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    Re-gripped my wedges last night. Courses in Michigan can be open now; just awaiting word as to when our local course will open.
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    Was gonna say the same thing.... But yeah looks like you got PLENTY of happy doggies there with the other two!!
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    So sorry to hear that. They do become a part of the family.
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    It was amazing. Have been snowboarding up there before but never golf. Was a spur of the moment trip last year actually and now hopefully we can do it annually. The best views I have ever seen at owls nest pictures truly don’t do it justice
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    Awesome. The White Mountains are beautiful ! ... so peaceful up there.
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    @GolfSpy Stroker was amazing we are actually going to do 36 there this year and then 36 at North Conway CC we loved those two. (Also the round tracker pictures are not 100% accurate, scores are but I definitely did not hit 90/100 fairways) @GolfSpy STUDque It was great honestly was definitely a little tired come Sunday though @B.Boston and I actually played more because we played that Wednesday as well.
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    72 in 2 is intense. How was your fitness feeling after all that?? Great pics!
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    Great pics! Absolutely love Owl's nest. We used to go up there for a weekend trip and play a few rounds about 15 years ago.
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    I had a Dalmatian back in the '70's... Karastella Cheron Pacifica, or Pepper. Great dog; a little high strung; expensive, especially after the vet bills!!
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    Looks like you had a lot of fun!! From the warming up pic, I can see why you can't hit your driver!!! Just for grins and giggles... I hit my first golf ball on a course 30 years ago. I was in California on a business trip, and on Sunday the guys I worked decided to play golf. There were 7 of them; I was asked to fill out the two foursomes. I was there with my ex-wife and it was our first anniversary... I thought about it and said SURE.
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    Shouldn't the subject line read "CG2 WITB Through This Year" and not "Years"?
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    Ouch! I was famous for putting off papers until the last minute as well. Especially after a long night on Saturday and then lifeguarding on Sundays. Brought it on myself, I guess.
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    For some reason I never got notifications from this... I'll add my photos soon. @GolfSpy Stroker you gotta get back up to Owl's Nest. The staff is great and they're building a man-made 7 or 9 acre pond. You'll see it from the high points on the course. From what we saw it's going to look like it was always there.
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    Play there quite frequently when im back home. A lot of my family still lives very close to the park
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    Sometimes the old ways are the best ways...
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    Ah! It's the Z Star XV.
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    let me know when or course is a go, cause you're more in the loop then me
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    that's a pretty professional picture mr. Riley
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    Appreciate it. Was tough but he’s in a good place. The other 2 still give us a run for our money!
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    Those are awesome looking!
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    Cooper has had it with the self quarantine!!
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    Thankfully Lys works for a vet so the bills aren't much, but she is still very much a puppy and hyper at times. A sweetheart but will always be a good until she grows up. They are great company during these bizarre and strange times.
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    She is 4 and a half. Loves to be out there. I have a younger one too and when she's older I can't wait to play a round with both daughters and my wife. A great foursome that will be.
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    It was, thx! That warning up pic - Steve was playing outing photog and actually said to me: "Give me a good golf pose"
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    That’s a great memory. Looks like it was a fun time. Not many things beat work rounds picked up by the boss. I hope you guys still get together from time to time.
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    Awww .. they're all sooooo cuuuute!!!
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    Here’s a forum like.
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    As a man who is currently wearing pink, and comfortable in my manliness, I like the look.
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    Certainly a big fan of Arnold Palmer. Not a fan of the fem'd up look in the photos above. This stuff to me is not a very manly look. But then again what do I know... the media, fems, schools, etc. etc have been working hard to feminize boys/men for years. Sadly a lot of guys - men? take the bait and fall in line. Fore!!!
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    That's a really good idea, and very good work! I would bed to build a dog box to keep the cat out of their food. He's very food obsessed.
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    While that might be accurate, it could prove a challenge to keep current
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    I thought it should be "CG2 WITB Through This Week"
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    LOL...Oddly enough I couldn't find this years a picture of this years. I know it's there somewhere
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