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    2019 wasn't ideal for me on the golf department. Handicap essentially remained unchanged. I didn't practice anywhere near enough to get better. And I didn't play in any tournaments. And it was a bit rough in the personal life as well as my wife was diagnosed with skin cancer (thankfully it's been removed and all looks good), my mother in law was diagnosed with liver cancer, and my grandma was diagnosed with throat cancer. Cancer can suck it... But I will say the birth of our little daughter has been the gift that keeps on giving. I love her so unbelievably much. And the start of my new business venture has done alright so far, and I'm hoping it takes off after the holidays. Life is a lot of ups and downs...and no matter your situation, things sometimes come hard and fast. But I've learned you do your best, and move on the best you can. I'm welcoming 2020 with open arms and an open mind with both my golf game and life in general. I'm planning a more focused practice/playing schedule and time with family. And of course putting my heart and soul into a business I believe in more than anything. Here's to a great 2020 for all. [emoji3531] Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Visit to the KBS Experience was well a experience. The place is just off the charts! They welcome you (well at least they did for me...ha) with an offer of a local draft beer from their tap, which I'd actually made from a KBS shaft! Everything is covered here, retail store with some cool accessories and apparel, two full size launch monitors for fittings and a full shop for custom builds. They have drawers and drawers of club heads from every OEM and just about any configuration you might want to try. i got to try any choice of club with any shaft so i tried the Titleist T300 with the new graphite TGI 70 shaft Man it felt good and gave me some good numbers. It will most definitely be my next KBS shaft. I've tried many of them over the years, Tour 90, Tour V, and C-Taper Lite. But I've had my eye on this TGI for a while. It did not disappoint, and it comes in varying weights. Be sure to go to the KBS site https://kbsgolfshafts.com/ and try out the Fit System link to see what shaft might fit you. The staff is very excited about the new TD driver shaft Phil who plays a full bag of KBS is testing it and is expected to go with it Some new technology coming in the Putter shafts in early 2020 is pretty awesome as well, I took a couple failed pics of this, but will try and get my hands on some professional pics of it from them. Here's a look around the store, with a pretty cool golf cart greeting you outside!
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    Well, here's my True Spec fitting result... no changes for the moment. I know, I know, rather uneventful. Jason at the Bend Oregon True Spec was simply awesome!! Very knowledgeable! We had a lot of great discussions and I learned quite a lot. We started a look at my bag, checking the driver(s)... yes, I had two of them, 3W, hybrids, and irons. I'm happy with my Ping Sigma G Doon putter and my Callaway PM Grind wedges so we didn't look at those. Jason checked the length, loft and lie angles, swingweight, and shaft frequency. After stretching and warming up, the first club we looked at was my 6i. I'm playing the SGI Bridgestone JGR Hybrid Forged irons with the Nippon Zelos 8 steel shaft. According to Bridgestone, the 6i is 24º loft but Jason measured it on his Mitchell machine at 26º. Jason had me take 3 swings with my 6i to set the baseline on the Trackman. Now my 6i is a club that I hit between 0-2 times a round. It took me 5 shots before I had 3 good ones. Jason selected maybe 8-10 different brand/head combinations (I didn't count) with a shaft that he felt would be beneficial for me that was similar to what I have. However, it was graphite. Some felt bad, some felt good, some were shorter carry, some were the same as my 6i, and the Trackman verified my "feels". Nothing gave me a significantly better ball speed than my club. My issue is my swing; I don't generate enough spin. One club really, really felt good on all 3 swings I made with it... Mizuno HMB MP20. Very tight grouping, but shorter distance than my 6i since the Mizuno has 2º more loft and the shaft Jason had was shorter. I could generate a little higher spin rate which I need. I loved the feel of that club, just not enough of a difference to justify spending money on it. However, if I ever switch, I will certainly have the HMB MP-20 at the top of my list. Next came the driver(s). I play a Wilson D300 with the Aldila Rogue 60R shaft most of the time. When it's windy, I'll swap it out for my shorter Bridgestone JGR with the Aldila NV 2KXV Orange shaft. I had similar results with both drivers. None of the drivers selected by Jason outperformed mine. A few months ago I put my old TaylorMade RBZ 3W in my bag with good results. Dang that's hot!! I toasted one just as far as my drivers. I had been using a Wilson D300 2H. I like that club too, and it has added benefit of being good out of the rough. I also use a D300 4H as the next club up from my 6i. They all fit my game pretty well, and to quote Jason in his summary... "Your shafts in your drivers and 3 wood are relatively on the higher end of Reg, almost to Stiff. The irons are the correct lie/loft and the shafts are long and soft. Not a bad combination for what you're trying to achieve!" That's saying nicely that with my swing speed... I'm doing about as well I I can. Softer shafts in the drivers I tested didn't help and dispersion was worse. So, all of my arrows are fine, I need to fix the Indian. My wrist, which has been bothering me for the last several months, is getting better. Back to the SuperSpeed training!!
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    Spent the morning with my True Spec fitter Jason in Bend Oregon. We finished a little after noon, so I went back to the condo and picked up my wife and we played 18 holes at Eagle Crest Resort outside Redmond, Oregon... on no lunch!! Absolutely beautiful day!! Shot a mediocre +11, but was only +3 on the back nine. I had a very hard time reading greens and getting the speed correct... no time for practice on the putting green!! We finished at 5pm, just in time to see the deer come out. As we rolled around to the cart return, I counted 12 deer in the driving range... could have been more, many were lying down.
