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    Cool day but not too cold to play golf... more than likely my final round unless something unusual happens. 110 ... all carry over water with a PW.... Par gets me 80, birdie gets me 79.... stuck it to 3 feet and drained the birdie. Absolutely love these irons. Hit so many great shots with them already...
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    In preparation for next season (already!), we're looking to continue to build the great community we have here in the MGS Forums. Many of us (including me) initially found our way here through the review opportunities. Promoting those opportunities is a great way to draw in new like-minded members to our Forums. What we'd like to do is collect your testimonials about the value of the Forum reviews, both as a reviewer and as someone reading the reviews. Many of our members have been able to participate in a review. If you were trying to convince a friend to sign up on MGS and participate in a review, what would you say? How has the review process been helpful to you? What have you gained by doing a product review for the MGS Forums? All of us have followed along in the reviews of others as well. How have you found those reviews to help you? We've already got a thread here asking if you've purchased gear because of MGS reviews, but that thread includes both Forum content and the posts on the main site. Here, try to keep your comments to being about the reviews you read in the Forums. How have the Forum reviews guided your own gear purchases? If you comment, understand that your testimonial may be chosen as a blurb in upcoming article for MyGolfSpy.
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    Played after church and a meeting today - got 13 holes in - was 3 over. Liked Across - very easy to use - haven’t really reviewed the data from the partial round yet. My approach shots were great all day - 27 feet in fact. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I was an intermittent poster on both forums until a few years ago. I really just liked the vibe here so much more. But there are some super-knowledgeable folks over on WRX. If you have a child that's thinking about trying to get a scholarship, they have some great threads for that. There's also a good thread on the ClubCorp PlayAway program that I post in (I'm a PlayAway member). And I read the WRX blog from time to time. Plenty of room on the internet for multiple golf sites/forums.
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    Literally: https://www.nationalgeographic.com.au/animals/australias-shark-infested-golf-course.aspx Despite the snow, I'm still pretty happy to live in a place where most of the wildlife isn't likely to eat or poison me.
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    As promised I resumed protocols today going back to level one. For starters though I’d like to request prayers from anyone who does such things for one of our original test group members, Calypso55. He is fighting a battle with cancer and experiencing some side complications as well! Thanks To today’s session - I was not able to find my radar - I will but stuff moves in my house seemingly weekly. :( Anyway I was more concerned with my actual driver swing speed when hitting shots and I was able to measure that on my swing caddy device. After the dynamic warm up I hit 3 drives - average SS was 90 - that’s a bit slow - I’m generally averaging 92 - right around where I was at after the level one protocol a year ago - I lost the speed that I gained in my second jump - which was significant by the way - but have retained a reasonable gain. I’m sure my speed was down a bit because I didn’t hit any other shots first and I tend to be a bit slower in the AM. I then did the protocols for level one on the range in front of 3 young aspiring tour players and their teacher. :(. They suitably busted my chops (two of them work at the club and I know them well) but they were impressed by the left handed aspect of my work out. I then hit three more drives with an average SS of 94 mph. It should be noted too that this was with range balls and not my gamers - that’s what I always used when I was a part of the test group. There was about a 10 yard difference in average distance on the three shoots 221 to just over 231. I’m going to stick with the level one protocols for the next 6 weeks, trying to do one a week at the range, hitting balls afterwards. I’m curious to see where this brings me to - from there I will reach out to SuperSpeed to see what they recommend. I’d like to grab the next level of yardage back again - it got me a couple of sub par rounds early in the season - the difference between 230 and 240 is very significant - No par 5’s in two to an occasional 1, an iron into a 400 yard hole verses a wood. Those things add up. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I've definitely been in the rough and haven't had any issues. The sole design is such that it allows you to get down and through the ball in thicker grass and the face is pretty hot from heel to toe so if you don't catch it in the middle you're still going to get a good result and not lose much distance.
