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    The Vega VC-06 50* is finally here! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Snagged this tonight online. I’ll bring it with me on the road and use it in the hotel rooms. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    What if they were shooting 100+ prior to the fitting
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    Put the ball in play today in our dogfight. Course was overly saturated after a heavy rain yesterday (SC winters for ya) and it was in mid 40s for the better part of the round. This ball feels amazing off driver and I saw better distance off the tee vs the ZStar. #1 is a straight away 514 yd par 5. I absolutely hammered my opening drive and was 216 out with no rollout. Had several drives that were very much like this throughout the round. One thing I can say, is this ball doesn’t seem to curve near as much as the ZStar either, but that’s due to the extra spin I’m getting with it. Off the irons, the ball feels just right. Not mushy by any means, but enough feel to where I could still get feedback on where the strike was. Ditto for wedges. I had several approach shots that were right there with the ball mark. 4/5 irons stopped within 5-6 paces and 6/7 irons would be within a yard of the ball mark. 8-P would end up slightly behind. Wedges were much the same, had a few 35/40 yard pitches and the ball would hop once and stop. Chipping around the greens, I felt the results were very similar from what I would normally expect out of my ZStar. I typically like to use a PW around the green when I have plenty to work with. For me, and my lack of proper practice time, it’s easier for me to gauge a run out chip than it is to fly a higher lofted wedge. Anyhow, had a few of these shots today and I wouldn’t have noticed a difference between the B XS and the ZStar. Where I need some adjustment time is with the putter. This ball is incredibly soft feeling and was hard to get a gauge on how to hit the right speed The first time out. Someone else mentioned this earlier. I play a milled Odyssey Black Series #3, couldn’t imagine how soft this thing would be with a softer insert putter. I’ll get this figured out, but the first outing I struggled with my putter. Ahh...almost forgot. Durability seems to be pretty good too. I cleaned the ball up after the round and I’d still rate it a 8/10. Absolutely no issue putting this ball in play for another practice round. If I was playing anything that mattered, I’d throw a new one out, but I would do that regardless. You’ll see in the one pic, there looks to be a slight nick, but my fingernail doesn’t catch on it. Overall, I really like this ball so far and it’s definitely longer and straighter. The putter feels will hopefully come around quickly. Have a tough man next weekend, so that’ll be interesting in itself.
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    Your don't even play golf anymore. They're not forcing you into anything
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    I got out and played 9 holes today. I loved having the sky caddie with me. I found it accurate and very simple to use. I have the grint on my phone that has a gps system on it. In comparing the two there were always difference. Usually just a yard or to. The largest that was 6 yards though. The grint uses google maps images for the GPS images. I liked the scoring and stat keeping features of the sky caddie. It keeps some simple stats such as score, if you hit the fairway and putts. there are also some toggle features to just get yardages and no map or just a view of the green. So far so good, I need more time to get the hang of the information and how to interpret it. i do find that on shots to the green, I would possibly still like a range finger for shooting pins. You can move a curser around but it is just a guess.
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    Driver-Ping G410LST 9* Fujikura Ventus Black 6x 3 wood-Titleist ts3 15* hzrdus smoke 70 stiff 3 iron - TaylorMade gapr lo 19* Tensei ck 90hy stiff 4-p Titleist AP2 718 AMT Tour white S300 50* 56* 60* Taylor made milled grind 2 S200 Toulon Las Vegas H7 stroke lab shaft Ball- Srixon z star xv
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    There have been some great answers to your question about fitting. The key question I have for you is what do you define as a significant difference? I am guessing it is performance based like more fairways, more greens, few putts, or lower scores. It could also be; but I would say not likely, that you are looking for a better understanding about your swing and what tools will work best. Improvements are something that you probably can't measure in a single round but over time. Do you know if you are playing the best clubs for your swing?
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    Rolled one today while killing time and agree, definitely prefer the feel of these vs. the inserts. Sad to report, I didn’t make more putts
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    There are more bad fitters than good, and the odds are worse if you’re getting a free fitting - but you could get lucky there too. And if your swing isn’t repeatable, there’s a good chance new custom fitted clubs won’t make any difference, even if Ian Fraser does the fitting. Even in the best of circumstances better fitting clubs will yield a couple strokes unless you’re old clubs are completely wrong, not likely. Buying the best tools possible doesn’t make you a carpenter or cabinetmaker...but people want to believe otherwise. Who here doesn’t know a player with all the best custom fitted golf clubs, apparel and equipment who averages about 95?
