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    A virtually new set of Hogan ptx pro’s on kbs tour V 110 stiffs, 5-P. With a bonus equalizer couple of wedges for $500 on ebay. ive kind of been lusting for a set of these for over a year
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    In my time at MyGolfSpy (both as a member and a moderator), I think the request I've seen most often is to compare this year's Most Wanted Driver against previous year's winners. Until now, this wasn't something a reader could do by comparing the results pages, because differing years' tests were compiled with different testers and sometimes with tweaks in methodologies. Thus, as strokes gained number from 2019 couldn't be compared straight up to the same number from 2018. UNTIL THIS YEAR! That's a big announcement and it's going to be very interesting to see the outcome.
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    Hello everyone, So, last weekend was the 2020 Turning Stone Golf Show at Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Verona, NY. This was part demo day, part trade show on a super small and mostly Central and Western NY scale. I attended along with my girlfriend and below I've added just some grouping of thoughts on each brand and company I talked to that day. Just so everyone is aware, I did hit the majority of demo tents on site in the Golf Dome, but I was primarily looking for Fairway Woods, Irons, and Wedges as Driver and Putter are safe in my bag for at least a couple more seasons. TITLEIST So, let's start with the first company on the range and the first group I talked to. Titleist always has a golf ball guy here and this year was no exception. I talked to him about the MGS Test, said he wasn't surprised when he saw the results and was confident in the Pro v1 and X against the new 2020 stuff from Bridgestone and Callaway. I asked how adding yellow had helped sales and he said it makes up a decent amount and has allowed players who like that color to come 'home' to Titleist top end balls. He then hooked me up with 2 trial sleeves of Prov1X and we moved on. The demo tent was our next stop with Titleist and I was concerned about hitting two things. T300 and SM8. Let's start with SM8. If you've hit a Vokey, you know what it feels like and SM8 hits and ticks all those boxes. I didn't get to hit SM7 because I wasn't looking for wedges last year, but that D grind in 58 could end up in the bag easy. T300 was a solid iron, what you'd expect from Titleist. I personally don't think it may end up as one of my final attempts at a fitting option, but you could do worse. ODYSSEY So, I know I wasn't going to talk about putters, but Odyssey was broken away from Callaway at this event and since I reviewed last year's Stroke Lab putters for the forum I figured I'd roll the new ones. First things first, I asked the Rep if the face was firmer on the 2020 Stroke Lab and he said yes and admittedly it was. If you read our review thread we all liked the idea of the shaft, but the insert was just too soft for most of us, so that's not a problem this year. What did surprise me is that when I asked about Triple Track he told me early sales he was seeing showed it might not be the gangbusters idea people are making it out to be. The rep conceded that it's an acquired taste and it's really for people who like that long extended sight line or use a line on the ball for aiming. Comparing that to the cool all black 2020 Stroke Lab makes it an interesting sell to a buyer. I guess this is an interesting thing to keep an eye out for. CLEVELAND/SRIXON Launcher, Launcher, Launcher. There was no club I was more excited to hit this weekend than the Launcher HB Turbo Iron, and I can tell you it lived up to my expectations. It does exactly what you expect it to, gets that ball up there and it's easy to hit. Will definitely be in consideration for iron set status, perhaps as a combo with the UHX irons which I enjoyed as well. I also hit the RTX4 and CBX2 and I have to say, right now CBX 2 is the frontrunner for my Gap wedge this year and maybe also my 54 if I carry 4 wedges (PW, 50, 54, 58). It's just so easy to hit and won't punish you on not great strikes. It just makes sense as a solid blending club in my opinion to the bladed specialty wedge. COBRA I love Cobra, I love their commitment to One Length, but since I think I'm going away from One Length into back to traditional length although maybe in super game or game improvement heads, I focused here on the SZ fairway woods. They are rocket powered and those rails do help inspire confidence even if they don't have perfect functionality on course. I feel like I can give it my absolute all and not be concerned. If you're the type who doesn't carry a driver or is looking for a bomber off the tee, the Big Tour is one you have to try. The regular SZ and the Tour are both great and I could easily see myself bagging the standard as a 3 wood and the tour version as a 5. It's Cobra, you're know they're going to perform and the SZ line is no different, highly recommended. TAYLORMADE Interesting tactic here by TM, since they knew people were wanting to test the new SIM line, they had like a butcher system where you took a number and waited for your number so you could try. It gave you chance to test other things while you waited was I found to be greatly appreciated. Again here, I was looking at FW's and Wedges. Let's start with MG2 wedges. They're... ok. Admittedly I wasn't blown away by them in any aspect but they're good and fine. Solid if unspectacular. Then it was time to SIM fairway wood with V-Steel. You put V-Steel on a fairway on you're bringing back a lot of memories and good