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    When it comes to PING many things come to mind, quality, engineering, performance and irons are among the first things most people will think of. And with the release earlier this year of the G410 irons, PING has hit on each one of those characteristics. Following the huge success of the G400 irons, PING has hit a home run with the striking black and red colors of this iron, as well as a being a bit more streamlined in all the right places. PING has achieved the rare feat of providing an iron that has a profile appealing to even the most discerning of golfers, but yet still offering the forgiveness and help that higher handicaps look for. We are looking for three forum members to join staff member Golfspy_Stroker in testing, reviewing and keeping a set of these G410's built to their custom specs. Testing will require a nearly two month commitment of putting the irons in play on the course, at the range and providing ongoing commentary in the forum thorough out the process. As an extra bonus to the irons, the selected testers will have the option to choose Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips equipped with Arccos. The clubs will come with a 99 day free trial to arccos. After that the tester would be responsible for paying for the subscription in order to continue it. It will be a great way to add data to your review. PING has opened this testing to all golfers regardless of country of residence. All you have to do to be eligible for the testing is follow the below instructions. In a post in this thread please provide the following information...AND DO NOT QUOTE this post when replying! First Name/State or Country of residence Handicap Current irons in Play The carry distance of the your 7 iron That's it. Good luck to everybody We'll be selecting the testers within the next 10 to 14 days, so check back to see if you've been selected! =========================================================================================== YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE.... Please join me in congratulating these members selected from a very large and diverse applicant pool: @ballplayer002003 @GregB135 @Rickp Official announcement here: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/33112-testers-wanted-3-ping-g410-irons/?do=findComment&comment=571106
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    Fingers sweaty. Butterflies in the stomach. Type type type type, click. Click type click. It's done. I've officially registered to play on the SoMD Amateur. Here we go over the top of this crazy roller coaster. Am I making too big of a deal about this? Definitely. But I'm going to do my best here to create some entertaining content for the rest of you. I play in a weekly league that gives a nice bit of drama but there's nothing like a stroke play event. The SoMD Amateur is the biggest of these events that comes to the local area. Last time I played was (I think) was 7 years ago. Every summer since, I've considered it and ultimately backed out for one reason or another. Between kids, jobs, the price, and realistic self-assessments, I just couldn't justify entry. This year, those things are balanced enough that I'M DOING IT! God, so nervous. Here's the deets: Location: Breton Bay Golf & Country Club - LINK Dates: 28-30 June Format: 54-hole Stroke Play, putt it all the way down play all the rules Divisions: Regular Flighted, plus Sr and Jr. Player Pool: 250-300 Golfers Last time I played, attrition got the best of me. I rarely play 2 days in a row, much less 3. I entered as a 15 and was placed in the 4th flight (championship + 5 total). Shooting 89, 92, 108 landed me in the middle of the pack of some 25-30 golfers in my flight. That year was also when I took the infamous 17 on a single hole READ HERE. This year, I'm entering as a 12 which may bump me into the 3rd or 2nd flight depending on entries. If I can shoot 3 rounds in the 80's and break 85 once, I'll be a happy camper. Leading up to the event, I'll add some posts for the practice plan, course management strategy, WITB, and whatever else comes up. Obviously, you won't get live streams during the rounds but I'll be sure to check in with some short recaps after each round and a overall wrap-up once it's done. For now, wish me luck
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    It's been a while since I have posted. On January 1. I became a retired Virginia Gentleman. My participation on this site was available through the use of my office computer that I no longer have daily access. Due to my computer illiteracy, without its use, one could say that I am "off the grid". Occasionally, such as today, I am asked to come in to assist in projects that I was involved. So I thought I would take this opportunity to say hi and to let you know how much I will miss my daily discussions with my MGS friends. The bad news is that I am "off the grid", the good news is that my retirement plans have been realized. Specifically, my desire to do something associated with golf during my retirement. I now work part time at a local Annapolis golf shop called Dukes Golf. To say that I enjoy the experience would be an understatement, the interactions with fellow golfers is better than I expected and I am learning a lot about golf equipment. The one thing I have come to know is how much I don't know.
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    The Masters provided some excellent drama for us all. Tiger's first win in 11 years was a momentous occasion that was felt worldwide. Aside from the greater golf public, three special Golf Spies especially benefited as the first winners of #SpyStaffSlam of the season. Thanks to some improvements in the process, we're now able to release the full scoring spreadsheet for each to view their own ranking. I encourage anyone interested to download a copy to mine the data for interesting stats and charts. The link has been posted in The Masters thread, but here it is again: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RRiDBlLOeOQpB9jIKbyNsXvDbfW6qzXq-5l7Q-9izhw/edit?usp=sharing Before we get into announcements, here's some quick stats: 1150 Entries total making this year's Masters the largest #SpyStaffSlam yet. The Chalk picks of Rory, Kuchar, Poulter, Kisner, ZJ did quite poorly as a group but were pulled up as Kisner rose above the chalk curse by being a perfect in his Tier. As a group, Chalk finished at #608 on the leaderboard. Technically, "None" was the most popular pick for Tier 5. Apparently, reading is not fundamental. The Anti Chalk picks didn't fare any better; however, as they finished at #903 A perfect team would've been: Tiger, Xander, Webb, Oleson/Kisner, and Harding. Our winner had 4/5 correct!!! Speaking of winners, here's your honorable mention: 10) @TrippleBogie757 with $3,036,632 9) @curtis majeran with $3,050,571 8. @tbs0001 with $3,053,880 7) @dead aim with $3,144,591 6) @Sucina with $3,262,031 5) @David.lomberk with $3,361,311 4) @D_Golfer with $3,361,311 The margin was slim with a mere $300k separating these guys from 10-4. One different pick could've made the different and there was certainly room for improvement since 5 of these guys had invalid/none for Tier 5. Missed it by that much! Now, onto the prizes: 3rd/2nd actually came to a TIE!!! Both @GreasedUpStingers and @daviddvm picked the exact same team: Tiger, Xander, Cantlay, Kisner, Bjerregard for a total of $3,455,090. NOT ONLY THAT. Both spies picked -13 as the winning score. Equally close, equally PERFECT. You guys must be like soul mates or something. Wilson, being awesome as they are, has decided to give each of you both the 2nd and 3rd prizes: a D7 driver and a dozen golf balls of your choice. WOWZA. After the commotion of the co-runner ups has settled, time to announce our grand prize. With 4/5 perfect picks, our winner of ANY Wilson Staff Irons is: @Big Moody Winning Team: Tiger, Xander, Webb, Kisner, Mitchell for a total of $3,484,270 Congrats to the prize winners! Be on the lookout for a PM from me for fulfillment. If you didn't win, I hope you enjoyed the event. See you back at the PGA!!
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    Continuing the great fun from last year's contest, Wilson Staff is back with MyGolfSpy for the 2019 edition of #SpyStaffSlam. Be sure to watch each Major this year with MyGolfSpy and Wilson Staff for an opportunity to win prizes. First up, The Masters. Just like last year, some BIG prizes are on the line: 1st Prize: CUSTOM SET OF ANY WILSON STAFF IRONS (FG Tour V6, C300, C300 Forged, D7) 2nd Prize: WILSON D7 DRIVER 3rd Prize: DOZEN OF ANY WILSON BALL (Duo Pro/Soft/Soft Spin/Optix, 50 Elite or Zip) How to Enter: The players participating in The Masters have been broken out into 5 Tiers Log in via desktop or mobile to select your players in Tiers 1-4 using the poll provided (won't work in-app) Reply to this thread with your selection for Tier 5 (anyone not in Tiers 1-4) AND your prediction for the winning score (tiebreaker). Watch and comment along with the rest of MGS in THE OFFICIAL MASTERS THREAD Winning entry will be whomever that has the most total prize money won amongst the 5 players Deadline to enter is 5:00am EST on Thursday, April 11, 2019 Use that hashtag! The winners will be announced during the week following The Masters.
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    My Congregation threw a party in honor of the 25th anniversary of my ordination today. It was a blast! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Greetings fellow Spies, may I have your attention please.... Please give a warm and hearty congratulations to these fine men who will be testing the following clubs. Testing the Ping g410 Plus give a round of applause to: @jlukes @fixyurdivot Testing the Ping g410 SFT give a round of applause to: @tony@CIC @PING Apologist #9 I am sure I speak for all of us in the community when I say I can't wait to hear what you have to say. Looking forward to your thoughts gents! Have fun and hit em well. Thanks to all of you that applied (over 1000!); there will definitely be additional testing opportunities coming this season so please stick around and enjoy this great community of fellow golfers!
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    Testers Announced! Odyssey claims its new Stroke Lab shaft will improve your putting stroke. Who will be putting that claim to the test? @MaxEntropy @Berg Ryman @Apolloshowl @juspoole Join me in congratulating our reviewers! TESTERS WANTED (4) So you think the importance of shaft design is only important to drivers. Well the engineers at Odyssey Golf among some of the best and brightest minds in the business want to show you otherwise. For years counterbalancing has been a big buzz word in the world of putter shafts. Well the new Stroke Lab putters by Odyssey Golf aren't just counterbalanced, they take weight shifting to a whole new level or should I say end. As in redistributing 40 percent of the weight from the middle of the shaft into the butt and head end of the shaft. The results show that you will make a much more consistent stroke with Stroke Lab than with the standard putter shaft. Don't believe it? We're going to give you...well four of you a chance to prove it to yourself and the rest of the forum. How to Apply This is important, so please follow these instructions carefully: 1. If you haven't already, make sure you're a registered MyGolfSpy Forum member 2. In this thread (and ONLY in this thread - please don't go back to the blog and apply - it won't do you any good!), tell us the following: - Your first name - State - Your current model of putter - Is putting a strength or weakness of your game This review opportunity is open to any golfer who resides in the US or Canada. We'll be announcing the testers in this thread next week, so make sure to check back. Please do not 'quote' this post when applying...
