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    Spending the weekend in Manhattan with my wife and daughter...we had to bring the elf on the shelf [emoji4]
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    Knowing GSwag personally, I can tell you that you're WAY off base. "Common denominator"? No crap! These are HIS stories so obviously he would be the common denominator. What I can say about GSwag is while he is very forward with his opinions and he wears his heart on his sleeve, you also won't find a more passionate person about the game nor a more fun person to play with. It's one thing to tee it up on a random day and hack around... it's another to play in a sanctioned tournament and take 6 or more hours to play... especially in heat indexes over 100*. There is absolutely zero reason ANY round of golf should take more than 4 hours other than a complete lack of and total disrespect for the game, your playing companions, and other people on the course. I walked off during an Amateur event once because after hitting my shot OB and taking the appropriate drop, one guy in our group went ape s*** on me about how I was in violation of the rules, yada yada yada. Keep in mind this was the guy who brought his annoying ass "trophy" wife with him and she didn't shut up the entire day... she talked non-stop during everyone else's swing, she got out and wandered endlessly... she drank to an excessive amount. So after the 10th hole where my OB drop took place, I quietly grabbed my back and walked back in. I simply wasn't going to put up with him or her for the back 9. Funny thing is my cart partner (who was leading at the time) came in 2 holes later. He was done with them as well. Tournament promoter told us he had received previous complaints and this guy would be banned from future events. We never saw that clown again.
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    Yesterday, I finally had a chance to test and game the MAXFLI golf balls @ Trophy Club's Hogan Course from the Copper Tees @ approximately 6,650 yards. Fun fact - this is the only golf course Ben Hogan ever designed for a fee and is considered his "singular design" work. He consulted on Colonial and Shady Oaks, but as a favor to his mentor, Marvin Leonard. Weather was in the mid-60s and the wind wasn't really a factor, maybe only blowing up to 10 mph occasionally. It was cooler, so I think my distance was down maybe 1/2 club length through the bag. My recorded statistics; Fairways = 57%, GIR = 56% Putts = 29 Overall, I didn't play that great only scoring a bogey golf 90, with a 46 on the front with the Tour ball and a slight improvement of 44 on the back with the Tour X. I drove the ball pretty straight with both balls, the Tour and Tour X, but the X gave me a little more distance. I did hit two really bad shots with each ball - a shank leading to a snowman on a Par 5, Hole #6 with the Tour and a stone topped 7-iron that I splashed into a creek on my approach with the Tour X @ Hole #14 from 150 yards. Here's an approach shot that I hit on #1 with a 7-iron from 145 yards out of the rough, slightly uphill with the Tour ball. The ball spun well enough, IMO, based on it not releasing more than 12 feet from a flier lie. I missed the birdie, though, much to my chagrin. Greens were running pretty darn fast. Here's a full pitching wedge that I hit from 118 yards on #10 with the Tour X ball. The pitch mark is only about 3-feet away from where the ball stopped, so that's not bad for a full swing with a 46-degree PW. I like that result. Ball flight was a high draw that I carried 120 yards just past the hole. In my opinion, the MAXFLI 3-piece Tour felt slightly harder than the 4-piece Tour X, but its ball flight was comparable. The Tour's performance compared favorably to my usual gamer, the 3-piece K-Sigs. My stock shot is a medium-high draw, and MAXFLI Tour X also performed well when compared to most other premium balls I've gamed; ProV1, TPX5, Chrome Soft, etc. The Tour ball didn't appear to fly as far when struck well with my driver nor spin as much as the Tour X. But, I'm basing this opinion only on my observations and results with pitches, chips, and short-iron approaches. Both are good balls and more than adequate for mid-handicappers like me. If you can spend $35 for a dozen premium golf balls, I'd recommend saving a few bucks @ DICK's for the 4-piece Tour X rather than dropping $50 for other super-premium offerings. In my limited experience, the 3-piece Tour is comparable to my K-Sigs and isn't worth spending and extra $11 for, IMO. Based on my on-course results, ball flight, and performance, your scores shouldn't drop off much, if at all, with MAXFLI golf balls. Given a choice, I prefer the Tour X ball for its slightly softer feel and its better distance off the tee. I'm actually surprised they're both priced the same @ DICK's.
