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  1. Member product testing is a big part of the MGS Forum and our community takes this responsibility very seriously. The OEMs have been incredibly generous with us through the years and it’s important that we continue to merit their trust. When they commit to sending our members new gear, they have obvious goals: they’re looking to create some buzz by proving the worth of their product. For starters, it's useful to read examples of great work already completed by members like YOU. While we never promise an OEM positive reviews (we want honest reviews), we must be able to promise the OEMs that they will get a review. It’s a huge black eye to our whole forum when someone receives a new driver or a set of wedges and then we never hear from him again. It’s why you don’t hear us talking about review opportunities as “contests” or reviewers as “winners.” While we understand that it’s a thrill to get brand new free gear, it’s also a real responsibility to get the review done in a thorough, informative, and timely manner. For that reason, it’s the moderators’ highest priority to choose testers who’ve proven that they’re invested in our forum community. So how do you get our attention? Set up a profile picture. It’s a small thing, but it’s really one of the basic ways we separate between those who are part of our community and those who are (often) just here to get free stuff. Start posting. Of our thousands of members, there are many who have only posted in review opportunity threads. If that’s your entire posting history, you won’t get chosen. Prove your review chops. There are plenty of opportunities to post unofficial reviews. Start by posting a WIYB. Get some good pictures of your clubs, bag, balls, and accessories. Explain why you use the club setup that you do. Post content that our community finds valuable. The reaction system (likes, etc.) is fun but it also has a serious purpose: racking up likes is a solid indication that your posts are a positive contribution to our discussions. Want an idea of how to add value to our forums? Check out the Leaderboard and especially some of our Hall of Fame members. You’ll find all kinds of different personalities, interests, and posting styles, but they have quality in common. Become a MyGolfSpy donor.
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  2. Just ask for ‘em! The complete set of options for the badges can be found here. A couple of the badges have to be earned, like the winner of the MGS Fantasy Football and Golf leagues. Others relate to your vocation or golf accomplishments. Product testers receive their badges after fully completing all the aspects of their review. You can get nearly any of these badges by requesting them with a post in the badge thread or a DM to one of the forum moderators. For the “Donor” badge, you need to DM one of the moderators the transaction ID for your donation as a verification.
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  3. The OEMs generously provide equipment for our members to test. They are in the business of selling gear and each OEM has its own business model and goals. In most cases, we’re dealing with a specific business unit that only has control over a certain geographic area. Items shipped outside that region create a logistical nightmare—customs and duties are no joke. While we understand that our international members are sometimes frustrated by these restrictions, we trust that you understand that these are OEM decisions and that there are reasonable explanations for their choices. Whenever an OEM gives us the go ahead to choose testers from Canada or other countries, we almost always make sure to choose testers outside the USA.
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