feelings for alot of golfers, myself included. Is it a worthy successor? Yes, it is. It's a slightly less muted version of some of the other sole interaction tech, but it does inspire confidence. The Titanium faced version is crazy long, but crazy expensive and for me that may take it out of consideration, but regular old SIM is a monster as well. Worth the test for sure. PING Quick stop with Ping. Hit the G710 and it's a Ping Game Improvement Iron. Easy to hit, easy to flight when necessary and a cool look with that black finish. May take the testing set when I go for a fitting, but may need further opportunities to hit it in stores and what not. The other thing I was interested in was Glide 3.0. After the wedge test and thinking about how I play in early morning with dew and sometimes less ideal weather in the northeast, that Hydropearl finish was something I wanted to maybe invest in. I tried the 58* in both a regular and Eye 2 style and I'm not sure which I liked more. Admittedly, High Toe wedges haven't really been my thing, but the Eye 2 was easy to hit those little half shots. The question is, in all honesty, will I have the time for the necessary practice to optimize the Eye 2 over the standard wedge and that's a tough question for me to answer right now. WILSON STAFF For Wilson Staff it was all about Launch Pad and D7 Forged. I wanna start with D7 Forged, which is a solid looking and performing club. It sits in that GI/PD type space and feels really nice, especially on well struck shots. Again, it likely won't make my final testing pool because I'm looking for max forgiveness, but if you're looking at a solid GI iron that will feel better than just about any other, you can't go wrong here. Now Launch Pad. I really wanted to like the FyBrid club because I remember the original version that found its way into Padraig Harrington's bag. The offset though just turns it into a hook machine for me and that really bummed me out because I could see it blending perfectly with my current 4 wood going from 16.5 to 19.5 then into 4 iron. The irons are... how to put this delicately, an acquired visual taste? Reminder this is coming from someone who is looking to get a set like Launcher HB Turbo or Launch Pad, but the visual is a tough one to get over. Easy to hit though. MIZUNO Had to hit the new irons and the old irons after they tested so well in the MGS testing last year. I focused on the HMB's and the 919 Hot Metals. Both really solid performers, the 919 Hot Metals will probably make the final round of testing for my fitting as the 'normal' looking irons but I could get better performance out of the HMB's, if I have the time and ability to practice as much as I used to. Sadly that's a reality in deciding what is going to go in my bag and if I can't commit to working through and working harder to get similar performance, I'm taking the easier to hit iron. CALLAWAY So, Mavrik. It's Orange on bottom and designed with AI. As a Fairway wood, the Mavrik falt out performs. It will make the testing pool for me when I go do a fitting. I've always liked Callaway Fairway Woods and still kick myself over trading in my old X2Hot 13.5 three wood as that thing was a weapon from everywhere. The newer Mavrik has solid feel, great flight, and a solid look. Much Like I mentioned about with the Cobra FW's, I could see myself in a regular Mavrik 3 wood and a sub zero 5 wood. I also got to hit the new Jaws wedges. Much like the TaylorMade MG2 they were fine. It's hard hitting off mats in a dome to get real ideas but they were good without an obvious flaw. TOUR EDGE I'm closing with Tour Edge because they were the company I walked away from demo day most impressed with. First, let's talk about HL4. Folks, those Ironwoods are the real deal. They are the absolute front-runners to be the new irons in my bag and I'll tell you why. They performed equal to Launcher and Launch Pad, with a weaker loft, 7 iron lofts at Launcher HB and Launch Pad were 30, Ironwood was 32. Two, the ability to blend when with the HL4 hybrid or cavity back brings interesting set makeup into play. Lastly, price. It's a factor! And if I can get similar performance out of a club at $529 for a set of 7 instead of $699 or $799, that's a huge consideration. Also, I wanna quick talk about the Exotics 220 line with the Diamond Face thing. The rep gave me a 3 wood after I told him I played the CB4 Tour. I had one shot and I turned and looked at my girlfriend with a huge smile on my face and openly laughing. It's that good guys, it's stupid easy to hit and goes like a rocket. It will be in testing for the FW's in the bag. I have nothing but great things to say about it. IN CLOSING So that's my experience with the Turning Stone Golf Show. Always fun to hit up demo day and maybe next year I'll remember to tell my girlfriend to bring the camera to get you some pictures. I'm open to any questions and discussion about anything I may have missed or any further questions you may have abut my opinions.
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    Congrats to those who were selected to test and we look forward to hearing your feedback. In the interim please let us know of any questions about Motore X!
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    I intended to play 9, but ended up at a different course so I played 18. It was a beautiful day out [emoji41] 88 (44/44) - 6 doubles killed my round [emoji849] 6/14 FIR 6/18 GIR 37 putts with three 3 jacks [emoji24] My ball striking has improved and I did hit a number of good shots. Putting has been streaky as well, but it's a work in progress so it's all good. This shot was from 95 yards and was easily my best shot of the day!