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    Incredible, thank you for the opportunity. I've been doing lots of work in the recent past weeks with wedges and my Flightscope Mevo, so looking forward to throwing these in the mix and build out some feedback and results. Thanks Mygolfspy!
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    Round #3 at my new home in the books. Conditions today were pretty windy with a near constant speed of 15~17 MPH and gusts over 20 MPH. I really didn't expect to play well and honestly wasn't even sure If I'd want to finish the round... Instead I went -1 through the first four holes before finally running into trouble! On the day, I shot a +13 85. Most of the damage was incurred on the back nine when I let myself get too aggressive. I am very happy overall though. The real gem of the round was Hole #13. It's a short Par 5 at 478 Yards (on the scorecard) and I haven't had to hit more than 7 iron into the green, but today it was my 50* wedge thanks to a helping wind! To top it all off, I was paired with two very nice gentlemen who are relatively new to golf. They were really fun to play with and it was a sober reminder of the journey I've been on to improve my game over the past six+ years. I was even able to give one of them a small tip that seemed to help him make better contact. He was struggling bad toward the end of the front nine, but came back with a par or two and even had a solid birdie chance on one hole. I hope to play with them again and help them on their golfing journey.
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    ... At least your bunker play must be on fire!
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    My kids are in late middle and early high school. They don't want dear old dad around as much anymore. Especially my oldest, who is fiercely independent. Plus, they are off doing their own things. My youngest played a lot of afternoon rounds with me after school/work. After years of trying various things, my wife has found a hobby that she loves in photography. She often tags along with me and my daughter to snap nature shots. All in all, 2019 has been a personal success in terms of golf and quality of life. I don't imagine I will change very much in 2020. I think my family and I have found a recipe for happiness that we will ride until circumstances change. Which, as I think about it, may be any moment now given we are engulfed with two teenage girls!
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    Brutal morning but good for Testing. Cold, 20 mph wind gusting to 25+. Main objective was how the G410 reacted and they didn’t disappoint. Into the wind able to keep ball low, with the wind clubs got ball up and ride the wind. The more I play these clubs the better I like them. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Want to see what $300M+ in donations will do for a college football program? College football is slowly morphing into the very thing I dislike about pro football, baseball, and basketball.
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    Played this last weekend in my members handicap association club championship. There were two flights,( A flight 0-9 HC and B flight 10-26 HC ). Being a 15 HC at my club is was in the B flight. Two day tournament with daily gross and net payouts and the bulk of winnings going to overall low gross and net winners. Day one I shot an unspectacular 89 ( 74 net ) struggling mightily with my approach shots but didn't play myself out of the tourney by virtue of reasonable driving and good putting. Day two again I struggled with my irons. But my driving was really good 8/13 fairways and my putting was outstanding especially down the stretch one putting 4 of the last five holes! Low gross score of 81( 66 net ) for Sundays day money and tourney low net by 1 stroke over Saturdays leader. One of my most memorable rounds and my first individual victory in golf. This was not an individual effort though, I owe everyone here at MGS for raising my level of awareness and golf IQ with everything we do and learn here at MSG
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    I'm looking at wedges. Either the new CBX-2 in a 46° and 50° with Recoil Smacwrap shafts or @GolfSub70 Satin 48° bent to 46° and 52° bent to 50° with Recoil 680 SC F4.
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    Too seriously. At my home course in Valdosta, there are Bulldog fans, and then everyone else. We had a member/guest last month, the same day as the Florida/Georgia game, and I asked one of the regulars if he would be playing in the member/guest, and he replied, "Nope. Going to the game." I've also discovered that Saturday football afternoons on my home course I can have the whole course to myself as the place is a ghost town after noon'ish. I have another friend who is a HUGE Georgia fan, and he just stops playing golf during football season altogether. He's either tailgating, preparing to tailgate, or watching the game, in no particular order. I just stopped asking him if he wanted to tee it up. But he's point blank told me that if he had to choose between Georgia football and anything else, Georgia football wins every time. He'll probably be buried in a UGA coffin.
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    Now name the guys you didn’t trade to Stroker! Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    That's exactly what I'm thinking. If I miss short four times a round and I can change that to two with no improvement in ball striking, that's a win for me. Thanks to OP for getting me thinking about this.
