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    Had to post it, my putter shoe from Best Grips finally came in.
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    I plan to offer a review of the heads as well as the Modus 120 and Calibrate grips. There are already some Maltby fans here. I’d love to share this for someone who may be on the fence themselves.
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    I think it's just semantics here. Yes, any reputable fitter will find a decent shaft to use to compare in multiple heads. A player won't swing comfortably if they have a poor shaft fit. So yes, technically the fitter will find a shaft that the golfer is comfortable with first before truly beginning the fitting. Once a comfortable shaft is found, then the fitter will cycle through heads to find a good fit. Once the heads have been narrowed down, then the true shaft fitting happens. This is what happened with me a True Spec. My fitter asked if I liked my current iron shaft and he saw my baseline numbers with it. He was happy with those baseline numbers so he then used that shaft (Modus 120x) as the shaft to start testing heads with. Once we narrowed the heads down to two choices, he started giving me different shafts so we could fine tune.. So no, the shaft isn't fit first, but a good fitter will find a good baseline shaft for the golfer to test with multiple heads to decide on the optimal head before finishing things up with the true shaft fitting
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    Commando surely puts you in an 80TX F1 [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wow - that's cool I sure hope they don't try to reach me today - sort of a busy day today. Think no different from Christmas.
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    Santa stopped by today and dropped off a care package. The TS1 is beautiful. Far better than any image I could find online. This is going to be fun. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    So I just got off the phone with someone... folks have your stats handy! the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
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    On my way upstate last night to clean out my condo before we dump it is stopped at PGATSS for a walk around and found a unicorn. They had a Toulon Madison with a plumbers neck and a stroke lab shaft. These were not part of the stroke lab line but from the looks of it this was an order from Odyssey but not Toulon Garage. Sole plate is the 20g steel plate and has a SS Flatso 2.0 installed flat side forward. For $135 I just couldn’t leave it there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I don't have any personal experience with the Ping Glides. If you don't get any info from us folks on the right side of the ball, perhaps check with those lunatics on the other side of the ball in the Shiny Metal section of the forum.
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    Just so everyone knows, the club techs are all at an event this week at Myrtle Beach and won't be able to start putting things together until next week. Probably looking mid to end of next week before they're sent out. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
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    Hahaha, I decided enough was enough and I had to pull the trigger! A side note...I was genuinely surprised at the head shape and size. Golfworks does itself no favors with the stock photos they offer for their clubs. I was not expecting this and I couldn’t be happier. From one Maltby fan to another, thank you [emoji4]
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    In all honesty, It kind of started out with "what shaft would you like to play" so I think he really just wanted to get a feel for my level of knowledge about what I play and what I'm looking for. I told him that I didn't form any pre-conceived ideas because I wanted to be guided by the professional rather than convince myself that a certain shaft would be better. I ended up giving him my swing speed, ball speed, back spin, launch angle, and dispersion variance from center. I also explained my swing characteristics. We discussed the specs of my current shaft and what works for me and how the Motore X might improve certain numbers. He also was good about taking time to answer my questions.. and I had a few. I will say that if I were to have pre-conceived what shaft would suit me better, I would have been spot on.
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    It was weird.. he asked what my favorite cereal is, boxers/briefs/or commando, and what super power I wish I had.. and then hung up the phone.
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    WOW!! Nice! ..can we now say that Foz has a .. "distance problem"...
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    .. The main thing that gets lost sometimes is not pulling the flag speeds up play, especially with strangers that are higher index players. Using last winter in Phoenix when I played 107 rounds in 117 days I would estimate 90% or more never pulled the flag. Lets say I am on the green with a 20 footer and the other 3 are off the green. Player 1 and 2 make mediocre chips and are 10-15 feet from the hole. Player 3 blades a chip over the green. I can go ahead and putt while player 3 goes to their ball, and if time players 1 and 2 can putt as well. No need to worry about stepping on someones line, figuring where to drop the flag or one of us holding the flag and then putting it back in for the chip. There is no doubt at all the pace of play is better not pulling the flag. And additionally, nobody is frozen out of the hole waiting forever to putt because one or more players are struggling around the green. ... Obviously with better players it is not as much of a time saver and I can also see regular partners may know each other well and intrinsically know when to pull the flag so it isn't as much of an issue. I also found that personally, I prefer the flag out if I have a 10 footer or less, especially for birdie or eagle. An empty hole just fits my eye much better. But just playing a casual round with 3 strangers I will leave it in if they all play that way, only pulling it for 10 foot birdie/eagle attempts.
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    Needed a quick distance reference so the Bushnell Phantom should do the trick!
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    wow.... those heads are so nice. (poster logs off MGS and goes over to Golf Works, LOL)
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    I don't miss this - having to play a different ball from October (leaves) to April (plugging). The Tour is a very good ball - It did well in the MGS robot testing and as a human tester I will say that I could certainly game it. Stay away from the Tour x unless you have a very high swing speed - it was the case in our test group and also as I tested it - sometimes close to 20 yards shorter than the Tour or my gamer - Pro V1x. When I've let one of the high SS guys that I've been playing with hit it they do fine - its a flop for everyone else that I know.
