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    TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Did you feel that? That small vibration that indicates that the Precision Pro NX9 HD rangefinder has locked on to its target? Who are the seven forum members that the NX9 has locked on for testing? @FromRightToLeft @Jbmullin @russtopherb @B.Boston @poprocksncoke @JonMUSC08 @perseveringgolfer And I'm excited to be joining in on this test as well. Congrats to these members, and we'll all be looking forward to seeing how the Precision Pro NX9 HD helps you take dead aim!
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    Sometime very soon, possibly by the time I even finish this post, we will hit the 80,000 member mark. That's quite an achievement. This forum has grown so much in the three years I've been here. Not just in member numbers, but in the participation levels of current members, the value everyone of you add to the forum with your posts! It's by far the most congenial and helpful golf forum out there, and I say that as someone who has spent time on all the other big ones. What @GolfSpy_X started here several years ago has grown into something I know he is very pleased with and is all behind making it grow even more. So thanks to the other 79,998 of you and let's welcome in number 80,000 with a big congratulations to everyone here!!
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    Un-bloody-conscious! I still can't believe it but I shot a 79! 57% FIR 33% GIR 30 putts.
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    I have always been fascinated by the science of golf, particularly the fitting aspects. I always wondered if my equipment was truly optimized for me and how I could ever figure out if it was. Over the last two years, I’ve dove head first into understanding more about golf equipment and the fitting process. My main source of information has been Ian Fraser and the Tour Experience Golf (TXG) youtube channel. Ian is a veteran of the golf industry who worked his way up in TaylorMade, then went onto work for True Spec golf, until Ian finally created TXG. TXG HQ is located in Toronto, Canada and is, alongside True Spec, one of the premier golf equipment fitters in the world. As Ian began to grow his youtube channel, I started interacting with him more, I became a Patreon Supporter to get additional access to him and his team outside of the youtube videos. I loved Ian’s approach to fitting and just how knowledgeable he was about everything. Our own Golfspy CG2 made the trek up to Toronto for a fitting he raved about the experience (and we got to watch most of it on the TXG youtube channel). I spoke to my wife and she agreed that for my 40th birthday (in 2024), we would go to Toronto and I could get a full bag fitting from Ian and I would be set on my equipment for a long long time. To hold me over until, I used things I learned from Ian, as well as direct recommendations from him, to build my current set. I felt like it was a good fit - but I still didn’t have that peace of mind from being properly fit from someone as knowledgeable as Ian. Well, it turns out I didn’t have to wait that long at all for a tour-quality fitting experience. I won the True Spec PGA Championship contest on Instagram, and with that came a free full bag fitting (everything but the putter) at a True Spec location of my choosing. The closest location to me is one of their flagship stores in New York City, so I called and made the appointment for June 7th. Knowing Ian had worked at True Spec, I contacted him and asked about what should expect and who I could potentially be fit by at the NYC location. He mentioned that he was good friends with one of their top fitters in NYC, Loren David. I contacted True Spec to ask who would be performing my fitting and they confirmed it was Loren. I was stoked. I knew that this would be one of the best golf experiences of my life. But it wasn’t one of the best - it was THE best. Fast forward to June 7th. I pack up my clubs, some sports drinks, and some trail mix and board the train for NYC. When I arrived at Penn Station, the weather was absolutely perfect so rather than get a cab, I walked to True Spec. I got some pretty funny looks as I traversed the concrete jungle with my Sun Mountain on my back, but being in New York there were far more interesting people walking around to take the attention away from me. I was going into this fitting with an open mind. I wasn't looking to replace anything in my bag just for the sake of getting something new. It was all about performance. When I arrived at True Spec, I took a deep breath and walked through the door. I was politely greeted by the receptionist and led to my hitting bay where I was told I could warm up until Loren arrived. When Loren arrived he introduced himself and we began small talk as he began setting up the GC Quad and his software. He asked about my game, my clubs, and what I hoped to get out everything today. I had to drop that I had been interacting with his good buddy Ian for almost two years now and what I had in my bag was in large part to the knowledge I gained from him. I mentioned that I had received the G410 Plus through MyGolfSpy and Loren said he knew Adam as well. Throughout the fitting, I learned that Loren knows just about EVERYBODY in the golf business. Ian Fraser, Adam Beach, Will Peoples, etc. If I named someone, Loren had a connection. We were also watching the ShopRite LPGA event on the TV during my fitting and Loren was rooting on some of his favorite players. I come to learn that he personally has fitted many of them since their high school and college days. We talked about Maria Fassi and her incredible swing and how he has worked with her for many years and thinks she will dominate the tour very soon. These types of conversations almost made me pinch myself. Here is a guy that fits professionals, top amateurs, celebrities and professionals from other sports (he fit former New York Yankee Mark Teixeira earlier in the week), and now he is going to fit me? Just crazy. So now, onto the good stuff - the actual fitting. Loren explained the process: we’d start with irons, then moving into gapping and the driver, and then finish with wedges. He asked if I had any preferences and I said that I was open to anything, but no Callaway products (that discussion is for another day). I hit my 6 irons enough so he could see my numbers and patterns and asked what I’d like out of my irons. I immediately answered “more consistency”. He agreed that I didn’t need any more distance and we would focus on precision and consistency. He went and grabbed 5 heads from the drawer and the Modus 120x shaft so we could start our fitting. We started with the Modus shaft in all of the heads because he knew I was familiar with how the shaft would feel throughout the swing, so it would help us identify which heads to focus on. The heads that he chose for me were the Srixon 785, Ping Blueprint, TaylorMade P760, Mizuno 919 Tour and Mizuno MP18 MMC. I started with the Srixon 785 and while it was good, it was very similar to the 765 and we just didn’t see anything that jumped out at us. The Ping Blueprint was next and man this was such a great looking and feeling iron - but boy was it small. I actually hit it pretty well, but it has such a sharp leading edge and the poor turf interaction was leading to inconsistent strikes. The Mizuno MMC put ups om great ballspeed numbers, but the slightly wider sole was not a good match for my extremely shallow angle of attack. We followed that up with the Mizuno 919 Tour and started seeing some much more consistent shots. Contact was better, and the 919 Tour advanced to the next round. The P760 had similar results, so it made it to the next round as well. Now that we were narrowed down to two heads, it was time to try some different shafts. Loren went to his irons shaft stash and brought back a Rifle 6.0, KBS $ Taper X, and an Oban CT 115 S and X. We tried every shaft in the 919 head first and it was pretty clear that the Oban shaft was going to be the one. I really loved the feel of the shaft and I could go after with without turning over left as much as with the other shafts. We tried