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    Thanks for the kind words. I'm inclined to think that the two issues are related for me. I'm hoping to hit some balls in the garage this afternoon and get some video to confirm. Here's my suspicion: the crouched setup position means my hips are already about as deep as they can go. The Keegan comp suggested by @edingc is interesting. Here's a great super slo mo of Keegan's swing: Camera angles can be tricky, but I think I might start even deeper than he does. Let me do my admittedly very amateur Peter Kostis Konica Minolta analysis, using Justin Thomas as a comp. Keegan sets up his rear end quite deep behind he heals, with a significant knee bend. By contrast, JT has a more "orthodox" setup, with a slight knee bend but with his center of mass more in obviously within his feet: Now, think about this: if your knees are bent significantly, it is difficult to straighten your leg without moving your hips toward the ball. This is why, @THEZIPR23, I think my thrust toward the ball is, in part, related to my setup. So note that at the top of his backswing, Keegan has retained almost all of his initial knee bend. At least as I see it, this slightly restricts his hip turn, compared to JT. Just try it: squat at the knee and then tree to rotate your hips, versus rotating your hips while allowing the leg to straighten. Because I'm no elite athlete, and especially as I get older, I'm not seeing that restricting hip turn is a good move for me. So if I'm going to let my back leg straighten a bit to allow for my hip to get deeper, I'm not going to be able to start with my knees so bent. These two videos appear to have a comparable angle: both slightly in front of the player. Keegan has still retained the depth with which he set up, which permits his arms to come through where they need to. JT has as well, but it looks like because of his setup, he has a bit more room for his arms to get through. Both are "maintaining their spine angle" (actually converting it into a side bend), but it appears to me that Keegan has to be bent even more than JT to get to the ball. In no way is this a critique of Keegan's swing. If I could do what he does, I would. What I'm thinking is that I'm just not capable of maintaining the hip depth that I'm establishing at setup the way that he does, and that I'll have a better chance of a swing that doesn't lurch forward toward the ball if I don't start so deep. Here's a quick illustration of what I hope to expect. The second swing is obviously just a practice swing without a ball, but the way that my impact position retains the same hip-to-head position of my address (compared to the swing from Saturday, in which I've clearly lurched toward the ball about six inches) is what I'm hoping to see when I hit balls with the new setup:
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    Very impressive guys! I’m glad I’m stepping back in - yesterday was a great example of how solidly I hit the ball while doing SuperSpeed - I should never have stopped if only to do a maintenance plan. I really striped my irons yesterday, everyone straight at the stick. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    LOL I wish I had ONLY 2 sets----- But my stuff is old---- My front line set is what is in my signature---- I keep sets put together in bags have at least 6 sets put together now complete with balls tees and gloves. Grab and go. Like I have told guys on here and WRX if you are here and do not have any clubs give me a call. You can grab and go or grab an empty bag and put something together. Mostly I have older blades but I do have lets see 4 sets of CBs and not only do I have a plethora of persimmon woods but quite a selection of somewhat modern metal woods too along with metal fairways and hybrids. Putters I have all kinds at least 100. Yep I am a club ho and will admit I have gotten out of control. I was in the shop yesterday afternoon cleaning up a set of Louisville Golf 50 series persimmon woods I had found on the pile at work the other day. I kinda got overwhelmed at the stuff I have in the little shop not counting what I have in the spare bedroom in the front of the house and in the building across the street. Sometimes my biggest decision of the week is what clubs I will take to the course next. I will say I am more than likely the biggest club ho on MGS but I can not hold a candle to some on WRX.
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    Can't believe anyone would disagree with Plaid. But don't worry.... you won't be banned. And my "feelings" weren't hurt either. I'm old school. But be careful around the snowflakes Kenny. They'll come after you. LOL
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    I don’t like how long it took me to like this post about likes.
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    OK now I officially mad at you. . But on the other hand wish I was in Florida!
