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    Well if you seen the title and thought "Oh great some other fool got a Hole In One, Lucky Bastard!!" you would be wrong. I didn't not get the ever elusive HIO. I did however just achieve the next best thing to it. That is right, 1000 posts on the greatest forum on the net! I would like to give a shoutout to @downlowkey for the stern advice in a thread I posted about some help with a putter. The advice was to make an effort to be more involved in this community. I am glad I listened as you all have become a second family to me and would be lost without you and this great place. Thanks for having me and here is to another 1000!
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    So this is a really embarrassing story but it always makes me smile - even if the smile is while I'm hiding my red face! I have had the opportunity to attend several tour events, especially practice rounds for the PGA Championship, the now defunct NEC Championship, as well as others, and during those events I've had some really great conversations with players like Phil Mickelson, Padraig Harrington, Sergio García and others. These interactions are typically only a few minutes but I have found these players gracious and I have never been star struck although certainly excited. I'm sure many of you have had similar experiences while attending tour events; my experience is not unique nor am I special in that regard. But for whatever reason, when I met Paul Azinger, I completely fell apart and here's the story - enjoy [emoji28] I had been living in Palmetto, FL for several years working as an associate pastor of a church there when I accepted a position in Ohio. It was literally my last day in Florida and I was having lunch with my father at a really great little restaurant by the name of "Peaches" in Bradenton, FL. Peaches was always busy with a long line forming for seating every day during the lunch rush. We had just gotten our food when I noticed Paul Azinger waiting in line to be seated. Paul had always been a favorite of mine. His unique swing, his passionate play in Ryder Cups, the way he spoke his mind and his friendship with Payne Stewart. Payne Stewart is from Springfield, MO and that's where I was first on my own in college, it's where I met my wife and I really learned my game at Payne Stewart Golf Course in Springfield. So Springfield and Payne are important figures in my development. I was moving to Ohio in January of 1999 and Paul was back playing after beating his cancer diagnosis in 1993. 1993 was a big year for Paul: he held off Payne to win the Memorial and Greg Norman to win the PGA Championship and in December he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in his right shoulder. But by 1999 he was back and playing well again and would even win again in 2000 at the Sony Open. I share all of this to simply say that I KNEW a lot about Paul and could have said any number of things to him when I met him but it wasn't to be. When I saw him standing in line I somehow was transformed into a child seeing a hero for the first time and I proceeded to make an idiot out of myself. I tell my dad, "Oh my gosh! That's Paul Azinger! I've got to go say hello." So I get up and as I'm walking towards him I'm thinking of all the things I could say to him (think Chris Farley interviewing Paul McCartney on SNL): "Remember that time you beat Payne Stewart at the Memorial by holing out from the bunker? That was awesome. Remember that time when Payne smashed bananas in your loafers when you beat him at the Memorial? Remember when you beat Greg Norman at Inverness for your first major? That was awesome." All these thoughts were rushing through my head as I walked closer and closer to him. Suddenly I'm in front of him! He's looking expectingly at me and I'm staring awkwardly at him for what seems like minutes and I'm screaming to myself, "SAY SOMETHING!" And I blurt out:"Your Paul Azinger!" To which he replies,"Yep." This is not going well. He's looking around for some escape and I'm still standing right in front of him, sweating now, in full blown panic. I tell myself, "Come on, you can do better! You have all those facts to share - remember?" Suddenly, my mind is completely blank - I got nothing. Sensing my moment is passing, feeling my desperation and dread growing I declare with all the confidence I can muster, "I love golf!" With a look of compassion for the humiliated man in front of him, Paul smiled and said, "Yeah me too." I had the wherewithal to grab a take out menu in order to procure his autograph (which he graciously signed) and managed to slink back to my seat and finish my lunch. He was as kind and gracious as anyone could possibly be in that situation. I was humiliated and yet elated. I knew it was a moment I would never forget. In October of 1999, Payne Stewart tragically died in a plane crash and when I heard the news I cried and thought of Paul. In the days that followed Paul was in the news a lot because of his close friendship to Payne and how he handled himself made think all the more highly of him. He is a class act! This story is one my family enjoys so much because dad who is most always calm and collected and in control, was a total super fan one day in Bradenton, FL. I still have that take out menu signed by Paul Azinger and every time Paul is on the TV commentating my kids yell, "I love golf!" I sure do :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Happy Father's Day Spies! My son and I at Ft Benning
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    While at my in-laws over the weekend my wife's uncle asked if I wanted some golf balls for the kids to hit in our backyard. Thinking he had a few left over in his bag he proceeded to come back with a 5 gallon bucket full of old and dirty golf balls. In addition to the requisite range balls there were some nice Topflight X-Outs, Magnas (bigger than your average ball!), Titleist Professional 90s, and some 20+ year old Hogan Edges. Those were all great but the one that really caught my eye was this: I don't know much about the ball but I see that @GolfSpy_X had one for sale in the forums back in 2011. Apparently it was given out as a playable sample during 2003 but never put into production. Definitely won't be hitting this beauty but I think I found my good luck charm for the rest of the contest!
