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    I received mine yesterday. I’m going to be a bit redundant, but it is a critical point. I caddie/coach/play and fit. My exposure to technology in Golf has brought me to a cynical beginning perspective. There was a time when I thought Trackman was the greatest thing since Titleist introduced the Professional. Nowadays I’m much more “it’s going to have to make the game better/faster on a $1=$1 basis”. In other words, I would spend my hard earned money with Arccos, I am impressed with Mizuno’s shaft optimizer, and I would invest in the company that is going to bring non-conforming equipment to the general golfer I meet that swings it 80 mph. I’m testing this against the whole arsenal. Bushnell, the best app’s on my iPhone, and Strackaline pin sheets in addition to yardages that are on sprinkler heads. It’s going to have to do a whole lot for me to say “go spend $300 and buy a yearly membership”.
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    And CPG comes through once again... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Alright, so I literally just got in the door from doing some testing on Trackman. I went by Haas Family Golf in Greenville, SC and spent some time with Daniel Clemmons, their in house master fitter. If any of you in the upstate SC area are looking for a fitter and/or lessons, give this guy a call. Very knowledgeable and super nice as well. Anyhow, results are below comparing my 6th gen Srixon ZStar vs the proto Bridgestone Tour B XS. CHS / Ball Speed / Smash / Launch / Spin / Carry Driver Z Star - 112.7 / 165.6 / 1.47 / 8.3 / 1909 / 263.2 yds B XS - 113.5 / 168.1 / 1.48 / 8.4 / 2917 / 280.2 yds 7 iron Z Star - 91.2 / 118.6 / 1.30 / 18.3 / 6966 / 166 yds B XS - 91.3 / 120 / 1.32 / 17.5 / 6725 / 170.1 yds GW - Note: was trying to hit my 100 yard approach, not full swing. I started getting a little flippy with the B XS in this comparison due to fatigue, which you’ll see with the numbers. Z Star - 81.9 / 79.9 / .98 / 27.1 / 10383 / 97.5 yds B XS - 82.9 / 78.3 / .95 / 29.2 / 10579 / 94.7 yds I realize 2900 rpm spin with a driver is a bit higher than ideal, but I’ve always had a negative angle of attack with my driver as you’ll notice with my lower launch angles. Today I averaged -2.6 degrees. But I picked up almost 3 mph in ball speed and 17 yards of carry. That’s including one that was low on the face and only carried 270. The other drives were all between 283.6-284.5. If I take the one low out, the avg jumps 20 yards. The feel off the driver is a touch firmer than the Z Star, but was negligible with the 7i and GW. Needless to say, I’m itching to get on the course with this revelation today. If nothing else, this has shown why ball fitting may be just as important as club fitting. Initial impressions: wow!
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    I hope so. Because with two replacement knees I won't be able to grab it and run.
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    anyone catch the Korn Ferry "mic'd up" stuff? I thought it was pretty cool..... that would be **awesome** to hear in a major coming down the back 9 for a group that was in contention !
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    I've been to the Kingdom here in Georgia, it is quite the experience. He will love it.
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    Something odd to see on the waiver wires: some guys who you can either claim OR trade for. A quirk of having four copies of every guy, but it threw me when I first saw it.
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    That was suprisingly quick. For those with Fowler, I am offering Justin Rose and Matthew Fitzpatrick and possibly $50 of my FAAB budget (I will spend it on whoever you want off of waivers in the first 2 weeks of the season). Let's start this season with a bang!!!
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    Happens and could be worse things in life. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The only thing I wished would have happened was the elderly gentleman would have whooped his a$$..
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    I remind my son regularly that I never thought he'd make it to 21 (because I'd kill him). Today he's an awesome young man so I can relate.