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    First time out after full bag fitting and with new Ping irons... Must say - I'm pretty pleased.... still getting used to the distance differences on the new irons but had a good round overall (for me!) 38/41 - 79 12/14 fwy (I was pretty shocked when I added these up!) 9/18 GIR (could get better once I get more familiar with the iron distances) 34 putts (no 3 putts! can only get better from here...) 8 bogies 9 pars 1 birdie My game is pretty boring - I typically don't get really big numbers (i.e. doubles and triples) and I don't make many birdies... hopefully with the new irons I'll get a bit closer to some pins. I did get on in 2 on a par 5 with a very nice 5i from 190... missed the eagle putt but fun to have a chance!
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    I just wanted to say I was watching the MGS Giveaway today on YouTube and all of a sudden...my name was announced as a winner! Just wanted to say how surprised I was to hear that! My name was even said correctly. Thank you MGS for all you do, and thank you to all the members that make this site so amazing!!!
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    Didn’t even make it 24hrs. Took a quick video and found that I was taking the club back too inside. Back to a nice baby draw. I love this game.... [emoji854]
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    I had just about given up on places like this after dabbling in 3 others. One was run by a person who seemed all about pushing a book and was always looking to argue with anyone who didn't echo his opinions. Always had to have the last word with everyone. After a while the only reason I posted was to ruffle his (and his minions) feathers, and I'm usually not that guy. Another place turned me off with their fan boy approach to a certain OEM. Most of the regulars seemed to be part of a click who all worshiped at the altar of a staff member who loved to talk about his prodigious distance and how far he hit every club he tested. I enjoyed the place for a while, but when I started questioning the reviews of their "house brand OEM" and the pricing of new clubs, I touched a nerve, and soon realized I wasn't a fit there. The site I liked the least is probably the biggest and best known. Plenty of information, but after a while I tired of some of the egos. I rarely posted, because the people who did so the most didn't seem very friendly. It was like they judged others by how low their hcap was or how far they hit a ball. They were either arguing or bragging about their 125 mph swing speeds and 280 yard 3 woods hit inside ten feet of a tucked pin. I love it here, and found it while looking for a review. When I read the thread about that particular club, I was struck by the respectful and friendly way everyone interacted. Remember the Cleveland Launcher HB thread @ole gray & @MattF? It's the way I like to be with people, so I was intrigued. I lurked for a month or so, then dove in. I haven't regretted it, and haven't logged into another golf site since. I think you fellas will be stuck with me for a long time. Everyone seems to get along, the vibe is relaxed, and the better players don't look down on the mid and higher caps. The staff seems very nice, there is a great mix of posters, and like someone mentioned, the old guard was very welcoming. When I'm here I feel like I've been placed as a single into a great foursome. Easy conversations about golf and whatever else is on your mind with very nice people. Thanks for having me!!!
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    All-in-all, the biggest component of keeping a handicap is practice. I went from a 7 into the fives changing equipment numerous times, even multiple times a year, even testing for MGS. I had lessons from a coach in Louisiana and Texas in the same year on my journey to sub-6.... The reason I got there, and was there for a couple seasons, was because I was at the range twice a week, and playing just about every Friday. Simply, practice-time, and number of rounds are the major components missing this year. I did get to play some of the best tracks ever this year, though!!! Valhalla?! Sandpiper in Santa Barbara on the Pacific?! Barton Creek again?! I played in 6 different states, and got to play some incredible courses. I played all of those courses better than my home course as they were all actually kept in good shape and had grass in the fairways! [emoji23] The game sucked, but where I played was incredible! I even got in a round with a fellow MGS’er, which was awesome!!!! I’ll get it back.... Probably with a different set of irons, though..... [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    @edingc with a Mizuno wedge!
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    Well yesterday I had my best driving day of the season (and maybe my life). I pulled the G410 9 times and hit 9 fairways, averaging about 280 yards with little to no roll-out thanks to the 1.5 inches of rain we got the day before. Confidence is just incredible with this club and it keeps producing even as I go through swing changes.
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    Last night my wife wanted to run out and play 9 after she played Bridge all day. Other than being a bit chilly it was a spectacular fall evening, albeit a bit chilly. She had a great 'bump and roll' on this Par 5 within 4 feet of the cup but missed the cup for a par. The fitting and the most recent lesson are paying off for her.
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    The annual donor raffle is always a fun watch and this year was no different. But more than a chance to win some sweet new gear, it is a real time opportunity to interact with the HQ team that makes this forum possible. Adam (@GolfSpy_X) actually answered a couple of the questions I posed during the chat. And it’s yet another example of the unique approach that MyGolfSpy takes in an effort to help every consumer feel empowered. Re: my raffle luck - always a bridesmaid, never a bride...
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    Cool day but not too cold to play golf... more than likely my final round unless something unusual happens. 110 ... all carry over water with a PW.... Par gets me 80, birdie gets me 79.... stuck it to 3 feet and drained the birdie. Absolutely love these irons. Hit so many great shots with them already...
