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    (5) Competitors Wanted: #COBRACONNECT Challenge 4 That's right, it's time for the largest annual event the MyGolfSpy Forum runs. #COBRACONNECT Challenge 4 is ready to knock your socks off as either a competitor or enthusiastic fan. (5) dedicated testers will be outfitted with a full set of Cobra clubs complete with Cobra Connect Arccos sensors to track your progress throughout. The testers will compete in (8) weekly challenges that will test their ability in a wide range of challenges with a season champion crowned at the thrilling completion. In addition to our testers competing for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes, members of the community will be able to compete for PUMA GOLF prizes on their own. It's getting tougher each year to surprise the community but we're going to do our best this year with an increased catalog of Cobra Products on the table: Woods: SPEEDZONE and SPEEDZONE extreme drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids Irons: (3) SPEEDZONE and (2) Forged Tec testers. Available in conventional or One Length 3 Wedge Sets: (3) King Black (conv or OL) and (2) King MIM Go ahead and get started using the official hashtags for this challenge #MGSCOBRA2020 and #COBRACONNECT. In addition to the weekly challenges, testers will also be expected participate heavily on Social Media. This opportunity is open to residents of US and CANADA. To apply, reply to this thread only with the following information: Handicap and Location Social Media Accounts Expected rounds in an 8-week span Current OEMs in your bag Head to https://www.cobragolf.com/ and build your dream bag for this challenge ______________________________________ Note: if you are unable to post in the thread and are wondering why, please read through the FAQ first: HERE
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    I'd never been fitted for any club in my bag, until yesterday. And I never, ever would have fitted myself into the specs I ended up with. I'm going with the long story version here; skip to the end if you just want to get to the point. Goals My hope this year is to replace my driver, for two reasons. The first is that I am a terrible off the tee (so it's gotta be the club, right?). Those who follow my single-digit-handicap thread know that last season, I was getting about 220 off the tee—and that that number represents about a 25 yard gain on the previous year. The second is that my current driver doesn't fit my current goal in building my bag, which is forgiveness. Ever since my G700 iron test, I've been working to make my club setup as friendly as possible for an average golfer. The Rogue SZ isn't known for being that club. I bought it for two reasons: it showed well in the 2018 Most Wanted testing and it was on sale on Callaway Pre-Owned. Fitting Attempts Initially, I had a fitting scheduled at 2nd Swing in the Twin Cities, to coincide with a trip I was taking there. That was canceled the week the world shut down. When that was canceled, I attempted a bit more formal home fitting. I currently own two Callaway heads: a Rogue Sub Zero, 10.5° a Big Bertha Alpha 816 DBD, 9.0° I also have three Callaway-tipped shafts: Project X EvenFlow Blue 65 Fujikura Speeder Evolution II TS 665 Aldila Tour Blue 85 And then I have multiple Callaway weights. Along with my SkyTrak, I figured I might try a whole bunch of combinations to find something that worked. I spent one Saturday hitting a bunch of balls, but it went terribly. One of the reasons I'm bad at driving is that I have no place to practice. My garage ceiling is too low to swing driver. I fear practicing outside, because pop-up drives are not unknown in my game. I absolutely don't want a drive that goes over the net in the neighborhood I live in. After hitting a bunch of drives with various combinations, my average looked something like this: That's pretty pathetic. I hit all over the face. The spin rates were very high; I was seeing shots in the upper 3000s with regularity. SkyTrak measures no head data, but I figured there was a very high likelihood that I'm hitting down on my drives. This explains the spin rates, the pop up drives, and the high launch angles. Given how poorly I was striking the driver, though, my inclination was to move from the Rogue SZ to the Mavrik Max. In every way, it looked like it was designed to help a poor schlub like me hit better drives. I was excited when Callaway announced their new distance-fitting program. My hope was to get a shaft recommendation from them. Given the numbers in my spreadsheet, it looked like my best shaft was the EvenFlow Blue, so I was looking for something similar for the Max. Looking at Callaway's shaft options, I had narrowed my options to about a half-dozen (mostly) mid-spin, mid-launch shafts, including the stock EvenFlow Riptide. After a couple emails back and forth (my local cell tower fritzed out the day of my scheduled call), it was looking likely that I would go with a pretty stock setup. A Local Fitting! Then I got an email from a course about an hour west of me: a Callaway fitting day! I called that day and booked a half-hour slot. The fitting was yesterday. I got to the course and got a couple buckets of balls, so I could warm up and Kirke could keep occupied. [Speaking of, how pretty is this?] I felt pretty good after my warmup swings. I was still waiting for my time slot, so the fitter built me a stock Max with a regular flex EvenFlow Riptide (I think it was the 50g version). And I couldn't find the ball. Small panic sets in. I am not a shaftoid (to use Mark Crossfield's term). I would not be able to tell you what my preferences are in a shaft. But I will say that the stock shaft felt very wobbly to me, and I was struggling mightily to make anything like reasonable contact with the ball. My biggest disappointment in the fitting was that it was being done with a Swing Caddie, rather than a Trackman or GC Quad. It was outdoors, which was a big plus: I can swing freely. But I was hoping to learn some of the numbers, especially the head data, that I don't get from SkyTrak. We began with a few swings from my current driver, and the numbers were worse than they were at home on the SkyTrak (I'm guessing a lot of this was due to the difference between a freer outdoor swing versus the