the S flex as well, but while I seemed to get a bit more ballspeed with it, I lost some of the precision I had with the X flex. We then tried the P760 in the Oban shaft and the numbers just couldn’t match up with what I was putting out with the 919/Oban combination. Loren explained to me how Oban shafts were constructed, and their unique composition allowed for more precise weighting and frequencies (a club builders dream). They also allowed for more flex options. Oban offers an S, S+, X-, and X. Loren recommended that I go with the X- as it would give me the stability and precision I was seeing with the X, but a little more feel and ballspeed that I was seeing in the S. I was pretty damn excited. He took my final setup and went over to the loft/lie machine and bent the clubhead. I hit a few more shots and the consistency improved even more. He wen’t slightly flatter and stronger. Loren mentioned that because I have such a shallow delivery with the irons, he’d want to strengthen the lofts so that I would have 3 degree gaps in the long irons, 4 degree gaps in the mid irons, and 5 degree gaps in the scoring irons and wedges. After my fitting I was reading up on this and it turns out a lot of tour pros with shallower attack angles have their irons bent strong (Jason Day and Rory McIlroy to name a pair). Normally a customer would have hit driver next, but Loren wanted to see how the top of my bag progressed coming off the irons, so I hit my Srixon u65 Next. He commented that the 4 iron was an extremely situational club for me and he could see me benefiting from getting the 4ron in the 919 Tours, but then also sticking with the u65 4 iron and then swapping them out for one another depending on how my swing progressed (if I got a bit steeper) and how I wanted to utilize the 4 iron on a particular course (utility iron off the tee on shorter, tighter holes). The U65 was giving me good numbers across the board, so he felt comfortable sticking with that rather than going for a hybrid. The 212 carry also gave me a great yardage gap between my 5 iron and my hybrid. Speaking of the hybrid, when he pulled it out and handed to me, I said that this is truly the first hybrid I have had that I actually don’t dread hitting. I proceeded to absolutely pure six straight shots. Loren simply shook my head and said “there’s nothing we can do to give you a better club than that”. 147 MPH ball speed,14.6 launch, 3945 spin with 232 yards of carry. Baby draws. We switched out to the 3 wood next. I explained that I build the 3 wood and driver but putting everything I’ve learned about my swing and about fitting through Ian into these clubs and shafts. After 5 shots with my 3 wood, Loren said we would be wasting time and energy trying to find a better 3 wood for me. 153.2 MPH ball speed, 12.7 launch, 3489 spin, 249 yards of carry off the deck. Baby draws. With little time wasted, it was onto the big stick. As many of you have read in the forum review thread, I am in love with my Ping G410 Plus driver. I was curious to find out if what I thought I was seeing on the course was real. This was all about validation, and if it wasn’t validated. Well - after just 5 swings, we had validation. I was pumping out baby draw bombs with the G410 Plus. I went into the day thinking maybe I’d be better off with the LST head, or another driver altogether (Cobra F9 or TaylorMade M5 perhaps?) Well they didn’t even get a shot. Loren commented that he loved the Accra shaft I had in the G410 as I seemed to be timing it perfectly without much effort. When we looked at the data, all of the numbers were just about as optimal as you could get. 162.6 MPH ball speed, 14.3 launch, 1641 Spin, 298 yards of carry. Those are insane numbers for me. I knew I was seeing some bombs on the course, and these numbers validated why. We really liked this driver for me because while the spin was low, that was when I was hitting it slightly higher on the face so the spin would tend to drop naturally. If I tried to go to a lower spin driver, the spin would have been too low to provide a stable and consistent ball flight. This doesn’t mean I constantly carry it 298 (my normal carry is probably closer to 285 now), but my current driver gives me the perfect blend of forgiveness, spin, dispersion and ball speed, and the ability to really nuke one if I catch it right. Loren told me that I am in the less than 1% of people that he has fit that didn’t need even tweak the smallest setting on the driver or 3 wood. That was pretty cool to hear. He did mention that the swing weight on my driver was kind of heavy and I could shorten the driver to 44.75 to bring it down to 4.5, and that I wouldn’t really lose anything performance wise, but might gain a little more consistency. Once I got done admiring my driver numbers it was on to wedges. I mentioned that the wedge shafts I had were installed to match a previous set of irons I had, and I really felt that I was lacking in consistency with my wedges. We talked about different wedge shafts and adding more weight and he went and grabbed three wedge shafts: KBS 610 125, DG Tour Issue S400 and Modus 125 Wedge. With all of the wedge shafts I felt a much better weighting throughout the swing. The profile of the KBS didn’t really jive with me as it almost felt like I was swinging a sledgehammer - a little too heavy. The S400 felt better, but I just wasn’t timing it right and my ball speeds and carry distances were down. The Modus 125s were the perfect combination of weight and feel and really helped me deliver my club head more consistently. This was the one. Loren and I talked again about my shallow delivery, bounce, and lie angle and we settled on a 50 (bent to 49), 54, 60 (bent to 59) setup with slightly flatter than standard lie angles. The last thing we talked about was grips. At some point during my fitting I had mentioned that I have smaller hands, and while a standard grip feels great in my left hand, my bottom (right) hand always felt like I was having to really squeeze harder to get a good handle on the club. We walked over to one of the drawers and he pulled out the Tour Velvet Plus 4 grip and it just felt fantastic. I was able to put my right hand on the club much more naturally and with much less tension. Perfect. My head was spinning from all of the information shared with me throughout the day and I was probably grinning like an idiot the entire way home on the train. By the time I arrived home, I received my fitting summaries from Loren, as well as my fitting “prescription” and a full quote to have True Spec build everything for me. Loren was a class act from start to finish. He's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet and his knowledge of the golf swing and attention to the detail during the fitting were more than I could have ever hoped for. It was truly a privilege to be fit by him. My wife and I went out to dinner that night and I walked her through my fitting and how it was the best golf experience of my life. She knew that if I ever god a proper fitting like this, my club-hoing days would be over. So that night we placed the order. Much to my surprised, I received an email from True Spec and FedEx on June 18th, less than 11 days after my fitting, that my clubs had been shipped. They arrived on Thursday, June 20th - less than two weeks after my fitting. Just unbelievable customer services right there. The presentation of the club in the True Spec box was top notch, just like the rest of the experience. I put my new clubs in my bag and just started at my entire setup. For the first time in my life, I had zero doubts about my equipment. No questions about fit. No worrying that I was leaving performance on the table. And I tell you what - it is a pretty incredible feeling. This fitting journey started with me learning more about my swing through my instructor, learning about equipment from MyGolfSpy, learning about the science of the swing and fitting through Ian Fraser at TXG, and culminated by getting fit by one of the top club fitters in the world in Loren David at True Spec NYC. I am truly grateful for everyone that played a part in getting my bag to where it is today. No more equipment excuses. It’s time to play some golf.