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    Played after church and a meeting today - got 13 holes in - was 3 over. Liked Across - very easy to use - haven’t really reviewed the data from the partial round yet. My approach shots were great all day - 27 feet in fact. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    As promised I resumed protocols today going back to level one. For starters though I’d like to request prayers from anyone who does such things for one of our original test group members, Calypso55. He is fighting a battle with cancer and experiencing some side complications as well! Thanks To today’s session - I was not able to find my radar - I will but stuff moves in my house seemingly weekly. :( Anyway I was more concerned with my actual driver swing speed when hitting shots and I was able to measure that on my swing caddy device. After the dynamic warm up I hit 3 drives - average SS was 90 - that’s a bit slow - I’m generally averaging 92 - right around where I was at after the level one protocol a year ago - I lost the speed that I gained in my second jump - which was significant by the way - but have retained a reasonable gain. I’m sure my speed was down a bit because I didn’t hit any other shots first and I tend to be a bit slower in the AM. I then did the protocols for level one on the range in front of 3 young aspiring tour players and their teacher. :(. They suitably busted my chops (two of them work at the club and I know them well) but they were impressed by the left handed aspect of my work out. I then hit three more drives with an average SS of 94 mph. It should be noted too that this was with range balls and not my gamers - that’s what I always used when I was a part of the test group. There was about a 10 yard difference in average distance on the three shoots 221 to just over 231. I’m going to stick with the level one protocols for the next 6 weeks, trying to do one a week at the range, hitting balls afterwards. I’m curious to see where this brings me to - from there I will reach out to SuperSpeed to see what they recommend. I’d like to grab the next level of yardage back again - it got me a couple of sub par rounds early in the season - the difference between 230 and 240 is very significant - No par 5’s in two to an occasional 1, an iron into a 400 yard hole verses a wood. Those things add up. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    “Bacon Boys” off to a Exec on the edge of The Villages. Cart roads and bridges aren’t completed so we have to drive and rent carts for $3.00. Last time we were here there was only marsh and woods I guess that changed[emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Ha. I know. But its true. Both were gracious with their time in different ways. Calaway with a full tour and discussing plans for next year's forum testing. Cobrq ran through the new stuff coming out in a very thorough and interesting way. Gun to head If only allowed one. Cobra really gets it. And by that I don't mean gets the pick. I mean they GET it!
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    Even par 72 yesterday. First round with the Cleveland Elevado frontline putter. I had 6 birdies on the round. One from 25ft, two from 18ft, and the rest from 5-7ft. I obviously had some stinker holes in there as well, but I was very happy with the score, given I hadn’t played or hit a ball in two weeks. Most of the back-nine was into the wind. 4-birdies in a row on the front! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I recently purchased a set of used Mizuno MP-33 irons, and wanted to give my experience and review of my experiment. I know this review is give or take 19 years after they launched but its never too late for golf club reviews right? Main reasons for this purchase: Compare Forgiveness, shot shaping, consistency etc.) Try my hand in some restoration and stamping Refine my shot striking over the winter Understand if I would every try to play a blade/players iron About Me I took up golf at about the age of 12, being in my early 30s I have played for 20ish years. Playing in high school really got me into a groove playing several times a week through golf season which brought me to roughly a 12-15 handicap or so. My collage did not have a golf team and I had no money so golf was limited to mostly summers but tried to get out once a week during that time. Since collage having money and being unmarried my time on the course dramatically increased. I got a membership at the municipal course and was playing 2-3 times a week from April- October, this helped bring my handicap to about a 10. I was much more focused on having fun playing, casual leagues, and destressing then I was about truly scoring low. Now I’m married, have a house, and volunteering at work my golf has weened back to a little more than once per week and spend little to no time on the range. Over last winter I really started to working on some on-course strategies and focusing on my short game mostly putting since that’s always been my weakest part. I also consider iron play the best part of my game and has been as long as I can remember, I wouldn’t consider it great but I hit 48% GIR. So that brings me to today I brought my handicap to an 8-9. I am an engineer by trade and have actually been data analytics oriented in the position I currently have which really got me thinking about my golf stats and analytical side of golf. Which drove me to the on-course maintenance strategy, purchasing a Game Golf, and using GPS watch to make the right decisions. Early spring I found MGS’s Golf ball article and my mind was blown. This data and analysis is so in depth and unbiased, I believe this is what customers truly need. Being quite frugal and wanting to make the right decision on a purchase, even if it frustrates the hell out of my wife, this is my process and I enjoy the “hunt” for the best product. My frugality has driven to spending money on golf not golf clubs. Since playing golf at 12 to now, I have used 3 sets of irons, and just about the rest of my clubs have always been hand-me-downs from my father. In total I may have spent $700 on clubs over that time. So knowing all of that I’m not going to drop much if any money on golf equipment if I’m not sure I’m going to play it and play it a long time. On that note lets get to the clubs that I spent money on as an experiment that may have actually been released before I actually started playing the game. My current bag consists of: Driver: Ping G30 (2015) 3wood: Callaway Big Bertha Steelhead 2 (2007) 5wood: Callaway Big Bertha Steelhead 2 (2007) 1 iron: Ping Eye2 