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    My long waited "package" arrived today from Cobra. Hmmm wonder what it could be? I couldn't open it fast enough to make sure they were all there and not damaged in transit Yep all there and so gorgeous. These are too nice to take to the course. Maybe I'll just put them on a special club organizer in the garage Btw you may have read a thread about a month ago on my trip to the fitter. These beauties beat out Ping, Callaway, Titleist + others for both distance and dispersion. The only close second were the D-7's. The specs are 1* weaker, 1* flat, and Recoil shafts. I also ordered them with MCC Plus 4 midsize and of course they came with Arccos sensors. Guess I'll have to invest in Link. I did run out to the range today to hit a few balls and boy are they nice and smooth. The graphite on the top line is a nice touch and adds to the look of these irons. The real test will be tomorrow night's men's league match play. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    On Range Brief August 12th 2020 Made it to the range today, and I must say I am glad I did. The weather ahead looks absolutely terrible. At address this club gives confidence, the shape is right in the middle of the other two PW’s I am comparing it against. But compare to my Glide wedges, this this is a butter knife. Distance Had a little headwind today, probably around 5-8mph at times. Nothing too breezy. The distance is right on par with a set wedge, with range balls I was carrying them all around 135-140 yards. Again, the dispersion shinned here; I have been hitting little draws (1-2 yards) with the irons and wedge as of late. Not hitting intentional fades or any shot shape for that matter unless absolutely necessary. These were all pretty tight. Forgiveness Yep, it has it! I caught one super fat and up near where the Zipcore wording is, I would have been shaken off the course with the BP wedge with a shot there. It still carried a good distance. I also caught one on groove one at the bottom, definitely could tell that I thinned it, but it held up its end of the deal and made the distance, just at a much lower trajectory. Odds and Ends The SW is much lighter than the other two PW’s, or maybe the whole club is lighter. This throws me off significantly, as I lose the club in the middle of my backswing. I think this is why the S word showed up last week on the short game area. I may have to re-shaft this with something a bit stouter and huskier. A plus for this wedge is sticking to their guns, that black ferrule with the two white rings is so classic, and so Cleveland it looks perfect. I have always enjoyed that ferrule; it’s the small things.
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    Pretty random - I bought a new winter jacket last week. It showed up today. Makes me look like Chewbacca. Good news, it should last until I am in a galaxy, far far away. Used the Patagonia worn wear site, got a nearly new jacket for nearly half the price. Knowing my luck, it will be 75° here all winter and I won’t need it. Edit: Holy sentence fragments...
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    Played my best ever round today. Shot a 91, I left a bunch of shots out there and could have easily broke 90. First 9 was great bogey or par on nearly every hole the back 9 was not a lot of shots worse only 5 worse but it was a lot slower. The pace was great on the front the back I stood around a lot and I was walking in 92° heat. I also had to take my shoes off due to having socks tear and that caused my heels to blister. Taking shoes off caused me to lose 10 yards or so on every club which made scoring tougher. It was a good birthday though and shooting my best round made it a good day.
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    My Wedge Quest Shortly after I completed a series of group lessons to learn the basics of how to play golf, an elderly gentleman at my club (Claud) asked our golf pro to recommend a tournament partner who was new to golf and fun to play with. He suggested me! So I participated in my first scramble only 3 weeks into playing. I learned a lot that day. I came home and told my husband that my golf goal is to play like Claud. He has a phenomenal short game. My husband explained that I would need to become a good wedge player. I have been progressing toward that ever since. Getting wedges I can hit well has been a journey. My wedges (PW & SW) in my first set of Ping clubs; the PW in my next set Wilson D7 irons; and the PW in my current TaylorMade R7 irons all have wider soles that I can't seem to consistently hit well. They keep bouncing off the ground and the Ping SW just didn't have enough loft. Then @downlowkey came to my rescue a couple of years ago. He gifted me a Cleveland RTX-3 52°/10 and 56°/11 that he no longer played with. I have learned to hit and like them. In the last couple of weeks he gave me another wedge from his past arsenal, 60° Cleveland Tour Action 900 which I intend to make my SW. With the addition of this new 46° ZipCore, I feel like I finally have a realistic opportunity to develop a full range short game like Claud. And all with Cleveland Wedges
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    So I finally had a chance to get out on the course yesterday for the first time since making some adjustments to the TR20 and I would say the early results are pretty great.
