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    They've gotta get sun somehow! 9th green at 9, see you there. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ On the prep front, I got an opportunity to play the back 9 of the course I can see from my hotel window.... Only a 20 minute drive in this traffic If we're talking about playing my game, this was definitely it. Lots of good shots mixed in with bad too. I hit a couple hundred shots the past few days but not a single putt and it showed. I probably won't get a chance to play next week but I'll darn sure make time for putting. Here's the Arccos recap: And a nice shot looking down the home stretch. The final 3 holes head straight to The Washington Monument:
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    As GolfSpy_Barbajo would say. Vote early and often! Don’t necessarily have to play them. Just the best looking ones. I plan on doing a Players Cavity, Cavity, Players Distance, GI, and SGI poll too. Also, please use the website to access the poll!! But first:
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    Charlotte, our Texas Heeler. She's a rescue (we were her third family by 9 months old). She has a few reactivity problems, but overall is incredibly smart. She's a wonderful dog, and this picture sums up her personality.
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    Wow great intros sorry I am late to this yearly party...I definitely have early thoughts on my favorites here being as I play one length irons (looking at you bardle) won from last years competition and that my guy Nunfa0 and I had such a blast last year I feel he is an early favorite of mine. Last year's competition was the highlight of my year!!! Good luck to everyone of the competitors!!! I am going for the Koepka repeat...come on spies let's get after it and push these peeps to the championship!!! As far as this weeks competition I really have to go with BuckyCC on this one dude is gonna bring it with that swing and Cobra Speedback tech!!! Sent from my SM-G960U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    I am going to be playing mostly my home course but if I get the chance I will play some different ones. In fact the course I played on the weekend is one I have never set foot on before
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    I played with Anthony Kim when he was living in Traverse City for a summer with his coach at the time (Adam Schriber). He had just finished either his sophomore or junior year at Oklahoma. Weird situation - totally estranged from his family and sleeping on his coach's couch (Adam is an interesting character in his own right). Had developed a reputation locally in just a month of being mercurial and half-crazy. I had no idea with whom I was playing when I arrived at the course, just that my pro (a good friend of Adam's) and I were going to be paired with two of Adam's best players. As I was warming up on the range, I heard a thud behind me unlike any other in golf (and I have had the opportunity to play with plenty of D1 players, many of whom played on the PGA tour). I stopped hitting balls and just watched - had never seen someone control a ball like that. Turns out to be Anthony Kim. We were playing on my favorite course on which I had done some of the preliminary scouting for the architect (Tom Doak). It was a remarkable 18, links style front 9 and Northern Michigan wooded on the back. It was a fantastic test of golf and to score low you had to be able to move the ball left and right as well as vary trajectories. I played to a 2 at that time and the best I had scored there was a 76. First hole, knowing that I had course knowledge, Kim approaches me and asks for some guidance off the tee. I point to a tree in the distance and tell him 260-270 yards on that line is perfect. I expected him to pull driver or maybe 3 wood but instead he grabs his 4 iron. Ball explodes off the face at stinger height on the exact line I had described. Hit the darned thing 260 almost on the number. Honestly was like that the whole day and he shot either 64 or 65 and left a few out there. He apparently shot 61 and 62 there within a few weeks of my round with him. I never saw Tiger in person in his prime but I will say that Anthony Kim was the best ballstriker I ever witnessed first hand.
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    It’s a lot like golf. That’s probably why I like it. Too bad I can’t hit fades in chess. That bishop movement can sort of look like a fade... [emoji658]️
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    I love chess! Easy to play, but impossible to master. I play all the time, but I still kinda suck.
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    Do they make a body widget?
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    On the other hand you would be pleased at the number of these fur buddies who have been adopted or fostered as a result of her photography. You would have a big ole smile
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    That just breaks my heart. Then I have to go over to your wife's Facebook page and look at the animals you have photographed and taken video of. I think I just got something in my eyes to make them water up. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    I landed in Denver, my clubs did not. Southwest has no clue where they are. I may throw up.
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    Shame on you! That's probably why you made bogey...
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    So this wasn't over a highway, but it was 250yds with no roll. I'm loving this driver! More details to come in my write up.