4-GW: TaylorMade R11 (2011) 56*: Cleveland RTX-2 Putter: Odyssey White Hot RX 2-ball Purchase/Test I had been looking to try this experiment and did some research(surprise) looking at testimonials on here as well as other golf forums and found that early 2000s Mizuno/Ben Hogan irons would be where I start and saw such huge praise for the MP-33s looking on eBay for a decent condition mostly full set they were in the $150+ range which was a little high so I was looking at MP-60s, MP-32s, Ben Hogan Apex Pros. Since I was killing an afternoon with my wife near Dick’s Sporting goods I wanted to go in and test the MP-20 to see if I notice a major feel difference with Mizuno as I walked past the used section I noticed the MP-33s 3-PW for $95. So I took a MP-33 7i and MP-20 7i and started hitting. At that moment I knew I was in trouble after about a dozen hits each I walked over and grabbed the MP-33 4i… then 9i… then 3i just to see how I could hit the tiny head. After about an hour of trying just about every club in the set, my tight wallet was falling open. Club Specs at purchase: Shaft: Rifle Flighted 5.0 Grip: Golf Pride Tour Wrap Jumbo Length: ≈+1/2” Lie:? I breaking Category into Looks & Condition since they were used. Club Designed Aesthetic (10/10) If I had to describe the aesthetic in 3 words they would be: Classic, Shiny, and Small. And since no one actually told me to describe it in 3 words here is really what I think really thing. First, I don’t know if Classic is to obvious to call a club that is classic, its clean lines, minimal badging, and timeless design. This bad boy is shiny, break through the bag chatter I see my face shiny. Ugh I cant tell you how much time I’ve spent polishing them… enough to get my wife annoyed. I’m also not really one to clean clubs, I hope these clubs actually help me change that habit. Last but not least the age old question, Does Size Matter? Forgiveness: Yes. Confidence: Probably Performance: It Depends. These are smaller (Toe to heel and topline) than club I have ever hit Period. They didn’t shake my confidence to much until you compare to a GI or SGI iron. I do carry a 1iron in my bag mostly for a nice punch/cut from the trees so the loft or lack thereof didn’t scare me to much. Condition(6/10) Obviously these clubs are used and have some wear there is some bag chatter, face wear, and some paint fill coming out. The 6 iron is the worse condition with the most face wear but even that in consideration is less then expected for 14-20yr old club. the PW has light wear and the rest have very minor wear spots. To spruce these up a little I added new paint fill in Mizuno logo, MP-33 logo, Number, & “Grain Flow Forged” Text on the hosel. I also regripped the clubs since Jumbo grip felt too large in my hands. Add a good thorough cleaning and touch of car wax to shine them up and I would bring my condition up to an 8/10 only due to the 6i wear and slight bag chatter. Sound/Feel (10/10) So this I have to put a slight asterisk mentioning the only other forged club I have ever hit was the MP-20s I tried in a simulator/mat. With that note they felt and sound amazing. So soft on the sweat spot and off a slight heel and a little harsh on the toe and low in the face. It has a good soft feel with solid feedback and a nice pleasant sound. I really want to use the term Crisp do define it like biting into a fresh slightly firm apple. That may make no sense but that what rings in my head. Since I have purchased them I have only hit 2 other clubs to compare, my r11 irons, and my Dad’s g700s. The MP-33s felt significantly better than those cast ones designed more for forgiveness. On-Course Performance (24/30) Once I got onto the course I was trying to play a mixed bag trying to compare them to my own as well enjoy the game. The first round I couldn’t miss with the MP-33s and my normal irons were 5 yards off each shot. Round 2 it flipped mine were spot on an the MP-33s were close but not as good. Hmm seems like it’s the swing not the clubs who would have thought. The MP-33s are weaker lofted 4* weaker on each club so all shot comparisons are comparing the same club based on loft. Each shot I really didn’t notice too much of a difference in distance control but obviously don’t have specific distances for the MP-33s so I cant necessarily judge that too much. I didn’t feel like many shot I hit was at a loss of forgiveness compared to r11s with exception of the knife with the 3 stamped on the bottom I made that thing go some interesting places. Tried to tee off with the 3i for the round but abandoned that after 3 holes due to ego and the fact that I actually wanted to enjoy the round and maybe finish with a few balls left in the bag. Comparing the shot characteristics, I noticed the turf interaction seemed solid but the MP-33s a touch deeper due to smaller sole, but didn’t hinder the shot or follow through at all. I did notice a slightly lower flight with the MP-33s but it was only minor. I think I got a touch more spin with the MP-33s noticed a touch more stop on the greens (the greens were very soft though). I really enjoyed playing with these and although golf at 57*F I didn’t necessarily notice any shots that stung in my hands. Each golfer I played with tried the club, most shots were good but the size definitely played a factor in some of their heads. (MP-33 on top R11 on bottom) Play it or Trade it (17/20) I purchased these knowing I could resell them for similar cost so I felt I had little risk and minor expense. Knowing that and how I have hit them the since I have had them I will definitely be keeping these at least through the end of 2020. I have really enjoyed using these so far especially since they feel is so much better then I have experienced. I don’t play any tournaments or major outings but will probably not play these when I am going for low scores… but that may change. I do plan to try to use these this winter frequently to help me get better feedback hitting balls into a simulator or net. If I can be consistent middling these I will feel more confident and consistent come spring. I can think of probably a dozen or so shots across the year that were absolute garbage either shank or way off the toe and I want to dial that into a very rare or nonexistent. Conclusion These are a blast to try. Even if this experiment falls on its face over the next few months its great to try something very different. I have seen good results so far fortunately but this makes me think through what other areas this can be tested. I’m fairly confident on my next new iron purchase will probably won’t be this extreme of a blade but the feel