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    I've been inspired by two recent threads: @jlukes's swing overhaul, and @revkev's thread comparing lessons and fitting vs. self-teaching and off-the-rack clubs (these are both great threads that, if you haven't, you should go read and keep up with). To begin, I'm nowhere in jluke's class as a player. I'm a mid/high handicap player, floating right around 15. But I think I can get better. As I commented in revkev's thread, I have no objections to getting lessons and getting a fitting. I'd love to do both of those. My chief obstacle is location. I don't have an actual driving range within an hour of my home. There are no full golf stores (as far as I know) within two hours of where I live. There is a really good golf coach at a course that's an hour away, and he also does fittings. He would absolutely be my first choice, but signing up for regular lessons with a two-hour round-trip commute: the time and cost add up in a hurry. I tried to get together with him to get fitted for my G700 irons that I reviewed for MGS last summer, but we couldn't get our schedules to align. So consider me another test case for revkev's question. I'm aiming to answer the question, "How much improvement can be gained with off-the-rack clubs and self-teaching?" Here's the starting point: This is my Game Golf summary of my rounds from this past July and August, set in contrast with a 5-handicap. What immediately jumps out is that I'm loosing a ton of strokes to a single-digit off the tee and in my short game. There is certainly room for improvement in ball-striking and putting, but the low-hanging fruit is in the other categories. Why am I so bad off the tee? It's not because I spray it all over; I hit an ordinary number of fairways. It's because I hardly hit it out of my own shadow. Do you see that last column? That's embarrassing. So, my first plan is to continue the SuperSpeed training that I've been doing for a couple of months now. I've seen significant speed gains already, but because I have no way to get to a course or a range before spring (late April at best here), I'm anxious to see how the speed with translate. I'm also working on a meaningful swing overhaul, with a lot of similarities to what jlukes is describing in his thread. Here's a screen cap of a swing in my backyard from a couple of years ago: Like jlukes, I have a tendency to have a pronounced forward sway through the swing, which essentially forces me to catch up with a flip at the bottom. The early extension is visible in this video I took for the G700 review. For my part, I'm pretty sure the answer is found in wrist angles, with a corresponding emphasis on rotation and staying behind the ball. These are the moves I'm working on now. I'm also working through the content from Adam Young's The Strike Plan. I'm a big fan of Adam's work, especially the notion of turning strike into a practiced skill. How am I going to measure progress until I'm on the course? Technology! I have just recently purchased a SkyTrak, which I got for a very good price. I also have a good camera that wirelessly connects to my tablet, allowing me to look at my swing in real time. And finally, I have a Zepp swing monitor. My intention is to use my garage as a pretty high-tech self-coaching bay. The SkyTrak is going to be a big part of tightening up my short game as well. One of the built-in features is the Dave Pelz-esque wedge matrix: it allows you to chart your wedges distances for full, 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4 swings for each of the wedges in your bag. My hope is to dial these in with practice this winter, giving me much greater ability to knock shots within 100 yards to makeable putting distances. My goal for this season is ambitious. I want to drop from being ~15 handicap to somewhere in the single digits. But I believe that I have the tools that I need to accomplish this goal. And I have a community here for the support, which is also a key component. I'll be using this thread to keep everyone posted on my progress.
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    First off... brr. It was 36° by the time I made it to the demo day. Misting with the occasional snow squalls, it’s May tomorrow gosh darn it. There were: Titleist, Taylormade, Tour Exotics, Srixon/Cleveland, Cobra, PING, and Callaway. First stop was the Srixon tent. Had the guy fit a KBS Tour into the Z Forged. He said I was the first guy to ask for it all day. First impressions were meh, but after a few warm ups (yes I warmed up out of the car with a blade) I got to liking the club. Good stuff from Srixon. I bounced down to the Taylormade shack after that and tried a GAPR 3 iron. Not what I was expecting, but it plays less offset looking than I’ve seen in photos. I then looked out of the corner of my eye and saw a kid hitting these... [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7] I waited for 10 minutes in line for him to finish up hitting them. He cleaned them off and I took them for a ride. First impressions here... not a $2000 set of blades. They look good but felt or performed no better then the Srixon’s. Hit about 40 shots, extremely workable. They are nice for sure, if I could spend the 2K I’d probably do it. Hit the Mini Driver thingy... my goodness what a crunchy crack sound... love that thing. Moved on to PING... tried one swing with the i500 and put it back. Tried the G400 2 crossover... 2 swings. The Glide Stealth wedges are legit, best shaped wedge of the day. Skipped down to Callaway, grabbed the Apex MB, two swipes with a Modus 105 shaft and I put it back, and never came back to the Callaway tent. The rep was a real nice guy. [emoji849] Stopped at the Cobra shed... the guy remembered me from 2 years ago. Hit the MIM wedge. Feel department this wedge gets 100/100... the F9 driver is deadly. Love the sound, look, and overall build. All the way back to Srixon. Tried the Cleveland wedges... too tinty sounding (bummer). Tried the 745’s, wonderful feeling club. Next up was Tour Exotics. I grabbed the CBX blade 8 iron since it was the only blade he had. I’m sold. Best feeling club I’ve ever hit. Tried the ironwood 3 thing... rocket launcher.... can’t understand why this brand doesn’t get more attention. Saved Titleist for last. Shafted up the MB for me. No thanks. A bit on the small side comparatively to the other blades. TMB 2 iron was the club of the day. I wouldn’t need a 3 wood with that thing. I ended up trying the AP3, not for me. We tried a few shafts and the bone stock TT X100 was the best fit out about 8 we tried. Went back to the Srixon, and Tour Exotics tents and tried everything again. After a semi fitting with the titleist rep if I were buying clubs today I would have walked out with. Cobra F9 9° (white) Titleist TMB 2 iron Tour Exotics 3-AW Cobra MIM 56, 60 Taylormade Spider X Navy Blue Thanks for reading. If you want more detail on blades I can get more in depth. I hit them all several times.
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    FITTING NIRVANA The other day I participated in my first full-bag fitting. TrueSpec golf offered an opportunity that doesn't come around too often - a free (450.00 value!) full bag fitting at the Boston location. I was very much looking forward to this as I had never done a full bag before. 3 years ago I had an iron fitting that wasn't very good. 5 years ago I had a driver fitting that was o-kay. 2 years ago I had a putter fitting that was a disappointment. I've heard a lot of great things about TrueSpec, especially reading about @jlukes experience, and I couldn't wait to see what it was all about. ------------------------------ On behalf of everyone at True Spec Golf, thank you for considering us for your golf equipment needs. We are looking forward to showing you what a custom club fitting can do for your game. We have you scheduled for: COMPLIMENTARY FITTING October 9, 2019 03:30 PM at Boston Your appointment should last 240 minutes. ------------------------------ WHAT !?!??! 240 minutes.... as in 4 hours ?!?! Wooo-boy. I was glad that I was the last appointment of the day. Upon arrival I saw that the location was in an industrial area and located in a warehouse looking building. This made me a little skeptical. But... I had an open mind and was optimistic. Waiting for me outside of the building was Nick and he saw me with my bag and greeted me pleasantly. Right away I let him know that I worked as a forum admin for MyGolfSpy and asked if he'd heard of the site; - "Oh yeah, they did that big ball test this year, right?" Funny...that really REALLY had an impact on the industry. I let him know about how the site is independent and lets the data speak for itself, how we do a lot of equipment testing and that I'm also there to get some information to share with the forum members so I'll be taking some photos. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was just him and I and the space was open, warm, welcoming and large.. I'll let the pics speak for themselves... giant hitting bay, shafts and heads galore... every machine you can imagine. Top notch. He asked me the particulars that you typically are asked when getting a fitting (what am I looking for, what do I currently play, etc.) He then took my 6 iron and measured everything (loft/lie/length) while I warmed up with an 8. A very nice touch: he asked what ball I typically play (BS RX) and we used THAT ball for everything. (Note - they use a GCQuad/Foresight which works very well) Shafts galore He described how they do all of their fittings using a 6 iron because that's the club that most people lose confidence in for some reason. 7 iron is fine but the 6 seems to scare folks. Personally, I am fine hitting my 6 but I liked to hear how they want to get folks comfortable and confident hitting a club they typically aren't confident in. Devices aplenty....(he used the tall black metal machine to bend my wedge and the other stuff was used to measure weight, length and flex) For a full bag they typically start with irons, move on to driver, then woods/hybrids, wedges, putter. I had a unique situation because I had a set of specific irons I wanted to get fit for and he was more than happy to help with that. I hit my 6 to set a baseline and then we compared my 6 to the set I wanted, tried a couple different shafts (I asked him to stick to the stock choices for ordering purposes) and found one that I really liked and performed well for me. We then went to the driver and I won my driver during a member-guest tournament earlier this year and I wasn't properly fit into it so I asked if he could help me with the settings. I took some swings, he looked at the numbers, made a couple of adjustments and my total distance before the change became my carry distance afterwards! Basically I added about 20 yards to my drive with some minor adjustments.... #fittingmatters My kind of drawers! After we got 'my' driver dialed in I let him know I wasn't "married" to it and if there was anything else he had that might be better I'm all for it. I tried a number of different head and shaft combinations that came close but nothing that could knock it outta the bag. He did suggest that I trim an inch off because it is 45.5 inches long! Even tour pros don't play drivers that long. We carried on with 3w and my hybrid and same thing... both were as good as anything else. I recently began to get a bit of a hook with my hybrid and he helped me adjust the settings so that it is more fade biased and I gained about 15 yards as well. I asked about my wedge makeup (50/54/58) and he liked it and especially liked the grind for the area/courses I play (New England). I told him that something about the 50 felt 'off' and he measured it and noticed it was 2 degrees flat. Well then! He quickly put it on the machine, bent it so that it was standard and boom.... I got the extra yards I was missing. He helped to make sure that the gapping in my set was good (of course since I didn't have my irons he could only estimate) and we moved on to the putter. This was in another section of the fitting area and used GCQuad. I had a previous putter fitting using Samlab and there wasn't much difference between the two of them. Mix and match shafts, grips