cautious, don't-miss-the-net swing). My spin rate was in the upper 3,000s and my launch angle was around 20. My swing speed was just about where I would have guessed: 96-97. But putting all those together, I was carrying the ball just over 200 yards on the good shots. Not ideal, but pretty consistent with my on-course performance. When we swapped in the Max (he put in a stiff shaft), the spin number went up closer to 4,000, which is what you'd guess going from the SZ to the Max. But that's a totally unplayable spin rate. This became the mission, then: to lower the launch and the spin rate, to maximize the distance of the admittedly very imperfect swing I have right now. While I was fully expecting to go from Rogue SZ to Mavrik Max, the fitter decided to give me the Mavrik SZ. Eventually, he swapped in the 9.0° version of the SZ rather than the 10.5° I'm currently playing. Because of the roll of a driver face, because I'm hitting nearer the top of the driver, I'm increasing the effective loft. By lofting down, I'm counteracting that. I did have one shaft on my shortlist in the low spin category, thinking that it might be useful if the Max increased spin: the Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI. So we tried that, and kept seeing progress. The fitter went back into the tent and built up one more version, and that was the winner. I got my spin down from a high of 4,000 down to 2,700. My carry went from 205ish to over 230, with a launch angle around 15 or 16. I dropped my peak height from over 110 feet to a more reasonable 90 or so. So what was the magic formula in that last driver? Mavrik Sub Zero, 9° head geared down to 8° Heavy weight forward Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI 70g, in X-flex My jaw dropped when I saw the settings he had given me. I would never, in a million educated guesses, have even begun to think that these specs would work for me. That's a setup for the 115-swing speed crowd, not the middle-of-the-bell-curve hacker like me. But the rationale behind the decisions makes sense in hindsight, and the proof was in the ball flight. The fitter said he felt comfortable trying the X-flex with me because I have a fairly aggressive transition. That was interesting to hear, only because it wasn't something I had a good reference point to evaluate myself. This is a hybrid swing, but I can see the point he was making. I'm definitely not a "pause at the top" kind of guy. So there are plans in the works: I'm hoping to get my hands on this setup sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I'm probably gonna do some tinkering with the clubs I have on hand, seeing what I can do to drop my spin and lower my flight. Also, I am planning to work on my swing. I've got a Plane Mate coming. So there is a question: if I've got this driver so extremely tweaked to deal with such bad impact conditions, what happens if I get better? Here's my hunch: I think the shaft will remain just fine. If I begin to come into the ball with a neutral or even positive AoA, I should be able to loft the head up and move the weight back. So I'm not terribly worried about that. For now, I'm just enjoying the feeling of having my mind blown by the fitting. You guys know that I've never been anti-fitting, but just lacked opportunity. I can definitely add myself to the list of those who are now strong advocates of getting fitted if it's possible at all.
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    The MGS community has been so supportive of our daughter, Penny, over the years. We wanted to know that even after missing a full academic year due to illness she graduated, with honors, from High School today. We are very proud!!! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    The Ben Hogan Company started in 1953. It was well known throughout the company that there was nobody that expected perfection more than Mr. Hogan; to say he was iconic is an understatement. Today, I hope you are as excited as me, to watch these gents make Mr. Hogan proud as they test the newest clubs with his name on them. Testing the Icons will be: @Erik-M @downlowkey Testing the combos will be: @joen @deejaid ...and from across the pond in the UK @pooley7 ...and our very own @Golfspy_CG2 Hit 'em well gents! Just like Mr. Hogan did, we expect perfection.
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    No need for words. Pretty cool to have these, now all I need is for the rain to stop.
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    I don't normally post on How'd You Play because somehow I haven't felt quite good enough that anyone would want to know. But today is different. Today I was the happiest person on the golf course and even danced around one of the greens when I made a 2nd birdie. But best of all, I finally broke 90 with an 84. Woohoo! It's like my 3 wood made up it's mind to take control of my game this afternoon but allowed me to go along to view the scenery. It was quite a surreal feeling. I thought I had lost it all on #17 when my drive bounced OB on the right and my next shot soared all the way across the fairway into a lake. Completed that hole with my only 7 of the day.
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    I played my first round with a member of the forum today and it was a blast! Back around the beginning of April, David a.k.a. @KillerGees contacted me noting we live in the same area and asked if we could meet up sometime and play. He brought Jesse, a friend from work to my local course. They're great guys and we had a good time. We're going to get together again around July once his course finishes the repairs on their greens. I shot 48/47 for a 95 hitting 6 fairways and zero greens. My short game was on fire with Arccos recording 4 chip and downs and 32 putts. I had to do something to make up for my abysmal approach game . We walked the course, the first time I've ever walked 18 holes and I'm just glad the course had a push cart I could use, even if one of the back tires was about to come off and wobbled the whole time. I'm going to be sore in the morning, but I actually enjoyed walking as I feel it slowed me down and helped with the focus. Except when I was gasping for breath. This is what the forum is all about, it's not only getting to talk to great folks online but getting to meet and golf with another member is awesome.