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    I miss posting in here Gonna need to buy some shoes or tees or something soon
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    This has been the hardest year for me to gauge my game since I began playing about 20 years ago. First an elbow injury that put me on the shelf for 6-7 weeks, and the entire the entire covid situation limited both my play and practice. The biggest factor however was just not being able to concentrate or even enjoy the few rounds I did get to play because my mom had gotten really sick just after the holidays. I live 700 miles away from my family, and I was back and forth for weeks at a time trying to do what I could to help her, and be of assistance to my two sisters. God finally took her 2 weeks ago, and yesterday was the first day I felt up to posting again. I’m stuck up here on Long Island until Sunday because of the quarantine travel ban thing between SC and NY without my clubs, because I had no desire to bring them or play. Each day I feel a little better, and am just starting to feel an urge to really start playing again when I get back home. I’ll probably dive in head first, playing even more than I normally would, just in an attempt to keep my mind occupied. Why am I telling all of you this? In a way it’s to thank you. This place is wonderful, and I appreciate the friendly way everyone here interacts with others. So many other sites are very different. I told you I hadn’t posted in a while, but I can’t tell you how many nights the last few weeks I’ve read this thread and the what are you buying one. They helped take my mind off things and even gave me a few smiles during a very hard time. Thanks for that.
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    My new wedge actually came in last Thursday night but I couldn't play with it until we adjusted the shaft length. My husband helped me and we trimmed it down 1" Friday night. It took until today for me to figure out how to put my video snippets together and edit it all. We don't have fancy club equipment or special clamps to hold clubs but we made it work. If you're interested in how we did it, my video is below. We ran out of daylight before we finished so I couldn't show you installing a new grip with the air compressor - it wasn't as easy as the how-to YouTube videos make it. A couple of times the grip just flew off with a loud pop.
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    Busy week, but looking to get to the practice area at some point. Round scheduled for next Wednesday. Looks to be thunderstorms in the forecast for the foreseeable future... After the first practice session, I noticed that the side to side dispersion was pretty darn good. My distance control is off due to lack of play.
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    Got out to the Range yesterday. Did a little Chipping and hit some Full shots.. Here it is compared the the Cobra King Black wedge both are in 58* Mid Bounce/Versatile.. It Seems to be slightly longer than the Cobra, whether that is do to the Arccos in the butt of the grip I'm not sure.. It Looks So great behind the ball Just instill confidence.. Here is the Strike pattern after 25 balls on the Range. A little high and towards the toe. the one thing i did notice was weight, the Cleveland had the feel of more weight at the club head than the Cobra. Strikes Felt Solid, and the ball flight was slightly higher, Can't wait to see how that looks once I get on the course. Chipping, I noticed i was more consistent on dispersion, for about 20 yrds i had 3 of 4 within 3 ft of each other with the Cobra the dispersion was about 10 ft. from the same distance.. While Chipping I did notice a little more clicky sound off the Cleveland, not really off putting Just noticable.. More to come Stay tuned..
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    Well after a vacation, wedding weekend, and my mother in law's funeral... I'm ready to get this wedge out of this box, in my bag and ready to go. Sorry if I'm delayed at all. I'll catch up! Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    I’ve had a Bushnell tour v4 slope edition for about one year. I believe I paid about $400 for it. It began to be very slow in returning a distance and the slope feature would not work. I sent it back to Bushnell under their warranty policy. They returned the laser along with some codes indicating that they found water damage and the warranty was void. This is troubling because this laser has never been exposed to rain or water in any form. Further the letter indicated the product was obsolete and their were no parts available. The popular golf sites can give reviews of a product brand new out of the box but they do not reflect how the product will hold up and how the company will honor its warranty. It this case Bushnell has failed completely!!
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    Played today and driver continued to get worse. Was missing left and right, couldn't figure out what was wrong. Finally, on hole 12, I decided to try to put a smoother swing on the ball. I didn't really slow down my swing, but was more patient in transition. Turns out, that was the swing I was making previously when driver was a fairway finder. Ended up hitting 4/5 fairways dead center from hole 12 onwards. Should have been 5/5, but got a little cocky on 18 trying to hit one around the corner. Still with that shot on 18, it was just a few yards into the rough, not a OB ball. Hole of the day for me was #12. Didn't catch the drive on the screws, but hit a sufficient drive down the center. Followed that up with a slightly thin 219 yard 4 wood from the fairway. Hit a good pitch shot, but rolled a little long. Hit my 34 foot lag putt to within a couple feet and then knocked in the par putt. Sometimes I can play competent golf.