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    Yes, I'm running into that problem as well. Peak rates are now the same here, and I'm not willing to take time off of work to get the $35/hour weekday morning rates for simulator golf. As I mentioned further up in the thread, I'm also getting sick of sinking an hour into driving somewhere when I want to hit balls in the winter. I don't have an insulated garage either, but unless it's really cold outside it hangs around 30-40 degrees. I'd just need to be able to get it to 50 degrees to be comfortable, which I think I could do with a propane space heater (and a carbon monoxide detector for safety...). From the reviews I've read/watched on the original Mevo, as long as you use the dots on the balls when indoors, it is reasonably accurate. I love that this has the potential to be used both indoors and outdoors, because I know the SkyTrak cannot handle sunlight at all. The earliest I could think about purchasing this would be late summer, so I'm sure some of the early reviews will touch on indoor use before I commit to buying.
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    Might be time to finally add insulation to my garage and buy one of these. Seems like all the indoor places around me are starting to raise their winter prices due to high demand. Simulator golf is fun, but not when they charge $55 an hour. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Looks like I know what I'll be saving for this year...
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    Good morning All . . . Once again, thanks for your input to my decision process. Based on recommendation and cost, and the ability to actually get my hands on said club(s) to hit a bucket, I have opted to purchase the Tommy Armour Atomic MAX irons. I've read your feedback and researched all the ones you folks recommended, and the Atomic MAX faired best FOR ME. Again, I am an older beginner and I wanted a set of clubs that would be fairly forgiving and not break the bank at the moment. This set of irons includes the 4 - 9, PW, and AW, and with a Golf Galaxy discount promo applied to the overall cost, I was able to get a Tommy Armour Over N' Out Wedge for nearly $0.00, basically completing my iron set. Again, thanks for your input, and I anxiously await Spring in NJ to take these out to the links. Marty!
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    I just wish we could keep it on topic and stop griping... Jeez. Been going-on since Monday! “Y’all are grounded! Go to your rooms! If you can’t play nice, don’t play!” Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    This may be the first MGS thread to ever be d back to back Harlen Ellison and Matrix references.
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    Had another lesson on Friday and am very happy with where my swing is heading. We made a few tweaks to my takeaway, which means a few new swing thoughts to juggle for me, but the results were pretty staggering. When I started in November my path was very left, it's now 2-4 degrees right with a 7 iron. Toward the end of the lesson I was even hitting a bunch of baby draws right on the target line with a face-to-path of about -1.5. Pretty cool! Anyway, we've had a ton of snow dumped on us this weekend, so I couldn't get to the range to work more on the changes, but I took the time today to spend about an hour hitting foam balls in my 38 degree garage while on camera. I had so-so success, but by the end I was lining everything up correctly. Getting the change to feel natural is going to take some time, hopefully I can get out to the range again next weekend. The weather seems to always get worse over the weekends!
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    I am through 20 drivers (19 more to go) as part of most wanted testing. A few a just not for me due to poor performance.....PXG X, Titleist TS3, Tommy Armour 845, Tour Edge, Cleveland, and a few others. Mavrik, TM, Cobra are solid performers and could find a place in my bag. The surprise driver of so far is the Honma XP-1. Too costly for me, but it worked for my swing and my typical mishit (high/high toe).
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    Not a dumb dumb at all. Fantrax is more complex and less user friendly than most fantasy sites. The amount of options make it hard to beat for a league like ours though.
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    And of course I will take pictures when they show up. Told me a week or so and they will be at my house. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Dropping an updated 9-iron down-the-line video from today's range session. Swing Caddie claims 147 carry on 84 MPH swing speed. Feeling pretty good after today's session heading into tomorrow's lesson.