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    I picked up a 52/56/60 set of Vokey clones from Diamond Tour Golf a few weeks ago, with the intention of possibly using them as my wedges next season. At $35 delivered for the three heads, I figured it to be a cheap experiment for me to try. The heads are 431 stainless steel, and while not ugly, aren't gorgeous either. They're boring, and the branding/font used screams clone to me. I'm a fan of the "oil can" or "gun blue" finishing that can be used on carbon steel wedges, stainless however does not have option. So, I decided to give tempering a try to bring out some dark straw, blue and purple colors. First, what the wedges looked like from DTG. I removed the paint fill with some CitriStrip and acetone, and then using latex gloves gave them a final acetone wipe to remove any oily residue before torching. I have a propane weed torch from Harbor Freight that I use for weeding our driveway and also searing steaks post-sous vide. HF claims the torch can reach over 3,000 degrees, and since stainless takes a lot of heat to temper, it was my choice for this work. I have a smaller propane torch, but I would have been heating each head for a long time (target temperature for blue/purple color on stainless is VERY high). Please note: Be careful. I managed to complete this without burning my house down, but I am not responsible for whatever happens if you choose to (literally) play with fire. I setup on my concrete driveway placing the head on a brick so that the driveway wouldn't bear the brunt of the heat. Basically, I blasted away for several minutes until I got the color I wanted and them dumped the heads in a snowbank to cool rapidly. I recommend a long screwdriver or bolt to turn the heads and to transport them to their cooling destination. I almost started an oven mitt on fire because the heads were so hot. Anyway, I'm excited with how they turned out! I certainly didn't have perfect prep work and it shows, but I like the uniqueness of each head. In dim light they are dark straw/bronze color, and in the sunlight they have a lot of blue and purple highlights that are gorgeous. I haven't decided if I want to do new paint fill on them, or leave them empty. But, all in all, this was a fun experiment. I personally think they look a lot better than before.
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    I was very impressed with the fitting. I have been fit essentially by the same person for over 20 years and he just knows my game. My PXG fitter took a lot of time to get to know what I wanted out of each part of my bag and also took the time to watch me hit shots. On 18 at my club i set up way right and essentially hit a pull into the middle of the fairway, helps me avoid a hook into the junk. I hit that shot three to four times a week and we made sure the driver did that. He also asked what was my favorite driver over the last five years and it was hands down my Titleist 915 D2 with a Kiyoshi Black. Only knock was I had a tendency to over cook it when I went after it. We built a more forgiving fade bias version of the driver I hit the best over the last five years. I hit the low spin driver and we struggled to get consistent numbers that would keep the ball in the air. Most fitters would just say the peak numbers were good so it should be fine. Giving the sticks a go tomorrow for indoor golf. Should be a decent test before heading outdoors on Monday. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ... With a qualified fitter it is almost always a valid expenditure, and even more so if you have never been fit. Again, almost all of my fittings have been beneficial and on point. Here are two stories that illustrate why I say almost. ... I was doing a MP59 review many years ago. I was already playing MP63's so I knew my specs. I had fit myself with the use of a LM and I was playing KBS Tour, 1/2" long and soft stepped once and was very happy with them. I met the Mizuno rep and he put me through a fitting culminating with the Optomizer. At the end, his recommendation was KBS Tour, 1/2" long and soft stepped once. I had told him nothing and did not have my irons with me so I was extremely impressed. ... At the PGA Show, TaylorMade fit for me for a driver to review. I hit the RBZ and the R1 with a myriad of shafts. To my naked eye, it looked like the RBZ had a slightly higher trajectory and carried farther. But according to the numbers, the R1 was a hair higher and spun 500rpms less. It not only carried farther by a few yards, it had more roll because of the Angle Of Descent and reduced spin. The R1 was clearly the better performing driver for me, even though I liked the look/sound/feel of the RBZ just a little better. . But playing it on the course once it arrived, I had a hard time keeping it in play. My trajectory was lower than I liked to see and I missed both left and right, which is rare because my usual miss is just left. After trying to force myself to like it for a month, I called the VP of Marketing at TaylorMade and let him know my struggles with the R1. I told him I liked the look, the feel and the trajectory of the RBZ so he sent me the head since I was already in the right shaft. I liked it better the very first round and my accuracy returned. It hurt me a little into the wind and with soft fairways because my AOD was a little steep with a little more than ideal spin, but everything else was excellent. ... There is simply no way for a fitter to know a club may be a bad match for reasons other than performance with a LM. Standing in one spot and grooving a swing tells you a clubs potential, but taking it to the course and using it off the tee once per hole where accuracy, wind and hazards come into play is a different animal. I know there are players that don't care what a club looks like at address, how it feels or sounds IF it performs well. I have always admired those players. But most of us care and if a club does not look/feel or sound right, we will usually start losing confidence in it if we are hitting it poorly. Most likely our swing is the culprit but the club gets the blame because there was always that little nagging thought that it just isn't quite right. ... Again, the majority of the time a fitting will put you in the best position to succeed with any given club(s) and you should always let your fitter know if you have any reservations about the look/sound/feel and they will use that information. But I think most of the time you see someone struggle with their new fitted clubs, it is because they are still tied too their old clubs or something about the new club just produced a sliver of doubt that blossomed until they lost confidence. ... But if you have never been fit and even relatively serious about your game and equipment, I think a fitting is an absolute must. Worst case scenario is it confirms what you already know and best case is you are playing the wrong clubs/shafts for your swing.