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    I've had MCC +4's for about 2 years now and love them. As much as I play I change them out about twice a year and in hot humid weather weather I find that I don't need a glove. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Before you get further- - Yes I'm a tinkerer - Yes I'm a Mitsubishi fanboy - Yes that's a lot of lead tape! - Yes I make custom alignment sticks! - Hope you enjoy. It's been fun building this bag. I've built everything but the putter! Driver Shaft 3w shaft 2H shaft Irons (weighted up to about D5 with tape) Iron Shafts Build your own wedges! Love these Finally unseated my trusty 2010 Odyssey black. In love with this Evnroll Z grip cord midsized for everything but putter Snell MTBX is the best ball I've ever played
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    Horrendous morning, everything was great except my game. 3 Pars, 6 Bogie’s. Couldn’t putt to save my life. Got a little thrown off at the start but didn’t affect the game. Two of the guys in the group in front of us were late getting to Start. They had presidential political decals and signs all over the carts. One of the guys was definitely looking for a comment or anything from us. We just do our thing. My views and my friends views are our own. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    The goal of the fit is two fold... First is finding the right combos for your game at the time of the fit that will optimize you. That being said every OEM sends you a cart with their shaft offerings that are no up-charge.These should be exhausted before going to anything that would be an up charge. However depending on what place you choose and how much business they do with that OEM they will send you a full set of irons in the standard off the self setup or heads that can be converted to demo heads. You also have companies that will give you head only accounts such as Mizuno which allows you to sell the head + any shaft and come out to an off the shelf price or usually less. Were I am at we use the club conex system and pay 8am golf the ridiculous cost to be able to fit any iron hybrid or wood to any shaft. Our build team if not provided by them OEM's then makes us a set of irons that will fit into our demo matrix. Only fitting a mid iron does no good since outside of MB's majority of sets are progressive and have different characteristics in the long and short irons. Also eliminates the possibility of getting a true combo set. Club Champion does not want to pay 8am (true Spec's parent company) for their system and have created their own Chinese rip off system which throws off swings weights and makes it hard to build the exact same club. The second goal of a fit is to help you get to where you want to be and with in reasonable expectations. If you plan on working on your game and have swing goals you want something that optimizes you today, but as you improve will transition with you well. Significant swing changes that result in changes to impact delivery may mean that your equipment is no longer optimized to you. This is why good fitters will offer gaping session and 14 club evals. Simple changes to length loft and lie may be all that is needed. Rarely have I ever seen a change in an iron shaft after someone who has been fit make huge changes. Example is at any tour level. They may change club heads but the iron shaft remains the same. They make loft and lie changes and grinds to the soles but not very often do they change the steel, and def not in season. Graphite is a different conversation all together for any club. Also not all Club Champions are created equal. Some of them have fantastic fitters that do an amazing job. Club Champion fitters are under a tremendous amount of sales pressure though since they were bought out by a private equity firm. This is taken directly from a job application; ● Great compensation for the golf industry. Master Fitters earn a competitive base salary, commission on all sales (uncapped), and a store performance bonus. ● Excellent insurance plans including medical, dental, and vision as well as an optional 401(k) plan ● 3 weeks Paid Time Off(PTO), paid national holidays, and closed on Sundays ● 4 weeks paid training (Club Champion University) for all newly hired Master Fitters, on-going training and learning opportunities for all employees ● Fun perks including incentives (sales contests with prizes like trips and gift cards) and Personal Use Discount on equipment and apparel ● Unlimited growth potential - we value top performers and promote from within (career path to Store Manager and Regional Sales Director) Club Champion fitters are called "Golf Equipment Sales/Master Club Fitter" sales first and fitter second. Like any true sales job there is pressure to close business along with it. Our shop does not pay commission on fittings. We are actually paid by the hour so we can earn over time. I get in at 7:30 AM most days we are open from 9a-6p and leave at 7:30 PM. I also work 6 days a week every other week based on releases training and other things. This allows us to remain brand agnostic, and we can not tell a customer if we are on staff with any OEM's, what we game during a fit, and any other information that might sway a customer. We try to remain as unbiased as possible. OEM's both club and shaft offer things I know that club champion passes on which sways thoughts. We do not take these and never know who they come from and they are put into a shared pot that we all split evenly. Some OEM's make you take these as part of their agreement. Hopefully this shares some insight into their culture, but that being said they have some amazing fitters who know what they are doing, but when you apply sales pressure it removes some objectivity and makes it more like buying a car than investing in clubs. Heck they even pitch financing too which they get a kick back on.... Just my $0.02 sure I would love to make more money, but golf is a game of values morals but more importantly integrity which to me is more important than money.
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    Thanks @mchiller that is an amazing complement... I get a lot of people who get referred to me that have had some bad experiences at Club Champion or did not get what they paid for. We have 3 near me and they all do a really poor job so in a way I am thankful for them lol... They just have a lot of power and marketing and with everyone saying get fit get fit and you google that Club Champion and Golf Tec come up first which are 2 places I tell people to avoid in most cases. But what you do not know can hurt you that's why places like this are important that do not take adds for the most part. It makes me angry when I see people who get taken advantage of and stories spread about how fitting makes no difference, when it could not be anymore the opposite.
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    Jinxing myself now, but I dont think I have ever hit a hosel rocket. However, I have hit way too many atrocious shots off the toe though. And those bad toe shots are just as bad as a hosel rocket.