and performance is definitely something to try and understand the golf landscape. My Dads(18hdcp) comments for the 5-10 shots he hit. Intimidating at address, felt OK but didn’t feel like he really middled it. His impact dispersion on the face is larger then these clubs can account for so he didn’t have any desire to play these. He did enjoy the experiment and likes trying things different, he was surprised and having fun handing me different clubs between his, mine, and the MP-33 and more often then not the MP-33 give me more control (Distance & line). If your still reading I appreciate your patience and sticking through this. I’m not a huge fans of false advertising and marketing BS but Mizuno advertising on feel is accurate. I can’t confirm the “Nothing Feels like a Mizuno” since my sample size doesn’t really include other clubs designed for feel/performance. Also if MGS/Mizuno do a MP-20 Official Member Review I will gladly compare these bad boys head to head and see what 20 years really gives for a blade. My minimal experience comparing these in the simulator in Dick’s I would pick MP-20s if price didn’t matter (unknown factors: New vs Used, neither were correctly fit, and only hitting 1 club)
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    Surgery next Tuesday. Related to Crohn’s. Not going to be fun by ANY means. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    A HUGE SHOUTOUT to Maxfli and MGS for this opportunity! Rob sent us testers teasing IM's about some decisions made regarding our soon to be arriving balls. Principally that Maxfli chose to send us a dozen each! This was a nice bonus, but perhaps more important, at least in my case, is that the one I originally chose to test isn't, at least thus far, turning out to be my best fit. It really is nice having both model balls to evaluate. The other secret bonus he teased us on, and that the test group had some fun exchanges guessing what that was, is that MaxFli personalized our balls . In addition to some salt bath balance/CG testing I've completed, I've been able to play two rounds of 2-Ball, hitting these side by side. Thus far, I like them... one a little more than the other. I'll share more on this as we roll along. Let me know if you have questions.
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    Literally: https://www.nationalgeographic.com.au/animals/australias-shark-infested-golf-course.aspx Despite the snow, I'm still pretty happy to live in a place where most of the wildlife isn't likely to eat or poison me.
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    Hey guys. I may be laid up still recovering from surgery. But I'm peaking in now and then. We honor all embargos on here dispite what shows up elsewhere. All will be revealed tomorrow. Sit tight.
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    In preparation for next season (already!), we're looking to continue to build the great community we have here in the MGS Forums. Many of us (including me) initially found our way here through the review opportunities. Promoting those opportunities is a great way to draw in new like-minded members to our Forums. What we'd like to do is collect your testimonials about the value of the Forum reviews, both as a reviewer and as someone reading the reviews. Many of our members have been able to participate in a review. If you were trying to convince a friend to sign up on MGS and participate in a review, what would you say? How has the review process been helpful to you? What have you gained by doing a product review for the MGS Forums? All of us have followed along in the reviews of others as well. How have you found those reviews to help you? We've already got a thread here asking if you've purchased gear because of MGS reviews, but that thread includes both Forum content and the posts on the main site. Here, try to keep your comments to being about the reviews you read in the Forums. How have the Forum reviews guided your own gear purchases? If you comment, understand that your testimonial may be chosen as a blurb in upcoming article for MyGolfSpy.
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    Went to the range today to get in some work with my irons and to spend time practicing my short game. I haven't been able to play in over a month, but have been trying to take advantage of my range pass to keep sharp. I have a tentative round next weekend with a couple of buddies, and one of them can absolutely blow by me off the tee. His short game isn't as good, so I figure an advantage in that part of the game can't do anything but help me. I had pretty good results results on the range, I'm starting to see more of a high, piercing ball flight compared to my stock shot that looks like an arch. It's hard to explain, but I've always felt my shot takes the flight pattern of a basketball leaving the hand of a player shooting beyond the three point line. I'm still working on a better rotation with the shoulders on the follow through and not feeling like I'm stopping it early. My major regret is the fact they have closed the grass part of the range and have brought out the mats. I hate mats...they have a tendency to mask too many problems with contact. Accuracy was better than normal, though with fewer shots going off course. Still need to work on contact. After the range, I moved to the chipping green and worked on better rotation and not an all arm swing. Spent about half an hour there before moving on the the putting green. Started there working on distance control, and boy was the green fast! Arccos shows that my average distance on all approach shots to be 25 feet, so then I started working from that distance and tried not to three putt from three. Finally, I went just off the green to work on improving my chip and down percentage that is currently sitting at 10.3 percent. I would try to chip three balls and then try to one putt from there. (Results were not too good) Now I know why I average 39 putts a round. [emoji33] Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Driver was killing me today. No clue what was going on, but it was ugly. 2 OB drives and countless really not so hot drives. Shot an 84. On a plus note, took the Cleveland CBX-2 60* wedge out today for the first time and was quite happy with its performance. Really nice spin and check on short chips, nice stop on full shots, solid feel. Didn't have any sand shots with it today, though. It sets up nicely and looks good looking down on it. On the practice green before teeing off, I hit a variety of shots with it, ranging from square chips to opening the blade for higher flops.
