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    First round after 2 week trip went fairly well. Putter was sketchy, but shot 40 on the front. On #12, I felt my right hip muscle shoot pain and the next couple of holes were dicey with the ball striking giving me 2 doubles. Hip still hurt but managed to get better control and finished the round with an 83. All in all, not unhappy with the round, but the hip does concern me. Hopefully, a little rest will calm it down.
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    I’m a borderline politician when it comes to “hitting the streets” for MyGolfSpy. A handful of my pals adopted ShotScope V2 after seeing it in action - one of them even migrated over from Arccos. And that’s despite their awareness of my less than glowing review of the V1 system. (Note: I think the V2 system is a substantial improvement over the initial iteration) Same goes for the Bettinardi SS38 Armlock. I approached countless total strangers at local courses, explained the MGS community/review process and asked them to roll a few putts. @PokeForeLyfe is one direct example, although I’m not sure he’s still rolling an Armlock. Strangely enough, despite my overwhelmingly positive review and play with the Ping G400 LST, I didn’t see any evidence of it gaining traction with the people around me. But I also wasn’t pressing it into the hands of every stranger on the range. So I don’t know if my equipment gaming and entreaties to explore MyGolfSpy, necessarily meet an “influential” standard, but I’m hopeful that is the case. And I intend to continue drumming for MGS with the 100K goal in mind.
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    I had 4 different people hit the Tommy Armor Atomic irons and they all were amazed how explosive they were.....BUT, they said they would rather buy a "known brand" like Titleist or Taylor Made even though they hit these well. I am trying to pay it forward by handing these clubs to someone else to write up a review and its hard to find any takers. They just want to play golf without having to write about it.
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    My thoughts as well! We didn't even get to October before snowmageddon #1 hit. This is the remains of #2. I'm watching the Sandhill Cranes and Canadian Geese flying over everyday in a southerly direction... were it not for a flooring install job, we might have already left for AZ .
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    Hey, maybe you're onto something here... conquer one stick at a time as opposed to the whole bag .
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    I used to play often in northern Wisconsin and learned a few truths: Geese don't move out of the way of your shot and geese, when bothered by you get nasty. Once had to abandon what should have been an eagle attempt due to 20 geese on the green, including one who must have thought the ball was an egg, My friends were not going to give me a gimme eagle, even though my ball was only 2' from the cup. That day I also learned how to cuss at my friend AND the birds!
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    I know that testing the Srixon Q Star Tours, I have had friends buy boxes of them and the Cleveland RTX 4 are in consideration for one buddy
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    I didn’t quite know how to title this one. About a month ago I went for what I thought was going to be an hour long lesson. As I was warming up on our back range I kept hitting 9 iron after 9 iron 30 feet right of where I was trying to aim - the shots were well struck but no matter what I did they went right. My teacher arrived just as I was letting out an exasperated cry after yet another shot. “Hit one and I will stand behind you to check your alignment.” I hit one, same result. Here’s what he saw. My feet were aligned straight at my target but my shoulders were aiming on the line my ball was starting. Further my back foot was flared out making it difficult for me to get aligned properly and creating some other issues. I guess this happened either because I had gained so much weight or during my weight loss. Even there way he had me square the back foot and hit a few shots - while it felt uncomfortable there was no longer a need for a lesson. Since that day the old Rev has returned, consistent solid hit strikes through the bag with just a touch of draw, lots of them. I’m writing this as a reminder that sometimes it’s the simple things and it’s important to periodically check your fundamentals, grip, set up, alignment, posture. That often needs a second set of eyes but it can make a works of difference. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I've long felt that, for the vast majority of golfers, lowering handicaps follows an asymptotic model - and that breaking into single digit handicaps is roughly where the curve starts to flatten. It stands to reason that the more time you invest, the better the chances you have in improving scoring stats. But simply spending time on the course is but a small part of the recipe for getting up that flattened portion of the curve. I think it often takes wholesale changes to one's swing mechanics - and that involves even more commitment in practice and playing time. I attempted a swing change in my mid 20's that ultimately had me so frustrated with the game, I gave it up for the most part. At the time I was playing to an 11-12 and really felt like I could (or should) be able to get to mid single digit. I may not have committed to it long enough (patience has never been my strong suit) and it became a trainwreck. I struggled just getting back to where I was and with other life happenings happening took a hiatus. I'm fascinated by those of you spies who have recently completed or are going through a swing change - even more, amazed when it works out! Unlike the pros who have dedicated swing coaches and can work on this endeavour as a full time job, most of us simply don't have the time. Or, by the time we do (have the time), our physical ability to make any significant changes to our swing mechanics is a challenge. I probably really need to consider a swing change if I ever hope to beat my lifelong best 11 handicap - but based on my prior experience, not sure I want to commit to it .