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    @ncwoz Here is what I noticed from the sample size of swings with the hybrid..... . Here is your swing in the takeaway. If you notice you shaft plane is steep for how inside your arms and hip turn have generated... This causes you a few issues at the top which lead to some other issues in the down swing and could be helped with a proper fitting.... Here you are at the top. You have great flexibility and understand the turn is how you generate power. You are focused on getting to a 90 degree angle at the top which causes you to cup your wrist and throws the club face wide open. You had mentioned that you do get the 2 way miss some times and just from a guess and with not watching more swings I would guess this is the cause. Also the club breaks and comes back around your head. People focus on the club head when its really the depth of your hands that is important. Below is a photo of justin rose where he had a similar top and then the changes he has made to get more hand depth No cupping greater hand depth actually allows the club to travel a greater distance and gain more speed. Rose hits the ball much farther today than he did in 2000. Here is you loading the shaft. I try to fit people into hybrids that come with multiple options such as Ping Titleist and Mizuno. The Even Flow black hybrid weighs around 85g uncut depending on if you have the hand crated version or not. It has a super thick butt .625 vs .600 standard this creates a really stiff but section they soften the middle and has a stiff tip... Low launch and low spin profile. You have no issue loading it but this is where the shaft comes into play. Depending on your iron swing this is where I have some ideas on shafts that might work well for you and help achieve your goals. Here is your swing at impact... Because of the things created in the back swing you have to extend early a bit. You look to be a solid athlete so you are able to compensate still generate club head speed but this is where the big miss can come in. At post impact because of the early extension you have to release the club extremely quickly because your turn is so fast and you have to race to catch up. This is a recepie for a pull/hook/over draw... Combined with your shut club to your target line due to either to strong of grip or that combined with your release you get your miss. Again you look to be a great athlete so you can do things most people can not because of your athletic ability. You have naturally aimed far to the right to help compensate for the draw and the miss (look at impact photo). The other thing I see is that your shoulders have already closed to your target at impact. This is me playing a slight draw to that pitching pin. My face is closing to my target but my shoulders and arms almost form a line as everything releases. I did a wedge shot just to get the right positions I still need a lot of work to get to where I want but if I had any shot I was least likely to mess up its this one. Here is the goat hitting a draw with a metal wood. He is the best at positions of all time. If you look at halfway his shaft is perfectly in line with the ball... He gets so much depth in his swing and his club looks 90 face on but down the line you can see he has created a good 120+ angle from the target where yours is smaller. His wrist is also perfectly flat. His impact is so pure. He has squatted down shoulders open to the his target face squaring up into a perfect release with the ball taking off to the right and will draw slightly back in. If you look at the post impact from release the lines are almost identical. This is what I do in the second phase of a fit. I use V1 software so I can do side by side before and afters and such. Sometimes honestly I tell people to change their fitting to a fitting lesson combo so that the equipment the might get actually gives a greater impact. As I am writing this I see you have posted a few things back so I will end here and give some recommendations
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    I was able to walk today and water my garden. Progress right?
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    The morning after we trimmed my wedge shaft, I was scheduled to play in a tournament at 9am. @GolfSpy Stroker warned us not to play without practicing first, but I was anxious and excited to try it. So without ever hitting one shot with it, I left my PW behind, grabbed the new 46° instead and joined my playing partners. Turns out the first couple of times I had the chance to use it, I was not the least bit confident so I switched to another club. That was a disaster because I was trying to make the wrong club work. When I finally used my new 46° ZipCore I was surprised and delighted with the result. I didn't know how much of a swing to take so it hit barely off the edge of the green . . . but it stopped immediately. I have a tendency to hit low to mid-high shots but this was high and soft. I laughed and thought how cool is that! No rolling past the hole or off the opposite side of the green. I know my playing partners were confused about why I was so happy. The next day I played again but with more confidence. I had 3 opportunities to use my new wedge. Two shots were on the green and again just stopped! The third one was a little short but that was user error when I hit it fat while my ball in a soft muddy area. I'm ready to now schedule some quality practice time.
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    I know its early in the testing but I was crunching some numbers. My average score for the months of June and July ( pre Sub-Seventy) was 73.17 over seven 18 hole rounds With the 699 Pro's for August so far is 70.33 over 3 rounds. Also shot a 34 for 9 holes on the first day of testing. My driving accuracy and putting is usually very consistant so the difference I'm seeing is in the iron play.
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    Dude you have me drooling like a coon pup with the inside lane to Mama's boobies! I've read several reviews on this putter and it really has a ton of positive vibes going. Heck I'll have more than one weapon to choose from when those skinny lies show up... It's coming tomorrow after my morning round so I won't get to test drive her until next Tuesday......
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    A certain someone may have just pulled the trigger on the TS1's.. and a TSW 50°... [emoji51] the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
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    If I ever have to shop for another rangefinder I will only buy from Precision Pro. Their service can NOT be beaten, and their lasers are as good as anything else out there.