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    Happy Father’s Day all. Me and my son getting ready to win the Father Son at our club. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    TESTERS ANNOUNCED! If you've never felt like this kid, I'm pretty sure you've never played golf seriously: (If you've ever acted like this kid, you might be taking it too seriously.) Improving putting is a great way to knock strokes off your handicap. And these five forum members are going to put a great package of items into use to see if they can see real improvement in their games: @Kanoito @HardcoreLooper @Peaksy68 @tommc23 @gaussman1 Guys, be looking for a message from me about getting this testing started! Everyone else, be watching to see if this is part of the answer for our putting problems!
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    Play in a tournament every year sponsored by the Golfstyles Media Group called the Solstice Survival - a one day 54 hole stroke event. We tee off at 5:45AM and don't stop until the last putt is made on hole 54. I've only placed once quite a few years ago and that was only because I had a couple lucky breaks and because the event was shortened to 27 holes because of heavy, heavy rains that had transformed a few par fours into island greens. I played this year's Solstice tournament at Bulle Rock, a course that used to host the McDonald's LPGA tournament for a few years (https://bullerockgc.com/about-us-golf/). Forecast was for 90% rain on and off an heavy rains with thunderstorms in the afternoon. I brought the heavy duty rain gear, but it wasn't breathable and I get hot quickly so it was a constant dress and removal of the suit as the rains came and went. My game was on an uptick with some great play as of late, but yesterday, the game was hit and miss, adding that the greens were so quick that lags a lot of times went 6' past or more -made for an up and down round. We all got called back to the clubhouse as there were thunderstorms rolling through. 20-30 golfers had enough and packed it up but the course said we we're going back out. Up until the time we got called back to the club house it hadn't been cart path only even with some of the steady down pours because the course drained very well, but after the last biblical deluge, it because CPO the last 18. Bulle Rock is hilly, with thick rough so having it CPO made for a long last 18 holes out of the 54. Well, I had snowball's chance in hell for placing as I didn't think I played well so imagine my surprise when my name got called for this: Yep came in first net! I'll be buying Powerball ticket today MDGolfHacker
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    “Tell me what you eat, and I’ll tell you what you are” – Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin Hrmm… I realize now that leading with a quote like @MaxEntropy only works if it’s something related to golf, not the late 90’s cultural phenomenon in the Bergman family house known as Iron Chef. So I guess I’ll continue with the general platitudes about thanking the MGS Community and Odyssey for the opportunity to test the brand new Stroke Lab line of putters from Odyssey Golf. For those of you who don’t know me or just want to stay here, below is the link to the review I put together last year for the Mizuno ST-180 Driver so you can get an idea of the man behind the account and my irreverent antics https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/24765-2018-official-forum-member-review-mizuno-st180-driver/?tab=comments#comment-443327 As an update, still dating that girl and now have a new job working as a family court attorney for legal aid. It’s put a crunch on my practice time, but I continue to play once a week and play pretty decently. My handicap has risen a half stroke this season to nearly 10, but I’m hanging on to that single digit cap by the skin of my teeth. So, let’s talk flat sticks, shall we. The first putter I ever bought myself was a Dunlop Hexcert milled putter with a urethane insert in a #9 style for $20 at a K-Mart in Fulton, NY. A few years later I landed