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    23 years in the Marine Corps. Hope I have earned the Veteran patch.
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    I played my best round of golf yesterday at my home club and I finally BROKE 80 with a round of 77. I've been playing golf four 40 years. Only took me 9 months after joining MGS to improve and play the best golf of my life. Thanks everyone here at MGS. Can you sign me up for BROKE 80 badge please? Thanks
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    Snag an extra SIM Max 15* fwy head while you’re there..... It’ll fit in your pocket. I PROMISE! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I can tell you how to tell if there are 4 or not, but I haven't figured out how to get the exact amount yet. Edit: I lied, yes I can. Click on the player and scroll far right on the tabs toward the top of their player card, until you see "Ownership." Click on the ownership tab and you can see who all owns the player. Not super efficient, but it only takes about 5-10 seconds.
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    I believe it takes the place of the check mark. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I hope so. Because with two replacement knees I won't be able to grab it and run.
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    Milwaukee isn't very big but our winters are very long and cold. The $55/hr place will die quickly if they try to charge those rates during the warm weather months. There are other places that use cheaper simulators and only charge $35/hour to play. We'll keep those places quite though so it will be easier to justify to my wife that spending money to drywall the garage and buy a Mevo+ or Skytrak is a good idea!
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    Oh man, I dunno @blackngold_blood. Us Fowler owners are quite pleased with is -8 he put up today. Hopefully a sign of things to come!
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    Sign up for emails from the various courses; I get emails from my local courses that announce golf events.
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    ... Yup, it was not something Tommy Armour needed to do. I was just a young local independent teaching pro at the time and they could have easily done nothing, so I was very impressed when they stepped up.
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    ... Obviously there is no need to "upgrade" especially your irons and although 2 years is the longest I have ever owned a set of irons, my game always suffers just a little in the short term when switching. And even driver should be fine for another 4.5 years unless a head or shaft comes along that is perfect for your particular swing, although chances of that and a marked improvement are marginal at best. I could easily put my 4 yr old Fly Z in the bag and lose very little other than some added spin. Reviewing new clubs can be a lot of fun but it is not always better for my game. Congrats on being so dialed in.
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    I like good customer service stories[emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    ... Oh boy do 845's bring back memories. I was on staff with Tommy Armour and played the 845's for a couple of seasons. Ironically we were cleaning out the basement last weekend and found my old Tommy Armour Staff bag and Lite Staff bag I used to teach out of. I put quite a few students into those irons that as best I can remember were offered with Tour Step shafts, the first light weight steel shafts (110 or 115gms?) that fit a wide variety of players much better than the 130gm DG's that were so popular at that time. I drilled out the top of my hosel and put on ferrules basically because Fred Couples had ferrules on his and I thought they looked much better. For what were considered players irons at that time, they surprisingly had quite a bit of offset. I actually played a full set of 12 Tommy Armour 845's and loved their 60* wedge (my first) that had a much thinner sole than many 60* wedges at that time. ... They also had 3 lie angles with standard, upright and flat designated on the hosel. One of my students that I measured at standard lie, if not a hair flat, had a couple hundred dollars in credit at a Skokie Illinois Golf Shop and showed up for his lesson with upright 845's. Seems they fit him at the store and told him he needed upright irons. I reassured him he did not need upright and told him to take them back and exchange them. Turns out they refused to return them saying he had hit the 7 iron. I contacted Tommy Armour and found out they had not paid their bill so could not order more and only had upright irons in stock. Going well above and beyond, Tommy Armour exchanged them and put him in the proper standard lie. Good people.