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    Probably me. Hole #2 at Rackham is a dogleg right and if I pull driver, I'd be hitting it into the next fairway.
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    Good evening everyone! I'm happy to be a part of the community that I have heard so many good things about from one of my good buddies. I've been playing golf for 9 years in total but really have only taken in "seriously" the last 5. My normal score is around 95. I love being able to walk 9 holes and enjoy being on the course and active. I also love that there is always something that I can work on to be better. I enjoy the challenge of self improvement. As I mentioned before, a good buddy @JohnSmalls is to credit with getting me on board! I'm excited to become more involved and learn more about the game! I am from upstate SC, in Due West. I tend to bounce between Cobb's Glen and the Links at Stoney Point depending on which direction I am driving for the day. The best thing about golf here is that I can play year round! The worst thing about my immediate location is that the nearest course is thirty minutes away. I work as an athletic trainer for men's and women's golf, men's soccer, and baseball at a small college here in town. I picked 20xUnited because I am a massive Manchester United supporter and that's how many times we have won the league. (Liverpool are still only at 18) GGMU!
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    I hit three bags of balls in 95* heat yesterday. Even the girl at the counter said, “You sure?! It’s really hot today...” I was WORN out by the end. One day this swing is gonna click... One day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    MP-18 first, Wilson 2nd Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    The basics are not hard. Strategy is a b****...lol.
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    Playing on my phone right now to get he hang of it. I currently am around a 1000 handicap [emoji51]. A week or so and I’ll have a good strategy.
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    We hate seeing all these wonderful animals without good homes. We don’t do Facebook because our kids aren’t on. Our daughters do not want the Gkids pix out there. SWMBO donates a lot to the animal charities. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    We had one dog we took to the holding pen today to have some time with. It kept looking at the cars coming into the shelter like it was looking for it's owner. Sad stuff
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    Fathers Day/Birthday gift means I have a combo set coming my way! 5 & 6 Hot Metal Pro and 7-GW Forged! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Two of the most exciting golfers to come along in quite some time will be making their pro debut this week and both signed equipment deals. Viktor Hovland with Ping and Matthew Wolff with TaylorMade. These guys are going to be good real quick and I am looking forward to watching them. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/viktor-hovland-matthew-wolff-turn-pro-at-travelers-championship-and-immediately-cash-in-with-equipment-deals At the Travelers Championship, that has led to the professional debut—and equipment-deal signing—of two of the game’s top amateurs, Matthew Wolff and Viktor Hovland at TPC River Highlands. Hovland, the low amateur at Pebble Beach last week, signed a multi-year deal with Ping to play a minimum of 11 clubs, including driver and putter, along with a Ping staff bag and logo on the hat. Wolff, meanwhile, joins perhaps the most high-powered tour staff in golf, signing a multi-year deal with TaylorMade, which counts Dustin Johnson, Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Jon Rahm and Jason Day among its tour staff. His deal with TaylorMade calls for him to play the company’s metalwoods, irons, wedges, putter and, eventually, golf ball.
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    Playing chess with my youngest and one of my nieces. Never played before.... going to learn how. This could be fun!!
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    Most of my rounds will be on my home course. I will however be taking a golf trip to Tennessee in July to play 2 new courses. My course is all but 2 doglegs and tree lined, I’m not changing anything. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Well I'm back after my 24 hours of being a social media influencer. The pay is much lower than anticipated. Unfortunately work and family obligations pretty much dictate when and where I can play. I have Thursday afternoons off over the summer to play at least 18 at my home course with the hope that I can play elsewhere some weekends. This week I'm planning playing 63 holes and all will be at the same course. I'd love to find a place with gigantic fairways but life often gets in the way of golf.
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    Hit a little short game practice area for a bit, getting used to my kinda new 52 and 60 wedges. Just outta curiosity, what kind of situations do you guys use the 60 with a full swing? I feel pretty solid with the club on partial swings, but something about full swings gets all kinds of inconsistent.
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    Wilson Cobra Honma Srixon Mizuno I really didn’t like the look for feel of the TW at all. It’s very tall and square and didn’t feel good. I was super impressed with the Apex MB however. I hit 4 shots in a row right over the flag and my skill level says that I shouldn’t be able to do that! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Ok... just remember. You asked for it. [emoji15] I won’t be hard to miss.
