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    My last two rounds from yesterday & today. I guess I wasn’t even paying attention today, because I didn’t even realize I had four birdies. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I’m a borderline politician when it comes to “hitting the streets” for MyGolfSpy. A handful of my pals adopted ShotScope V2 after seeing it in action - one of them even migrated over from Arccos. And that’s despite their awareness of my less than glowing review of the V1 system. (Note: I think the V2 system is a substantial improvement over the initial iteration) Same goes for the Bettinardi SS38 Armlock. I approached countless total strangers at local courses, explained the MGS community/review process and asked them to roll a few putts. @PokeForeLyfe is one direct example, although I’m not sure he’s still rolling an Armlock. Strangely enough, despite my overwhelmingly positive review and play with the Ping G400 LST, I didn’t see any evidence of it gaining traction with the people around me. But I also wasn’t pressing it into the hands of every stranger on the range. So I don’t know if my equipment gaming and entreaties to explore MyGolfSpy, necessarily meet an “influential” standard, but I’m hopeful that is the case. And I intend to continue drumming for MGS with the 100K goal in mind.
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    I used to play often in northern Wisconsin and learned a few truths: Geese don't move out of the way of your shot and geese, when bothered by you get nasty. Once had to abandon what should have been an eagle attempt due to 20 geese on the green, including one who must have thought the ball was an egg, My friends were not going to give me a gimme eagle, even though my ball was only 2' from the cup. That day I also learned how to cuss at my friend AND the birds!
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    I watched a BUNCH of Mike Malaska videos that are on YouTube, and I did some of the drills. With my back disease that I deal with, I’m going to look at transitioning to what he teaches. It seems like it will help save my back in the long run. The other two guys I’ve done lessons with, Bryan Pate, and Mike Bender, have so much body movement/rotation/extension that I actually HURT after doing their drills, or hitting balls, or playing 18. This is a big change, but for the sake of reducing pain, I gotta do it. Plus, having played tennis year round until I was 14, I really see his swing philosophy of hand action being pretty easy to mimic since it’s very similar to the old forehand I hit!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Tomorrow I start a 5 day marathon of golf, mostly within 20 minutes of home. It's for a local Aus golf forum's "National Championship" All 5 courses are rated in Australia's top 100. Days 3 and 4 are the main event, played over 36 holes, with the other days individual events. All days are being played as handicap Stableford format, which takes a bit of pressure off. Day 1 At my home club, Curlewis Golf Club. https://curlewisgolf.com.au/pages/first I hope local knowledge will give me a bit of an advantage. Day 2 Barwon Heads Golf Club One of Australia's oldest high end courses. Very staid, but a lovely course right on the coast. https://www.barwonheads.golf/cms/ Reasonably short, but can be seriously windy. The greens have a reputation for being some of the best in Australia. Day 3 and 4 13th Beach Golf Club https://www.13thbeachgolf.com/cms/ Beach Course followed by Creek Course. Interestingly (at least to me) the club is named after the adjacent surf beach, which is in turn, named after the 13th hole of Barwon Heads GC next door. The Beach course runs through some stunning dunes, whilst The Creek is on the inland side of the property. The Beach in particular can be hammered by wind, and both courses have fast and firm greens. Day 5 A short ferry trip to the other side of Port Philip Bay to Portsea Golf Club https://www.portseagolf.com.au/cms/ Another beautifully conditioned course, with lots of undulating holes. Plenty of social events go along with this, so it all adds up to a great few days. I'm not sure I'm up to 5 consecutive days of golf, especially walking every day except day 4, but here's hoping I can handle it. I'm still not sure about my swing and body but there was no way I'd miss this one.
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    My thoughts as well! We didn't even get to October before snowmageddon #1 hit. This is the remains of #2. I'm watching the Sandhill Cranes and Canadian Geese flying over everyday in a southerly direction... were it not for a flooring install job, we might have already left for AZ .