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    I was able to get out and play another par 3 nine holes with the Maxfli this weekend, this time testing the Tour against the Snell MTB X. I alternated which ball I hit first to be as fair as possible. It was definitely different attacking pins with the Maxfli. 9/9 holes were shorter with the Maxfli. I didn’t notice much difference with regard to height (if anything slightly lower), and they seemed to have less spin. At times, I found myself hitting with a 55 degree wedge for the snell and a 50 degree for the Maxfli. The yardage wasn’t that much of a difference, but the snell would spin back while the maxfli tended to pop and roll. When I was really aggressive on the downswing I was able to pull the Maxfli back, but I had to really get after it. I have new Taylormade MG2 wedges, so the grooves are definitely not the issue! I put an alignment aid on both balls, and found that to be what made putting more successful comparative to the CG line. I haven’t seen anything that tells me the CG line makes any difference in the way the ball plays. Putting the Maxfli is nice though, it rolls true and is responsive but not overly so. For me, the major win for Maxfli is durability. I’ve now played three nine hole rounds with the same ball and it is barely dinged up. The snell showed definite signs of wear in comparison, which likely also helps explain some of the differences in spin. Perhaps the more durable cover leads to less grip against the grooves and therein less spin? I’d be interested to see what others think on this front!
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    I hit the ball better than I have for quite awhile. 83, but missed 8 putts that I normally would make. Crappy cold weather!!!
  31. 6 points
    Finished the first round with all six putters today! Here are the current standings: Red is hot; green is cold. It doesn't take much observation to see that each putter slightly outperformed the one before it. I'll invert the order for the next round, and then likely mix them up again for rounds 3 and 4. I'm not yet sure if the better results I've gotten here from the latter putters is a function of the putter or a function of a better stroke for me. I'd noted earlier a tendency to pull putts, and that tendency was very much on display early. My first thought was to adjust my ball position (posted about that here). I thought that by moving the ball back a bit in my stance, I'd move the path slightly to the right. Try moving your ball position an inch or two in your putting setup. Wow, that's hard! So I tried something else instead Starting with my EXO Indianapolis, I had two feels. The first is a feel (not real) of my right forearm parallel to the alignment line of my putter, almost piston-like pushing through the putt. The second feel, with that, is to imagine rolling the ball out of my open right hand on the back of the putter grip. My putting grip is a version of left-hand low, and my feel is typically controlled in my left hand. By moving everything over to my right, I immediately (provable with results) began starting putts on my intended line. Note with the first three putters: 18/30 makes, all 12 misses to the left. After my adjustment, 23/30 makes, 4 misses left and 3 to the right. So I'm obviously encouraged at the direction things are going, and I'm interested to see if the stroke change that I made shows improvement with the MLA. Cleveland, and Stroke Lab in round 2 and after.
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    Is it too late for a WITB post ? I know these are typically added at the start of the season rather than the end but my bag transitioned a few times this year and I think I've finally got a good set that will last me for a while (haha!) .... But seriously: I had a full bag fitting a couple weeks ago and tested a bunch of stuff and I was convinced that this equipment is going to be the best fit for me for at least 5-6 years..... so I guess my club ho days are over for now. (not sure if that makes me or ) The only thing that stayed in the bag is the hybrid and FW wood...even the bag itself changed! -------------------------- Here goes: BAG --- Sun Mountain C130 PUTTER --- Ping Sigma 2 ZB2 set to 34.25" WEDGES --- Titleist SM5 50 degree, SM6 54 degree, SM6 58 degree - stock wedge shafts IRONS --- Ping g410 4-U wedge, Project X LZ 6.0 shafts, Arccos GP Tour Velvet grips HYBRID --- Titleist 816 H1 set at 20 degrees, Diamana M+ 60 stiff shaft 3/FW WOOD --- Cobra King F7 (blue), Fujikara Pro 65R shaft DRIVER --- TaylorMade M5, Tensei Orange 66 stiff shaft BALL --- Bridgestone Tour B X <sidenote - I realize this is 15 clubs... the UW and SM5 are both 50 degrees and I'll swap them in/out based on various factors> (the terrier head cover is over a SKLZ gold flex warm up club) Now I hope the New England winter holds off long enough to let me get everything out on the course a few times !!
  33. 6 points
    ... Played with someone today that was visiting Hilton Head from Pittsburg and it was his first round in SC. He kept hitting his chip shots a hair fat and the velcro like bermuda grass was grabbing the club and advancing his ball a few inches only. I was having a hard time judging the swirling winds on an unfamiliar course so unfortunately I had lots of chipping opportunities. I was getting my chips close but actually chipped in a 2nd time midway thru the back 9 and Steve asked me how in the heck are you chipping so well when you play bent grass at home just like me!?!? I told him the technique is the same, you just have to add a little more speed and put contact is a must. But I also gave him a refresher on chipping basics before the tip that changed his chipping. ... Start with the ball just inside your back foot so your club head is descending into the ball. Make sure you have your with on your front foot and your hips are leaning forward with a slightly open stance. I prefer to see at least 70% of the weight on the front foot but you can use how ever much is comfortable between 60% and 90%. Like most things in golf both hands equally is best, but you can use the leading hand more than the trailing hand if that helps you. It is a pulling of the club head forward, not a pushing motion so pulling mostly with the lead hand is perfectly OK and if you have been pushing with your rear hand, I would highly recommend using more lead hand until you get comfortable pulling the club head with both hands. If you have a lot of feel, I like to see some hinging of the wrists on the backswing and slight unhinging into the ball but no release, just a hit and hold. That said, keeping your wrists still with little or no hinging works well for those not blessed with good feel. So that covers the basics. ... If you have the basics down but still struggle with consistent contact, here is a drill for you. Look at the front of the ball only, and attempt to hit the front of the ball with your club head, not the rear or center of the ball. This should do two things. 1) Stop you from scooping from the rear attempting to get the club head under neath the ball and 2) create a slightly descending blow into the ball which is the key to solid contact. Many of you that struggle with chipping will be surprised how much better your contact is when focusing on and hitting only the front of the ball. Give it a try and I hope this helps!
