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    #MGSCobra2020 #CobraConnect SpeedZone Iron Review - edingc, a.k.a. #TeamCalvesLikePhil An all-new carbon fiber topline on the long and mid-irons is the big story headlining Cobra’s 2020 SpeedZone irons. The weight savings from use of carbon fiber allowed Cobra’s engineers to push the head’s center of gravity lower than in previous models. Cobra hooked me up with the conventional length SpeedZone irons (1/2 inch short, 2 degrees flat), 4 iron to gap wedge, with KBS C-Taper Lite x-stiff shafts and Lamkin Sonar grips. Previously, I played Maltby PTM Forged irons, which although are “game improvement” irons, are a forged head and offer a more traditional appearance than the SpeedZones. Looks - 3.5/5 Stars I’ve read several comments on the Internet that say the worst thing about the SpeedZone design is the carbon fiber topline. I wholeheartedly disagree! Sure, at first glance it sticks out because it’s different from any other iron. After hitting a few shots, however, it blends in and isn’t distracting at all. From the 8 iron down to the gap wedge, Cobra removed the carbon fiber, leaving a pleasing and not-too-thick topline for the precision scoring clubs. Offset is minimal throughout the set and not off putting in the least bit. My biggest complaint concerning the looks of the SpeedZone irons stems from how much the backside is visible at address, especially in the 6 and 7 irons (the 7 iron is pictured above). Ideally, I would prefer those mid-irons to look less like a driving iron and blend more toward the scoring clubs. These are big clubheads; nobody is mistaking these for a player’s iron. The perimeter weighting, sole design, cavity badging and topline are uniquely game improvement. That doesn’t mean they are bad looking clubs, and I applaud Cobra for pushing the envelope. But, you’ll need to look elsewhere if you’re wanting a traditional look in your irons. Sound & Feel - 3.5/5 Stars Well-struck balls offer a very solid sound, both with the carbon fiber long irons and the more traditional short irons. It’s a satisfying thwack, I have no issues with it at all. Coming from a fully forged head, the feel of the SpeedZones is obviously a bit lacking in comparison, but likely similar to other irons in its category. It’s fairly easy to determine where the ball is struck horizontally, but I’ve struggled to know where the strike is vertically on the face. With exception to extremely thin shots, a few grooves high or low all seem to feel the same to me. I was originally fit into stiff flex KBS C-Taper Lites and not x-stiff. Stiff flex was unavailable due to COVID-19 supply chain issues, so we bumped up to x-stiff. They are definitely different animals than the stiff flex, and right now I’m still struggling a bit to adjust to the feel of them. The x-stiffs don’t have the same swift kick at impact I experience with the stiff flex CTLs, and I think that is partially influencing my feel of the head. Basic Characteristics - 4/5 Stars Unlike my woods, I do get creative with iron shots. My desired stock iron shot is a push draw, with my miss being a straight draw or overcooked pull draw/hook. The video above is a slight pull draw. However, I often need to hit a low stinger under tree branches, and I also like to club up some and play softer finesse shots into greens. It’s not often that I’m taking a full cut with an iron. I am impressed at my ability to do all of those things with the SpeedZone irons. By default they want to launch high and stay straight, but by manipulating ball position and/or gripping down, I’ve been able to hit low or more feathery shots when required. (As a quick aside, the reduced taper shape on the Lamkin Sonars has been very helpful with gripping down on the club.) The sole design is unique with the smaller “effective” sole. We have had hot and dry conditions since I received the clubs, but with the way the sole glides through heavy rough I doubt I’d have much trouble in wet conditions. Turf interaction is great, nice small divots without digging much. Obviously, the SpeedZones are loft-jacked (see: my six iron ball speeds above - with a range ball!). They generate a lot of distance as a result, but they provide adequate height and spin to stop the ball, especially in the shorter irons. I would definitely recommend pairing a more “spinny” ball with them to optimize spin as much as possible (I’ve alternated between Snell MTB-X and Srixon Z-Star XV during the challenge). On Course Performance - 4/5 Stars The SpeedZone irons are outstanding at what they are designed to do - get the ball airborne with serious distance, while being extremely forgiving of mishits. On more than one occasion, I’ve hit a completely disgusting shot only to watch the ball end up near my target line and distance. I’ve also had the pleasure or puring a few irons and watching how the ball rockets off of the face. Don’t expect to suck a ball back on the green with these clubs. But, if I strike the ball well (not a groove low), I can expect the ball to fly high enough to land softly and stop within a few feet. I haven’t experienced any major distance inconsistencies, but I have hit a few low-spin