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    It’s RTX 4 Review Day!!! Introduction: First, a huge thank you to MGS and Cleveland for this amazing opportunity to take part in this review! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Mike. This year marks 30 years of age and my 6th year of golfing. Over those 6 years, I’ve completely became a huge golf nerd! I’m blessed to have an amazing wife, and a corporate accounting job that lets me fuel the obsession. This opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time for me. This season I’ve really been exploring if my wedges are set up correctly in terms of gapping and the course conditions in Indiana. One of the biggest things I noticed was that I have a 100-yard problem. I have to take a lot off of my 50* set gap wedge to hit that distance, and my 56* maxes out at 90ish-yards. It’s to the point where I’ll take less than driver off the tee to make sure to avoid that 100-yard distance. To determine if my wedges are set up for the course conditions, I’ve been exploring my grinds. I am currently gaming the Ping Glide 2.0 WS wedges. This grind is made for diggers and soft conditions. While I can be known for taking a good divot, a lot of the courses I play are hard and fast. This is extremely true for the bunkers as well! I’ve been struggling with blading out of bunkers and always thinking it’s my swing rather than the bounce. Current Wedges: As I mentioned, I’m currently playing the Ping Glide 2.0 WS wedges in a 56* and 60*. I bought these wedges in 2017 after going through a wedge fitting through a local course. This was before I reviewed Martin Chuck’s Tour Striker Academy, so my swing needed serious help as you may have read. The fitter suggested going with a wedge that has a lot of bounce to help me fight the chunk and trying to get out of the bunkers. He didn’t care on the brand, just as long as I had a lot of bounce. After hitting the Glide 2.0’s in thick rough, I knew those were the ones! Fast forward to a few weeks ago, a local pro shop was kind enough to lend me a demo Glide 2.0 wedge of the TS (low bounce option) grid to compare to my WS. The bounce difference….6* vs. 14*. We figured let’s play the extremes to see what I really like/need. The first few hits with the TS grind and I realized this is what I’ve been missing! These are all things I took into consideration when selecting the RTX 4 wedges. RTX 4 Wedges: If you haven’t read the MGS article on these wedges, you definitely need to check it out! https://mygolfspy.com/first-look-cleveland-rtx-4-wedges/ To recap that article, what’s new about the RTX 4 wedges over RTX 3? First, as you’d imagine, there’s a focus on getting more spin. What did they do to give you that spin? The other difference between the generations, and I believe more significant difference, is offering grinds with these wedges. With the RTX 3 wedges, all of the wedges had the v-sole. You can see below that the bounce just determined the position of the V. The RTX 4 wedges offer 4 different grinds, full, mid, low, and xlow. I think this makes them extremely more versatile in their offerings. We saw a similar trend with the Bridgestone wedges in an earlier review this year. They moved from a 1 grind option to 3 in their new wedges. I’ll be testing the “Mid” grind in the 54* and the “Xlow” grind in the 58*. What are each of those grinds meant to do? The “Mid” Grind: This grind would compare very closely to the RTX 3 wedges by having the V-Shaped sole. This is Cleveland’s all-around wedge grind. At 54*, this is the only option in terms of grind. I would have loved to see the “Low” grind in this wedge to cater more towards firmer conditions. I’m assuming that Cleveland believes that this degree of wedge will be used for primarily for approach shots into the greens rather than around the green. When looking at the options provided by Vokey and Ping at this degree, 1 grind seems a bit limiting. The “Xlow” Grind: If I had to choose a favorite before we started this review, this would be the grind. This grind has 3* of bounce. This grind is designed for extremely tight lies and hard conditions. My favorite wedge shot is to lay the face wide open and flop it. This grind should give me the ability to do that off of any lie. First Impressions: So I may have been watching my home security cameras all day at work until I say these clubs delivered…at last the FedEx guy comes!! Rushing home from work, I felt like a kid waking up on Christmas morning just waiting to tear into this box to see what’s inside. It doesn’t matter if you know what’s in there, you still can’t wait to see it. That anticipation didn’t disappoint by any means! See for yourself! These wedges look amazing! From the shine of the tour satin finish to the grooves laid into the toe of the club. Just looking at them makes you want to go out and swing them! I do have to say that I did a few practice swings and I noticed these feel heavier than Ping Glide 2.0’s. That is something I actually really love with my clubs. It allows me to keep track of the club head better during my swing. I can’t wait to get this review underway! What do I really need out of a wedge? Ability to open the face Flop it like it's hot! Distance control/trajectory Play off hard surfaces Both bunkers and fairways Confidence to get out of ROUGH Of course, stopping power Luckily, I have a great short game area at a nearby course that’ll be doing a lot of initial testing before I take them out on the course. Let the testing begin!!!
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    I played fairly well... for me...lol. I shot 39 both sides for a 78. I'll take any score with a 7 in front of it every time!
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    72 ( par 71) 9/14 fir 10/18 gir 29 putts Played in a team match play event today at a course that I’ve only played a handful of times. I knew going in that making a lot of pars would give me a good chance to win. (He was +3 so I was getting 5 shots). 3 bogies and 2 birdies. First hole I hit 9 iron from 160 (normal 150 club) over green in the water. Took drop and made 15 footer to tie. Knew the ball was going to fly today as it was 107 but that was crazy. Next bogey was a stupid missed putt from 3 1/2 feet for a 3 putt. Two holes later I hit it OB off tee and made bogey to tie again. I love getting strokes. . 2 birdies were both of the 2 putt variety. Played whole match from behind but turned it around to 2 up lead with 2 to go. Made a good up and down on last hole to secure the win. Team didn’t fare very well though. Overall very happy with round. First time I have used putter in any competition and other than the one gaffe it was money all day.
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    Did you go to sleep? I find that every time I sleep I wake up with a new swing.
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    *Disclaimer: I am happy with bogey golf. Driver was bombing it but 3 bogeys was the best that came of it. 1 FIR, 0 greenies, one ball OB, 4-three putts and a 53 on the front nine later and I’m reminded of why it’s called golf for my worst scoring round of the summer. My irons hit snap hooks allllll day long out of the middle of the clubface. And wedges were carrying10-15 yards long. Funniest bit, I didn’t lose my ball until the 9th tee shot. . But the best part is, I got to play golf today.