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    It's got me wondering how they'll do in the sun and if it'll be a distraction. I hope MyGolfSpy and Cobra do another Connect Challenge thread this year. It's always great, and I think this year will be very interesting. Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    The stats in general did not surprise me however the gap between them opened my eyes. I knew I was a great driver of the ball and a very good putter. My irons were and always have been the issue. What opened my eyes was the fact that after using arccos for a short time according the their stats there was a 6-8 stroke difference on their handicaps between approach and driving. I have focused more on my irons this year and the gap is now closer to 2-4 strokes. One other thing that stood out was the my good shots were better than I thought and the bad ones were worse.
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    Rushed out of work to get as many holes possible as rain is coming. 15 minutes from work and realized I had some keys I had to take back.Turned around and back to work. Dropped keys off and took a different route home only to find the on ramp closed. Back to original route and finally made the course thinking on 5-6 holes. Teed off dead in to the sun and never saw it. Felt like I tugged it and sure enough I found it under the trees left side. Bogey on an easy par 5. Settled down and was +2 after 8 thanks to a birdie on #8 then doubled #9. My worst hole on my course. Its generally a short iron in but the steep slope and creek behind begs me to take 1 less club. Then I end up backing it off the sloped green. Ive been really focusing on getting more aggressive with short irons but this hole is in my head and my playing partners can see it. Dont think Ive been in that creek but once in two years.
  37. 5 points
    Can't believe anyone would disagree with Plaid. But don't worry.... you won't be banned. And my "feelings" weren't hurt either. I'm old school. But be careful around the snowflakes Kenny. They'll come after you. LOL
  38. 5 points
    ... Did you guys miss the sign? "Feed the Pats Troll at your own risk"
  39. 5 points
    I have the power spec lofts, because the fitter wanted to try to bring my ball flight down a bit. These clubs are definitely longer. It was a cool and breezy day, I wonder what these clubs will do on a warm day. I can imagine the numbers would only go up. Not sure I want that. It is funny you ask about the system I am using...it's my Iphone sitting on the edge of the golf cart. My buddy couldn't play today so I had to improvise. That is why it took so long from video start to hit the ball. Sorry about that.
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    Second pair Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hello all, some of you may be aware that Im quite a fan of vintage clubs. I enjoy playing them for casual rounds but I also keep a modern bag for more serious rounds and for when I play in tournaments that require irons/wedges with v-grooves. Ive been testing the TA Atomic irons this summer, as well as owning a 54 degree VCG wedge, an Impact #3 putter and an Atomic 5-wood. Ive also got a Tour Edge Bazooka Black driver that Ive been using for about 5 years now and its been a good driver but its time to move on. So, Ive been looking at drivers and I cant help but notice that the TA Atomic drivers are marked down to about $200, which is a stupid deal for an adjustable driver. So, while I certainly didnt intend to be a TA guy, I suddenly find myself looking at the prospect of having a full bag of TA clubs. For the price, TA is really tough to beat and the performance of the clubs is top notch. I normally try to follow the mantra of, "be your own brand" but if the clubs are a great value and they perform well for you, is there anything wrong with having a bag of the same clubs?
  42. 5 points
    For design when it comes to specs the robot is a great tool because they can get consistent strikes and gather data similar to how ball testing is done. human testing comes into play for the subjective aspects. Looks, sound, feel (many equate this to the sound they hear rather than what they feel in the hands arms). both are needed in my opinion. It’s why brands bring in testers for their prototype testing
  43. 5 points
    I sent an email to starter@arccosgolf.com to see if they could do a special tee selection for the 9 hole cross country event. I'll let you all know if they can do anything for the event.
  44. 5 points
    If a Mizuno fitter did not use the Shaft Optimizer in a fitting for irons, I would have a serious conversation with him on why not? I've seen it demoed at the PGA show and by the reps and local fitters several times, it is uncanny te number of times that the 1st or 2nd shaft it recoomends ends up being the one that produces th best numbers on the LM and actual ball flight.
  45. 5 points
    As I outlined in my initial post, I am taking an approach that blends on course performance and indoor launch monitor analysis to test the balls. Today was a launch monitor day. I am limiting the number of shots that I take in the sessions to remove performance issues due to fatigue. Using SkyTrak and my set up in the garage I added about 30 shots today brining the total so far up to ~300 shots. Once outlier shots are removed I have about 100 shots right now that are in the analysis. Using 4 test groups; Control, ProV1, Tour, and TourX what I am looking for is if the claims of this ball having a higher ball flight are true. I also want to see how both my current ProV1's compare to the test balls and control group. Before I draw any conclusions I do want to increase the population of the analysis dataset. What would you be looking for out of the ball you play when it come to the launch monitor? Total Distance? Amount off line? Apex? Decent angle? Spin rates? Let me know and I will be sure to pull those datapoint into my analysis.
