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    It's got me wondering how they'll do in the sun and if it'll be a distraction. I hope MyGolfSpy and Cobra do another Connect Challenge thread this year. It's always great, and I think this year will be very interesting. Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Don't see how that topline is much different than the W/S recent D & C lines. I stopped noticing anything with those top lines about, oh, 3 balls into hitting them for the first time. Feels like a lot of other golfers said the same.
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    We'll definitely be doing something with Cobra. And I'm sure it will be fantastic. They are always one eager to work with our members.
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    Played Black Horse today and was on FIRE!! shot 74, with 4 birds and 6 bogies... 180 out on 12 or 13, like the 2ond toughest hole, and I crushed the drive...?, anyways, hit a hybrid and it didn’t go in, gahhh
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    Been looking for a putter to do some experimenting with; I wanted something with adjustable weights so I could see how different weights impacted my stroke. Gone through a lot of putters in my golfing career, but never had an 8802 style putter. A while ago I saw Chisag's Bobby Grace putter and really liked the look. Found a used 6330 on eBay so I figured I would bid; ended up wining and the putter arrived today. Current headweight is 350gr so I am going to see if I can find some lighter and heavier weights to try and get the putter dialed in. Feels pretty head heavy so I may also try some counterbalancing. Looking forward to some winter fun.
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    My daughter's coming home from school for a week tomorrow, so I wanted to take her car out to run an errand just to make sure it was going to be OK after the cold snap we had. Sure enough, it won't start. I drove it a bit last week and filled the tank but the battery's down to 10% charge. It's actually the original battery in the 2005 Corolla, at that. Of course, pulling a battery with gunked up bolts in 30 degree temps while it's pitch black is just a blast. Only gashed my knuckles twice. Oh well, at least she'll have a working car tomorrow...
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    Didn't realize how much I have missed in this thread. Awesome time catching up on it. @Kirke's got a better lefty swing than I do!
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    I’m certain this was tweaked and tweaked until they got it right. Carlsbad gets plenty of sun and any testers likely would have addressed this had it been an issue.
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    I was supposed to play this afternoon when 2 things got in the way - licensing board showed up at school and then one of our kids had a seizure. By 2 we had passed our inspection and I had learned the kid was, okay, although this will be life changing for him. Too late to play I hit the range and decided to hit 3 balls with every club in the bag. (Okay I hit more drivers, 52 degree wedges and putters than that) According to ARCOSS I’m a plus handicap with driver - I don’t buy that - I’m no where near long enough (221 avg). But I’m extremely accurate and consistent for certain. I picked an exceedingly narrow “fairway” to aim 3 wood and driver towards. 2/3 with 3 wood, all 10 drivers in the “fairway.” The winner of club of the day though was 5 wood. All three were roped and two of them were higher than I ever imagined that I could hit a club with so little loft. All were over 200 on Voice Caddie Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    1) Play a bogey free round. 2) Lower handicap to scratch 3) Become competitive again in tournaments. These are the 3 goals I set for myself in September of 2017 for my golf game. And have devoted myself to achieving them. May of 2018 I injured my back, something that I still deal with daily. There are good days and bad days and sometimes it just depends on how I sleep as to which is which. 2018 was not a great golf year. Enter 2019, Jan I took my first lesson after beating my head against a wall trying to get rid of a two way miss. I basically spent the whole year working through that, I had 20+ years on swinging improperly ingrained. I have finally got my swing to the point that I want it and am now able to move into correcting other things. never thought it would take me so long, but I digress. 2019 was an up & down year. I reached 1.5 of my goals. I reached an index of 0.0 and was competitive in a couple of tournaments, not great but competitive. The bogey free round still eludes me. I had one round where I made 1 bogey and another where I had 1 double. So it's close, just not there yet. I played a lot of golf and enjoyed all of my rounds, got to play many good courses and even got out with a fellow spy for the first time. Almost any golf is good and 2019 was another great year for that. 2020 my goals are basically the same. I would like to keep the handicap at scratch for a longer period of time, be competitive in more tournaments and chase that clean card. I will be continuing with Fit For Golf training and will be taking a series of lessons in early spring when there is enough daylight to actually practice. Here's to 2020
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    I’m not so sure the target market for this GI type club is hyper-concerned with top line aesthetics.
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    Awesome. Just to add here is the top of the Matte avalanche driver. Obviously my camera skills are far from equal.