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    All good brother[emoji4] I hear the word online influencer and what immediately comes to mind is some DB instagram kid who poses on beaches selling hand cream and vegan milkshakes.
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    Couldn't agree more with the entire post. Our problem is found in our used clubs are lefty clubs, and that used market is certainly best for the buyer. Hang in there @Kor.A.Door, that Ping is too nice of a putter not to find a new home.
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    A rivalry in mediocrity in my opinion. Rory hasn't won a major in 5 years, and Brooks can't win a regular tour event more than once a year at best, because by his own admission, those events don't excite him, and he doesn't prepare for them. As much as I detested the dominance of Tiger, when he was in his prime, everyone else was playing for 2nd place. There is not a single player today that has that type of confidence to dominate, and can actually back it up with their play. Single biggest statistic that just shows you how incredible Tiger Woods was over his playing career, what was it, how many YEARS did Tiger go without missing a cut? That's dominance right there. How many cuts did Rory and Brooks miss this last year alone? Honestly, these two are a snooze fest in competitive fire. Brooks used to not say anything, and he was better off. Because now when he talks, what he says isn't worth repeating or talking about, because he's an average pro who happened to win 4 majors recently. And man, talk about a guy who has gone MIA. What in the hell is wrong with DJ? Man, if there was ever a player that should have at least a handful of majors, and should be winning at a regular clip, it's him. But he's simply vanished from the elite talk. Again, it just goes to prove that none of these snapper heads are even close to what Tiger Woods was, even on one of Tiger's "off" years. This is beyond stupid, and a ridiculous joke.
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    No I wasn't if so they would probably all have ended in two pieces in the nearest dumpster. To be fair I have nothing against those who use them properly to retrieve their own ball that may be stuck in some thick sticker bushes but is easily in sight. But those who walk the perimeter of every hole with the retriever in hand ready to strike for any round white object they see, even 20 yards deep in trees or 10 feet off shore of a pond, are the ones I have no patience for. Trust me we see plenty of those at our course
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    I wish the groups I played with didn't give putts at all! For a few years, my buddy and I played putt everything out. Putting improved so much! One on one match play, no problem giving putts as seen fit, but medal play? Putt it out!
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    Was able to get out this morning and spend an hour at the driving range and another half hour on the putting green! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have two fiends that have bought Ping G410 max drivers this season. Also a friend who used tru fit to buy his driver. One of the Pros at my club is doing SuperSpeed. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I am going to take this to the next level for 2020. The goal is to break 70. Stand by for Shankster: Uncharted Territory With episode 2 coming up some teasers are: a Mid/Late November driver fitting, cold iron winter golf, and much much more. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I would bet so, you're results with that were among the best of any tests that I recall reading this year.
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    Have you read Paper Tiger by Tom Coyne? Entertaining and easy read about just what you talk about. He devotes a year of sabbatical to trying to become scratch/plus and play on the PGA Tour.
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    For the record, I completely agree. Tiger is in a class unto himself. Maybe even regardless of sport. Jack Nicklaus and Bill Russell are the only other athletes that comes to mind who dominated a sport like Tiger did. I think money creates complacency with most people and that's where Rory is now. Complacent to the point of losing his competitive edge. In my opinion, Norman, Watson, Couples, etc. (as great as they were) were placeholders until the next Nicklaus came along. When Tiger came along, Els, Mickelson, Johnson, McIlroy, Spieth and Koepka became the new placeholders until the next Tiger comes along. Whenever that may be! But like Tiger, I think we will see him coming.....whoever he turns out to be.
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    Welcome to the world of used stuff. Something is only worth as much as someone else will pay. Your price while fair may not be viewed by a large enough consumer market and therefore doesn’t get enough looks. Also no matter how low you price something people will ask you to go lower. I feel your pain, but this is just the way it works.