and putter heads.... very cool. I recently purchased the putter and had only had it out for one round. I hit a series of 9 foot putts while he watched behind and the putts were going in and the numbers looked okay but he noticed that the toe was a bit high. He bent the putter a bit, I tried again and voila.... the numbers were spot on. Giving the putter a little makeover... THIS MADE ME VERY HAPPY.... this is where I lose the majority of my strokes and this was my 4th putter this year. Having a properly fit putter is such a great feeling! It was now about 7:30 and the time just seemed to fly by. We're both kind of 'gear heads' so it was easy to pass the time; Nick KNOWS clubs and we had some great conversation. He was easy going, friendly and helpful. All in all it was the best fitting experience I have ever had. The place itself is first class. Clean, organized, professional...everything you could want from a fitting. To top it all off Nick sent me all of my results in multiple pdf documents within 30 minutes after my session and even offered to send me the entire dataset. I was able to ask him a question the next day via email and he responded quickly. There was no pressure to sell me anything and I could tell he truly only cared that I have the best performing clubs in my bag - no matter whether they were new or old. I highly recommend TrueSpec; I've been to Club Champion and some other local "Golf Digest top 100" fitters and they pale in comparison. The one thing I would caution you on - for a full bag you will hit a lot of balls and you'll probably feel it the next day; I didn't feel it at the time but when I woke up the next day I did. Don't get me wrong, the full bag is awesome, and it's great to do it all at once and totally worth it but they do offer other individual fittings. TLDR; TrueSpec is wicked awesome. You should definitely do it. Just for fun.... my results: Irons (6 iron): Driver: Woods: Putter:
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    *PREFACE* I wrote my complete intro a few days before our June 9th deadline. We were given the OK to put the new Cobra clubs in play starting on June 8th, and I used them for my course’s first “major” of the year. 36 hole net stroke play event played from 6400 yards. As a 7 handicap I shot 73-78 to shoot net -5 and win my flight by 11 shots. These clubs are good. Official Intro: Hello. My name is Bucky and I’m an alchol----wait, wrong forum. For some strange reason I’ve been chosen to compete in the most prestigious contest that MyGolfSpy has to offer. What were they thinking? In any case I owe a gigantic thank you to MGS and the Cobra team for putting this together for the 3rd year. To recycle a comment I made in the pre-chatter; it’s the Catalina Wine Mixer of MGS events. I know most of you aren’t all that interested in our personal back stories so I’ll be brief. Born in Wisconsin, learned the game from my older brother, been playing for close to 30 years now, lived in Minnesota for 10 years after college, back in Wisconsin for good now. If that’s not boring enough for you head over to the SuperSpeed forum page and check out my intro from last fall. It’s a real page turner. I have gone through fittings for pretty much every club in my bag. I had a Callaway Epic driver, PXG 3 wood (used of course!), Ping i25 hybrids, Titleist 714 AP2 irons, and Vokey wedges. My favorite clubs are probably my Ping hybrids. They are small and anti hook. Last year I started tracking more of my shots by hand so to use the Arccos system this spring was amazing. The only issues I had with it were missing a few tap in putts but they were easily added before I even got to the next tee box. Overall my swing is moderate tempo with a top swing speed in the 105-110 range. Here’s a video of me from the range earlier this week. My typical ball flight is medium height with misses to both sides of the fairway/green. I'm still working on my Phil Kwon Do Calves. While my USGA index is currently a 6.3 I’ve struggled this spring with extremely wet conditions and getting used to my new SuperSpeed enhanced swing. The long Wisconsin winters also wreak havoc on my game. My Arccos baseline rounds show that I'm an 8.8 handicap using my old clubs. My best rounds of the year always come in July, August, and September. I’ve been fighting a nasty slice this spring but may have made a correction earlier this week. Hopefully I’m finally over the winter rust and it’s not just a matter of me playing crappy golf. Here are my driving numbers with basically zero roll on the wet courses. Here are a few more boring stats before we get into the good stuff. I would say this is a pretty accurate representation of my game with a few too many doubles that usually go away as the conditions firm up and my swing becomes more fluid. Scoring breakdown and Putting stats/handicap. Greens in regulation show I leave my shots short too often. A lot of the greens at my home course slope back to front so it’s definitely beneficial to be below the hole. Chipping is pretty poor thanks to extremely thick and wet rough this spring and low skill level on my part. And now on to the 2019 Cobra lineup. Drumroll please! Cobra is all about speed this year. Heck, everything but the wedges have Speedback in their name! While the reason behind the SPEED is a little different for each club, essentially they all claim to be forgiving, long, and FAAAAAAASSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTT! I’m pretty sure I’ll be hitting 400 yard drives within 2 inches of my target line by the end of the summer. I’ve posted quite a few club pictures in the pre-chatter forum already, but I really love the look of these clubs and want to post more. Deal with it! The driver looks fantastic. I’m not a big fan of huge club head markings (turbulators), but Cobra toes the line perfectly blending functional aerodynamic improvements and standard club head shaping. I really like the matte grey top of the club that came with the white drivers. The fairway wood is basically a mini driver. I’ve hit some BOMBS with this off the tee. If I had to use one word to describe the hybrids it would be speed BIG. Compared to my old i25’s these are quite large. Bigger is always better, right? The irons are also on the large side of what I’m used to. I know I could use a little help here but these almost seem excessive. I’m most interested to see how super game improvement irons compare to my old AP2s (right side of the 2nd picture.) The wedges are gorgeous with the black on black look. As described in the pre-chatter they are basically ninjas. I can’t wait to take Bruce Lee, The Bride, and Haru (Chris Farley in Beverly Hills Ninja) out on the course. I would show you a multitude of bag pictures but unfortunately I’m not currently gaming the bag with my new clubs. Upon seeing the awesome red/white/blue stand combo I selected my wife claimed it as her own. It’s replacing a black and yellow Acuity bag (Dick’s Sporting Goods store brand) that was over 10 years old. Vote for me; my wife stole my bag!!! I really struggled with the final part of my intro to the CobraConnectChallenge3. At first I had this elaborate “30 for 30” style story about how I was groomed from a child to win this entire challenge; complete with requisite jokes at the expense of my fellow competitors. There were some bad jokes like comparing Nunfa0’s New Zealand home to Middle Earth (lame), some mediocre jokes about Palvord sharing Detroit with Kid Rock (meh), and a decent one about Bryson giving a rough estimate of my chances of winning at 31.3593204852929039481%. Truth is none of that stuff is me. I play my best when I’m challenging the course instead of my foursome (or fivesome in this case). For all I know Bardle, Nunfa0, Palvord, and Robertson153 are amazing people both on and off the course. All I can control over the next 8+ weeks is how I present myself and how much time and effort I put into my game. With all of that being said I have four (FORE!) main questions going into this challenge: 1. The Cobra clubs are top notch across the board but can gaming a full bag of just one brand really beat my individually fit clubs from multiple companies? 2. Will the extra large hybrids be able to cut through the thick rough on my course and be more than just fairway finders off the tee? 3. Can the super game improvement aspect of the F9 Speedback irons really help improve my approach stats? I’m not looking for extra distance here; I want accuracy and consistency. 4. If I win the intro phase of the challenge will I really go full Rickie? It’s a good possibility!
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    This was just posted on the MGS Facebook account, but I thought I'd copy it over here. Dear Tiger, Today I saw something I have never seen before. My husband (owner of MyGolfSpy) watching golf. Not sure if you have ever heard of MyGolfSpy. But to his readers, this may be news to them, Adam doesn’t really watch golf, or play golf. But here he was today, in the kitchen, phone [propped] on the ledge of the window above the sink, making sure I too would witness redemption (while cleaning dishes). I turned the water off. On the screen were a few leaves blowing on the course, you in a red shirt. Adam watched with the glow of the phone on his face verging on tears, yet fist clenched ready to pump. A win for you Tiger is a win for my husband. All these years watching you struggle was a constant reminder of his own struggle. A struggle in which you don’t see, he won’t show and he is too embarrassed to tell. Before I met Adam, he was thriving in his 20’s. Financially successful young business owner of one of very first online golf shops, participant in the world long drive event, and golf club designer. A strapping former collegiate athlete. Cue fibromyalgia. At 30, he was 145 lbs., barely mobile, and near death. Adam was forced to sell his business. This was about the time we met, and even in his weakened state, I was struck by his passion, just like he is with yours. He was trying to win just like you. There were so many surgeries and no answers or relief, but he kept at it. During the pregnancy of our first child, and at his absolute bottom he turned to me with that same glow I saw today while he watched you. This time, the glow was from the computer screen “I am going to start a site called MyGolfSpy, I’m going to change an entire industry.” What I want you to know is that you mean something special to my husband down to his soul. You are not only a small part of why he is still here today you are part of why he beat a disorder they said couldn’t be beat. He never said never. So, I thank you. Was Tiger's comeback an inspiration for you? I know it was for Adam and the sport of golf. Wife of Adam, Carrie
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    Okay, so here’s the agenda: Friday(Mar 15): Hosting RevKev & 00sportsman at my club, Pebble Creek 8n Tampa. I have known Rev for over 8 years and we have played a couple times a year. This will be my first meet with 00sportsman. Tuesday(Mar 19): Hosting cksurfdude, who is in town for a clinic at TPC Tampa Bay. Hope he enjoys the warmer weather. This will be my first meet with cksurfdude. Friday(Mar 22): Hosting MattF, RevKev & 00sportsman. This is the 3rd or 4th time MattF has visited from Cleveland. This is gonna be a very exciting week. Anxiously awaiting the meeting of more Spies. I must add, this may never happen again as a Developer is trying to purchase the golf club to build apartments, condos & single family homes. This bad news may not happen, but if it does, I’ll be looking for a new club. It could take 3 to 4 years for permitting, zoning, and environmental approvals, so let’s pray it does not happen. I really enjoy Hosting other Spies and can’t wait for next week. Let me hear from other Spies about meet ups they have had.... Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy Cobra Connect Bag: Cobra F8 Driver(10.5*) 3-4W(14.5*) & 5-6W(18.5*)w/Mitsubishi Tensei ck Blue Regular; Cobra F8 3 Hybrid, 5 Hybrid & 6-PW, Gw(49*) SW(54*) LW(58*) all w/UST Mamiya Recoil 460 ES regular shafts. Lamkin Cobra Connect grips with Arccoss tracking sensors. Putter: Evnroll ER6 33”. Bag: Cobra Ultralite Cart Bag(Peacoat/Silver).
