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    I feel compelled to weigh in from the MGS perspective so I'll do my best to address your concerns. You don't have to take my word for it but please consider these with an open mind. Here we go: Allowing Ads from small/medium companies: Yes, ad dollars are accepted from these companies, but that's only after MGS vets their product and deems it to be of high quality. There's a lot of products that get denied sponsorship because they just don't pass the smell test. You'd see these companies highly ranked in tests regardless if they were sponsors. Bias for the little guys through test results: Advertising on the site is completely removed from the tests. Most Wanted could be written by a robot with zero emotional connection because there's a straight line from the data to the results. Tests may change from year to test but that objective is to increase the quality of the test. All things must improve over time and Most Wanted is no different. Glaring (or not) reviews: The MGS Blog has long been out of the game of writing reviews. They may do feature pieces on new technology but the reviews can be found here, on the forum, conducted by real people. We can only put clubs in the hands of real people if a company offers up product. We ask every OEM, every year, and run the tests that we receive commitments from. No Scotty reviews means no Scotties have been submitted (as much as our members would love it). Forum Review Integrity: Any agreement we make comes with the caveat that good reviews are not guaranteed. We've lost sponsors before at the hands of poor performing member reviews. So be it. If there's one thing we promise, it's an unbiased opinion and that will not be compromised. Political Affiliation: Please don't Your final statement is an aggressive agreement with our philosophy. The data indicates tendencies of key attributes over large sample sizes but does not dictate what's best for you. Every player is different. The large data size or individual reviews should be considered a starting point, not a finish line. Eric, I would like to sincerely thank you for voicing your concerns on our site. Open discussion is key to education. I hope my response sufficiently addressed your apprehensions about MyGolfSpy. If you have any other questions or concerns, fire away and we'll be happy to respond.
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    CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FOLLOWING MEMBERS FOR BEING SELECTED...STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFO FROM ME @revkev @TSauer @PAgolfer2017 @mr.hicksta Sit Down This is A Big One!! What's your most effective club after your last iron and before your driver, 4-hybrid, 5 wood, utility iron? And how does that club fit with the rest of your clubs in that gap? Were you fit for it? Well according to the people I met with at PING at the PGA Show, most golfers don't pay as much attention to this area as they pay to the driver, irons and putter. Sure it may not be as thrilling as a driver fitting, and being covered up with head covers they may not bring the attention to your bag that shiny new irons do. But properly fit and gapped, they absolutely will save strokes in your long game. So we are looking for four testers to join myself in putting the latest line of PING G410 fairway-woods/hybrids/crossovers to test to see how they help improve your long game. Which clubs will you be testing? Well that's where part of the real fun comes in. Once selected, the testers will be set up with a FREE fitting by the local rep or an authorized top fitter in the area, for the gap between driver and irons. When the fitter has determined the setup those specs will be sent to PING and you will receive the clubs to test/review and keep. It's imperative that anyone that applies for this testing, understands and agrees that they will receive exactly what the fitter recommends, and not what you think you'd prefer or think you'd be more comfortable with. If you're not willing to put your trust in the hands of professional fitters, than this testing isn't for you. So put all egos aside and go into the fitting open minded. I know I did exactly that and was quite surprised and even more pleased at the results. I'll share my experiences and setup once the testing has begun. Also just want everyone to know, while the recent partnership announcement between PING and Arccos is very exciting, they will not be an option for this this testing. How to apply. This is important, so please follow these instructions carefully: 1. If you haven't already, make sure you're a registered MyGolfSpy Forum member 2. In this thread (and ONLY in this thread - please don't go back to the blog and apply - it won't do you any good!), tell us the following: - Your first name - City/State - Your swing speed and handicap - Your current setup of FW/Hybrid/Utility,....for example: 17* Utility iron, 5 wood, 4 hybrid Right Hand or Left Hand This review opportunity is open to any golfer who resides in the US (due to fitting logistics). We'll be announcing the testers in this thread next week, so make sure to check back. Please do not 'quote' this post when applying...
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    First off... brr. It was 36° by the time I made it to the demo day. Misting with the occasional snow squalls, it’s May tomorrow gosh darn it. There were: Titleist, Taylormade, Tour Exotics, Srixon/Cleveland, Cobra, PING, and Callaway. First stop was the Srixon tent. Had the guy fit a KBS Tour into the Z Forged. He said I was the first guy to ask for it all day. First impressions were meh, but after a few warm ups (yes I warmed up out of the car with a blade) I got to liking the club. Good stuff from Srixon. I bounced down to the Taylormade shack after that and tried a GAPR 3 iron. Not what I was expecting, but it plays less offset looking than I’ve seen in photos. I then looked out of the corner of my eye and saw a kid hitting these... [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7] I waited for 10 minutes in line for him to finish up hitting them. He cleaned them off and I took them for a ride. First impressions here... not a $2000 set of blades. They look good but felt or performed no better then the Srixon’s. Hit about 40 shots, extremely workable. They are nice for sure, if I could spend the 2K I’d probably do it. Hit the Mini Driver thingy... my goodness what a crunchy crack sound... love that thing. Moved on to PING... tried one swing with the i500 and put it back. Tried the G400 2 crossover... 2 swings. The Glide Stealth wedges are legit, best shaped wedge of the day. Skipped down to Callaway, grabbed the Apex MB, two swipes with a Modus 105 shaft and I put it back, and never came back to the Callaway tent. The rep was a real nice guy. [emoji849] Stopped at the Cobra shed... the guy remembered me from 2 years ago. Hit the MIM wedge. Feel department this wedge gets 100/100... the F9 driver is deadly. Love the sound, look, and overall build. All the way back to Srixon. Tried the Cleveland wedges... too tinty sounding (bummer). Tried the 745’s, wonderful feeling club. Next up was Tour Exotics. I grabbed the CBX blade 8 iron since it was the only blade he had. I’m sold. Best feeling club I’ve ever hit. Tried the ironwood 3 thing... rocket launcher.... can’t understand why this brand doesn’t get more attention. Saved Titleist for last. Shafted up the MB for me. No thanks. A bit on the small side comparatively to the other blades. TMB 2 iron was the club of the day. I wouldn’t need a 3 wood with that thing. I ended up trying the AP3, not for me. We tried a few shafts and the bone stock TT X100 was the best fit out about 8 we tried. Went back to the Srixon, and Tour Exotics tents and tried everything again. After a semi fitting with the titleist rep if I were buying clubs today I would have walked out with. Cobra F9 9° (white) Titleist TMB 2 iron Tour Exotics 3-AW Cobra MIM 56, 60 Taylormade Spider X Navy Blue Thanks for reading. If you want more detail on blades I can get more in depth. I hit them all several times.