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    One other update I forgot to include: I mentioned at one point in this thread my goal of birdieing each hole at my home course one time this season. Here's how I did: Hole 1 | 435 | Par 4: Nope. This is a tough opening hole (rated the second hardest on the course. I almost never have a GIR here, which makes birdie difficult. Hole 2 | 267 | Par 4: Multiple birdies. This hole is a 90° dogleg left with no reasonable way to cut the corner. Normally, it calls for a PW off the tee and a GW on the green. Hole 3 | 170 | Par 3: Nope. Hole 4 | 482 | Par 5: Yes. For a par 5, it's short, which should result in lots of birdie chances. But wayward shots are punished hard on both sides (forest), so it's also easy to make a big number. Hole 5 | 330 | Par 4: Yes. Pretty straightforward, slightly uphill. Probably should have had more than one here, to be honest. Hole 6 | 368 | Par 4: Yes. One that I'm most proud of. Another difficult hole, with OB left and woods right off the tee, with a second shot to a very difficult green. Hole 7 | 200 | Par 3: Yes. This hole is massively downhill, but hitting the green from 200 and making the putt is always immensely satisfying. Hole 8 | 365 | Par 4: Multiple birdies. Pretty straightforward hole. Hole 9 | 419 | Par 4: Nope. Plays far longer than the listed yardage, normally uphill and into the wind. Hole 10 | 315 | Par 4: Yes. A fun dogleg. Hole 11 | 352 | Par 4: Yes. Guess what? Another dogleg. Hole 12 | 300 | Par 4: Nope! I'm stunned a bit embarrassed by this one. This is one of the easiest holes on the course, and I didn't even realize I had gone the whole season without birdieing it. Hole 13 | 367 | Par 4: Yes. Another very difficult hole requiring two very precise shots. Hole 14 | 363 | Par 4: Nope. Hole 15 | 142 | Par 3: Yes. A blind par 3. Hole 16 | 315 | Par 4: My first and only eagle! Unfortunately, my Game Golf battery died so I have no digital record of it. But I hit a nice drive and then holed out from about 65 yards for the big bird. Hole 17 | 287 | Par 4: Multiple birdies. Downhill, often downwind. The easiest hole on the course. Hole 18 | 553 | Par 5: Nope. Back uphill, into the wind. Several GIRs, but a heavily sloping green makes birdie here an accomplishment. So the final tally: 12/18. Meh. I birdied one hole I wouldn't have expected (6), and left several out there that I should have gotten. Looking forward to giving this another try next season.
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    Couple more notes about Fitter, Scott Wood. He was gracious enough to fit me in knowing this was not going to be a sale. His explanation during the process was very thorough. The saying can’t teach old dogs new tricks is wrong, he taught me a lot. Couple other stats; launch angle from 14’ to 18.5’ and spin from 3550 to 5700 so definite improvement. My lonely cart @ 8:00 am Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    An old farmer in Georgia had owned a large farm for several years. He had a large pond in the back, fixed up nice; picnic tables, horseshoe courts, basketball court, etc. The pond was properly shaped and fixed up for swimming when it was built. One evening the old farmer decided to go down to the pond, as he hadn't been there for a while, and look it over. As he neared the pond, he heard voices shouting and laughing with glee. As he came closer he saw it was a bunch of young women skinny-dipping in his pond. He made the women aware of his presence and they all went to the deep end of the pond. One of the women shouted to him, "We're not coming out until you leave!" The old man replied, "I didn't come down here to watch you ladies swim or make you get out of the pond naked." "I'm here to feed the alligator."
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    Same with the guys here - even if it's a half a roll away. You've got to putt it out. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Yes Sir. Nailed it. I even managed to pull a ball off the green with a 7 iron. Not lacking in the spin department... now I just have to figure out how to regulate it better.
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    Marcel Siem pulled a similar "what was I thinking" goof at the French Open. Pretty embarrassing for players at this level. What strikes me is that no one else informs them of the snafu. Yeah, I get that they are in competition but most good sportsman and sportswomen would let them know asap... no??