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    Sweet new sticks!!! Kick butt with them! The #CCC4 group will certainly approve of your selection. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Awsome! Only down side I see are the MCC4 grips. I got them as well....been pretty disappointed with how they handle wet I hope you have better luck
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    I’m betting Acushnet stock price went down at least a point in after hours trading once you posted those pictures
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    Sub Seventy does have a demo program so you can try before you buy if that would make you more comfortable. They will send you three irons. In the end it would only cost you $20.00. There is a hold amount and then refunded less the $20.00. But I'm going from memory. Go to their website and check k it out.
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    It's thundering with lightning and rain is pouring down here right now. That means soft fairways in the morning. At least I'll get some accurate carry data on Arccos tomorrow.
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    Fresh off the course with another update. Just beat the storm that rolled in. During the course of testing today I got to hit the 5 iron for the first time in a round of golf. Poor drive distance wise. I was left with 180 into the green and it went dead straight and was about 8 feet from the pin. I wasn't in the best of form today due to working on a brick walkway from our club house to the pro shop. Three hours in the heat took a little toll on my ball striking. I still shot very well but I had about 5 hits toward the toe. These all went straight but came up short. I did have the approach wedge dialed in so I was left with 2 to 3 foot putts for par o three of them. I also wound up in two sand traps but both were sand saves for par. The Cleveland CBX 56* was the work horse on those. The rest of the round was almost boring. Drive, put the ball on the green and two putt. I did have a great shot into a par three. I always seemed to scramble on this hole untill these irons went in the bag. Its a simple 170 yard hole with traps on the left and right side. For some reason I always went right ( really right) and would chip and hope for a one putt. Today I aimed dead straight at the flag and wound up 4 feet from the pin and made the bird. In summary, one bogey and one bird for an even par round. Did I mention that I really like these clubs?
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    I understand what you are saying but it did not really bother me at address. Going from a thicker top line and larger offset to the 699's seemed to be a quick adjustment for me. The results that I have seen for me personally, quickly dismissed any visual differences changing over from my Wilson D200's. I would say during the third round it just became the norm at address. I actually think the profile at address helped me line up to my target better.
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    Tomorrow is looking like the day to get out, only a 40% chance of rain in the morning. Should start on the back 9 around 7::30 and fly until I make the turn and get stuck behind league play. WIMB.
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    8am owns True Spec and Club Conex... Do not let that stop you from going there though. True Spec is a fantastic place to get a fitting at... They do not hire just anyone... Since you are in Scottsdale I would also check out Cool Clubs... Their HQ is there and I have done a fitting my self with them and it is truly world class. MGS actually uses their data on shafts and is partnered with them. Here is some info from their site; All Tour Fittings will begin at Cool Clubs Headquarters with an initial club assessment, followed by an outdoor fitting session at Grayhawk Golf Club... They also use the club conex system... They also build in Scottsdale as well. Have no doubts about true spec they are first class... I personally would choose cool Clubs for a few reasons but the biggest is that golf.com did there top 50 club fitters (https://golf.com/gear/best-50-clubfitters-north-america-directory/) and put true spec #1 which i find an issue since 8am owns both. Cool Clubs actually called them out on this and came in 3rd.. Golf.com went back and edited to add true spec was a sister compnay. My shop made the list but we do pay 8am a lot of money for the club conex (its like a software subscription)... They also had some odd factors but hey it adds street cred... We are also in the golf digest top whatever but that has to do with paper work lol... Cool clubs is on the forefront when it comes to fitting and they fit tour players and people fly in from around the globe to do fittings with them... I did not tell my fitter anything about my knowledge only told him what I was trying to achieve... I actually went with his driver shaft choice over mine and bought it from him since it was such a solid experience... he nailed my irons/wedges spot on as well... I did not do a putter fitting though...
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    I officially have my tee time booked for 8:10 in the morning, which is good because we have a chance of rain later in the afternoon. It does mean that I'll be waking up at 6 on a day off, but that's better than normal. Gotta be well rested to take on the Beast of the East. I'll be taking Driver, 3 wood, 5 wood, 3,4,5 hybrid, and 56 and 60 wedges. I'm hurting on the short end of the bag and hopefully I'll be able to leave shorter shots into the green. I'm going to look over the scorecard later and decide on tees.