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    They are absolutely fantastic shafts - key is finding one that fits you. They have quite the comprehensive portfolio so they generally have something for everyone. Fitting is key
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    What does her playing career have to do with her ability to be a commentator...she does have a major. Charlie Rymer, Paige McKenzie and Robert Damron are/were some of the best Morning Drive personalities and do a good job working events as well and they have less wins than Wie combined.
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    @chisag - There you go again, taking situation and context into consideration and making a rational decision that's best for both yourself, the others in your group, and every other golfer on the golf course. We're not supposed to be self-centered bastards on the golf course?
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    Yes, Phil is still hitting the ball a long way, particularly for his age, but has always been horrible accuracy-wise. Long and in the rough is not good for his condition. His marvelous short game is somewhat overrated. We get to see some miraculous Phil shots when he plays (because he has to make them), but he also makes a lot of mistakes with short game shots. I saw quite a few during the west coast swing. He hasn't been in the top 20 in Strokes Gained around the green since 2012. He can't recover from bad shots as well as he used to. I think Phil will play on the Champions Tour with a few select PGA Tour events just like most of the pros who become eligible for the Champions Tour do. He said last year that he is not going to play at events where the rough is too thick because of his arthritis. If the Tour takes to heart what Dean Snell said about rolling back the ball, there could be more courses with slower, narrower fairways and thicker rough in the future. That is not a recipe for Phil staying on the Big Tour.
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    Fixed it for ya But seriously... pros never touch the flag; their caddies do. There's no time gained for them in leaving the flag in. So the timesavings argument goes out the window for them. And with better speed than you and me, they aren't saved much by the flag. So unless you're a strictly-by-the-numbers guy like Bryson, why do it? As for me, I play so much solo golf, I've been leaving it in for ages now. The USGA has finally caught up with me. When playing in a group, my philosophy (if anyone asks) is to leave it in until someone else asks for it out, then leave it out until we've all holed out, so as not to prolong the agony any further on the greens. I honestly don't care if the flag is in or out, as long as it's not leaning toward me.
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    Yes, I remove the little flagstick while practicing or preparing for a round. I always strive to practice in conditions that match my actual rounds as closely as possible. For the month that I committed to leaving the pin in, I left it in on the putting green as well. I have absolutely no doubt in the MGS test which says that leaving the flagstick in is the better mathematical move. However, I want to know if there is a psychological effect of leaving the pin in. Does it create a good vertical reference point? Or does it disrupt your focus? What I’d really like to see is a test of 10 golfers who always leave the pin in, and 10 who always take it out, and see if they putt better with the pin in or out. I’m curious if my hypothesis is right, and changing the visual messes with your head enough for you to hit worse putts, or if it’s just a fantasy I created to justify my personal idiosyncrasy.
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    Well my physical therapist today was a golfer and he was very confident with my shoulder healing and cleared me to go ahead and hit up to 3/4 shots with short irons. So I ventured to my club right next door and pulled out everything but 8, 9, putter, and my wedges. Walked 9 and dropped balls from 135 in but really keying on shots with a 60 Im playing around with. Felt good and pain free so it went well minus my swing plane a bit off. He did say he looks for me to be swinging freely in a week to 10 days. It sure felt good being back on the course.
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    All time: tiger Current: Kuch, Bubba and Rickie Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    ... I was thinking the same thing when I saw your pictures. Thanks for posting them. I couldn't agree more, they look so much better in your pictures than they do on the Golfworks website. I'd wish you luck with 'em but I have a feeling you won't need it!
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    Ian from TXG did the exact same thing in Matt's live iron fitting. Had him try the T100S that he bent 3 degrees weak to remove all of the offset.
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    Was your fitting prior to weight loss, fitness improvements and Superspeed? If so, no wonder the shaft isn't working for you. Your swing is probably 10 years younger than it was a couple of years ago.
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    Sunny and 62º. Absolutely beautiful!! Spent 2 hours in the practice area working on my swing, pitching, chipping and putting........ wearing a short sleeve golf shirt!!!!!
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    In my time at MyGolfSpy (both as a member and a moderator), I think the request I've seen most often is to compare this year's Most Wanted Driver against previous year's winners. Until now, this wasn't something a reader could do by comparing the results pages, because differing years' tests were compiled with different testers and sometimes with tweaks in methodologies. Thus, as strokes gained number from 2019 couldn't be compared straight up to the same number from 2018. UNTIL THIS YEAR! That's a big announcement and it's going to be very interesting to see the outcome.