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    I watched the entire game (except for a 10 minute nap 3qtr) and got up at 5:30. Yup, I’m tired. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I am going to agree with you and Rev 110%---- Now I have always been able to hit long irons and still can--- But the top end of my bag has always been a little funny-- Back in the day I carried a 4 wood and a 6 wood ( 24*) but still carried and hit a 1 iron---- Now on the hybrid end I am sorta new to it---- I have finally found 2 I can hit---- That little Adams 24 in my signature I can hit several different shots with it and it has sorta became a go to club for me. the other week I found a Adams Boxer (on the scrap pile) with an Matrix Ozik shaft in regular. That is one ugly club. I saved it for the shaft because I have a Adams Peanut 17* with a stiff shaft I can not hit. Well I always try clubs I find especially for the shaft to feel what the shaft does and to see if I want to use it. I figured with the Boxer which is 20* and off set I would hook the snot out of it. First time I used it was out on the course on a whim and I scorched it. It is a fairway finder too and with practice I found I can hit several shots with it and surprisingly I do not hook it. For some reason I control and hit it further than I do the Adams 4 wood in my signature. So now the top end of my bag is pretty odd with no FW with 2 hybrids and a Ping Karsten 1 iron or a Tommy Armour 1 iron--- Last Saturday in a Dog Fight I hit that 20* 225 yards with the wind at my back on a Par 5. But on average I have been hitting it 210 or so. But yep I have always believed in set make ups that get the job done with no regards to lofts etc. Most of you that know me know I have always thought outside the box. I carry the 1 iron for 2 holes at the club I am at now but if it is wet Saturday I may pull it out and put one of my Persimmon 2 woods in--- Like I said I have never been conventional and never will be
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    So much fun! My back hurts for days after [emoji23]. My biggest thing about the SIM “reviews” so far is that only TXG (from those I’ve seen) covered the technical aspects of the head with TM, and then when they truly tested it vs M5, they built both of them to the same exact specs, and tested what the engineer had told them was different. They gave the numbers on dispersion, showed the standard deviation, showed the results from a shot hit high on the face and how it kept its spin up. Shiels only did ball speed and distance. Same with Crossfield. So, my point is that unless folks test what the company said they improved in the head and where we’d see differences, then the review, or opinion, is moot. No, we all won’t see significant gains, but TXG even says this... For Matt Blois, though, to pick-up TEN yards vs M5 AND reduce dispersion, and standard deviation, that’s HUGE! A guy that has the perfect fitting at his disposal shouldn’t see those types of gains. To me, his gains DO show the club is special. Especially when the two clubs were identically built..... That’s huge. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I felt really bad when he shanked that shot over the grandstand on 18. Downhill after that.
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    Don't look now, but guess who has the lead at The Bahamas Great Exuma Classic... perhaps the results of some late into the night practice? https://www.pgatour.com/korn-ferry-tour/leaderboard.html
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    Looks like a lovely place, but it would never be a place I could play, or even want to play. I read the Guest Rules, and they sound very "old school"; a private club for people with "old money". Even if you had enough money to join, members of this type of club probably wouldn't truly accept you. We had a private club here in the Tri-Cities that looked like a dog track compared to Aldarra, but new people that joined were shunned by old establishment members. They eventually left, but because new members stopped joining, the club eventually became semi-private to make ends meet. This club appears to have plenty of money available and maybe this club isn't like that, but when you have to be "invited" to apply for membership, I wonder. Then there are the usual club rules; not unreasonable for an upscale club, but prohibiting personal golf carts and personal push/pull carts? Also no practice on the course, only in designated practice locations. A lot of my practice time is spent out on the course... the best place to gain skill at shots that you can't practice in the practice area. I guess I am one on "those people" who just don't belong. I'd look elsewhere. Welcome to the forums though.
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    A disaster round today. 46/44 ... not one aspect of my game was working today. Drives were short, approach shots came up short, even taking the colder temps into account. Chipping was poor and putting was worse. I could not wait for the round to be over. Ball striking, in general, was really lackluster. Started the round with the temperature about 35 or 36 and foggy -- foggy enough that my rangefinder was rendered useless. Sun didn't show until hole 17 and then the temps began to get into the low 40's. I'd like to blame my poor play on the weather, but it was all me.
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    I can see how people like that, it's just not for me. I like a little softer because it feels hotter to me when you get a little "spring" feel? Hard to put into words. Driver looks amazing at address tho, sits a little open to my eye which always helps ease my mind into thinking I'm protected from going too far left. Yeah, I'm a fan of the crack sound it was making, reminds me of a baseball bat. It's a great driver and I'm sure it'll be a lot of people's cup of tea, just not mine.