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    Yesterday evening. Me: Hears 17yo daughter pick up package from front door. “What did we get?” 17yo: I don’t know, I didn’t order anything. Me: Looks at wife and we simultaneously say “open it”. Daughter grabs knife and walks in other room. And says “did you order a new golf bag?” Wife: “OH S$%T” Apparently she forgot that she ordered me a Father’s Day gift on Monday and it arrived Thursday. I am a pretty lucky guy. And if you want to hear about the new stix in the bag check out our review just kicking off.
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    I don’t technically recall when either, Dave. But thanks to the wealth of reference materials available to every single forum visitor, my sources consistently indicate that the free set of customized Callaway wedges you received in exchange for sharing your email address, mostly likely occurred sometime in 2012. I for one, have noted the effusive gratitude you conveyed in your first forum post a mere 2 years later. On the subject of “distinction”, I would be remiss by failing to acknowledge the incredible focus and tenacity you demonstrated by devoting your next ~80 posts to strictly contests and equipment review applications. Had MyGolfSpy only provided a welcoming platform for golf enthusiasts like yourself to expand upon the enigmatic glimpse that review applications and contest entries offer, I’m certain someone so generous with their thoughts and praise would have never found themselves in such an egregious predicament. As meager recompense for the travesty you have endured, I “liked” you up to full member status, so you’re free to post in any thread you please. Furthermore, thanks to your helpful notice, now we all know to follow along as you finally have the latitude to spread your fruitful branches. And so concludes this brief meditation on the concept of community involvement.
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    Fresh meat for us! Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Well I didn’t have the anticipation of Dave & Mark because I had no ship notification. But.....look what I found on my door step.... I will be on my SkyTrak tonight and then 3 straight days of golf. Oh and next weekend they will remove turf from the hallowed grounds of Pebble Beach.
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    Had to head to the club today for a school project my son was doing for his science class and while I was there may as well play the holes we were walking. Played 5 holes in even par and had the best caddy with me. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Learned a hard lesson today. When my husband points and tells me "that's your ball" down in that fluffy grass, I better check instead of blindly trusting. So I hit the wrong ball resulting in a penalty that kept me from breaking 90 a second time. Same type situation happened to me when I first started playing and I have always checked until it was my husband. Note to self - ONLY trust myself to identify my ball.
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    Best ball striking day I’ve had in awhile. Shot 79 on a course slope rating of 73.3/132. Been putting lights out since following the teaching from Pat O’Brien. Really good day. My favorite course in North Louisiana, Black Bear in Delhi. If only it weren’t 50 min away!!!!
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    - 43/42 = 85 (+13) - 10/15 FIR - 7/18 GIR (1 birdie) - 36 Putts (4 3-putts , 10 2-putts, 4 1-putts) - 2:45 Round Time FINALLY! I sorted out the gremlin in my swing and was able to get the ball off the tee box today, and I struck a handful of really great irons, also. All I was thinking about today was making sure I was bent over less and had good weight distribution in my setup. Helped immensely. Only threw away two shots - a topped six iron on No. 3 and a finesse shank from about 110 on No. 10. Had a birdie on the front and reeled off four-straight pars on the back nine before I started getting a little wild off the tee and that hurt me on 15, 16 and 17. Sadly, two of the 3-putts were after hitting the GIR. Need to clean that up! Would have been a pretty great scoring round for me had I not had those bad putting holes. Still not hitting the ball spectacularly, but this gives me a lot of confidence moving forward. I ordered a flexible phone mount to attach to my cart, and I videoed hole No. 1, which I parred. I have a ton of respect for people who do full course vlogs, it takes a lot of time to even do one hole. I don't think I would want to do a whole round, but I may do a hole here or there as the season goes just for fun.
