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    Wow. Just wow. Had the 3rd tee time off the box today at Pebble Beach. With expectations at an all time high, I was completely blown away by Pebble Beach. All you golf architecture junkies can complain about the small greens or the quirkiness of the inland holes, but there is not a better walk in golf than holes 4-11 of Pebble Beach. While not my best round, I shot an 85 with a triple and 2 doubles. We tee off tomorrow at 6:30 am again and I’ll look to exact my revenge to shoot a lower score. See below for some of the stunning photos. Let me know if anyone wants a full resolution for a zoom background to make your coworkers jealous. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Still TBD, Mayor is shutting stuff down effective midnight tonight. Golf courses are safe but are being told they have to "roll back" to the first stages of reopening. Meaning longer gaps between tee times and single-rider carts again, not sure if I'm going to be able to get a tee time :(
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    Alright so unless missed something (totally possible) I’ve only seen @Nunfa0 and his net 72 posted. What say you @xOldBenKenobiX (if you’re seriously challenging all of #CCC4)@yungkory and @mikeanthony? You boys all playing this weekend? the Target is set. Net 69. Bring your A game! #cuetheduckboats
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    Ugh. Not happy. I sent my Srixon z785 7-PW back to Srixon for repair on June 26th since a couple of the faces had small cracks in them. Srixon obliged by putting brand new heads on my shafts! Stoked! They sent the irons back to my buddy, Jason, PGA Pro in KY who originally ordered them for me, and who started the repair request for me. Now, Srixon was cool with me shipping them directly to them, but didn’t do the same on the return. Jason sent them back to me July 17. They show in Louisville on July 22. After that, nothing...... I’ve started a “lost package” case, and never heard back from USPS within their 48 hour investigation window. I called them again yesterday and they say it will be escalated. In the meantime, I found out that Jason only insured them for $50................... I’ve emailed the Srixon rep that handled the repair in-house, hoping they can help in some way if USPS can’t find the clubs. I have no idea if USPS pays me for them, and even how much if they’ve lost them, and if they just give me $50 from the insurance. Then it will get dicey with my buddy trying to get him to cover the rest. Anyway. Not happy. We’ll see what happens, but I sure am hoping I get the clubs, or paid the value.
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    Anyone who challenged me is looking good so far! 84 still stands as my best effort, with one more round to be played. Just couldn't get going this morning, had a bad case of the hooks and was something like 10 or 11 over by the time I got to No. 8 tee. Tends to happen when you lose two balls on the first three holes, and 40 (!) putts didn't help any. Just an awful day on the greens again. I did end up playing much better from hole 11 on, parred 11 (rare for me) after a nice tee shot with my 2 hybrid and birdied the 500-something yard par 5 No. 14 hole for the first time this year, going 2 hybrid, 6 iron layup in front of water, 8 iron, 1 putt. Also hit these two monsters off the tee with the 2 hybrid on 17 and 18. I think it's earning a spot in my bag post-challenge.
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    We are all crying about having nothing below wedge this week but imagine if you are one of those people who don't even have a set wedge, you have a Vokey 46 degree instead. I would think that that club would be out too as it is not part of the set.... In a greenside bunker with a 9 iron, I would be happy with this result
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    Took the ICONs to Indian Peaks this afternoon. Only the second time on the road with the Hogans and they did not disappoint. (12/14) Fwy, (17) GIR, 32 Putts (-2) Flagged it all day with the ICONs. My only missed green was a 9-iron that ended up on the fringe 20 feet from the hole. Hit every club in the bag. Really solid ball striking day and didn’t make a thing over 5 feet. The only bummer of the round was my push cart creeping off while I was filling the water bottle, rolling into a hole, tipping over on the cart path and dinging up the back of the 9 iron a bit. I almost shed a tear and then 3-putted from 25 feet. Shot Scope and side-by-side comparisons have the ICONs about a half club longer than my gamers thus far. I’ve put in a lot of work getting to know these clubs and they are proving to be quite dependable.
