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    I got a ton of free balls from my neighbor who is retired and has lunch with a friend who lives on a golf course and always finds balls in her yard... Sweet set up
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    Gotta love the black on black on gray muted look of the putter matched up with THOSE SOCKS
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    One of them has a pretty innovative head rest. That first step is just the right height.
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    Obviously, Chuck just got off the golf course and they need airing out!!
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    The fact that they aren't paying any attention to your shoes is impressive!
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    Yep - she’s a minty pick up from @GolfSpy MPR This one is actually 38” - so I’m just slowly adding loft to try it as another Armlock setup. There are a few models from the old Method line that I’ve become fascinated with. One of the minor feel issues with my Bettinardi SS38 AL is a relatively high balance point. The sliding Counterflex weight rod in this B1-01 let’s you fine tune the balance point - something I’ve discovered makes a difference for me with broom handle builds.
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    was EXTREMELY windy Saturday. was playing 145 with the slope landed front of the green, absolutely brutal.
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    The bushes usually catch the wayward shot off the hosel... but yeah, I've had to climb the fence on an occasion or two. Luckily she's cool about it. I have to go over there to trim the hedges too. Never go out more than a dozen paces or so - too afraid of those windows... What I really want it a big net - but they are sold out everywhere.
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    That's a strange looking neon colored tree on the left side of this photo
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    Notice the priority of Having DD in hand..
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    That is a great price for a net that size and the mat is a steal !
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    Yea it makes hunting with other people fun to watch
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    At least you wont have to shovel it with the oncoming warm weather.
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    I think your hitting mat needs a trim! Thinking about it more, that might be better to practice from than a tight lie since I never hit fairways
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    Jax at the ready behind the net wanting to chase and catch the balls as they're hit ... but, sadly, not understanding the basic principles of the "magic force field" that stop the balls before they reach him....
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    See those nice holes on the sides for ventilation? Yeah, they're the perfect size for cat paws to reach through and knock over food and water Made some adjustments to close in the sides and rear and we've been mess-free since. Also added a rubber mat the floor for easy cleanup. Cats are jerks.
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    Something about dogs that makes us more calm - especially during this crisis.
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    Bubba (on left) comes for a visit and some tug, fetch and chase time!
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    That's awesome! Must be a lot of fun. You look great!
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    The baseball is going out of the picture to the right of number 4's helmet. Yep, that was maybe 3 year ago in the 4th round of the State playoffs. I still umpire at the HS level at 66 yrs young.
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    Hole #2 at Gamble Sands in Brewster, WA. An amazing trip a few years ago with my best friend, father in law and his best friend..
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    Just some randos that followed me around the course!
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    It almost looks like they expect treats. They are beautiful!
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    Yes I did and I own a birdie at hole #4 Shot a 101 ...the sand traps ate my lunch. I birdied hole #12 at Spyglass the next day and went on to shoot 91
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    NICE! Who are all these young fellas?
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    Found a deal on a green jacket on eBay. I think he looks good in it
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    Bork bork bork!!! Did you take care of the good boys?
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    Dude! Get your lazy butt down here and take us out!!!!
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    Nah...he's been with us for about 5 years. Stuck with him, I guess... even though he can be a real pain sometimes.
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    We have its twin!!
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    awww very cuuute kitty
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    Smithsonian National Museum of American History
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    There's a set of his clubs in the clubhouse at Army-Navy CC in Arlington VA
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    pretty cool and it doubles as a cat cave
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    writing a comment - interesting logo
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