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    I wish more courses allowed walking as I prefer it over riding whenever it's an option. We're considering relocating to Sun City Grand and, while having 4 championship 18 hole courses on the property to play is appealing, not being able to walk the courses (at least during peak season) falls in the minus column. In addition to the health aspects of walking, I find the tempo of my game to be better.
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    This new Scotty is legit! The face is hot, feels amazing, better than the insert models. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Here’s an answer........... Buy clubs with lofts that aren’t “jacked”! Clubs from 1980 were jacked compared to 1960. 1960s were jacked compared to 1920. 1920s were jacked compared to 1261 when the first known reference to “kolf” was made by the Dutch! While you’re at it, buy a bunch of feathers covered with leather, because ball tech is the REAL problem these days! Good gracious. Play. A. 30*. Five. Iron. If. It. Makes. You. HAPPY! p.s. Make sure to “drive” to the course in your horse-drawn wagon too because car engines have gotten way too fast! Heck, why use the internet?! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    That sounds a lot like how my day went today!
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    Update on accuracy per scope of the original test: SC is always showing one yard short of the stone 100, 150, 200 yard markers to the center of the green. Touch shots are on the money for what the screen is showing. I played today in high 40’s-lower 50’s temperature wise and haven’t yet seen the touch screen problems others have seen. I have had reasonable success using the screen with FJ winter gloves on. I’m going to try to get out in some different conditions to see if I can recreate the problems they are seeing.
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    I think you’ll be happier walking. I walked and carried my bag for years and then when I got into my 60’s rotated between carrying and using a “buggy”. When we moved to FL 8 years ago my wife was in the golf cart and I walked and carried until one day I twisted my knee and that was the end. Now I ride and sometimes will walk between shots but that’s it. I do believe my concentration was better when I walked. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Positives and negatives to resistive. It should be more rugged, and you can use it with your gloved hand. But I haven't touched a resistive screen in 10 years or so. I just wonder if they're advancing the technology at all these days.
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    You've seen some great responses here to your question. I'd add a different twist. Most of the non-corporate fitters in our area charge just south of $300. and they will refund a small portion of the fee if you buy club(s) from them. From my perspective I'd rather pay that fee then buy a club OTR that doesn't work for me. Don't ask how I know. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    New air compressor currently undergoing “conditioning.” Gravity grip is going on the Evnroll in about 20 minutes!
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    Same with everyone that replied they were interested! I'm guessing nobody will notice on either side then
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    I have 6 or 7 pairs of golf shoes in rotation. I noticed that for whatever reason I score better when I wear Nike Roshe golf shoes. I don't know why but I do know these shoes seem to keep my heals a little more elevated than the Addidas, FJ or Eccos I wear. Can this small of a detail impact scoring? Can this small of a detail confirm I'm nuts for even considering it? We all talk about comfort and durability so is this even a consideration for anyone? I'm curious if others have noticed better scoring from a pair of shoes?
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    I’d say so!!! He tore it up today and that 3-wood from 295 or whatever that came up just short of the bunker down the stretch was smoked!