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    Played my worst round in probably 2 months last night... a combination of terrible iron play, bad course management, and plain bad luck... playing a short par 3 course on Friday to focus on ball striking... scramble on Sunday so I just need to hit a decent shot once in a while
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    #MGSCobra2020 #CobraConnect KING MIM Black Wedge Review - edingc, a.k.a. #TeamCalvesLikePhil Cobra updated its KING MIM wedge with a matte QPQ finish for 2020, providing what it calls a “tour preferred” look. MIM, which stands for Metal Injection Molding, enables Cobra to produce their softest feel and excellent consistency from wedge-to-wedge on the production line. Originally selected to test the older KING Black wedges, Cobra upgraded my selections to the KING MIM Black, with no complaints from me, of course! I ordered 54 and 58 degree wedges, three degrees flat, in Cobra’s “versatile” grind with KBS C-Taper Lite x-stiff shafts to match my SpeedZone irons. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 supply chain issues, the 54 degree wedge arrived last week and I’ve only played one round with it in the bag. As such, my experience with the 58 degree KING MIM Black wedge is largely the basis for this review. Looks - 5/5 Stars Gorgeous! There is not much more to say about the looks of the MIM Black wedges. They are not-too-big and not-too-small, the black finish is superb and the white and yellow accents scream “Cobra” without being obnoxious. The combination of the matte, stepless C-Taper Lite shaft and the head is . The matte black finish has been durable so far, and wears to a lighter gray color. I don’t have any long-term concerns about it at this point, although I’m a fan of a worn look on wedges anyway. Sound & Feel - 4/5 Stars These wedges have a nice solid feel. I’m not sure if I’d classify them as the softest feeling club I’ve ever hit, but, they are softer than any of the cast specialty wedges I have played over the past few years. My best description of the sound is a click, not a thwack. No issues with that whatsoever. Basic Characteristics - 5/5 Stars I’m glad I went with the versatile grind. The grind has proven to live up to its name. I have had no issues rolling the face open (Cobra's signature scalloped back helps keep the leading edge low) and hitting high, soft pitches/flops from varying lies. The leading edge is slightly rounded/blunted, which I prefer because it feels “chunk proof,” especially around the green when chipping. I’ve had issues with sharper leading edges digging/grabbing on soggy fringe in the past, but I have had no issues with these wedges. The versatile grind feels like the perfect amount of bounce for any shot I’ve had to hit so far - bunker, fairway, rough, fringe. Love, love, love it. On Course Performance - 5/5 Stars I’ve hit numerous impressive shots with the KING MIM Black wedges on course. Being able to effectively use the 58 degree wedge in the 50-105 yard range has been really helpful to my short game. A good example of this happened a few weeks ago when I played a local links style course. I had several opportunities around the green to chip, flop and pitch, and the 58 performed wonderfully. After my tee shot on No. 6, I had about 105 yards to a back pin placed on the top tier of the green. This hole is short, but you cannot be on the wrong tier of the green if you want to have any chance to make your putt. I felt like I could dial up the 58 and hit a hard, low shot that would one-hop and stop on the tier. And I hit the shot I imagined perfectly, leaving me with a reasonable chance at birdie. This is one of many good shots I’ve hit with these wedges. As a result, my chipping and sand game have improved since my baseline rounds. Miscellaneous - 4.5/5 Stars I have two small issues with the wedges and both are easy fixes. The Cobra custom shop stuck the wrong KBS label on the shaft of the 58 degree wedge (regular C-Taper X label and not the C-Taper Lite X label). Based on the weight and feel the shaft is the same as what is in my irons and 54 wedge. This is not a big deal as I can request the correct label from KBS directly. Personally, I struggle with face alignment with black wedges. I would prefer for the bottom groove to be painted white like the SpeedZone irons, and now that I’ve completed this review I will make that change. This is entirely my preference. Play It or Trade It - 5/5 Stars To be honest, I never previously paid much attention to my wedges and how they fit into my game. A travesty, in retrospect, as wedges are used so often during a round of golf. I feel like my short game has improved significantly since putting the Cobra KING MIM Black wedges in the bag. I have loads of confidence with the 58 degree around the green and with full and partial swings, something I didn’t have previously with my most lofted wedge. I may make one small change. After spending time on the range and looking at FlightScope Mevo numbers, the distance between my gap wedge and the 54 degree wedge is a little wide. I think bending the 54 to 53 degrees would help to close that without negative effect. There is no doubt these wedges will be staying in the bag until they are worn out. Overall Score - 4.5/5 Stars Cobra wedges may not have the reputation of some other OEMs, but wow, the KING MIM Black wedges are fantastic! They are thoroughly impressive. The combination of a seemingly durable and attractive QPQ black finish and outstanding performance makes them a huge winner and must try in my opinion.
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    I think adjusting the loft up a bit from 8.5 to 9.5 helped my launch angle a bit. I played around today with the weights. results were very similar weather 9g weight was in the front or the back, but seemed like slightly more spin when weight was up front. I also did some more testing w/ my old gamer and a buddie's M6, and Honma was the clear winner, though the gamer wasn't too bad. I'll have the numbers w/ my official review, but here's a thread of a few of my Honma swings:
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    Call the press! No double bogeys! But, I did 3 putt on 2 holes (one of which was a around the cup lip out). 78 for the day.