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    It’s a very Wilson week, and for good reason. Gary Woodland wins the US Open (62 total for Wilson), #SpyStaffSlam, D7 irons testers announced, and now, we’re about to do a test that has never been done before: Junior Clubs. Kids are the future and we should invest effort into giving them the best possible opportunity to succeed. Wilson’s line of Junior clubs covers all ages and we’re looking for representation from each age group to test and keepa set of Wilson Junior Clubs. Ages 13+: Profile SGI Teen Now, do we expect these juniors to write up reviews? Absolutely not. It’s hard enough to get them to do their homework! This is where you, the forum member, comes into play. We’re seeking sponsors willing to work through the review with their prospective future stars. This could be any parent, relative, neighbor, friend, teacher, etc that can guide our junior testers through the process and write the review on their behalf. The template will be shorter and simpler to make it easier on everyone but the work still needs to get done. This opportunity is open to both Boys and Girls, Right and Left handed residing in the US. The usual requirement of an active forum account with profile picture applies to the sponsor. To apply, post a comment to this thread containing the following information: 1. Your Name and Location 2. Junior’s Name and Age 3. Junior’s Current clubs 4. Junior’s Desired Set 5. Fun fact about your Junior To learn more about these sets, make your way over to the Wilson website HERE for the Junior sets or HERE for the Teen. Of course, Wilson.com will always be your primary resource for all Wilson products.
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    LOL..That's great. You'll have to tell him how significant that is! Not to worry, if he's like many other 5 year olds, just give him his own smartphone and he'll catch Shankster in no time...
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    Ok boys. Package waiting for me on the porch in the dark. Feel like a kid at Christmas. Big thank you to Cobra/Puma for the opportunity to try out these shoes. As a podiatrist I make shoe recommendations every day so I will give you my professional assessment....and tomorrow I will give you my on course assessment. First, the shoes do run a little on the large size so make sure you try them out first as they are a little big, but I just put a pair of my bigger orthotics in the shoes, and they fit fine now. Second, the shoes do have torsional stability when you try to twist them side to side. Third, the forefoot only breaks....or bends at the appropriate spot where your foot would bend. Some shoes will bend at the midfoot level which is not going to be a comfortable shoe. Fourth, there is a rigid heel counter although it is a little on the small side so stability will be compromised a little bit. The fit is like a sock....and surprisingly....there is plenty of room in the forefoot area to accommodate my tailors bunions. Shoe seems to be very well cushioned. This shoe probably won’t work well for people with really flat feet....or who need a lot of stability in a shoe....if you are one of these people.....you know it! The insole is removable....really cheap shoes have the insole glued into place. The only exception to this rule is a well made dress shoe. The lasting appears as though it is quality. This is a good looking shoe.
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    Snell MTB-X Official Review Stage 1 Hello friends - Once again much thanks to MyGolfSpy and Snell for entrusting me to write a review, pretty excited about this one. Great group of testers! I’m sure you are all mostly aware of my back story by now, so I’ll leave that out. Why I love this game? Ultimate test of oneself, both physically and mentally. What region do I play out of? Currently in the process of moving, but I will be playing in Michigan, Virginia, and Maryland during this test. All types of different courses. How long have I been playing? Started in 1997, took a few years off (2002-2014, so more than a few) and really got back into it in 2014/15. I’m hooked, it’s the best game on earth. What does my ball have to do? Well, I am not an accurate driver, so I need it to perform on irons and wedges. I’m a high spin player. The low launch characteristics of this ball should suit my eye perfectly. Normal ball and Why? Switched to the BStone Tour B XS this year, but mostly the ProV1x before that. Wanted a softer ball, and it works for Tiger so what the heck? I picked the Bridgestone B330S up a few years ago, the feel, oddness of the dimples, and the controllability of it is top notch for me. Went to the V1x for all the same reasons besides the dimples. Really alternating between the BStone, V1, V1x, and the 2015 W/S FG Tours over the past few years, none of them float. Average Score? Mid to high 70’s, so far this year a bit on the high side of that and even into the 80’s, mostly because of stupid mistakes. Might be one of those years, but with more rounds comes working out more kinks. Ball Flight? I guess my stock flight is a high draw. Working back to the fade this year, all the cool kids hit fades, (BK, DJ, BW, GW, LT, Jack).... Various flights, another thing the MTB-X needs to handle — going sideways on purpose, some CTOL’s, JATO’s, RATO’s, and VTVL’s. (Pilot speak for types of take offs). No I’m not a pilot but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express once. Typical Miss? Big block... BIG... Super far right. Yep keep going. Almost there. Strengths of my game? Iron accuracy and get a wedge in my hand within 50 yards and that cup better be nervous, I look to hole everything in that range. (Rarely happens, but I’m always taking on the stick). First Impressions I’ve been wanting to try the Snell for a long time. Mostly because I hate paying $45+ a box for balls that might not float, find the trees, cart paths, etc. And since Mr. Snell helped develop some of the biggest names on the ball market... why not? I really enjoy the simplistic packaging, the matte blue is one of my favorite colors. It looks like something you’d get from a special op store. Plain looking with a surprise inside. Has their marketing blurb on the back. Not too flashy or carbon fiber added (because carbon fiber is fast). The ball itself has a nice logo that isn’t off putting at all, the alignment aid is useful too, I like how it is bold. I did notice that it had the seam like the Taylormade RBZ Urethane, and the Project (a) has, but it doesn’t bother me at all. It is inline with the alignment aid, just feels like the ball will be rounder on that seam if that makes any sense? A lot of wedge work will be done, so the cover will get a workout. I’ve been working on my long game so I’ll be testing that too. Added a few calf workouts so I can hit the high bomb. 3lb weights for the biceps too. I’m putting it head to head with the ProV1x, and the Tour B XS. Stay tuned... but a teaser for Stage 2, I like them quite a bit so far. Please check out the other testers reviews! Great group here!!