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    This is an idea I first heard about from the guys at No Laying Up and just today Andrew Jensen posted a YouTube video on it. I'm proposing a MyGolfSpy Birdie Every Hole on Your Home Course Challenge for the 2020 season! The challenge is simple: during the course of the year, you have to record a birdie on each hole at your home course. (I suppose it doesn't have to be your home course: if you visit a new track and shoot a 54, that would count as well.) Start posting now with a summary of the challenge in front of you. What's the layout of your course? What holes are the easy birdies, and which are the holes you're least likely to birdie? And to make sure no one's left out, there are two side categories: The Par Every Hole at Your Home Course Challenge (PEHaYHC) The Birdie Every Hole Except the Par 5s Which You Have to Eagle Challenge (BEHEP5WYHtE) Let us know which category you're entering, and let's see who can get it done this season! EDIT: I've whipped up a simple scoreboard to keep track of the birdies as they roll in! Use your forum name, pick your category (pars, birdies, or birdie/eagles), and put an "x" in the box when you accomplish your goal for each hole: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1P9-C6rS1vIO44rYbPDqQgLlTxGxYQtsQHAs31t1j_sU/edit?usp=sharing
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    Guys, probably time to wrap this up. This thread is one that is repeated over and again on golf forums, often to no resolution, often (I suspect) started without any intention of a resolution.
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    Wa-HOOOOOOOOO! I actually got on the course today for 9 holes, AND the range was open, mats only. I won’t even gripe about the HORRIBLE condition the course is in, as it’s probably to be expected with all of the dang rain we’ve had. This was my first time to hit the Vega wedges AND the Z785s on a course... HO-LY crap!!! I am stoked! The lesson I had in Dallas really helped today as I hit 71% of fairways, and 56% of greens. I missed two greens long just because I don’t know my distances yet with the irons or wedges. I flushed a bunch of shots for the first time in awhile. If I can get a lesson on chipping and pitching, and maybe putting to increase my confidence, I could have a good golf year! [emoji1374][emoji1374][emoji1374] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    +5 77 (38/39) today at Mercer East. 6 straight rounds in the 70s dating back to November. By far a personal record. Driver was okay, but irons were on fire today. Swing changes definitely showing. They punched the greens late, so they never filled in before the weather got cold so lots of bouncy putts. Still, I putted pretty well. Definitely lost a few putts due to some big bounces on the way to the hole. All in all it was an great day. Got paired up with another single and a twosome and we had a blast. Always great to be playing golf in February, but it's even better to see the hard work on the swing changes paying off
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    Santa stopped by today and dropped off a care package. The TS1 is beautiful. Far better than any image I could find online. This is going to be fun. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Was lucky enough to get down to Miami last week for a few days to play Indian Creek Country Club. Certainly was a tale of two very different days. First day, while still shaking some rust off, played a 78 and the second day my golf game was no where to be found and shot an 86. Also, hit several shots fat from 125 and in, which really doesn't happen to me. Guess I'll chalk it up to early year rust and leave it at that. Still, a much better way to spend a couple days than in the office!
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    ... I know it is winter and many are antsy so lots of equipment posts from those that are not able to play. Jacked lofts and MB vs more forgiving irons always seem to be favorite winter topics. So let me present a perspective from our friend the scorecard: "Hello Friends. (I said that long before Jim Nance) I have quite a bit of information for you. Sometimes I even have pictures or art work of my 18 holes. I list any local rule that differs from the standard USGA rules. I let you know how far each hole plays from whichever tees you play and I never pass judgment on which ones you choose. I also let you know how long the entire course plays for all 18 holes. I let you know my Slope Rating which is basically a number indicating how difficult I am for a bogey golfer and I let you know my Course Rating which is basically a number indicating how difficult I am for a scratch golfer. I let you know what par is for every hole but most importantly I have a box where you can write in your score as to how many strokes you took on every single one of my 18 holes and a box at the end for the total. This is my most important function and it lets you know how you scored so you can compete with other golfers or yourself or against my course. As you can tell by my boxes, I do not believe everyone should get a trophy just for playing. Obviously I care very much what number you write in my 18 boxes or I would not provide them. And to be honest, I have absolutely no opinion of you as a person and the only thing I ask is you write an honest number in my boxes. Now this brings me to the reason I am taking to you today. Sorry to be so blunt, but I don't give a rats a$$ what club you use for any shot on any hole. I don't care if you use an iron or a driver off the tee. I don't care if you use a 5 iron with 28* or 22* of loft. I don't care if you use X Flex shafts, Senior Flex shafts or Ladies Shafts. I don't care if you hit it thin from the fairway and make a par or if you hit a perfect towering shot that lands close to the pin and lip out your birdie putt for par. I just care about how many strokes you took, not how you took them. And I really, REALLY don't care if you use a MB, Players Iron, GI, SGI. If I did, I would have boxes to check for different kinds of shafts, woods, irons, wedges or chippers. The only thing I care about is what number you write in my 18 boxes and I leave it to you to use the equipment that helps you write the lowest number. Trust me on this one too. Your friends or playing partners really don't care what clubs you play either, they only care if the number you write in my boxes add up to more than their numbers. So nobody cares what clubs you play, least of all me. Good luck and I look forward to you writing some lower numbers in my boxes!" Signed, Every score card from every course you play
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    +3 39 today 6/7 FiR 5/9 GiR 15 Putts For the first time in a long time, I actually hit driver well. Posted in the SIM thoughts thread, but I averaged 274 off the tee and hit 4/4 fairways with driver. Funny enough, the only hole I birdied I was 2 yards into the rough after over-drawing my 3W off the tee. Missed some putts that were honestly makeable, but I'm just happy to be getting off the tee with success again.
