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    I'm trying to temper my excitement with this Oregon lead. My goodness. This could open the door to the Big 12 winner. This Oregon defense is hitting Utah hard.
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    PR moniker update: Captain Assh.... errr... Asterisk... I intended to say Captain Asterisk... it's the camera angle
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    Hopped on the ShotScope bandwagon since it was $119 for Cyber Monday. On my small wrists, the band is huge. I have it to the smallest clasp and still need to move it up my forearm a bit for it to be secure. Very light, however, and in taking some practice swings I can tell it won't bother me at all. Excited to get it out on the course! I didn't hate my GAME Golf Live, but their stats were lacking, and I have the feeling they may not be around much longer.
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    Thought I could get things ironed out before the start of next season, that’s not gonna happen. Had our annual shareholders meeting tonight, went from clubhouse director to club president. I figure 10x the amount of work and headache will be thrown on my plate. I am extremely honored for the position, but I feel my on course time has automatically been cut in half. I’ll try to keep everything updated,try is the key word here. I feel bad for not participating as much as I would like on here, please forgive me. I’ve never had this kind of responsibility before, at 32 years old, and 2 small kids, it should be an interesting 2020 for sure. Wish me luck! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    20-0 Oregon at the half. I don't think Oregon has anything to worry about in this game. The score isn't even as big a margin as it should be.
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    I didn't realize we had Friday night football with Oregon vs. Utah in the Pac 12 Championship tonight. Looks like Oregon is trying to send a message. Not sure what that message is, but they are giving Utah all they can handle and then some.
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    USGA 8-1a. (4) player may not remove or press down sand or loose soil to improve any of the conditions affecting their stroke. Intent does not factor in this scenario.
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    Yeah, I just looked at Utah's schedule. They haven't beaten a top 25 team all season.
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    This seems to me like a cop out and refusal to accept any responsibility for his action. Intent or not, he improved the lie, and in a game of honor, the proper thing is to say, while not intentional, I understand I improved my lie, and therefore should be penalized. I mean, you know you’re gonna get penalized anyway, why not save face and act like it wasn’t intentional? Good.
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    I’m not mentioning the other times when I do it unintentionally....
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    New problem with the 410? Have you changed the hosel setting? Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    At m age, probably will never shoot a round in the sixties, even from the red tees, so I will keep searching for that 1st Hole in one
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    For me here in Michigan when the temps get below 50 degrees I switch from the Bridgestone TourB RX to the e12. I can tell you that for me the e12's don't hold the green as well as the TourB RX's, I believe it's because of the cover, urethane vs srylin. When I play in the colder temps with the e12's I adjust my approach shots to allow for the longer run out of the e12's. I do like the softer balls in the colder weather, they don't travel as far but it's better for my hands and arms. Anyhow, that my 2 cents...... Chris
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    I went back and looked at the post I left. I think it’s safe to say I owe @GSwag an apology. The best excuse I can give him is that sometimes the written word doesn’t always come off the way it was intended. A couple of well placed emojis or lols could’ve helped. That said, he did come off a bit, let’s say, edgy? But whatever, I shouldn’t have said anything. Either way I hope he sees this, and I think it’s pretty cool he has a friend like you to vouch for him.
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    Reading more on it according to read the camera angle they had makes it look like but if they had a different angle he said they would be able to see the distance from the ball would show he wasn’t improving the lie. So yes in this case intent wasn’t there but because of lack of visual evidence from another angle he accepted a penalty.
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    I mean if he gets away with it again and again, he looks like a (cheating in my opinion) genius that knows how to tip toe the line. But he clearly improved his lie, and there is no way the rules officials should let that slide for anyone.