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    In the round I mentioned, after 5 minutes or so with the whole foursome trying to move and not get attacked by the critters, they decided the only "fair thing" was to give me a bogie!. And they generously paid for my first beer after. Even with that hole, I beat par for the day! (Just a fun round, no match, not a club round)
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    I read an article this morning by Practical Golf. It's nothing earth shattering or new really. But, it does once again bring our game into focus. The article is about Time and Expectations. As golfers we all approach this game differently. We'd all like to be +10 handicappers. Right? Yeah me too.... except I just don't know what I'd do with all the money. So, after reading the article which Scenario do you fit into? I'm solidly in Scenario #2. I've been playing most of the summer between a 3-5 hcp. Not bad but that's about it. I actually have more time to spend on my game but don't. Why? I guess I'm just lazy and expect to magically get to scratch or something. Ain't gonna happen and I know it. Certainly not at my decrepit old age. LOL Here's a link to the article: https://practical-golf.com/golf-scores/
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    While any product can malfunction, there is no reason to think that graphite shaft can't handle high swing speeds and repeated impact, even on iron shots taking divots. Bryson DeChambeau swings his driver over 115mph and just played a tournament with graphite shafts in every single club in his bag, driver through putter.
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    I know you're across the pond, but you can get factory matched paint here... Golf Repair Paint
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    Haven’t played Williamsburg national in a long time. Was decent but I would pick colonial heritage over it. Depending on time of day, all will be under your price. Most in peak time will be as well. No problem on the Busch comment, I drove by last Saturday about 2:00 and the line to get in was backed up to the interstate which would mean 30+ minutes just to get to the gate to pay to park.
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    Rory and Brooks were in contention while being paired together twice this past season. They each came away wit ha victory. In the Swamp Ass WGC in Memphis, Brooks took Rory to task with a final round 65 and a victory. Rory was the only player in the Top-10 not to break par, finishing with a 71 to come home T-4. In the Tour Championship, Rory closed with a 66 to earn the victory. Brooks struggled a bit with a 72 and finished T-3.
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    Tomorrow I start a 5 day marathon of golf, mostly within 20 minutes of home. It's for a local Aus golf forum's "National Championship" All 5 courses are rated in Australia's top 100. Days 3 and 4 are the main event, played over 36 holes, with the other days individual events. All days are being played as handicap Stableford format, which takes a bit of pressure off. Day 1 At my home club, Curlewis Golf Club. https://curlewisgolf.com.au/pages/first I hope local knowledge will give me a bit of an advantage. Day 2 Barwon Heads Golf Club One of Australia's oldest high end courses. Very staid, but a lovely course right on the coast. https://www.barwonheads.golf/cms/ Reasonably short, but can be seriously windy. The greens have a reputation for being some of the best in Australia. Day 3 and 4 13th Beach Golf Club https://www.13thbeachgolf.com/cms/ Beach Course followed by Creek Course. Interestingly (at least to me) the club is named after the adjacent surf beach, which is in turn, named after the 13th hole of Barwon Heads GC next door. The Beach course runs through some stunning dunes, whilst The Creek is on the inland side of the property. The Beach in particular can be hammered by wind, and both courses have fast and firm greens. Day 5 A short ferry trip to the other side of Port Philip Bay to Portsea Golf Club https://www.portseagolf.com.au/cms/ Another beautifully conditioned course, with lots of undulating holes. Plenty of social events go along with this, so it all adds up to a great few days. I'm not sure I'm up to 5 consecutive days of golf, especially walking every day except day 4, but here's hoping I can handle it. I'm still not sure about my swing and body but there was no way I'd miss this one.
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    Obi-Wan, you’re my only hope!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Total scam. After entering the virtual lobby and in line before 10AM (even though they said the line would form at 10AM) I waited 45 minutes, got the "match day sold out" message, then left the line. My little skeletor didn't even get one fourth of the way to the ticket counter. Now I get an email for a ticket exchange hosted by the same company that ran the virtual lobby, and tickets are going for a hefty premium. I wonder how many tickets they held back for themselves and how many went to suckers like me who thought they had a decent chance to buy a couple of tickets at face value?
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    Pretty sure everything around the PGA Championship and the Ryder Cup is seen as nothing but a money grab for the PGA of America. Really a shame in trying to grow the game. I'll see Suzy Whaley at the PGA Show, if she's not surrounded by security, I'll be sure and let her know the feelings of the general public. BTW, when my little man finally got into the room, only Tue-Thurs practice available as well.