one of my dream putters from Dick’s Sporting Goods, A Taylormade Nubbins M2 that I slapped a Lamkin Crossline on and used for the next two years. Then, I found my long-term relationship, the Nickent Pipe, and that relationship, save for a 2 month trial separation with the Taylormade Daddy Long Legs in 2016, has been going on since 2006. What do I love about my Pipe? Well, the visual alignment system of having a ball width alignment aid is awesome. The weird shape catches my eye, and after adding more lead tape to the bottom of it than is possibly advisable, the feel is awesome. Its specs? Standard loft, 34.5 inches, 72 degree lie angle. Current grip is a Flat Cat Fat, put on regular style, but it’s had a Fatso, Flatso, Flatso Mid, and a SS2 from Superstroke on it before. Also, it is nicknamed Mjolnir, as one must be worthy to wield it responsibly. It has been in my bag for my greatest golfing achievements and my greatest golfing failures. It has been mostly one of the best clubs in my bag over the past 13 years as one would expect since the relationship has lasted. But, much like the events of Thor:Ragnarok and the comics have shown, sometimes Mjolnir is broken or cannot be wielded and a new weapon has emerged. For me, this metaphor leads to this the Odyssey Stroke Lab line of putters. By now, you know the deal. A multimaterial shaft (if I had to guess it looks to be from Grafalloy and their BiMatrix shafts, since the shaft was called a BiMatrix on my receipt) allow Odyssey to add 10 grams to the head weight of the putter and thirty grams to the back end, creating a slight counterbalancing effect for stroke repetition. Add to that the White Hot Microhinge insert face and you have the classic soft feeling insert from Odyssey with roll enhancement technology. Now, you’re wondering by now that I haven’t talked about the fitting process I went through to arrive at my new flatstick. Well, the reason for that is simple, I think it’s important enough to discuss my fitting that much like my driver thread, I plan on making it into its own separate post outside of stage one. Why you may ask? Well, because I ended up getting fit into this. Yes, do not adjust your set. What you see here is indeed the Odyssey Stroke Lab One, the heel-toe weighted blade closest to the Newport and Anser. That’s right, the man who has only every used a mallet or mid-malletesque shape is now a card carrying member of blade putter nation. Also, worth noting that there were a lot of different grip choices, but the one on my Stroke Lab, the base pistol style grip, not oversized, no extra wraps, no nothing. Specs are as follows. 1 degree delofted from standard, 71 degree lie, 34 inches even. Obviously for me this is going to take some time getting used to, just look at how different the two look at address. And the feel with take some adjustment as well. The putts you are about to see were struck with the exact same ball, A Srixon Q-Star Tour, toward a nondescript spot on a putting green in Caughdenoy, NY. Admittedly it’s a very slight difference in sound and feel, but it does feel as if Stroke Lab is rolling sooner. Perhaps I’ll need to steal from @MaxEntropy again and get some slo-mo work on my ball rolling. So, how will I be looking for the review of this putter? Well, let’s start with the obvious, it’s gotta get the ball in and near the hole. I don’t have those fancy stat tracking things like others and honestly most of my time is going to be more on course testing than practice putting. Well, I’ll be tracking total putts per round, of which I already have two under my belt and also tracking 3 putts as well. I’ll probably be getting a Puttout trainer or resetting up my idoor putting trainer, the thing we all probably have got for one Christmas or another with the little bit of turf (4-6 feet and the cup on the slope). If you have any advice for drills or tests you want to see, don’t stay silent, let us know and we’ll do what’s possible. I look forward to taking you on this journey throughout the summer with @MaxEntropy @juspoole and @Apolloshowl. In the words of the chairman, Allez Cuisine!
