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    Thanks Puma and Cobra and MyGolfSpy #COBRACONNECT4 #TeamCobraONE #Teamonelength Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    fall is definitely here...had a 3:48 tee time and only got 9 in comfortably. what an up and down 9 holes. 5 pars, a bogey, two doubles, and a triple for 44 i was in scramble mode the whole time. driving iron was blocked right, i couldn’t close the club face to save my life. short game was awesome today though. 4th hole, par 3, hit my tee shot pin high but right of the green. chipped to a foot. 7th hole approach shot found the green side bunker on the short side. hit a beautiful high arcing flop shot that just caught the fringe and rolled to 2 feet to save par.
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    I just bought my first from Sun Mountain. I have like 8 Titleist bags in the basement that are getting zero use. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well, I'm not like 15, so I guess I only like liking.
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    Darn you beat me to the liking of his like posts. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    I liked your like post - so that should push you beyond the 20,000 likes[emoji51] Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Yup....you don’t want too many likes.... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    This seems like a question for the MGS tester group - they have oodles of data gathered grime most wanted testing. I just came from the range - from my days as a SuperSpeed tester I have learned that I’m much faster in the late afternoon than earlier in the day, especially than in the morning. At least when swinging the SuperSpeed sticks. With the accumulated data that I’ve collected on my Rapsodo monitor I can now quantify what that means. My average 7 iron carry today at 930 AM was 135 according to my LM - that’s odd given that I was hitting into Avery slight breeze and landing nearly every shot past a flag that I shot at 138 with the laser but it’s still the same LM. I averaged 145 carry at 545 on Tuesday and subjectively I hit the ball much better today, far more consistent, lots more on the sweet spot. With driver the difference is greater 208 average carry to 219. And again I was very consistent and on the sweet spot with driver this morning. At any rate I felt far more comfortable with the D7’s today. I’m getting used to how they look at set up and gaining confidence in how the ball flies. I believe I get more out of misses with them and miss than less than the regular D7’s. I greatly prefer how they feel. The real comparison now will focus on them v. The G30’s. I will be sure to have both 7 irons with me on the range after church on Sunday and then on a Par 3 course that I intend to play a couple of times next week. (I will be on vacation) Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Love how the thread is still going after the comp like it did last year. Carry on gents.
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    It will be a good circus league replacement. Basically just pick the team playing the Jets and you should be set!
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    These are very pleasant on the ears. Best sounding irons I've had in the bag.
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    Being just a teeny bit farther south than us makes it easier to keep Bermuda greens alive. The place I usually play (and volunteer as a coach) has bent greens, and they are just sponges. The other TFT facility here in Richmond has Champions Bermuda greens on the practice green and the par 3 course (it's also the practice facility for VCU golf, and they funded the renovation). They are phenomenal to play on, but it's just too cold around here to keep them from getting damaged during the winter without extreme measures. We've already lost them once. Richmond is a great town for beer, food, live music and art, but it's a lousy place to grow grass. Different strokes for different folks. I wish I had the patience to practice full shots. I got out again tonight for a quick nine. I had a pretty nice night striking the ball: Ignore the overall handicap, not sure how Arccos is calculating that. I just like that direction the red line is going. I'm also liking the looks of this: Even the awful nine I played on Sunday had a decent strokes gained for approach. I'm starting to get a feel for the distances these clubs will go. The TFT course has several par 3s, and I'd always hit the ball off a tee pushed down to the ground. And when hitting an iron off the tee on a par 4 or 5, I'd tee it up a bit. I hit these clubs better (at least for tonight) with the ball on the turf on Par 3s and just barely off the ground when hitting the 4i on par 4s/5s. That 7i was a fun shot. I was blocked out by low hanging limbs; the only way I was getting the ball anywhere near the green was to hit a low cut punch shot. And I did. These clubs seem to want to hit it straight, but I was able to get a good bit of curve on that shot. I think I've said it before, but the sound the ball makes coming off these clubs is sublime. It's a solid crack that I'd honestly forgotten about after a couple years of the Cobra F8s. I'm all about the stats and the scores, but it's hard not to take pride in being able to make that sound with a golf club again.