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    On Tuesday I changed out my bag... but left in my driver, wedges and putter. I went to the garage and added my old TaylorMade RBZ hybrids and my Ping i20 irons. It's been years since I've hit them. I hit balls on the range on Tuesday and Wednesday just to get used to them again. I hit the i20's pretty well; tended to hook the ball but better now. Beautiful sunny day today in eastern Washington, but a chilly 44º. My wife and I played a practice 9-holes, and we walked. One of the gals who works in the pro shop and is a local community college golfer joined us. My first practice round with this bag. The result? Two birdies, one bogey and one double (poor drive). My best front nine round this year!!
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    High total weight isn't always ideal. This has been the trend in the industry and as heads have gotten heavier people started counterbalancing to get back proper feel. The problem is that the higher weight will influence the stroke and potentially make it worse. Most people assume heavier leads to smoother which isn't always the cases. The idea behind stroke lab is to lighten total weight and use graphite to distribute weight to the head and grip to give that same feel.
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    Plsyrd 9 to a +4. Had a 3 putt and missed 2 short par putts. Very bumpy greens sfter some rain and frost delay,but shoukd had made them anyways. Git lucky on #9 which is my worst hole on the course. Smoked a drive dead center fairway which left me 126 to a center stick. So tough for me to get after this stick and I told my playing partner that I wil hit the green but spin it back off the slope to the fringe. Just what I did. Left uphill putt 12 feet short but made the long par putt. All my playing partners have no issue with this hole but they are low ball run the ball up players. Another gorgeous day in Oregon.
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    How's the recovery coming along? Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    I had a G400 crossover (3), tried real hard to keep it in my bag but it just didn't work for me. By the way I bought a 410 22* hybrid and LOVE it. The 410 (Tensi shaft) replaced an old G 22*. I'm getting narrower dispersion and more distance. 26* will be on the shopping list for next spring. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    I need to look at that fit for golf program myself. Now that I’ve been laying dead still on a couch or a bed for a month straight, I’m gonna need to do something to get back into some kind of golf playing shape for this coming year Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Uh oh. Sounds like we're having similar results!
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    That would work. I would personally just use screws from the top and bottom. Don’t thing you would be putting enough stress on it to break and I would care if the screw heads were visible on top. Or you could do like the picture and use angle brackets and counter sink the heads like you suggested for the ones that come through the top.
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    Reviewing the year, my biggest disappointment was not hitting the index target I set for myself. Second biggest disappoint was that I didn't continue my workout plans as intended. On the other hand I got 80+ rounds in and pretty happy about that given I'm 72. My drives are a big improvement - they're dead straight now, I'm more consistent with my woods and hybrids (re: distance and dispersion). So what do I need to do for 2020? It's really to straighten out my head vs. my swing. I still get bogged down when I have a bad hole and the recovery takes several holes. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    There's a big difference between thicker top line and a top line with a shiny checkered pattern on it.
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    ::raises hand:: Yep .. all those same kinda things here, too.... (along with some back spasms that refused to cooperate in playing golf the second half of the summer) But biggest problem, I think .. and possibly echoes PMookie's OP .. was all that "stuff" resulted in *not* fully enjoying playing golf nor being out on the course ... and _that_ resulted in a downward death spiral of further poor performance...... Good news is the last two times out (just 9 hole rounds) have turned it around and am back to enjoying being out there and am starting to hit the ball better.
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    I'd drill a hole big enough through one side of the square tube to be able to get a small socket down it to hold the nut. Drill a smaller hole opposite to accommodate the diameter of the bolt you'd use. Or, you could use pipe strap.
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    Agreed its about 1 inch plywood and a square rod. Just trying to figure out the best method to fasten it to the board. Also wanted to see if anyone had any prior experience with this type of aid. I appreciate Plaid's suggestion on another aid. The purpose of this one is more to feel the pressure shift and so I would like that "see saw" type of feeling this type of aid provides.
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    I have one of these (haven't used in quite sometime) but found it to be very helpful. Another thing is too many golfers get "up on their toes" too much. Certainly at address. Terrible position IMO. I used to try and make a couscous effort to slightly rock back (pressure) on my heels to ensure I wasn't on my toes. Makes a lot of difference in your ball striking. Toes - NO. Heels - YES.
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    Looks pretty straight forward. I'd say half to 3/4" plywood (probably don't need to add the grass surface) and half inch square rod screwed to the bottom.