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    I completely get your 'stubbornness'. I'm a guy that will put my stubbornness up against anyone's! I beat the hell out my concepts or those of other people. It is a real struggle for me to be wrong but my game and coaching have greatly improved as I have changed my perspective from nothing works to how can I break/challenge/disprove my beliefs today. As a result, I have great certainty in what I have chosen to teach in both technique and strategy. One of the concepts that greatly helped me was the idea that we can prepare our skills, recognition and responses to known events or challenges. Many people want to believe that there is tremendous variability in the game of golf. Many people believe the same about their careers. The reality is that most of us in work & sport face the same identifiable challenges with great regularity. If we can prepare our response and execution we can be much more successful than when we constantly feel like things are different. If won't go on and on about this topic but I believe that watching pilot videos on Youtube is one of the best examples. They can fly to a million different places but they face the same set of tasks every time they fly. How do they handle this? They have checklists and prepare for each flight like it is the first! We can play golf the same way as long as we have a reasonable set of skills, create our own check lists (known strategy), and practice our response and execution. There is a reason why Tiger always looks calm - he has prepared for the very moment and his skills travel the world very well. Tiger shouldn't be looked at different - he should be seen as the norm!
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    Damn...drove over to the coast yesterday to do some steelhead fishing and to visit my brother. My buddy hadnt been in the new Tillamook Cheese Factory so we stopped in. Bought a bag of curds and munched on some on the course today. Sitting here wishing Id bougt two bags.
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    Y’all have fun! If the conversation on the podcast is true, and increased spin on chip shots, or shots around the green, are what distinguish this from other B-Stone offerings, good luck at getting measure of those numbers! That’s gonna be a tough one to validate. I can’t wait to see, though!!! Have fun!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I know of Operation 36 and I think they have a great product and system for developing golfers. I think for players looking to have pure fun it is a home run. For those with intention to compete it starts to connect the dots concerning strategy and following a plan. In other words, it provides constraint based training and forces a player think a certain way to move to the next level. I have some practice plans that work in a similar fashion - it provides the tee location and requires a competitive player to make a certain score with 2 out of 3 balls before they progress farther from the green. If you successfully complete each task you will tee off from the tee box on hole 9. It's hard and I've only had a few people complete the task. Some complain, but the reality is that preparation/training should always be harder than the actual task.
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    18th hole at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club in Valdosta, GA. It is a dogleg left 386 yard par 4 finishing hole that has ruined many of my rounds. I’ve tracked 26 rounds since joining Kinderlou and I average 4.8 strokes on this hole and have never birdied it. And depending on the wind I’ve had anything from a 9 iron to a 3 wood into this green on the approach shot. The tee shot can be played anywhere you want as the fairway has a very generous landing area, but the further right you end up the longer your approach is into this hard to hit green. There are two fairway bunkers on the left that are strategically placed to capture any tee shot that does not carry at least 220 yards (uphill) which I have been in on multiple occassions. And if you end up in the fairway bunker you will not reach this green in regulation. The hardest part of this hole is the approach shot. Typically it plays uphill and into the wind, which always has you guessing at club selection. If you miss the green right you are short sided in a deep bunker that pretty mich guarantees you a bogey or worse. So most players will miss left, which is no picnic as there is a deep collection area that your ball ends up in that demands a challenging chip back on to this green which has a false front that will send weak chip shots right back to where you started from. I’ve never birdied it in 26 tries and I consider it a victory to walk off of this hole with a finishing par. In our weekly dogfight this hole is rarely birdied; but if it is birdied you are guaranteed a skin as you will be the only one birdieing it that day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I really like the look of their hybrids and wedges. Will definitely consider them when I need an upgrade
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    It would most likely take way too much. Good apps are extremely expensive to design and it has to be something that will either provide value or measurable return for MGS. There are countless other apps out there that already do what you describe in some fashion. What's in it for MGS to build this app? The data they get couldn't really be used in any of their research or studies since it's not validated.
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    Blast Motion had a Black Friday sale .... I bought one. I've heard good things about it.