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    Blah morning. Couple good shots but for the most part scrambling I make Par. Bacon Boyz a bit subdued this morning, looked like a couple hangovers. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Quick Hit 08 August 2020 First glance of the Cleveland RTX Zipcore 46° wedge brought back some memories of days gone by. This wedge is a classic looking, albeit with a smidge of tech with the little protruding weight at the top of the toe. A shiny satin finish adds to that classic look a lot of golfers are looking for. Flipping the wedge over to look at the face, you can tell they have a lot going on in the face roughness and groove department. The face is milled, there are micro looking grooves, and in the right light it looks like sandpaper. The finish is a little shinier than the Blueprint wedge that this will be in direct competition with, has a tone more grooves, and has a lot more going on as far as milling marks on the face. The shape is a nice rounded shape, familiar to wedges of the past, and first impressions are usually everything for me. First thing that came to mind was, “Why haven’t I been playing a specialty PW/46°?!” Coming in at 10° of bounce, this wedge has the same as my Taylormade Rocketbladez Tour PW, and 3° less than the Blueprint set PW, coming in at 13°. The Mugshots: I will be comparing a CB, MB, and the Zipcore (a specialty PW). The Blueprint and the Zipcore are both 46°, with the TM coming in at 47°. It is about as close loft wise as you can get. The Zipcore has the new True Temper DG Spinner shaft, the Blueprint has a Project X LZ 6.0, and the TM has a KBS Tour S. I do not have access to a launch monitor, but I have an eye for spin and concerned specifically with this yardage range this test will be heated. My favorite PW shot to hit is the knock down 100 yard shot. So this Cleveland RTX Zipcore wedge has some work cut out for it, but with the grooves and tech claims, I do not see it being an issue. Hopefully, I will be able to get to the practice range tomorrow to test from 120 and in, with a round next weekend. I will have all 3 wedges in the bag, with Arccos sensors attached playing one shot each club, from shots in the go range for this loft of club. Anything specific you’d like to see? I have the earlier questions written down, and will test those for sure.
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    Okay, after @B.Boston ruling I added 2 putts to the No-Hole hole. Rating/Slope is 69.4/117 at 6,000 yards. Could have been better, if I didn't hit into a steep bunker on 18 and took a few swings to get out of it!
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    Decided to have a restaurant at home as we're back in lockdown. Gave the family the choice of either starter or dessert, and a choice of 4 mains. Luckily for the chef (me) 3 of us wanted the same dish. I decided to throw in a surprise Amuse Bouche of a small Poke bowl to start. Main course for 3 of us was New York Sirloin with blue cheese and onion sauce, served with duck fat potatoes and roasted winter vegetables. Sous vide the beef and finished it over charcoal. My youngest is mad for pasta, she had Pork Belly Ragu with Fettuccine. Plenty of leftover sauce so the extra effort wasn't any problem. Dessert was Lemon and Lime Tart. Mains were served with Yangarra Shiraz 2014 from McLaren Vale in South Australia, seriously good wine, power, balance and vibrancy. Dessert was paired with Scloss Volrads Auslese Riesling 2010 from Rheingau in Germany. L don't drink this style very often, and wish I had it more often. Now I'm contemplating a cheese platter, but everyone else is full so I'll probably smash into it tomorrow.
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    So fancy they won't let people who eat at Waffle House through the front gate! I've never seen that before either, which is why I asked for a ruling here. In their defense, they let me go out a half hour before the course officially opens. I got off at 7:30 and was done at 9:39, would've finished sooner if I didn't have to wait for them to roll the greens & cut new holes on the back nine.
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    If @yungkory can’t make it out I’ll step in and get a round in tomorrow or Sunday. Don’t want @B.Boston to walk away unscathed! What would be the fun in that!
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    Playing Sunday brother Also pre round arccos Handicap.
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    Alright @daviddvm you got me! It was definitely a mistake playing a new course for this challenge. I was struggling on the greens. The ball went where I wanted it to go, but my reads were just off. I'm also going to never take my SW and LW for granted as I short sided myself multiple times leaving me to basically flop a PW. Luckily, no sand!!! My overall strategy was to take whatever I could off the tee to have a full 9i or PW into the green (130-145 yards). There were a few times I got in trouble and had to finesse a PW from 100 yards. Overall, the weather was perfect and this was a great challenge!!! I shot 86 being a 14 handicap. Course rating/slope = 67.9/120
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    I had just picked up a set of D7’s and had them fit earlier this week. So for me this will be G30 v. D7 v. D7 forged. Just came from the range where I wore the 150 (153,from where I was) flag out with 7 iron. I’m anxious to have something with a smaller profile than those G30’s to look at. I’m also stoked about my testing team. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Less photos to share this morning from Pebble. Put the phone up and tried to focus on hitting some good shots. Played really well and finished with an 81. Could’ve played the Par 5s better today, but was too aggressive because let’s be honest this will probably be the last time I get to play Pebble so why not. Had a nice chip in on the par 3 12th from the right side of the green. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    My condolences on the lost club. But as [mention]daviddvm [/mention] mentioned we all felt like we lost our wedges this week. [emoji1787] No sympathy strokes for the challenge. [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I truly believe things happen for a reason and you being selected for one of those Mod positions back when was destined to happen. You are a great leader buddy and I'm not surprised in the least how far you've come. Congrats on your four years and looking forward to seeing many more as MGS continues to soar!
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    That's a beautiful course and great photos! Add I'm sitting at work right now, I'm really jealous. It sounds like you had a good time and great round. Have fun out there again today and I hope you play well!