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    Testers Wanted (7) Anyone that has read or better yet tried one of the previous versions of the Precision Pro rangefinders knows a couple things for sure. The company is very customer oriented, responding to any manor of questions promptly and efficiently. It's very first iteration of range finders—nexus- was among the least expensive on the market, but didn't meet with a huge success. Enter the NX7 series, and it's award winning performance in Most Wanted testing, and Precision Pro had a winner on it's hand, a very reliable, accurate rangefinder priced in the $200 to $250 range, with many comprable competitors sellingn for $350 to $450. Precision Pro held it's own in the land of the established icon brands. So with a product firmly entrenched in the value category, Precision Pro is introducing the next level of rangefinder for company. The NX9 offers an HD display to an already quality product. To find out all the tech behind it, you can read The First Look articles published earlier this spring Precision Pro Nx9 First Look So we are offering seven US or members from anywhere in the world, the chance to test/review and keep a NX9 HD rangefinder. Golfspy_MPR will be riding shotgun along with the testers on this as you, write a very through review for the forum, and provide ongoing thoughts during the review period in the review thread. How To Apply Please provide the following information in a separate post----DO NOT QUOTE or COPY THIS POST! First Name/City of Residence. Do you currently use a rangefinder or GPS for distance measuring or rely on good old eyeballing! If you use a device what model and brand We'll be selecting the testers next week. Be sure to check back and see if you've been selected.
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    Happy Father’s Day Gentlemen! It’s a tough and rewarding job. Enjoy your kiddos today! Ours are heading off to a week of summer camp. I might sneak in a round later. But first coffee! PS: .... My oldest turns 13 today!! [emoji33]
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    Good Lord this thread is already going 99 mph... everyone chirping away, talking SmacWrap, posting every gif they’ve saved for the last 6 months, 2 southpaws? I love it.. Early prediction.. Bardle... I liked your swing in the sand, even though it wasn’t a successful shot. A billion index and that swing will cause havoc in no time. Fantastic bags for everyone. What’s not to like?
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    End of Week 1. Here we go with the recap and announcement for Week 2. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Week 1 Recap... Competitors: Seeing a bit of a shuffle here as @Bucky CC campaigned hard to earn votes for his intro, won the week, and jumps to 1st place in the standings. With 99 total votes, this poll had a very nice turnout. Forum Members: Thanks to all that submitted votes and participated in week 1. Here goes the spin for our lucky winner of a Puma cap and Polo: CONGRATS! Keep an eye out for a PM from me. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Week 2 Challenges... Many of the challenges this year are similar to last year but we've got some new wrinkles to introduce for some unique flavor. Various weekly prizes will be available to forum members based on challenges set forth. Competitors: Enough of the popularity contests, let's see what these guys have got!! Tried and true, we're getting off the tee in fashion to hit some fairways. Our competitors will be graded on their FIR % for the week plus a bonus based on baseline driving handicap. The competitors will also be sharing a 100-word review this week of the driver now that they're putting it to a trial by fire Forum Members: Trivia Time. Keep an eye out on the thread this Saturday. Sometime during the day, I'll post a trivia question based on the testers intros. First person to answer correctly gets the prize. Forum Member Prize: The lucky winner this week will receive a pair of Puma NXT Solelace Golf Shoes. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
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    This is unrelated to the challenge itself but the wife surprised me with my Fathers day gift early this morning. I finally have a new putter that I've been eyeing. Its a Ping Sigma G Tyne. I've rolled it a ton at PGASS but never wanted to buy it since I already spend a bunch on golf. It was an awesome surprise. She gave it to me today so I could get acclimated during the scramble tonight and be ready to play with my Brother-in-law this upcoming week on vacation. Hopefully we'll see some better scoring from it in the rounds to come!