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    You can’t get in trouble if you ‘like her’ but you certainly can if you ‘lic...’ Nope. Nvm. I’ll stop. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I agree with you on all points except ones- Tiger was actually quite straight (for how long he hit it) with driver when he first came it. Mid career was when Tiger’s accuracy with driver started to suffer. All sports change. I love baseball, absolute love it. It has changed so much over the past decade that it’s incredible - it will change again as hitters start to learn how to defeat the shifts thrown at them. I love golf as well. I’m not going to be one of those old guys who doesn’t appreciate the games evolution. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I learned from being a part of the first test group that I’m fastest late afternoon. I don’t often go to the range or play in the morning but I did go to the range this morning at 9 AM. I was primarily working on the D7 forged test but for kicks pulled driver and hit 6 with it. I was swinging very well so it was a good test. My average SS was 89, carry 208. That’s compared to a 10 ball sequence hit at 330 PM a few weeks back where it was 93, 220 carry. No wonder I almost always shoot my better score in the afternoon round of a 2 day tournament. I will now be able to factor this in whenever I play in the morning - take an extra club, always!!! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I think you'd probably be disappointed even if the long iron approach shot was brought back into the fold. There are very few, if any, coaches on Tour that are teaching their guys to shape the ball on every shot. Pretty much every guy out there can do the 9 box drill, but when it comes to playing the game, most coaches today are preaching to their players to own one shot shape. The only time they'd coach a player to hit a different shot shape than that is if the situation truly demanded it, i.e. there's an obstruction blocking them from hitting their preferred shape. You'd never see DJ hit that drawing 3 iron. Not unless there were trees obstructing his ability to hit a fade. He'd also be targeting the fat part of the green and would likely never take on a pin with a 3 iron. Even as good as he is. The corridor you talk about with the driver is the same approach a lot of these young guys are using throughout their bag. They're utilizing their shot variances to pick their targets rather than trying to force a shot at the pin with a shape they're uncomfortable hitting. Even some of the older guard are on board with this thought process. Heck, Tiger's basically done it his entire career. I also wonder though why a guy like Bryson who hit 58% of his fairways last season with a driving distance over 322 yards doesn't meet your qualifications of precision over a long distance. Tour average GIR is 65% and that covers all approach shots. It's like 46% as you get over 200 yards. Their proximity from over 200 yards ranges from 50 to 75 feet from the hole. These guys are good, but they're not that good that they can pull off the shots you talk about so fondly with any shred of consistency.
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    Great point about the trade-off between the descent angle and spin rates that most game improvement irons present. Seeing this compared on a launch monitor would be very interesting. Would love if someone could come up with some sort of test to see how much changing the descent angle be a degree reduces stopping distance versus say increasing spin 300 rmp say. Does one have a much bigger effect than the other. Setting this up would of course be difficult, but maybe one could even use existing CGQuad data to start to answer this question. If I had some data such as this it would be really interesting to dive into.
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    Reading remarks by my tester teammates I’m reminded that irons in this category generally will produce less spin. The offset is an increased angle of descent. I will be anxious to get on an LM to compare spin and descent rates. By sight the G30’s appear to launch and fly higher but the Rapsodo data doesn’t support what the eyes see. Very similar launch rates and carry distances - 147 yards average carry with 7 iron. I’m not a high spin player anyway. I’m fine with my wedges but once I get to 9 iron I need to allow for run out - how much depends on course conditions. I’m far enough south that everything is some form of Bermuda and the newer strains that populate most of our greens tend to be quite firm most of the year. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Got to play 9 yesterday afternoon and things improved greatly from the previous round. 7 pars, 1 bird and a double on a lost ball. Never caught anyone so we got around in 1:25 and didn't feel like we were playing fast.