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    Our ERs are getting full. We went from <10 new cases a day last month before we started reopening, to today where we had 200. People are just wrapped up in their liberties and conspiracy theories and won't wear a damn mask. Honestly I don't know who they think is benefiting from 30+% unemployment, but it seems like common sense is lost in the current times. I probably would've saved 3 strokes if I left driver in the bag yesterday, but didn't hear if 9-hole rounds would count so I didn't bother. Hopefully there will be another CCC4 vs the forum challenge so you can catch this beating!
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    Damn! That blows. It’s sad that we’re seeing so many states needing to roll-back and lock things down again. I hope you’re able to get a round in, but I won’t hassle you too much if you are unable to... ...I’d be scared to go against me too. All joking aside Stay safe out there guys.
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    No kidding. Is this crap ever going to have an end? Dont want to get off in the weeds, but I am curious about why going backwards myself.
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    Congrats on the nice round! Tomorrow we are playing the University of Illinois course (Orange). Arccos has it 6600 for the most forward men's tees. Ugh. May be a long day for me. Might try to wait until Sunday for a bit shorter course.
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    Good luck tomorrow Cody hit em straight and knock em down.
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    Just got in from a quick 9 on an executive course. Putter let me down. It must know that I’ve got another EVNRoll to try out. I currently have the ER3, but an ER2 is calling my name. I wonder if I should answer Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    You're trying too hard. Take some deep breaths, settle the nerves, and get yourself square for week 3 and the come from behind win . Dammit! I knew I should have stuck with the kid
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    The ruling is your most likely score or a net double bogey, whichever is lower. It falls under rule 3.3. USGA rules app is a life saver, everyone should have it!
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    [emoji23][emoji23] Not sure that I need to be the official governing body. Perhaps when [mention]GolfSpy STUDque [/mention] is back he can give the MGS sanctioned answer. I was just going along the lines of what I’d expect be required of you for recording handicaps. If you are unable to play a hole after satisfying a minimum number of homes for a 9 or 18 hole round you record those I played holes as par plus and strokes received for that hole. (At least I think that’s what it was under the old rules, not sure if that changed) and considering you were already on the green of a player is conceded a putt they are supposed to record their most likely score from that spot for handicap purposes. I didn’t see anything that covers this situation so if anyone else knows hopefully they’ll chime in! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    No, my I200’s sole was definitely wider, I’m guessing they have a higher bounce. I’ll post a pic comparing soles tonight.
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    Wow, that sounds bad. My mom works in an ICU and she said it was pretty scary here in MA when the surge was happening and then it was looking really good. But it seems like things are ticking up here as well. in the event that COVID prevents us from our competition I’m sure we can set up something for a later date! Even if it’s a side bet.
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    I got out and played today. Wasn’t my best of putting days, but still shot 78. One thing of note, and it’s been a while, is I played the par 3s at one under. The 699 Pros are super forgiving and launch effortlessly. I haven’t been on a monitor yet, but they seem to spin considerably less. But...they launch high and land soft. Out of the fairway stopping the ball hasn’t been an issue. It’s out of the rough where I’ve really noticed the drop in spin. Anyhow, I’m still really enjoying these irons and will get some updated “wear” pics tomorrow. I did let a buddy hit some on the range the other day. His comments mirrored mine, the ball goes straight and high. Also said that these look better than the P790, primarily due to the simplistic design. They’re not busy and he really loved the milled grooves on the lower part of the cavity.
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    Know what’s crazy is that Hawaii was deemed a safe state by Massachusetts No travel restrictions. Any reason why they’re going backwards? In any case I hope you can get a tee time in!
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    82: another brutal front 9(44) followed by a crisp 2 over 38 on the back. I’ve been letting the nerves get to me, and it’s taken about 5 holes to settle down. And 3 of the 5 holes are par 4 doglegs with trouble on at least one side. Irons have been inconsistent as well, but my putting a been solid... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I had this box show up at my house today, chock full of granite goodness primed for a round in the Hard Rock Challenge. I know which one I'll be playing to start the round off on Sunday. I don't think I've ever hit a Velocity, but I'm sure I'll be in for a treat. Or pain, probably pain. It's pink, so it can't be too hard, right? Thanks again to @chisag for offering to send these to me, it made my day. The information on this site makes it wonderful to be part of, but it's the people that truly make it great.