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    Narrowed it down over the last few months based on looks and initial feel of a few shots when I could 'try' one. Eliminated Ping G410 on looks, sound and feel. Eliminated Callaway on looks, sound and feel. Eliminated Titleist on inconsistent feel and results. Demo'd the Taylormade M5 v's Cobra F9 v's Titleist 910D3 (current gamer) today using new Wilson balls and flightscope. Overall; TM and Cobra were similar lengths - averaging 225yd carry with some at 240yd carry. Titleist average 210yd carry. TM spin avg 2500 - Cobra 2250 - Titleist 2900. TM launch avg 12*-14* - Cobra launch avg 12*-15* - Titleist launch avg 10*-13*. TM ball speed avg 140mph - Cobra ball speed avg 143mph - Titleist ball speed avg 138mph. Swing speed avg with Titleist 98mph-100mph, TM 101-103mph - Cobra 101-104mph. TM Tensei shaft was a full one inch longer than the Cobra Fujikura or the Titleist Diamana whiteboard 70. At address the Titleist and Cobra sat square, TM looked slightly open. All heads were at standard A1 setting (neutral). TM and Cobra heads were 10.5 while Titleist was 9.5 so not exactly like for like but it gave me a good idea. Dispersion was large with Titleist, half as narrow with TM M5 and tighter still with the Cobra F9. So after all that what am I going to go with? you guessed it....................sticking with the Titleist 910D3. /joke The Cobra F9 won overall plus when I stepped on a drive (you have to try that as well during a fitting as that's what you'll do on the course) the Titleist was poor, the TM was good and the Cobra was great, Swing speed went up to 104-105 with TM and Cobra on a crushed drive while it stayed nearer 102 with Titleist but the TM and Cobra retained dispersion. Just have to have a quiet word with SWMBO to justify the outlay but I think she'll approve as it 'could' make me happier on the course, and we all like a happy ending Sorry for the long post but thought it worth sharing as I haven't changed driver in a very long time.
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    Ok, I’ll fill you guys in on my secret. I don’t think she’s on here... if she is, she’s a better spy than me. My original proposal was terrible, we were in a huge fight and I just threw the ring at her from across the room and said blanking marry me. So, I am going to get the kids to help me make it right, and on the 5th night, 1 day for each kid to give little cues... I’m going to “go for a run” around sunset and have the kids lure their mom to the beach where I’ll be waiting. Then hopefully we can plan our vow renewal ceremony right on our beach. She’s wanted a beach wedding for ever with her dress cut shorter.... Perfect chance!
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    Anyone else get the impression that reading is hard?
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    I have limited exposure to this point so I don't want to give you any feedback on those particulars just yet. I can say that I was already in a transitional stage with my iron swing of clubbing up and swinging easier to improve contact so since that's been a conscious thought I took that into the new set. So I'm definitely not swinging harder I wouldn't say. If anything I'm swinging a little easier and smoother. The odd thing is that swinging smoother with the cobras is giving me about the same distances as when I was swinging harder with my old gamers. The prime example this weekend was me playing the hardest hole on the course. I hit a great drive and had 165ish to the middle. I took an 8 iron thinking I could lay it short and have it roll up. I hit it 171 and flew the green... And for what it's worth. All the iron lofts are the exact same as my old clubs. As far as my lack of decades of experience and habits. I'm already seeing an ease in transition. I still have some mental blocks with ball position. Mostly with the pitching wedge but it really hasn't been very hard to adjust to this point. That's having only played 1.5 rounds with them. I just try to think of the clubs as numbers. "Nothing changes but the number" and that helps me alot mentally.
