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    Here's my chipping set up. I took a good bit of the day to cut the grass, so I didn't get as much practice time in. I had issues with my mower, too and had to run to the auto parts store to buy a new spark plug. The flower pot is about 11 yards away and makes for a nice target to focus on. I did move the mat back at the end of the evening so I had a 15 yard distance to play with. Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Today I practiced social distancing, getting fresh air and sunshine. I also worked on my rhythm -really struck it well. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    As an ex AP2 player, I’m really looking forward to Chi and Zip’s reviews of the t100-s. ive had the opportunity to hit the t200’s and they were pretty smooth. One of my regular partners plays those. congrats gents, really looking forward to these reviews
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    That's funny. My wife says she's not competitive but is constantly comparing her scores to previous rounds and I do occasionally hear Oh Kat! Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Refreshing my .. umm .. muscle memory on different wedge distances (..in my waaaay too cluttered garage - future clean up project!)... Worked mostly on 25-65 yd shots, trying to make nice contact and a minimum offline.
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    72 (par 73) 9/14 fir 12/18 gir 28 putts Perfect day weather wise. Hit it solid, and even got a couple of birdie putts to drop. Was actually lucky to get out. On a whim I looked for a time yesterday and 1240 was the only time before 5. They are the only public course that is still open in the area. Tee times can be booked 2 days before starting at midnight and they are gone in 15 mins. Course is doing a good job of distancing and the procedures seem to be effective. Tomorrow my normal Saturday group is playing my club again after 3 weeks away.
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    As we wait on the new shafts I thought I would spend some quality time with my Skytrak to get a current baseline with my club. After a decent warmup I fired up the 3 hybrid with a goal of hitting 15 shots (no deletions). As a reminder I'm hitting a 19° Cobra F9 hybrid with Fujikura Atmos 7 Stiff shaft. Overall I would say this is a pretty accurate representation of my club. Distance is pretty solid but I have a two way miss. I hit one shot 30 yards left of the target followed by a 37 yard shot right of the target. Of course my two most offline were back to back after I tried to over-correct from the big hook. Averages for the session were 218 carry, 232 total, and 7 yards right of the target.
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    ... I don't think there is much difference between them from a performance perspective and it might just come down to personal preference. Personally I like the thinner top line of the 2020 as well as the copper layer that I always find produces a slightly softer, denser feel but certainly not night and day and I imagine some may feel no difference at all. If you like a meatier top line then the 2018's will probably be a better choice. I also like the look of the 2020's better than the satin/chrome two tone look of the 2018. Keep in mind I have only hit them on the range and never played either on the course. I really don't think you can't go wrong with either though.
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    Haha, I’ve got that exact same chunk of fake grass!
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    I think my wife would divorce me if I ever canceled our subscription. We have a bunch of favorite channels but the one we use for long car trips is Radio Classics on 148. These are the old time radio shows like 'The Shadow' etc. time speeds by when you're listening to them. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    You can still buy lots of different putters, you would just know which ones would best fit you
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    Putting, putting and more putting. I have three kids that want to to indoor drills so I get those in addition to my own practice with my morning coffee. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    OK here's a one-handed practice shot -- and after one test stroke to see if I could hold the phone and record .. this was one take! Oh, PS.. yes I know too much face rotation .. working on it...
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    This was the nice day, a few days ago, sandwiched in between the kinda weather that helps you keep you home.... Yes: enjoying a Stella while I attempted to chip one-handed (yes: put the Stella down and went back to two handed). Net is a SKLZ "Quickster" 8x8 and it really is pretty quick and easy to set up and tear down. The chipping target is easily removable (and usually hangs on the inside; I was just experimenting with it on the back side).
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    My wife and I took up golf because I kept on kicking her a** in tennis (I was on the tennis team in middle and high school). She couldn't understand why I didn't just return the ball to her all the time ...so, since her brother golfed, we decided to try it. It didn't matter that I shot something like 146 that first time out, or that I had to rent a set of lefty clubs that seemed like they were made in the 1930's, or that the baby blue head of the driver was the size of a 9 wood - it was that first pure strike right down the center of the fairway on hole 1 (after getting like 2 mulligans - didn't even know what that was at the time), that's what hooked me. My wife, saw it as a rolling happy hour. Two different approaches to the game. She plays but not seriously. More for the social aspect and the drinking on the course. I take it a lot more seriously, LOL. There have been times in our relationship where she asked me to cut back on golf (I was golfing every weekend at one point and a day or two during the weekday), only because of the time requirements for golf. With the kids being born, golfing because a tertiary activity. Now that they are older, the time has freed up a bit so more golfing for me. MDGolfHacker
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    A strategy most of us could benefit from even when the flags are in the hole.