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    Played ok today, getting used to my physical limitations, after a poor round last week. My last round was awful, probably pre determined by a few things,, a good score prior, a network hack at work, and, sadly finding out that a member of my club that I had a great relationship with had died just as I was walking off the practice green. I shed a few tears with his brother, who is also a great bloke. My game was garbage, but sometimes golf comes second. This week I decided to pay a bit of a tribute to my mate. He was the opposite of me in dress sense, but very similar in attitude. I gave him the nickname of "Fifty", short for Fifty Shades of Gray, as he always managed to wear multiple shades of gray, with actual colour rarely getting a run. Our sense of golf fashion couldn't be further apart. Happily I played pretty well. Had 11 over playing off 10, with a triple and 2 doubles. Putted well, and drove it solidly. A couple of awful 95 yard sand wedges cost me a bit. Great weather and great company made for a really enjoyable day. Catching up with my late mate's brother after my round was a great finish to the day. R.I.P. Garry.
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    I have done a couple of tests for MGS. I did the Renegar wedges which were pretty decent after I modified them for me . Some folks that looked at them locally said they reminded them of the Solus wedges which they were basically the same thing. I remember a bud and mine were paired with a couple of out of town golfers and I was spinning the crap out of those wedges. One wanted to know if they were legal? I told him absolutely. He remarked he wondered. My buddy told him I could spin any wedge with my trap cut hitting style. I do not think these guys had any fine golf knowledge whatsoever because they looked confused. I do not think I persuaded anyone to buy them even though I tried. I felt a moral obligation to promote them since they gave them to me free to test and evaluate. The next test I did was the Original Nexus range finder and I still have and use the one they gave me. I know for a fact I was responsible for several locals buying them and using them. I can remember my bud down the road at the golf shop sold them. I was in there one day and mentioned the fact I was one of the testers on MGS and they looked it up. In fact they used all our reviews to promote and sell that unit. He sold a bunch of them As far as tests I do not do a lot of them because as you guys know I am into the older equipment. I also do not have the time anymore to test equipment like I do it. Also I do not apply much due to the fact I will not really use the equipment and I would rather another member that would actually need or use the equipment to test it Now I do like to read the reviews and take some pride in the fact I was chosen for the team that developed the testing templates for the reviews. Brings back pleasant memories of working with guys like Shawn and others on that team. Shawn and others did the actual set up on the computer I just added my opinion. But I will say every review I have read the Members have done a great and honest job.
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    I have only tested the Lynx irons for MGS and I must say that no one was really interested due to the name. To be fair most of my golfing buddies weren’t playing when I started so they never really knew the name Lynx. However with that said, there isn’t a round that goes by where somebody will ask what I have heard or know about some piece of equipment (usually drivers). I would say that on average I quote something I read on the blog, reviews, or from other users comments on equipment. This place is a wealth of knowledge and while perhaps not individually influencing on everything, the sum of it all is tops in my book! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I know that testing the Srixon Q Star Tours, I have had friends buy boxes of them and the Cleveland RTX 4 are in consideration for one buddy
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    An old farmer in Georgia had owned a large farm for several years. He had a large pond in the back, fixed up nice; picnic tables, horseshoe courts, basketball court, etc. The pond was properly shaped and fixed up for swimming when it was built. One evening the old farmer decided to go down to the pond, as he hadn't been there for a while, and look it over. As he neared the pond, he heard voices shouting and laughing with glee. As he came closer he saw it was a bunch of young women skinny-dipping in his pond. He made the women aware of his presence and they all went to the deep end of the pond. One of the women shouted to him, "We're not coming out until you leave!" The old man replied, "I didn't come down here to watch you ladies swim or make you get out of the pond naked." "I'm here to feed the alligator."
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    I think the member reviews are more influential than the Most Wanted testing. I have made purchases based off of both. My bag was a top performer for a couple of years. The guy I bought it from even advertised it as a Most Wanted bag. Members usually do a good enough job describing their game and preferences that I can tell how to take their feedback. If there are a lot of similarities or similar preferences, I consider their comments with more weight than someone who obviously favors something that I can't stand. I showed off the grips I tested to whomever would listen, but those are such a personal thing that no one was wowed into running out and regripping. I just had some people over last night and had the Cleveland Frontline out with some others on the BirdieBall green. One guy liked the old satin Elevado soft feel better. Funny, because that was why I dumped it in the first place. So I think the way the MGS reviews can help influence is that people state what they like or don't so well so the readers can be influenced correctly. "Gold Star -Goes Far" isn't that helpful to me.