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    After this years most wanted driver testing, there should be no question MGS testing is unbiased. Callaway chose not to participate and still ended up as the most wanted driver in the test. That to me says more about the people behind MGS that who is allowed or not allowed to advertise. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Just noticed I crept over the 2000 mark today (hence the play on words title) Have to say I've thoroughly enjoyed being a contributor to this great forum. Great Staff, Great members and civil chat. Here's to the next 2000
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    I'm not sure why you thought the MGS forum would be a great place to air your grievances with MGS, but I'll bite. First off, the only time I've heard MGS talk about being unbiased is in regard to their testing - which is proven year after year. Who they choose to support via ad space is their own choice and their reasoning is well stated. They probably haven't written glowing reviews of Scotty Cameron because they proved - in a test - that a counterfeit product could outperform them. If that's what the data says, who am I to disagree (and I play a SC putter). Also, if you care to actually look up the product page for the TA Impact #3 you'll find the following points are highlighted "6061 Aluminum Face Insert delivers optimal speed and sound for more reliable feedback" "Elastomer insert behind the face provides enhanced feel and response on every putt" "Precision milling across the entire face allows for consistent contact and roll" While not significant, I would personally consider any effort made to boost performance (objective or subjective) on the face as "face tech". Perhaps, MGS has referred to this putter or others like it as lacking technology but I couldn't tell you for sure without obsessively combing through articles and tests to verify. If that is the case, that would be an error on their part, but not necessarily a huge one since TA isn't trying to sell face tech like some other brands. On your last - completely unrelated and needless - point. I'll simply refer you to the forum's Moral Codes page. https://forum.mygolfspy.com/guidelines/ At the end of the day, we're all adults (well most of us - and I mean that literally, not as an insult) and can form our own opinions. I don't think we'd be here supporting the MGS team and helping the MGS community as a whole grow if we did not agree (at least in general terms) with what MGS does or how they go about doing it. It's really that simple.
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    Well it's time to fill the the Gap in this thread with some Testers. Join the four testers who join me in filling the gap between the last iron we hit effectively and driver. As mentioned in the original post these testers will be fit by a local PING Rep or a Top PING fitter in their area, to insure they get the best possible fitting. So let's get on men! @revkev @TSauer @PAgolfer2017 @mr.hicksta You all will be getting a PM from me later today with some information that I will need right away and wilth more instructions....But in the meantime, I'll just leave you with this #FITTINGMATTERS
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    I’m glad I traveled to Dallas today. If my wife knew I spent the day looking at balls, reading about balls and talking to dudes about balls she’d leave me. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    This what it’s like to have the Penny experience at the ballpark. And it’s leave big at the inning long visit from Rays color guy and former MLB player Orestes Destrada. My buddy asked him if he really knew us and he said, “oh yeah, I see Pastor and Penny here often. Penny is my favorite baseball fan.” We watched Tommy Pham hit a GS with him 445 feet. It’s harder to hit a 400 ft HR than dunk a basketball. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Well... Got lucky recently and won a little giveaway.
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    Got a chance to ride my local course with the course manage this past week, and we're getting close to opening day here, finally. The local news posted on Facebook this week that winter officially ended this week, as the ground is no longer covered in snow. Before this latest melt, we have consecutive ground cover of snow for 165 straight days. The greens weathered the winter quite well, the snow is almost entirely gone, and the fairways are mush. Two out of three ain't too bad. So with opening day approaching, I thought it would be a good time to post the clubs that'll be in the bag for the first round of the season. The driver is new for me for this year: a Callaway Rogue Sub Zero, 10.5°, with an Evenflow Blue stiff shaft. I've only had a chance to hit this once at range, but I've been impressed so far that for me, it just refuses to go left. I'm hoping to be able to aim down the left side of fairways all season and not fear the hook. Returning at fairway wood is a Callaway X2Hot 4 wood. Took the advice of one of the YouTube club channels and realized that I likely just don't have enough speed to get the best use out of a 15° wood. This one is at 17°, and last season was the closest I've ever been to being really comfortable with a fairway wood. My hybrid is a Callaway XR Pro at 20°. In my game improvement thread, I posted about taking four clubs from my basement that were candidates for this slot and letting them compete head-to-head on the SkyTrak. The Callaway ended up offering the best combination of distance and hook avoidance, so in the bag it goes (despite my disliking its pingy sound). The irons return from last year's MGS testing: the PING G700s. Yep, they're giant shovels. Yep, I'd like to think I'm the kind of ball-striker that doesn't need a SGI iron. And I might not need the extra help. But after using them for a few months last summer, I'm pretty reluctant to give that help up. The wedges are a couple of Callaways: an MD3 at 54° and a PM Grind at 58°. The PM Grind for me is a "when needed" club; otherwise, almost all my short game shots are with the 54°. Making it's debut in the bag for this season is my Evnroll Tour Stroke Trainer. I bought this a couple of months ago, and I've gotten really comfortable with it on my basement green. But no putter in my bag should get too comfortable. I plan to play most of my rounds with the Tour Stroke, but my Evnroll ER6, TaylorMade Tour Spider Platinum, Cleveland Satin 2135 Elevado, Odyssey Toe Up, and MLA Tour XDream will all likely see a round or two this summer. I'm not in @GolfSpy Dave's class, but I like putters. For headcovers, the FW and hybrid get some faux-vintage Callaways. The Tour Stroke has its stock cover, with the "It's Legal" script. And the big dog proudly wears the MyGolfSpy headcover. My go to ball this year is the prior model Srixon Q-Star Tour. Bought 100 of these used on eBay. Everything gets toted around in my Callaway Org 14 bag, riding on a Sun Mountain Reflex pushcart. Rounds are obsessively tracked with Game Golf.
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    Before we all go jumping all over Eric and bashing him to virtual oblivion let's remember.... we are an inclusive forum that allows everyone to post their opinion without retribution --- always keep in mind, it's just an opinion, not a personal attack (as moderators we do our best to allow a wide, wide berth but when it comes to personal attacks that's where we feel the need to jump in; we have a very good self-policing group) --- we ARE a very welcoming and accommodating community that allows folks to state things that may be controversial....it reminds me of when I was in the Marines; I didn't just fight for the rights of those who believed in the flag and everything it stood for, I also did for those that didn't and wanted to express their opinions. that's what makes us so great here -- we welcome differing opinions -- with open arms, and we can participate in a debate without flaming someone or making it personal. Stud did a great job addressing his concerns and answering his questions. Let's continue to be great, spies, and let's welcome @Eric Cartmenez to the forum and invite him to read some of the other threads and continue to participate in some of the other discussions. Fairways and greens!
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    Welcome to the forum sir, enjoy your stay, however brief or long it may be.
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    Region 8 (NINE states) Floor Champion, 2nd on Beam, 7th All Around!!! So proud of her!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Managed to get the win today!! Couldn’t be any happier. I shot 73-70-73-72 to win by 1 shot. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I’m just going to throw this out there as an interlude. This is a ridiculously comprehensive test that many of us will utilize for our own benefit. Consider a donation for the effort. I’m not just saying this to sound all holier than thou. I’m sending something today because I believe in the mission these guys have established. Carry on with your day... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I think it could be just you
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    No baseball. No Softball. No Sh**! "Learn it. Know it. Live it....Time to hit the range..!! After my normal warm-up, I started in with my nemesis...Driver. Actually had some decent hits, but then realized..."Hey! You're trying to be too precise!" "Wind-up, be loose and let go dummy!" Started feeling it and got some Mojo working on a perfect wind-less night. The shots just started coming and I began to hit the center of the face and began to just whip some of them off... 230... 230... 264...251....242.....241...….258...…...270........! YES!!!!! I then pulled my G400 and un-corked several with it too...217...228...229...221...208...242...248...254 I can honestly say I've never had a driver shot go more than 240 before...EVER! My new-found grip along with a proper hip-flip has shown me something...distance.... and with both clubs! This battle for supremacy is ON!!! I finally had the chance to actually compare my two drivers side-by-side for real and took full advantage of it. Tonight's conclusion? For once I am confident that I've gathered some valuable and tangible data that is easy to disseminate.The G410 was a true monster and I felt that it easily won the night in performance over my G400. I gave everything I had to the 400, but it just couldn't seem to keep up. I've never...EVER recorded a shot of 270 before, and yet there it was! The difference in average? 230 vs. 248!! This 410 has some real pop and so far, it appears to be holding up to PING's claims of being "better". I'm drinking the Cool-Aid now... More to come fellow spies. Cheers all!