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    Ran out to play 9 this afternoon with my wife. Booked a 42 because of some good drives and fairway shots. The putter was a bit disappointing with 18 putts for the 9. I really like the changes to the GHIN phone app. However I really wish the data was exportable or printable. Here are 2 screen shots of today's details. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    What a great group of testers. Congrats everyone. @mattf, I expect to see those in your bag a month from now at our outing. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    The weather cooperated today. Played 18 after work. I did not play my home course so I wouldn't know where to land my tee shots like you would on a course you played hundreds of times. Seems like its going to be a long honeymoon. I was able to shoot a 72 today. I purposely put myself in situations where I would have different irons into the greens. I would hit a 3 wood or 5 wood off the tee on a few holes so it would leave me a longer iron shot into the greens. I even had a punch out or two. I used the 7 iron on my punch outs with no issues. I used the approach wedge on my chips and pitches. I got that dialed in well. Had two lip outs for tap in pars. The course was rather wet so it was a little sloppy and I came up short a few times, but the chips left one putts. The fairways were like the rough on my course so I would say the irons play well out of the rough LOL. All iron shots are still going dead straight and the feel coming off the face is good with positive feed back. I had one miss toward the toe and felt it. Still straight but just short of the green. There was one par 4 over water with the approach shot requiring an uphill shot into the green. You can't be long, left, or right of the green. I had 160 to the green which would be my 7 iron. I hit the 6 iron due to the uphill and hit it dead straight and put it up on the green leaving a 5 foot putt. I could never hit the six iron in my old set. I think that club came from the army ( left, right , left, right, left) I am really enjoying the confidence the 699 Pro's are giving me. I'm thinking about getting a Sub 70 hybrid to go with this set. If there is anything you guys can think of that you want me try with these irons let me know.
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    Looks like you shot a pretty nice round! I learned a lot from an irons only round...I will do it more often. I did not include the slope on my post ( but I did go back and edit it in) Bay Forest white tees 6274 yards slope/course 71.0/130.
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    Honesty, biggest difference for me in scoring consistently in the mid-low 80s and sometimes 70s this year has been taking less than a driver on a lot of holes. I'm getting better with the driver, but it can still cost me a lot more than an iron or hybrid most of the time.
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    Played with my Grandaughter’s boyfriend from England today. They report back to college next week as both are on soccer scholarships. So I played from the Whites rather than my usual Gold tees, a difference of 759 yards. I shot a 45/42:87 with a Birdie on the Par 3 #15, playing 163 yards. Overall, it was a lot of fun. Sim played a set I put together for him, leaving driver in the bag he gamed the 5 iron off the tee.....just as long as my Driver. Where he had difficulty was putting. He 3 putted most greens, shooting a 49/48:97. We had a lot of fun, and the next round will be at Celebration! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    First off let me start with WOW...Irons only was both frustrating, fun and of course challenging. Paired up with 3 folks, Graham, John and his son...John (will get into my total round thoughts on How'd you play) all very nice, different styles and skills but all had the same dumb founded look when I rolled up with this: (Note wedges were only in here so I could toss some around the green and greenside bunkers as I am swapping over from my CBX2's to the SM7's) First few holes they probably thought in their head "this jamoke has no idea what hes doing" and they were right I got eaten up not realizing that I should probably game plan the hole and not be left with 80-100 yard PW shots... It wasn't until one of the guys (Graham) said "just relax man if we were that good we would be out in San Francisco right now" on hole 4...The round completely turned around there. I also found this sucker on hole 6 and proceeded to get my full Ricky on: Long story short I had a fantastic day shooting 79 and my handicap on this course is a 9 (also helped that my putting was on fire) which is A) my best score for this course ever and B) My lowest round this year
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    Thank you both. The kind words coming from you two mean alot. We all go back further than these 4 years. Randy, I'll never forget the true Southern Gentleman hospitality you shows me during that round at PGA National many years ago. It was a special day. But man was it wet out there. Ha Bill, the round with you and Kelly Bo and her friend, definitely a round with plain good ole folk. I mean how many times does a woman I've never met jump in my lap to share a cart ride with me and say. "This is the way we do things down here!" Truly appreciate both your friendships.
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    Shaping up to be a good "moving day" for several of the players at -6. And DJ lurking at -4 going out well ahead of the others could post a number. But how can you not like Koepka with the way he's playing and his track record.
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    I thought it would be fun to see what fellow Spies have created for their own training purposes. I was up late last night (couldn't sleep) so I decided to work on my putting. I have a tendency to miss near the toe of the putter. I recalled seeing devices you could put on your putter face to help strike the middle more often. So I decided to make my own. What I started with was just masking tape on all but the very center of the putter face. That wasn't really providing the feedback I wanted, so I put two pennies underneath the tape. Now that gives you some amazing feedback. Miss the middle and hit the pennies and the ball goes offline and you hear KLANK. Here is a video of it: What are some things you all have come up with to improve your game?
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    Yeah, but if a team's scorer messes up the scoring, the team doesn't get an automatic L.
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    Not a perspective, scientific fact!!! [emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Nice shooting! Amazing how we all can still score OK without so many clubs.
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