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    69 9/14 fir 14/18 gir 30 putts One of the better ball striking rounds I have had. Even my misses were good. Dist to pin on gir was 21.4 ft. Dist on all approaches was 24.1 ft. I’ll take that all day everyday. Focusing on slow takeaway and making sure tempo is good during transition.
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    Hey GB13 there is a testing opportunity for a Wilson junior set. If you need a sponsor I’d be glad to do it. Just let me know? Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Sorry I’m late posting, been on call this weekend and it’s been one of those weekends. Before I got the Cobra f9 I gamed the Epic Flash, so I’m comparing, arguably, the two hottest drivers out. Here’s the stats from the Epic As you can see it was plenty long, but, my ball thought it was in the military, left right left right. The Cobra is also plenty long but just a fraction shorter on dead centered hits. I will take a few less yards all day long with added consistency. So far the Cobra has produced fairly straight ball flights, which I love. The misses though have been very wide misses. Don’t know if that is the driver or myself, time will tell. Only got one round in this week due to weather, rained every stupid day. But for that one round I hit 8-14 fairways. . My course has a lot of doglegs, almost every par 4, so the ones I missed were due to hitting it to far for that particular line (ain’t that something to complain about[emoji16]). I have to say I like the look of my Epic better at address. to me it’s just a cleaner look. I went with the HZRDUS smoke 6.5 low spin, and I gotta say it’s the best feeling shaft I’ve ever hit. The speed back part of the driver, where they claim so much forgiveness due to low center of gravity, is odd looking, but you can’t see it unless you look at it from behind. This driver makes a different sound than I’m used to. It’s almost like a “pop” sound, compared to the Flash that has a more “thud” sound. As for now I don’t see the Epic going back in the bag once this is over, but anything can happen. I do wish on the bottom they would’ve went all yellow instead of the red just think it would’ve looked better. Overall I give the F9 a 8.5, so far. Before this is over I’m hoping it’s a 10. My rating is purely based on results, no looks or sound factored in. Maybe next week the weather cooperates a little better so I can gather more data. I do have a two day tournament this coming up weekend. They make the course as hard as possible, so the whole bag will definitely get a workout. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I did it!! Finally broke 80 after 2 years. It was a goal in 2018 that didn't quite come to fruition. Made 80 a bunch of times but couldn't quite "break on through to the other side" [emoji445]. Funny thing was that I didn't feel like I was playing all that spectacularly.. but consistency was the key. Also, I found a new go-to when 80 yds out, on in to about 25 yds away. Nice low bump n scoot with a PW. This shot was absolutely money and way more repeatable and controllable than going high with my 60°. Hits the green, takes a couple quick skips and then stops on a dime! the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
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    45 holes complete over the last two days. So far the 9 hole splits have been 42-36-40-39-37. The Cobra clubs are nothing if not consistent. After 5.5 official rounds with the new clubs I’m ready to call the new F9 Speedback the best driver that I’ve ever owned. My old 2017 GBB Epic Sub Zero was a rock solid club. Through very wet spring conditions I averaged 257 yards off the tee with a long drive of 301 (downhill, wind-aided). I hit the fairway about 52% of the time. So far the Cobra F9 Speedback has averaged 272 yards with a long of 295. Fairways hit comes in at only 41%, but that number has been steadily rising as I get used to the club. It's also reduced the number of big misses (especially push/slices) so most of the time I'm in a playable lie whether it's in the fairway or rough. As far as looks go this club is absolutely beautiful. I have complete confidence standing over any tee shot. My swing doesn't always match but I can definitely say it's me and not the club. Here are a few pics I took in my backyard during a light drizzle yesterday. I was going to take them later on the course but my playing partners are all about fast rounds and would give me too much crap if I stopped to take pictures.
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    ... Seems every forum has the sycophants that all say the same thing about their forums. But quite honestly this place really is the most congenial with so few pianist (sic) comparisons. Everyone here seems to truly love the game and appreciate other members comments. It really is quite special.
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    He'll start to post when he learns to type
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    And that's a wrap for my Fairways hit week. Here's how it all went: Thursday: 14 of 21 Friday: 7 of 14 Saturday: 7 of 14 Sunday: 3 of 7 Total fairways for the week comes in at 31 hits out of 56 chances for a percentage of 55.4%. While today was my worst fairway percentage it was also my best round. All four of my misses were in good spots and I ended up hitting 8 of 9 greens in regulation and shot 35. I've been on a hot streak lately and hope it doesn't stop anytime soon.