fliers from the rough that kept on going and going and going and wouldn’t stop. I don’t think that’s exclusive to these irons, but perhaps is made worse by the naturally lower spin rates of the design. I often hit mid and long irons from the tee at my home course and the forgiveness has helped me be in better positions than with my Maltby PTMs. The amount of distance I retain on mishits is impressive. Extra distance off the tee combined with longer carry distances from my scoring clubs means I hit shorter clubs into greens, which puts less pressure on my swing to be perfect. My scoring hasn’t changed dramatically for better or for worse since putting the SpeedZones into play. However, I am finding my iron striking to be more inconsistent with the SpeedZones in the bag. My hook miss has gotten worse, and I’m struggling with a tendency to pull across the ball from the top a lot more often. This is resulting in a lot of strikes toward the toe of the club. I’m not a fantastic golfer, but as my Arccos baseline showed, iron striking was one of the better parts of my game. I’m not sure if these exaggerations of my existing misses are to be blamed on the irons or something in my swing, but I can say sometimes I feel like I’m working too hard trying to get the x-stiff C-Taper Lites to do what I want. If I take a nice relaxed cut at the ball, I feel like I’m getting desirable results more often. All in all, the SpeedZone irons are producing predictable ball flight and predictable distances when I’m swinging well, and that’s all I can ask of them to do. Miscellaneous - 4/5 Stars These irons are not ones I’d want to buy stock off the rack. I understand distance is king of sales, but the stock specifications for these irons are very upright and very long. I doubt a low-spin, two-piece surlyn/ionomer ball would stop well with these either, and I’m certain that is the type of ball most played by recreational golfers. Play It or Trade It - 3/5 Stars I’m conflicted. On one hand, I love the forgiveness of the SpeedZones, specifically in the long irons. The clubs are rockets! On the other hand, I’ve tested forgiveness so much because I’ve struggled to find the center of the club face. That wasn’t the case during my baseline with my Maltby PTMs. I’ve thought of multiple scenarios for how these irons might stay in the bag: Do I try soft-stepping the shafts once or twice to see if that returns some of the feel I enjoy with the stiff C-Taper Lites? I’ve considered making the 19 degree 4 iron a true driving iron by putting a graphite shaft into it, so this could be done with just a little basement club work. Do I reshaft a test club with a stiff C-Taper Lite, and, if I like the results, bite the bullet and do the rest of the set? Should I play a split set with my Maltby PTMs? The lofts and lengths are setup in a way I could split my set at the 7 iron, and play SpeedZone long irons (5, 6, 7) and Maltby PTM mid-to-short irons (7, 8, 9, PW, GW) without messing up gapping to the wedges. Do I just practice more and try to sort out my issues with the x-stiff C-Taper Lites? When struck well they do feel effortless, but I think the difference in flex or weight may be partially responsible for the issues I’m having with my iron swing. #CobraConnect will take me to the end of my primary golf season, but over the fall and winter I will have some testing to do to answer these questions. Overall Score - 3.5/5 Stars Going strictly by handicap, I’m probably on the lower end of the target range for the SpeedZone irons, but I wouldn’t say only high handicappers should play these irons. The long irons are excellent - easy to launch, forgiving and crazy fast in regards to ball speeds. Short irons have a good look and generally stop the ball when needed. For the price ($799 USD off the rack), I’m not sure there is a better value out there among the major OEMs in the game improvement/super game improvement category. I’m just struggling a bit adjusting to them. Since we still have a lot of time remaining in the challenge, I’m hoping with more practice I can get a good understanding of what I need to do to play my best golf with these irons.
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    I just happened to see in my profile that I passed the 5,000 post mark... Having been here ten years, it’s probably a little low, but still a cool milestone! We have a “sticker” for that???
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    Thank you. That's one thing I want to be clear about too - I think they are great clubs and I probably will continue to play the long irons. Is it solely the shafts? Maybe? I'm inconsistent, which I'm sure is the hallmark of someone around my handicap range. I can have really great days/weeks and really bad days/weeks. Am I just in a funk? Might be! I did take these irons to my last lesson two weeks ago and I was swinging very well that day, and very smooth. I liked the results, but I find I swing better and more freely on the range when my coach can immediately correct anything going wrong. But keeping that smoothness in my swing on the course has been difficult - as I alluded to - sometimes it just feels like I'm working too much.