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    I’ve been playing for 3 years next month, and have been shooting mid 90s for the last year and a half. Playing and practicing on a weekly basis, grinding to get better. Yesterday I played my home course and had a rough day, and shot 99. Today I met a friend of mine at a course neither of us had ever seen before for a round, not expecting much. I ended up shattering 90, shooting 84, 6 better than I ever had before, but I feel weird about it because I feel like I played and easy course to do so. Here’s the numbers; Home course: 70.1/126 6028 New course: 68.1/119 5951 The fairways were fairly rough and hard and tee shots would roll out forever. For reference, I hit a 190 club from 230 out and it took a big bounce and rolled through the fringe across the green and stopped about 3 yards off the back of the green. I think I only hit driver 4 times because of how much roll I was getting. Also the par 3s were short, longest being 155, which is the shortest at my home course. The greens on the other hand were slightly slower than I’m used to but very soft. My home courses greens are very hard. I rarely have to repair a ball mark, and I usually play short on approaches to account for the roll out. Today I felt like I could fire away and know it would sit. Also, they used pool noodles on the flagsticks, whereas my course uses pvc in the cup. I say that because the pvc makes it harder to hole a put while the noodle let me fire away feeling like I couldn’t hit it too hard. All in all, I learned a lot today, not just about different course setups, but about my game. I know I did play well but it still feels weird. Is that normal? Did I cheat the system? Am I playing tougher courses and being too hard on myself? Can anyone relate? Feedback greatly appreciated! On a side note, I have to thank everyone out there I’ve interacted with on this forum. This place and all of the people that make it up have definitely helped me elevate my game. Thank you! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Question:. Is there anything slower than the last few hours of the work week before a long weekend? Answer: Yes! Waiting for the FedEx guy to show up knowing your new irons are in his truck! It feels like it is Tuesday already! A couple quick pics below. These T200's look amazing and the practice swings feel as good as they look! I will give one tiny critique. My specs I sent were for all logos up and the shaft logos are down. Not a huge deal and I may be at fault for not clarifying before hand. 8-Iron Comparison L T200 R Sub70 699 Topline is definitely thinner and less offset on the T200's in the short irons Sent from my Moto Z3 Play using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Another update, Apparently FedEx was wrong that the destination sort facility my irons were at was the last place before the truck. I just got a notice that they were just put on a truck for delivery 5 minutes ago in Clear Lake, IA which is about 30 minutes from me!I decided no pacing, instead I have my spot picked out until they arrive! Sent from my Moto Z3 Play using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Can't wait to hammer all of the competitors again this year! Hope you guys are ready! Bring your fire protection gear for all these SICK BURNS coming your way.
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    The contests like that are always going to be open to all. The distinction here is that member tests are not contest giveaways.
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    Quick Recap Date: 5/13/2020 Webfit/Zoom call with Bill Iseri (Head Master Fitter) from Ping. Awesome guy, very knowledgeable and wanted to ensure my transition to the G710's was a smooth one. We talked about Ping and the strong Family-feel environment; from my impression, its a tight-knit group and they truely appreciate their employees and those playing Ping clubs. Set: 4-W, UW, SW stiff KBS tour shafts (same as current gamers) Blue dot D1.0 swing weight Tour velvet grips w/ Arccos Initial First Impressions Clubs arrived: 5/19/2020 (greatly appreciate the quick turnaround!!) (Picture dump w/ thoughts) Box arrived quicker than expected; 1 week.including assembly and shipping from Arizona to South Carolina. Especially with all the Covid stuff going on AND a smaller staff at Ping. They made it known how much they value reviews and appreciate the MGS community. Club heads protected from banging into one another and pre-maturely scratching one another. Make sure im the first one to do that! Arccos sensors in the Tour Velvet grips Black PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) Hydropearl Finish. What the heck is PVD: Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is a process to produce a metal vapor (titanium, chromium and aluminum) that can be deposited on electrically conductive materials as a thin highly adhered pure metal or alloy coating. A coating applied by PVD is durable but not invincible. Scratches will be much more visible simply because of contrast between the usually dark coating and much lighter base metal. Unlike stainless steel, PVD is more expensive to repair. Initial top-down address: Looks GREAT. The black does make it seem smaller. Its a sleek look! I prefer a thin top-line look and these seem to match that profile. I was worried bout being able to see the cavity behind it but i do not notice it. The below picture is of the SW and the one below it is the 4-iron. I like the address, I feel confident already. 