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    Lol. I listed the Chargers first as I see that as the most likely team to trade up to get Tua. As for the Raiders, I have a feeling that Mayock and Gruden may do something big to provide a big bang heading to Las Vegas. Especially with how the year ended. Sent from my Moto Z3 Play using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    It's been rainy here the last couple of weekends and I haven't been able to get out and practice, until today. It was a beautiful, dry, 43 degree day and ripe for a range session. Today while hitting, I met a man named W.T. who was working at the course and he asked if he could give me a little advice. He told me he once was on the path to be certified to be a teacher, but with his first child on the way his wife gave him a choice, diapers or golf. A wise man, he chose diapers. He told me my swing looked good, but I needed to move the ball back a hair (8 iron) and to start the swing just a little more to the inside. Now, to be honest, I tend to hit the ball all over the face of my club. Shot 1: dead center. Shot 2: dead center. I hit a total of six shots that were just stacked. I was using spray powder to see where I was hitting and I wish I would have taken a photo. I will say that he had never thought about using spray powder and that he has always used impact tape, so I guess I was able to return the favor and teach him something. I moved on to driver after he walked back over to the maintenance shop and hit some pretty nice shots into an area of the range I designated as a fairway. To give an idea of how much I improved, here's a photo from December 31 of how I was hitting areas from center to toe. Here's my shots from today, I still need to work on consistency up and down, but I'm not getting shots coming off the toe or heel. I'm hoping since I'm off next week I can get back out and see if I can replicate the magic both on the range and the course, weather permitting. He did give me a drill I can work on even indoors to keep the feeling I was getting today. I know you all have heard of holding a basketball and rotating with it. I plan on practicing it a lot to get the correct feeling on the takeaway. I have been working on the extreme inside takeaway I used to have and think I had over compensated leading me to coming back too far outside. Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Narrowly missed getting smashed into by some non-drivers by about 1/100th of a second. Good grief. Been here 6 months and witnessed more accidents than I’ve seen total in the rest of my life. Pay attention people!!
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    Most of the courses around here have a schedule online or on their bulletin boards for events. Also on GHIN, our District golf assoc. had a listing along with the ability to enter local tournaments. Not sure if the new app has that feature - but it's worth a look.
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    What did you hit never had any meaning except to those with an ego. The guys I play with on a regular who are all retired now only ask what myself or one other guy hit because we don’t play full swings all the time and they like to know the club we played and type of shot plus they like reminiscence about their younger days. Anyone with a good understanding of the game has multiple shots with the same club depending on green conditions, pin location, wind, etc. most of the good players I’ve played with never hit a full club especially with scoring irons and wedges. The great thing about golf is there are tons of options and those who don’t like jacked lofts don’t have to play them and those who like some helpful with getting and keeping the ball in the air and getting some distance can enjoy the game with the game improvement clubs.
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    Congrats! An honor to apply your badge; wear it well!
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    Not a dumb dumb at all. Fantrax is more complex and less user friendly than most fantasy sites. The amount of options make it hard to beat for a league like ours though.
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    We are making the trek all the way from rainy Oregon to the Show. My new owner wants to go the the NGCOA Business Conference that is held in conjunction with the Merchandise show. I finagled him into thinking that it would be good for the management team to make the trip, so we are all going!! As things stand now, I am planning on being at the Demo Day on Tuesday from 1-5. I wanted to go from 9-1, but there are a few seminars that I need to attend that are conflicting. Merchandise Show Wed am, Thurs am and Fri am, then leave for home on Sat at 0:dark thirty. If you are planning on making the trip, let me know... Always ready to meet fellow Spies.... N.
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    You would have to know the internals to truly know the answer. If the COG is forward it would have less spin and probably lower launch. Move it back more spin higher launch. Toward toe, more fade. Toward heel more draw.
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    I have no interest in standing in any line to hit any club that I can hit at my local shop the next week. My primary consideration will be to see anything that I would not normally get a chance to see. Smaller wedge and putter companies, independents, ect.
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    Like Chisag, I'm not going this year, a bit bummed about it. But my work schedule this week and next just didnt' permit it. Enjoy Demo Day, it will be a blast, but just be prepared for a really long wait to hit the Mavrik and probably Cobra. With TM not being there again this year, they will most likely attract the largest crowd. I'd be interested in seeing any pics you can get and thoughts of the Titleist T400. To see what it's all about.