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    Welcome to FAAB for Dummies, I’m your fearless leader @Berg Ryman, getting ready to lead you on a fun filled, hopefully informative journey through the FAAB wilderness. I know it looks intimidating to start, but with my help and a few tips, you’ll be set up for success. WHAT JUST IS FAAB? Thanks for asking that important question, weird bolded text! FAAB or, Free Agent Acquisition Budget, is a style of waiver process that allows people to bid on the free agents they most desire instead of being slaves to the position in a waiver wire line, knowing they’ll never get someone they really wish to have. The FAAB process is also similar to a fantasy auction draft, so if you have some experience with those you’ll pick up the slack here pretty quick. THE BASICS 1) As you could hopefully guess, since this is a Free Agent Acquisition Budget, you’re going to have a budget to bid on these players. For our league, that budget is $100, and that budget does not replenish. So, that means once you spend your $100 you will receive no more cash. 2) As a follow up to that question, this will not preclude you from the add/drop process, but it will hamper your ability to perhaps find game changers on the waiver wire. We’ll discuss later how you can add players once you’ve exhausted your budget 3) The bidding process is totally blind. You won’t know who’s bidding on guys or how much people are bidding on guys. Bid increments are $1 increments, so no .50 or .25 on the end to try and sneak a win, if you want to bid on a player it will be a full dollar amount. That’s important because… 4) The highest bid wins. So, for example, let’s say there are bids of $4, $7, and $9 and you bid $50. Well, hope you enjoy spending half your budget on one guy because you’re getting him for $50. Now, in cases of a tie high bid, and I’ll put this in Italics since it’s important, the team with the worst position in the standings will win the tiebreaker. HOW IT’LL WORK 1) So, unclaimed players after the draft will go into the waiver pool. These players will be available to bid on after the draft as acquisitions to your team. 2) Players bid for on waivers will be processed every week in the regular season at 3:00 EST on WEDNESDAY. This date and time was determined by the commissioners of the league to allow those in different time zones a fairer shake at making a last ditch bid as it is Noon on the West Cost. 3) All players not claimed through the waiver process become free agents. Free agents will proceed on a typical first come, first served basis as they have in the past. So, once you splurge your entire budget, you can still pick up free agents, but be assured they aren’t likely to be a big game changer for your team. TIPS AND TRICKS 1) Knowing that you’ll have to budget the pick-up of potential free agents, this could also come into projecting your current draft strategy. Maybe it’s more important knowing your handcuffs and potential cheap breakout stars you may want to stash because if you’re right and you need them, it’s going to cost a heft amount to get them with FAAB 2) Perhaps though, you want to save your money to make that splashy acquisition during the season if he’s available. Well, consider filling out your bench with potential subs for when your team in on bye weeks that way you won’t have to waste FAAB on picking up a backup TE or Defense or heaven forbid… a kicker 3) Or maybe you’re like me and are a total agent of chaos with money to burn. Maybe you just want to bid on a guy to make sure other people can’t have them. It’s something you can do but what do you do when you need that money and you’ve spent randomly to get players you don’t need? 4) Perhaps this whole FAAB thing has you down and confused, well, don’t forget trades. Maybe you can nab that handcuff RB or the WR who blows up on your bench and now you’ve got a nice asset. 5) Have fun, it’s something different and we’ve all tried the old way, perhaps you’ll be a budgeting mastermind and kick all our asses! SUMMATION If you’ve read this far, congrats on becoming a bit more familiarized with the FAAB process. If you have any other questions, I, @Undershooter, or @GolfSpy STUDque would be glad to answer them for you. Draft day is 7 days away everyone and soon @Undershooterwill bless you with some draft reminders to help everything go smoothly as can be on draft day. Best of luck to all the runner-ups out there.
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    Played in a scramble today with a couple of my customers and all proceeds went to the Folds of Honor that benefits fallen and disabled veterans spouses and children. In terms of the golf, I played really well and had one of my best driving days that I've had in a long time. My team made alot of good putts, but I was able to sink a couple when it counted which was great. We ended up with a 58 for -14 and won the scramble by two shots. I also won a close to pin and long drive, but donated the winnings back to the cause. Really fun day and a lot of money contributed to a wonderful organization and cause.
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    A bit of an informal introduction to myself, my name is Chris and I’m from the upstate of SC. Most of my golf is also played in this area. I lurked MGS for a while, reading site news and user reviews, then finally made the plunge to become a member and donor back in January because I believe in the mission this site pushes. I’ve played golf for most of my life, but never more than 2-3 rounds, most of which were scramble tournaments and never practiced except for visiting the range the week before. I just relied on athletic ability alone and could manage to keep my game in the bogey golf range. About 1 1/2 years ago, I decided that I needed a new hobby, stepping out of competitive archery. Since I could already hit a golf ball fairly strong, figured I’d try golf out. I watched a lot of YouTube tutorials and would spend many hours on the range, trying to get the right “feels” for what I was after. That got me pretty consistent mid 80 rounds, occasional breaking 80 but also not being able to break 90 some days. I knew I had more in the tank and I wanted more. I found a great coach based on the recommendation of my director at work (Todd Ellison @ TGM Golf Academy in Easley, SC) and started taking lessons over the past winter. That’s helped get me to where I am now, though I’m still not where I want to be. But, those of you with young children know, time is a very valuable thing and something more precious that a shot or two off a score card. This is me and my oldest daughter, my youngest will start the First Tee program this fall and I’ll have both of my minions on the golf course with me. In my game though, wedges and scoring irons are where I place the most emphasis during my range practice sessions. Depending on the length of the hole, potential trouble, etc… I’ll pick a target number off the tee and hit the club to get me where I want to be, whether it’s driver, 3w, or an iron. I’ve spent a lot of time on the range this past year, dialing in distances from <150, but really focusing on <125 as that is my goal for most par 4s in our area. Working on swings from 9-3, chest to