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    Monday played front 9 not quite ready for 18. Finally hit driver Nd is working out OK, no pain or soreness. Driver around 220 that’s fine with me but irons are 10 yards shorter and flight much lower than B4 shoulder injury. We had a 76 year old guy join us. On his bag I spotted a “shot my age” tag. Talking to him about it he said just one of those days where everything went right, guess so. Anyway feeling great about surgery recovery and hope to bang out 18 soon. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    US Open Winners Announcement Guess what??? Our Wilson Boy, and hometown here, Gary Woodland was your key to victory in the 2019 US Open #SpyStaffSlam. Count this one for the home team! Out of 806 entries, only 31 picked Gary woodland to win and they make up the top 31 on our standings. I see an "Anonymous Lemur" logged into my tracking sheet so at least one person gets the scoop on the rest of you. This major brought about much higher $$ totals than normal since the leader board was so diverse at the top and Brooks took 2nd alone. A perfect lineup would've been Koepka, Woodland, Oostheizen, BH An, and Reavie totalling $4,721,714 which is CRAZY since $3M is usually enough to win. ALSOOOO. We're getting better at following directions. 81% of the entries filled out a Tier 5 player. Go MGS! Speaking of the sheet, here's the link for your full, final standings: CLICK HERE Without further ado, our top 10: 10) @LankyGolf $3,121,612 Tiger, Woodland, Lowry, Furyk, Reavie 9) @Fjd $3,144,552 Xander, Woodland, Fitzpatrick, Furyk, None 8 @dvdmrtndl $3,630,000 Koepka, Woodland, List, Grace, Noren 7) @Zstaff36 $3,659,534 Koepka, Woodland, C Smith, CH3, Harding 6) @Banana Slice $3,661,500 Koepka, Woodland, Sabbatini, Glover, Blair 5) @tzan $3,667,853 Koepka, Woodland, Kisner, Dufner, HV3 4) @morningteesheet $3,706,071 Koepka, Woodland, List, Furyk, Noren Onward to the Prizes! THIRD PLACE AND WINNER OF A DOZEN WILSON BALLS: By virtue of the tiebreaker, with a guess of -15, @Joelhig $3,706,071 Koepka, Woodland, List, Furyk, Noren SECOND PLACE AND WINNER OF A WILSON D7 DRIVER: @Chriscolon $3,868,526 Koepka, Woodland, McDowell, Furyk, Vegas FIRST PLACE AND WINNER OF A CUSTOM WILSON IRONS SET: @AntA585 $3,977,387 Koepka, Woodland, Oostheizen, SW Kim, HV3 Congrats to our winners! Look out for a PM from me with further instruction. If you didn't win, there's still 1 more chance at The Open Championship. See you all next month!
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    A few pictures from Mackinac yesterday. If I ever go again I’ll spend 4 days and hit up all 3 golf courses, and that sweet little grass putt putt course.
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    Happy Father’s Day! My Dad at my littlest’s baptism years ago. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Ok so not a good golf day for me but the course is beautiful. The only highlight was my driving which was pretty good all day.
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    I cracked it!! Shot an 88 today at Da Club...with 42 putts. Hit some very good, some good and some bad but I was just humming along playing my game. The driver is coming along. I changed the setting to upright and it seems, at this stage, to be what I needed. Longest drive was 257 and shortest (off the heel) was 193. All in all, I'm happy.
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    Guys and Dolls scramble (seniors and ladies). We didn't win, but I got KP with a perfectly executed 8 iron from 137 yds using a Snell MTB Red for this shot....
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    Went out for 9 yesterday. Shot a 47. 3 putted twice. 3 double bogies. So many missed opportunities. I would love to have a @Bucky CC type score to report, but it's not in the cards yet. I am loving the challenge to get to that level though. Loving the Cobras on the course. Throughout the bag, I don't ever feel like it is difficult to make clean contact with the ball, even in the thickest rough. When I stop leaving my club face open, I love the ball flight and results. Was the perfect after work 9. The weather was beautiful and the course, Rackham Golf Course, is a Donald Ross design so it challenges you to think throughout, which I really enjoyed.
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    Up and down today, lots of double bogies due to one tuff shot here and there. But my mizzy MP5’s are starting to do their job. They’re up to 1.5 clubs shorter as expected, but the stopping power is phenomenal. Also, the distances are always the same, no fliers or hot shots.