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    A vast majority go tot ticket and travel brokers to be sold in packages. I bet the actual amount that is sold to the general public is very small. In this way the USGA has it all over the PGA of America, they give actual everyday golf fans a chance to get tickets. Anyway, my guy is only about halfway there, the 8th block. I had to leave right after 11:00 for a meeting and didnt' get back until about 45 minutes ago.
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    Yeah, this is certainly "growing the game".
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    Thanks for all the replies. It's interesting to me, and I completely respect the biases of others, as I realize some of mine may be unfounded. I tend to stick with what's worked and any club type or brand that hasn't may never get another look. I don't try to influence any one, and I am bullheaded not easily influenced by others (happens glacially when it does). I always buy high quality equipment, but it's not costly as I don't change often - and I never blame my equipment for bad shots, bad shots are at least 95% me and I know it...
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    I personally love the KBS Tour shafts. Went to a club champion fitting and they were the best shafts and did a mizuno shaft optimizer and they were the top pick. I don’t think they feel boardy. But everyone has they own feels. I am not a fan of some if their other shafts as they don’t seem to work well for me. Too many shaft options in the market to play a shaft you don’t like. If you don’t like the feel move on; there should be another shaft that provides similar numbers.
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    I’ve had good success with the Tour V shafts. I had them in my Edel Irons, and they’re in my current Edel wedges. They have a “feel” to them, but I like them, not boardy. They have so many different shafts now... KBS Tour V and C-Taper, True Temper Dynamic Gold, Project X, Project X LZ, and Nippon Modus 120 are all shafts I’ve been fitted into and they all felt differently, but ultimately, in the head I picked, they felt “right”. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Great thread! One thing I haven't seen mentioned is mixing tees based on conditions. Many don't notice it, but if you watch pro tournaments, they don't always hit from the rear tee box. The tournament committee often adjusts the teeing areas based on the conditions of the day (high winds, rain, etc). Once I noticed this, I started doing the same thing. Nothing's more frustrating than standing on a tee and knowing you can't clear a hazard or reach the fairway/green because the winds howling. So when I'm planning to play a course, I check what the wind is doing and adjust the tees I plan to play. I may play back tees downwind and a more forward tee into the wind. Makes the game a challenge without making it impossible. BT Sent from my XT1585 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    One of my daughters basketball team mates has just signed with Stanford. She had to decide between Stanford, Boston, Texas and Duke. Obviously she's a seriously talented player, but also a lovely girl and has always been encouraging and supportive of her teammates, despite being the best player on the team by a significant margin. A freakishly athletic girl who has worked hard at both her game and studies. Any of you interested in NCAA Women's Basketball, keep an eye out for Agnes Emma-Nnopu. She's come a long way from a small country town in Victoria, Australia.
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    Thanks so much for opening this thread - just the information that I needed - I have Shot Scope but Ping is now offering sensors and three months of Accros free for anyone who purchased certain equipment (I bought a qualifying club.) My gut is that I would not like the phone in my front pocket although I would get used to it. Having written that it is at times so hot in Florida that my phone will go to sleep - I could see that becoming an issue - that may also be the reason why Foz is missing shots with Accros. I'd love to have the greater amount of GPS data that Accros offers as well as the relative handicaps for each part of my game - I don't know how much I'm willing to pay for it or what other issues I might experience with it. I have had absolutely no issues with Shotscope missing shots - it may have happened once in 20 or so rounds that I have data for. I don't consciously need to take practice swings either so I must be active enough with my clubs that I'm waking the censor up - I do take some practice swings but not always. I don't think I hit a drive 220 yesterday (wet and cross winds all day) and shot 76 - how's that for making the most out of one's game.
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    Update: I almost made a fatal mistake and booked a tee time on my wife’s birthday. I am not going to be able to get out this weekend. Going to try for sometime during the week next week. Should slow down a bit at work hopefully. It’s been a crazy 3 weeks.
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    I have played this game for 24 years. I have worked as an asst pro at a public and a private facility for 7 years. I have played courses from podunk munis to super expensive country clubs. One of the great joys of playing has been the people I have met. Most of my current friends I have met on the course or because of golf and those friendships have lasted over 20 years. Yes I have run into people who I wouldn't want to play with again but they are FAR out numbered by the ones that I enjoy playing with.