chest, shoulder to shoulder, and ear to ear. I stumbled on this video on Youtube one day… …and took the thoughts to the range. It’s not perfect and is still a work in progress, but what a game changer this has been for me in learning to control my distances. I love the wedge game in golf. I have always loved to watch Phil Mickelson play and his manipulation of the ball around the green. When I see a video of Phil offering short game advice, I listen intently. Mmmmhmmm fresh grooves!! We all know that golf is an incredible challenge, but it’s also a great way to meet other people. Both of these are my top two reasons why I play this game. I love the fact that I’ll never beat it and will constantly be striving to get better, but I’ve also made some really good friends. Anyhow, on to the meat of why you’re all here. In my bag, you’ll find… Taylormade M3 8.5 with Project X Evenflow White 75 6.5 Callaway Rogue 15* 3w with Project X Evenflow Black 75 6.5 Srixon Z965 3-P irons with Nippon C10 X Prototype shafts Titleist SM7 50.08 F (bent 1* weak) / 56.08 M / SM6 58.12 K with DG S400 shafts Odyssey Black Series #3 I broke down this season and purchased new wedges. I had noticed that I wasn’t getting near the spin on my wedges and knew it was time. It was a night and day difference with the consistency in flight and holding on the greens. My Vokeys are only a few months old, so hopefully the testing with the RTX 4 wedges will be able to provide some interesting comparisons. I don’t have a huge gap difference in the last two wedges, but the main reason for this, for me, varying turf conditions and having versatility around the greens, whether chipping from the fairway, playing out of compacted or fluffy bunkers, tight lies, and early morning water run-off mushy lies. I have 100% confidence in that 58K grind from a greenside bunker, which is going to be interesting to see how the RTX4 58 Mid grind will compare. It doesn’t mean I always execute the shot, but I believe I can and that’s over half the battle. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve worked hard on my game since the beginning of this year. I’ve worked my handicap down to where my current trend is a 4.4. Scoring for me really depends on how my driver cooperates and I’m getting off the tee. If I can get off the tee and keep the ball between the stakes, it’s going to be a pretty good scoring day. I’ve always been a pretty good scrambler and would say it’s a strength to my game. I would describe my tempo as moderate to quick with an average swing speed with my driver 113.6 and 7 iron 93.2 mph from my last TrackMan session. When I reach 100 yards, I’m grabbing my gap wedge and swinging my smooth shoulder to shoulder swing. I can flight this shot high or low depending on the conditions, but my favorite is a lower trajectory, knock down that hops one time and stops on the green. It’s a swing feel that I’ve really grooved in since winter. My typical ball flight is a fade. I chased trying to change my swing to work a draw, but I found the fade more consistent and easier to control. My biggest miss with a driver is when I leave the face too open relative to my club path and hit a high, go nowhere, slice. With my short game, my biggest miss is usually a blocked out, push to the right. The strength of my game is definitely from 150 yards in to the green. I have confidence that from that range, I’m going to be able to give myself a decent look at birdie. My biggest weakness has nothing to do with my swing, but my ability to keep focused for a full 18 holes. ***INITITAL IMPRESSIONS*** Now to the dessert… So with this testing opportunity, I opted to go with 52 and 58 mid grinds. A good friend of mine, who’s also my club builder, asked what I thought and the best description I can give is they are a match made in heaven with my Srixon irons, especially the 52*. The mid sole grind fits as if they’re a direct extension from irons. The turf interaction is amazing. If I miss slightly fat, I don’t lose much at all as they just don’t dig into the dirt. I love a black finish on wedges as it helps reduce glare from the sun. I will say though, I prefer the look of the flat black finish of my Vokeys vs the satin black finish on the RTX4, but the finish on the RTX4 wedges after two 18 hole rounds and three 9 hole rounds show no wear, except for some sand nicks on the face, but that’s going to happen. The RTX4 wedges frame the ball well and are pleasing to the eye at address. I haven’t had a chance to hit these wedges on a launch monitor yet to compare them to my Vokeys, but from my on course testing they definitely seem to spin more than my Vokeys did brand new. With my Vokeys, on controlled swing shots from 50-100 yards, the best I ever got was the one hop stop and even a couple feet worth of roll out on some shorter shots where they weren’t picked as clean. With the RTX4, that roll out has disappeared and on the longer range shots with each wedge, the ball will pull back to near the initial contact point on the green. I hope to get on a monitor at some point so I can have some definitive numbers. The biggest difference though that I have noticed thus far is bunker play between the Vokey 56M and 58K grinds vs the RTX4 58 Mid. The Mid grind plays almost between these two. In the past, if the bunker was compacted or shallow, I’d grab my 56M. If it is soft and deeper sand, I’d grab the 58K. I’ve found that the RTX4 58 Mid is workable in both situations, but it’s not near as consistent in soft/deeper sand. It does tend to get caught up in those bunkers a bit more, but does fine in a bunker that’s shallow or compacted. There was one instance I was in a bunker where the sand was moderate, not super soft, but not compacted either. I opened the face on the RTX4 58 Mid, and tried to launch the ball up high because the green was elevated about 6 foot from the base of the bunker and the pin was short-sided. I’ve never had this happen before, but the wedge cut a ½” gash in the cover of my Srixon that went down beyond the urethane cover. I wish I would have taken a picture of it, but I got rather aggravated in the heat of the moment and slung the ball in the woods after the hole because it was on the first hole and a brand new ball. I’ll try to duplicate it again during my next practice opportunity to see if it was a one off thing or if this may be a problem with the combo. It hasn’t happened since, but I’ve not had any other shots where I was trying to pull off that type shot. Maybe it was just the super fresh grooves on the wedge which is where I lean towards being the cause. One last thought, so far there are things that I prefer with each wedge vs the other. I’ll expand on that more in the stage two portion of my review, but my initial thoughts are that you can’t go wrong with either one. The versatility in stock grind options from Vokey are what really separates them from the pack in my opinion, but the Cleveland RTX4 lineup is more than able to hold it’s own. Also, you can’t go wrong with a DG Tour Issue S400 as the stock option! It is a nit-pick complaint, but I do prefer solid black ferrules rather than the white rings. Please feel free to ask any questions or things you’d like to know!! Thanks again MGS and Cleveland for this opportunity.