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    Chambers Bay Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    The bag is set. For all of 2019. That's right. I'm locked in. G410 Plus Ping 9* Accra TZ5 65 M5 G410 LST 14.5* Accra TZ5 75 M5 818 H2 19* Fujikura ATMOS HB TS 8X U65 23* Paderson Kinetixx IMRT X z765 5-PW Nippon Modus3 120X Vokey SM7 50.08 F - 54.10 S - 60.12 D ER2 - customized at The Golf Garage Z-STAR XV
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    Crazy round that I was so proud of the mental toughness I showed. I was just off on the front 9 and had a talk with myself on 10 and made a turn around. I shot 41-32 today. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    That's what sets MGS apart from other forums... before we discredit him, we'll just give him the benefit of the doubt. On the other hand, I believe most MGS are smart enough and won't swayed by such statements.
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    Well you don't have to go away either. We're an all-inclusive and respectful community. You'll never catch us trying to push someone out. Ever. There's a lot of fantastic conversations going on at all times. Take a look around and jump in!
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    Can confirm, the confidence is high with this club. I've been in a funk for a few years where I just can't swing freely with the driver which is an absolute shame. Now, I'm having a lot of fun letting it rip.
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    I cannot say this loud or strongly enough.... If you haven't yet, scan the comments at the end of the article and look for those where Tony responded. He has some fantastic responses to fair and legitimate questions. Well worth your time. WELL worth it.
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    First of all I joined because there is no judging I’ve been told. I’m a high handicaper -16.8- with only Low 90’s swing speed. I am a 300lb disabled USMC veteran and recently retired inner city high school teacher. I now have more time to practice and play. Clubs are hard to fit for me. I’m using Bridgetone J15’s. Irons 4-W with NS Pro shafts Driver is the J815 with a Fubuki graphite Flex-S shaft 10.5° Also the Bridgestone J15F 3W same Fubuki shaft 15° And a J15HY 5 W 23° withsame Fubuki shaft. BTW I lost the hearcover to my 5w and would love to get a replacement one. Any suggestions? I’ve tried Ebay and Amazon. Putter is an Odyssey Backstrike Blade with SuperStroke grip. It’s an older model but I was “fitted” for it at one of the big box store chains. I like it but the ball doesn’t go in the hole so I think it’s broken. Bag is a nice Bridgestone Tour Bag engraved with the name of a Golf Reality show I was cast member. Thnx for reading.
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    So some very good news and some expensive news. Today was the first time the weather improved enough that my wife wanted to play golf. After about 14 holes she says to me "I have never seen you drive the ball so straight - that Ping Driver is really nice" Then about two holes later she reminds me " you know I've been wanting a new driver for quite some time". Huh ho. $$$$$$$$$$$ Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Testers Announced! In the golf world, there are shaftoids: And there are shaft skeptics: Wherever you are on that spectrum, now four MGS Forum Members will get to find out, "What can a shaft do for my putting?" (I gotta admit: I'm very interested in this one.) Odyssey claims its new Stroke Lab shaft will improve your putting stroke. Who will be putting that claim to the test? @MaxEntropy @Berg Ryman @Apolloshowl @juspoole Join me in congratulating our reviewers!
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    Great stuff Joe, love it that you're hitting limited flight balls over the net at the end of the range. When I was at PING a couple weeks ago, I got to see the infamous Bubba net, now the infamous Cameron net---they might need to raise it even higher---but I didn't quite hit it over that...ha BTW, to all the testers in all threads, I love the new format of this year with continual updates after rounds and range sessions instead of "saving it for Stage 2" it really keeps the thread alive and readers engaged. You guys are doing great with it.
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    Round Recap - April 19th I got a last minute invite to play on Good Friday and who was I to say know. Temps started in the mid 50s and finished in the high 60s. Winds were 10-15 MPH with gusts around 25 mph. I shot 4 over (76) for my best round of the year. But you guys don't come to this thread to hear how I played, you come hear for my thoughts on the G410. Well here we go... It is the real deal. This round was still with the Ping Tour shaft, so while it fit me, I knew that I would have an even better fit once my ACCRA arrived. I think the Ping Tour shaft is a fantastic no-upcharge shaft. It is going to fit a wide variety of golfers and can handle some pretty aggressive swings. The driver head? Well so far it has lived up to the billing. I played the round with the weight in the toe (fade position) and with the hosel at neutral at the settings were an absolutely dream for me. I missed one fairway all day with the driver. ONE. 1. Uno. And it was on 18 with a 25MPH wind in our face and water down the entire left hand side. I missed right. 5 yards off the fairway. Exactly where I aimed it to take the water out of play. It was the single best driving day I have ever had. Moving from the flat to the neutral hosel setting definitely helped improve my start line better and I saw the draws I am used to. Really happy with the adjustability of this head. As for distance? Yes, some where wind aided, but I hit 4 of the longest drives I have ever hit in my life. I hit 4 drives over 330 yards and 2 of those measured at over 340! To give some perspective, my buddy who normally drives it around 260 hit drives of around 275-285 on those holes. Into the wind I still hit some fantastic drives that still got out over 260 which I was pleasantly surprised with. The Ping G410 Plus provides me such a great balance of distance and stability. It is low spin enough to let me hit some absolutely bombs, but not super low spin to the point where I cannot control it. I hit a couple toe balls and they still stayed in the air for a good amount of time and didn't duck hook left like it would have with some other drivers. I chalk that up to the head design and the moveable weights. All in all, just super happy with everything about the G410 right now and knew things were only going to get better as my fitted shaft was set to arrive on Monday. That leads us to.... Range Recap - April 22nd The mailman dropped of my shaft at 2pm and I immediately opened it up and popped in in the G410 head. I grabbed the rest of my clubs, told my wife I loved here and rushed out the door to my driving range. I warmed up through the bag then finally got to the G410. She had just performed so well for me on Friday, so how was she going to behave today with the new shaft? Well to sum it up, I eventually had to stop hitting driver because I had a little wind at my back and I was hitting the limited distance range balls over the hill/fence at the back of the range onto railroad tracks. Fence was at 265. I have a great relationship with the folks that run my range so I didn't want to lose any more of their range balls! While I mentioned I could absolutely game the Ping Tour 65x shaft if that was my only option (see round performance above ), I knew that the best review of the Ping G410 Plus head would only come if I was truly optimized with the right shaft. At club champion I got fit with the ACCRA TZ5 65 M5 and you can check out my thoughts as to why I selected that shaft here: April 5th - Shaft Testing at Club Champion Now that I was truly swinging freely with absolute confidence in the shaft, the Ping G410 Plus driver head began to shine brighter than ever before. Just beautiful high baby draws and baby fades. It saw smiling from ear to ear. I have hit many many many drivers on this range over the last 6+ years and I have never seen balls land where they were landing (or presumably landing, as I couldn't see the ones that were coming down in the trees and on the railroad tracks over the fence in the back). I cannot wait to get this combination out on the course. As I mentioned above in my round recap, the G410 Plus definitely retains a lot of the forgiveness/stability properties from its older brother, the G400 Max. Hits low on the face still launched relatively high and travel a better than acceptable distance. Toe hits stay in the air longer than you would expect. Just a really well balanced driver. For the sake of testing, I did play around with some other settings. I lofted down which opened the face and immediately noticed much more fades. I have to say it wasn't a ball flight I am used to seeing or practicing with so I set the sleeve back to neutral. I definitely want to experiment with that setting some more - perhaps opening the face and then moving the weight to neutral to balance it out a little. I posted this video clip yesterday, but I'll post it here again - I captured the sound when hitting range balls. Definitely sounds different than a lot of the drivers on the market, but that is mainly because it doesn't have a carbon fiber crown - the crown of the G410 is Titanium. All in all, testing could not have gotten off to a better start. Everything Ping has claimed in their marketing materials seems to be valid. I never gamed a Ping club before this driver test, and now I am wondering why I never gave Ping a chance before. I guess I thought a lot of their design stuff was gimmicky and flashy, but I am beginning to see that there is a method to their madness. As always, please ask me any and all questions and I will do my best to answer them as thoroughly as possible
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    Day 1 of the Armed Forces Championship Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Played well today I shot -1 with a double. I am now T-2 with 2 round so to go. The top 6 players make the team. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    So, after I left work yesterday, my Sub 70 50* wedge in Satin finish arrived. Got to open it today and I'll be taking it to the range later this afternoon. I didn't recall seeing any in hand pics of the satin wedge on this thread, only the raw finish. I'll say, I'm impressed. More updates to come after the range session.