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    As I understand it based on new rules you can ground your club but not improve the lie. Is my understanding correct? Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    I'm with @chisag and @cnosil on this one. If your current irons are a terrible fit, there might be some good gains with a properly fit set. If your main issues are with the indian and not the arrow, then Sub70 looks like a great option to have some fun with some new irons without breaking the bank. If you fit well into some of the stock shafts, they are a steal. Even with some of their more expensive shaft upgrades you are looking at prices below a new set of Hogans and practically half of a similar set of big brand OEMs. Oh my stars....the 699 Pros are on the website...I might be getting in some serious trouble in 2020...
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    Completely, He should be DQ'd...
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    They weren't pulled improperly. They were either over-prepped at installation or have been installed into multiple sets with too much prep after each pull.
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    Looks pretty blatant to me. Yikes. https://streamable.com/vvwas
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    Kuchar did something similar earlier in the year and got nothing from the Tournament officials. It’s a joke. In no way should that not be punishable. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Been sucking lately with rounds at 88, 89, 92, etc. so I reached back into my closet and pulled out: Wilson Triton Driver, PowerBilt Air Force One 3W, 5W, 3H & 4-PW, AW & SW. The only club I did not change was my Evnroll ER-6 putter. Shot 86 on Tuesday then shot 40/41:81 today. Guess I’ll be gaming the Wilson and PowerBilt this weekend! Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Bounce does change 1 for 1 but may or may not be detrimental. Bending irons 2-3 degrees is pretty common and likely not going to change much of the playability. I do generally suggest to not change the lofts just for an overall distance gain but to properly gap your golf clubs. I have a wedge at 50* and another club at 48 with a 15 yard gap - I rest real easy at night knowing my clubs will go the distance I need with a gap of my choosing. 4 degrees between clubs is a nice starting point but after that get a predetermined gap between your clubs. This is why is called custom fitting versus 'returning to spec."
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    I watched it happen and he clearly breached the rules. And he moved sand multiple times until satisfied. I’m betting he’s about to catch a couple extra pops.
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    That’s a different situation than practice swings while addressing the ball.
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    But reed is clearly pushing the sand behind his ball away from the ball with his practice swing. He did the same thing on 16 yesterday and it was clear that he was doing it to get a better lie. Not sure how get got away with it yesterday
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    Not anymore. New rules of golf allow player to touch sand with a club and remove loose impediments
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    Rob - NC I use the Pelz 3 line method (O-Ball) on my ball when I putt (like what Callaway is doing to their balls now) I use the Pelz Golf DP4014 O-Ball device with a Sharpie Pen Currently using/testing the Maxfli Tour and Tour X balls for Mygolfspy I'd go with the Align XL as large as possible in black with my last name in the line
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    John-James, Blaine WA Yes Sharpie and line template Titleist Pro V1X Align XL Choice Black, JJ
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    I completely get your 'stubbornness'. I'm a guy that will put my stubbornness up against anyone's! I beat the hell out my concepts or those of other people. It is a real struggle for me to be wrong but my game and coaching have greatly improved as I have changed my perspective from nothing works to how can I break/challenge/disprove my beliefs today. As a result, I have great certainty in what I have chosen to teach in both technique and strategy. One of the concepts that greatly helped me was the idea that we can prepare our skills, recognition and responses to known events or challenges. Many people want to believe that there is tremendous variability in the game of golf. Many people believe the same about their careers. The reality is that most of us in work & sport face the same identifiable challenges with great regularity. If we can prepare our response and execution we can be much more successful than when we constantly feel like things are different. If won't go on and on about this topic but I believe that watching pilot videos on Youtube is one of the best examples. They can fly to a million different places but they face the same set of tasks every time they fly. How do they handle this? They have checklists and prepare for each flight like it is the first! We can play golf the same way as long as we have a reasonable set of skills, create our own check lists (known strategy), and practice our response and execution. There is a reason why Tiger always looks calm - he has prepared for the very moment and his skills travel the world very well. Tiger shouldn't be looked at different - he should be seen as the norm!
