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    So sorry to hear that. They do become a part of the family.
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    It was amazing. Have been snowboarding up there before but never golf. Was a spur of the moment trip last year actually and now hopefully we can do it annually. The best views I have ever seen at owls nest pictures truly don’t do it justice
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    Awesome. The White Mountains are beautiful ! ... so peaceful up there.
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    @GolfSpy Stroker was amazing we are actually going to do 36 there this year and then 36 at North Conway CC we loved those two. (Also the round tracker pictures are not 100% accurate, scores are but I definitely did not hit 90/100 fairways) @GolfSpy STUDque It was great honestly was definitely a little tired come Sunday though @B.Boston and I actually played more because we played that Wednesday as well.
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    72 in 2 is intense. How was your fitness feeling after all that?? Great pics!
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    Great pics! Absolutely love Owl's nest. We used to go up there for a weekend trip and play a few rounds about 15 years ago.
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    Those are awesome looking!
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