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    My urologist was FINALLY able to get my kidney stone out! Woo-HOO! Never felt pain that bad! Good gracious. Ouch! Two trips to the ER, and two tries to grab it and it finally is out. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Yeah unfortunately I didn’t take any more pictures, I was too caught up in the moment. [emoji23][emoji23] Forgot to add though, I got hit in the thigh with a topped driver from the guy next to me... that was interesting.
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    I love data and I'm glad the MGS crew gave us all of theirs! I'm also a fan of trying to use the data to draw my own conclusions; when my conclusions are corroborated by the MGS crew it's better than me going into my spreadsheets with preconceived notions. Biases: I used the Pro Plus in the first half of '18 and V1x's in the second half. I'm a huge Tiger fan so I'm partial to the Bridgestone as well, though I do enjoy looking down at the clean cursive "Titleist" on the ball. I play Mizuno clubs and used a Mizuno baseball glove since high school and it's been 10 years with that glove still playing softball, so I do like their products. Lastly, my game is steadily improving from never breaking 100 last year at this time to shooting sub-90s in the hardest course in the area now with a career low of 81. I smash the ball, over 115 MPH swing speed (improved from 116 to 121 thanks to the Super Speed sticks and documented my progress in that thread)--- but the problem is it doesn't go straight. I fight a major slice and use mostly 3W off the tee because I can still get it out there around 265+. My ball flight is getting to be much more consistent (draw) and my touch around the green is improving. I love the way the V1x's feel off the putter and around the green. "They Say" you should start around the green and work back when testing balls, so I'm hesitant to switch from the V1x--- but I'm not doing my due diligence if I'm not running the numbers myself and testing a few others. So here's what I did: I took all the balls I'd consider (tour balls from Bridgestone, Titleist, Snell, Srixon, & Vice) and found Z-Scores in each category I deemed important for each phase of the game. I then weighted each component that was tested and got a final Z-Score (real quick Z-Score primer: 0 is average. +1 is better than 66% of the comp. +2 is better than 95% of the comp. Minuses are inverse.). For the driver I weighted distance the most, dispersion the second most, etc. For the wedges I didn't weight distance at all, weighted shot area and offline pretty heavily--- though I did weigh the STDev of the distance (I don't care how far the wedges go, as long as they go the same distance every time). I'd be more than happy to go as in depth on my weightings if you guys want to get into the minutia but I'll try and keep it a bit less granular for post one... Driver: (the final column on the right is 'Distance 50%, Offline 25%, and spin 25%'. I left launch out of the calculation because if something is long and straight I don't really care if it's high or low launch). Numbers at the bottom, top is average, bottom is STDEV. Driver Carry Offline Launch Spin zCarry zOff zLAng zSpin Grade Snell MTB-X 289 8.6 12.3 2206 2.24 -0.66 0.27 0.57 1.09 Bridgestone Tour BX 286 3.4 12.4 2171 1.34 0.67 1.08 0.90 1.06 Srixon Qstar Tour 283 1.7 12.3 2129 0.44 1.11 0.27 1.29 0.82 Titelist Pro V1x 282 4 12.3 2254 0.14 0.52 0.27 0.13 0.23 Bridgestone Tour B RX 282 7.9 12.3 2163 0.14 -0.48 0.27 0.98 0.19 Titelist Pro V1 281 5.1 12.4 2240 -0.16 0.24 1.08 0.26 0.04 Srixon Zstar 281 3 12.2 2307 -0.16 0.78 -0.54 -0.37 0.02 Vice Pro 279 0.5 12.3 2270 -0.76 1.41 0.27 -0.02 -0.03 Snell MTB Black 280 5.4 12.3 2205 -0.46 0.16 0.27 0.58 -0.04 Bridgestone Tour B XS 282 6.4 12.1 2367 0.14 -0.09 -1.35 -0.93 -0.18 Mizuno RB Tour 285 11.2 12.1 2460 1.04 -1.32 -1.35 -1.80 -0.25 Bridgestone Tour B RXS 278 0.6 12.4 2331 -1.06 1.39 1.08 -0.59 -0.33 Srixon Zstar XV 281 12.5 12.4 2248 -0.16 -1.65 1.08 0.18 -0.44 Vice Pro Plus 276 9.1 12.2 2171 -1.66 -0.78 -0.54 0.90 -0.80 Mizuno RB Tour X 278 11.1 12 2492 -1.06 -1.30 -2.16 -2.09 -1.37 281.5 6.03 12.2 2267.6 3.33 3.91 0.12 107.1 Takeaways & Questions: If you don't care about anything but distance, the Snell MTB-X is the no brainier, but that strong negative grade in zOff gives me hesitation (Offline pretty significantly more than the other top-tier driving balls). The BStone Tour BX and the QStar Tour would be the balls I'd play if I only did this analysis on driver. The Titleist and the other Bridgestone right behind were good to see. There seem to be 5-6 balls that are a clear notch or two above the rest---but as everyone and their mother says regarding fittings, focus on the wedges and irons. 7 Iron 7 Iron Carry Carry STD Offline Offline STD Shot Area Langle Spin Carry Carry STD Offline Offline STD Shot Area Langle Spin Srixon Zstar XV 195.7 0.81 2.49 3.02 31 16.7 5985 -0.33 1.86 2.08 -0.21 1.04 -0.71 0.52 0.83 Titelist Pro V1x 197.3 1.41 5.48 2.07 37 16.7 6022 0.24 1.15 -0.16 0.68 0.93 -0.71 0.60 0.57 Bridgestone Tour B RXS 203.4 2.65 4.37 1.41 47 17.5 4994 2.38 -0.32 0.67 1.29 0.74 1.62 -1.74 0.50 Bridgestone Tour B XS 193.8 3.07 4.49 0.81 31 16.6 6000 -0.99 -0.82 0.58 1.85 1.04 -1.00 0.55 0.37 Mizuno RB Tour X 193.8 1.69 5.76 2.21 47 16.7 6365 -0.99 0.82 -0.36 0.55 0.74 -0.71 1.39 0.36 Srixon Zstar 196 1.12 7.38 1.98 28 17 5634 -0.22 1.49 -1.58 0.76 1.10 0.17 -0.28 0.21 Vice Pro 196.9 2.06 5.76 2.13 55 17 5619 0.10 0.38 -0.36 0.62 0.59 0.17 -0.31 0.17 Mizuno RB Tour 192.5 2.25 5.45 2.28 65 16.5 6423 -1.45 0.15 -0.13 0.48 0.41 -1.29 1.52 0.16 Vice Pro Plus 196.9 2.65 6.14 2.67 89 17.1 5510 0.10 -0.32 -0.65 0.12 -0.04 0.46 -0.56 -0.23 Srixon Qstar Tour 199.7 2.79 2.55 4.18 147 17.6 5045 1.08 -0.49 2.03 -1.29 -1.12 1.92 -1.62 -0.23 Snell MTB-X 194 2.06 6.48 4.01 104 16.6 6134 -0.92 0.38 -0.90 -1.13 -0.32 -1.00 0.86 -0.34 Titelist Pro V1 196.3 3.25 6.16 3.34 137 16.85 5968 -0.11 -1.04 -0.66 -0.51 -0.93 -0.27 0.48 -0.46 Bridgestone Tour B RX 200.6 2.93 5.07 4.39 162 17.4 5188 1.40 -0.66 0.15 -1.49 -1.40 1.33 -1.30 -0.55 Snell MTB Black 196.1 3.27 5.69 3.64 150 17.1 5691 -0.19 -1.06 -0.31 -0.79 -1.18 0.46 -0.15 -0.61 Bridgestone Tour B X 196.4 3.65 5.81 3.79 173 16.8 5773 -0.08 -1.51 -0.40 -0.93 -1.60 -0.42 0.04 -0.75 196.63 2.38 5.27 2.80 86.87 16.94 5756.73 2.84 0.84 1.34 1.07 53.68 0.34 438.65 Takeaways: I weighted six categories equally for the 7-iron test: Carry, Carry STDEV, Offline, Offline STD, Shot Area, Spin. So if you think about it, it's 2/6 distance, 3/6 accuracy, and 1/6 spin. Maybe I underrated spin a tad, and when re-adjusting it to make spin more important, nothing unexpected happened: The Mizuno balls jumped up to .57 and .44, the BStone Tour RXS dropped from .5 to .07. Frankly, I wasn't totally sure what I'm 'looking for' with regards to a longish iron like this. For me, a 7-iron is 175 yards so there isn't really too much to conclude regarding this. Good to see the V1x grade well. The Bridgestone Tour B X with the lowest ranking grade is a surprise after it was the best non-Snell driving ball. The dispersion grades on the Tour BX were all very positive with the driver but very low with the 7-iron. But the overall dispersion offline with the driver was 3.4 yards and with the 7-iron it's only 3.79. So the dispersion is similar, its just that the average dispersion with the driver is way above 3.4 while the 7-iron dispersion average is below. Interesting none-the-less. Wedges: Wedges Spin Spin STD Carry STD