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    - 42/44 = 86 (+14) - 3/15 FIR - 3/18 GIR - 30 Putts It wasn't until I got home and looked at GAME Golf stats that I realized this was my best 18 ever on my home course. Generally, today was a pretty positive day. My chipping and putting were excellent, and they saved me a ton of strokes. It was my fewest putts per hole ever today, too. I really, really struggled to hit the fairway with the driver. Some were pretty good and just off the fairway, but there were a few holes where I just lost the ball so far right. Not entirely sure why it was happening, but there were a couple holes that I played from the adjacent fairways. This cost me any chances I had to convert for birdies. On the plus side, a lot of my drives were 230+, which goes a long ways to lowering my scores, even if the second shot is a punch toward the green. I hit several good punch shots today that got me within spitting distance of the greens. Major bummer of the day was a quadruple bogey on No. 14, the only par 5 on the back. Hit my drive way right into the trees, two four iron punches needed just to get it back to the fairway with 220 to the green. Should have laid up and taken my medicine, but I got greedy and laced a 3 wood into the pond in front of the green. Take away that nine and my round gets even better for me.
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    ... Your score is always irrelevant to others scores. Playing better, improving and having fun while dong so is what is important. As a competitor my whole life, my last serous competition was travel team tennis and it became glaringly apparent that getting to a high level meant playing with most other every day players was difficult to impossible. Therein lies the beauty of golf. I can shoot under par and have a great time with someone breaking 100 if they rarely do so. Positive energy and the joy of playing the game is equal shooting a 99 or a 70. So congrats on continuing to pursue that "good round" and never again worry about your score compared to others.
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    Snell MTB-X Testing July 2019 Let me be the first to say the women in the Wedgie household will be glad when this testing is over. My son and I on the other hand hope it never ends. “Mom, dad said he is holding his balls”. “Mom, dad said he is taking pictures of his balls”. “Mom, dad said he is soaking his balls”. It’s nuts! Although the behind the scenes work I’ve done around the house has been pretty funny, I am really excited to be a serious tester for the Snell Golf MTB-X golf balls. The way I see it golf balls are the easiest equipment change a golfer can make to impact scoring. Finding the right ball for you is the hard part. Will the Snell MTB-X be the ball for me? Thank you to MGS and Snell Golf for the opportunity to find out and hopefully help others decide as well. Prior to the MGS ball test this is an opportunity I never would have applied for. First off I like to go to Dick’s Sporting Goods and buy golf balls. You can’t do that with Snell. I also didn’t think I had the game to play a tour level ball. The local Mizuno rep even told me never to play a ball with an X on the end because I didn’t swing fast enough and would lose the benefits of higher compression balls. The biggest reason I would not apply in the past is I like softer balls. Last year I mostly gamed the Wilson Duo Soft or Top Flite D2 Feel+. Do not knock the D2 Feel if you haven’t played it. Prices are nice as well on these balls but that isn’t a deciding factor for me. I live in New England with my wife of 19 years and 14 year old boy/girl twins and fortunately my career affords me the luxury of year round golf through work travel. Our season here is usually late March – November and in the winter I schedule work trips to warmer climates to get a few rounds in. Last year I was able to get my index to its lowest ever at 8.3 mostly because I joined a club and got to play more than I ever have before. This year after a winter bump to 10.6 my index sits at 8.9 as of this writing. In January I visited True Spec Golf in Boston to see if they could kick my Cleveland Launcher HB irons out of my bag, they could not. What I did gain is more knowledge of my swing which I hope someone reading can relate to. My driver swing speed average is 94 MPH and tops out at 97. My 6 iron is a hair over 82 MPH with an angle of attack at -3.5 degrees and an out-to-in swing path of 1.1 degrees. The downward angle of attack and out-to-in impacts my driver as well which jacks up my spin and kills my distance. Since True Spec couldn’t convince me I needed new irons I decided I would make a ball change at the beginning of the year. The Wilson Duo Professional was my ball of choice. Using my Garmin Approach S60 watch to measure my drives with this ball I averaged 222 yards off the tee in 6 rounds of golf. Not seeing much change from before I went back to the Wilson Duo Soft again for several rounds then the MGS ball test came out. Once I read that a dozen times I purchased 2 dozen Srixon Z Stars and made that my gamer. I really like this ball and you can read more about it here: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/31881-me-and-my-z-star/#comments The ball is legendary in my mind but am I leaving some distance on the table? With the Z Star I average 227 yards off the tee with a long of 257 and I’m hitting 60% of fairways, 31% GIR and averaging 1.7 putts per hole. Is Dean Snell the answer to my distance issues? No, it’s my swing! But he seems to think so. FOR GOLFERS LOOKING FOR A HIGH-PERFORMANCE GOLF BALL, THE MTB-X IS OUR LATEST 3 PIECE DESIGN OFFERING: Superior Distance - new smaller core offers low driver spin & faster speeds. Higher Iron Spin - a thicker, firmer mantle layer for increased mid and short iron approach shots. Refined Aerodynamics - low lift, low drag for controlled ball flight to reduce "ballooning" and offer great performance in the wind. Firmer Feel - firmer, thicker mantle layer provides high spin and firmer feel than our MTB Black model. (85-90 Compression Range) Excellent Short Game Performance - MTB-X features our CAST urethane cover for excellent control, feel, & durability. Conforms to USGA standards and are legal for tournament play. Here is what the MTB-X is up against with me. I work for a Swiss company that makes our own products. Our quality is second to none in what we do and if I am going to pay more than $20 for a dozen golf balls they better perform and they better last. Can a company based in Massachusetts import balls from Asia and meet the quality of Bridgestone, Srixon or Titleist that do everything in house? We are going to find out since they just arrived. The packaging is a nice matte blue with minimal swag. The back lists the benefits with simple bullet points and there is a brief bio on Dean Snell. There are no claims of 6% straighter, 2% longer or 8% more durable which I like because usually there is never any reference point for these claims. Inside the outer packaging each sleeve of 3 balls comes in a matching matte blue box which has no cutout to see the actual balls, logos, dimples, nothing! It’s not a big deal I’m just used to seeing at least part of a ball without taking them out of the sleeve. After dumping the balls out I inspected the logo. The nice clean Snell logo is perfect in terms of size. The next thing I noticed was the seam around the ball. I have never seen a seam on a golf ball as visible as this one. After looking at all 12 balls they were all the same in regards to the visible seam. I also noticed the alignment aid on the ball ran in-line with the seam on every ball I looked at. My first thought is they are trying to hide the seam. My second thought was am I supposed to use the seam like the patent pending Maxfli Center of Gravity Balanced Technology and use the seam to line up putts and drives? Upon further inspection I noticed one ball has a slight indention in it almost like someone took a finger nail and pressed it into the side of the ball. Another ball had some greenish residue like toothpaste on it. I was not able to scrape it off with my fingernail so there it sits. Maybe they dried the ball on something green but who knows? Lastly I noticed each ball had at minimum several very small bumps like paint drips that shouldn’t be there. Unfortunately I don’t have a camera good enough to take photos. Are these some of the reasons they were very good and not excellent in the MGS test? Is this why they had a few fly so far offline in testing? All this has made me the guy I didn’t want to be and that is the guy who does this. I will share the results in my final review along with answering any questions you have along the way. Please feel free to ask any questions or if there is any specific testing you would like to see. This should be fun!