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    My 13yo has been sitting at the piano for an hour just alternating between the intro to "Don't Stop Believing" and "Never Gonna Give You Up". For an hour. Nonstop. Also, he's a drummer, not a piano player. Send help. And earplugs.
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    Almost done expanding my patio. 5 tons of stone and a ton of sand for the base and 225 12"x12" pavers. Did all of the work myself over 3 days. Just need to put the finishing touches on it.
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    So two days ago Stud started this thread. I imagine it looked like this....
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    He's too old to understand , Now @GB13 looks like this in my head.....
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    ... Shot an 82, my highest score in quite awhile today. My 28 yr old son starting working at a CC as a bartender several months ago and finally took me out on employee day. First time he has played the course. 20+ mph winds, greens rolling at 12 with plenty of slope and just a very tight old school golf course with a plethora of bunkers lining the fairway right in landing areas and around the green. It is a fair test but very difficult if you are not in the right spots and of course first time playing it I was in plenty of wrong spots, especially on the greens. "Had I know I would have stayed on the left side" kinda thing. But an enjoyable test of all the shots and I don't see many old score courses like this anymore. Wind died down on the final 4 holes and it was a real treat. Of course spending the day playing golf with my son is as good as it gets, so a high score was the least of my concerns.
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    My first 18 holes since late November! No shoulder pain only a bit sore. A forgettable 90 but successful in some way. Driver was really good, irons horrible and putter wasn’t helpful. Sure is good to play pain free golf[emoji106][emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    To one of our heavy contributors out there, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish to you my friend! Let us know if you have any big plans, and keep hitting them straight! CHEERS!!!
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    Alright let's do this. First vacation round in t minus 2 hours.
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    If you’re paying attention to USGA rules (not “Tour” rules) then once you start playing a hole you must finish the hole with the same ball, unless it is lost or damaged. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I've been chasing that little white orb since the late 70's. Started with a used set that was a little on the short side, I was told that they were cut down to shorten the shaft. Finding used left handed clubs in the late 70's was difficult to say the least. But I hacked and slashed my way around the course for almost 10 years with those clubs. Then I found another used set a little better fit for me, over the years I would find other used clubs that were better each time. I made a promise to myself that one day I would get myself new clubs. That day has finally arrived. I got fit by Ping and ordered a complete set of Ping G410's. Driver, 3 & 5 Wood, 20* Hybird, 5 thru LW irons. Not sure if my game will improve but I'll look good out there (LOL) It's like Christmas in June Chris
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    Hit a few 7 irons, and christened the new (2nd hand) 5 wood. I think I'm going to be pretty happy with the Cobra F8 fairways. I definitely need to work on my core, as well as my shoulder. Posture is decidedly ugly, not far off a pretzel at the moment
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    It took me a very long time to be able to shoot in the 70's on a somewhat regular basis. My two biggest improvements came when I took a summer of Golftec lessons about 10 years ago to develop a repeatable swing, and then a few years ago when I started playing on a regular basis with people that were better than me. The most I've ever learned in an individual round came two years ago when I watched a 60+ year old play a 6700 yard course and shoot 68. He never drove the ball more than 250 yards but everything was center of the fairway, approach shot on the green below the hole, and no missed putts outside of 10 feet. It was amazing to watch.