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    We did have some wind but not always favorable. Using Wilson Staff Driver: Triton, Powerbilt 3W/5W, Tour Edge CVX129 4Hybrid, Irons 5-PW Wilson Staff D-7,Hogan wedges 49/53/57 & Tommy Armour Impact putter. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Been golfing since I was roughly 12. Helped found my high school golf team and played as our number 2 (though I would have been an alternate on any good golf team). Just got a handicap last year and realized that I had more of a "glamour" cap so second half of the year into this year I've been more diligent in keeping score, playing by the rules, and entering into VSGA. Being outdoors and being able to compete well into middle age. Been following on instagram for a while and loved the content. Want to be part of the discussion. I'm in northern Virginia and play at South Riding Golf Club. Best is how much you appreciate the warm weather and there is actually an off season. Worst is that there is an off season and that all courses are PACKED on the weekends and over priced based on the demand. I'm a meteorologist/ Product manager for IBM Same name I've had since I was like 16 on AIM.
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    Today (02/26) Golf Galaxy has the same sale I posted above from Dicks. The Maxfli Tour Matte Greens are $17.98 a dozen until 10pm EST tonight. Also, my favorite mud plug balls, the Maxfli StraightFli Matte Whites are $6.98 a dozen. Are they tour caliber...NO...do they hurt less when they plug in the mud and you can't find them compared to a Pro V1...YES! And they actually play fairly well. JMHO....
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    The survey should have another option for each question (none of the above). The only question that the options fit for me to answer was number 4. The other questions options did not apply. The survey does not seem to accept being submitted without all questions being answered. This will either force people to pick an option even if it does not apply or limit the people who can submit it to those who have purchased DTC in the past due to question 1.
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    Well, I just ordered it, so if I can remember I will let you know if mine is boring as well. Here's hoping anyway.
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    They’re boring. Mine only want to go up in the air and fly straight. [emoji6]
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    Well, this should be a fun way to kill some more time and act like I'm being educated.
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    Added the last few pieces to my vintage bag. I don’t know how in the world you guys learned how to play golf with these tiny things!
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    Habit, comfort, and making decisions on the basis of "that one time that I saw when I know the ball would have gone in if the flag would have been out."
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    After watching Phil's presser from yesterday, I get the sense that he still feels like he can not only win on the PGA Tour, but have a really good season. I get that sense from the fact that he keeps mentioned the speed of his drives, being 182. I think in Phil's mind, that as long as he can maintain those numbers, then he knows he can compete on a level playing field with the best in the world. So from that perspective I believe Phil will be able to compete on the PGA Tour for as long as he continues to hit it 315 when he wants to. No one can ever question his short game, which has always separated him from everyone else, and is the reason why he's the 2nd best player of this generation. I really never did address Phil's outspokenness about the USGA and a potential US Open special exemption, but I actually love his comments on both. Him saying that he doesn't understand why golf is the only professional sport that is governed by "amateurs" is a direct shot at the USGA and I actually agree with him there. The USGA is the biggest point of contention every year in the way that they run their biggest tournament. The PGA Tour pros have been at odds with the USGA for quite some time, and the rift has only gotten worse in the last few years. I am actually surprised that more PGA Tour pros haven't opted to just pass on playing in the US Open honestly, as most of them just seem to air their frustration with the USGA and how they set up a championship golf course. Phil's comments about how he wouldn't take a special exemption even if it was offered could also be construed as another way of saying that Phil really doesn't see the US Open as a high priority, and based on his antics at Shinnecock with hitting a moving ball, perhaps he is saying that he'll play in it if he qualifies, but it doesn't appear to be something he will go out of his way to make an effort to get into if he isn't already exempt. Phil skipped the 2017 US Open due to a conflict with one his kid's high school graduation, so I think he's trying to be a diplomatic as possible about his apparent frustration with the USGA by using any and every excuse to avoid playing in the US Open. Honestly, I appreciate his comments, and his honesty with regards to actually answering the questions asked as best he can, without trying to come across as a total tard. The USGA certainly has issues with regards to the US Open. I mean, Phil could come right out and say something like, "I honestly have no desire whatsoever to participate in another USGA event, ever." but he's trying to take the high road on what could otherwise be a pretty hot topic that no one will want to touch.
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    Agree with everything up to dl3 only because I haven’t watched/listened to anything he’s been on. Golf is usually on my split screen or it’s background noise while I’m doing other stuff
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    Well. My initial assumption was wrong. This thing is incredible and insane! I really had no idea that there was a big scandal around the game. And it didn't even involve a giant corporation being jerks. I'm just so used to all documentaries being about the crappy things corporations have done. I'm struggling to find the correct adjectives to describe McMillion$. I'm really hooked and just astounded at all of the ways people behaved. Or allegedly behaved.
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    Does anyone else find it funny that he was using a non-conforming driver? You mean ARod was cheating at a sport?! I find that hard to believe. haha
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    I'm sure the telecast will sorely miss your viewership.
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    Yeah - this is up in the NE corner so I would imagine it might be a bit behind the southern/central ones. there were plenty of people out - a foursome in front that costs us an extra hour...
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