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    My lost clubs showed up on the front porch a little while ago - all accounted for. I’m sooo relieved.
  21. 13 points
    I played with Anthony Kim when he was living in Traverse City for a summer with his coach at the time (Adam Schriber). He had just finished either his sophomore or junior year at Oklahoma. Weird situation - totally estranged from his family and sleeping on his coach's couch (Adam is an interesting character in his own right). Had developed a reputation locally in just a month of being mercurial and half-crazy. I had no idea with whom I was playing when I arrived at the course, just that my pro (a good friend of Adam's) and I were going to be paired with two of Adam's best players. As I was warming up on the range, I heard a thud behind me unlike any other in golf (and I have had the opportunity to play with plenty of D1 players, many of whom played on the PGA tour). I stopped hitting balls and just watched - had never seen someone control a ball like that. Turns out to be Anthony Kim. We were playing on my favorite course on which I had done some of the preliminary scouting for the architect (Tom Doak). It was a remarkable 18, links style front 9 and Northern Michigan wooded on the back. It was a fantastic test of golf and to score low you had to be able to move the ball left and right as well as vary trajectories. I played to a 2 at that time and the best I had scored there was a 76. First hole, knowing that I had course knowledge, Kim approaches me and asks for some guidance off the tee. I point to a tree in the distance and tell him 260-270 yards on that line is perfect. I expected him to pull driver or maybe 3 wood but instead he grabs his 4 iron. Ball explodes off the face at stinger height on the exact line I had described. Hit the darned thing 260 almost on the number. Honestly was like that the whole day and he shot either 64 or 65 and left a few out there. He apparently shot 61 and 62 there within a few weeks of my round with him. I never saw Tiger in person in his prime but I will say that Anthony Kim was the best ballstriker I ever witnessed first hand.
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    And his first post wasn't a testing application
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    Week 2 Recap and announcement for Week 3 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Week 2 Recap... Competitors: @robertson153 wasn’t kidding when he said he was here for the skill contests. He took the crown this week in resounding fashion and inched closer to the winner’s circle. Mr Steady, @Bucky CC remains in first overall with his third straight Top-2 finish. Forum Members: There was much debate (and how glorious it was), but I’m here to give you the one, true answer to the Trivia question. I added some explanations for the ones that produced confusion. Number of competitors [5] Challenge weeks [8] -Pre-chatter was a month and is also not a challenge week. If we counted that, it should’ve been Total exclamation points in Robertson's intro [4] Number of shots Bucky won his flight by [11] Total number of votes cast for the Pre-Chatter poll [195] -Gotta add them up individually since the bonuses were added and produced a higher total. Overall HC sum of the 5 testers (rounded) [82] -Basic math rule to add first, then round the final number. 81.6 rounds to 82. Nunfa's age [47] Number of holes that went into palvord’s baseline [126] -Although he listed rounds, he also expressly called out the hole count Number of shots Bardle hit with his 5 iron [28] = Final Answer: 280 -Order of operations was built in so that shouldn’t have tripped anyone up. CONGRATS to @sirchunksalot for providing the first, correct answer! Wish I could give you bonus points for doing the math on Styrofoam. Hope you enjoy your new kicks; keep an eye out for a PM from me. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Week 3 Challenges... Many of the challenges this year are similar to last year but we've got some new wrinkles to introduce for some unique flavor. Various weekly prizes will be available to forum members based on challenges set forth. We’re counting the weekends as transition days (count for both weeks) to help the guys gather more stats. Competitors: No need to fix it if it’s not broken. Here comes another traditional challenge. Our competitors will be graded on their GIR % for the week plus a bonus based on baseline approach handicap. Review: The competitors will also be sharing a 100-word review this week of the irons now that they're putting them to a trial by fire. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Forum Members: Banter like Bryson. Heckling is fun yeah? How about we do it in character. Time to heckle the competitors as if you’re Mr Dechambeau himself. 1 heckle = 1 entry into a wheel spin for a prize. Here’s an example: “You don’t even know the barometric pressure of your 9-iron’s apex!!” Prize: The lucky winner this week will receive a Puma Hat and Shirt. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  24. 12 points
    Wow, that's one of the best shoe write-ups I've ever seen. Usually it's just some version of "they're comfy and look cool." If anyone's qualified for this matter, it's a podiatrist . Great fortune for you AND US on the wheel spin. Looking forward to your on-course thoughts. Edit: Don't forget to keep your eyes on this thread today. The trivia question will go live this afternoon and the first correct answer wins the prize.