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    Chipping Test Went and started with green side chipping today, the Bridgestone BX -vs- my Srixon Z-Star XV. The process went like this: 1) place "dotted" ball for Mevo 2) chip 3 balls of same make, and observe results 3) then clean club with wet towel and dry off, 4) rinse and repeat through the process. Test 1- (low spinner 54 degree wedge)I started with the 54 degree wedge, green side collar, low "check" type chips placed back in stance, that got about knee high or lower after the strike, this is kinda a standard go to shot around the green for me. These shots overall resulting in all chips coming to a stopping distance between 16-20yds (48' to 60'). The result initially was that the balls felt the same to me with no real differences noticed from one make to the other make. However, the first "2 rounds" of 3 (being 3 BS chips then 3 Srix chips being 1 round) I did take note that it was appearing the Srixons seemed to be stopping overall about 2 ft shorter than the Bridegstone. I took note that this seemed the overall result for "Round 1 and Round 2" with the 3rd round seeming to be a push. I noted this but did not put much into it, all things subject to strike. Test 2- (Mid trajectory 54 degree) Next test went 4 rounds still greenside with 54 degree (3 shots each ball), what I would call a "mid-trajectory" chip that went between waist high to neck high, and I pushed the distance out alittle placing a tee at 16 yds as an intended landing area only and then taking note of where the balls were finishing (and how). The balls all resulted in a total distance of around 19-22yds (57' to 66'). During this portion of the test I'd say I did not notice any difference in stopping power and the balls seemed to blend more together, however I would still think alot of this could be down to strike. The Spin numbers collected - Now I realize this is not a Trackman data set but Mevo is what I have and I was glad to have it for this, I set it to the "chipping" setting and collected data as I worked through the process seen above. The SPIN total results of those 42 chip shots (21 for EACH make of Ball) resulted in these numbers: Srixon Z-Star XV- Average spin of 7304rpm, High of 7592, Low of 5390. Of those 21 chips, 14 of those all being in the 7400-7500 each. Pretty consistent! (*Note, all subject to strike and low data sample however but looking for any trends) Bridgestone Tour BX- Average spin of 6942, High of 7554, Low of 5548. Of those 21 chips, 10 of those all being in the 7400-7500 each. (*Note, all subject to strike and low data sample however but looking for any trends) I tried to go get some 55-60yd partial shot 58 degree wedges, but we just had over and inch of rain the two previous days, and the the thin lies and dormant grass being soaked made this task with razor thin margins and not to mention I'd be there all day cleaning the face after each shot. Just to cold for that today and conditions not being correct. Tomorrow planning to play but not sure yet if I'll be "comparing numbers" or just throw the BX ball in play and just play and try it out. Yet to be determined, I really enjoy comparing products but I make it a MUST to do so on the same day
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    Well, you might have to just take a chance and see. Although, I'm not sure how well a Five Guys--my burger of choice--will travel via UPS. So one of us will need to make a road trip
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    We are making the trek all the way from rainy Oregon to the Show. My new owner wants to go the the NGCOA Business Conference that is held in conjunction with the Merchandise show. I finagled him into thinking that it would be good for the management team to make the trip, so we are all going!! As things stand now, I am planning on being at the Demo Day on Tuesday from 1-5. I wanted to go from 9-1, but there are a few seminars that I need to attend that are conflicting. Merchandise Show Wed am, Thurs am and Fri am, then leave for home on Sat at 0:dark thirty. If you are planning on making the trip, let me know... Always ready to meet fellow Spies.... N.
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    Like Chisag, I'm not going this year, a bit bummed about it. But my work schedule this week and next just didnt' permit it. Enjoy Demo Day, it will be a blast, but just be prepared for a really long wait to hit the Mavrik and probably Cobra. With TM not being there again this year, they will most likely attract the largest crowd. I'd be interested in seeing any pics you can get and thoughts of the Titleist T400. To see what it's all about.
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    @Kenny B Play Terra Lago while you're down there. Both South and North courses are good choices. I also enjoyed Shadow Hills GC.
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    Almost finished with my third week back in the gym. Every workout seems to require a little less effort, and I'm finding it easier to motivate myself to go. I haven't seen much change in my weight, but my expectations for that have been pretty low since I haven't changed my diet and my workouts are only 1-1.5 hours, 3 days per week. On the speed training side of things, I'm feeling a difference, but I haven't measured it with a real golf club. I'm trying to wait until I actually complete the first level of training to see what gains have been made. Here's a quick look at my last session though: Speeds look pretty good IMO for the normal swings, but struggling with the step-change drill. Either my timing and placement is simply off, or the swing just sucks - that's not a hypothesis, it's just plain fact lol.