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    For anyone needing a little inspiration, here is one of my retired trick shot videos from a few years back. Enjoy [emoji6]
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    We did it! We had to get up at 2AM and hike 20 minutes with bags on the back to get wait in line in the cold, wind and rain for 3 hours, but we made it!! Scratch the Old Course off the bucket list baby!! I’m glad we did it this way instead of winning the ballot, because it makes for a much better story (to be shared later) - but it was everything you’d want it to be. Here are some pix to hold you over... It was an awesome experience - shot an 83 with a triple on the front (damn bunkers!!) - and there was a 78 or 79 to be had. Bogeyed #1, pars on #11 and 18, bogeyed the road hole but nailed the middle of the fairway off the tee after busing one over the hotel - the caddy said it was “text-booook.” Playing Jubilee and New today. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Winners announced! First, let me extend our thanks to Bridgestone Golf again for sponsoring our prizes for our Playoff Picks contest! The new format added a lot of interesting volatility to this year's FedEx Cup playoff. Our scoring format, which placed emphasis on a player charging up the leaderboard from his starting position, added even more. @GolfSpy STUDque's spreadsheet has processed all the numbers and the results are in! The highest scoring TOUR players for our contest were: Tier 1 Rory McIlroy, 127 Patrick Reed, 112 Justin Thomas, 105 Xander Schauffele, 104 Tier 2 Abraham Ancer, 116 Louis Oosthuizen, 100 Tier 3 Harold Varner III, 135 (he moved up 64 places in the FedEx standings!) The winning teams in our contest really stood out from the pack. Fourth place, and honorable mention, goes to @artful_golfer, who racked up 486 points with her roster of Brooks, Xander, JB, Jordan, HV3, and Brandon Grace. The top teams, however, had 539, 547, and 554 points. Who were these savants who foresaw the big moves in the playoffs? In THIRD PLACE: @Kenny B, who had Rory, JT, Horschel, Louis, Cameron Smith, and HV3. In SECOND PLACE: @Golfsam52, whose team consisted of Brooks, Paul Casey, Louis, Nate Lashley, HV3, and Joaquin Neimann. And our big winner, in FIRST PLACE: @Go Horns!, who choose Brooks, Xander, Andrew Putnam, Lucas Glover, HV3, and Joaquin Neimann. (It looks like picking HV3 was a prudent strategy!) As a reminder, Kenny B will be receiving three dozen Bridgestone Tour B balls. Golfsam52 has won a Bridgestone Tour B XW-1 wedge. And Go Horns! will be adding a Bridgestone Tour B JGR driver to his bag! Congratulations to you all, and thanks again to Bridgestone and to all who participated!
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    TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Did you feel that? That small vibration that indicates that the Precision Pro NX9 HD rangefinder has locked on to its target? Who are the seven forum members that the NX9 has locked on for testing? @FromRightToLeft @Jbmullin @russtopherb @B.Boston @poprocksncoke @JonMUSC08 @perseveringgolfer And I'm excited to be joining in on this test as well. Congrats to these members, and we'll all be looking forward to seeing how the Precision Pro NX9 HD helps you take dead aim!
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    How good can a $299 Driver be? How much technology can a company offer for that price? TourEdge's EXS driver was recently named My Golf Spy's Most Wanted Driver in Value. A $299 price for a driver is enough to get anyone's attention. But upon a closer look, you see a great looking driver that offers a lot of the same technology offered in much higher priced offerings, such as Roll Face technology, adjustable hosel and interchangeable weights just to name a few. So as we often do, we are turning to three of our members who we know will provide a well informed and written account of the driver and what it did for them. The chosen testers will get a driver to their specs to review and keep. How to be chosen: Open to all US Residents who play Right-handed Please follow the instructions below exactly. First Name/State of Residence Current Drive specs Model/loft/shaft/Flex Your handicap and driver swing speed, and do your regularly use any sort of LM for data collection Have you played a Tour Edge driver before, and what was your experience. We'll pick our testers sometime next week, so check back and good luck. ------------------------------------------------- Testers announced! @03trdblack, @ZJBogey2, @Badams69 will be putting this beauty to the test. Announcement below...
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    As I alluded to in the 2019 Golf Objectives thread, here goes: Got a HELL of a deal for golf for the next 2 years. Windmill Lakes in Ravenna, OH is running a deal for a limited number of memberships at $200 for 2 years unlimited golf, just pay $15 cart fee for 18 or $7.50 for 9. Play any time during the week and on weekends and holidays play after 11am. So, I'm now committed to playing at least once on the weekends once the season starts. Looks like I'll be buying a push cart. Chanin asked my last night if I wanted to do it and I initially said no, my reason is it's playing the same course (a tough one) all the time. BUT, after thinking it over last night and this morning I went for it as it now commits me to playing at least once per week (and more time permitting) while costing me pennies. No more hunting for deals, just book a tee time 3 days in advance and play.
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    Stage 1 First off I would like to thank MyGolfSpy and Lynx Golf for the opportunity to review the Prowler VT irons. This is my first review for MGS so any and all advice/suggestions are extremely welcome. Let's dive right into the personal stuff shall we! My real name is Mark Kramer. I am a 38 year old HVAC Technician. I spent just about every Tuesday and Thursday last year doing night school to work toward getting my license. I have been married to my beautiful wife for just shy of 4 years. She understands that my one track mind is almost always on golf, whether it is playing, reading, buying, selling, or watching golf on t.v. So much so that our anniversary is the day after my birthday so I won't forget it! I have a 17 year old daughter that will be graduating from high school this coming school year. She is one of the most amazing artists I know and I couldn't be more proud of her! My wife and I live in Wesley. A small town in north central Iowa. While the golf season isn't the longest in the world. I do have 6 golf courses within 30 minutes of my house. I first started golfing in high school when I was 17. This was right around the "Tiger Boom". I decided I didn't want to run track my junior year but definitely wanted to stay busy so golf was an experiment. I never thought it would escalate to this kind of addiction. I have come to really enjoy buying and selling as well as the club making side of golf as much as playing. Until this year I was lucky to get out 2-3 times a month. Now I try to get out at least once a weekend, sometimes twice. I have even taken 2 vacation days just to golf, which until now would have been unheard of for me. My current handicap is 8.3 according to The Grint. My main goal this year is to shoot par over 9 holes and would have already accomplished it had I not finished bogey, bogey, bogey a couple weeks ago. I don't really practice much since if I have the time I would rather be playing. My swing is no where near conventional. I tend to have an arched back and bend over too far. This is probably the main reason for fighting an OTT swing. While I have started to embrace the fade, I would still love to hit a draw consistently. My big miss with the driver is a push slice but with the irons it is a fat chunk or a shank straight right. I tend to think of my short irons and wedges as by far the best part of my game. Putting has been better this year. I really struggle with my 4-7 irons. Like others I received the clubs in a beat up white box with Lynx on it. Upon opening the box I was greeted with beautiful, undamaged 4-PW Prowler VT gunmetal irons. I was pleased to see that each iron had the head weight on it. This was completely unexpected but a nice touch. They are shafted with KBS Tour 90 stiff shafts and come with Lamkin Crossline grips. At address they look amazing and provide very limited glare. I took the irons in to my local golf shop to have the lofts and lies check. I was surprised to hear the results from them to say the least. My order was 4-PW standard loft and lie but -1/4" in length. I measured the length at -1/2" but that could simply be a difference in how they were measured. The standard specs per the website are in one column and what I got are in the other. Standard Received Loft/Lie Loft/Lie 4-iron 22*/60* 23*/62* 5-iron 25*/61* 25*/63* 6-iron 28*/62* 29*/64* 7-iron 32*/62.5* 33*/63* 8-iron 36*/63* 37*/64* 9-iron 40*/64* 40*/64* PW 45*/64* 44*/64.5* I was going to have the shop adjust the lofts and lies back to what was ordered but while doing the loft on the 4-iron, the guy said that as hard as it was to adjust he didn't recommend doing the others. He advised with the gunmetal finish and the chance of breakage it may not be the best idea. I agreed as I didn't want to have a partial set simply because of a couple degrees of lie. I did manage to get the 4-iron to the standard 22* loft for better gaps at the top end. So is the Cat Back? I, along with my fellow testers have begun a 6 week journey to find out. While the first set of real irons I bought were Lynx Parallax irons, I have never thought about Lynx as a company since then. Can these Hollow Bodied Players Distance Irons hang with the big boys? Can they provide consistent distances without hot spots? These are just a few of the questions that need answers. Let's find out together shall we!