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    Ok we're getting close. Off travel, one week left. Time for a WITB. My signature is up to date but this post is for you, the person from the future where my signature may not be accurate. I have a very MyGolfSpy setup and not just because I'm on the staff but because these are great clubs: Driver: Ping G410+ @jlukes @tony@CIC @PING Apologist #9 and @fixyurdivot have already turned in superb reviews for this awesome driver. I'll turn in my thoughts after the tournament once it's had a trial by fire. 3/4 FW & Hy: Cobra F7 It wasn't part of the official challenge, but I dipped my toe into Cobra products with the hybrid after seeing how utterly awesome the drivers were. I was a member at the time and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge just like many of you enjoyed #2 and are current enjoying #3 running right now. After success with the hybrid, I invested in the FW and now carry 2 Cobra clubs in my bag and they're ROCKETS. Irons: Ping i500 I tested these last summer alongside @Kanoito @Har in the Hat @Mr_Theoo And @GC70. Across the review and interwebs, thoughts were decidedly mixed but I found these irons to be a great fit for my game. Distance control and ball flight have been much more consistent since making the switch. Wedges: Hogan Equalizers These babies were tested last spring by @KCLeo12 @ddryan @tommc23 and @GeekingGolf. Unfortunately, they didn't make GG's bag but he made them available to me to keep them in the community. The 52,56,60 were part of the review but I'm just playing the 52,56 to try and simplify my short game. For me, the wedges have been absolute magic around the green allowing me to hit shots I've never pulled off before. Like Joe, I had trouble with full shots for a while so I adjusted the length/lie and now feel like I can hit these from anywhere. Putter: MLA Tour Classic When I joined the site, this were the first product review that totally enamored me. Great example of how MyGolfSpy brings opportunities that just don't exist anywhere else. @Jmikecpa let me borrow his X-Dream for a spell and that demo period was enough for me to decide the MLA concept was for real. I got the Tour Classic since it was a model that fit me a little better. I've bounced this against other putters and I keep coming back so I'm going to embrace it. The big area of concern is the shortish putts since the head is pretty heavy but I think the P2 grips they started adding is making a difference. Balls: TBD I've been bad in this respect. A ho, if you will. I've got like every ball on the market right now and need to pick one. Just one. This whole summer, I don't think I've played the same ball in back to back rounds. Sorry @JohnSmalls, I won't be taking this opportunity to enter the HRC 2019 . Let's start with the low hanging fruit, I'm not taking the following balls into the tournament based on qty, fit, or familiarity: NXT, Z Star, Duo Pro, Elixr, and Snell Red, Snell X, Snell Black This leaves me with: Chrome Soft, TP5x, B330S, V1x to choose between. I'm conflicted here because I shot my best round ever last year with a Truvis I found on the course, I'm more explosive off the tee and better around the green with the X balls, and I keep the Bstone in play better than the rest but without some of the upside. Decisions decisions. I'm leaning towards V1x for overall performance but may sneak a Truvis or two into the bag as slump busters if things start to go sideways. Other than a new set of kicks, no new stuff is coming into this tournament. I feel really good about my setup to the point that any bad shots should be blamed on the Indian instead of the Arrow.
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    So I tried to play very conservative off the tee today to boost my fairways stats. Worked for a few holes, but then I had this: Yep that is a 5 iron off the tee shanked 100 yards, a punch out iron that went 34 yards, and then a 218 yard 4 hybrid hit to two feet for a tap in par. This will definitely be posted to the P.A.T.T.S. hall of fame forum.
  27. 12 points
    Had some money on the books at the local golf shop so I picked up a Taylor Made M6 4 and 5 hybrid. Cost to me after all said and done was $78.
  28. 12 points
    Fantastic! Thank you MGS and @PrecisionProGolf I have never used a laser before and coincidentally today at the range I was hitting a tight group of 6 irons and 50* wedges but I had no idea what distance they were. Perfect for a laser I thought! Came back here and BOOM! wish granted. Looking forward to putting this through range, bounce games and competitive testing. Congratulations to my fellow MGS testers.
  29. 12 points
    This is an absolute thrill, I'm excited to get this started! I've never used a laser before, just phone apps and an older Garmin watch I picked up used, so this is going to be a neat experience as a first timer to see how quickly I get adjusted and learn to use it. Big thanks to MGS and Precision Pro!!
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    I shot 85 on the Barefoot Resort Fazio Course today. I had two triple bogeys on par 3's. Both were caused by pulled tee balls into hazards. Instead of re teeing, and probably insuring 5, maybe even a 4, I tried two of the dumbest "hero" shots you could imagine. Bad enough I did it once, but I'm the moron who did it twice in the span of a few holes. I'm actually playing the best I have in quite a while, but I really have to work on my course management and learn to think, think, think better then I do out there. I'm my own worst enemy sometimes on a golf course. There were two low single digit players in my group and they both told me if they were caddying for me, I would've broken 80. I guess when a person isn't hitting the ball well, you don't notice the mental errors as much because of all the physical mistakes you're making. Now that I'm playing well again, those mental gaffes become glaringly obvious.
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    Very, very tempted to create Kirke's account to be number 80,000.
  32. 11 points
    After almost 3 years I'm going in for my first fitting tomorrow morning. A little excited, a little nervous, and just plain ready to start swinging clubs!
  33. 11 points
    So I'll just leave you with this for now and come back later with some thoughts
  34. 11 points
    Well, after my spectacular round on Saturday, I lined up for another shot on Sunday. You can imagine what happened. If you guessed that reality came knocking and kicked me in the arse, you'd be correct! I'm thinking that walking 18 2 days in a row in the current humidity is not good for my game...yeah I know, shut up and tell you what I shot. 37/50 for 87. Yes, 50 on the back...I just plain ran out of gas.
  35. 11 points
    Ok so I had a quick practice tonight and thought I would try the weight forward. I hit 4 drives for three fairways and the fourth was five yards to the left. All four were long too Maybe I have been robbing myself of distance and accuracy . Further testing will tell all Oh darn, does that mean I have to play even more golf?