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    Got my new PXG 0211s ready for pickup tomorrow. Will post pictures and try for my first unofficial review.
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    I hit an old set of Hogans I have a few days before these arrived, and the sound is similar. But in an easier to hit package.
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    It always puts a smile on my face - maybe we should update it with a 2019 Odyssey Giveaway! After listening to the news everyday I need a 'funny' break Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Will do. She has her first Operation 36 match of the fall season on Saturday. She's been stuck on 150 yards for the last four rounds; she shot 38 the last two rounds. She should be able to hit any green that's open in the front from that yardage. I'm just wondering if she'll try to carry the front bunkers on a couple holes, now that they're in play. Before she could hit driver and not reach them.
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    The Mizuno Tour RB X ball is another very spinny one I you want to try that with the D7s
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    I thought I'd give ya another one, just to ruin that nice, even number by your name. I almost feel devious.
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    Thank you for your recent Like of one of my recent posts. You just pushed me over the 20,000 Likes barrier.
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    Did the fitting after lunch today, and bought it. https://edelgolf.com/collections/eas-model-putters/products/eas-2-0-putter
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    Just got a Cleveland Soft Premier #11 putter. Note, did not purchase it, but was selected to be a tester on WRX. Its rolling pretty well so far indoors.
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    I think the fact these are only available through Titleist fitting centres and not off the rack at big box stores should pretty much tell you they aren't for the average consumer. These clubs, much like automotive companies that design concept vehicles, are a way for Titleist to try some new things out in terms of club design, material selection, and manufacturing. They're just allowing those who wish to to join in on the process by purchasing the clubs. They're low volume concept products. They're going to be expensive. It's just a simple fact. I'm not sure why it seems so hard to grasp that a concept club is going to be expensive. People were making the same gripe last year when the first iteration was released to the public. It's like all people see is the price and they immediately forget about the context and whether that might have anything to do with the price. Sent from my Pixel 2 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    I remember growing up when Tiger was just hitting first gear in his career. Smashing the ball a mile, not hitting many fairways, and using his short game to his advantage. Today, there is another game changer doing the same thing. I don’t know if I was to young to notice, but I don’t remember Tiger getting all of the heat from golf media outlets. Although, he did force Faldo into retirement... Probably because things like social media didn’t exist. When I play, my goal is to be as close to the green on the first shot as possible. I have never found many fairways so I am used to being in the trees, rough, or worse. Distance is king out there, it has been proven for a long time. Even Jack was a long hitter. Moral of my story is.... I don’t think there is such a thing as a wrong way to play golf... people are just mad they can’t keep up with B.A.D., much like the governing bodies think anchored putting is bad, soon enough driver length will be 41”... Just stop, and let them play golf. If that is a 400 yard drive and a putt... or 250 yards a 7 iron, chip, and putt. The more I read this the more it is just me rambling... anyways, I am liking my new found distance, and will look for more so I can have the shortest iron in hand on the next shot. What say you?
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    Another small bucket this morning, got things back on track for the most part. One thing that I really need to continue to work on is my aim. I had pulled my "aim sticks" out of my bag and forgot them in the garage, and it felt like everything was going left for a while without anything to reference on the grass range this morning. When I finally stood back and looked at where I was aiming, turns out I was WAY off. I laid down a few clubs and things were definitely better after that. Also! Sign is up that the chipping & putting greens will be open soon! I really need to get back to working on my short game.
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    Alright, just got the FedEx email that my irons are being delivered today (graphite shafts). I'm still going to hope that they come before I go out for my 4pm round, but don't really expect it. I feel like because I live somewhat close to the FedEx depot for the area, my stuff always winds up being one of the last deliveries as they're returning on their route.
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    When we get a bunch more True Prices, it'll be fun to plot them against each other on an X.Y graph.
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    Here is a tip for fixing the thread coming loose. Use a lighter or lit match and let the side of the flame graze the loose threads. They will lightly melt or burn off. Just keep the flame moving to avoid scorching. If it starts to get out of hand, just blow on it. This works on silk ties, backpacks, and almost anything = quick and easy.