4-iron. The offset is more than i thought it might be. But maybe thats what i need in order to hit a 4-iron haha. The overall size of the G710 clubhead is larger than my current gamer (TM Rocketbladz tour) BUT the actually groove length is the same (2.125") SW squared up with a ball at address. The white line on the bottom does help to align. As you can see, my driving range was heavy on the sand... Quick Range Session: Had 1 hour to hit the range real quick after the clubs came in! Brought both my current gamers (TM Rocketbladz Tour) and the new G710's. Stopped by the putting/chipping green first.... Hit 10 shots with my Titleist Vokey 56deg SW to a pin 10-15yds away (pic below). It was Ok... The Vokey wedge feels like you gotta clip it just right. I couldn't get real consistent on it. Duffed like 2 shots too. (the balls on the back fringe were from the G710 SW shots) The G710 SW felt great on the next 10 shots (2nd pic below). Very surprised how well I liked it. It does have a larger sole which improves the turf interaction. I consistently hit chip after chip in a tighter dispersion. Almost holed out 2-3 shots too. Range Session: I was able to hit the range for about 2 small buckets of balls. As you can see from a photo above, the range was heavily sanded so that didnt help. On top of it, there were 10-15mph winds into my face the whole time. Tough to make determinations on distances. Compared shots from my gamers to these back'n forth. ** I'm going to leave the scoring to a later review when i've had time to evaluate on the course ** Sound/ Feel: Sounded and felt GREAT. They are a softer stainless steel and feel very much like a forged iron no matter where i hit the ball on the club. Never felt any stingers. The G710's have a very solid sound on contact. (Hear the sound in the video above. Video makes them seem a bit more 'thud' then they really are. The feel is excellent to that helps too) Looks: Slightly larger in size than i am used to. I can get over that as long as they perform well. The black PVD finish is a cool look but not sure on its durability. It does seem smaller due to the black 'stealth' finish. Top-line is thinner than I anticipated. Offset is greater than I am used to. I do like the look overall as it is something different than the normal chrome finish that everyone is used to. Distance/ Forgiveness / Accuracy: I started with the Wedge (PW) and moved to 7 and then 4 iron. Very tough to judge distance due to the wind in my face as strong as it was. The ability to get the ball off the ground and airborne was very easy. Turf interaction is great as long as i hit down and through the ball. A lot of my issues are the indian and not the arrow. I had a tendency to fade the ball quite a bit which i will need to work on. Not sure if its a fitting issue, a change in the amount of offset im used to, or just bad swings... My real question going into these clubs was whether or not i could hit the 4-iron... I replaced my current 4iron with a 4 hybrid bc of my inability to hit my current gamer. i LOVED this G710 4-iron. I was crushing it against the wind. When id hit a good one, it was 190-195 carry into the wind. The height on it was great! Forgiveness seemed very good. I know I do not always hit the center mass but most shots seemed to have a solid distance for my inconsistency. Trajectory: Very easy to get up and airborne. The Height was remarkable and consistent. The trajectory was a bit higher than my gamers yet provides more distance at a lower loft! We'll see how well they stop on the greens soon but im not too worried. *Update to hitting balls at the range. Was able to hit some old balls from my father-in-laws yard and hit them GREAT. Slight draw today. Hit a bunch of great 7-iron and 4-iron shots. Hoping to hit the course tmrw. Conclusion: A lot to like here. Looking forward to seeing how they perform on the course. Obviously get out to the range and hit them even more. Looking forward to working with them more. The finish has held up pretty well so far. I've enjoyed the shorter clubs/wedges so far; very easy to consistently chip and pitch with. The 2 wraps of tape under the grip seems to feel comfortable for me too; something i've never tampered with. Consistency is king for me so i'll keep yall posted as I put rounds on them! **Please ask questions if I may have left out info you're looking for**
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    Well I figured it would be rude of me to leave them outside, so I brought them inside and put them on the old couch! So, couple of things, first major props to Ping for getting these out in a week, right after they reopened after Covid to have them this quick is mental. Second, I love those world famous Ping Neoprene Covers they ship the irons in. I took of picture of everything with them on and they are currently hanging out in the bottom drawer of my dresser to cover them if/when I travel with them to make sure they hold up. Lastly, I registered the clubs with Ping so my molds and specs are preserved, a super easy and informative process. But, I know you're here for pictures... so let's get to it. So, first impressions. The Stealth finish is sexy and I will be intrigued to see how it holds up. It does slim the iron to the eye and the only iron I see out the back of is the 4 iron at address. When I get to the range or course I'll have pictures at address to show you what I mean. Second, it does feel a bit different to have some clubs longer and shorter than a base length. The one length withdrawal may be real, so I'll need the help the G710 will provide. Third, the weight on these is spot on and I understand why people loke these Modus shafts. Lastly, the grips feel tacky and have a nice new fresh grip smell, big fan. Also worth mentioning here, I did go with the smart grips, so I quickly paired them up with Arccos Caddie on my Android. I know there's been issues with Android for some so I'll see if the app and interface has gotten better. I'll be using my Galaxy Note 10 I got for Christmas to see how it holds up. One nifty thing Ping has done to make the pairing process simple is that they threw a QR code to pair all the clubs at one on the back of the 4 iron. It sped up the process with the only weird thing now being that the UW, really the Gap Wedge, is now listed as my Ultra Lob Wedge. I could re pair that, but it's fine. Also after pairing them, I got the notification that I'll be being shipped the rest of the sensors to fill out the bag. Top class. So, I'll close with this WSITBK (What's sorta in the bag, kinda). I've got additional wedges coming soon and I have to get grips on the woods, but it's a brand new day for Berg's bag.
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    Played really well again today, ended up with a 72, my irons weren’t *quite* as sharp today and both of my birdies were chip-ins. Nothing to complain about, and it’s just nice to be playing golf decently again.