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    I have two fiends that have bought Ping G410 max drivers this season. Also a friend who used tru fit to buy his driver. One of the Pros at my club is doing SuperSpeed. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I've long felt that, for the vast majority of golfers, lowering handicaps follows an asymptotic model - and that breaking into single digit handicaps is roughly where the curve starts to flatten. It stands to reason that the more time you invest, the better the chances you have in improving scoring stats. But simply spending time on the course is but a small part of the recipe for getting up that flattened portion of the curve. I think it often takes wholesale changes to one's swing mechanics - and that involves even more commitment in practice and playing time. I attempted a swing change in my mid 20's that ultimately had me so frustrated with the game, I gave it up for the most part. At the time I was playing to an 11-12 and really felt like I could (or should) be able to get to mid single digit. I may not have committed to it long enough (patience has never been my strong suit) and it became a trainwreck. I struggled just getting back to where I was and with other life happenings happening took a hiatus. I'm fascinated by those of you spies who have recently completed or are going through a swing change - even more, amazed when it works out! Unlike the pros who have dedicated swing coaches and can work on this endeavour as a full time job, most of us simply don't have the time. Or, by the time we do (have the time), our physical ability to make any significant changes to our swing mechanics is a challenge. I probably really need to consider a swing change if I ever hope to beat my lifelong best 11 handicap - but based on my prior experience, not sure I want to commit to it .
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    Snow is considered casual water - free relief, nearest point no closer to the hole.
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    Hopeful... that I can get to a single digit handicap before I'm done.
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    Didn't see that one. Just goes to show the adage is true... on any given week.
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    MGS Reviews have influenced me to not necessarily purchase an item but at least look at it seriously. I believe MGS Member Reviews are done by regular guys doing their best to give accurate unbiased information. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    You will never hear me dictate what someone else should be playing. I will give opinions on certain equipment and why it will or will not work for me. For me it is older blade irons and not CBs. But I have always been of the contention that there is no one etched in stone way to swing or play this game and that goes for equipment too. I know more mechanics on golf clubs than I do the swing. I have never been a student of the golf swing. But I can see how certain clubs can work for someone's swing and game due to the mechanical designs built in
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    I loved being a tester and hoped to be an "influencer" but very doubtful i was. I would love to test out a driver or some balls in the future or maybe a wedge. The process of being a tester is very cool. It gets you to think of equipment in a different manner.
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    Exactly. If I ask another player about club selection I really want to known if you hit the shot well and how far do you normally hit the club not the number on the bottom.
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    PING Blueprint and forgiving are two words I would have never thought to share a sentence .
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    Yes Sir. Nailed it. I even managed to pull a ball off the green with a 7 iron. Not lacking in the spin department... now I just have to figure out how to regulate it better.
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    Was able to get out this morning and spend an hour at the driving range and another half hour on the putting green! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Couldn't agree more with the entire post. Our problem is found in our used clubs are lefty clubs, and that used market is certainly best for the buyer. Hang in there @Kor.A.Door, that Ping is too nice of a putter not to find a new home.
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    For the record, I completely agree. Tiger is in a class unto himself. Maybe even regardless of sport. Jack Nicklaus and Bill Russell are the only other athletes that comes to mind who dominated a sport like Tiger did. I think money creates complacency with most people and that's where Rory is now. Complacent to the point of losing his competitive edge. In my opinion, Norman, Watson, Couples, etc. (as great as they were) were placeholders until the next Nicklaus came along. When Tiger came along, Els, Mickelson, Johnson, McIlroy, Spieth and Koepka became the new placeholders until the next Tiger comes along. Whenever that may be! But like Tiger, I think we will see him coming.....whoever he turns out to be.
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    Rory and Brooks were in contention while being paired together twice this past season. They each came away wit ha victory. In the Swamp Ass WGC in Memphis, Brooks took Rory to task with a final round 65 and a victory. Rory was the only player in the Top-10 not to break par, finishing with a 71 to come home T-4. In the Tour Championship, Rory closed with a 66 to earn the victory. Brooks struggled a bit with a 72 and finished T-3.