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    Well my club ho habit really started late in life---- Up until 2001 I had only played 2 different sets of irons since 1977 or so. I did have 3 putters but putted with the same one which was a Ping Zing 2 for over 20 years. Then I got into the golf shop business with a friend of mine in 03. He got me to trying different clubs etc. We closed the shop in 09 due to the recession and had lots of older stuff. He passed away in 2011 and I ended up with all the stuff. Then I went to work for the metal recycling company in 13. That added fuel to the fire. So much stuff comes in and I can not stand to see any classic club destroyed in the shredder. I buy the stuff by the pound usually between .05 and .15 per pound. Most of my putters I have for the sake of being expensive 0.15 each and some full sets like $1.50. I shoot my grips on and off with air. I actually need to sell a lot of stuff--- Some I give away and some stuff I trade to a local shop for store credit. I also go to thrift stores that is where a lot of my bags come from. My wife bless her does not have any problem with my hoeing habits. Some of the persimmon woods she loves to look at. And she knows I do not spend much money on golf stuff. I even salvage grips from POS clubs I find. I also salvage shafts from the same sources. She knows it can be worse. When she married me I owned 2 18 wheelers and had 2 dirt track race cars and 2 antique Harleys.. If you think golf and boats are bad mess with race cars and antique Harleys. And we ain't even going to go into owning big trucks
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    I checked the total weight of the Frontline Elevado and it is 597g. For comparison, my Cameron 5.5M is 557g. I will have to get the swingweights checked out, but this is one solid stick. I like the grip so far. It is longer than my two most recent grips, so there is some wiggle room if you like a little more or less of the pistol shape in your upper hand. Here it is next to the stock grip on my Cameron. It's not much longer than this, but the Golf Pride Tour Sensr is 1.5" shorter and feels pretty small compared to the Lamkin. The texture has a good grip to it. Or does the grip have a good texture? The whole top of the grip is flat. I would rate this as a medium to medium-large grip. The upper flat section doesn't seem as wide as the Ping PP60 grip, which feels very awkward to me. Lamkin has this grip listed at 120g. If you want to swap this out, I recommend to pay attention to the weight of the new grip. An EVNROLL Gravity grip is also 120g. Hmmmmm. The face is completely new compared to my 2135 Satin Elevado. The Satin Elevado has a face that I can use if I lose my meat tenderizer. I had a few issues with that putter that I will get to during this testing, but one was the face. There was so much material machined off of the sweet spot that this was a very soft feeling face. I ended up switching to a harder feeling ball to firm up the feel. d Nice grass stain on the face! Who else has to clean their spouses clubs for them? Did I just throw myself under the bus there? The Frontline has much less material taken out. This results in a face that is much firmer. For me, this is a big win. YMMV. I had some friends take some strokes with this, and some preferred the meat tenderizer feel. I am trying to get putting sessions in each day and am keeping score. There have been some interesting finds in that testing already. I will have to do this in many small doses, as I have the back of a 90 year old man. A few times already I have hit that wall where what I assume is my back just tells me to take a hike and I have no chance of putting a decent stroke on the ball. I will have to cut myself off before this happens to keep the results honest. I have also found that it is easier to go from the Cameron to the Frontline than vice versa. Length/lie may be a better fit on the Frontline. I was able to take this out on the course for the second time this afternoon. Weather could not have been better. I also got to try out the Arccos sensors for the first time. I ended up with 38 putts on the day en route to an 82. I could not get the speed down at all. We got the feeling that this course is pretty much shut down for the season, but are still allowing people to play. Bathrooms were closed, ball washers were all down, and it looks like they were painting brown spots green to keep things looking...nice? I have spent a good amount of time on the BirdieBall green (medium stimp: 10-11). This course must have been playing at a 7. And we rushed out to be able to get all 18 in before dark, so I didn't get any warmups beforehand. My consolation is that Arccos rated me as a 7.2 putting handicap. I wasn't too happy with my chipping, and Arccos confirmed that by giving me an F+ for a chipping handicap. I had a few 5-6 footers that I managed to miss, but like last time, I hit them where I was aiming. There were some phantom breaks or force fields around some of the cups and the ball would just take a hard left or right just before the cup. With them playing so slow and me having such a hard time putting a 3W swing on the ball, getting the line read right (not a strong point of mine in the first place) was just too much to ask. But I really appreciate Arccos giving me a green participation ribbon for putting while letting me know that if I can't get the ball within 30ft of the hole, those birdies will continue to escape me. While this weather holds up I am going to get out again somewhere that hasn't given up on 2019 already. I really want to know if it was really that slow today, or if I am setting myself up for failure practicing on a green that is a fair amount faster than anything I am going to be playing on.
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    Although cost is a big consideration, I voted "Other". Even with more cost-effective, fairly accurate options available, there is no place in my house where I can make a full swing.