Offline Offline STD Shot Area Spin Spn STD Cry STD Offline Off STD Area Vice Pro Plus 8993 77 4 0.07 9.3 11 -0.92 0.60 0.70 1.67 0.45 0.68 0.53 Titelist Pro V1 9519 44 4.5 0.29 8 28 0.63 1.11 0.49 0.73 0.73 -0.63 0.51 Bridgestone Tour B X 9523 58 4 0.3 12.1 17 0.64 0.89 0.70 0.68 -0.14 0.22 0.50 Titelist Pro V1x 9524 63 3.7 0.52 8.2 20 0.65 0.81 0.82 -0.26 0.69 -0.01 0.45 Snell MTB Black 9294 72 4.7 0.45 9 6 -0.03 0.67 0.41 0.04 0.52 1.07 0.45 Bridgestone Tour B XS 9364 58 8.8 0.52 5 8 0.18 0.89 -1.23 -0.26 1.37 0.91 0.31 Mizuno RB Tour X 9887 125 5.8 0.55 12 13 1.71 -0.15 -0.03 -0.39 -0.12 0.53 0.26 Srixon Zstar 9341 168 1.5 0.62 8 24 0.11 -0.81 1.70 -0.69 0.73 -0.32 0.12 Vice Pro 9147 104 5.8 0.59 7.6 10 -0.46 0.18 -0.03 -0.56 0.82 0.76 0.12 Bridgestone Tour B RX 8886 86 3.8 0.12 10.9 36 -1.23 0.46 0.78 1.46 0.11 -1.24 0.06 Snell MTB-X 9641 103 5.5 0.58 21.5 12 0.99 0.20 0.09 -0.52 -2.15 0.61 -0.13 Bridgestone Tour B RXS 8754 143 7.4 0.36 15.3 14 -1.62 -0.42 -0.67 0.42 -0.83 0.45 -0.44 Srixon Zstar XV 9421 138 7.5 0.47 9.5 54 0.34 -0.35 -0.71 -0.05 0.41 -2.63 -0.50 Mizuno RB Tour 9554 263 11.6 0.39 15 32 0.73 -2.28 -2.35 0.30 -0.76 -0.93 -0.88 Srixon Qstar Tour 8718 232 7.4 1.05 20 13 -1.72 -1.80 -0.67 -2.54 -1.83 0.53 -1.34 9304.4 115.6 5.7 0.5 11.4 19.9 340.1 64.6 2.5 0.2 4.7 13.0 Takeaways: I just did an equal-weighting of the six factors here, which brings it to accuracy in 4/6 (carry STD, offline, offline STD, and shot area) and spin in 2/6 (spin and spin STD, though you could argue spin STD is more in the accuracy category. Regardless, the Vice Pro Plus graded out very well---but had one of the worst spin ratings. I should have probably weighted spin much higher as the accuracy numbers were so close together. There were 4 balls that graded very well in the spin category without any severe negatives: ProV1, V1x, BStone Tour B, and Mizuno Tour X. The Mizuno Tour X had the highest spin but graded out slightly negative in aggregate of the rest of the accuracy categories. The three others all had near-identical spin numbers (the V1 was the most consistent spinner) and the highest overall grade aside from the Vice Pro Plus. Questions: Before I go into the final table (an aggregate of all three shots) I'd like to pose this question: *How would you weight each category for each swing? Meaning, would you keep the wedges at a 6-category average? Or would you raise the spin weighting to, say, 50% and then you have 50% spin and 50% accuracy? With the driver, is distance way more important than accuracy? Should i have 75% distance and 25% accuracy? Or maybe only 25% distance? I'm not expecting the weightings to change the overall findings too much, but I'd be happy to run different numbers. Final Table (fourth column is a 40/20/40 weighting, the last column is 33% each): Ball Driver 7-Iron Wedge 40/20/40 33 Bridgestone Tour BX 1.06 0.37 0.31 0.62 0.58 Titelist Pro V1x 0.23 0.57 0.45 0.39 0.42 Snell MTB-X 1.10 -0.34 -0.13 0.32 0.21 Titelist Pro V1 0.04 -0.46 0.51 0.13 0.03 Srixon Zstar 0.02 0.21 0.12 0.10 0.12 Vice Pro -0.03 0.17 0.12 0.07 0.08 Snell MTB Black -0.04 -0.61 0.45 0.04 -0.07 Bridgestone Tour B RX 0.19 -0.55 0.06 -0.01 -0.10 Bridgestone Tour B XS -0.19 -0.75 0.50 -0.02 -0.15 Vice Pro Plus -0.80 -0.23 0.53 -0.15 -0.17 Bridgestone Tour B RXS -0.33 0.50 -0.44 -0.21 -0.09 Srixon Zstar XV -0.45 0.83 -0.50 -0.21 -0.04 Srixon Qstar Tour 0.82 -0.23 -1.34 -0.25 -0.25 Mizuno RB Tour X -1.38 0.36 0.26 -0.38 -0.25 Mizuno RB Tour -0.26 0.16 -0.88 -0.42 -0.33 So we went over some of the potential issues within each category but generally speaking, however you weight these, good driving balls will grade good and bad driving balls will grade poor. Lets not overcomplicate things too much... Takeaways: The Bridgestone Tour BX has 'won' the competition! Right? Well, maybe. When the Snell guy comes out and says that all tour balls are good off the tee and we should be focusing on 100 yards and in, it's important to take note---especially considering Snell had the longest ball. When I miss-hit a drive, whether it's a V1x, a Bridgestone, a Snell or a tennis ball, it's missing 50 yards right. Period. So I put a lot more weighting into the non-driving stats. Because I value the iron and wedge play more, if I had to only use this data to make a decision... I'd probably be sticking with the V1x. Throughout every category across all shots it only has two slight negative grades (nothing worse than a -.3). The Tour BX had the highest iron carry standard deviation---which means the distance on iron shots is the least consistent of any ball. This is a major issue. It also had a pretty strong negative grade in the 'offline' category which means not only is there distance variance but there's side to side variance culminating in a shot area grade of -1.6, the worst of any ball. That's a major red flag. The other balls that will have me giving them a bit of consideration are polar opposites of each other: The Snell MTB-X and the Mizuno RB Tour X. One is the longest ball off the tee with negative iron and wedge grades (Snell). The other is a short ball off the tee with all kinds of inconsistencies (offline more than any ball but 2 with the least consistent launch angle and the least consistent spin numbers) but is a very accurate iron ball and is the highest-spinning wedge ball. I'm probably more interested in the Mizuno than the Snell but they both are intriguing. Lastly, aside from the Bridgestone BX and the Pro V1x, the Srizon ZStar is the only ball to grade positively in all three categories. The issue is it grades worse than the V1x in pretty much every single way. It's slightly shorter and less consistent on the tee (though slightly more accurate), slightly shorter and a good bit less accurate as a 7-iron (with less spin), and although it does have a more consistent carry distance it spins way less and is offline way more in the wedge play. In conclusion, my numbers backed up the MGS test pretty consistently. If I had to apply these balls to the grading scale MGS used it would look like this: Excellent: Pro V1x - simply no faults. The only one that can say that. Very good (would be excellent if not for one decent to significant sized fault): BStone Tour BX (7-iron accuracy is dead last), Srixson ZStar (7-iron accuracy is bad, wedge accuracy is below-average without plus spin) Intriguing (Some major faults but so good in other areas, I'd consider giving them a shot): Mizuno RB Tour (The spiniest ball in both the 7-iron and wedge category by a wide margin, very accurate with the 7-iron ... but its significantly the worst driving ball (tied for second shortest carry (though a low launch angle helps but that's offset by more spin) and very poor accuracy grades in the driver category. The ProV1 is also a quality ball but I know from prior testing I'm V1x >V1 so I didn't focus too much on the V1. Hopefully a few people got thru this long-winded post and got something out of it. Is there anything else you guys would want me to take a look at regarding different weightings or adding any other balls? Cheers!