  36. 11 points
    Played the back 9 at Navy Marine yesterday and shot 42 with 16 putts. I didn’t hit a single fairway so I got some solid scramble work in for sure! Looking forward to getting back out there today with@yungkory
  37. 11 points
    So week two already!! My stats for this week were looking real good until today. Only hit 4 fairways but hit 12 greens so shot 79. This really is a stupid game some days. My total fairways hit this week comes to 17 from 42 (ouch) I sit here tonight sipping a beautiful craft APA and pondering the question “Is the Cobra F9 better than my Ping G400 LST?” So far I have had 4 recorded rounds with the Cobras and a few more practice rounds. I was looking for consistancy, nice ball striking and maybe a draw off the tee. Well it has delivered all that I have asked and more. Right from when I first saw the club the shape and colour scheme suited my eye. The yellow really pops and I like the glossy black finish on the top. When it comes to performance this driver is a cut above and leaves the Ping for dead. It's long and straight with a beautiful ball flight. I am easily hitting this where I was hitting the Ping and we are currently in the middle of Winter!! I can't wait to hit this club when it's warm. I can see myself reporting many a tree fiddy drive come summer. Another thing I love is the confidence I have with this club. I am happy to stand up and aim for a fade knowing that I'm going to be able to control it. So in summary yes the Cobra is far better than the Ping, my driving handicap has gone from 7.9 to 4.5 and there is no way anyone is taking it off me!!
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    Placeholder Stage 1 First off I’d like too thank Rob, MyGolfSpy, and Snell for the opportunity. I test new balls every year, so now I have one more to throw in the mix. Here’s a little background on me and my game. I’ve been playing golf for about 24 years, I was late to the game. I’m self taught and never had a lesson. I got down to a 5 hcp about 5 years ago and now I’m hovering over 10. A couple times a year I’ll go see James at 2nd Swing to get fit and some new goodies. I’m a true club ho. The clubs have to be real game changers to stay in my bag. My home course in Minnesota is a Links style with long heavy rough. I need my golf ball to be long off the tee and not feel like a rock. I need a consistent ball around the greens. Either If l’m looking for it to bite or run out it better do just that. In all my testing every year a lot of the balls are pretty close in all categories. It just seems like the Pro V1x is just a little better. One ball might be longer, spin more, softer, harder, fights the wind better, or more durable. As I get older my SS (low 90’s) goes down. So I rely on my short game to save the day. I went with the yellow balls, because I’ve never played a yellow and they were free [emoji847] The yellow looks great and you can see it coming down is a big plus. My home course has a three hole practice loop that I do all my test before I bring them to the course. I love chipping, so these balls got a workout.
  39. 11 points
  40. 11 points
    Woo! Thanks MGS! Looking forward to putting this through its paces with the other testers and letting the community know if it lives up to expectations. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This is a process that started back in January at the PGA Show when I had a conversation with the people at PING about the testings for this year. Both of us wanted to do something new and different, and after coming up with an idea and ironing the details, a testing unlike any we've done before was born. We talk often on this site saying "Go Get Fit" and PING has a phrase you hear constantly among it's staff #FittingMatters And one of the areas that we felt fitting was overlooked was in the long game, fairway woods and hybrids. So I went out to PING HQ in Phoenix, and was fit by one of their master fitters. PING then graciously arranged for the four testers who were selected, to be fit by either the area field rep for PING or in the case of two of them, two top 100 PING Fitters. So this review thread will be a bit different as it will have a third stage--the fitting process--which will be talked about at the same time as Stage 1 is posted. As a staff tester, I will post one stage, that is hopefully not TLDR...but make no promise Each person was fit to what fit their personal gaps between driver and the last iron. So each of us came up with a different combo to test. I think you will find the results very interesting and in some cases eye opening. One final note. Due to the horrific weather and deadly floods/tornado's that hit MO last month, TSauer's fitting was delayed quite a bit from the others. Fortunately he and everyone involved are safe and sound, but it just took a while for them to all work through the timing. So his stage's may be a bit behind the others, but he has an awesome setup to review, and I'm looking forward to reading all these, knowing how my setup has helped my game already. @revkev Stage 1 Fitting Stage 2 @mr.hicksta Stage 1 Fitting Stage 2 @TSauer Stage 1 Fitting Stage 2 @PAgolfer2017 Stage 1 Fitting Stage 2 @Golfspy_CG2 Combined Review
  42. 10 points
    Played Babe Zaharias yesterday.....shot a 43/39:82. I was lurking 8n my closet and discovered a dozen Wilson C:25 Golfballs. They were new, got them a few years ago. I believe they are a 3 piece and came out just before the Duos. Anyway, decided to play it. It lasted 17 holes before I chunked it into a pond on the par 3 #8, which was m6 last hole....ugh! Good ball, good distance off the driver and stopped on the greens. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  43. 10 points
  44. 10 points
    Another typical round where short game added too many strokes to my score. Gave the 5 hybrid a go and felt it performed better than the 5 iron. Hit it on the range and the ball flight was high and straight. Only had the opportunity to hit it once on the course and the ball went where I expected. Next step will be to work on the gapping between hybrids and 6 iron.
  45. 10 points
    Backed-up my round of 85 with one of 86 today..! 43/43 with 6 pars, 1 bird and 6-freakin' 3-putts! https://shotzoom.com/rounds/22987175981# Putter was on to start while driver was cold. At the turn, made a 7 on the par-5 10th, but went on to have 3 more pars with the driver showing up and putter just being...ok... Had 4 legitimate chances at bird all day and only made one, but the way I see it, things are looking up! The final 9 I did the "Unofficial 2019 MGS Hard Rock Challenge" and unfortunately kept the same ball all the way through...my hands hurt..! More there in that thread to read about. Thanks for reading and cheers all!
  46. 10 points
    From today 17* hybrid. Going old school with the magazine-era swing sequence.
  47. 10 points
    So I knew my grandfather loved golf through stories and such passed down. He passed away when I was 12. My mom found some pictures of him while he was stationed in Biloxi, Mississippi in 1951. Some really cool pictures, he traveled to Japan on a ship, and back to California. He was a heck of a photographer. Served in the Korean War. Below photos, he’s the one not looking at the camera, and my grandma carrying a bag. Not sure if she was playing or caddying for him.
  48. 10 points
    I'm pumped to be chosen! I really wanted to review some items for the site. I have a vacation starting on July 4th where I'll be doing lots of golfing. Thanks again for the opportunity guys, I will do my best to give a thorough review!
  49. 10 points
    Wow! Really excited about this! Cant wait to get started on the review!! Thanks!!
  50. 10 points
    I landed in Denver, my clubs did not. Southwest has no clue where they are. I may throw up.
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