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    Introduction: First of all let me say how excited I am for the opportunity to review the Galway Bay rain gear! A little about me, I’m in my early 50’s, but didn’t pick up the game until after college and over the last 25 years have played resort, country club and muni golf all over the country. I currently reside in the southeast & play to an 18 HCP. Shoulder and elbow injuries suffered over the last few years have limited my ability to get out consistently. Healthy for the first time in many years, I’m really looking forward to this golf season and getting my index back down. While golf is my main hobby I also enjoy motorcycling and bikers have a saying “If you don’t ride in the rain, you don’t ride!” It’s the same with golfing in the southeast, where we have daily pop-up showers that turn into torrential down pours during the summer-so if you don’t golf in the rain, you don’t golf! I’ve always wanted a coordinated rain suit, but never invested in one, instead keeping a pair of nylon pants from an old tracksuit in my bag and paired it with a pullover windbreaker. Suit Selection & Sizing: I had my wife take all the measurements suggested by Galway Bay on their fitting chart, for reference I’m 5’10”, 175 lbs. Selecting the unlined pants was pretty easy I just took my pants size and added 2” to the waist so they would easily slide over golf slacks and used my true inseam size. The jacket was a little tricky, as I have a very wide back which bumps my chest measurement from medium to a large, but I have narrow shoulders and a thin waist. Their literature suggested jump up one size if unsure on the jacket so I selected the large lined jacket. I liked the look of the all black suit with aqua blue accents so I sent my selection and sizes to the company. Galway Bay responded to my e-mail immediately and I had my rain gear the very next day! It help’s to live approximately 2 hours from the company! The original review was supposed to be for unlined pants & a lined jacket. Unfortunately, they don’t have a lined jacket so I was ecstatic when Galway Bay sent me a base layer vest as well! They sent me a medium vest informing me that they run a little large. So far customer service is exceeding expectations!!! First Impressions: The packaging is first rate with a box inside a box holding my hand selected rain jacket! The box has nice branding with the Galway Bay logo with the tag line “Never Quit” I’m hard to fit and rarely do all the clothes I buy online ever work out, but the custom sizing chart appears to be quite accurate. I’m glad I went one size larger on the jacket, as swinging a club with it on proved the medium would have been too restrictive. The pants fit well, both in the waist & inseam, and were easy to pull on & off over my jeans and with a belt they can be worn sans pants. The vest also fits well and is very comfortable. The material for the jacket & pants is lightweight & comfortable yet appears very rugged. The zippers all have pulls so if you are wearing rain gloves you can easily get into the pockets. That being said, the zippers were quite tight to pull open, not sure if that’s a function of the weatherproofing or just new zippers that will take a while to loosen up. The vest uses totally different materials and is more of a base layer than rain gear. It has two interior pockets, which are great for storing your phone & wallet. I would have actually liked to see an interior pocket or two on the jacket for warmer days when the vest is not an option. Galway Bay claims their rain suites are 100% waterproof and 100% breathable fabrics that won’t leave you sweaty & stinky like other rain gear. They also claim their jackets and pants are tailored to be as comfortable to wear in the rain as they are in the sunshine. Looking forward to putting those claims to the test over the next few rounds and practice sessions. I can honestly say I have never before wished for rain on days I’ve had a tee time, until NOW! Stay tuned!
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    I've been looking forward to this for some time: it is my 1,000th post on MyGolfSpy! When I first came to these forums, I certainly never would have guessed that I'd end up as part of the staff. But I found myself totally on board with the mission of main MyGolfSpy site, and in the forum, I found guys who get it. We share a fascination with the game, its history, its equipment, and with figuring out what actually works. Once I realize what a great community existed here, it was easy for me to want to do my part to help out and keep it going. With 1,000 posts, I'm not even in the top 100 for most content of all time. I think @Shankster has 1,000 posts every couple of months. But I'm glad to have found this place, and look forward to the conversations for the next several thousand posts.
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    PROWLER VT Never ever start a review without first giving credit where credit’s due.. A very sincere thank you to both MGS and Lynx Golf for allowing the 8 of us to take part in what could possibly be considered an historical resurgence in golf. Anybody reading this has to have some level of interest, knowledge, nostalgia, recollection, or whatever you wanna call it regarding Lynx golf clubs. When Lynx was in its prime circa early 90’s, I was a teenager. Needless to say, golf to me in my teenage years was just a game unfortunately. Even in my oblivious innocence, I still knew about Lynx Golf. Me and my game in a nutshell.. except I’m allergic to nuts.. So maybe me in a taco shell.. MMMmmm tacos I’ve been playing this game since about the age of 12. I’m completely self-taught with only the help of the University of YouTube. I’ve got a nearly savant-like obsession with all things golf. Before I got married and started a family, my attention was divided between multiple extreme sports and semi-dangerous hobbies like dirt bike racing, snowboarding, and Muay Thai (Thai Kickboxing). I’ve pretty much packed all of those things up and golf is what keeps me sane.. well sort of. If you happen to watch any YouTube instructionals, Mark Crossfield, Rick Shiels, Me and My Golf, and Chris Ryan are my personal instructors in my living room after 8 pm when the kiddos are out cold. Most days I’ll shoot mid to low 80’s on most of my par 72 home courses. I live in Chandler, AZ (PHX area) where it’s not uncommon to have a good 10 home courses in regular circulation. Just recently, I’ve been able to break through a barrier that I’ve been stuck at for a couple of years and shoot into the high 70’s. I don’t have an established handicap but I’m thinking that maybe late 2019 I’ll start holding myself to a higher standard and register. I would say that my typical ball flight is pretty high but with distance. I’ve got a decent understanding of ball compression and hip-core-shoulder rotation. @Golfspy_CG2 can attest that I’ve got no problem getting the ball up in the air. I’m not really horrible at any particular golf skill.. but I’m not particularly great at any of them either. I’m definitely not content with my game and probably never will be. It’s just how I am. My typical miss is a left pull with both my driver and irons. If I have to say that I have a strength, it would probably be my wedge play from about 120 yds on in. Additionally, I do feel that when my driver’s firing, I’m pretty OK there too. My irons are seldomly hot or cold.. they’re usually about lukewarm. I think that maintaining consistency is my biggest area for improvement. I’ve been told that my swing tempo is rather smooth. I might be what some golf commentators would call “sneaky long”. By the video, you wouldn’t think that my avg. driver swing speed is around 112 mph. All that aside, my biggest objective this year is to improve in consistency and control. My go-to club for 145-150 yds is my 9i @ a traditional 42*. I’ll pretty much golf with whoever can go. I’m a pretty easy going fella that just likes good company. For years, my dad’s probably been my most consistent golf buddy but over the past year he’s had some physical limitations rear their ugly heads. He’s recently however undergone a very successful hip replacement surgery. Tomorrow (7/27/19) in fact will mark the first golf outing in about a year for us and I’m about as excited as anyone could be to see my pops get back on the course. We’re only playing 9 holes at an exec but it’s a huge step in the right direction and I’m jazzed about it. WIMB Driver: Cobra F8+ with / UST Proforce V2 Black Cobra Amp 4 wood / UST Elements Chrome UDI: Dynacraft 18* / UST Proforce V2 Irons 4 - GW: Maltby DBM / Nippon N.S. Pro 950GH (S) Honma 48* Wedge Wedges: Bridgestone Tour B XW-1 56*, 60* Putter: Cleveland HB #11 / Superstroke Flatso 3.0 Current Irons My whole life, I’ve been somewhat of a non-traditional traditionalist.. wait.. what?? I like classic, clean, and simple things.. but I also like to wander off the beaten path to get to where I’m going. I play a set of irons designed by a guy named Ralph Maltby (no relation to Roger Maltbie). You’ll find me blubbering about how much I love the clubs all over MGS. The club model is called the DBM which is a nod to the actual process of pigmenting the steel black. It’s a very clean and basic looking cavity back soft-forged club. I would say that it falls on the “better player’s” side of the fence but doesn’t limit itself to just single digit shooters. I feel that I can play the club well even with my abundance of inconsistencies. As you can see, the heel to toe profile is maybe just a tad longer than the VT but with a much slimmer top line. The graphite black pigment is actually implanted into the steel and wears very well. Family I’m married to a wonderful woman (Amber) who only does her best to try and understand this sickness that so many of us share in this underworld of golf. We just turned over 9 years of marriage in June. We have 2 little ones. Kaylen is almost 7. She accompanies me to executive courses and enjoys putting. She hasn’t picked up the game completely yet but by her own request, we’ll be getting her started in the junior league this year. My little guy Logan is not quite 2. He’s definitely my dude. He somehow has an acute understanding that daddy’s golf clubs may as well be his younger sibling and my 3rd child. Whenever the clubs are out, he can’t help but try to snatch one, and in the event that he gets ahold of one, take cover!. I look forward to the day when I can get both of my kids out on the golf course. My wife Amber looks forward to that day as well. Enough about me I was chosen to review the Lynx Prowler VT. This has been a rather interesting group to be a part of up to this point. The interesting part is that we’re reviewing sets of clubs that come from a company that hasn’t really been a presence in golf for quite some time. Research material has been slim to almost non-existent to say the least. The only opinions that any of us can have up to this point is based on what we see in the few pictures available on the web. The Lynx web site has been about 50% functional and the amount of detailed marketing on these clubs has been.. well let’s just say scarce. From my understanding, Lynx’s intent over the next couple of years is to creep slowly back into the industry and eventually settle themselves back amongst the giants in due time. This is why this particular opportunity to me is so interesting and unique. As a testing group, we’re not just simply reviewing another version of a club that already existed from a familiar company that has an established presence. Were reviewing clubs that have no predecessors and from essentially a brand new company. Sure, past Lynx models have shared the same names (Black Cat/Prowler), but this is still new territory for Lynx with these particular tech-infused designs, and in a space that that they haven’t been a part of for so long. Will their claimed technical features be ahead, on par, or behind what today’s OEM’s are doing? it’s presumed that these reviews should have some very important and influential eyes tuning in. Delivery/Unboxing Unlike my counterparts, I was lucky to have the box show up relatively unscathed. The packaging left a bit to be desired. Being that the sticks were shipped from across the pond, I might have expected some foam separation or something just a bit more robust as I've seen in so many other reviews. Instead, the clubs were simply protected with crumpled up packing paper. The individual heads were shrink-wrapped in plastic so there didn't really appear to be any issues with shipping wear. Looks The Prowler VT’s define “classic” appearance. As you can see, they are clean, simplistic, and just everything that hundreds of years of golf history and present-day tech can put into 1 single club. The heel to toe profile is actually a tad more compact than I was expecting and I absolutely love that! Top line is a bit thicker than what I’m used to but with the compact profile, it doesn’t put me off in the slightest. Offset is next to nothing and uniform throughout the set (another plus). 8-PW are a little more rounded in shape which does make the clubs look slightly bigger but not out of place with the rest of the set. 3-7 are just perfect in every way. Tech & Stuff The Lynx VT is a hollow design similar to the Ping i5 and Titleist T-MB. As the name suggests, the face is a “Variable Thickness” construction. Both the leading edge and top sections of the face are thicker than the center to help add extra support on off-center hits and for better positioning of MOI (moment of intertia) therefore adding an extra element of forgiveness. The club is a 2-piece construction with what is rumored to be a 1020 soft forged face combined with a cast body. As you can see in the pictures, the face also has a bit of texture. It will be interesting to see how that texture interacts with the ball. From the tech specs that I could find, the lofts are about 3* stronger than what I’m used to playing so distance and gapping will definitely be talking points. The clubs come standard with some nice KBS Tour 90 Shafts. In waiting for the clubs to arrive, I had a chance to demo the shaft in a Titleist T-MB. The shaft itself feels very smooth and seemed to be very consistent. Height was maybe even a bit more than I’m used to but time will tell how these clubs perform with this shaft. Testing Objective I’m really not interested getting any more distance out of these clubs. My hopes throughout this testing are that I’ll be able to improve my consistency by possibly slowing things down just a little. If I’m able to maintain my current distance per club while finding the center of the face more often, I’ll be a very happy man. Ultimately the questions to be answered through this entire segment will be: Is the Cat really back? Is it ready to be a fierce predator again? Or is it merely a domesticated house cat with only bits and pieces of its original DNA? Teaser At this point we’ve had the clubs for about a week. Would anybody guess that most or each of us at minimum have had the clubs to the range and/or played a round or 2.. Bet your boots we have.. There’s something special to be said for the top end of the set..