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    Hello Everyone, My name is Samkit and I live in Morris Plains, NJ. Unlike everyone else here, it seems like I'm a relative newbie to Golf. This is my first post. I was born and raised in Mumbai and grew up playing mostly cricket and couldn't for the life of me understand golf. But my brother-in-law introduced me to the sport 3 years ago and ever since I've been hooked. I simply love the challenge this game presents. The more I try to understand it, the more I realize there's so much else I don't know and hence the pursuit has been so much fun and worthwhile. I'm hoping through my participation in this forum, I get a chance to meet some helpful golf-lovers who wouldn't mind lending a helping hand and help advance the game. As embarrassing as this may be, I still play with the basic TopFlite intro set of clubs that my wife gifted me. I must confess, however, that it has been very tempting to go out and splurge on new clubs, I've so far managed to refrain by challenging myself that until I can consistently strike the ball better with these ones, I don't deserve to better clubs. I've been working hard this offseason on strengthening my lower back and improving hip mobility, so I cannot wait to get out on the driving range to see where I stand once this lockdown is lifted. Fingers crossed. In the meanwhile, I've been thoroughly enjoying the No Putts Given podcasts and want to commend Adam Beach and his team for the wonderful job they are doing here. Thank You. Sam
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    Played back to back days and it was Jekyll and Hyde , course only has 9 holes open. Shot 43 yesterday and 52 today. Had birdie putts on both par 3’s and 1 par 4 .. today dont think I had a shot at one birdie... what a difference 24 hours makes. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    I didn't play today, but thought that I'd post a picture of our closing hole as shot from in front of the pro shop. This is a 6 shot HDR image that I shot several years back but processed today. 18 is a 365 yard par 4. Straight shot to a slightly elevated two tiered green. It's the #6 handicap hole, protected in the front and right side with 3 greenside bunkers and bunkers behind the green. There are some brutal pin locations found on this green. On Friday, we held our "Greenskeeper's Revenge Tournament" and the pin was located on a fairly strong slope. Above or to the side was tough as a miss would take you 12 feet below the hole and that putt up the hill often resulted in a similar putt if you didn't get it to the hole. One twosome was on in regulation and walked away with a 14 on the hole...yes....12 putts each from both players! LOL.
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    Our governor finally lifted our stupid golf rules a little this weekend. My wife and I can now ride in the same cart, and we can play in threesomes and foursomes again. If you are not in the same family, it's still single riders in carts. The good news is that I get to play with my walking buddies on Monday. The bad news is that we have been playing 3 hour rounds, but this weekend we are back to 4+ hour rounds. Yesterday I managed to shoot a 47 on the front with two doubles and a 39 on the back with 1 birdie for an 86. Couldn't buy a putt. Today I par the first 4 holes, then bogey the next 5 holes for a 42. I started the back nine with a 25 foot par saving putt, then almost chipped in for birdie on #11 (hung on the lip). The chip was from the fringe, and I would have putted it but a sprinkler head was on my line. I made a bogey on the par 3 #12 because I missed a putt after getting out of the sand. I ran off a string of pars from 13-17... and then I got to my nemesis par 5 #18 hole. Not a great drive left me with just a peak around the big tree at the dogleg left. I decided to try my 5i; hit it perfect but it got a little high and clipped a branch but got past the tree in the left rough. That left me 135y out of thicker-than-normal rough over the big bunker to a front pin. Caught a little too much grass with my 8i... sand. Good lie in the sand so hit my 60º over the high lip into the cup for a closing birdie. This is the second time this year I have parred the back nine and shot 77. Short game is coming back. I have to give a shout out to my wife. She has been struggling lately; every part of her game. However, the last few days have been much better. She had a birdie on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and today she had three (3) birdies!! She shot 88 with three doubles and a snowman. She hates blowup holes. Happy wife... happy life!
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    I cAnT wEaR wHiTe sHoEs -hicksta 2020 Don't be shy, the testers usually don't mind some feedback from non-participants. The more the merrier! This just arrived. Almost $100 off of MSRP shipped to the rock, very satisfied with this testperiment:
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    What app is this, 18 birdies? Today was one of those "what could have been" rounds for me. 42/38 = 80 9/14 FiR 12/18 GiR !!! 34 Putts I'm starting to find the center of my irons again after the sweet spot went on an 8-month vacation, and hitting them at a more negative AoA -- I'm taking divots again! I couldn't buy a putt today, but most of it was on me because I couldn't control distance for sh*t. Left the majority of them at least 3 feet short which was annoying, but it feels so good to hit greens again. Also made a triple on the 4th hole after hitting my drive OB left, and having to drop in an area that forced me to punch out. Also made a double on the back after another driver OB left. Full swing wedges were great, but the touch shots cost me 2 opportunities to get the ball really close for an easy bird.
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    Got out a few days ago at a nearby short 9-holer; tho did not score as well as last time there (when I made my PB to date on that course @ +4) I felt like I was hitting the ball much more solidly - especially off the tee. Short game, tho, wasn't quite as on-point as last outing as I missed a few chances to chip it close and get up and down, and missed a few chances at 1-putts. Had a few approaches were the right distance but landed right of intended target, so still have plenty of work to do on (..not only the swing but also) aim & alignment. Did have two bad tee shots, each on one of the doglegs - one was topped and one was popped up - and while each did manage to reach the fairway each led to doubles ... each second shot for position was good enough but then the first approach faded just wide right into deep rough, and second approach I left short-left in the bunker .. both times didn't put it close enough to sink the first putt. But my #1 tee shot was solid and ended up right-center which I followed with a bit thin but good-enough approach that caught the front edge of the elevated green and rolled towards the back .. 2 putt Par which may be the first time I've parred that opening hole. The second hole I thought I was on the way to another par but made bogey - hit another solid tee shot into the middle and had a good, if uneven, lie; while I was absent-mindedly swinging my club to get a feel for the slope and my balance I actually nicked the ball with the toe and sent it zinging off into the right rough .. D'OH!! So ended up with... 3 pars 4 bogeys 2 doubles no penalties, no 2-chips, no 3-putts .. for a +8 (Par 35) (or let's call it: "1-under bogey golf" )
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    Hey everyone. I'm hoping I can progress through the ranks and eventually become a full fledged member. I will say, the last time I was a new recruit, the government shaved my head and eventually sent me to the desert a few times. I hope the outcome is a little different this time around.