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    @ncwoz Thanks this helps with the recommendations and final thoughts. That maple hill place looks solid. They also sell pre-owned gear on the website so they care about your pocket book. With your athletic background it makes sense that your hips turn fast since you have to pivot as a guard very quickly. I do think some equipment changes would help you achieve your goals. Please take this with a grain of salt since I have not seen any launch monitor data or ball flights. That being said 108mph in your hybrid you are not getting enough or what you could/should at 18 deg. of loft. We use Foresight which I prefer but this is some data to look at for your next fitting. This is a TM M6 22 deg. with Tensei Pro white 90TX 4H at 40" it was just too hot and with lack of launch and spin no chance of holding a green. by going up in weight of the shaft (100TX) and changing the head we were able to increase spin by 1000 RPM and increase the launch and ball speed which took carry to 240ish and would hold greens. 108MPH you could be getting a lot more as I mentioned. I will scale this down into the irons but 108 MPH with a hybrid is extremely fast... First adding +1/4" to a shaft makes the club play about 1/2 deg. more upright to begin with. I am 6'1" as well and I play standard lengths (37" 7i) but I do play +1/4" in my wedges. Your arms might be longer than mine which is where playing length and starting loft and lie will take place and work from there. My playing partner is the same height as me with much longer arms and plays +1/4" and 2 up (64 lie 7i) were I am standard and -2 flat (61 lie 7i)... Every club manufacturer uses different standard lies but Taylormade / Titlesit / callaway use around 63 / 63.5 as their standard to help sell more clubs off the shelf. a good fitter can help you dial this in and if they say cast clubs can not be bent they are wrong. The bigger thing for you will be offset in the club head. Players distance irons tend to have more offset than players irons. you can reduce offset by weakening the lofts but its better to start with something with less at the standard loft. Offset is designed to allow the club square up since most people struggle releasing the club. you release early so this is contributing to the hooks. I would look at the ping i500 Mizuno JPX 919 forged (921 about to come out) and throw some players irons to test like the T-100's JPX tours. I would guess your ball flight lacks launch and maybe some spin since the p-790 only went 200 yards of carry. You have some serious speed and should be able to get 210+ out of that 6i and stopping power. I would not describe your swing as aggressive actually I would say its pretty smooth and moderate. The iron shaft you should try is the nippon modus 120x 120tx and 130x. These are on opposite ends of the spectrum as far as profiles go but the 120 X/TX can help as you learn to release the club better. It has a very soft butt section which will help you feel the club head better. The tip is the stiffest around which will help stabilize deflection at impact. the 130x is the opposite sort of but I think the extra weight might help you time better and get to a better plane. It also has a much softer tip which can help promote a little higher launch. I game the 120X and many tour players do like tony finau who crushes the ball... You should also try the KBS tour X and Tour v X and TX and they fall sort of in between the 2 nippons. Also give the DG 120 X100 a try too. The DG 120 X100 will be very close to the 1150 nippon. Whatever you decide get some DG TI S400 wedge shafts for GW/SW/LW if you look on tour I would say 90-95% of pros have this in their wedges. its the gold standard of wedge shafts. In your hybrid I would go with a Graphite Design tour AD-DI or Tour AD-IZ in the 95x Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Blue 90TX Mitsubishi Tensei Pro white 90-100 X/TX the X were made especially for Titlesit but they are so close. You can probably nab a titlest for $30 somewhere. In all of these shafts the softer butt section will help you feel load and release better. This should help get you on your way... weight is your friend with your speed and offset can be your enemy... The last thing is the grip I am not sure how large your hands are but if you wear a L glove use a midsize grip. I have large hands L/XL and I use the Lamkin TS1 midsize. It has reduced taper like the sonar to help reduce wrist roll (reduce hook) its much firmer though and will help get your grip pressure better at your speed... Soft grips at your speed might cause some issues... On tour everyone uses the GP BCT because of how firm it is and similar speeds to yourself... we just cant get in a midsize and the zcord along with the Lamkin full cord is another option they just dont have the reduced taper lower hand and would have to be built up. Fitting is so important and makes huge differences in your game. Let me know if you what some metal wood ideas based on my guesses, and if you do provide me as much info and which shaft you like better between your driver and 3w.... let me know any other questions you might have, but I would say do another iron fitting and tell them about the Club Champion experience and where you are in your game and where you want to be... The things I asked you are all things I ask when I do a fit. Also make sure they have some type of guarantee. If you buy new or used clubs with a fit and they do not work we do a free 30 min eval/lesson and offer 60 day exchange and refit... Also if you buy the clubs the day of the fit we discount the fitting.... we do everything we can to help the customer...
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    The reason we decided to blow the grip on was because I'm not sure if 1 inch off is enough. We can remove this grip and reuse it. But we had so much trouble that my husband did plead with me to "just do it the normal way". We first tried a hacksaw on the shaft but it didn't even leave a scratch on that shiny steel. I was desperate to keep trying when my husband remembered our Dremmel tool. It got quite hot but worked.
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    ... I played with two guys and what I thought was an ingenious idea. They converted a Baby Jogger Stroller into a push cart for their clubs! Looked like they rolled great and the guys said they were pretty light.