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    I want thank Shankster for his kind words and for allowing me to share my thoughts about the Blueprint irons. As I have said in other places on the site, in my golfing life I have bounced back and forth between a forged blade and Ping irons. When I first started playing golf at 20 years old, my initial "real" set of irons were Ping Eye irons with Ping Eye 2 woods. The first set of irons that I bought new were Lynx Parallax but they didn't last long because the blade bug bit me early on and I wanted a set of Mizuno blades but I had never played a blade so I purchased a set of used Founders Club 200 Series that I still have today. Those irons are fantastic - very, very thin sole and top-line and will give you exactly what you put into them. The problem with blades, of course, is that when you aren't swinging well - they are quite penalizing so I wanted something more forgiving and I bought a set of Ping Zing's - woods and irons. I played those for awhile until I missed the playability of blades and purchased a full set of Mizuno MP 14 1-PW. I played those irons till the chrome literally came off. These represent perfection for blades for me and the benchmark all other irons are compared to. When I wore those irons out, I bought 3-PW of the i3+ Blades and I played those until I missed a forged iron and bought MP 57's. In 2012, I bought Saqra 1150 3-PW blades which are Endo forged and I played those until I bought the i500's. All this to say, that when I say the Blueprint irons, I told me wife, "I'll never need to leave Ping again!" The truth is that after my two back surgeries, including a fusion, I just don't have the ability to practice like I once did and a full set of blades is really not practical. I like the i500 - they perform great for me and they have the look of a blade but the forgiveness more in keeping with a cavity back. That said, the shorter irons in particular have a bit of a clunky feel and do not move through the turf the way I want. Enter the Blueprint irons. I had initially planned on ordering 8-PW but the lofts disparates were too great so I ordered 9-PW to see how I get along with them. I ordered them in the Power Spec so that lofts matched the i500 and then I waited... Then finally this happened: As always, Ping sends their irons with the neoprene individual covers which, though not beautiful, are extremely effective: The Blueprints are just lovely and blend relatively well with the i500's: I played today and the Blueprint are amazing! Good enough that I'm thinking about adding 6-8 - if I go to six iron, I can eliminate some of the gapping issues but time will tell. I will leave you with just some initial thoughts: I had two holes today where I had 119 and 121 and the PW set up easy birdies on both. The PW is also exceptional to chip with around the greens. The first hole I used the PW to chip with was a long green where I had hit the front apron of the green with 31 paces to the hole. I chipped the ball to 3 ft for a great par and I did it just instinctively. I didn't have grind over it - it just worked. I had a similar shot of a par 5 where I was just short of the green on the my second shot and chipped to kick-in birdie range. So good. I was also faced with a shot I specifically bought the Blueprints for today. I had 119 into the wind and I hit a little 9 iron that came off exactly as I hoped it would. I have a lot more to say but I'll leave it at that tonight. I so appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts and I look forward to doing so moving forward. Thanks again Shankster!
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    I’ve thought about not posting this, but I’m pretty proud of it, so here we go. Several years ago my home course was county ran, it was in bad financial shape, and getting ready to close for good. Several members, businessmen, and investors bought it. They divided out 100 shares for people to buy. At the time I wasn’t interested in buying one, wasn’t that interested in golf in general. They have 7 board of directors and 5 on the oversight committee. Recently I was asked if I would be interested in buying a share, I was, so I did. The next month one of the board members resigned, guess who was asked to join the board! So now not only do I own 1/100 of my course, I get to vote on everything. My actual title is “Clubhouse Director” so anything that needs to be done, or happens at the clubhouse, goes through me. Sorry if it sounds like I’m bragging, I kinda am, I’m just so excited. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    How can I simply forget how to swing a golf club in less than 12 hours. Followed up last nights decent league 9 hole round, with a very disappointing 94 today, from tees that were roughly 300 yards closer. Two of my strengths this year, driver accuracy and wedge play seemed to take the day off after working the night shift last night. After a par/bogey start I went Double from 115 yards out, then Triple from 105 yards out. it was mostly up and down from there. We did putt on freshly aerated greens--Tuesday--for the front nine, so that didn't help much, but it certainly isn't to be blamed for the poor wedge play. One silver lining I guess I can take away, is that as my handicap is dropping is that I now consider 94 a "disappointing" round for me. where as at the beginning of he year, I was happy with a 94.
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    won my quarter final club singles matchplay today by 6&5, sounds good but you know that game where you play badly but your opponent plays worse? and we're both single figs. Nice to win but I'd rather win by playing well as opposed to my opponent 'falling on his sword'............but I suppose I've also been there many times.
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    Played with the assistant super last night after work. We played the forward tees for a change of pace. 5209 64.8/110 I had 1 really bad double when I made a terrible swing with a wedge and buried it under a lip of a bunker, but other than that, things went pretty smoothly. 5 Birdies and an Eagle for 67. I missed 5 putts inside of 10 feet, so that could have been something special.... Oh well.. There is always today....
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    Took first place in our work department scramble. (Four teams, wasn't much of a real competition but I'll take it, nonetheless.) - 34/34 = 68 (-4) - 7/14 FIR - 14/18 GIR (5 birdies) - 29 Putts (Including one three-putt, sadly...) - 3:30 Round Time I had a terrible warm up on the range. All sorts of weird swing stuff going on that I haven't dealt with in a long time. Specifically today I was flipping a lot at impact because I was very steep into the ball. Couldn't figure it out and it really messed my mindset up for the round. Altogether I ended up gutting out a pretty OK performance. We used my drive/tee shot on something like 12 of the 18 holes, and had I been playing by myself I would have been happy with almost every hole. Had a few good approaches, a good chip or two and several good putts. I'm not going to beat myself up about this in any way. I had a lot of fun, and lost only a single ball (unfortunately on my final non-putt of the day) on a course that usually plays very, very hard, especially when it is windy like today.
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    Made food for half my platoon tonight. One eggplant parm and one lasagna. Made the noodles and sauce from scratch and some eggplant was from my garden.
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    I hadn't touched a club in 3 weeks due to vacation and moving our daughter to her apartment. Expectations were low going into league tonight. I wasn't sharp at all, which isn't terribly surprising. Nothing too terrible, but nothing really good either. Ended up +9 with 16 putts. I had 2 3-putts tonight. Ugh, I hate three putts.
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    Hot streak continues with a solid 73 today. No birds, just 2 bogies. Narrowly missed 3-4 birdyputts. scoring low seems to be connedpcted to new driver move, which is basically just a one piece takeaway... games a lot easier with shorter clubs coming into the green...