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    Off to my free True Spec fitting in 90 minutes!!! Temp is 25º warming up to 39º by 9am and balmy 60º and sunny when we finish. Apparently, they have an indoor hitting bay, but hit balls out through the bay door. I've been warned to wear warm clothes!! Wish me luck!
  47. 5 points
    Aaaaand @blackngold_blood officially has none of his original drafted players left on his team.
  48. 5 points
    Shot ok with a 78, as my new swing continues to evolve. Really starting to like it, although I still chunk a few up here and there...
  49. 5 points
    Hi Everyone! My name is Tom and I am excited to review this Evnroll putter. I play out of Northeast Ohio, and I play until it starts to snow. This year my season has been cut a bit short too, but not because of weather. My wife and I just had our first child last Saturday, a baby girl, which is a bit more exciting than a new putter (sorry MGS). The weather is still good, so maybe I can sneak out if momma allows me. I started golfing in middle school, thanks to my dad and lots of family members who play. He passed now, but I still play with my sister a lot, she was the one who made varsity golf all 4 years of high school. If I can’t play with any of the family I usually go out by myself at sunrise. I have friends that enjoy golf, but none of them are as serious as me, so they usually only want to play a very relaxed 9 holes after work. Nothing wrong with a practice round with them though. Those are the two biggest reasons why I play, the time spent with friends & family, as well as the peacefulness of being alone My home course is Cossett Creek in Brunswick, Ohio. I play there because it’s one of the few non-flat courses on the west side of Cleveland, it’s inexpensive, and the pro works to make the round enjoyable. The conditions are probably slightly below average, but I enjoy it. My favorite courses in the area are Sugar Bush, Windmill Lakes, Fox Den, Rain Tree, and Gray Hawk. I will play anywhere within an hour or so of home, so that gives me about 100 courses to choose from. I am not really brand loyal, but right now most of my bag is Titleist. I have a 915 D3 Driver with a Mitsubishi Diamana White X flex shaft, I was fitted into that. I carry a Cobra Fly-Z Fairway set at 16.5 and an Adams Gold Boxer Hybrid at 19. These I purchased for less than $30 each off eBay. My irons are Titleist 714 CB 4-PW with X100 shafts. I wasn’t fitted for these either, but after hitting clubs at golf galaxy the 718 CBs were by far the best performing, so I went shopping for an older model and found them. Wedges are Vokey 50-54-58. The Vokey 58-04 is the best club I’ve ever bought. The putter I currently use is an Odyssey Versa #7. My friend has a #7 in his bag, and I used it and it just had such a good feel, I had to go get one of my own. I love the mallet and it feels so balanced. I put a Super Stroke Squared grip on it, and while it took some time to get used to the weighting change, it still works great. Before that I went really old school and carried an original Zebra putter, which was my dad’s, so maybe there was some sentimentality there. Before that I used a TaylorMade Rossa blade putter. I don’t remember the exact details, but it was the first one they put the gel-filled grooves on, so that is going back to 2006 or so. This Evnroll is the first blade I’ve used in about six years. I play to a 7 handicap, up from a 3 last year. I’ve played about half as many rounds though. But my putting hasn’t suffered from it! I average just under 30 putts a round, and if I have a day with considerably less, it means I was chipping lights out, not sticking my irons. I don’t feel as though my putting is a liability, but I wouldn’t consider myself to be amazing. Ultra fast greens can mess me up pretty easily, but outside of that I want to say I have a 3-putt once every 3 to 4 rounds. I use a standard grip, but I interlock my fingers just like on my full shots. I am working on shortening my backstroke to stay inside my body and stop deceleration. I read greens well, and I play the break on my long putts, I don’t try to hit it through. On the 3 or 4 footers I try to bang it in the cup. Playing break on those can be dangerous if you are on unfamiliar greens. Evnroll got off to a great start by having their PGA Tour rep call me and walk me through a fitting over the phone. What a first impression!! With his help I decided on the 355 gram head in 33 inches. I went 1 degree flat but left the loft standard. I have the oversize grip, but it looks like they offer bigger ones. Then the first impression when this putter arrived… Murdered Out is the right description for this thing. The all black head, with black shaft is soooo pleasing to the eye. Just the small alignment in white is all this putter needs to look glamorous. You can never go wrong with the red logo and red on the grip to give this the perfect touch. Red and black always look good together. All this in a foam-lined box to protect everything, and a cool head cover with the strongest magnets on earth. I want to use the interim time to provide pictures and breakdown of the technology and improvements. For starters, it already feels great in my hands. While I don’t have biases against this putter, or very much knowledge of Evnroll or other boutique putter companies, I want to close with something I think is true. I do not expect to drop from 30 to 22 putts a round because this is in my bag. With putters more than any other club, it’s the fiddler not the fiddle. I believe that once one is comfortable with the club and has a solid stroke, they will putt well with anything.
  50. 4 points
    Thanks. So far so good. I am in boots and jeans listening to some good music so I am happy as can be. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


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