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    After long last, late last week I finally took delivery of something very, very special that I'd like to share with you all. Way back about 8-9 months ago, I was futzing around on-line one Friday and got a notice that MGS was "going live" with a "closest-to-the-pin" contest on their YouTube channel. Curious, I tuned in to watch Adam and crew at MGS HQ preparing to see who could get closest to the hole on the simulated floating green (#14) at the Coeur d'Alene Resort. They were asking viewers to participate and submit their guesses for the closest shots in order to win some prizes. I believed I simply typed in 5' and sat back to watch the fun. I really didn't pay too close attention to the successful shots, but more enjoyed watching these guys make their attempts in a variety of ways. A few days later, I get an email from Adam stating that I had indeed won the grand prize...A custom wedge from the Wedge Wizard himself!!! I was absolutely floored! Not long after, I was in contact with Jacob (the Wiz) and we discussed model, options, design and all the good stuff that goes along with a "blank check" like this opportunity and off we went. Long story short, and after some unforeseen delays and hiccups, this is what I was presented with... She's a PING Glide Forged and as you can see in 60* with 8* of effective bounce. Her transmission is an Alta CB 83g graphite mid-launch shaft paired up with a Dyla Wedge grip making for a D5 swing weight. Jacob actually included a nice hat & tee shirt from his shop as well which are super cool! Wall hanger? NO. I actually swapped out my Glide 2.0 58* with it because I just had to play with it yesterday and what can I say...She is AWESOME! Butter smooth and did everything a hacker like me could ask of it. I had a bunker shot facing me after my tee shot came up short at the par-3 8th. My ball was lying on the flat and with a fairly clean lie, but the bunker was below the hole with a pretty sizable lip on it that is kind of like a hump. I only had maybe 20' to the pin and some green to work with behind it should it go long. I lined up and reminded myself to follow-through and actually executed the shot correctly. The ball popped up, landed just beyond the lip and rolled out to about 5' away from the cup. Made the par. Made a few other shots with it that were just off the green and wow did she ever perform! Are you reading about the next Seve or Phillip? Heck no! But what a club!!! Thank-you so much to @golfspy X, MGS and Jacob "The Wedge Wizard" himself for making this happen and giving me a unique and truly awesome stick! For curious (or the sick), below is a link to Jacob's website. He does fantastic work and is one Hell of nice fella to work with if you are looking for custom work. Cheers all and thanks for viewing! https://wedgewizard.com/
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    Some impressive first rounds on the North Course yesterday it will be fun to watch. Oh and this happened. Shook Tigers had Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Bah, humbug. Not falling for it. It’s a great place of tight knit folks. I was looking on another website and they had 15 pages of, “Oh, boy! I can’t wait to see the new Epic Flash! Oh, boy! Can’t wait until we can post more info!” Give me a break. You want to be involved in threads with OEM fanboys that PURPOSELY never post a REAL review? Man, there is PLENTY of fluff out there for folks that just want activity. But, I’ll bet good money that folks who think we’re “dying” will be posting within 10 minutes once testing opportunities hit after the PGA Show! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Been a busy couple of days gang. Spent Monday at the Tour Edge Media Day at Lake Nona - with presentations by Lamkin, onCore, Finn Scooters, Seed Golf balls, ShotScope and a few others. Got to see the new Tour Edge lineup - and as always it’s quite good, and the EXS220 3-wood is definitely going in the bag. Your faithful MGS team placed second in the Texas Scramble with a 10 under - we lost by one [emoji17][emoji17] Demo Day yesterday was unbelievably cold and windy - but still a good time as always. Most interesting things to me: the new Honma TR20 lineup - both irons are seriously legit and the driver sound and feel was fantastic - I’m also a new found believer in their Vizard shafts. We also took the Wilson 8-iron challenge - they were stung by our ball test and while they said yes, soft is slow, that doesn’t mean soft is short. We hit the new Duo Soft + head to head with ProV1 - Harry hit them both the same distance, Chris gained 4 yards carry and I gained 2. Point made. They did say the whole point wasn’t to show that everyone should play a Duo - for better players it won’t spin enough on the green for them. But as we all know an awful lot of ProV players probably shouldn’t be - and that they won’t be losing Distance with Duo. Chatted with Lynx for quite a while A they definitely fixed the sound and feel of their switch face driver. Last year we only had a few shits with it - and the sound wasn’t quite right. They had hoped to release it last April, but sound issues and R&A/USGA issues got in the way. They fixed both and it felt very very good and seems to perform as well. Lynx also introduced a really fascinating new line of junior clubs called Ai. Watch out for these - they did something truly unique. SQAIRZ golf shoes was intriguing as well. The New Hampshire based company says it’s shoe is made for stability and both Chris and I tried them on. Just standing there you felt more stable and they seemed to keep you grounded during the swing. They felt very comfortable, but the looks might be a bit polarizing. The square toe and overall large,uhhh, footprint made it look an awful lot like a cross-country ski boot. Didn’t bother me much, but it will probably annoy some. Japanese OEMS OnOff, Fourteen and PRGR we’re together on demo day - you want soft forged irons, look no further. And speaking of soft forged irons, the Mizuno MP20 HMB’s are an early contender for bag status. Oh. My. Gawd! Here are some pix. The show opens today - I’ll be attending the KBS breakfast, a couple of presentations on pace of play and visiting as many booths as possible. Tonight will be an Orlando Magic game with Golf Pride. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    2019 wasn't ideal for me on the golf department. Handicap essentially remained unchanged. I didn't practice anywhere near enough to get better. And I didn't play in any tournaments. And it was a bit rough in the personal life as well as my wife was diagnosed with skin cancer (thankfully it's been removed and all looks good), my mother in law was diagnosed with liver cancer, and my grandma was diagnosed with throat cancer. Cancer can suck it... But I will say the birth of our little daughter has been the gift that keeps on giving. I love her so unbelievably much. And the start of my new business venture has done alright so far, and I'm hoping it takes off after the holidays. Life is a lot of ups and downs...and no matter your situation, things sometimes come hard and fast. But I've learned you do your best, and move on the best you can. I'm welcoming 2020 with open arms and an open mind with both my golf game and life in general. I'm planning a more focused practice/playing schedule and time with family. And of course putting my heart and soul into a business I believe in more than anything. Here's to a great 2020 for all. [emoji3531] Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Lot’s of new stuff! Also new Cally Rogue driver on the way In Florida this week on vacation [emoji1303][emoji631] Bag this week: Ping G400 Max Callaway XR16 4 Wood Callaway XR Steelhead Hybrids 3 - 5 Tommy Armour Atomic Max Irons 6 - GW Cleveland CBX 50 Wedge Cleveland Sureout, 62 Wedge Evnroll ER5 Putter Coming SOON Callaway Rogue Driver! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Yeah so this just happened today. My best round ever !! And even had two putts that lipped out. Very well could have been 73. It was one of those days where driver was great and putter was spot on, irons where their usual. Now that I know it’s possible, it’s really gonna suck when I head back to mid and upper 80s [emoji17]. But I’m going to stay optimistic and say it’s 70s from here on out [emoji16].