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    Thanks! I was really happy with how they turned out for the most part! I bought my “anvil” which is just a flat piece of steel and the larger stamps from clubstamping.com. They seem to be holding up really well. I bought the sledge from harbor freight and it is fine. Ideally I would love to have something taller and sturdier that I could rest my metal plate on. It gets tough on the back being hunched over all the time. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Google Earth Pro. Free download but only on desktop.
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    I think the answer, as with most things, is it depends and sometimes people need both. I am a senior golfer and play with other senior golfers. I see a number of them have good swings but need lighter clubs because they don't swing as fast as they used to do. I saw a guy I know in his 80s hit a XXIO driver and gain about 15-20 yards from basically the first drive. He has lost a good bit of distance just in the few years I have known him and I cannot imagine him getting the distance from lessons that he got in this club. Similarly, a good friend in his early 60s just demoed a Callaway Driver with a lighter shaft and hit the ball much better than he was hitting his current driver (a Ping G30). I bought a Ping Glide 3 sand wedge this summer with 14 degrees of bounce and a graphite shaft and am having much more success out of the rough and in bunkers than I did with my old Volkey with a steel shaft and 8 degrees of bounce. I esp. think the combination of more bounce and a lighter shaft is helping me out of the very thick rough we have at my club. But, when I was having trouble driving the ball straight earlier this year I took a couple of lessons from the pro I typically get lessons from rather than buy a new driver to "fix" the problem. I may buy a new driver (I have demoed a few at my club) but only now after I have straightened out my swing. So, as I said I think it depends.
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    I would question why/if your AP-3 are not to the D-2 spec. It would be very unusual for Titleist to issue clubs that far off spec, and your grips are not that unusual weight wise. Personally, I would have them checked for swingweight, rather than trust a calculation. Weighing a club and getting an accurate number is a tricky task. Only with a measured swing weight would I consider options. Most lighter grips will only get you one SW point, except Winn Lite like @cnosil mentioned. That option would allow more wraps underneath if you want. However, having only one or maybe two grip options would not be ideal for me. If necessary, adding weight to the club head is the easiest unless you go with tip weights.
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    @McaseyM im glad it worked out for you as well. i was prepared to wait a month for my money, but i guess his dad made him cough it up with the quickness he's still texting me, by the way. today it sad to tell me the clubs got “returned to sender” because he wrote my address wrong
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    Been looking at them. The Formula 11 Pro’s look to be conforming clubs. I recently fell in love with hitting driver after years of leaving it in the trunk. My goal now is to just smash the Living heck out of every tee shot with it. When I don’t go full bore I hit it OB... for now.
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    Do you just like liking? Or do you like like liking?
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    Not sure what all the fuss is about. $500/club looks like bargain basement prices compared to these. On the plus side, they easily make the free shipping requirement .
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    Favorable weather for tomorrow’s round. I will be playing with some non-golfers, so my frustration level will likely be high. Usually when this happens I do not play very well... but hopefully it doesn’t take too long. With the swing feeling good and the speed up, I am going to try a different game plan for tomorrow. If it goes sideways, I will know after hole 4, then I’ll just go back to my normal strategy. Also, going to see if I can sneak a Cobra fitting in and snag one of the SpeedZone drivers before they are gone at $399, but get an exotic shaft if that is what I am fit into.
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    OK.. in honor of #TBT here are actual screenshots - from today, a Thursday - from another online forum... ..and.. Ya just can't make this stuff up!
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    It is a day earlier then expected, but for those who are needing some evening reading my review is up! Of course there will be much follow up as the program continues and expect a updated scoring on the review in the coming months when I have more rounds in! Also final note will be I am going to try and find GC quad or trackman and get a full round up of numbers then fire them off to TXG and say give me a driver since they ship worldwide and will likely be cheaper then anything I can find here in Switzerland. Thanks everyone for following along and please feel free to send any follow up if you have them. I did not post kneeling swing or step swing numbers as I figured the other data was more relevant to the review, but can go over them if so desired. Cheers!