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    Pitching wedge. Hands down. The problem is really hugely mental. I'm putting a 50° pw that is 38 inches long way in front of center in my stance. It just breaks my brain. I want to swing it like it wedge. Which for me is shorter, and steeper but if I do that it's chunk city. So I have to stand tall and fire at it like it's a 5 iron. It's just crazy to grasp mentally. It's also an easy choice because I'm an inch longer than standard, I'm really playing all 5 iron length from my old set. So the 4 iron isn't really a big deal from a length perspective. Ball flight: my normal flight with say, a 7 iron is mid trajectory. I don't hit the ball super high like some friends I have do. With my old irons I fought an open face at impact occasionally which has basically disappeared. The new irons are just as high as my old ones, occasionally much higher and they stop on a dime. Story time: On the par 3 12th that plays about 180 to the flag and has a green that bakes in the sun all day and has water left and front. I always hit the thing short because it always rolls out. First round with the cobras I hit a towering shot with a 5 iron into the wind that I just knew was perfect. Lands 5 feet on and just stops dead. I get down there and there is barely even a ball mark where it hit. I'm not sure if it was the height or the spin but it messed me up pretty good. Left me with a 40 footer for birdie... Again this is limited experience. I'm going on vacation next week and plan to play 2-4 rounds so I should have a better since of these things then. I would say I'm still in an adjustment period with the irons for sure so it's hard to say anything concrete.
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    Played with my in-laws and brother-in-law today in a benefit scramble. Shot 61 (-12), which put us somewhere in the middle of the pack. Minus our four "grenades," where we converted pars into birdies, we truly shot -8. Pretty happy with that score. Neither of my in-laws hit it very far anymore, so a lot of the driving and long irons were left to my brother-in-law and me. Personally, had a handful of really good shots, including a couple decent drives and a few great approaches. Putting started shaky but was better by the end of the round. The course was The Royal in Canadian Lakes, MI. Course was in amazing shape and fun to play.
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    69 9/14 fir 13/18 gir 28 putts Not a perfect ball striking day but very time I looked up ball was going where I intended it. 28 putts is a little bit of a farce as I had 8 1 putts and a 3 putt. Of the 1 putts I made 1 from 24’ for par and everything else was inside 6’. Nice to see consistency in my game for once.
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    On a short getaway with my wife for our 10th anniversary. She doesn't play, but she enjoys walking the course with me. We packed her clubs, and she hit a few balls on the range before the round. And she literally broke the PW clubhead. I've seen heads come off and shafts break. I can't recall seeing the head itself break:
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    So I played with two of my boys tonight - it was a lovely afternoon, not too hot and bit breezy but then again it's Oklahoma so it's just ALWAYS windy but I digress. The last time I played it was an absolute train wreck with the driver but as PING Apologist #9 said I would "get it back" - I did . So, I played really well and scored really well but there is a big caveat to be added - we had to play the back nine twice because of a clinic on the front nine so it was the same wind and I knew what clubs/shots I had hit my first time around and I got a major teach for my second go around: My first nine I had 1 bogey against 2 birdies and on my second nine I had 4 birdies and the course is only 6162 yards, so with an asterisk firmly in place, here are my stats: 65 FIR: 10/12 GIR: 14/18 Putts: 27
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    Thank you for the congrats and the advice. Yeah the exact wording of the advice eludes me but was definitely appreciated. After diving in it didn't take long to see just how special this place is. If any newbies are reading this, please don't be afraid to take the plunge and make yourself at home. This really is a place unlike any other. Everybody here is truly courteous, polite, and as helpful as can be.
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    Thanks apologist - My Ping fitter did me a solid by even touching driver and irons. But he didn’t spend lots of time on driver beyond you need this lighter shaft and higher loft. So this afternoon I went to the range after an unimaginable day (funeral and last rites for 2 people). Warmed up, was hitting it well, moved into driver. At 12 degrees I was hitting it in the low 230’s according to voice caddy SS 94-96. That’s solid enough for me with range balls as I’m 5-10 mph faster on the course with my gamer than on the range. So I jacked it down a degree. Now I play my 400 LST as a 10 up one so this means both were at 11. But I was hitting the G410 with the new shaft down 1 235-240 plus - I had one carry over 230 and roll out right around a flag that I measure at 265 And our rainy season has started Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Happy Father's Day to me! These have to be better than the cut blue, right? Sent from my Moto Z3 Play using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    You have to help incentivize the Millennials and then they'll get it @GB13 - I want to give you this from one Millennial to another
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