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    One other update I forgot to include: I mentioned at one point in this thread my goal of birdieing each hole at my home course one time this season. Here's how I did: Hole 1 | 435 | Par 4: Nope. This is a tough opening hole (rated the second hardest on the course. I almost never have a GIR here, which makes birdie difficult. Hole 2 | 267 | Par 4: Multiple birdies. This hole is a 90° dogleg left with no reasonable way to cut the corner. Normally, it calls for a PW off the tee and a GW on the green. Hole 3 | 170 | Par 3: Nope. Hole 4 | 482 | Par 5: Yes. For a par 5, it's short, which should result in lots of birdie chances. But wayward shots are punished hard on both sides (forest), so it's also easy to make a big number. Hole 5 | 330 | Par 4: Yes. Pretty straightforward, slightly uphill. Probably should have had more than one here, to be honest. Hole 6 | 368 | Par 4: Yes. One that I'm most proud of. Another difficult hole, with OB left and woods right off the tee, with a second shot to a very difficult green. Hole 7 | 200 | Par 3: Yes. This hole is massively downhill, but hitting the green from 200 and making the putt is always immensely satisfying. Hole 8 | 365 | Par 4: Multiple birdies. Pretty straightforward hole. Hole 9 | 419 | Par 4: Nope. Plays far longer than the listed yardage, normally uphill and into the wind. Hole 10 | 315 | Par 4: Yes. A fun dogleg. Hole 11 | 352 | Par 4: Yes. Guess what? Another dogleg. Hole 12 | 300 | Par 4: Nope! I'm stunned a bit embarrassed by this one. This is one of the easiest holes on the course, and I didn't even realize I had gone the whole season without birdieing it. Hole 13 | 367 | Par 4: Yes. Another very difficult hole requiring two very precise shots. Hole 14 | 363 | Par 4: Nope. Hole 15 | 142 | Par 3: Yes. A blind par 3. Hole 16 | 315 | Par 4: My first and only eagle! Unfortunately, my Game Golf battery died so I have no digital record of it. But I hit a nice drive and then holed out from about 65 yards for the big bird. Hole 17 | 287 | Par 4: Multiple birdies. Downhill, often downwind. The easiest hole on the course. Hole 18 | 553 | Par 5: Nope. Back uphill, into the wind. Several GIRs, but a heavily sloping green makes birdie here an accomplishment. So the final tally: 12/18. Meh. I birdied one hole I wouldn't have expected (6), and left several out there that I should have gotten. Looking forward to giving this another try next season.
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    No I wasn't if so they would probably all have ended in two pieces in the nearest dumpster. To be fair I have nothing against those who use them properly to retrieve their own ball that may be stuck in some thick sticker bushes but is easily in sight. But those who walk the perimeter of every hole with the retriever in hand ready to strike for any round white object they see, even 20 yards deep in trees or 10 feet off shore of a pond, are the ones I have no patience for. Trust me we see plenty of those at our course
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    The OP's deal sounds like it's too good to be true, even at $1.1K/year. Here in central VA, the cheapest place I can belong is our First Tee's executive (4600 yard par 66) course at $199/month for a family membership. No point in joining since I'm a volunteer coach and my daughter is in the programs, so we both get inexpensive access to the facility. Next cheapest place is a decent course for $215/month, but it's just far enough away to be inconvenient for a quick nine. I used to belong to a private club, and I really enjoyed it, but I always felt terrible about playing anywhere else, and I played so little in the winter months that the economics didn't work out. Also, it was an equity club, and I was terrified of an assessment. One of the greatest things about having a membership (private, semiprivate, public with all-you-can-play) is that going out and playing 4 or 5 holes after work is economically viable. More public courses need to follow the lead of Canal Shores outside Chicago and have a reduced rate for a 4-6 hole loop. Unless a course's 9 hole rate is next to nothing, people won't come out and play less than 9. And courses are losing a ton of revenue to driving ranges and to people giving up the game because they don't have time to play. Even if people don't have time for 9, they're likely to have an hour to play 4 holes every week, and that keeps them interested between infrequent 18 hole rounds.