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    Been thinking seriously about some new Mizuno wedges. I get home last night and a new oven has arrived to replace our dead one. I think the protective film is telling me the T20 in Blue Ion finish is what I need. Probably should get it installed before getting new wedges, but there's some good prices about.
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    My wife and I have no other significant activities except golf, which is extremely difficult for both of us now that we are "locked down" in the Stay Home order. She grew up in a golfing family and has been playing since 1963. Her dad was scratch and club champion at 3 country clubs in the Spokane area. Her mom played; her 5 older brothers and an older sister played. I started playing in earnest in 1992, and we met on a golf course in 2000. I proposed to her on the 1st tee and we got married on the 1st tee a year later in 2007. OMG! Our anniversary is coming up in 2 weeks and we can't play golf. What will we do??
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    Well, I can’t help you there...
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    Ok. I got the Big Max IP blade out for 18 holes today in a light rain. Very easy to unfold. Very easy to fold closed. Held my bag nicely. Rolled nicely and was easily maneuverable. Very adjustable for the bag Size and the handle height. Everything is nicely arranged on the handle. Very solid piece of machinery. Stability was pretty good....I think there are more stable ones on the market, but I was looking for one which folds down to a very small footprint. This thing fits that bill to a tee. The golf bag laid on top of it very nicely. I would definitely buy it again. I only have one concern with this push cart. The clip for the front wheel is a plastic piece that doesn’t look as though it is as beefy as it should be. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe this will never break....but this little piece to me looks like the weakest link.
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    Nice!! More careful you should be.
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    Congratulation guys. Really looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts
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    Congrats fellas! Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Congrats team, looking forward to how these perform for you. Hope you all get out shooting lower scores.
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    I live by my grandfathers wise words “if you’re going to play like s*** look good doing it” . One thing I could recommend is hydro-dipping pretty easy and plenty of YouTube on them. I have used it on some of my guns not golf. Could easily tape the face off and have a brand new putter look. Can do a lot of funky stuff too if your into that.
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    That's a nice looking driver!! Love seeing the Hogan name offering up great looking equipment. Will be fun hearing how this driver performs. Best of luck everyone .
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    Congrats guys! Looking forward to some stellar reads.
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    Big thank you to MGS and Titleist for this opportunity. Also congrats to my fellow testers. This is gonna be fun. I am already trying to figure out how I am going to putt with the back of an iron that has a slight cavity for my irons only round. I can’t wait to get started. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Great group right there!! I can’t wait to see how these work for y’all!
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    My wife supports my golf habit 1000% percent, I was actually going to not golf as much this summer but she and the kids bought me my membership for Christmas this year. We both enjoy spending time together but we also have our own activities that we enjoy and support each other in doing. We are a blended family and I think nothing of keeping her/our kids for a weekend so she can go to something she wants to do and vice versa. We both work stressful jobs and both understand that these events and activities help keep us sane and happy. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    I haven't even tried the D7 I just got at Christmas yet so I'll sit this one out Good luck to everyone who throws their hat in the ring!
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    Great visualisation Strategy! On the course, just picture those windows behind the hole and you'll never go too long on your chips[emoji39] the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
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    My wife and I were talking about this the other day. We had vacation plans for July and we think those plans may be put on hold. We are expecting our kids to finish out the school year e-learning from home (their school year ends in June). Even vacation plans in August are on hold for us as we are uncertain as to when it will be safe to get out. MDGolfHacker
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    Friday 9 holes w Bacon Boyz Quite a few guys didn’t show, this COVID 19 has folks concerned. After 2 weeks off I played surprising well. Had 1 bad dbl hole 7 Pars. Felt great getting out again [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Yup, played this morning w Bacon Boyz after 2 weeks. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I have no doubt! I think this will bleed over into the upcoming school year. It may begin to relax toward the end of summer but it won't completely go away this calendar year in my opinion. The question is, what does the world look like coming out the other side? It has to look somewhat different, right?
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    I'm about an hour away from starting 2 weeks off. I'm not sure if I'd rather be at work dealing with sick people or home with the wife and 2 teenage daughters. We're still seeing an increases locally and nationally, but the doubling rate is slowing. Our testing rates are high (best globally per capita) which can only be a good thing. My hospital is probably one of the best set for the upcoming crisis. We recently regained possession of the private hospital across the street from the main hospital. This has had a quick refurbishment and will be used for Covid-19 if required. Currently it is being used for testing and assessment of possible cases and imaging of these people where necessary. We've developed some "no touch" workflow for X-ray to minimise risk to staff, patients are in and out in 2 minutes and barely touch any equipment.