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    Knowing GSwag personally, I can tell you that you're WAY off base. "Common denominator"? No crap! These are HIS stories so obviously he would be the common denominator. What I can say about GSwag is while he is very forward with his opinions and he wears his heart on his sleeve, you also won't find a more passionate person about the game nor a more fun person to play with. It's one thing to tee it up on a random day and hack around... it's another to play in a sanctioned tournament and take 6 or more hours to play... especially in heat indexes over 100*. There is absolutely zero reason ANY round of golf should take more than 4 hours other than a complete lack of and total disrespect for the game, your playing companions, and other people on the course. I walked off during an Amateur event once because after hitting my shot OB and taking the appropriate drop, one guy in our group went ape s*** on me about how I was in violation of the rules, yada yada yada. Keep in mind this was the guy who brought his annoying ass "trophy" wife with him and she didn't shut up the entire day... she talked non-stop during everyone else's swing, she got out and wandered endlessly... she drank to an excessive amount. So after the 10th hole where my OB drop took place, I quietly grabbed my back and walked back in. I simply wasn't going to put up with him or her for the back 9. Funny thing is my cart partner (who was leading at the time) came in 2 holes later. He was done with them as well. Tournament promoter told us he had received previous complaints and this guy would be banned from future events. We never saw that clown again.
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    Yeah there were times I'd like to throttle my driver oh wait you mean choke down on it. I thought you meant punish it
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    This is good advice for 5-handicappers too, at least until you get inside short-iron range. You want the bulk of your misses to be on the green, if you can. If you start aiming at tucked pins, you don't have to miss by much to be off the green. Most of us are much better off 60 feet away and putting (10 yard pull after aiming at the middle of the green) than 30 feet and chipping (10 yard push, aiming at the flag). Say you get up and down 30% of the time, pretty decent for an "average" golfer, so 70% you'd take 3 strokes when chipping. Will you 3-putt 70% of the time?
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    I'd agree. Targeting the pin doesn't happen that often on tour let alone for a player who isn't scratch. Want to test the theory? Place a ball in the middle of the green and putt. Then record your score with the assumption that you hit the green in regulation. I have my women's team do this for 9 holes. Their score from the middle of the green is always better or the same as their regular score and very often they shoot par with the middle of the green approach. Want to take a guess how many of my players average right around par? Hmmm.... Ego and emotion are tough opponents.
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    Here's another course strategy idea I heard from a PGA Tour coach who came to our military base course in North Dakota (during the winter even) to give a seminar. He said the strategy for mid to high handicappers (to him that was 15+) was NEVER aim for the pin on the approach shot. The target for those golfers should ALWAYS be the center of the green. Why? Pin placements. With 18 holes there should be an even distribution of front/middle/back pin placements. This strategy says if you make a perfect approach shot (knowing you wont) on every hole you'll have 6 first putts of about 10 feet. The advantage for the higher handicappers of using this strategy is knowing we aren't going to hit every approach shot perfect. Greens are typically sized at about 10-15 yards radius from the center. If you play to the center on every green you've got that much miss radius to use without finding yourself in trouble.
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    Give him that Gus Bus extension!
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    Huh, definitely a few Ole Farts around [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Thanks guys!! Only one range session so far but it was flying higher and way past the XR16 (which has since been sold!). Hits felt *solid*! I'd actually had a chance to try the Tensei shaft during a driver fitting last year, so I already knew I liked it.
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    On the other hand, this could be the turning point for Jimbo... solidifying him as your coach for the next decade .
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    The driver and irons are gone but I still have the Cobra 3 wood, hybrids, and wedges in my bag. They are all top notch.
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    Everything but the driver, just never could get along with it. Everything else is still F9, and don’t see them leaving for a long time. On a separate note, I haven’t been around much in the last few months. Between being on the board of directors at my club and a new position at work, I haven’t even swung my clubs in almost 8 weeks. I’m hoping over the winter I can get everything ironed out where I can get back on here and on the course more often. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I feel the same about the F9s and my brother is a convert as well
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    Free seats at Fenway? A chance to catch a foul ball? Where do I sign up?
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