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    If you want to discuss something with a forum member directly, the DM system is your best choice. Click the envelope icon at the top right of the screen, and then click "Compose New": In the "To" box, start typing the forum member name of your recipient. Add a subject and a message and hit send.
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    You might notice that many of our members list their current bag setup in their signatures. To get one like that yourself, click your forum name in the upper right corner, then choose “Account Settings”: Choose “Signature” from the list of options on the left of the page. To insert the custom icons of the various club and accessories OEMs, click the emoji (the smiley face) in the toolbar and scroll all the way to the bottom of the list.
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    Just ask for ‘em! The complete set of options for the badges can be found here. A couple of the badges have to be earned, like the winner of the MGS Fantasy Football and Golf leagues. Others relate to your vocation or golf accomplishments. Product testers receive their badges after fully completing all the aspects of their review. You can get nearly any of these badges by requesting them with a post in the badge thread or a DM to one of the forum moderators. For the “Donor” badge, you need to DM one of the moderators the transaction ID for your donation as a verification.
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