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    Can I throw my name in the hat too? Good luck to all those who sign up. It's a lot of work but doing the contest last summer was easily the most fun I've ever had playing golf.
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    Spent all of the morning replanting stuff around the house, along with other landscaping projects then went out and playing 18 with my wife. Damn she's really picked up her game - she ended up with a 99. In the past month she's dropped her handicap 4 1/2 strokes. I started out rough and my game didn't pickup til the end of the front 9 = 47. Some much for playing golf after a bunch of outdoor projects. I did better on the back - ending up with a 43. Darn so close to breaking 90 again. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Well... can’t say I played that well today. Was all over the face early in the round but started to settle in later. Short game and touch shots are still iffy right now. I would love for a range to be able to open up soon. On the plus side, I can cross on of my season goals off the list! Sure it was downhill, but I smashed it on the exact line I wanted to and ended up 309 in the fairway! Pay no attention to the rest of the hole. I already told you the short game was iffy. [emoji1787] The Evnroll was good again today, and these greens were still slow but not nearly as slow as last week so I’m getting more comfortable with the speed of it. No three putts, but I missed a few makable short ones to save par a couple times. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    1. 17.1 Cleveland, TN 2. Twitter: @tngolfhacker IG: jbentley47 3. Between 8-16 rounds mixing between 9 and 18 holes. 4. Callaway, TaylorMade, Tommy Armour, Bridgestone, Ray Cook. 5. Cobra SZ Extreme driver Cobra SZ 3 and 5 woods Cobra SZ 4 hybrid Cobra SZ ONE irons Cobra King black wedges 50, 54, 58 I'm with @Shankster, win, lose, or draw this is a major opportunity and one I look forward to following every year. Good luck everyone, this one will be bookmarked and followed closely. Thank you MGS and Cobra Golf!
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    Day 1 of 5 straight days of golf. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Damn it feels good to post to this finally! Today was interesting but was just glad to be out. Was kind of all over the place shot wise but had some really good ones which I am happy about. Also hit my goal of sub 90 for first round which I was able to do with an 89. Lots of penalties and putting was BRUTAL! Was a scramble day for sure but it was gorgeous and it was golf!
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    So honored to be a part of such a great group of testers. We've got a really good mix of experience, locations and handicaps in this group. We've got a couple young guns who can really golf their ball, and I'll be representing the upper limits of handicap that these irons are designed for. To quote one of my favorite Golf Personalities "Let's Do It!"
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    Well folks my FedEx account just received notification of a shipment coming from Titleist! This will be the first memorial weekend that I am not on call! If the rain holds off it may be the best weekend in a long while for me! I may just take Friday off so I can hit them when the arrive. Sent from my Moto Z3 Play using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Was a beautiful day out. Pretty hot, like 98 but hey that's south Texas for ya. Course was in great shape, and the greens were fast. Only got 9 in but it was an unexpected round. No warm-ups needed as it was so hot. I felt like my game is starting to really come along since picking the stick up again 6 months ago after a 5 year layoff. First bogey was my fault. tried some low punch shot to stay under the wind. didn't work out well but at least its not a double. The second bogey was a chipping issue, took an odd bounce away from the hole and left me with a long putt for par. final bogey was a missed 4 iron off the tee leaving me w/ 240 to the green and it in the green side bunker. Good out from the trap and a 2 putt. had only 1 valid birdie attempt and missed that, and none of my pars were scrambles. Playing from the blacks for the first time and it really made me focus on club selection and shot selection as well. used 4 Iron off the tee 3 times. Really feeling good and hope it continues to improve. Id hope I'm not a 10 anymore. Will wait to see after I set up the Arccos system.