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    Didn’t even make it 24hrs. Took a quick video and found that I was taking the club back too inside. Back to a nice baby draw. I love this game.... [emoji854]
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    Watching a little bit of the CMA Awards show reminded me of the Bluegrass Performance Band. Every Wednesday at a Rec Center they have from 1:00-3:00 the Bluegrass PB and it is a blast. Summer it’s OK but winter it’s gets great with some terrific musicians down to get out of the cold. Some of these people are self taught country folk others have appeared at Grand Ole Opry but ALL are treated as performer equals, it’s a great couple hours. Me & SWMBO will be there quite a bit. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I like it, all focus! Look at the hole to putt and look at the keys to play. What sheet music!?! Very nice Kirke Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Not about golf at all, but this is a thread about Kirke, and I'm a proud dad: My wife teaches all our kids to play piano, so she gets all the credit for this.
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    Good question. We certainly don't have an organized practice schedule for him. Undoubtedly, he'll spend time putting in the basement. He'll do some SkyTrak time as well, though he hasn't yet shown any tendency to be a launch monitor junkie. He likes to play golf, and doesn't have a ton of patience for playing golf swing. That's something I'm not looking to change with him. Hoping this off season to be more organized (for both him and me) doing SuperSpeed training. With his set last winter, he'd gotten the green stick near the mid 60s in speed; it would be great to see him crack 70mph with it this winter.
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    That’s pretty funny I once paid a lot of money for trumpet lessons with one of the top trumpet players in the Country. That was his teaching style - for $100 an hour in 1976! It was worth it just to stand next to him and hear him play - So what will Kirke do with his off season? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Kirke's shot of the day: a nice smooth wedge from about 45 yards that rattled off the flagstick: He also set a new best nine hole score on the back: a three under 33, with a bogey on the final hole.
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    I found that, in the main, Kirke is lousy at giving lessons. It's a lot of, "Come on, just do it like this," as if I'm not trying
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    After watching the course vlog I just have 2 questions for @Kirke. Do you give lessons? Also can you teach me this fearless putting stroke? That is all!
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    One of the great things I like, and I think you mentioned it in an earlier post, is that he loves to practice. Especially with him being so young, he is really grooving good technique which will hopefully help him of his confidence ever does get chipped. Another thing that really impressed me was how he can read greens as quickly as he does. He was just stepping up and always seemed to be on the right line. Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    While I haven't gotten to finish the video of the second part of Kirke's round, one of the things that really impresses me is the speed control he has on the greens. He leaves himself makeable second putts a lot. That putt from the fringe on 18 was just spectacular! Thanks for sharing these videos!
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    And here's the front nine (which we played second yesterday). He makes a number of bogeys early in the round, so we have to work through a bit of frustration, but he has another really nice finish:
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    Did something today I've wanted to do for a long time: I left my clubs behind, took a camera, and recorded a full round with Kirke. Here's the first nine that we played (the back nine at our course). Kirke starts out rough: a bad second shot on the first results in a double bogey, and a tree on the second adds another bogey. From three over, he battles back into the round:
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    It definitely does. Obviously, it varies. In the 7+ years I've lived here, the latest I've played is the week of Thanksgiving (and then it snowed about 6 inches that Friday). Normally, we can expect to play through most of November. I'm normally willing to play in anything over 45°. I'll go a little lower on a sunny day without wind.
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    Here's a great picture of both the boys from our evening round yesterday. Colors are already gorgeous up in our woods!
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    I think we'll do baseball next season. He's played a few years of 6U soccer now. Had his last game this past Saturday, and he scored five goals. He must get his athletic ability from my wife, because he sure didn't get that from me!
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    Jealous. Would have been incredibly handy to be a switch hitter. Not sure if baseball interests him at all, but sounds like he'd be a natural fit for it.
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    And here's another indication of Kirke's natural ability: Now it's important to clarify: Kirke has a level of ambidexterity. He eats and writes left handed. He plays golf and throws right handed. In soccer, he clearly prefers his left foot. But still, his lefty swing is cleaner than my right handed swing.
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    As if I needed more evidence that Kirke's hand-eye coordination is better than mine has ever been, here's his attempt at a Happy Gilmore from our round today: On a more serious golf level: we played 9 holes, and he parred all nine, taking 15 putts. And nice clean round.
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    If they're looking to improve their online presence, they should strongly consider getting someone else to run their social media channels.
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    Odd that the web site has no specs for the irons.
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    I got fitted for this driver 2 weeks ago and I am coming off playing the Wilson fg tour f5, which was a solid driver for me but it seemed to balloon up a little which didn't really bother me until I hit this driver. The flight on the f8+is just the most perfect looking thing on the golf course. It is really good in the wind also. I did notice that if I dialed it back that it tends to go a little left but that might also be a result of mt first round of the year. All in all I am now a cobra man. I am contemplating looking at cobra irons!


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