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    There is judgment in everything in life. There are also consequences for our behavior and actions. And if you really want to go there, you judged someone with your statement above, even with the words you didn't say. Judgment is a part of life. Just because it's a taboo word in the general public doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Not that I want to make this political in any way, but there is a certain segment of our culture who lives on social media and goes around finding ways to destroy people's lives simply by opposing their worldview choices. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have become the de facto social police, and people are losing jobs (and committing suicide) simply because of actions or opinions that in the past would have never raised an eyebrow. But a certain younger "woke" generation thinks it's ok to destroy people's lives, simply because someone doesn't agree with their point of view. For what it's worth, nothing I said above is news, or not already known. If you want to defend Reed for being a total ass in public and cheating in golf, that's your prerogative. I just see a young man with a lot of talent to play a game that in the past has demanded integrity and calling penalties on yourself, instead of being forced to have them called out to you, when you truly know you broke the rules. It's a pattern of behavior that has followed Patrick Reed everywhere he's gone. So it's not like this is a one off mistake that has never happened in the past. He's habitual with this. And I find it truly sad that this young man has disowned his own family. What exactly did his parents do that was so unforgivable? And since Reed won't speak about it publicly I guess we'll never know. Truly sad though, and I don't believe this will end well when all is said and done with Reed in life. There's more to this story that is yet to be written, and not in a positive way. I almost pity him in a way, if he didn't seem to intentionally self-destruct so much.
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    Putt well ! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I've cut rounds short for the reasons mentioned above. Daylight, slow play, time, etc. I've had to cut one round short when I ran out of balls, that was a sad moment. But my most fond memory of cutting a round short occurred on a pleasant summer day in 2006. I was playing to a solid 23hdcp at the time, lots of power combined with no accuracy, good times. I Teed off on the Keystone Ranch course: 1 st hole is a straight away par 5, and a pure drive, a great 3wd, and a holed putt from probably ~20' and I walked off with an eagle. Maybe my first eagle ever. Hole 2, basically a parallel straight back par 4. I hit my second fairway in a row, my approach to about 2', tap in birdie. Hole 3, no idea, I walked off after 2. I was not about to ruin a eagle birdie start with 7 lost balls, 2 triple bogies and what ever else I was going to fumble that round. At a 23, I knew the math was strongly against me. It was like going to Vegas for a week and hitting a jackpot on the first day, you fly home. So, I walked off a course because of the best start to a round of my life.
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    Both Alma Maters won their Conference Titles today!!!! Great day! Geaux Tigers!!! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I went back and looked at the post I left. I think it’s safe to say I owe @GSwag an apology. The best excuse I can give him is that sometimes the written word doesn’t always come off the way it was intended. A couple of well placed emojis or lols could’ve helped. That said, he did come off a bit, let’s say, edgy? But whatever, I shouldn’t have said anything. Either way I hope he sees this, and I think it’s pretty cool he has a friend like you to vouch for him.
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    Starting to wonder if these are Don White and a National Custom job. That 4 iron [emoji102] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Rickie posted a few extra pics of these on Instagram. "A better look at my @cobragolf proto irons...second and third pics are top down view of 8 (40°) and 4 (24°) iron...we started working on these back in January...I wanted an old school look (thin/straight top line and no offset) while keeping the benefits of the sole and weight behind the sweet spot (tungsten plugs) these are all hand milled stainless heads...currently working on a pvd finish for the final version...stay tuned[emoji108]" The traditionalists will enjoy these, methinks, even with the tungsten plug. Sent from my Pixel 2 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Here we go. Taking a shot on Miller tonight since Theilen once again isn't probably isn't playing Sunday. Bleh.
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    One of my playing buds who is a PGAOA Lifetime member still plays a black set of those Adams irons. LOL he has played them so long all the black is worn off the faces and I will add in the right spots too. 72 years old and still shoots his age or better most of the times I play with him and that is from the senior (gold) tees and not the super senior tees ( red) either. He also carries 2 Adams Peanut hybrids which are well worn in the correct places too
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    Literally: https://www.nationalgeographic.com.au/animals/australias-shark-infested-golf-course.aspx Despite the snow, I'm still pretty happy to live in a place where most of the wildlife isn't likely to eat or poison me.
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    Hope you enjoy it ck, that’s my gamer, just love the shaft. #CobraCONNECT using the new F8’s from Cobra Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    My alma mater vs your Dawgs!!! Geaux Tigers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    No!!!! Being better chipping than putting makes no sense at all!! The only thing this tells you is that you need to improve your speed control with your putter. It is not good strategy to always play short. You need to create a shotgun approach with equal dispersion to your target. The flag is rarely your target!! Challenge: Play 18 holes or 9 it doesn't matter. Keep your normal score and then place a ball in the center of the green structure and keep score as if you hit the green in regulation. I guarantee your score will be better than you actual score. Let me know you results and your reflection on the drill. BTW - paper stats simply don't work. They only support what you want to believe versus an non-emotional, scientific evaluation of your skills when playing the game. Based on the information, you can then start to create practice plans that will have a positive impact on your performance. Everything else is hoping and hope is a bad strategy for improvement.