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    And some of that is based on the success that another pro had with it and not necessarily the tech. When Day was putting great and winning it was the hottest putter around and even boosted sales.
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    Stage Two - The Review 10/8/19 *Photos coming soon Wilson D7 Irons – Official MGS Forum Review by JohnSmalls Intro Annnnd break. Stage two is here, and I wish this test could go on for a few more months (foreshadowing). My testing was done over 3 golf courses, one tournament, 3 full rounds, 4 or 5 “9 hole” treks (I lost count), and numerous afternoons after work practicing certain shots and distance testing out on the golf course and around the greens. Some launch monitor data was collected during lessons on Flightscope with Srixon range balls. In stage one I mentioned that for these irons to make a home in my bag, they needed to consistently hit expected distances across the face, not lose as much distance on off center shots, hit the ball low, hit a punch draw and a fade, and most importantly will these irons hit shots that will stick on the green. So how have they fared? Looks. (8/10) Like any good equipment brat, I love the look of blades and I don’t necessarily like the look of clunky golf shovels. There is a quality of the craftsmanship when you hold a blade or players iron, and they often look and feel like high quality precision instruments. SGI and GI irons often feel and look cheap, almost like they are toys. These are absolutely an exception to that. Wilson has far surpassed expectations in the looks department. I love the polished chrome finish on these irons, the ferrules and faces just exude the look of a quality golf club. These understated looks drew a few onlookers in to take a closer look at the clubs. Flipping the club over to the badging is when the story changes though. I generally don’t like the back of GI/SGI clubs. They often look cheap and chintzy and it is by far my least favorite part of a GI/SGI club. With that said, Wilson designers really should be commended for their job here. The Wilson shield sits strongly in the middle and the little blue line is a nice touch. But it is still a badge slapped onto a golf club. The powerholes (slots cut out of the bottom, filled with urethane) are anything but classic and svelte. They scream for attention, and that’s where most people had questions. They aren’t the best looking feature of the golf club, but they are an attention grabber and question starter. Sound&feels. (10/10) These D7 irons are good lookers, but how do they sound and feel? They had their work cut out for them going against the forged sound and feel of my Nike Vapor Pro Combos. This was the single biggest surprise of the entire test. They DO NOT feel like SGIs. That is the best thing I can ever say. I don’t know what Wilson engineers did, but these clubs communicate shot feedback better than any GI/SGI club I have ever hit. They sound like a classic iron on good shots, bad shots, and generally anywhere in between. It is like the clubs are trying to talk to you in a nice clean and calm conversation. Poor shots send very clear feed back into your hands and your ears. You know where you miss the clubface with these, just like the Nikes. But the feedback is toned down one step. On bad shots the smaller Nikes are like your buddy slugging you in the arm, whereas the Wilson’s are more of a slap on the wrist. You know exactly where you have missed, it’s just not as pronounced. I think the feedback these irons give really lend to them looking smaller and instill confidence. The first few times I had them on the course, I found myself grinning like a child because I couldn’t believe I was getting this feedback from a SGI iron. *I got a chance to hit the new Callaway Big Bertha Irons, they don’t come close to the feel of the Wilson’s nor the fit and finish. Basic Characteristics. (12/20) Now that’s plenty of the looks and feels of the irons. How do they perform?? I got a good launch monitor session in at a lesson and spent a few nights around the greens and dropping balls from distance to see how consistent these irons were in a practice type of environment. On the launch monitor—I am seeing 88-89 mph clubhead speed with the 7 iron, with a carry in the low to mid 170s and a rollout of 7-8 yards and around 6000 spin. In practice, good strikes result in very high ball flight versus thin or toe side strikes that result in little total distance lost, but much lower ball flight and a little more runout. 