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    So I've probably bought, and tried, more equipment in the last 4-5 months than I have in 10 years combined I looked around earlier tonight and took stock. Forget everything that I bought, traded in and sold (I honestly can't remember everything) It's been a long, fun, sometimes confusing and frustrating journey from what started out simply wanting to switch from steel shafted irons to graphite. One thing led to another, and I now find myself with the following some I've had a while some are new... Two drivers, (and a G400 Max on the way Ping is replacing one with a cracked club head.) One of the two has to go, either the Flash or the G410+. The 400 Max will be my gamer. Three fairway woods, a Rogue 15* and a Epic Star 3 and 5 wood (haven't played one in years) Rogue is the gamer Three hybrids Epic Flash 18* and 21* and a Tour Edge 19* that I only bought because it was new, and only $50. One set of Rogue X irons, which I love, and have the same shafts as my Flash hybrids Two MD4 wedges 52* & 56*, a CBX 52* and a Taylormade Hi Toe 58* The CBX and TM are my gamers. Three putters, all different type heads. Yes! Tracy, Ping Sigma 2 Tyne and my current gamer Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide,,, at least for this week Why am I posting this here? Because I realized when I took inventory I have more than I probably need (who am I kidding, lol it's definitely more than I need!!!) and I wanted to leave this post as both a reminder, and a challenge to myself to concentrate for the rest of the year on PLAYING golf, not buying golf equipment. From today through the end of December, the goal is to get better at the game, enjoy the time with friends, and instead of adding equipment, possibly thin the herd. Sorry for the long post about myself and my "toys" fellas. but I wanted to leave this here in this Equipmen Bought thread as a challenge to myself to only come here to see and congratulate everyone else on what you're buying, instead of any stuff I have bought. Come January, and the new releases? Hey, I'm only human!!!
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    Had a nice walk this morning, albeit verrry slow. Bounced after 9 holes - (7) Fairways; (9) GIR; (17) Putts. What a difference a day (and sanded greens) makes.
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    ... I take Covid 19 seriously living in Illinois and close to Chicago, one of the hot spots. I stay home as much as possible and have been out a few times to Whole Foods. Been lucky enough to play golf 5 times since the ban was lifted even though we have had the wettest May in history. Played with a friend yesterday and I was back at the same course today. Tough to get tee times because it is 2 some only and spaced 15 minutes apart. That is 8 golfers an hour at a course that normally has 8 minute intervals and 4 somes. ... But the guy I was to play with showed up wearing a mask in his car alone and came up to the starter that I am friends with and I and said "you guys are too close together" when we were a good 8 feet apart. He was standing 15 feet away and said he wanted to play alone. The starter said that was not possible with only 8 golfers an hour. The guy looked at me, then the starter, shook his head and went back to his car. I would add you have to pre pay with no refunds and he just left. I think I may have dodged a bullet as it could have been a very uncomfortable day. With no putting greens/ranges open, I used the time to play a practice round, hitting multiple shots and trying different things like high/low, fades and draws, etc. It turned into a good practice day so no complaints. next 10 days look like rain so glad I got in some practice. May 29th Illinois goes to 10 minutes tee times and 4 comes allowed again so this was probably the last day of severe Covid restrictions. ... How did I play? Extremely well and extremely poorly which is how practice rounds go. Lost some balls and made some birdies and now I am just waiting for my T100-S irons to show up!
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    Can't beat mountain golf! Just went out to try a few different changes, didn't even have a scorecard with me. Today was about practice and enjoying golf!
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    Balboa Golf Course today. My luck with the 3W off the tee expired the other day apparently. 96, 92 ESC (41/55) - 1 birdie, 6 pars, 5 bogeys, 2 doubles and 4 quads. I legitimately felt like I lost my swing on the back 9. FIR 3/14 (21%) - The front wasn't too bad, but I was all over the place on the back. GIR 7/18 (39%) - To make matters worse, the shanks made their way into my game on the back. Blah! 35 putts, four 1 putts and three 3 putts. SG putting, -5.740 I'm glad I was able to cross another San Diego course off the list, and while I ended the round with a par, +16 over four holes just isn't going to cut it. I was seriously disappointed as it was inexplicable. I'm shaking it off though and I'm looking forward to getting in a couple more rounds this weekend with my driver in the bag!
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    Handicap: Probably around 10 currently Location: SOMD Social: @__shankster__ on Twitter & Insta Expected Rounds: 5-8 in 8 weeks, a mix of 9 and 18 holes. Hopefully the main course opens, but 2 other options in the area currently. Current OEMs: PXG Driver, Taylormade 3 Wood, Taylormade Hybrid, PING Blueprints, PING Glide Wedges, PING ANSER, Taylormade Bag. Ultimate cobra set Cobra SZ driver, White Cobra SZ Tour 3 and 5 Wood Or Cobra ONE Utility Cobra Forged Tech ONE King ONE Wedges 52, 56 (currently only Lefty available) Chosen or not... this is what makes MGS something special. I truly appreciate each and every member on here that contributes to this great place. I’ve been eyeing Single Length set... Best of luck to all the entrants. [emoji1598]
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    I am so stoked to be a part of this great review team of Spies! Ben Hogan holds a special place in my heart - my sincerest thanks to MyGolfSpy and Ben Hogan Golf for this opportunity. I am truly honored and cannot wait to start digging answers out of the dirt a' la Mr. Hogan!
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    Sneak peak? How many yays lol? Quick picture but will do a nice write up tomorrow like I said! Can not wait 730 cannot get here fast enough
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    Walked out of the house without my water jug this morning, so I called it quits after 14 holes. Only hit 7 greens in regulation but I also only had 16 putts on the day?!!! A whole bunch of birdies against a couple bogies. I’m still not keeping score. It was a nice walk with some very nice folks - another successful day on the links.
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