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    We’ve always liked MB. We would have kept that Condo but Commercial & Retail buildings were crowding us out. Traffic was brutal. We were in Surfside Beach. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Happy Birthday and keep em coming!
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    Friday & Saturday you guys better pull out the long johns!
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    Same thing here in Myrtle Beach. I hit a club too much into the wind on my final hole yesterday, and thought it rolled all the way down a slope into the water behind the green. I walk up and see my ball nestled up against a 5 footer sunning himself 3 feet from the edge. No I didn't play it from there, and I couldn't get up and down for par either...
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    I could see these 3 being the next "big three" in just a few years. I am a bit surprised by the 4% as well. Which tour pro was it that said "soon you will have tour pros hidding in the woods trying to swing like Wolff". I think it was Max Homa. Regardless, I am excited for the young crop of players. They all seem to be unique and less cookie cutter tour pro. Swings are individual. Going to be a fun few years as these guys mature.
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    Rushed out of work to get as many holes possible as rain is coming. 15 minutes from work and realized I had some keys I had to take back.Turned around and back to work. Dropped keys off and took a different route home only to find the on ramp closed. Back to original route and finally made the course thinking on 5-6 holes. Teed off dead in to the sun and never saw it. Felt like I tugged it and sure enough I found it under the trees left side. Bogey on an easy par 5. Settled down and was +2 after 8 thanks to a birdie on #8 then doubled #9. My worst hole on my course. Its generally a short iron in but the steep slope and creek behind begs me to take 1 less club. Then I end up backing it off the sloped green. Ive been really focusing on getting more aggressive with short irons but this hole is in my head and my playing partners can see it. Dont think Ive been in that creek but once in two years.
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    I game the Adams Pro DHy 18* from 2014. If you can't find one at your local shop, they've been re-branded as the Taylormade GAPR Lo. The Adams is about $230 cheaper on eBay. I think I found my 18* head on eBay for $15. DHy is fade bias and one of the most consistent ball flights off the tee. Being a lefty, I can aim down the right side of the fairway and find myself near the center of the fairway 90% of the time.
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    Well, the good news out of this whole ordeal is that I put the new 3 wood into play yesterday and the PING G400 3 wood has exceeded all initial expectations dramatically. Long and straight, and I just hit it really good and consistent. The main thing to take away from all of this is that this new club is actually more reliable (at least initially) then my old 4 wood, as it was going straight pretty much every time I wanted it to. If it's this straight consistently, then I can use it on tight driving holes if I really need to hit the fairway and distance isn't an issue. But overall, a happy end result to what otherwise was a very sad event.
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    I wish I was that good! haha. I mean on the fitting day, I purposely hit those few shanks just to see forgiveness. haha yeah, that's right...I did it on purpose.
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    Hi Guys and Girls. I'm new to MyGolfSpy, and this is the first forum I have posted to. Have to start somewhere, right? My wife and I live in Friday Harbor, Washington in the San Juan Islands. I'm 74, so I suspect I am one of the older guys on this site. I'm not yet retired, and don't plan to. I own a water resource consulting company. My handle reflects that I owned and flew light aircraft for many years, with single-engine land, single-engine sea, and instrument ratings. Didn't fly enough to maintain my desired proficiency, so I sold the plane a couple years ago. We have a nice little club with a 9-hole course here on the island. Great conditioning, small greens, a few ponds, and too damn many trees. We also belong to a course in New Zealand (Taupo Golf Club), where we spend 10 weeks each winter (our winter = their summer, how convenient). TGC has two 18 hole courses, one roughly comparable to ours here and the other a real championship track. I play a lot with the "Vets" (old guys) there. My Handicap Index is 16.8 here, but for some reason it is always a couple strokes higher in New Zealand. I play 50 to 70 rounds a year - about 35 in New Zealand and the same or a few less in the Pacific Northwest, mostly because my wife and I go cruising in British Columbia in the summers. (This year we finally made it to Southeast Alaska. That takes a while at 6.5 kt.) Best thing about golf here on the island is the group of guys I play with. Best thing about the PacNW is the abundance of really good courses no one knows about. Gamble Sands is way out back of the back of beyond in the desert of Eastern Washington, but it is a GREAT (David McClay Kidd) course. New Zealand is kind of the same way. There are more golf courses in New Zealand per capita than any other country on Earth other than Scotland. Every little town seems to have