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    Spoke too soon. Down by .15 points
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    You and me both [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    2 things in golf that are nice to see. The pxg black box and the yellow scotty cameron box
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    Last year my bud Bear was fitted and ordered a set of 0311 irons and wedges--- He was fitted up in Fayetteville NC--- I do not know the fitter builder but when he got them he had me check them against the build sheet. I checked them on both my loft and lie machine and my manual protractor board. They were dead on specs from the build sheet. what impressed me was the fitter there came up with the same lie specs I have used on 3 sets of clubs I built him. Seriously I have only hit his 50* wedge one time and I liked it in fact too darn much. He did give me the PXG hat and it is hanging up because I do not sail under false colors. I have been known to wear it out to eat but never to the course
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    I think it’s safe to say that golfers should avoid department stores for club fittings. Beyond that, I suggest taking a close look at the information available. What do they say on their website? Do they offer any kind of fit guarantee or easy return/exchange window? What do Google reviews say? What technology are they using to collect data and what products do they carry for you to try? If you know of any golfers who have been fit in your area then try to get some information from them. Finally, you should call and have a conversation with the fitter about what concerns you have, and ask how they typically conduct the fitting. You might also try to dig around and find out what (if any) accolades or awards they’ve received from OEMs for outstanding performance. I know a fitter back home in MO was given some sort of award by Mizuno for being one of their top fitters for example. Seems silly, but if you have a tight budget and want to make sure you’re not throwing away money, you need to consider doing some research as though you were buying a car or something else of significant value.
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    I'd agree - first season was much better, however, season 2 is still better than a lot of shows out there.
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    I think of you want to really see television the way it should be viewed, you should ditch the cable and raise an antenna on the side of the house. Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    I do agree with this, but others have done it as well without all the hyperbole. What truly annoys me is that he’ll go on about “Why are these clubs priced so differently?” without discussing things like manufacturing tolerances, quality checks, premium materials, or the latest tech. All of which greatly influence the price and performance. Instead he just ignores that so he can cry about price gouging. I’m not trying to suggest that I think current prices are exactly fair, but it seems he’s much more concerned with generating views than informing golfers.
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    Wow...talk about blast from the past. I was a huge fan. I got to see Angela Cartwright at a fan fest thing in California when I was about 11, she might have been my first crush I loved going around the house flapping my arms and saying, Danger Will Robinson...Danger!! Ha
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    I don't mind Rick.... I'll admit I don't watch as much as I used to but some of the stuff is interesting. He's been doing this for so long I don't know how much more he can do of the same thing again and again. I liked when he and Pete went and bought used and cheap clubs and then played them. I thought that was great and showed that you didn't have to have a bunch of money to start playing golf. I think that's what he is showing with the "box" sets he's talked about it recently - both callaway and the less expensive TM driver. I think he just wants to show folks that just because club prices are really high and continue to go up doesn't mean that it's impossible to start playing golf if you're interested. I remember I bought my first set in a box from Costco when I started playing for around 150. I can appreciate the fact that he's trying to show that the barrier to entry isn't what it appears to be. Another thing I like is that a lot of his videos are between 7 and 10 minutes, on average. That's what kind of turns me off about TXG - there stuff is way too long...I don't want to watch a 30 minute video on a TM SIM driver.
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    Shiels is complete trash now. Maybe his ego has gotten too big after his appearance on Driver vs Driver.... Can’t stand his videos anymore. Total trash. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Amen. Loft jacking is part science, part marketing BS - and the topic has been beaten to death and beyond. Iron lofts have been rendered almost meaningless, and most players never knew their lofts anyway, so they’d never know the difference. That’s the marketing angle. The numbers stamped on irons these days are arbitrary (to be polite). All that matters is knowing what yardage you hit each iron, not which brand/model is longest - period. Distance only matters with your driver. Get fit, buy what you’re comfortable with. If you like the feel, forgiveness and trajectory - that’s all that matters. Which brand/model irons yield the longest distances should be a low priority.
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    I watched one of his videos when he talked about a putter and ball combo would revolutionize putting them a few week later he released the video o the triple track putters. while that probably helps a bunch of people line up their putts it doesn’t help them pick the right line or speed. His channel has been more clock bait than anything lately. Like you I haven’t watched many of his videos lately and only reason I had watched the one was to see what he had to say about the sim drivers as some had mentioned he didn’t get any increase with sim which was different from everything else I had seen around the Internet
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    To clarify, since it feels like my words are being taken as a cantankerous old man who also wants to "make things great again" and "back in my day I had to walk uphill both ways", I wanted to also note that the newer tech in clubs is a welcome addition. It has allowed more players to enjoy the game with less frustration, less lost balls, and hopefully lower scores. The added forgiveness in my D7's has certainly saved my butt a few times, and I've really enjoyed the clubs overall - especially when moving from my old DCI'S It's a small annoyance to have to retool your bag, but I, along with the rest of you guys, have adjusted and ultimately enjoy the game more!