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    Not sure how many of you saw this, but what a great story! Alexis Belton, a former student where I taught back in 2007, won the latest event, but not with her own clothes on her back, not with her own shoes, gloves, or even her DRIVER! Yep! Her flights got messed-up and she had to catch a ride to the location, getting in at 4am, with nothing but the clothes on her back. The WLD Tour contestants all got together and scraped-up clothes and items for her to wear during the competition. When Belton got to the finals, Phyllis Meti, the other finalist, let Alexis borrow one of her Tour Edge EXS drivers to compete in the last stage. Alexis is not sponsored by Tour Edge.... Alexis ends-up BEATING Meti by TWO yards with Meti’s driver!!!! Holy cow! What a STORY! Everyone came together, they took care of a fellow competitor, and she ended-up winning with someone else’s driver. Just awesome!!!! Great story! Competing is one thing, but caring for others and helping them compete as well was great to see! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Decent night in men's league last night, 46 that was marred by triple and double both from really horrible lies and bad decisions with the wedge shot attempted on each. Driver short as usual but on point, 5/7 fairways. Hit the new 919's very well. I was 3/4 with them when shooting at a GIR. The 4th one came up maybe 10 yards short and I was probably feeling a bit cocky ejbt them and went I club less than I should have...ha Putting returned to a very confident stroke. Several putts from the 15 to 30 feet range that litteraly were tap ins. Will tee it up again this morning in the Sr. League and be playing golds. So the irons should see even more action.
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    Played today at Lincoln Park West - it was sweltering and SLOW. That said, I was paired up with a couple of really great young men - both started their Senior Year of High School today and are members of the golf team. Courteous and well-spoken and good players - one of them made birdie on 18 to shoot under par. For me it was the story of two nines. I opened with a bogey on the par 5 1st and ended on a bogey with one birdie in between (37). The back nine I started to play much better with a crazy card: 5 birdies and 2 bogeys (32). I can't remember the last round where I had 4 bogeys - good grief. 69 FIR 7/13 GIR 12/18 Putts 28 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got out and shot 43 from the tips! Not really sure I have a ton of business playing from the tips in general, but my driver was on today so there was a solid amount of driver to 9i/wedge approaches. My putting has been spot on, and my oh my does that really help the score! Had 15 putts today, probably 2-3 from 10ft+ that dropped. Approach game was a little spotty, my irons have been chunky lately. But all in all great round for me, gotta love days like today!
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    Another 2” rain last night but tried 9 this morning anyway. CPO again. This is getting very old. Didn’t play that bad, irons were very good (did I mention I love the Mizzie’s!). When courses are this messy really can’t keep score but around 42-43. No roll at all and had to move ball due to “casual ponds” in some areas. Almost forgot the ridiculous high dew point and 95% humidity. Still better than staying home.[emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Intro First off, have to say thank you to MGS and Cleveland for trusting me to test and review these new wedges. I have been golfing since I was about 12 years old (I’m 34 now) but up until about 3 years ago never put a lot of time or effort in to it. I would say I’ve been an avid golfer for 3 years. I live in southwest Pennsylvania and if anyone has played here you know how rarely you get to hit off a flat lie due to the hills! I am excited to test these out because wedges are not only one of my stronger parts to my game but also one of my favorites to hit with. My friends always laugh when we get paired up with people and I get to within 50 yards because they know as bad as I can be off the tee that I will make up many strokes there! Currently my bag is made up of Ping G30 driver, woods, hybrids, Titleist AP1 718’s, Scotty Golo 5 and the Cleveland CBX wedges 52* and 56* wedges. I picked the same lofts to be able to compare directly to what I am used to and good with. I got fitted for everything but the Scotty (I just wanted a Scotty). My handicap is my ability to get off the tee in to the fairway, well really my handicap is roughly 17, per the Swing U app (used to be Swing x Swing). I have a faster swing tempo, however when it comes to my wedges, it’s a very deliberate slower tempo to focus on impact. Distance isn’t an issue for me as the 52* club is my go-to 100 yd shot. Typical ball flight is left to right, mid trajectory and when I miss it is a bad slice. I have always been a Cleveland wedge guy, way back to the CG14 that were later deemed illegal. First Impressions The highlights of the upgraded wedges Cleveland promotes are: Tour Zip Grooves - Sharper, deeper grooves slice through grass, sand and water for more consistent spin on every shot. More Durable Laser Milling - Longer-lasting laser milling brings face roughness right to the conforming limit for more friction and more spin on all shots. Centerd Rotex Face Milling - Milling that’s in-line with your strike pattern increases backspin on all full, pitch, and chip shots. Progressive Feel Balancing Technology - New Muscle shaping on the back of each loft progressively adjusts the center of gravity on both the vertical and horizontal axes, enhancing feel and distance control, even when you don't strike the face center. What does this mean to me? Well it sounds like the little bit of spin I can currently put on the ball will be increased and the face will last much longer. I would be interested in the durability over long term because I don’t play enough that the durability will be put to the test in the short time for this review. Usually get new wedges 3 years or so. Hopefully the feel balancing will mean fewer crazy mishits or blading the wedge off the fairway. The specs I picked most closely match what I have now in the CBX version, same lofts, shafts and grips. I am hoping that this newer upgraded version will allow me to have better control around the greens. My first impressions when I opened the box is these things are sturdy. Personally, I like a heavier wedge, feels like I have more control, and these meet my needs! The balance on them is great, they grooves feel deep and sharp. Really digging the look of the black satin. If you’re someone who needs things to look perfect don’t go with the black satin, it finger prints very easy. (Not a big deal to me but I know there are some people out there like that.) I have played a few rounds so far and am liking what I am seeing. My plan to test is to put them in the bag and see how they score. I also plan on going to the local range that has a green and chipping on to them. I really want to see how these compare to the original CBX that I am lights out with from 50 and in.
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    My club championship tournament is this weekend. I'll be in the Championship flight, which is lowest 8 handicaps (plus anyone else that wants to challenge themselves) playing from the tips with no handicap. They also get the greens rolling at their fastest of the year and put the pins in some ridiculous places. We used to have a couple of scratch golfers at our public course but now I think the lowest is a 3.1. The Cobra Challenge has helped me get down to a 5.0 trend so I should have a chance if I play well.
