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    I got a ton of free balls from my neighbor who is retired and has lunch with a friend who lives on a golf course and always finds balls in her yard... Sweet set up
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    The bushes usually catch the wayward shot off the hosel... but yeah, I've had to climb the fence on an occasion or two. Luckily she's cool about it. I have to go over there to trim the hedges too. Never go out more than a dozen paces or so - too afraid of those windows... What I really want it a big net - but they are sold out everywhere.
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    That's a strange looking neon colored tree on the left side of this photo
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    Notice the priority of Having DD in hand..
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    That is a great price for a net that size and the mat is a steal !
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    Yea it makes hunting with other people fun to watch
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    I think your hitting mat needs a trim! Thinking about it more, that might be better to practice from than a tight lie since I never hit fairways
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    Something about dogs that makes us more calm - especially during this crisis.
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    It almost looks like they expect treats. They are beautiful!
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    The fact that they aren't paying any attention to your shoes is impressive!
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