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    Played pretty bad both yesterday and today. 46/42:88 yesterday and 47/45:92 today..... Sat: 43*-63* Sun: 58*-72* #CobraCONNECT using the King Cobra F8’s. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I recieved this from the folks at TM. Its Rory’s carry numbers for each club in Mexico this week. He and his caddie Harry, actually do this every week when moving to a new climate like West Coast, East Coast...etc
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    I am a huge No Laying Up fan and this interview is exactly why. They are willing to question things maybe other golf media won't question and will use social media to get their point across. Sometimes it does seem like pilling on, but I did like how Soly in this interview was very clear to say, "we have been ripping CBS for their coverage but have started to realize it comes more from the PGA tour then from the individual networks." They aren't afraid to be wrong either. Kostis' information about having to pay the bills, having to mention FedEx, and Korn Ferry and promos for other events all cuts into golf. The commercials have gone up to help CBS turn a profit when the rights fees go up. And he is certain nobody at the PGA tour cares about the quality of the broadcast or the viewer experience. Then he references Steve Jobs being dismissed at Apple as them losing sight of what makes them great. They are excellent points. When you alienate your viewership (that you are paying millions of dollars to have the right to broadcast to) you are putting short-term financial gain over long-term healthy sustainability and success. And I think as much as people are scoffing at the potential of the Premier Golf League right now, if they were able to offer a Masters quality viewing experience (with online shots being available) as well as their usual excellent production values and commentary, they have the potential to really hurt the PGA tour and the networks. They should be working together to make their broadcasts absolutely top-notch to stay ahead of the PGL, or they are in danger of getting passed. The tour does a terrible job with their online presence and broadcasts because profit is king, and that has the potential to really hurt going forward. And as much as people are tired of hearing about the Reed stuff, the fact that nobody on the PGA tour will talk about it or discipline him is the real problem. The guy is rampantly cheating and nothing is done because the PGA tour is member-run and they don't want the bad press. Ridiculous. We should hear about it every single day until something is done.
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    Well said @azstu324 The tests (and the site itself) are by the members, for the members... the experience is fun but the information that others get from it is invaluable. Real golfers testing Real equipment giving Real answers.
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    I know this sound super cliche' but while the equipment we're testing may have a monetary value, the experience is absolutely invaluable. I've learned quite a bit about myself and my game through these. Not to mention, you get to know other forum members on a more personal level. The forum value increases exponentially because you really get to see the kind of folks that your rubbing elbows with. When all is said and done, you look back with your comrades and say "we did this together". It's a pretty awesome undertaking. OK, so between us, all that sentimental sappiness.. never happened.. Just to make things clear and as far as anyone's concerned, I'm rough and tough and eat glass and nails for breakfast.. and shave with a bowie knife..
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    Heck of a finish. Like him or not Reed can hit a golf ball pretty well.