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    Yes, two who have been diagnosed. One female in her late 50’s (Florida) who just retired in October and one female in her mid 30’s (New York) who works for my wife (my wife is currently quarantined at home with no symptoms as precaution). These are the direct “I know them” cases. Last night on a conference call with my college friends, one of our guys’ best friends lost his mother in downstate, NY. She lasted three days. As far as the two affected that I know. The elder is relatively healthy and has no past medical Hx. She was bedridden for 5 days once it peaked at around day 9. She described fever, chills and the “worst GD flu I’ve ever imagined.” Her husband is a 40+ year Fire Chief who has health issues (spent a week on the pile at Ground Zero running a team) and is susceptible to the presumptive cancer coverage for 9/11 responders. His health scares me the most and the fact that he wasn’t symptomatic is great news. The 30 yo had a slower onset and less severe symptoms however she has two elementary aged kids and a young husband. She’s said that until all 3 of them tested negative, the emotional strain made the symptoms far worse. Each of them are recovering and doing well.
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    You’re not the only one who’s done that...
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    Planned to play 18, but at the turn the rain came down and wind picked up so I called it a round. Struggled the first 3 holes off the tee and was puling the ball and even hit a house OB. Ouch. Went through some swing keys and got it back in bounds anyways the rest of the way. Hit my irons well, putted decent, and chipping was so so. Been playing with a couple different grips around the green and decided around 7 to just go back to my interlock.
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    Have you done testing on whether spine aligning or shaft puring really makes any difference? Also, how big of a change do you see in frequency when you tip a shaft 1/2”, 1”, etc? Thanks for taking time to answer our questions! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Immunity Long overdue Contagion I exhale you Naive I opened up to you Venom in mania Now, contagion I exhale you The deceiver says, he says You belong to me You don't wanna breathe the light of the others Fear the light Fear the breath Fear the others for eternity But I hear them now inhale the clarity Hear the venom, the venom in What you say inoculated Bless this immunity Bless this immunity Bless this immunity Exhale, expel Recast my tale Read my allegorical elegy Enumerate All that I'm to do Calculating steps away from you My own Mitosis Growing through Delusion from mania Exhale, expel Recast my tale Weave my allegorical elegy Forfeit All control You poison You spectacle Exorcise the spectacle Exorcise the malady Exorcise the disparate Poison for eternity Purge me and evacuate The venom and the fear that binds me Unveil now Lift away I see you Running Deceiver Chased away A long time Coming
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    First time in years I didn’t fire at a sucker pin or well any pin for that matter. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got out today and walked 18 at my club. They pulled the flags and put cut down pool noodles in the cups. Was a bit odd just firing at the center of every green, but it worked. Shot an unofficial-3 68 thanks to and eagle on 4 and a birdie on 5 to go with 16 pars. First round with the broomstick and could not have rolled it better. Looking forward to a good season if we can get back to normal golf. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My wife got me a izzo push cart a couple of Christmas's back, never used duo to severe back issues, had back surgery last October, now I can't wait to walk the course. Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    A little Wilco. One of my favorites.
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    I’m in the same boat and something important to keep in mind is keeping it calibrated and buying something that is accurate. I’ve had Club Champion who uses Mitchell digital lie and loft machines check what a older Mitchell manual machine adjustment did and the manual was off. After learning how often their equipment is calibrated and the fact my adjustments are for my own clubs, I want it to be right. Therefore this is something you don’t want to go cheap on. If you decide to buy a used one on the bay send it to Mitchell to be tuned up or your going to buy a bunch of problems. If you decide to go new here’s an alternative to Mitchell https://mr3golfdesigns.com/ I hate to say it but until the cost, convenience, and quality can be met I’m paying someone else to adjust my clubs.
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    I play at 6 am may-october. I get my 36 a week and I'm back home just as my wife is waking up. Keeps us both happy. Who needs sleep? She's started playing a bit, so that makes it easier to get 9 during the week too. Driver: Titleist 915 D3 w/ Diamana X 70g B4 setting Irons: TaylorMade R7 TP 4-PW S300 shafts 1* upright Titleist Vokey Wedges 50-54-58 Cobra Fly-z 16.5 FW Adams Pro Boxer hybrid 18* 6.5 index, RH, Cleveland, OH
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    A good friend of mine was going on a golf trip to Scotland. When the time came for the players to put down their money, one of the players dropped out. The group was looking for a fourth who could commit on short notice. My friend called my house (back in the land line days) to see if I was interested. I was gone so he talked to my wife. Her reaction: "He'd love that." When I got home a couple of hours later, she'd already checked on airline tickets and had a deposit check ready for me to take to my friend. She was so excited about the trip that I just had to go. That was the first of six trips to Scotland or Ireland with my friend.
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