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    Like others have said I love them going back to a milled face... But I still think mine from the 2012 Select line looks better... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ... Unfortunately while my herniated disc is doing much better, I am still not healed enough to fly let alone swing a club on Demo Day. Hitting all the clubs before talking to the Engineers and Marketing VP's at the actual show for reviews is the entire reason for my trip to the Show. Obviously I am very bummed about missing it. That said, you will love Demo Day. Just be prepared for long lines in the afternoon and enjoy all the clubs and shafts!
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    Yes and no. Yes in the fact that it is same face balance and head shape that I was fit previously for. No I was not fit for this putter through fitter, just Pro Shop. Struggling with center shaft and alignment so hopefully this helps. Only hesitation I have is the softer insert.
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    That’s great, they’ll be calling you “one putt” in no time[emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I was swinging the driver around 112mph on average yesterday and we had a harder time getting launch and spin up in the X than we did dialing in the XF to knock some spin off. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Maltby have a sneaky release of thier new head and usually dont do releases till late spring/summer. So it caught me a bit off guard. This one has a cast ti body of 8-1-1 and a face of 6-4 ti. They brought back an adjustable hosel and have thier signature single weight port. The new SIM driver arrived at the same time so a shootout ensued The SIM was a 9.0 with the Hzrdus Green S at 46", weight slightly heel side. KE4 TC had the Xcaliber Superlite55 S tipped an inch at 45". I also had along an M5 9.0 and an ISO-T 10.5. Right away the M5 was knocked out as it was out to the right and a slight but shorter but in a tight pattern. No doubt the distance was hampered by the fade. The ISO-T is not the one I have setup for myself but it was a good representation. This one spins in the 3200 rpm area and though it matched ball speed of 155 the spin kills the distance. But it is very straight. It was obvious this was between the KE4 and the SIM. The first chart shows how they stacked up. The KE4 carry numbers had a pair of 250 carries that hurt its numbers but overall it more than held its own. It bettered the ball speed yet was slower in club head speed. Had much better spin and was as consistent. Seeing this really intrigued me into wanting to get a matching shaft comparison. As the two drivers sit I could have played either one. Feel wise a slight nod goes to the SIM. it has a bit softer feel but not by a lot. Same goes for the sound,, it's just slightly softer. Both feel and sound with nearly any TM these days is a benchmark. The SIM is right up there.. with the KE4 its NOT a huge difference but it is there. Just a bit firmer and louder,, just a bit. The construction of the two is quite different and the carbon crown of the SIM plays a big role. So next I put a matching Xcaliber Superlite55 S tipped an inch in the SIM. Both are 45" long and matching grips. This was two days later and didnt quite have my swing from the previous test but it was repeatable. I hit the SIM first for 5 and switched. Viewed the data and repeated the 5 and 5. This test showed the KE4 to edge out the SIM again but this time it was a little more clear. There is not a huge difference but it is there in the numbers. Spin is still far better. Ball speed is nearly the same yet the SIM is still faster. The aero on the head is REAL. you can swing the SIM faster yet it was not showing the leap expected in ball speed. Smash factor reflects that as well. For the heck of it I repeated a 3 and 3 test on the E6 software and had the same results. The KE4 beat it out. As far as dispersion goes they were pretty equal. With the KE4 I can take the right side of the fairway out of play. With the SIM I need to aim down the middle. My misses were right and left but all still well in play. The KE4 was steadily left. not in a hooky sort of way, just left. Which for me is new. Once I get outside I'll play with the settings where I'm better able to see its actual flight. Now,,,,, I have $210 into the build of the KE4 TC. The SIM is $549. I'm not knocking the SIM as I really did enjoy the driver and certainly could play it, (I still could have adjusted setting with the SIM, as well the KE4), but there is no way I can justify over twice the cost. Maltby has a fantastic release with the top of the KE4 line up. I really look forward to spending more time with it getting it dialed in. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Wow what a difference this made!!! Colors are brighter and more vivid. [emoji173]️ Looking through my non surgery eye looks brown and hazy. Looking through my repaired eye is amazing [emoji7] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Stock. I'm not convinced my measly swing would be benefit from the real. However, I'll be out at The Kingdom in April and will try the Ventus with Velocore then in my driver, I will have had some on course time with it by then. If there is a noticeable difference, I'll pick it up then.