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    69 9/14 fir 14/18 gir 30 putts One of the better ball striking rounds I have had. Even my misses were good. Dist to pin on gir was 21.4 ft. Dist on all approaches was 24.1 ft. I’ll take that all day everyday. Focusing on slow takeaway and making sure tempo is good during transition.
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    It is a great privilege to be chosen to be moderator here at MyGolfSpy. I've been an active member here for just over a year now, and am convinced that this is the world's best golf forum. Most of the time, the moderators here are regulated to Maytag repair duty, at least as it relates to moderating conversations, simply because we have such a great community. But that frees us up to plan ideas to continue to improve and expand the forum. So I'm glad to be at your service! My current Twitter account is @mpatrickriley. I've also reserved @GolfSpyMPR, which I'll use exclusively for golf-related stuff (if you're not interested in theology and my kids).
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    The weather has turned to fall here in Michigan, and I’m ready to bring my golf season to a close. We’ll have at least one or two more weekends of decent temperatures, but with the amount of precipitation we’ve already received this fall, and more on the way, my course isn’t looking like it’s going to be fun to play (if it can be played at all) for the remainder of the season. Despite playing golf occasionally for as long as I can remember, 2019 marked the first time I took the game seriously. I set a high bar for 2020 in doing so. I played 51 total 9/18 hole rounds this season, and I will finish the year with an unofficial (self-calculated) handicap of 11.2. As a more tangible measure of progress, I went from routinely shooting in the mid-90s to being most often in the mid-80s, with a few lower rounds sprinkled in. In August, I shot 79 to break 80 for the first time in my life. I’m starting this thread as a way to centralize a lot of my thoughts throughout the offseason, and I’m hoping it turns into more of a “state of my game” post (similar to those by other members) as we move into next season. I have some goals in mind for next year, so I’m starting this thread in part to keep me better focused on that quest.
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    Just looked up MGS on Laptop and noticed 7,002 Posts! I need to get out more [emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Just placed an order for a full Skytrak home set up. Hope it get's here by Christmas so I have something to do.
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    Stage 1 Personal Questions: The black cat likes the Black Cats!^ Hey everyone, my name is Alex, and I am extremely excited to be chosen as a tester for MGS and Lynx! Growing up in Maryland, I played lacrosse and hockey (ice and roller) 6-7 days a week on various club and school teams – and probably played golf once or twice a year in high school. I started getting much more into golf in college, where I was able to play all the time for low low student prices. That was about 6 years ago, and I’ve been doing my best to play weekly (weather permitting) ever since. I am currently playing in the Richmond, VA area, and just joined Meadowbrook CC south of the city. About a year ago I started to become more serious about my game, had a few lessons, and am starting to figure out some swing troubles I have had since way back when. Generally I am the type of golfer who will have a great day driving the ball, but miss-hit everything else OR vice-versa. The classic “woods, irons, and putter: pick 2 to hit well” situation. My favorite thing about golf is how frustrating it is, and how rewarding it is to figure something out, make a tweak, and see the results right in front of you. The competition doesn’t hurt either. Golf Questions: My handicap hovers between 13-16. My typical miss is currently changing, as I have been taking some lessons. BUT my biggest issue is swing path. I have an over the top out-to-in path that I am trying to correct. So slices to the right or pulls to the left were commonplace. Now my typical miss is either a pure slice where I let myself go back to the old swing, or an overcorrected hook/draw. I’ll pull out a 7 iron to hit a 150 yard shot, my ball flight is typically high, maybe mid/high. I’m beginning to realize the strength in my game is actually mental toughness. I am just now seeing how one bad shot will DESTROY the entirety of most of my friend’s games – for sure not the case for me. My weakness has always been consistency. My irons have been pretty interesting in the past few years. I own Adams Idea Pro Black Forged cb2 irons, and Cobra King F8 irons. Both kind of just fell into my lap with really great deals. I had never been fit for clubs before this experience. When I was selected to be a tester for the Black Cats, I went to Mulligans Golf Shop in the Richmond area (http://mulligansgolfshopva.com/) I would highly recommend seeing Matt there – super nice guy, very knowledgeable, and has all the newest equipment (I want to go check out the Mizuno line he has). Matt hooked me up to the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer, had me take a bunch of swings, and it spit out a bunch of statistics to his iPad where we talked through shaft options, flex profiles, lie adjustments, everything. I took those details to Lynx for my order. Typical Driver SS: 100-105 Iron/shaft specs: KBS Stiff shafts 1* upright +.25" First Impressions (I had the 8 and 9 irons mixed up in these pictures^) These pictures are to show the "black" color, set against a black visor 7 iron Foam port, 7 iron^ According to their website, the Black Cats are hollow body, foam filled irons (similar to the Taylormade p-790 and Ping G500?). Generally, these irons are supposed to have more of a players-iron shape, game-improvement iron forgiveness, and the foam is supposed to improve feedback and feel. This type of iron is something I’ve had my eye on for a while, and I think this would be perfect for a player of my skill level. My current Cobra King F8 irons are a little lacking in feel. The 5-7 irons are hollow body (non filled), and it pretty much feels like nothing if you hit it perfectly, and like you hit a rock if you miss-hit. So I’ll be looking for any kind of “feel” property that may come through with the foam filling (I’ll be able to compare this to my forged Adams irons). I was a little irritated they did not provide the gap wedge I requested. so I am still using the gap wedge from my Cobra set. After reviewing what the irons are “supposed to be” and looking them over (playing a few rounds with them) – here is what I’ll be especially looking for: The lofts of the Black Cats are much more “traditional” and similar to my old Adams Irons. Will I lose any distance? Maybe gain some? The grooves seem very shallow compared to my Cobra irons, will I be able to spin the irons similarly? Any impact at all? If these irons can be more forgiving (go similar distance on thin/fat/toe/heel shots) AND go at least similar distance when compared to the cobras, they will be the new irons in my bag! My testing will be conducted mostly on the course, and at the First Tee of Richmond. Hopefully I can get down to the MGS HQ and use some of their launch monitors to get some real data. I look forward to this process, and let me know if you have any other questions for me, I’d love to give my insight wherever possible.
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    I did it!! Finally broke 80 after 2 years. It was a goal in 2018 that didn't quite come to fruition. Made 80 a bunch of times but couldn't quite "break on through to the other side" [emoji445]. Funny thing was that I didn't feel like I was playing all that spectacularly.. but consistency was the key. Also, I found a new go-to when 80 yds out, on in to about 25 yds away. Nice low bump n scoot with a PW. This shot was absolutely money and way more repeatable and controllable than going high with my 60°. Hits the green, takes a couple quick skips and then stops on a dime! the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
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    I foolishly agreed with those guys at one point in my life even though my pro back in Wisconsin started by asking what my goals were because if they were to play on the champions tour I needed to hit the gym. Through lessons, proper fitting and the ability to play/practice year round once we moved to Florida, I got myself all the way down from 5 to below a 2. At 55 I was extremely competitive as a senior player in a county of nearly a million people. But age an extra weight, lack of fitness and extra weight caught up with me. I drifted from the mid 160’s in my 20’s and 30’s to the mid 180’s in my 40’s (not bad - just a little paunch like most middle aged guys). Not enough extra weight to impact my swing or my game at that age. But as I moved to my late 50’s stuff started happening, fast - work became stressful, 185 became 195 and inching towards 200, 205, 210. Suddenly I had a heart issue (genetically predisposed to it) and even though that’s controlled through an ablation and medication I was on the verge of diabetes. On the golf course I lost 30 yards and my scores as ended accordingly. Frankly I only played golf for social reasons, the fun wasn’t in the game anymore, it was in spending time with friends. It was in one of those round after failing to carry a pond that I could hit a 5 wood over five years prior that a long time friend asked when the baby was due. That was late January of 2018. When I stepped on the scale at the start of my fitness program on February 4th I weighed 209 buck naked. My goal was to get back to 185. I got there by late April and didn’t stop. I got to my college playing weight 168 for my 62nd birthday in October and weighed 165 on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter so I’m maintaining. Had a physical two weeks ago and my doctor flipped out. She said I’m a totally different person than the last time that she saw me - blood work great, BP 110/68 vs 130/85, sitting heart rate 64 v 85. I told her I was working on moving the needle a tad lower to 162. She said great idea but not too much lower than that. Weighed in this morning at 161.9. Who cares about golf, fitness matters for life - any argument against it is foolish. You owe it to the people whom you love and yourself to stay as fit as possible. But since the question was about golf - I’ve regained 25 yards with driver, a full club plus with irons - my last four rounds I’ve shot 77,70,77 and was 2 under Sunday afternoon when the rains came. One of those rounds was competitive the others casual. I’m being accused of sandbagging i my leagues - I’m not - it just takes a bunch of 9 hoke rounds for the handicap to catch up - I was a 9 (for 18) in one league and a 7 in the other so getting 5 and 4 a side. It absolutely matters but golf is the least of a person’s worries. This from a guy who will be burying a non fit 59 year old on Saturday. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Had my first Hole in One and a personal best of 82. So yeah, played pretty well. Drove the ball well. 10/14 fairways. Solid approach for most part 8/18 GIR Wedge play was stellar. Of the greens I missed I probably was within 10 feet on 4 or 5 of them. Putting was solid but not spectacular 31 putts
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    It's my happiness....every single day. I know I've posted it before... But I can't shake the feeling. [emoji3531] I love being a dad.... 2 months on Monday. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Round Recap - April 6th Best weather of the year thus far in New Jersey on Saturday. Temps hit the low 60s, it was sunny and there was no wind. Perfect day to get out and play 18 with the G410 I played with my brother in law, who is a former assistant pro and we hit our clubs similar distances. On the first hole, BIL teed it up first. We were playing from the blues and it was a short Par 4 playing 337. He hit a beautiful baby draw right down the middle. Put the pressure right on me. I followed his up with a baby draw of my own. The drives looked similar from the tee, but when we got up to the balls they were definitely different - I was 25 yards passed him! My first drive ended up going 307 yards (GPS measured). The Ping G410 made its presence known early. As the round continued I was continuously impressed with the G410. What really stood out to me was performance on low-face hits. There were a few that I didn't quite catch, but ended up much further than I expected. Another thing that really stood out was the fact that I didn't miss the left once all day. I pulled the G410 10 times and I hit the fairway 5 times. The times that I did miss the fairway I actually missed the fairway right! Some of this was me being used to over draws and aiming right to compensate. I had the G410 set to fade and in the flat position so it is set up to be anti-left and things definitely played out that way. If things continue like this over the next few rounds, I might have to move to a slightly more neutral setup to see how that changes things. As I mentioned in my shaft testing post above, I would have no problem gaming the Ping Tour shaft as my full time shaft. I was long, I was hitting fairways, and my misses where always in fantastic shape. It is nice when a driver gives you confidence like this. That being said, I cannot wait to game the G410 Plus with the Accra TZ5. Based on what I saw in my fitting, it the shaft really is an ideal fit for me and will fully unlock the performance of the G410 Plus.