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    This little girl is 3 weeks old and my heart has never been more full. [emoji3531] Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Two weeks old and I love her to pieces. So happy to have her in our lives. [emoji3531] Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Welcome to Stage 2 of my review of the Ping SFT! Unlike other reviews, stories or articles, I’m going to give you my conclusion first and then tell you why. Am I happy with the 410 SFT – NO I’m not. I am THRILLED with it! There is nothing I don’t like about it. https://vimeo.com/337165176 So, a bit of background, for those of you that didn’t read my stage 1. I started my driver experience a few years ago with a G20 which was the result of my Club’s fitting day. That driver went through literally tens of thousands of hits on both the driving range and the course. Many hits later and coupled with lessons, I still had a nagging slice. Even more lessons later (I’m a slow learner), combined with a GBB which has lots of opportunities to eliminate the slice with an adjustable hosel and a sliding weight, the result was now a push fade. Oh and in between I had a lesson with a recommendation to use a stronger grip. Yup that takes care of the push fade and moves it into the pull hook category. This is great - I now know that I can “work” the ball. Too bad I can only do it by accident! But wait, after reading many tomes on shaft’s, with my low to mid 80’s SS I figured out that I needed a senior flex shaft. So now out goes the Hzrdus X Green stock shaft and in comes an Aldilla senior flex. Yes, I know that I need some expert advice – but that’s the commonsense thing you do only after things don’t work out – right? Ok, so here I am – late winter 2019 at the driving range with the Aldilla shaft in that GBB and they are mostly pull hooks. Not getting much distance but then it is winter = very cold and old range balls. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. And now a marvelous opportunity comes along from MGS to be a tester for the 410. (Note Mod’s have I told you how much I like you ). What’s not to like after all it’s always the arrow not the Indian right? This time I decide to go to a real fitter – too bad he’s booked until May 1st. So, with SS in hand I go to the Ping site and follow their onsite fitting tool. The result is a 410 SFT with a Soft Flex (aka Senior), standard length shaft. Ok, I was good with that so off goes the spec to Golfspy Stroker. Order me up a SFT, standard length CB-55 shaft with the Jumbo GP Velvet Grip. Talk about speedy customer service – it only took a few days to arrive. Opps sorry Stroker did I forget to mention I’m a lefty - no problem Ping’s superior customer service came through, as they overnighted the new lefty SRT to me. So on to the evaluation: Let’s start with looks: Score = 9 out of 10 Perhaps it’s because I spent so much time with a beaten-up G20, I’m very comfortable with the matte finish. But then it’s not something I pay attention to as I’m standing over the ball. Overall pretty standard Ping driver look with the “Turbulors” on top but with a striking series of red stripes on the bottom. As reported in my Stage 1, the stripes look good enough that you don’t want to put a cover over them. The only thing better would be if they had red flames instead of stripes on the bottom. The cover is a nice upgrade from previous years, incorporating the Ping 410 logo with red stripes and it slips on and off easily. I’m glad they did away with the old “sock” type of covers from years ago that were more difficult to take on and off. Sound and Feel: Score = 9 out of 10 Before I got to the fitter, I had a chance to use the driver both at a range and on the course. I also took my GBB along on several occasions as a comparison. I quickly realized that even without the fitter dialing it in for me this club was going straighter than my GBB and my G20. The one thing I really didn’t like about my GBB (outside of the pull hooks) was the sound – more dull than the sharp crisp sound I had with my G20. The sound of the SFT is a bit clunkier if you hit it off the toe but overall a much better sound experience. I can tell, without looking up how I hit the ball – which as a side note helps me keep my head down. I am hitting - the ball well. Is it the SFT or am I getting better? Not sure and who cares . Basic Characteristics: Score = 18 out of 20 Thankfully, it’s now May 1st, so onto the fitter and none too soon because a big complaint is that I’m not getting the distance that I thought I would. This is my first real fitting session (I’m not counting Club fitting days) and initially it was a bit unusual because I’m hitting in front of an audience (a few “guests had stopped by). The result is I’m spraying the ball all over the place (see Trackman graph below). Very Embarrassing! Finally, they leave, and I calm down and I’m driving the ball relatively straight. The first thing the fitter said to me is ‘you’re going to really make me work for this aren’t you’. He then proceeds to put me into a Ping 400 Max and Ping 410 Plus as a comparison to make sure I didn’t make a mistake ordering the SFT vs. the Plus. Neither 400 or 410 Plus worked well for me and then he puts me into a Regular Flex CB-55 shaft on the SFT and I immediately pick up 14 yards of carry at 2 mph less of SS and a close dispersion. He also stated that because of my swing (which he termed “violent”), I need a slightly shorter shaft, so for $72 I ordered a 45 1/4” Regular Flex and as a result I should expect slightly more yardage gain. Obviously, I need continued work on my swing especially on the “Attack Angle”, but the following trackman graph is very telling. I only included the SR Flex shaft = dark green, the regular flex shaft = turquoise and final loft adjustment to the regular flex shaft = brown. I didn’t include the other combinations as they weren’t relevant and would make the graph tougher to read. Additionally, there is a fair amount of dot overlap – however, the turquoise and brown dots are still representative. Obviously, the (somewhat faint) horizontal line represents center line and yardages. The brown dots were the result of the SFT set at 6* loft, which is what I’m sticking with since those drives are closest to the center 0 yds to approximately 15 yds right (draw). Again, based on the numbers: Attack Angle, Face Angle, etc. I still have some work to do on my swing. However, regardless of the that, I am still more consistent and longer with the R Flex than I was with the SR Flex. And longer than my GBB and G20. Note: My on-course results are averaging 200 + yds. My score of 18/20 is based on the following; The sound: it’s more of a thwack vs. a thud of the GBB. Since not quite as crisp as my G20, but still nice. Trajectory is high – but then that’s the result of both the shaft and the loft adjustments by the fitter and it’s working for me. Accuracy: If I had to give marks for just this as a category it’d be 20/20. It is right on the money. I am nailing the fairways right down the middle or close to it! Adjustability: It’s currently dialed in by the fitter for optimization. Could I easily adjust it? Of course, but why would I want to since the fitter has it dialed in. However, keep in mind that the SFT doesn’t have a sliding weight, on the other hand I don’t think I need one. On-Course Performance: Score = 40 out of 40 I don’t have access to ARCCOS or another measuring device so I’m including 2 pic’s of the GPS app for our course. As a point of reference, this hole #10 at our Club is a 462 yd par 5,– so the first night with the new R Flex shorter shaft, I drove it approx. 207 yds smack dab in the middle of the fairway. (A special note to Mods reading this, I’d like to be an Official Tester for ARCCOS . This SRT, especially for high handicappers like myself, makes one want to do a happy dance! This driver inspires my confidence and as a result I’m scoring better – that says it all! I have a high level of confidence that when I walk up to the tee I’m going to launch the ball straight and high. At this point, with really less than a month in (because of the shaft change), I would advise Ping not to change a thing when it comes to the actual club. Let me say this again: this SFT is straighter and longer than my GBB and G20. I see more GIR’s in my future. On the other hand, I do feel that the online fitting tool steered me to the wrong shaft – the Senior Flex vs. a Regular Flex (cut down). I’m now even more convinced of the importance of a real fitting – not just a fitting day at the course or a casual tryout in a big box store. Play it or Trade it? Score 20 out of 20 You’ll have to pry this driver out of my hands before you get it back! I won’t even let my men’s league partner (who’s also a lefty) try it. I’m not going to give it up for anything! Overall Score 96 out of 100