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    Yep, I have been told to leave a few times and yes I have asked for a key so that I could get in some late night practice sessions
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    HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER! I've had my G700s in the bag since July 2018, when I tested them for the forum. I won't say that they've revolutionized my game; if my game has strengths, they are my iron play and putting, because I can practice those at home. But the G700s offered some advantages over the clubs they replaced (a set of Adams XTD Tour irons): about a club more distance and a bunch of distance forgiveness on less-than-perfect strikes. But literally for years, I've been intrigued by the concept of single-length irons. I'm not sure that there's a single club category that does more to appeal to my inner gear nerd. I've never had the opportunity to test them; as I've mentioned too often here, I'm not near anywhere where fitting and testing are available. But thanks to @GolfSpy Stroker, a longstanding dream about to be realized: he shipped me his set of Wishon Sterling Single Length Irons! (That in itself is a story; he shipped the clubs two weeks ago, they disappeared for a bit in the USPS system, and they should finally arrive tomorrow.) (Also need to shout out @Berg Ryman, who discussed doing the same thing, but Stroker beat him to it. So many quality guys on this forum!) What I find fascinating about single length is the combination of offsetting pros and cons: PRO: consistent length and setup logically suggests more consistent ball striking PRO: short long irons should definitely help in finding the center of the face CON: short long irons should also diminish ball speed, decrease spin, and lower trajectory, none of which is good PRO: but if I'm hitting the center more regularly, that increases ball speed, and the consistency might offset the drawbacks CON: on short irons/wedges, lengthening the shaft should decrease consistency in finding the center of the face PRO: but maybe it won't, if I have a consistent swing with a single length PRO: short irons and wedges will launch higher and with much more spin, theoretically increasing control But I now have a chance to move my thoughts on single length from theory to actual practice. In the weeks ahead (we likely still have two months until golf begins here), I plan to SkyTrak my G700s and these Sterlings thoroughly. Not only will I be looking at distances, but launch/descent angles, peak height, spin, and especially the dispersion circles. I'll be able to do SkyTrak skills assessments with each set, and see which one gives me a better estimated handicap. I'm really looking forward to this experiment, and I'll definitely be keeping everyone informed!
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    2/19/20 Bridgestone Tour B X – Official MGS Forum Review by yungkory Intro Thanks to MGS for the opportunity to provide another review for my fellow spies! My name is Kory and I am fortunate enough to be playing out of Honolulu, HI. I’ve been playing golf for most of my life, though I didn’t play much after high school until about 4 years ago and shortly joined MGS after my first round back. Between 2004 and 2016 I maybe played 5 times and sprinkled in a couple of range sessions. Since I’ve been back, I’ve been absolutely hooked with all of the new tech and data that’s out there (I’m a stats nerd kind of person). What I look for in a ball is something that launches high with enough spin to stay in the air on the medium to longer clubs. I’m not a power hitter swinging around 105 on average and topping out around 108 on my best swings. Due to this, I need a little bit more spin to maximize my distances on the longer clubs, and I don’t spin the ball enough on the shorter stuff to need to worry about zipping back shots off of the greens. Further, I really need a ball that feels “sticky” off wedges around the greens and can check up quick on chips and pitches. Call it an aggressive style, or just a lack of talent to land the ball in the right spot/control distance, but I like stopping the ball as quickly as possible rather than trying to run the ball and cozy it up to the hole. I’m currently gaming the Prov1x and have been for the better part of 18 months. As previously mentioned, I like the ball to launch higher and spin a little off the long stuff and react off of the faces of my wedges around the greens, and the V1x does both of these for me. Currently I’m an 8.8 and flirt with the high 70s until the inevitable double bogey knocks the train of its tracks. My strengths are usually with driver and short irons/wedges. Between that, and with the flat stick I’m average at best. Lately I’ve gotten back to hitting a nice high draw with my irons, and fight an over-draw/hook when I get “stuck” and swing too far out to the right. I’ve gone to as much as 8* in-to-out on launch monitors on two separate occasions. First Impressions My first impression of the ball was that the cover looked different than the previous iteration. Prior to receiving the 2020 Tour B X, I won an IG contest for a dozen Bridgestone balls of my choice. Obviously, I picked the same model I would review for this thread, to be able to provide a comparison to that ball in addition to my gamer. As you can (hopefully) see in the pictures, the famous dimple within a dimple looks less pronounced this time around. Is this part of the new Reactiv™ cover? In the hands, the ball feels similar to last year’s B X, not quite as sticky feeling as other covers, they almost feel like they’ve rolled through the dirt. Off of the putter and wedges they feel firm, and definitely have a more audible sound compared to the V1x. I don’t really care about the sound off of my clubs, it could make a clown nose honk for all I care, as long as it performs. On performance, for this ball to kick the V1x out of the bag (especially being the same retail price point) it would