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    ... I will admit putting can be unique. There are many ways to get the ball to roll into the hole. But there are also many ways to almost assure that ball will go anywhere but the hole. When I taught golf I gave a free short game lesson with every 5 lesson program. By far the biggest mistake I saw and continue to see is golfers breaking down their wrists, especially the right wrist for a right handed golfer. In the old days when greens were shaggy and slow, a pop stroke where the stroke was a flip of the wrist and it was successfully used by some on tour. Some were legendary putters. There are 2 reasons why this has a 99% chance of not working for you. 1) Pros roll hundreds of putts every single day and their feel and control is fine tuned and constantly maintained, so a flick of the wrist worked for some of them, but only with consistent daily repetition. 2) Todays greens are so much faster and smoother and it is very rare to see a Pro with a wristy stroke. ... I feel the best way to have a repeatable stroke is to allow your arms to hang naturally, then just like a pendulum, swing them back and forward the same length and same tempo going forward as your tempo going back. This gives you the best opportunity to hit your putt the same distance over and over again. Breaking your wrists and flipping them thru impact means every stroke is different because it is impossible to have the putter head pass your hands at the same spot on every putt. I found that even though hanging your arms naturally is the best way to putt as well as the most natural, for a myriad of reasons both physical and mental, many students were not able to just let their arms hang. But regardless of how you decide to stand and hold your putter, it is essential to not have the putter pass your hands going forward. ... This is my favorite drill to fully understand, as well as instantly check your putting stroke. Take a white tee and put it in the butt end of your putter so the top of the tee is pointing at your chest when you address your putt. Choose a distance and then stroke a putt like normal. With the feel of that distance still in your head, stroke a 2nd putt but do not look at the ball. Keep your eyes locked onto the top of the tee pointing at your chest and stroke the putt with the same speed concentrating only on keeping the tee pointed at your chest for the entire stroke back and forward. Many of you will see the tee point left of your chest on the backswing and even more of you will see the tee point right of your chest just past impact. Some of you may not even know you do this. Many of my students were surprised how much they moved their wrists in the stroke. For those of you with a very good sense of feel, you may actually release the clubhead just a little going back as well as forward and your tee with still point to your chest but a little left moving back and a little right moving forward and that's perfectly OK. This is a drill you can do on your carpet at home, but it works best on a real green with a hole. Good Luck!
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    Greetings! My name is Doug, aka Sluggo42, and I am addicted to golf. Started flogging at the tender age of 8, pretty much the same time some floppy haired kids from England took the world by storm. So in dog years, that means I’ve been swinging the stix for around 55 years... woof... I grew up in Washington state, just north of Seattle where it always rains. Decided to come to California so I could golf, fish, and rock endlessly, because it never rains here. Turns out it does rain here, but much less often than it does in Seattle. The Los Angeles/Santa Barbara stretch is pretty well as nice an area as a person could ever find to live, although it’s expensive to live here. I never have been a competitive golfer which is strange as I was always a deeply competitive ball player. But I’m starting to meet some of the guys at the new club, and I intend to start playing in some of their “skins” games soon. I love this game just as I love every other game I play. I was blessed to have been born with good physical coordination, and have always been a good player at most everything. Executing a good swing, making a solid contact, and knocking the little white ball to an area of your choosing, just feels good. Managing these shots throughout the entire round and putting a decent score on a track is a very satisfying experience, a feeling that never gets old. Living here in “Gods Country” has been called the best climate, year round, in the world. I think it’s an average temp of 71°, with super low humidity. I can see the ocean from a few holes, as well as mountains on the other side. We’re finally getting a real winter after what seems like a 10 year drought, and it’s nice to see the rains again. Although as much as we need the rain to refill our reservoirs, I must admit I would like to see the sun again. With that Drought, it’s not like I had to suffer through many rainy golf sessions of late, so my current golf gear really consisted of an old “Snake-Eyes” pullover. The SnakeEyes pullover is designed for golfing, but it doesn’t really allow a swing with zero restrictions like the new advanced rain gear provides. The main problem in my eyes with my current rain gear is that they don’t “breathe”. It seems to turn into a sauna with hardly any activity, and that’s just not comfortable. I’ve had more “wet” rounds in the last few months than the previous 10 years combined. Since it appears the drought is over, the rains are steady, week after week, so I’ve had to play in wet conditions every week for what seems like a few months in a row now. With the lack of any decent rain gear, my tolerances are pretty low for playing when soaking wet. Also being an “older” gentleman, I also cannot take silly chances with getting soaked and cold for extensive periods, because getting pneumonia at my age can be a fatal mistake. When I go bass fishing in the rain, I’m wearing serious heavy rain gear that’s also insulated, with layers for warmth. So, I’m not bothered by that in the least. I’ve added 4 strokes on my handicap in the last two months due to “wet golf”. Also a new track, and new clubs can be included in the calculation, but the wet track has definately contributed to a few extra strokes. A long track plays even longer without any roll. The worst rain I ever played in was probably 2 years ago while playing a few rounds while my wife was a work seminar. I was in Riverside, California, and had been planning of this trip for a few months. I had to find some random golf shop to find that pullover rain jacket, and just went for it, verses sitting in some dumpy hotel or a bar for the day. Fortunately there were numerous large trees that I could park under during the heavier downpours, and the cart was pretty good shelter too. But, by the end of the second round, I was pretty well soaked to the bone. Some people would call that “stubborn stupid”. I would have to concur... So needless to say, I was pretty happy when this guy rolled up... I was actually expecting a larger box, especially as it was a pants and jacket combo, but it’s thin and light, so no problem. Ill leave you with a few teaser photos until the actual product review, which will be quite interesting, especially if you’re needing some rain gear... So for now, cheers!
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    Here is one of my #MGSTrickShot entries. I had other ideas, but Koby kept getting in the way, so I figured I'd give him some camera time.
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    A congregant gives us a time share on the beach for the week between Christmas and New Years. Here’s my view! Every year we grill brats New Years Eve and ring it in with friends from the area and folks that we see each year here. They come from around the world. Last year was the coldest year ever. This evening it’s 78 and that weather is supposed to hold through this middle of next week. This beach is 20 minutes from my house and the same or less from my club. It’s not lavish but it has the Gulf, a heated pool, hot tub, grills, friends and memories. What more could a person want. You guys are all invited for New Years Eve. The fireworks are spectacular. So are the brats. I lived in Wisconsin once, after all. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Speak for yourself! You all can now refer to me as Dr. STUDque
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    Guys I finally did it!!! I put together a round that I am genuinely proud of. I was playing the way i knew i could play all along. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, I SHOT UNDER PAR. Granted it was on nine holes i still felt unstoppable. I am so happy and my game is coming along. My short game was great and it really helped me out with some clutch putts. I also missed a four foot putt on the last hole for birdie but i am okay with it. Below is my scorecard. After the round, i treated myself by getting my clubs regripped.
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    Hey GB13 there is a testing opportunity for a Wilson junior set. If you need a sponsor I’d be glad to do it. Just let me know? Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    This thread is one of the reasons I love this group of people - you guys really care about this forum and all on your own have formed a true community. @jaskanski - I appreciate your sentiments. This time of year almost always slows down, but it's important to remember back to about 4 years ago - that was a truly slow time for the Forum, but with the help of members who really cared, we got back on the right path. We're still true to our mission - to be the most open, honest and friendly place for real golfers to connect - an online 19th hole. Some other comments - yes, testing opportunities drive membership and yes, most of those people only come around when there's a testing opportunity. Trust me, the moderators know who the real players are and who are the ones just looking for free stuff - it's almost comical going through the applications and seeing names that you only see in applications. They may have 60 to 70 posts, but a little digging shows they're ALL applications. It's simple - be an active member of the community and you're likely to be chosen, basically because we know we can trust you. Also, this forum is almost always a "high road" type of group. We did have to ban a couple of troublemakers this year (my first bans - it was a rush!), but when alleged adults resort to the "Yeah, but what about what HE said" defense, it's time to act (seriously, I last had that discussion with my kids when they were about 8!). As adults, we all get that we're responsible for what we think, say and do and unacceptable behavior is always our own responsibility - again, that's why this community is different. We all have people here we gravitate towards, and there are people on the forum we just don't mesh with, but as long as we're respectful, we're good. One last thing - kudos to Stud, CG2, Stroker and MPR. You guys don't know how lucky you are to have these four guys running the show. They're doing a ton to help keep this forum on the path to continuous improvement, and you'll see the results of their work throughout 2019. These guys get it, and I'm confident they'll realize our goal of hitting 100,000 members. Happy New Year everyone, and here's to an awesome 2019 here at MyGolfSpy!
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