7 irons into greens with a tour ball will take one big hop with a touch of roll. Two piece ionomer balls would hop and total run out around 10 yards. Accuracy was good and consistent with PW-7 iron during my testing on approach shots I made sure to get plenty of off centered hits mixed in with good clean strikes, these irons really do bring forgiveness to the table. Very little yardage is lost on thin strikes and toe struck shots lost less than the ~10% found in the players irons. But with that forgiveness, can you work these irons. I am proud to say that is a yes. I must be able to hit low punch draws to get out of trouble in the trees and I was able to do not only that but also fade the ball nicely with the ball flight being enough to hold a green. Now these clubs are not a bandaid for a bad swing. Put a bad swing on a ball and they will hit duck hooks for days. I mostly used the GW for feel shots around the green. The face is “hotter” (the ball comes off faster with less effort) than the single piece forged wedge of my Nikes. It took a week or two to get used to the speed of the ball coming off the D7, but that was a minor adjustment, the club has become automatic. I have used it from everything such as bump and runs to flop shots. The shorter clubs in this set are automatic. On course performance (21/30) As Billy Joel says, under pressure. How did these hold up to a swing that badly needs more practice and refining? Well I played some of my best golf ever firing a 42 on the front 9 Sunday afternoon at my home course and a cool even 90 on the worst driving day I have had all year (8 penalty strokes), on a course that I have never played before that is rated at a little bit more difficult than my home course. The scoring clubs have really shined. I have holed out twice with the GW something that hasn’t happened in 3 years. These clubs hold greens better than I imagined they would. The GW will hop and pull back on full swings and the 8 iron will come close to hopping and stopping. That fits the bill for what I need them to do. GW through 8 iron have been largely point and shoot through this test and are all go to clubs. The 7 iron has had some impressive shots, getting me onto a par 5 in 2 for the first time ever. But from 6 iron down to 4 iron, especially 4 & 5, they might as well stay at home. I have not hit these clubs well since they have gone in the bag. In fact they have been noticeably worse overall than my Nikes. Going into this test I thought the opposite would be true, but as someone who generally likes longer irons, I just absolutely cannot hit these. Another trend I really noticed when these clubs were put in tournament mode was an aberration in shot distance with the gap wedge. This club should be carrying 120-125, easily. After sticking two GIRs for birdies, I had an approach into a green with the pin on the front right between 118-121. I came up 10 yards short of the green with a quality strike. This isn’t the first time it has happened, but it is the first time that it really meant something. The 7 iron has had some instances where distances don’t match the flightscope numbers and shots are coming in 10 yards short as well. Fliers haven’t been a problem, but completely unexpected distance loss on quality strikes has been a strange issue, one that hasn’t been resolved yet. Misc. (10/10) Wilson put together a neat package. The spec sheet to go with the irons was a nice touch by the custom build department. I checked previous Wilson reviews and it seems that the build quality issues with premature wear/tear and the paintfill issues have been fixed. Of course, the mirror finish is the first to wear, but these clubs are holding up well. I have had a couple of guys grab the irons out of my bag asking what they were, after complimenting how good they looked, one being surprised to see Wilson’s in the bag. The main comments are on the power holes, and after these two months, they do indeed work. One concern I had going into this was how thick the soles were, but Wilson designers have made almost a v-sole out of the sole and the turf interactions plays to a much smaller feeling footprint than what is present. Play or trade? (12/20) I am on the fence here, and am going to need another few months to decide the fate of the D7s. I love having Wilson’s in my bag. But the performance must justify the presence. Right now they aren’t quite where I would expect them in terms of results as a whole package and that is a problem. I have some gapping issues at the bottom of the bag, and as I have said before the long irons are almost useless in my hands. With that said, these irons have gotten me out of trouble that other clubs in my bag gotten me into, and still led me to the lowest scores I have shot all year even after not playing great golf. So there is something about these irons, and they are sticking around…for a couple more months of testing. Stay tuned. In conclusion, Wilson has made a seriously good iron with the D7. These clubs look like they belong on the course and the qualitative results are shockingly good. But the quantitative haven’t completely sold me yet. I am going to put that down as operator error and possibly a poor fitting shaft in the long irons, for now. The distance with these is real, that’s on a loft for loft basis. The versatility and the quality of this product is surprising and worth more than the asking price. The questions I had have been met with a strong performance and I look forward in gaming these in some upcoming tournaments. My GIR has increased, though just slightly. I feel like these will continue to be good irons for me, but I am not sure they are the irons for me. If you are in the market for a GI or SGI iron, these deserve special consideration during your next purchase decision. There isn't an SGI iron that will match the D7 for feel, distance, versatility all for a very reasonable price. Wilson is every bit back in the game of producing high quality golf clubs. They will be on the top of my list for my next irons. The Final (midterm) Grade: 73/100
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