here....it's just that we will support you buying more golf stuff MDGolfHacker
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    A strategy most of us could benefit from even when the flags are in the hole.
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    Got out today and walked 18 at my club. They pulled the flags and put cut down pool noodles in the cups. Was a bit odd just firing at the center of every green, but it worked. Shot an unofficial-3 68 thanks to and eagle on 4 and a birdie on 5 to go with 16 pars. First round with the broomstick and could not have rolled it better. Looking forward to a good season if we can get back to normal golf. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This was my 2000 mustang GT that was stealth 1,200 HP at the rear tires that I unfortunately buried into a telephone pole on my way to work. Thanks to the cage I walked away with no injury. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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