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    Well on that list would be Mahomes, Jackson, Theilen, Engram, Cook, and Carson. Then we could add JuJu, Ingram, Chark, Conner, Coleman, DJ, Cooper, Julio Jones, Montgomery, Edelman, Diggs, Keenan Allen, etc. Boy typing out these posts make me realize what could have been! Sent from my Moto Z3 Play using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Congrats on #3! Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    I found them to be harder to work then what I am used to. Obviously a bad swing is a bad swing and the ball will fly all over the place, regardless of the club. I found the club wants to fight me a bit when trying to shape shots. It's not that I couldn't shape them, I just had to really try.
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    ... Thank you kind sir. I am planning another winter in Phoenix, hence the PT for the next month!
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    I found the 100 compression of the Tour X simply too hard for my tastes and slower swing speed. I played the Tour again today for 18 holes and it has yielded the second lowest score since arriving in Yuma. I'm definitely including them on my short list of balls that work for me and will keep an eye out for them on sale.
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    I had just about given up on places like this after dabbling in 3 others. One was run by a person who seemed all about pushing a book and was always looking to argue with anyone who didn't echo his opinions. Always had to have the last word with everyone. After a while the only reason I posted was to ruffle his (and his minions) feathers, and I'm usually not that guy. Another place turned me off with their fan boy approach to a certain OEM. Most of the regulars seemed to be part of a click who all worshiped at the altar of a staff member who loved to talk about his prodigious distance and how far he hit every club he tested. I enjoyed the place for a while, but when I started questioning the reviews of their "house brand OEM" and the pricing of new clubs, I touched a nerve, and soon realized I wasn't a fit there. The site I liked the least is probably the biggest and best known. Plenty of information, but after a while I tired of some of the egos. I rarely posted, because the people who did so the most didn't seem very friendly. It was like they judged others by how low their hcap was or how far they hit a ball. They were either arguing or bragging about their 125 mph swing speeds and 280 yard 3 woods hit inside ten feet of a tucked pin. I love it here, and found it while looking for a review. When I read the thread about that particular club, I was struck by the respectful and friendly way everyone interacted. Remember the Cleveland Launcher HB thread @ole gray & @MattF? It's the way I like to be with people, so I was intrigued. I lurked for a month or so, then dove in. I haven't regretted it, and haven't logged into another golf site since. I think you fellas will be stuck with me for a long time. Everyone seems to get along, the vibe is relaxed, and the better players don't look down on the mid and higher caps. The staff seems very nice, there is a great mix of posters, and like someone mentioned, the old guard was very welcoming. When I'm here I feel like I've been placed as a single into a great foursome. Easy conversations about golf and whatever else is on your mind with very nice people. Thanks for having me!!!
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    Pelz did make his money marketing and selling short game and putting instruction, he has a vested interest in telling the world how important short game and putting is. Of course, it's all important, but putting is the easiest to improve, the easiest to max out. After that, you better improve the full swing game. That's tougher, takes more time and more effort, but has the biggest upside.
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    Man those PTMs look slick! So clean and simple yet so Maltby/non-OEM! And that's what we love about them [emoji51] the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
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    If they lose and stay in they will get LSU or Clemson instead of OU which is a nightmare for them. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Anyone noticed the poll of late? Nothing like waiting until the games over to pick the winner. Also, I don't know how he did it, but I think @Shankstervoted twice.
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    Not a tester, but I have had an ER2 for 2 years now and I can say that you notice insert vs. no insert more than you do grooves vs flat. With that said, and not having any way to accurately measure it, I feel like my distance control is better with ER2 than other putters which I would credit to the groove tech.
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    Welp... just as soon as the playoffs started they ended for me. Unless I get about 80 points from two guys tomorrow night. Good luck to those moving on! This season has been a lot of fun! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I think a ton of members in the forum have a similar bag. Although I do play straight Wishon irons top to bottom (except 4i). What I find different or odd even is when a guy posts his WITB and it's entirely one brand. Driver to putter - including the bag itself. And even sometimes everything is completely color/brand coordinated.
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