a course and a clubhouse, and the tracks are often quite good. I have played a few where the fairways are "mown" by sheep, and the greens have low electric fences around them to keep the sheep off. Golf there is very egalitarian - everyone plays and everyone is welcome, from the banker to the butcher. I started golfing when I was about 14 years old. First got involved by caddying for a friend of my dad. Reason - $5 a round and he let my drive his car to and from the course at 14. I think that was so he could drink a shot of scotch on each tee box. I remember him as a fairly good golfer but a really accomplished drinker. He would let me hit a few shots during his rounds, and I caught the bug. I remember hitch hiking to the course with a buddy before I could drive (legally). It wasn't much of a course, sand greens, a lot more rough than fairways, and a lot of tall unmown areas. But we had so much fun. I played quite a bit in my first two years of college - even bought a set of Wilson staff woods (real woods) and irons. Then I realized that I better go to class instead. After I started work and got married I basically took 25 years away from golf - from about 25 to 50 - because I couldn't keep from getting angry. I just kept trying (i.e., swinging) harder, and it kept getting worse. Nothing I had ever done in sports couldn't be improved by being more intense. It didn't work for golf. So I hung it up. My sister-in-law was a PGA teaching pro. She advised me that I didn't play golf well enough to get mad about it, but she didn't get through to me. I really regret missing those years now, but that's just water down the creek at this point. What do I love about golf? My wife and I play most of our golf together. She plays to a HI of 22 or so, making it a lot of fun. (For many years we also raced one-design sailboats together - the best way I can put it is that she is quietly VERY intensely competitive.) Last year we played in the Five Courses Stableford tournament in Tauranga, New Zealand. Five days, five courses, five rounds, 300+ golfers from all over the world. What a gas! I found MyGolfSpy by accident because I started watching TXG on YouTube and saw their segment about the infamous golf ball test. I've read many of the Most Wanted articles and enjoy their objective perspectives. Right now I'm really enjoying marathoning the No Putts Given episodes. I bought a set of Mizuno JPX-919 Hot Metals and a Titleist TS3 21 degree hybrid.about six weeks ago. There are my first new clubs in about 10 years. I always thought I didn't play well enough to deserve clubs that good. They were for real golfers. What an idiot! It has been a real eye-opener. My Rocketbalz 3 metal hasn't been out of the bag since. No more surfing eBay for clubs. I'm mostly looking forward to reading others' posts rather than posting myself. So I may be AWOL from the forum most of the time. Cheers; Hecaviator
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    If it’s after Christmas how about a round at my club? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Hit one of these last night and the distance was impressive but not any longer than my Rogue SZ five wood and the head size was about the same. I can see where these fit for certain players but not anything I would consider adding to my bag. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have made a few comments about how I really like this driver from appearance. That said, it won't totally surprise me if the reaction to it is mixed. It has the potential to be somewhat polarizing in thoughts on it.
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    I work in golf retail, and we have sold a ton of Cobra equipment over the last year or two. Especially since the F9 products. I can see that continuing. The new forged tech irons are going to be a good seller. They are starting to make headway. The single length thing is still a very slow burn. I have had lots of people try them but I have yet to sell anyone a set. If I had to rank in terms of sales numbers for me personally. It is Callaway, Ping, then Cobra in terms of volume. Then TM, Titleist, and everything else.
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    I should have known my good buddy would know where to find em!
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    I'd like to see Kevin Na among the short list. He plays with intensity and would be a good team player.
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    Fantastic story Foz! Thanks for sharing.
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    I don't think the tweet was really a poor choice either. Two young women didn't make the cut, really won't be able to make a living playing professional golf. I know, they could play the Symetra, but that doesn't pay enough to really make a living. Dye was close, needing an ace on the final hole to make the cut even after the penalty. Without the two strokes, she needed only a par, so those two strokes may mean the difference between making a living at golf, or working at McDonalds for her. For Kim to urge players to learn the rules is really good advice. If Dye had known the rules, she actually might be on the big circuit next year. Would it have been better to remain completely silent about it? Its basically a qualifier, its quite possible nobody would ever have heard about it, which means nobody would ever learn anything from it. I think the response from Dye was the one out of line, calling Kim unprofessional for tweeting what is really very solid advice.