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    I took my 58* Cleveland ZipCore out to the range for a very short lunch break 30 minute practice session. I did only greenside chips. Unfortuantely, I haven't been able to convert the .mov files to the appropriate formats to post here. So here are some screenshots. My initial assessment has me comparing feel and sound to my gamers of two years which are Callaway MD4 58*.Right off the bat I loved the muted sound of a hit. The Callaway have a very hard, loud, almost obnoxious click. The ZipCore sounded smooth, soft, flush. As for feeling, the Callaway sounded loud and felt loud. It was a feeling of hard against hard. Now, while that is off putting the feel and the sound got better as the wedges were used more, "broken in" and the raised protruding "grooves" wore away. The more harsh feel did, in fact, provide feedback that I've grown used to. In sharp contrast a brand new ZipCore at impact feels muted, less harsh. This clearly provides the softer sound at impact. However, mishits seemed to feel as soft and muted as a properly hit ball. So in this preliminary practice session I was thinking to myself how sweet this wedge felt. Then I started to consider that I was not, seemingly, getting the feedback that I've grown accustomed to. I did not know at the moment of impact if it's was a good hit or not. I don't want my wedge to feel numb. Having that been said, as with any club I need time to adapt to how it looks, how it weighs, how it cuts through turf, how it imparts spin on the ball. So, I'll put it play on the course next. Over the next 6 weeks I plan to have a confident and thorough examination of the wedge's playability pros and cons.
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    I made a trip today to a new covered driving range that recently opened not too far from me. This range features Top Tracer Range technology in all 54 hitting bays. It’s not quite a full launch monitor but for $20 an hour it’s not bad. It gives you quite a few stats and of course Top Tracer graphics on every shot..unfortunately it doesn’t give you clubhead speed or spin numbers...the later being really important when testing a new wedge [emoji849] Anyway I made the best of it and gave the ZipCore wedge a full workout hitting a variety of shots...full, knockdown, 3/4 and 1/2 swings. I put it up against my Cobra King PuR 50* wedge. First let me start off with the fact that Cleveland provided these wedges to us completely stock...standard length, loft and lie with the stock DG Spinner shaft. I saw that because my Cobra is built +3/4”, 1.5* UP and it has the same shaft as my iron set, a UST Mayima Recoil 680 F4. So I would expect more distance and ball speed from my gamer purely based on specs. If the ZipCore performs well I will probably have the recoil shaft pulled from the Cobra and dropped into the Cleveland. Here’s some stats from some shots hit with both wedges today. Top 4 are the Cobra, bottom 4 are the ZipCore. You can throw out shots 4 and 5...4 was hit fat and 5 was the first full swing with the ZipCore and it being 3/4” shorter I bladed the hell out of it! What I did notice from the ZipCore is better consistency in distance, launch, apex and landing angle. It seemed that once I made an adjustment to the shaft I was dropping all my shots with a few feet of each other. The data doesn’t include spin rate but one of the the built in modes is a closest to the pin and you can set yardages. When hitting the “virtual green” it was very obvious that the ZipCore had a lot more spin based on the reaction of the “ball” All shots with the ZipCore stopped fairly quickly and a couple even backed up! So far I’m pleased with what I’m seeing so far. Hoping to get to the actual course one evening early this week for a quick 9 and then a full 18 on the weekend. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Anyone else try astrophotography? I took some nice star pics up at lake in Maine. Thought you guys might enjoy them. a 20 minute exposure: a 15 minute exposure at a lower ISO: a 15 second exposure at a higher ISO: and this one at the tail end of sunset with the Big Dipper visible. Also 15 seconds but a much lower ISO
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    Yeah that’s the one I have. Im an am player also. The glare isn’t an “all the time” thing, In fact you might go quite a few rounds before it happens, but when it does, hoo boy! You’ll know what I’m talking about. That said, I also told you how much I love the putter. I stumbled on something that works great for me, I hope it does the same for you. One more thing. I have the same chipping issues you do. I’m guessing in Ga. you play off the same tight chipping areas I do in SC. This putter works as good as a chipper from off the green. I’ve used it from almost twenty yards away with really good results. Let me know how it works for you...btw I’ve said it a bunch of times, but it’s amazing how you and I gravitate toward the same clubs all the time, lol
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    I'll answer the compete question and I'm sure all of us will have some examples of it. But yes, there is a Play mode, where up to 4 players putt against each other for 9 holes for a cumulative score. What's really cool about it. It shows an overhead shot of the green before you begin each hole and say you have 2 players in this case. Player A (White Ball) Player B (Yellow Ball) you will be in two different areas of the green but similar distances. That keeps player B from going to school on Player A's putt. And it's realistic as you and your real life playing partners are often on different parts of the green. Right now it can only do up to 4 players on the same unit. There are plans to try and make it virtual so that say you and I could be logged on each of our units at the same time and compete against each other. There are some pretty smart people behind the tech of this!
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