have to maintain the short game performance that I require while doing something more like being a few yards longer. Having played the B XS a few years back, and most recently the prior year’s B X, I found that these balls don’t give me the “zip” I require around the greens. I’ve had numerous occasions where I’ve felt the ball should’ve stopped earlier than it did/does. Where this ball has shined in the past though? Distance. Everyone I’ve seen put a Tour B in play is always shocked at how much further they go, usually after sailing a green LOL! I’m expecting much of the same, but really hoping that the new cover surprises me. My final reservation is in the actual v-fit suggestion for my testing choice. I’m often a “tweener” for things like shaft flex, and I feel like the same can be said for these particular balls since Bridgestone recommends them based on driver SS. Discussing with @mr.hicksta, I was sure I would be fit into the RX, but was surprised to see the results said B X. I’m going to keep my testing organic, since I don’t have any easy access to a launch monitor, and because I believe real performance for balls is much more valuable than LM data. I want it to be a superstar on the golf course, not on Trackman! Grading Looks & Durability (15 out of 15 points) In terms of appearance, the ball hasn’t changed much from the last version other than what I previously mentioned about the double-dimple being more subtle. The alignment line is slightly different, where Bridgestone opted for some white fill in the arrows vs. solid black paint fill. I still love the simple “B” logo with the playing number above it and to the right like it’s “B to the power of X” and x is the number. Like I said, I’m a math/stats nerd. This ball is absolutely amazing in terms of durability, and that’s why I rated it a perfect score. This ball has at least 27 holes on it, and aside from meeting a cart path twice (I like to use them to my advantage obviously) could absolutely still be played. You can visually see the scuffs, but running your finger over them? Nada. Sound & Feel (10 out of 15 points) I find the ball lacking in terms of feel. I don’t like a marshmallow, but I also don’t like a rock. This leans more towards a rock, but without feeling cheap like it should be on a range, or cost $20/doz. The covers feel firm enough where you wouldn’t be able to press your fingernail into them. I don’t feel like you could with a V1x either, but the BX cover does feel firmer to the touch than the Titleist and definitely doesn't feel like it "sticks" to your club for as long when chipping. Sound wise, I mentioned that when chipping and putting, they sound firmer/clickier than my gamer. It’s especially noticeable off of putters without inserts. Where my V1x makes a muted “thunk” the BX is higher pitched and more of a “click.” This doesn’t bother me at all, and I believe it attributes to better distance control on the greens, but that’s purely mental and I have no data to validate it. Off of the other clubs, I found this ball to just feel firmer over all than V1x, but no different than last year’s B X. On-Course Performance (25 out of 40 points) As I said numerous times in the thread while testing, this ball is longer than any ball I’ve played. I believe at least 5 yards off of every club. Off the driver, it’s a long, boring mid-trajectory flight for me. Not to say boring is bad, I’ll take boring and in the fairway all day, which is pretty much what B X has done for me on good swings. Approach shots have been great with this ball, and probably my favorite “feature” aside from the slight distance gains. From 100y and out, I don’t find much difference in performance over the V1x, or the prior generation B X. The ball flies nice and high, and stops within an acceptable distance from their pitch marks According to Arccos this was a 54* wedge from 82y that spun back a little mostly due to it landing into the up slope. Definitely no issues stopping the ball on full shots. Ended up pin high just left of the flag. 8i from 140 into a breeze this is basically how I try to play my shots, hit them to a number and hope they stop within a couple of feet. I don't try to fly flags and pull shots back -- our greens are always relatively firm and honestly I'm just not good enough, LOL! Around the green is where most golf ball companies will tell you to fit your ball to your game, except for Bridgestone. Unsurprisingly, this is where the ball falls short for me, or rather rolls way too far! I legit can’t get this ball to spin enough within 100yards, and my scores depend on my success getting up and down when I miss greens. Not sure what secret sauce Bryson found claiming to get 1000 extra RPMs around the green, but the Reactiv™ cover isn’t doing anything for me. If I was someone who could execute bump and run shots, and judge the distance on them, I could probably have more success with this ball, however as I mentioned I have an “aggressive” chipping style aka lack of distance control and require my ball to check harder to compensate. Since I seem to live and die by my ability to get up and down, this ball doesn’t benefit my score in any way – regardless of the extra distance I saw from it. Miscellaneous (5 out of 10 points) I’m going to speculate a little bit here. It’s no secret that we had some logistics issues for this test. I believe we all mentioned it on social media, in the private messages, and in this thread as well, but we got these balls almost a month later than we were supposed to. It was so late that the “white box” part didn’t even make sense because the marketing info had come out when these were landing on our doorsteps. Where I’m speculating is instead of getting only 2 sleeves to test (not sure if this was going to be literally four golf balls since the test sleeves only have 2 in them) we all got 3-dozen. I’m going to say this was Bridgestone’s way of making things right after all of the mixups. It’s a good thing they did send more than 4 balls, I probably