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    Picked this bad boy up today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Not a bad start to the year. 4 of six make the cut with all of them inside the top 12. 2 of them are still available on the waiver wire! Apparently Xander doesn’t like being on my team and missed the cut so I’m gonna throw him out there on the trading block. Before you send me your offers, I’m not gonna just give him away so don’t send me 3 middle bottom tier guys for him. Would love Rory, Rickie, JT, or maybe Brooks, Cantlay, DJ, Bryson + another guy. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    ... To be fair, almost all "jacked iron" come with a GW. If you order a GW - 5 iron you have almost the same set as an older PW-4 iron with many of the new sets. Yes, us old school golfers had to learn to transpose yardage when the trend started, but I am used to it now and my yardages with my current irons are almost exactly the same with one less club than it was for most of my golfing life. So instead of a full 8 iron for a 150yd shot, and now I hit a full 9 iron. And we have the added amusement of Nifty rants.
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    The reduced lofts in the GI clubs are purely because these irons launch higher.
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    Simple answer - get fit. It's the only way of knowing what is going to work for your swing. Shafts that are "high launch" don't automatically launch the ball higher and low launch shafts dont launch the ball lower. All it means is they have different bend and stiffness profiles and everyone reacts differently to weight, stiffness and profile. Before spending over a thousand dollars on a new set of irons, go to club champion or True Spec and spend the $100 on an iron fitting. It will be worth every penny
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    I'm with Rick on this one - retire as early as you can afford it. You'll be amazed how much stress relief there is when you're not working - at least there was for me.
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    So far this winter, we've had something more than 10 feet of snow here. But the plus side is that we're in the middle of a warm spell: the high temps for the next 10 days are all right at or just above freezing. Considering that this time of year, it's not uncommon for us to have a stretch of days that long in which the temps don't rise about 0°F, I'll take it! I have no idea if this portends an early spring; around here, golf by the end of April means we're off to a good start. The warmer temperatures mean that getting into the garage for SkyTrak sessions is a bit easier. I don't trust my distances so much in this weather. The golf balls and clubs are literally frozen, and the cold temps means I'm typically wearing a few layers. But it's still good for working on face/path and strike, even if I have to club up to reach the distances I want to hit. Putting practice continues. I bought a low-end mat that I can use at my office. Enjoying the opportunity to get reps with line and speed. And I'm settling on my club setup for the upcoming year. I'll do a WITB 2020 post in the near future, but I added one candidate for the last slot in my bag today. Dallas Golf was selling a brand new Cobra F6 5-6 with a Fujikura Motore shaft for $80 shipped, so I grabbed that to give me another option in the top end of my bag. Hoping that as the season gets closer and everything warms up to do some serious gap testing with my SkyTrak.
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    Went through a driver fitting at Club Champion earlier today. I love my Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero head but was pretty iffy on the stock Hzrdus Smoke shaft. After 60+ minutes of trying different shafts the clear winner was a Fujikura Ventus Blue 6X. Carry went up about 10 yards but more importantly the dispersion was much tighter. I knew the shaft would be expensive and Club Champion did not dissapoint. They wanted $415 for the shaft, $15 for the grip, and another $35 to install the standard Callaway adapter. Total of $465 but that did include shaft PUREing. I called the head pro at my local course and he can get the shaft with adapter and grip already installed for $330 (plus I get to use up my shop credit). Ding ding ding we have a winner!
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    My Sky Caddie SX 400 arrived and I had no problem registering, syncing it, and updating the courses I play most frequently. Its all charged and ready for my fairways to dry out a bit here in Northern California. I attached it to the top of my bag via the belt clip and will report back on how easy it is to see from the bag, versus picking up and putting it down for every shot. I think the “large number” setting could be a good application for when I just want to leave it hooked onto the bag and look down to get a number. Obviously won’t be as accurate as holding it and selecting a tiny target and getting the number. Going to have fun trying this out in different ways. The main questions I want to answer are: 1)Does this help me shoot a lower number? 2)Does this help me have more fun? Will report back after my first round, soon!
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    I have a decent stretch of weather the next few days. I am thinking I will get out tomorrow or Thursday.
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    Had another lesson on Friday and am very happy with where my swing is heading. We made a few tweaks to my takeaway, which means a few new swing thoughts to juggle for me, but the results were pretty staggering. When I started in November my path was very left, it's now 2-4 degrees right with a 7 iron. Toward the end of the lesson I was even hitting a bunch of baby draws right on the target line with a face-to-path of about -1.5. Pretty cool! Anyway, we've had a ton of snow dumped on us this weekend, so I couldn't get to the range to work more on the changes, but I took the time today to spend about an hour hitting foam balls in my 38 degree garage while on camera. I had so-so success, but by the end I was lining everything up correctly. Getting the change to feel natural is going to take some time, hopefully I can get out to the range again next weekend. The weather seems to always get worse over the weekends!
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