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    Poll Results, Their Effects on the League, and the Playoff Format Here's a quick rundown of how the polls shook out and how they affect your week-to-week team management.... Draft Date & Time. The setup seemed to work for more than half the league so thanks to everyone who was able to join and special thanks to those who set up auto draft prior. Once we got past the first round, the draft really flew by. 1 hour total was fantastic to cover so many picks. FAAB. @Undershooter posted how it works. The only note I'll add is that since we only drafted 6 players last night, you still need to hit the waiver wire for your remaining 2. The $200 budget is for the whole season. Once you're out, you can only win $0 bids. Best Ball, Best 4. What does this mean? It means there's no start/sit decisions to make. You have 8 players on your team and the decisions is your total roster from week to week. The best 4 scores count to your total. Be careful who you drop though because those players become available to the rest of the league. Regular Season H2H. We're playing everyone vs everyone, every week. Or, just think of it like we're playing tournaments like the PGA. Whatever place you fall in the league is how many "wins" you get. In Live Scoring, the matchups tab is going to look crazy. I recommend watching the "All Teams" part of that to get a gauge for where you stand vs the rest of the league. This format is great because it's 100% matchup proof and the best teams will succeed. The downside is Fantrax doesn't have a great way to display it. PLAYER DUPLICATES. This wasn't a vote but there's been lots of questions about it. There are 4 copies of each player. 4 of Brooks, 4 of Rickie, 4 of Tiger....etc. YOU CANNOT OWN MORE THAN ONE COPY OF A GIVEN PLAYER. This causes a glitch in the matrix. In our test league, we were actually able to complete a trade that put 2 of JT onto one team....only problem is, the 2nd JT disappeared altogether once it went through. We reported this bug to Fantrax but will need to keep an eye on any trades that go through to ensure you don't put yourself in a pickle. +++++++++++++++++++++++ Playoffs. We've had a different format in each of the 3 seasons thus far. It's hard work to find something that makes sense for golf and keeps things interesting down to the final week. This one will closely mimic the FedEx playoffs and runs during the same weeks. 30 teams make the playoffs, 20 from the first event advance, and the final 10 will compete for the League Championship Points are reset heading into the playoffs. From there, the totals are cumulative (ie. points from the first playoff event carry to your 2nd and 3rd.) Bonuses are awarded based on regular season finish. 1st: 40 2nd: 35 3rd: 30 4th: 25 5-10: 20 10-20: 10 20-30: Good Luck Does this all make sense? If not, please get your questions out now so you can be informed as the season progresses. I've also got some of the previous posts explaining other things tagged at the top of this thread page in "Hot Links." You can see it on the desktop version.
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    Love the return to a milled face, but jeez, is Scotty getting paid by the font? Seems a bit overkill and cheapens the look in some places. I wish he would have just put "Milled in the USA" on the sole. And The headcover seems to be inspired by Budweiser.
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    Sounds like it went really well. I would love to have the driver in my bag, but when I got fitted last year he couldn't get the spin down low enough for me. Which was a big disappointment, as that was the best feeling head that I've ever hit.
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    Wow. What a setup. I'll forgive you for the no pictures during the fitting as I know how hard that is. As long as we get detailed full bag pics when you get them. Sounds like a great experience. Curious having been through a couple full bag fitting myself. How long did it take.
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