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    ... Excellent replies from Pmookie and Plaid, From my teaching days I can assure you every student is different and unique. I loved when my students came to their first lesson knowing what they wanted from their lessons. "How much are you willing to practice?" ... "How much are you wiling to change?" ... "How long do you expect a change to become permanent" ... "How many steps back are you wiling to take before taking steps forward?" ... "Are you willing to play very poorly while the new swing takes shape?" ... These are questions I liked to ask before and during a lesson. Be 100% honest. Some admitted they were not going to practice, just play Saturday and come back for their next lesson. Some wiling to put in one day of practice and some practice every day. It makes a huge difference in how I would teach. I think one of the reasons I was so successful with word of mouth from my students is for the vast majority, I tried to help them do what they were already doing, just do it better. Meaning take a weak 25 yd slice and turn it into a more powerful 10 yd fade. Yes, I had some students willing to make huge changes and were willing to take a full year or longer with constant practice, but they were the exception. Most just wanted to make better contact, hit better shots and shoot lower scores. Not going from 110 to 79, but 110 to 90-95. ... And lastly, you should have a good rapoire with your instructor. I was a positive, encouraging, happy and friendly instructor because that is who I am. I started every first lesson with a smile and a plea "Whatever you do, please don't hit any good shots. It just makes my job so much more difficult. If you can hit some really bad shots and give me your very worst swings it will make my job sooooo much easier". Find an instructor that matches your personality or has a personality that appeals to you and your lessons will go much better. If you do not have a connection and/or do not like what or how your instructor gives you a lesson, find another. I had students that complained they really didn't like their previous instructor(s) and stayed with them too long. ... Lessons can be so much fun, so helpful and great for your game, so I wish you the best of luck gong forward!
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    I take it twice a day and it helps both with pain and PTSD. I haven’t tried to up my dosage as I’m only taking .025. It has a calming effect so it could help with golf. Update: I changed my dosage to .050 mg once daily in the evening as it relaxes me too much in the mornings. I guess if I was really pumped up it could be a good thing however it made me want to hit the sack again..... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    5 1/2 hours isn’t slow it’s horrendous. I don’t know how anyone can maintain their interest when it’s that slow. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I’m giving these some serious thought. Someone please save me from myself and buy these. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I’ve got a couple of guys waiting to see how the Ping G410 irons will work for me. They are interested in my switch from Regular to Senior shafts in these G410’s. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Was the hardest hole for me hands down this year. Scoring average of +1.4 from par. I went back through GAME Golf and pulled the actual scores. In 33 tracked times playing that hole, I notched one birdie, two pars, 18 bogeys, nine double bogeys, two triple bogeys and one quadruple bogey. I hadn't realized how many rounds went from being great to just average because of that hole.
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    How are they holding up in the wear category? I don't think the newer generation PING's are made from the Kryptonite alloys of the past (I think you could do a roofing job with PE2's and hardly notice wear ), but I'm impressed thus far with the G410's. One other thing about the Hydropearl Finish is that PING has acknowledged the 1.0 (G400 irons) had some issues and that's what bore out their revised process. I suspect it was related to passivation (or lack thereof), making them susceptible to staining.
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    No, that sounds like a great read and I'm in need of a new book. Thanks!
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    Welcome to the world of used stuff. Something is only worth as much as someone else will pay. Your price while fair may not be viewed by a large enough consumer market and therefore doesn’t get enough looks. Also no matter how low you price something people will ask you to go lower. I feel your pain, but this is just the way it works.
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    Got a really good friend that is thinking hard about these.... he's about a 3hc and played the Nike VR Pros; he really liked the looks and shape of these... hopefully he goes with these over the Titleist ones he's considering. I think that he'll really like them.
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    iPhone 8+ Arrcos says it will use approximately 40% of battery life and that's exactly what it did. I honestly thought I wouldn't like it and while I only have one round in - I really enjoyed it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Agree. The full set, at least on the store rack, has a lot more offset in the 4 iron than the 7 and it progresses down through the set. I'll definitely spend some time hitting the long irons to see if the increased offset helps or hinders.
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    You can modify some trusses in your garage to get yourself some more ceiling height.
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    That is great improvement year over year. Whether it is a full 3 shots or not it is nothing to shake a stick at. Your peak numbers are not far off from where you want to be. One question and then a couple of suggestions. What is your driver CHS? Keep working on those GIR's. The short game is the quickest fix to getting your handicap down but another 15-20% GIR will be a huge help and will contribute to long term sustainability. Try a putter with more toe hang. If you are missing left it could help starting the ball on your intended line. I would suggest something in the 75* or 3/4 to hang range to see if that helps. Get a rangefinder. One of the biggest things that gets in golfers way is variables if we can eliminate as many as possible we will always be better off. Get FIt For Golf. You won't regret it and will see progress within 2 weeks. Not saying you wouldn't with SS and your bowflex but FFG is legit and has been a huge help to me and almost anyone I have seen using it. It has been fun following along. Keep it up. Enjoy seeing the progress. Not sure how you can play this crazy game with as much time off as you are forced to take. Winter time here means I go from 3-5 rounds a week to 2 and I can still barely sustain my number.