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    Yeah I expected this one and why not? I’m 5’9” 162 right now - I’m going with a sleeper - Larry Nelson - I’m taking the fact that it repeated well enough to win 3 majors and yet goes unnoticed. Yeah give me Larry - I might be able to handle his. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Yet we all want to hit shots like the rook.
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    That's some great work you do, OG. Those are some beautiful pups you have helped give a new lease on life and your wife takes some amazing photographs. I don't understand how some people can get an animal then just treat them like that. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    About 4 weeks ago both of my wrists started hurting for no apparent reason; right was worse than the left. I didn't hit anything; they just started hurting. At my age I thought it was my new pain for the year... I did have a birthday. My wrists did not hurt to play except on a poorly struck driver. Iron shots off the ground were fine too since I don't take a big divot. Last week, my left wrist started feeling better and now it is pain free. My right wrist still hurts when I move it in a funny motion; I try not to do that. lol. If it hurt to swing a club, I would see a doctor, but it's been OK to play; even shot my best round of the year last weekend... 77.
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    Get the wrist widget. Seriously
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    Pebble Beach captures our imagination, but isn’t it really a seven-hole golf course? Paul Azinger said on Fox that players would have 8-10 approach shots with wedges each day. Doesn’t that make Pebble as outdated as Merion? Yes, it's not even the best course on 17 mile drive Is Matt Kuchar too nice to win majors? Or is he so ultracompetitive that he maxes out his abilities? I think he plays as good as he can every time he tees it up. He may just not be good enough to win a major Did Gary Woodland win the U.S. Open when he chipped in for par at No. 12 on Saturday? Or when he reached the par-5 14th in two on Sunday? 12 & putt 14 on Saturday. Those 2 shots change his whole mentality and approach for remainder of tourney. How much do you think Tiger Woods was hurting physically at the Open? Mentally? Hurt but not injured. Something he will deal with forever. Do you think Axis1 is getting a lot of orders for the putter that Justin Rose used at the Open? (It’s the Axis1 Rose, and it’s a gentle $449, claw grip not included.) Yes but not for me. Have you ever seen a world-class player hit it as badly and score as well as Rose did? Does it make you want to go practice your short game? This happens every week, we just don't see it because most of the time the guys that are doing it aren't in the lead. Anybody seen Bubba Watson? 3 wins last year, top 15 at Masters and 2 other top tens this year. He is doing fine. Aren’t you glad that Graeme McDowell made that putt on the 72nd hole at the RBC Canadian Open that got him into the British Open in his hometown of Portrush, Northern Ireland? Yes Say what you will about Brooks Koepka and his brute strength, but doesn’t he qualify as one of the two or three best putters on the PGA Tour? Have you tried running your index finger down the putter grip? Incredible putter. Don’t you wish that announcers would stop calling them “fairway metals”? No, they’re not made of wood, but irons aren’t made of iron, either. What should we call them? Is it “good shot” or “nice shot”? Both Whom are you buying: Viktor Hovland or Matthew Wolff? Both The LPGA has a Korea problem. Whose fault is that? The LPGA’s? The media’s? The players’? The fans’? Should the LPGA encourage the players to speak English and give interviews? Should the media try harder to introduce the players to the public? Should the players step up and give back to the LPGA for the opportunity they’ve been given? Should American fans be more open-minded? Not touching this one. Which do you think Koepka likes more: the way he plays or the way he looks? Wouldn’t he look better if he got rid of that bulge in his left cheek that’s likely filled with some kind of tobacco product? Isn’t spitting unbecoming in a major champion? Obviously he ran out of questions to come up with. Is it looking more and more like 2015 was just one magical year for Jordan Spieth and probably won’t be repeated? He has struggled and had flashes of brilliance. I like him but he may have hit his peak potential already. Anybody seen Cameron Champ? Not surprising. Golf is not a one dimensional game. What happened to saddle oxfords? Do you miss them? Best looking golf shoes Isn’t Rory McIlroy really a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma? Is he the most physically talented player out there? If anyone can figure out why he can’t perform at the top level in the biggest events, would you please tell him? Rory is his own worst enemy. Is Lexi Thompson the Rory McIlroy of the LPGA? See Rory above. Ernie Els says that now that he’s 50, he’s going to play events on the Champions Tour. Isn’t that the best gift that tour could have received? Don’t you think PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan is putting a gentle full-court press on Phil Mickelson to join the Champions a year from now? What’s the likelihood that happens? I don't see the top players going to Champions tour when they can still compete on regular tour. Anybody seen Lydia Ko? Golf is hard and getting harder on LPGA. What do you think the percentage is of players who were out of the running in the final round of the U.S. Open who didn’t try their hardest? None just watch Rose on 18 when tourney was already over. Did you have to stay up past your bedtime to watch the U.S. Open on television? Nope West coast.