  25. 9 points
    I bought the Eyeline Golf Impact Ball Liner after seeing an ad on Facebook, and I wanted to make sure I did a quick review for everyone here on the forums. I consider myself to be an above average putter. I two-putt more often than not, and recently with an improved chipping game I’m seeing many more one-putt holes. It’s not uncommon, however, for me to have two or three three-putts over 18 holes, especially if the greens are pretty speedy. GAME Golf actually places my putting strokes gained around that of a 15-20 handicapper, although because of the finicky pin system I’m not 100 percent confident in those numbers. Statistically, in my worst round this year I averaged 2.11 putts per hole; my best round 1.56 putts per hole. The Eyeline Impact Ball Liner made its way onto my radar after the Rocket Mortgage Classic in Detroit. The winner, Nick Lashley, was featured on Eyeline’s Instagram page because he is also a user of the Impact Ball Liner. I already was using the ball’s alignment aid for putting at the beginning of the year. After reading about Maxfli centering their alignment aid on the ball’s center of gravity, I purchased a Check-Go Pro, which I started using on all of my golf balls. I now use the Eyeline Impact Ball Liner in tandem with the Check-Go Pro. Using the Check-Go Pro, I mark the ball’s center of gravity using a washable marker. I then align the Impact Ball Liner along that line, and mark with a permanent marker. The remaining washable marker is easily wiped off with a damp cloth. Eyeline (and Hank Haney, the endorser of the product) claim the squared line will aid in making short putts, as the putter face is more easily-aligned to the desired start line at address. At $14.95 delivered for a three-pack, I figured it was worth a shot. Even if the line shaved one stroke a round, it would be well worth it. Initial Thoughts I’ve been playing with Eyeline-marked balls for 54 holes now, two 18 hole rounds and two nine hole rounds. During this stretch, I averaged 1.83 putts per hole. GAME Golf actually says statistically I am now a worse putter than earlier in the season. I’m not so sure about that. I love having the perpendicular line for alignment. It makes it much easier to place your ball with the center of gravity/alignment line on your intended line. Combined with the sightline on my TaylorMade Spider Tour Red, it’s now very easy to feel confident the face is matching the desired start line. Surprisingly, I am most enjoying the additional marking when teeing off. It’s awesome to have the line to better align my driver and irons from the tee box. I hit 6-of-7 fairways during a nine-hole round last week with my driver, and I believe the Impact Ball Liner is a huge reason for that. It is very nice to pick a target, align the line to that target and just make a good swing. It frees me up from having to find a divot or other item on the tee box to which to align my clubface. As far as negatives go, I wish these were sold in packs of two instead of three. I can see keeping a spare around, but I doubt I’ll ever use the third. I will probably end up giving it to my brother-in-law if he is interested. Also, the included marker is fatter than a Sharpie and a little more “wet,” if that makes sense. I marked my first few balls with the included marker, but realized it was bleeding under the cutouts and leaving smudges on the ball. The included marker also seemed to be easily rubbed off on the course. The second set of balls I did with a Sharpie and didn’t have issues with smudging or with the lines easily wearing. All in all, I find the additional marking to be very helpful to my game. I never used to be a big fan of heavy marks on my golf balls, but I think these marks in particular are going to help my score. I suppose if someone was handy with 3D printing these would be pretty simple to make. But for less than half of a box of premium balls, I think the price of the Impact Ball Liner is well worth it.
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    Only played 9, the back was being aerated. -1, 35 from the tips. Was -3 through 7 before a double on #8. Dangit!
  27. 9 points
    Played Moore Golf and Athletic Club today - I'm not a member but as a perspective one they let you play once. I played the tips (6758) in 105* heat but had the course basically to myself. It's a good course with a couple par 3's of 230+, a drivable par 4, good bunker ing, some good risk/reward holes and good greens. Played really well except for a silly bogey on 18 from the middle of the fairway from 147 yards... And I had just made a great par save on 17. Besides that I played really well and for the most part controlled my golf ball and met some great guys. 66 FIR 9/14 GIR 13/18 Putts 25 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  28. 8 points
    86 (45/41), 33% GIR, 36% FIR and 33 putts at Ko’Olina. Seeing how I had to borrow wedges, I’m pretty pleased with the round. This was the first round I played since I got back from my Tahoe trip and it was nice to get back to Hawaii golf!
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    Today's final round of my club championship was cancelled. We started off with a 2 hour rain delay but they decided to make it a one day tournament after heavy rains made the course unplayable. My score of 76 stands as the 2nd best out of 30 people. Unfortunately the one person with a better score was also in my flight. I should be happy with 2nd but I can't help but feel dissapointed that I didn't even have the chance to try and catch the leader. Oh well.
  30. 8 points
    Round one of my club championship is in the books. I had two penalty shots off the tee and made zero birdies during the round. Everything else was nearly perfect and I ended up with a 76 to put me in 2nd place; one shot behind the leader. The final round is tomorrow morning. I'll check back in with the good news or the tears of sorrow sometime after the round.
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    Needed to post this here as well as on Twitter, because @jlukes deserves public thanks for his kindness to Kirke:
  32. 8 points
    ... You will get differing opinions from those of us that have suffered this insidious injury. Close to 20 years ago I decided to master the knockdown shot. It was fall in windy Chicago and almost all courses stop watering, so everything was hard and fast. I hit knockdown irons off every tee and every full shot I played. The good news is I became very proficient at knocking the ball down in the wind. The bad news is I developed some nasty elbow tendonitis. Started similar to you with some discomfort and I took ibuprofen and played thru the pain. It kept getting worse until I just couldn't play and finally went to an Ortho. Total rest for 3 months. It was already late October so the season was just about over. ... The reason I am posting this is I switched to graphite in my irons. After reading everything I could, graphite in irons for elbow tendonitis was recommended by too many to ignore. I started hitting in a dome right at 3 months and at that time Aldila was making the NV Tour iron shaft and at 130gms and 1.5* of torque it performed as well or better than my DGS300's. But before diving in to graphite, I tried Sensicore, Pro Soft and a few home made shaft cushioning inserts, and while they improved the feel, I still had elbow pain. It completely disappeared with graphite. I have played graphite irons ever since, going from the 130gm shafts to Aldila Pro 105's, Aldila VS Proto 100's and finally VS Proto 85's that proved to be too light for my swing so 95gms is my cut off weight. I have tried Stelfiber and Recoil 95/110s, currently playing Recoil 95 Prototypes. I would never go back to steel. ... My advice would be caution and rest. It is never a bad idea to see a specialist if the pain persists. Good luck!