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    Monstrous Shanks! mine was a less monstrous, 8 iron from 135 outta the rough, above my feet, over the water, up the backstop, and back down to 8 feet. Missed the putt...
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    Cool - glad the 410 worked for you. Now let's see - $500.+ divided by 8 yards = ......... Never mind you can't rationalized toys.
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    Unfortunately not but this will allow me to play a heck of a lot more golf next year and in the years to come. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Last night my wife wanted to run out and play 9 after she played Bridge all day. Other than being a bit chilly it was a spectacular fall evening, albeit a bit chilly. She had a great 'bump and roll' on this Par 5 within 4 feet of the cup but missed the cup for a par. The fitting and the most recent lesson are paying off for her.
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    Hi guys thank you for the responses especially the Sharpie comment I love it lol but actually my issue is that 14 years ago I had a pretty good game and those 600 c's are small and have a thin top line which I absolutely love I cannot deal with a big club head it doesn't work for me. Taking all of your advice I just decided to do nothing and go to the driving range and hit the s*** out of hundreds of balls and my swing is coming back so now I think all I need to do is re shaft and re grip and get a new driver and I think I'll be OK. I'm excited to play again, I kind of moved on from the game after a bad experience at a small town CC. I got into road and mountain biking but 2 years ago I was diagnosed with a blood cancer and I take a chemo drug that's sapped my strenght and staying home was driving me nuts, so I dusted off my clubs and have fallen in love with the game again, lol im obsessed. Thanks guys,
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    Rory and Brooks were in contention while being paired together twice this past season. They each came away wit ha victory. In the Swamp Ass WGC in Memphis, Brooks took Rory to task with a final round 65 and a victory. Rory was the only player in the Top-10 not to break par, finishing with a 71 to come home T-4. In the Tour Championship, Rory closed with a 66 to earn the victory. Brooks struggled a bit with a 72 and finished T-3.
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    Hi Everyone! My name is Tom and I am excited to review this Evnroll putter. I play out of Northeast Ohio, and I play until it starts to snow. This year my season has been cut a bit short too, but not because of weather. My wife and I just had our first child last Saturday, a baby girl, which is a bit more exciting than a new putter (sorry MGS). The weather is still good, so maybe I can sneak out if momma allows me. I started golfing in middle school, thanks to my dad and lots of family members who play. He passed now, but I still play with my sister a lot, she was the one who made varsity golf all 4 years of high school. If I can’t play with any of the family I usually go out by myself at sunrise. I have friends that enjoy golf, but none of them are as serious as me, so they usually only want to play a very relaxed 9 holes after work. Nothing wrong with a practice round with them though. Those are the two biggest reasons why I play, the time spent with friends & family, as well as the peacefulness of being alone My home course is Cossett Creek in Brunswick, Ohio. I play there because it’s one of the few non-flat courses on the west side of Cleveland, it’s inexpensive, and the pro works to make the round enjoyable. The conditions are probably slightly below average, but I enjoy it. My favorite courses in the area are Sugar Bush, Windmill Lakes, Fox Den, Rain Tree, and Gray Hawk. I will play anywhere within an hour or so of home, so that gives me about 100 courses to choose from. I am not really brand loyal, but right now most of my bag is Titleist. I have a 915 D3 Driver with a Mitsubishi Diamana White X flex shaft, I was fitted into that. I carry a Cobra Fly-Z Fairway set at 16.5 and an Adams Gold Boxer Hybrid at 19. These I purchased for less than $30 each off eBay. My irons are Titleist 714 CB 4-PW with X100 shafts. I wasn’t fitted for these either, but after hitting clubs at golf galaxy the 718 CBs were by far the best performing, so I went shopping for an older model and found them. Wedges are Vokey 50-54-58. The Vokey 58-04 is the best club I’ve ever bought. The putter I currently use is an Odyssey Versa #7. My friend has a #7 in his bag, and I used it and it just had such a good feel, I had to go get one of my own. I love the mallet and it feels so balanced. I put a Super Stroke Squared grip on it, and while it took some time to get used to the weighting change, it still works great. Before that I went really old school and carried an original Zebra putter, which was my dad’s, so maybe there was some sentimentality there. Before that I used a TaylorMade Rossa blade