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    Thanks! My Maltby PTMs are stiff C-Taper Lites, and during my SpeedZone fitting I by far had the best results with the stiff C-Taper Lites. I had similar results last fall when I fit into Mizuno 919 Forged with stiff C-Taper Lites - the CTLs gave me way better results than any other shaft I tried. So something about that particular shaft just jives with my swing. @Getoffmylawn isn't wrong though - sometimes I'm very guilty of playing golf swing instead of golf. Definitely want to give myself a lot more time to try to work out the bugs.
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    These Forged Tec irons seems to be a great fit for me with the bounce and sole width and shape. I am noticing that I am taking less of a divot which is great as I can get steep. I also think the increased weight has me more aware of the head in the swing and I’m more consistent with the bottom of my swing. Or it’s all just the honeymoon phase... I guess we’ll see for sure in the next few weeks!
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    To prompt some brainstorming on your part, I offer my advice from the peanut gallery: Find a way to test a club with the KBS C-Taper Lite Stiff flex. I have thoroughly enjoyed the way they feel in the F9's. I don't feel that I have to try anything special to create a good strike, and also can quickly tell where on the face I struck the ball. I think it would be completely worth it for you to test a club with the shaft you were originally fit for. Better to use the arrow prescribed for you, than the arrow you had to settle for.
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    Cody, love the fair and honest write up. Seriously, man ... well done. I’m hoping you’re able to determine the issue for your struggles, and I agree, it sounds like it may be the shafts ... possibly? And agree on the price point for these clubs, and it’s the reason why I pulled the trigger on last year’s F9 irons at $599. And that’s with the Nippon Modus shafts, which are usually at a premium with a few other OEMs and the DTCs.
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    Shot a very up and down 76 yesterday; went out in a rough-start 41, came home in 35. Normally I'd be pretty happy with that score, but I actually just found myself frustrated that I started so poorly. A double is a tough way to start the day. On the positive side, I found a lot of fairways, and the putter continues to cooperate. This was my second consecutive round with less than 30 putts, and I haven't 3-putted in about 6 weeks now. Just got to keep those doubles off the card...
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    I’m not a tester but wanted to update again. After a few weeks off due to vacation and work craziness i started the third protocol today and wow! It seems I haven’t missed a beat and hit a PR across the board! Even hit 125 with a drive dry swing after the workout! The biggest takeaway I’ve seen however is my accuracy has greatly improved, I’m swinging easier on the course and still hitting it farther than my max out swings. Last time I played I didn’t have a single big right miss which I usually have 2-3 around! Hers my numbers from the start of protocol 3! [emoji1320][emoji1316][emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Well, I finally reached 8,000 posts........I have been a member of this forum for almost 11 years and it has taken me awhile to get to this level. Lately, since retirement, I have slowed on my posts mainly because there is way too much content to stay caught up. I do enjoy reviewed equipment and I do enjoy reading other spies content. This forum is the best on the web for golfers of all ages, no matter what part of the world they are from. I so enjoy being a member and hope to be a contributor for another 8,000 posts.
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    Maybe I'm an outlier, too, since I played the Wilson C300s and am definitely used to something on topline. I think the carbon fiber is actually less of a visual issue than the power holes, and even those didn't bother me.
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    I was so mad this morning when I went to the garage freezer... I was heading out to play and NO UNCRUSTABLES!!!!!! Ugh.
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    I definitely never took it as negative, I am just as amazed at how well he is doing. He is one of the few I have heard of that is taking to them like a fish to water or a teen to TikToc
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    I don't know about any stats on how much improvement players using one length irons have or how long it takes them to get used to them. Looks like Wedgie is doing very well and I know my results have been great. The SpeedZoneONE clubs are the easiest irons I have ever played.
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    My golf game continued the downward spiral it's been on for the last few weeks with a +20 56 over the course of nine holes. I did hit 3 fairways and no greens and my putter was my saving grace, with only 18 putts. I almost walked off the course after being +10 after just three holes, but decided to gut it out and finish the round and started relaxing a bit more after giving up on trying to have a great round. I actually played better without the mindset of pressing to score well, finishing my last six holes at +10. My game from 20-100 showed signs of improvement, I wasn't always on the green but was getting it a lot closer and wasn't shanking so many. I've just got to work on my iron game and I believe I can turn the corner to score well.