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    Our Wednesday traveling group went to a muni called Thunderbird in Huron, Ohio. We played the north course which is a hilly parkland style with narrow fairways and lots of trees. The greens were just punched and sanded and were extremely slow. Ended up with an 89, mostly due to my putting. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    I've played nine holes of golf in the past 7 days. Weird feeling after playing so much during this... The course where I practice at punched and sanded their greens on Monday, practice green yesterday. Leaves are starting to turn, also. Hopefully get some good fall golf weather yet. Couple updates to my initial reviews: Woods and Hybrids I stated in my original review (way back on July 27) that I wasn't sure if the 2 hybrid would find a spot in my bag. Well, after its performance during the irons only and woods/wedges weeks, where it double-dipped as an eligible club, it firmly locked down a spot as a fairway finder. I've actually been hitting it a lot as of late, especially when I followed the recommendations of Arccos during the final challenge. It's slotting in nicely in the 225-235 spot off the tee. Irons After a pretty rough transition period, I'm starting to really like the feel of the SpeedZone irons. I'm guessing it was the competition mixed with the move to x-stiff shafts that just had me overswinging really badly. The last few weeks I've been working on getting back to solid iron fundamentals and am striking the ball much better. And I'm beginning to appreciate the solid but smooth feel of the x-stiffs as well. They are a different animal than the regular stiff C-Taper Lites, but that's not a bad thing. And they still crank out the ball speed (from a 6 iron during today's range session): I did make one change to my iron setup. I dropped the SpeedZone 4 iron in favor of my Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro Tungsten driving iron. They are both 19 degrees, but the Tour Edge has a graphite shaft. Off a tee, I was seeing significantly better results from the Tour Edge. This change is hopefully shortlived! I have a brand new 75g X-Caliber rapid taper shaft coming from @Popeye64 that will be going into the SpeedZone 4 iron head. My hope is that I can exceed the performance and forgiveness of the Tour Edge. Wedges The wedges are fantastic! I said I might look into bending the 54 a degree strong, but I don't see the necessity of that anymore as I have gotten pretty good at hitting less full gap wedges. (On the wedge note, I played in a work scramble last Tuesday. On the first hole I had a long fringe chip that I used my 54 degree for. I hit it pretty hard purposely, letting it bump into the ridge of the green and it bumped and checked hard, stopping about four feet from the pin. We made the putt. My group couldn't believe how it stopped - they said they thought it was going off the green - I just smiled because I had full confidence the wedges just work for me.) Bag I immediately switched back to my personalized Sun Mountain Sync cart bag, which has a putter well, insulated cooler pocket and 14 full-length dividers. The SpeedZone bag has made a wonderful practice bag, having plenty of room to store everything I need for a range session. As a major bonus, the five way top is large enough to hold my Amazon Basics tripod. Because I no longer need to carry a bunch of things separately, I have videoed almost every range session in the past two weeks after not doing so almost all summer. This has been a huge help to my game because watching video led me to fix a few things I noticed had gone awry. Thanks again to all of my fellow competitors, to commenters, MyGolfSpy, Arccos and Cobra/Puma Golf. I still have a hard time believing I was chosen for this opportunity, even after living it for the past three-and-a-half months.
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    The M890 arrived yesterday. Enough chit chat, let's get to the pics... The Golfworks team did a great job of building the club. I did get it built to 42" with the LL flex shaft. Longer than her old USKG driver, but a couple inches shorter than the A flex RBZ HL that her older sister used to use. She had to choke all the way down to the end of the grip on that thing. My daughter was not feeling great yesterday, so we held off until today to go out and hit it. She was really hitting it nicely, a good 15-20 yards longer than the USKG, about the same distance as the RBZ but with much more consistency. I took her out on the course, and she was reaching some areas that she'd never gotten to off the tee before. This is going to be fun.
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