wouldn’t have had much to say otherwise. For this, I’m giving Bridgestone a 5/5. I’m giving them a 0 for v-fit though. It was cool and easy to use, and it was decently accurate in terms of what I remember from the shot that I submitted, and what numbers their algorithm spit back at me. With that said though, their recommendation of 105 MPH swing speed being the determining factor is an over estimation IMO. Playing it at 105-107 SS, and watching people play it at ~110 and 120, I think it really shines once you get above 110. I believe that I would’ve fit better into the RX/RXs in all honesty. Game Bag or Shag Bag? (17 out of 20 points) Bottom line, this is a great ball, just not FOR ME. If you’re a high-speed player with an honest 112+ MPH driver speed, I believe this ball could absolutely be in your bag. It might seem weird that I’m scoring the ball so high when it isn’t making its way into my bag, but that has nothing to do with the ball itself, and more to do with how it matches my game, and my on course performance score more accurately reflects that. I’d give this ball a perfect 20 points because I do believe it’s a great product for a lot of golfers, but I took points off because for the same price, you could play the gold standard, ProV1/x. I wanted to like this ball so bad, because I have a weird counter-culture kind of mentality where I get satisfaction from playing things that aren’t the most-popular, but I just can’t get it to perform, and especially wouldn’t buy it at this price point. ProVs are even cheaper when you buy them during that 3-for-4 deal they run (I think) bi-annually… in what world does that make sense? Maybe I don’t understand business, but if you’re trying to capture market share from number 1, wouldn’t you try to price yourself lower to provide yourself that little edge? Conclusion In conclusion, or if my review was too long to get through, the Tour B X is a great ball if you have the speed to get the most out of it. At an equivalent price point -- even cheaper depending on the time of year -- I'll be sticking with the ProV1x as it suits my game better. If that’s even too long: Ball go far; ball no stop for me -- same as previous edition Final Score: 60/100
  23. 8 points
    Wow! Was my Triton Driver working today.....not one, but two drives 280+ yards. Shot 41/41:82 and tied for 1st plus a Skin....took home $110! Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  24. 8 points
    ... Honestly ballplayer, I don't think it is the golf community as much as talking to yourself. I have been paired up with strangers that have admired my game or score waaaaaaaay more than anyone that admired my clubs. It has been my experience that about 95% not only don't care what I am playing, they don't even notice. When it comes to my ego, I find it more rewarding to hear "great shot!" much more than "nice sticks!" Not once in my life has anyone ever said something like "You hit your 5 iron 193yds with a beautiful high trajectory that was right at the flag, hopped and stopped right next to it for a 1 foot birdie putt! Just think how much more rewarding that would have been if you used an MB instead of your P790!" I just don't understand the desire to play any club that penalizes your ability to hit your best shots and post your lowest score. (Of course this doesn't apply to those that really don't care about score and play clubs for the sheer enjoyment of hitting them)
  25. 8 points
    Screamers are better than fatties IMHO. Oh wait! I shouldn't have written it that way. Please be kind!!!
  26. 8 points
    I was able to get out and play on 2/23 at Connecticut National golf course. It was the first time the course had opened and it was still pretty dormant. The greens were furry and the tee boxes were frozen about 1/2" below the surface (made it hard to get the tee in the ground!)..... I hit some great shots with the g410s and managed to get into the 70s. 160 yard 8 iron (which is big for me) 170 yard 7 iron (another big shot) 180 yard 6 to get on the green in 2 on a par 5 These go far and straight. Can't wait for the course conditions to improve this year!
  27. 8 points
    This is my first testing opportunity so I'm pretty excited and a little nervous! The bar has been set very high by other testers and I hope to live up to that!
  28. 8 points
    Bought 3 Wilson Staff shirts to wear when gaming my new D7 irons. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  29. 8 points
    Nice day today, temps got into the 50s; ground was fairly wet due to the snow from Thursday. Made a couple of mistakes off the tee causing me to have to pitch back to the fairway, but really happy with how I am hitting the ball off the tee and my iron plays is pretty solid. Happy with my putting as well; did some drills prior to the round so my putter was working pretty well. Short game is way too inconsistent; may need to go get a followup lesson and see why I can't take my practice to the course. Two doubles, 7 bogeys, 4 birdies resulted in a 37/42-79
  30. 8 points
    Forget music. This is a real dilemma!
  31. 8 points
    Friday 9 at Navy Marine today, and just wasn’t feeling it. 47 FIR 14% (1/7) GIR 11% (1/9) Putts - 19, with two 3 jacks I was not good off the tee and that had a trickle down effect on everything else. Needless to say, I’m glad I’ll have a driver back in my bag tomorrow!
  32. 8 points
    45* and rain so Bacon Boyz went straight to nearest restaurant. Seems the waffles with fried chicken & biscuits was the hit. Looked like 5,000 calories with the gallon of maple syrup. Everyone even Par[emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  33. 8 points
    Ordered a Callaway Fairway 14 stand bag. Liked the fusion 14 last year but Callaway didn’t have any left when I tried to cash in my reward points so I had to wait for the 2020 bags to hit their store. Looks like it will work on a cart, push cart, and is light enough to carry to the range. Total shipped cost $0.00 thanks to Callaway’s reward program.