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    Best I managed to do was a 249. Those 8 made putts ended up representing 10% of my score. Here's a picture showing the amount of curve that the mat can get - the result is about 1" of curve over the full length (represented by 1/2" at the halfway point). Unfortunately I wasn't able to putt consistently enough to determine if it had an impact, but I'd imagine that it would. I also tried to find the limit of what the sensor can pick up. I couldn't get it to track any shots harder than 18 mph (it just wouldn't register). This was the longest putt I managed to record. Shows just how crazy that 139' putt that Michael Phelps holed was!
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    I was able to get out and splash around 18 holes at Bay Forest my home club. Played a very enjoyable round with a fellow handicap association member at the club named Mike. This was the first time we had met and played together. I think we both fed off of each others positive energy and we both had very good rounds considering the soggy conditions. The sun was out for a gorgeous hot day in Houston! I shot the same score as my Thursday round and had the same number of FIR and GIR but fewer Burgers so I will submit Thursdays round for the competition. I hit my driver very straight today but I was popping them up frequently for very little yardage, but got better as the round went on. So many good chances for birdies today but I just could not get one to drop. But I'm pleased with the state of my game. Here is today's round summary:
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    Hey, hey, hey! I know I'm old, I don't need you to remind me.
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    I just happen to have it open to take a quick lunch break from my accounting duties of closing the books for July!
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    @GolfSpy STUDque is away for a week, so @GolfSpy Stroker and I are stepping in for a few days to manage the Cobra contest. And we're (over)due for a forum member contest! Everyone's got their intros posted: it's time to test how well you were paying attention. The first forum member to post the correct answer here will receive some great PUMA swag! What I'm looking for is the sum of the following numbers: B. Boston's Arccos driving handicap The number of rounds daviddvm has played in the past sixteen months The course rating of edingc's home course CB13's 3-putt percentage And the number of years that HeadHammer has been playing Cobra gear Scour those posts and post your answers ASAP!
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    Hey Cody, I really liked your upfront honesty in your reviews. Sometimes, as an equipment reviewer, you have to take what was provided and make the best of it. My first iron review was using 105 stiffs in the Cobra Biocells. They were originally for someone else but Cobra bent them 2* flat rather than 2* up, so I sorta got them by default. After the review I replaced the shafts with Project X graphite’s. I could go on, but this is about your review, not mine. That said, keep up the excellent write ups and you will succeed. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Very well done as always Cody!!!!!!
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    First, as many have said, great write-up. I'm not too familiar with these clubs but I have to say, that they are that chunky even in the 7-iron would be a bit off-putting to me for sure. On the swing issue, I go through the same thing and I suspect many of us do, especially in our handicap range. In my mind it's the challenge of taking lesson inputs and incorporating them into your game without getting overly technical and playing "golfswing" instead of golf. I've found the axiom to be true: if you think, you stink. Get athletic, keep it to one fundamental swing thought at most, and golf. Just my two cents, as I've said, I certainly struggle with this too.
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    Again another awsome too to bottom write up Cody. Lots of Questions to be answered there. I am glad you brought up price point though because that is a huge factor “not sure there is better value” is a great line. Having second guesses on not getting fitted for the shaft is big especially in golf. You’re playing well thiufg and that’s good, I hope you can answer all these questions you have for yourself.
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    Same - I played both C300s and D300s and I never noticed the topline after my first 2-3 shots after getting the clubs.
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    Not related to gifts, I asked my wife to pick up Ribeye steak at the grocery store and she returned and she said she got a good deal. I looked at the package and it was round steak...
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    Great writeup @edingc! The comments from folks about club appearance at address, especially when it's something like these irons (or recent W/S irons as well) always kinds of confuses me. Maybe because I solely focus on the ball at address and don't even register the clubhead. I love the videos with sounds, you're doing a killer job with those. Keep it up! I think your concerns over the shafts are completely valid. I do wonder how much more of a comfort level you'd have, and short adjustment period, if you had the shafts you were fit into.
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    Downward spiral here. After the no doubles 78 on Saturday, I amazed myself with 3 doubles and a quad shooting an 89. Other than those 4 bad holes, it was an enjoyable round with another couple that we had not met before. He and I were about the same distance off the tee and so were the lady and my wife. Both good players and I hope we can join up again, and I bring a better game.