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    37/36 = 73 from the tips. Finally, the irons swing is returning! Been a struggle all season but only with irons. Over the past 2.5 rounds I've gone +3, -1 (for 9), +1. Season low was previously +2, accomplished a few times but every one of them was scramble-city. Today was nice, fairways and greens. I'd been hitting off the toe all year when I recently realized that my back foot was pretty square at set-up. I theorized that not only was my turn compromised but this set up encouraged me to take the club back slightly outside the target line. All I did was flare the back foot open maybe 15° more. Although I didn't change my heel's placement, this offered the sensation that my foot had dropped an inch or so back. My takeaway felt much more natural, like seasons past, and my downswing more powerful and coming from the inside. Strong draws all day long, just like yesteryear. Rather than hope for the best as I had been, now I wanna go on the attack. [emoji16]
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    SPIN CONTROL and a HOLEOUT CHIP SHOT! Did that get your attention?! Before I start writing about the Cleveland RTX 4 wedges, I first need to acknowledge Cleveland Golf for supplying the RTX 4 wedges and to MyGolfSpy for making the testing opportunity available! My past story can be found here: from the testing I did for the 2018 Cobra Connect Challenge. The current wedges in my bag consist of the Cobra One Length wedges in 52* and 58* lofts. Not much has changed since last year. My game can be hot one week and colder than ice the next. I have never been a strong wedge player since I’ve never been one of those guys that could hop and stop an approach or control the roll out on a chip, but with the short time I’ve spent with the Cleveland RTX 4’s, I can already tell this will be changing! I play to an approximate handicap of a 12 or 13 with a medium fast take away and a quick return to impact on the ball. Lately, I’ve been using a gap wedge for 100 yard approaches but started to use the sand wedge for those shots if needed. My typical miss for wedges are, well a shank. I didn’t want to type that word for fear it might spread – HA HA HA! Hopefully, the Cleveland RTX 4 wedges will help me in an area where I have never been particularly good at - approach and chip shots. First impressions are important, whether meeting people or unboxing wedges. Cleveland packaged the wedges for maximum protection of the heads and the shafts. There wasn’t a scratch or imperfection on the wedge heads, shafts or grips! The wedges look nice and clean with little to distract at address or looking at the back. When I picked up the RTX 4’s, the first thing I noticed was the heavier weight of the wedges. I ordered the 52* and 56* lofts and the default weights are D4 and D5 respectively while my previous Cobra F8 One length wedges had D1 swing weights. I won’t go in depth about the technology Cleveland Golf packs into the RTX 4 wedges. You can find that information here: https://www.clevelandgolf.com/us/rtx4-wedges.html I didn’t think that RTX4 would be any different than the myriad of wedges that I’ve played before…from the original Titleist SM wedges to the Nike VR wedges. Boy, was I wrong about that! The 4th generation of the rotex face is incredible! It generated more spin to the point I could actually see the backspin on the ball on chips! I was able to generate spin whether from the fairway or deeper rough! On only my second hole using the wedge, I was able to control the chip from 10 yards out, land it where I was aiming and hole out for a birdie! More to come in my stage 2 report, but suffice to say, I’m pretty impressed so far with how the RTX 4 wedges are performing. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask me! A few more photos of the Cleveland RTX 4:
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    My club tournament is also this weekend. I will be playing 100% Cobra F9s. I’ve gotten so comfortable with them I don’t see me changing to anything in the near future. We have several hovering around scratch, with 3 guys on the + side, my 10.9 will put me in the front of the 2nd flight. Good luck to you sir. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Today was my US Mid Amateur qualifier here in the Denver Area. I want to give a shout out to [mention=68431]downlowkey[/mention] for coming out and watching the back 9. It was great to see a fellow SPY. My round started well with a par on 1 and then a lip out birdie but easy par on 2. I bridied 3 and I was off. I stayed a -1 until a bogey on the 7th hole. Just a poor par putt. And finished the front nine at even par (36). The back started the same as the front a nice par. On the 11th hole I hit 2 good shots and just left my wedge in a bad spot leading to bogey. The 12th is a 237 yard par 3. I hit a 4 iron long and across a cart path and that lead to another bogey. I got things going again and made all pars till a bridie on the 15th to get back to +1. I was in a good spot and figured I have a chance with one or 2 more. The 16th hole was a 480 yard par 4 down hill. I hit what I thought was a good shot down the right side. It kicked left and rolled all the way into the hazard. A drop and a poor first putt led to a double bogey. A par on 17 and a bogey on 18 after being to aggressive and I finished at +4 (76). I hit the ball very well and I could not ask for more out of my [mention=76062]GolfSub70[/mention] irons and fairway wood. It was a very good 2 weeks for me and I am looking forward to next week in the Illinois State Mid Am.
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    You did 3 years of lessons with him so you have a history. Every instructor is unique so you really can’t compare. Maybe he is thinking that if he does the initial evaluation you will sign up for some future coaching. A free lesson or evaluation isn’t unheard of and is often a way to generate future business
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    I played in this unique outing this weekend that raised money for Breast Cancer. We played on teams, but used our own score and played the shots out, however we played from the Ladies Tees. I'm not sure if it was the mindset that we had to use my other team members score for 9 holes, but I played very loose and played some of the best golf I ever have. I had 2 eagles, 6 birdies, and 3 ugly bogeys, but altogether it was for a 64 (7 under). I missed 3 other birdie chances as well, 2 from 15 feet and one from 7 feet. I wasn't keeping tabs, but think I only had 24 putts or so for the day and was on fire with the flat stick. It would be my best round, but since we were playing Ladies Tees, I'm not sure it can be counted as such. The rating from those tees are 69 so it would be more like 5 under par, which would tie my best round. Anyways, a great round for me and all for a good cause. Hopefully I can continue this momentum when I move back to the regular tees.
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    Tale of two different rounds for me this weekend. Hit it really well yesterday and didn’t make a putt and got pretty much any bad break I could have gotten. Had to take an unplayable in the second hole when it hit my ball three paces through the fairway into an old what I guess I can call a divot. Played this morning in the first group off and cruised to an easy 73 off the back tees. Put the Flash SZ back in my bag and just killed it off the tee. Missed on fairway today and that was by design for an angle I to the green. Putting finally came around and loving the new flat stick. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pretty poorly....98 Maiden voyage round with the 919 Forged was disappointing. Not really due to the irons. I played a course I hadn't played in quite a while and some of the forced carries off the tee were a bit much for me, so I didn't hit a lot of irons. Ended up with a lot of hybrids and FW for the 2nd shot. In hindsight I should have been up a tee box. Also I didn't have my normal putter so putting was less than stellar. A lot of excuses. Plain and simple just didn't hit it well.