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    Testers Chosen! @Reesedw @pulledabill @ChasingScratch @golfertrb Join me in congratulating these four members and looking forward to their evaluation of the Srixon Z-Stars! ___________________________________________ Unless you’ve been living under a rock—and by that we don’t mean a Top Flite 2000—the past two weeks, you have no doubt seen the results of the most detailed in-depth ball study ever conducted published by My Golf Spy last week. Read it Here So were you able to determine what ball might be best for you out of the results? Well MGS along with Srixon is going to give four My Golf Spy Forum members a chance to test two of the top performers of the study themselves and see what their results show. Testers Wanted Srixon has gained great ground in the balls wars over the last five years. Increasing its presence on professional tours across the world, and making its way into the bags of everyday golfers, by way of Srixon’s very popular ball demo days at green grass shops. Offering two models the Z Star and Z Star XV you will get one dozen of each to play and practice with and report back to the forum with your findings. The Z Star is in its 6th generation and provides maximum green-side spin for unmatched control and stopping power. It’s 3-piece construction gives players complete tour performance tee to green. While the Z Star XV also in its 6th generation is a premium 4-piece ball that provides maximum distance and gives players complete tour performance tee to green. How to Apply As you know, MyGolfSpy takes its product testing very seriously. All of our reader reviews are published in our Community Forum (click here to read some Insert Review Link). We expect a lot from our reviewers – writing a thorough, detailed and honest review is a full two-month commitment, requiring extensive putting green and on-course work as well as participation in the Forum itself to answer questions and discuss product performance with other golfers. That means to be a potential reviewer you must be a registered member of the MyGolfSpy Community Forum, where you’ll find thousands of like-minded golfers from all over the world anxious to talk about golf equipment. Please follow the following instructions exactly in order to be considered. Please DO NOT Quote this post when applying, doing so may disqualify your entry. Honoring the OEM request this testing is available to any US Resident. First Name/State Handicap/Swing Speed Current Ball Played Have you previously played the Z Star or XV That's it, we'll be selecting our testers next week, so check back to see if you've been selected for the opportunity to conduit your own Srixon Ball Test.
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    After some talk in the chipping threads, and some interest in my style of “chipitching” I am going to make some YouTube videos and try to talk you guys through it. If you like it use, if you don’t... don’t. Not saying I am a master short game guy, or a teaching pro, but it’s a free country and I feel like showing you some easy tips to get the ball to dance on the floor from 40 yards and in. Maybe out to 100 yards eventually. First video will be from the fringe. I’ll post links to the videos when I load them. If you have any requests feel free to ask. I’ll do my best at explaining or tying them. I’m not a pro so I can’t guarantee the outcome. Cheers!
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    Still sick of the stupid hecklers. Punk A$$ kids yelling you shoulda choked and stuff while he was walking to the scoring hut. People are stupid and have zero respect. One of the main reasons I will never take my children to any large sporting event.
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    Yesterday I managed to get my first round of 2019 in Montana at Madison Meadows (Ennis, MT). While still coughing quite a bit and feeling a bit tired, the weather was just too inviting not to give it a go. The course was near deserted allowing me to play a 2 ball game. Here were the results. The dots indicate drives in the fairway - or close enough on a few that the first cut presented no disadvantage. The front 9 was played with my driver in the same lie/loft and neutral position I'd been using while in Yuma. For the back 9, I switched the moveable weight to the draw position. The split box numbers were drive lengths for ball 1 and 2 on selected holes based on my Voice Buddy. I really did not notice that much difference between the "neutral" and "draw" positions. Most of my contact marks on the front 9 were mid/high towards the toe. The marks in draw position were pretty similar - certainly not a definite shift. I still plan to do another iron fitting soon and my fitter has offered to help with this review by capturing some ball flight data. I think this will be much more telling than what I can assess out on the course. Hole 6 is the #1 and #2 handicap depending on the tee box. I play this course from white, then blue tees. The hole, a Z-shape, is really a challenge unless you can carry the ball a healthy 230 yards to clear the draw (canyon) and OB (fly the hill just right of the small shack). Add to that, if you don't have a right to left ball flight and really drill it, you hit through the fairway and into a hazard. It's a love/hate hole design! Most players simply hit up the right side (fairway left of the house) with driver or 3w taking the long, precision drive out of the way. Hole #6 Blue Tee I normally opt for the right side but Driver X has given me some added confidence and we're in test mode.... so bombs away! On the front 9, both drives from white cleared the corner, and found the small saddle area on the fairway (mid point in photo). While happy with getting there, it was really not a great position for the second shot as it leaves one down in a swale and completely blind to the rest of the fairway. I managed a birdie on ball 2 with a lucky 30 ft chip in! For some of you big bombers, this would be a fun hole. For me, I'm playing up the right side from here on unless there is a healthy tailwind . Here's a few more pictures from the course. Hole #5's Blind Tee Shot (Blue tee is about 20 ft higher, behind and to the right) Looking back to Hole #6 tee (Madison Range in background) Hole #5 green The G410 continues to feel good to me and adding confidence to my drives. I only had one drive that faded to any appreciable extent. Most were pretty straight with just a whisker of right to left movement. I'll try and get another round in at Beaverhead GC next week and perhaps repeat the neutral vs. draw change and see if it shows us something. Thanks for following along!