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    Update: I drove to Scottsdale, AZ and had a Sams Puttlab evaluation yesterday. The process took just about an hour. I started off by hitting 14 putts with my face balanced putter and did pretty well. My normal miss is right and I the putts that I missed during that part of the session I missed right. My putter showed to be correctly adjusted for loft, lie and length. The recommendation was to change to a 30-45 degree toe balanced putter. Since I have a couple of blade putters that fit the recommendation, I tried one of my Scotty's. I hit 14 putts with the first one and found that I had difficulty seeing the correct line..putts to both sides of the cup and a couple of good putts. The data again showed that the putter was properly adjusted for loft and lie and length. I then tried a mallet putter with moderate toe hang. The first set of numbers showed that it needed to be slightly adjusted for lie..loft and length being ok. Once adjusted, I hit 14 putts with it. I think that the first 7 went in the cup before I missed one. All were very close. The difference was that for the first time I could feel the putter closing as it came to the ball without having to manipulate my hands or wrists to complete the stroke. I then tried several different putters (all with varying degrees of toe hang and weight). I hit all of them very well..some felt better, some looked better to my eye, but the moderate toe hang putters were easier to get on the line. I left the evaluation with a couple of insights. 1. Putter fitting is important. I have been fit for irons and Drivers in the past. This was my first putter fitting and I think that it is just as important as the others 2. Data is critical. The Sams data is very good because it is graphical in nature..you can see the lie and loft angle of your putter. You can see the path that your putter takes on the backstroke and the follow through and you can see how open and closed the putter face is throughout the stroke (mine is more open going back). It allows you to SEE what you think that you are feeling. 3. Finding he correct putter may or may not have a dramatic impact on putting performance, but it does instill confidence that you have the best piece of equipment for the task at hand. Now that I have some good data and have an idea of what I am looking for...I am going putter shopping.
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    I can confirm that trading with BnG can be VERY beneficial.
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    The SEC had a really good season this year, and we’re the best. Particularly the top 3 in the conference. They were very good. Would have been interesting to see what would have happened if Tua was healthy. That could have been interesting. I really don’t care who plays who, I just want to see good football. Like the Clemson vs Ohio State, and also Clemson vs. LSU. LSU was just the better team, they were all season and they deserved the win. You could see in the second half. Clemson just didn’t have enough. They played well, just got beat by a better overall team
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    Now, lets see how the social media rumor-mill negatively affects the program in the short term. The truth is, Fuente turned Baylor down for a meeting so, Baylor flew to Blacksburg in an attempt to change his mind. Local flight logs appear to verify that to be true. Winnings cures everything so, the new staff can make it go away very quickly by doing just that. Lots of new faces on that coaching staff. We will see how it all unfolds.
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    This was in an article on one of the golf sites today. Pretty good info, by club too!!! Good to have as a reference when playing in different temperatures. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Try to hit the Launchers regardless if you can. They might surprise you. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Who is your team losing and how do you think it affects the 2020 season? https://247sports.com/Article/2020-NFL-Draft-underclassmen-College-players-leaving-early-for-the-NFL-139685874/ For the Irish, Gilam, Jones, and Kmet are big shoes to fill - Kmet's the largest. But, we've got several TE's in the hopper and two filled in pretty well early when Cole was injured. Mock drafts have Kmet in a Patriots uniform... yuck .
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    Maybe yet another sudden death playoff? My money is on Rickie.
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    Same here, I've been using them for years.
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    Wialalea Country Club in Honolulu is very exclusive as well. They are the host of this week’s Sony Open. I talked about playing there with friends and strangers I met on the municipals. It took a while but I finally met someone who knew someone who new someone. After months I finally received an invitation. One round as a guest turned into a bimonthly outing. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Thank you and I am really looking forward to the opportunity. I will hopefully get a chance to get some rounds in beforehand. You can see my current WITB below.
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