putter. I don’t remember the exact details, but it was the first one they put the gel-filled grooves on, so that is going back to 2006 or so. This Evnroll is the first blade I’ve used in about six years. I play to a 7 handicap, up from a 3 last year. I’ve played about half as many rounds though. But my putting hasn’t suffered from it! I average just under 30 putts a round, and if I have a day with considerably less, it means I was chipping lights out, not sticking my irons. I don’t feel as though my putting is a liability, but I wouldn’t consider myself to be amazing. Ultra fast greens can mess me up pretty easily, but outside of that I want to say I have a 3-putt once every 3 to 4 rounds. I use a standard grip, but I interlock my fingers just like on my full shots. I am working on shortening my backstroke to stay inside my body and stop deceleration. I read greens well, and I play the break on my long putts, I don’t try to hit it through. On the 3 or 4 footers I try to bang it in the cup. Playing break on those can be dangerous if you are on unfamiliar greens. Evnroll got off to a great start by having their PGA Tour rep call me and walk me through a fitting over the phone. What a first impression!! With his help I decided on the 355 gram head in 33 inches. I went 1 degree flat but left the loft standard. I have the oversize grip, but it looks like they offer bigger ones. Then the first impression when this putter arrived… Murdered Out is the right description for this thing. The all black head, with black shaft is soooo pleasing to the eye. Just the small alignment in white is all this putter needs to look glamorous. You can never go wrong with the red logo and red on the grip to give this the perfect touch. Red and black always look good together. All this in a foam-lined box to protect everything, and a cool head cover with the strongest magnets on earth. I want to use the interim time to provide pictures and breakdown of the technology and improvements. For starters, it already feels great in my hands. While I don’t have biases against this putter, or very much knowledge of Evnroll or other boutique putter companies, I want to close with something I think is true. I do not expect to drop from 30 to 22 putts a round because this is in my bag. With putters more than any other club, it’s the fiddler not the fiddle. I believe that once one is comfortable with the club and has a solid stroke, they will putt well with anything.
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    Liking the JPX919 Forged. Although I have yet to play a round with them. That'll be corrected later today.
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    Put the Mizunos in the bag for a round on Sunday. Here are the stats for comparison. Fairways: 4, GIR 5, Putts 32, Penalties 3 Proximity to greens was better with the Mizunos as well as wedge play so I got up and down better. Totalled 9 par or better holes with the Mizuno irons in the bag versus 6 with the Hogans. 3 fewer penalty strokes and fewer putts on better greens were the difference in scoring. 84 Sunday vs. 87 last round with the Hogans. Essentially no scoring difference between the two rounds, but I felt like I hit more better iron shots with the Mizunos than the Hogans. Looking forward to adding the Pings to the mix to see if that GIR % might improve a bit. (of course, free extra strokes on tee shots don't help there)
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    He’s a great guy, decent golfer but deliberate. The rangefinder made him a lot more deliberate. If it continues I “have a way” of talking to him about it, nicely, very nice[emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Interesting - I order 5A Titleist balls direct from Lostgolfballs.com. Not sure if this is the same as Lostgolfballsretail on ebay. Your post and their having the same number on them intrigued me so I went ahead and cut one of the ProV1X's that I just ordered from them. You can see in the pic that it conforms to the quality of what I'd expect a ProV1X to look like. Note I order the 2019 version @$27/doz which is more expensive than the ones on ebay that I looked at.
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    Excellent start guys, I have to admit that I'm a lot jealous of this group. I have been rocking a Rife two bar hybrid for at least 10 years now and have come to realise the only thing that could replace it is another Guerin Rife design
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    Not personally, no. We use it with one of our dogs for anxiety though during thunderstorms and fireworks. Its use is definitely on the rise with plenty of former NFL players, e.g. Rob Gronkowski and Calvin Johnson, becoming advocates. Joe Rogan also advocates for its use and some people think Phil Mickelson was using it at the Masters this year for his rheumatoid arthritis. I think it'd be worth trying to see if it makes a difference in your quality of life. Sent from my Pixel 2 using MyGolfSpy mobile app


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