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    Zero three putts today and four 1 putts makes OG a happy Camper! We have fast and undulating greens at my golf course and between the three putters in my arsenal, the TA #3 is the lead dawg. I'm going to get a video or two of how smooth a roll this putter puts on a ball. It's smoother than Aunt Lou Ellen's banana cream pie
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    I am afraid that I would say thank you sir, I really needed the rest and proceed to find three highly rated golf courses within a few hours and go out and play! I'm thinking, The Home Course, Salish Cliffs and Gamble Sands. My mind would be at ease.
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    I did something this morning I've never done before: got nine straight pars (back 9). I"m an 11 (this should drop me to 10), and I'm working to get back to single digits. Once upon a time I was down to 5, but that was before two back surgeries. But even then, I'd never shot straight pars. Overall a 76. Happy camper!
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    ... This thread just goes to show how difficult it is to please all. I too enjoy Azinger and think he talks to the audience like he would his fiends sitting around and watching together. I like his "uncle'isms" at least until he starts repeating them and they become catch phrases. But we seem to be the minority as most just don't like him. Same with Curtis Strange as he gives us a players perspective I find very interesting. I never want to hear Buck again. Ever. The one universal seems to be Bacon and Faxon who are as good as it gets together. I hate the cutaways to interviews and features while the leaders are playing. But I enjoyed Keven Nealon's dog feature well before any leaders teed off. ... I am reminded of the quote: "You can please all of the people some of the time. You can please some of the people all of the time. But you can't please all of the people all of the time".
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    I am going to pass your review along to my dad. He is gaming the G30’s. Probably just fine for him, but they just bought their retirement home in Florida and he will be golfing more. I’m sure he will want an upgrade. Hopefully talk him out of his 20 year old Cleveland wedges too... [emoji848] Nice work so far!
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    Great job Buddy! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Welcome guys..Thrilled to have you on the site, and thanks for jumping in and introducing yourself. @HatlessHarold PAGolfer2017 is near you (York area) and travels all over the area to play. He's a very active member and is currently taking part in our PING Long Game Gapping testing that will be whiting the forum very shortly. @Rlinken I have only been down your way once to play, I think it was Black Rock or Hanging Rock golf course. Can't recall the exact name, but it was quite a fun course. Wanted to get over to the VT course also but didn't quite make it.
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    How many men want to be told they should play further up? Egos can be easily bruised.
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    What? [emoji23] Just a little play on words. [emoji846]
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    I know which tees I should be playing .... my problem is that the group that I play with (about 24-30) require me to play from the tees further back. They set an arbitrary age of 70 to move to the blue tees. Interestingly enough, the club tournaments place me on the blue tees because their age requirement is significantly lower than 70! I can still play the gold tees (mens) but I enjoy playing the senior tees (blue) much more because I'm not hitting a long iron or fairway metal into every green! But, I like your idea Plaid! I think far too many higher handicap players play from the back tees for ego reasons. If you can still shoot in the 70's from the back tees, good on you -- stay there. But, if you're struggling from those back tees and the par 3s are requiring you to hit your driver, by all means, drop your ego at the door and move forward and enjoy the game again.
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    My feeling is that people that go to a fitting already know what length of course they can reasonably play, or should be playing. The ones we see that play from the wrong tees probably have never been to a fitting and probably wouldn't go anyway. But I like the idea!!
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    You should Plaident that.
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