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    A couple of pretty things arrived today 🥰
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    MGS was also rotating balls within 2 dozen and if there were big manufacturing inconsistencies such as compression, with 60's and 80's in the same box, this could affect the results too. I believe the overall numbers are a combination of performance and quality control. This all plays back into the idea that the next ball you are pulling out of your bag could be the exact same model, but perform grossly different.
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    Yesterday I crossed a barrier of sorts.... after many trials and tribulations I managed shoot a round in the 70's ... 79 to be exact. (had been stuck on 80, 81, 82 for what seemed like forever) It was a fall-like day in New England.... low 50's on/off drizzle and I bought a tee time from golfnow earlier in the week when the weather looked halfway decent. Figured a day playing golf in light rain is better than not... so I went. (it was only 20.49 so I figured even if I got in a few holes it'd be worth it) Nobody in the parking lot; tee time came with a cart; short warm up and I was off by myself around 10am. After I finished my first 18 around 12:45 there was still nobody in front of me so I kept right on going. Played 36 consecutive holes in about 5 and 1/2 hours. Only caught folks twice but they let me play through. Played whites first time and then the blues and ended 40/39 both times. Course was soggy but not sopping wet; greens were aerated a few days ago and still had a lot of sand. In some ways that helped, esp on long putts but on the flip side the putts didn't break how you read them. A few things that helped me break the proverbial "80 ceiling".... - I started using the Grint app on my phone to enter my scores instead of the scorecard; this helps me mentally as I don't add things up and start overthinking it. I let the app tell me my final score and just play the holes and try to score the best on each individual hole vs. I have to birdie/par this one... - I read an article by Adam Young and in it he does a good job of pointing out that the range is where you practice and the course is where you play (duh!), but what he was getting at is that there is a time-and-place for thinking about all your body positions and all that stuff and on the course you just need to execute. So this time I really tried to just focus on hitting the ball to the target and play "dirty golf" (what he calls it when you don't really worry about how you 'look' but instead focus on doing the task) - persistence/practice/keeping the ball in play/chipping; I can't overestimate the importance of practicing chipping - especially with different clubs... saved me several times. So, Max Homa and I both had something in common on Sunday, we both had breakthroughs of a sort, only his bank account is a lot bigger than mine today. I stole this from a podcast he did in the past describing how he kept plugging away at it...My advice if this is something you're working on - keep going, keep fighting the good fight, believe it or not you're making progress and it will happen...don't stop...ever.
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    ... Started playing golf in Phoenix 1/10 and played almost every day thru 5/2. I didn't play 15 days out of 121 due to weather or my wife being here and us doing other things. I needed the break. 107 rounds of golf and I am so darned TIRED! Mostly mentally but my body can definitely use a break. It was great though and I enjoyed every minute away from wind chills, gray skies and snow. Packing today and leaving tomorrow so arriving in Chicago Monday night after a 3 day rive. Saved my last round yesterday for the kind scenic course I won't be playing back in the Midwest. Peace! (mic drop)
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    ... Had my best round today at Aguila and started off with birdies on the first 3 holes. Rolled one in from the fringe on 1 and the next 2 I hit about a foot away. Just a perfect day in the high 80's and no wind and cloud cover and then on #8 a front rolled in with winds picking up to 20 mph. #8 is a short 277yd par 4 that needs a 240 carry to drive the green over a lake, so the play is a 6 or 7 iron and then a wedge in ... but with 20 mph at my back I drove the green and just missed my eagle putt for my 4th birdie. But 9 was back into that 20 mph wind and I flat wiped my tee shot and it really turned and almost come backwards, ending up in the 18th fairway. No shot at the green into that wind from about 230, blind shot and water right so I layed up and bogied for a 33 on the front. Next 4 holes I went birdie-par-bogie-birdie. And as fast as it arrived the front disappeared and it was dead calm for the last 5 holes but I just parred in for a 68. LOL, after being 4 under thru 8 I was thinking of shooting my age again as a 66 was a possibility. ... Played with Jim, a guy from Canada that triple bogied 4 and 5 and he asked me to stop keeping his score. We have played a few rounds together and after I went 4 under he treated me like it was a no hitter, some small talk while we walked but nothing about the score or my play other than "Nice shot". He broke his silence on 18 when I just missed my birdie putt and was very effusive as he has never played with anyone that shot in the 60's. I hate to generalize but I have found Canadians to be such nice people. Heading back to Chicago next week so it was a very fitting farewell to Phoenix and all the amazing people I have been paired up with this winter!
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    Hey group! So I thought I'd stop in as it's been a good minute since my last post. So as the trend and comments continue regarding the durability.. or lack thereof.. I'm concluding that maybe Bridgestone is blazing a new trail for the "disposable" golf ball. I'm finding that I'm not too interested in playing this ball for more than 1 round due to the amount of ball damage showing at the end of the round. The only hope that a ball has to see another round, is if it was pulled at mid or end of the previous round due to a throw away or a shankering to the golf Gods. When used during a launch monitor session, it's an automatic throwaway because the face is just unrecognizable after a hundred+ smacks through my club lineup. In comparison to my Project (a) and higher priced balls such as the Bridgestone Tour B XS and ProV1, I've got balls that are going on their 3rd rounds with definite scuffing but nothing resembling the wear on the e12's.. The same goes with both the Callaway Super Soft and the Wilson Staff Duo. They just have much better wear stats. Hopefully I'm not being too harsh or critical but I feel this is why we're here. I really want to see Bridgstone continue to excel in the ball/equipment arena and stuff like this should only help them improve right? So throw out the lost ball factor.. throw out the performance factor (both appearing somewhat negligible). Quantifying cost per play at: (cost for 12) / (rounds per ball * 12) = Cost per play (welcome to my brain) .. I'm beginning to find it difficult to stomach paying $30/12 balls to get roughly 12 rounds of play at $2.50 per play per ball when I can pay about the same price for my Project (a)'s which will gladly give me 2-3 rounds each and amount to about $.83 - $1.25 per play/ball. To add to that, a box of Calaway Super Softs run roughly $20/12 which are also good for 2-3 or so rounds and equate to $.56 - $.83 per play. Even crazier is that a box of Tour B XS or ProV 1's at around $45/12 will definitely hold up to the 2-3 round challenge. Again.. $1.25 - $1.88 per play. Sorry if I just blew up anybody's brain with this.. but it's definitely an important factor to me as a budget-conscious golfer trying to get the most out of my equipment. The e12's just don't seem to be a budget-friendly option IMO. thoughts/comments/opinions are always welcome!
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