  41. 8 points
    Let me introduce myself, My name is Josh and I'm a golf-a-holic. I'm from NE Indiana and have been an avid golfer since 2012. In the years between 1997 and 2012 I was a weekend hacker. You know the type, shoots a 120, brags about his 7 good shots a round. Drinks a lot of beer to either loosen up, or forget. In 2012 something clicked. I just realized that I needed a hobby, something to pass to do while not at work. I made a "life altering decision" I walked into Dicks Sporting Goods saw a price of clearance irons Adams A7's for $199.00. I became hooked. Now I say hooked, I meant hooked on buying equipment. You know the type, starts hitting a wicked slice, go buy a new driver! After 2 years of Scalding the ball across the green with a wedge, I decided to take my first lesson. I was actually high bidder at our Kids' schools charity fund raiser for short game practice session. So a tax free donation of $50.00 I was high bidder to hang out with my daughters Science teacher and learn how to chip. She had taken lessons and passed it on to me. Laugh all ya want, I'm real good w/ a wedge now! Now, I take my game serious. Not PGA type serious, but I actually don't drink on the course. I golf because I love the game and want to shoot well. Plus, it's great exercise, walking 18 with a push cart. That's where my game is now. I can break 90, 85 is my goal. I struggle hitting driver, my other clubs are accurate as all get out! So, I feel this test suits me fine, since I'm Dead on Balls accurate with my irons. (To use the phrase from "My Cousin Vinny") Imagine my surprise when I came home from work and this was at my door. Have you ever seen an overweight 43 year old dance? Well you're not going to for this, you just have to picture it! When I opened the box I felt like the kid from "A Christmas Story" when he finally gets his BB Gun! NO, I didn't shoot my eye out. Into the back up they go. Who agrees that putting new clubs into a bag is an AWESOME feeling? Tell me it's not just me. The Grips felt good and the Clubs were clearly labeled. I was impressed at the way they felt during my first range session. I went through them 4-AW and it was fun. Don't get me wrong, it was hot and I was giving them a good workout. How am I to know what my distances are, if I don't take them out and put them through their paces. I tried to hit every shot that I could think of on the range. No matter what, they still found the sweet spot. That'll bring up their stock value in my eyes. The below pic was right before my first swing. Putting in some work! I'm going to give these a test for who they are built for. The weekend players. I want to provide honest feedback. Will this club deliver on this promise? We shall see. I've already figured out they can get me out of a pine tree! If you have any suggestions feel free to let me know what you'd like me to try with them. It's an honor to have been selected to test this equipment. So that I can provide you with the best and most honest feedback that I can. Thanks to My Golf Spy for this honor. (And they finally made it into my Playing Bag)
  42. 7 points
    Was having an awesome round, we were first group on after a 2 hour lightning delay so had no one in front of us. We finished the front 9 in 1:10 and I was +5, on hole 11 we caught a group and it took us 2:30 to play the last 8 holes. Finished with an 88... The back 9 is where I usually score low. Missed a Hole in 1 by this much. I put my foot next to the hole and the ball was at the back of my instep.
  43. 7 points
    This was in Bloomberg Business. Note: MGS was quoted in the article The Disruption of the Golf Ball Market Is in Full Swing Startups are chipping away at a $5 billion market. Read in Bloomberg Businessweek: https://apple.news/ArA94vkLNRGilvjxV6FacQA
  44. 7 points
    Yes, the revolving door on my bag will not include FW or Hybrids anytime soon. Oh course I know some SmartA$$ is going to copy this post for future reference.
  45. 7 points
    Starting to grow concerned that I might have tennis elbow. I started having some minor discomfort a few weeks back but it was on and off, no big deal. Thought maybe I slept wrong. I was in some discomfort after playing 18 this weekend, but figured that was just overuse due to the amount of shots I had to hit () . Yesterday I hit a large bucket and was really not feeling so hot once I was done, and this morning after working on props for the kids last night I am now in some serious discomfort. Some quick research has my arm pain in the exact spot of tennis elbow. Gonna pop some Advil and see what happens, but of course now I'm going to be worried that it's going to keep popping up as I play.
  46. 7 points
    Yep, the post count badges are automatic. But I'm willing to take credit, if necessary
  47. 7 points
    Sorry guys. Rev let me know about his family members illness. I told him to worry about family first and get it up when he can. I meant to post thst here and didn't get to it. Also Tsauers will be coming in the next week or so. Remember he got his clubs several weeks later than the others. This all just gives everyone something to look forward to
  48. 7 points
    Finally getting to update here. Saturday and Sunday were our club championship at Urbana Country Club. The weather was great except for a 2 hour delay on Sunday. Saturdays round was very steady. No big hick ups and no real birdie runs. I ended up at even par 72. That gave me a one shot lead going into Sunday. Sunday was a great morning as it was my daughters 7th birthday. We had a lot of fun before I had to go play at 10. The round could not have started smoother. 2 pars and I was feeling good. I bridied the 3rd hole and was off and running. 2 more birdies on 5 and 8 and I was starting to build a lead. I added another birdie on the 10th hole to have a 9 shot lead with 8 to play. Then the rain came. We stopped in the middle of the 12th hole for 2 hours. Needed less to say I had a 10 shot lead after the break and could never regain the command on my game I had before the break. I stumbled a little coming in and finished at -2 (70) to win by 9. This made four in a row at our club for me and it was a lot of fun after the round filling the trophy with ice cream so my daughter and friends could enjoy it.
  49. 7 points
    I’ve recruited @golfertrb to give me a hand with these. Although not technically part of the official review, I welcome his thoughts on the clubs. Can’t wait to hear what he has to say. Don’t want to put him on the spot, but I am looking forward to hearing about his journey with these too! So please take to his stuff kindly and enjoy it from a better golfer than I’ll likely ever be. Thanks for helping out!
  50. 7 points
    On the good side, I got to play golf with @Wedgie & @GolfSpy Stroker today for the first time, and both spies were incredible to play with. They both hit some amazing shots, the banter was great and they're both swell guys. On the bad side... well, let's just say my net was 86 and leave it at that. I had too many penalties today, the sand was not my friend, and I chunked 3 chips in a row on the way to a 10 on a par 5. My game wasn't there, but I was glad to be out on the course with those two.


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