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    Yikes! We had quite a storm roll over us this evening. This is a screen shot from my phone weather app showing the lightning. Each yellow squiggle is where a bolt was detected. We were rumbling for a while. Glad is was late enough we were not out on the golf course. A similar storm happened yesterday also and we all had to scramble off the course to find cover.
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    There are short courses, and there are mini golf courses...this is the shortest course I’ve ever seen! Congrats on the good round.
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    A couple thoughts on the comments that some don’t see enough of a change in the 921 vs 921. 1) Have you actually held the 921 in hand to actually see the comparisons? We all know history’s has taught us Pre Release photos often don’t do the iron justice. 2) Not worth the upgrade from 919. Mizuno isn’t targeting those who just bought 919 upon its release. More like those who in the market, that haven’t bought irons in several years. its funny how so many people think to automatically say its not worth changing from last years model. Afterall not everyone is me
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    I don't even mess around with "hints". I'll send my wife an email or text that says "This is what I want for my birthday and here is where you can get it". Then I include a link to the exact item I want. No guessing for her and I'm not walking away feeling disappointed.
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    You lucked out. Congrats again and I'm sure the swag you'll get will be sweet.
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    I left 3 gloves at the course last week so I went on Amazon and found a deal for Bionic gloves(my fav) 4 @ $10 each. Normally they are $23 each.
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    Stilling trying to get my handicap down to 5. Friday non-handicap bounce game 73 net 66 putting really well, 4 good birdies. Saturday handicap counter 77 net 70 for 0.2 cut. Never holed a putt had 4 good birdie opportunity from 5 to 6 feet. Back to 6.9.
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    That's the thought I need to keep in the forefront of my mind. It's truly a blessing to be able to get out and enjoy nature and time on the course. I appreciate the encouragement! I need to get her back out there, she's been staying at home the last couple of weeks. She keeps me grounded and is just fun to have around.
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    Congrats!! That’s a lot of BS....
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    Bad rounds happen to everyone at every level. Keep plugging, playing and practicing and you’ll be back and getting better. Plus you have your #1 Caddie riding w you[emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    With the shape of the bottom of the irons they actually have quite a small contact area. You still get the chunky shots but generally they cut through the turf like a hot knife through butter
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    For the CCC challenges so far David is definitely an outlier. The 2018 and 19 one length players struggled to come to terms with them during the competition period.
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    Pretty freaking amazing I think. To be able to change from conventional club lengths to a same length bag and not experience much more growing pains is really amazing. Whether you are an outlier or that is the norm is the question .
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    Great round @daviddvm! That's a lesson on hitting fairways and greens right there. Also, just two putting from 70+ feet on the first hole is highly impressive!
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    When I read treads like these, I realize how spoiled (blessed) I am !!! While back, she saw what I was using with Microsoft Flight Simulator X, so she bought me a $450 stick, throttle and rudder set I wanted to learn how to play guitar (10 years ago) I now have 4 guitars, 1 Strat, 1 gibson, 1 nylon string, 1 steel string and a BASS, still can only play a couple of chords Got my first "boutique putter" about 12 years ago, a Byron oil can anser 2 model, I now have 12 Byrons While waiting for our stereo to be finished, we walked to Roger Dunn, I tried the newly release PING G25's, 30 minutes later my order was in,,,,,,,, I do same for her, she got hit by the golf bug HARD two years ago, her first set is PING LE irons 7-SW, 4 thru 6 hybrid, Cobra F-8 Ladies driver and customs GSS Byron Anser 2 style Maybe because we both had horrible prior spouses and we are now making up for lost times!!!!!
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    I played the same course today that I played last weekend in a scramble. It’s a short nine hole course, with two different sets of tees on each nine. Last week all I did was hit driver, but this course doesn’t call for a driver for me at all. Today I did some better course management, even going 4 iron, PW, and 58* on 17, making the putt for birdie, and scored much better, 77 (40/37). I had the course pretty much all to myself except for two groups. Weather was great, and I had a nice time relaxing and enjoying the quietness.
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    Honey I know my birthday is coming, don't get me anything. I am going to get me this new putter and wouldn't feel right you spending more on me after me getting a new putter I have used that one before.. also my wife after 26 years knows that for my birthday I go hunting. If "I" decide not to go then I'll let her get me something.. if I go hunting that's what I want and what I get.. done.. And NO she does not go with me, it's my birthday and she does not get to f that up..lol.. Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    5,492? Seriously though, nice round. Well-played for the FIR/GIR challenge, too. Enjoy the vacation!
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