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    Great thread! One thing I haven't seen mentioned is mixing tees based on conditions. Many don't notice it, but if you watch pro tournaments, they don't always hit from the rear tee box. The tournament committee often adjusts the teeing areas based on the conditions of the day (high winds, rain, etc). Once I noticed this, I started doing the same thing. Nothing's more frustrating than standing on a tee and knowing you can't clear a hazard or reach the fairway/green because the winds howling. So when I'm planning to play a course, I check what the wind is doing and adjust the tees I plan to play. I may play back tees downwind and a more forward tee into the wind. Makes the game a challenge without making it impossible. BT Sent from my XT1585 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Been trying a lot of drivers lately, since that's the biggest current gap in my bag. Candidates are: - Ping G410 (Max, LFT, SFT) - Cobra F9 - TM M5/6 & also a buddies M2 tour spec he no longer uses - Callaway Epic's Right now the Cobra F9 is the leader with 280yd+ carry #'s, however I went to the new Top Golf in Richmond on Saturday - side note, place was a ghost town on Sat AM for others in the area - and tried out my buddies M2 Tour Spec (apparently he somehow got it off the tour truck last year...I didn't ask to many questions) w/ a Speeder 65g S-flex shaft. Based on the trackers at Top Golf, I was getting carry distances in the 255-265yd range and most hits went where I wanted them to go. Also beat my other buddies in their regular scoring game since my wedges were rock-steady
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    We’ll look for her especially if they play UCONN. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I guess one of the best things about being retired is that I play primarily during the week and at courses that quite often are able to accommodate me as a single. Even the last time my son and I played in a foursome, it was at a course that does a very solid job of keeping play going through good marshaling that is calm and friendly. I have enough courses within a 45 minute drive to not have to worry too much about slow play. Though I do accept that it makes it a LOT less fun, especially if there is a time restraint. In the past years, I have also made notes, based on discussions with the staff on when the courses are the least crowded. (In AZ, that is often in the afternoon, July - September, when one could tee off with temps around 105º - 110º; but, even I am not that crazy!) I play to enjoy the play. and don't get too stressed out, even when I play like a horses posterior.
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    ... I wasn't talking about hitting a bird in flight with a tee shot LOL. The irony is I still do not have a hole in one. Honesty can't say I have ever really scared the hole either. Plenty of shots within a few inches but never right at the hole or gently bouncing off the flag. The Golf Gods actually made fun of me at a resort course when I hit the green and spun it back in the water, then holed the next shot for par. So they let me know it is certainly possible, they just aren't gonna let me have one.
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    Been focusing the past two days on getting back to what was working earlier this season. I limped through my round Saturday thanks to my driver and short game, which I got away with until the driver quit working for me on No. 16 and the wheels fell off my round. My iron contact was crap, just no distance and a bunch of weak high fades or thin/topped shanky looking things, such as the two I put in the water on 16 and 18. Couple of things happened over the past few weeks which I'm now trying to revert: 1) As I had mentioned above in my getting over the shanks post, I had been trying to change my hip rotation slightly and I overdid it, causing all sorts of problems. I think I have this fixed now, only had one shanky wedge today. 2) In the process of doing Monte's takeaway drill, my arms starting to work in a disconnected fashion from my shoulders/torso. I'm now focusing more on staying connected and really kind of speeding up my torso a bit in the backswing. Seems to help keep everything together more easily. 3) For some reason, I decided I needed to work on getting the club more toe up in my takeaway/backswing (P2 position or so...). This ended up being disastrous for me as I started extended my left wrist, coming way inside and leaving the club face wide open at the top. Queue the high, weak iron shots. (Looking at GAME Golf from the past round, I lost about 20-25 yards on some of my worst offenders.) Comparatively, it now feels like I'm hooding the club face and coming way outside on the takeaway, but checking myself I'm hitting much better positions. Feel isn't real! Anyway, I went back to what was working before, hitting tons of half 54 wedges in the short game area since the range has been closed due to rain. Toward the end of my practice I really starting honing in on the target flags from 40-50 yards or so. Results were pretty good!
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