  34. 8 points
    I think picking one ball that fits you and staying with it every round benefits you more than choosing one set of clubs and sticking with them!
  35. 8 points
    I'm so sorry Foz but I have to..... Four Floridian Golf Spies played together the week after Christmas. The round was a blast, the golf so so - on the back nine we were followed for several holes by a family of deer. On 17 they crossed the fairway and each of us grabbed our phones to take pictures. Three of us had already hit our tee balls. I hopped in the cart waiting for Foz to hit and he jumped in the cart next to me. I said, "Aren't you going to hit?" He said, "I did already." I said, "Oh I didn't see you where did you go?" "Right down the middle." The other Spies in our group couldn't recall him hitting either, he started to drive off towards his "ball" and suddenly stopped. He had been so distracted by the deer that he had forgotten to hit and was remembering one of the other drives as being his - In his defense he had taken his driver out and put it away when he grabbed his phone. Still it was a riot I've seen lots of funny things on the golf course but this one is still fresh in my memory banks.
  36. 7 points
    Looks like it's unanimous Stroker. Congrats on the new clubs!
  37. 7 points
    Well my EVNRoll one was three years ago with Mr Rife himself - from the first time that I held that putter it felt like it was made for me - it still does. There are fitters and there are fitters - I’m trusting that the ones we have here will be good. I’m predicting F3 for me - the video was cool but that’s not where my game is at - I’m fit like those guys but a 63 year old fit - big difference - if I can get a shaft that lets me hit it straight and mid 130’s ball speed around 14 degrees and 2,800 spin rate - yeah that will do nicely. :) Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  38. 7 points
    This has been discussed and discussed in another thread. Take the conversation there. You're certainly entitled to your opinion, but we won't permit you to continually shout your 'get off my lawn" take on this where it doesn't belong. I suggest any comment about this post be made via PM, not in this thread. TY
  39. 7 points
    Can’t wait to stop hitting flop shots with my new driver!
  40. 7 points
    All I can say is wow and just shake my head. Ultimately play what you want, but I have tested quite a few clubs on launch monitors and I don't want blades in my 7-PW. I like forgiveness on mishits and blades just don't do that for me.
  41. 7 points
    ... Sweet! I think a lot of young golfers don't understand the anticipatory joy of waiting to purchase something. I love looking at something every time I go into a store or see ads or other golfers playing something and waiting for the right time and price to finally own it.
  42. 7 points
    You should tell that to Vikor Hovland. He won a PGA Tour event yesterday with Ping I210s. Oh and also tell 95% of the LPGA and Champions tour players, who are all +++ handicappers with ball striking ability that most amateurs can only dream about,who also use cavity back or players cavity irons
  43. 7 points
    Decided on the Kuro Kage Black HBP 60X. Did some range testing yesterday and so far the results have been great. Sound/feel of this club is fantastic and it has a great shape behind the ball. Sits nice and square which I like and I ended up configuring it to 9.25* and 60.5* lie angle on the adapter setting.
  44. 7 points
    Nice dart right there. I swear this guy is fueled by his haters.
  45. 7 points
    What else am I gonna do with 2-3' of snow outside, talk to my wife? [emoji1787] Sent from my Moto Z3 Play using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  46. 7 points
    Too much to type every hole on my phone but we do this every year at my club and it is called “The Ringer”. I won it last year with a score of -23 for the year on a par 71 course. I birdied every hole on the course and threw in Eagles on the three par 5s and two of the par 4s. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  47. 7 points
    Played Wolf today at the other course in town. 21º and sunny at daybreak... Frost delay, but warmed up by 10am. I hit every fairway, but struggled with wedges because the turf is so much different than my course. This course struggled last year with a new owner and the main water pumps went out, so grass is spotty and some of the greens are marginal. Green speed was much slower than my course, so it was a struggle all day. I shot 79 and lost 8 quarters. One guy birdied 3 holes to my pars when I was the Wolf... TWICE putting from off the green!!! I don't mind losing when someone has a good hole; I hate losing when I have a bad hole.
  48. 7 points
    Since I didn’t grow up in the golden days of blades and balata, I’ve had an itch to make a vintage bag. I’ve got the woods and putter (Ping Eye 2 laminates 1-7 W, and an old beat up Ping Anser). I finally broke down and ordered the rest of the set last night. 1973 Wilson Staff blades are on the way!
  49. 7 points
    DawgDaddy has dipped into quite a few pockets with his "Deal of the Day" thread!
  50. 7 points
    Has nothing to do with swing speed. It is about how you load and unload the shaft. Find a place with a mizuno shaft optimizer and see what it recommends. Then try the shaft
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