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    My golfing journey has recently brought me to persimmon woods and the enjoyment that comes from playing hand crafted wood clubs. There is nothing more satisfying than hitting one “on the screws”. Well, being a woodworking tinkerer, I’ve been absorbing as much info on the refinishing and repair of classic wood clubs as well as picking up neglected clubs in need of a little tlc. This one, a 1950’s era Macgregor M65 3-wood, deserved a much better fate, so I decided to get it tuned up and back out on the course. Here she is as found And as she looks today, ready for another round. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    :: ANNOUNCEMENT:: We gave this one a few more days to let folks sort out the new website. Now, it's time to give four lucky members some great Columbus Day news. Please join me in congratulating: chemclub - Indianapolis S GregB135 - Rossie Just Another Lefty - 7s Camcmart - 7s Congrats guys! Look out for a PM from me with further instruction.
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    Chosen from a group of about 2500 applicants. I am honored. I want to give a big thank you to MyGolfSpy, its members, and of course Ping. Being well established with quality products in the golfing world, Ping needs no introduction. A leader in iron innovation since the 60’s. The name speaks volumes. And MyGolfSpy... they are the authoritative source for all information about the golf goodies that we drool about and want. Again, thank you so much for picking me and putting your trust in a new person for this review. I hope to exceed your expectations. And of course, a big congratulations to the other eight that were chosen. A fine group that I am excited to be a part of during this review. I love this disorder…. When I got home to tell my wife the news, this is how the conversation went. “I have to go to Calgary to get tested for a new set of golf clubs” “Why? You don’t need a new set? Why would you…. Pause (Then she remembered…) did you win that contest?” A teaser A little bit about myself. My name is Hari. I am 54 years old. I grew up in a small town called Fort Qu’ Appelle in Saskatchewan, Canada (2000 people). As with most young boys growing up in Saskatchewan, I started playing hockey. For you non-hockey buffs, Saskatchewan is home to many legends, Gordie Howe, Wendel Clark, Bryan Trottier, to name a few. I don’t know why, but I started playing left-handed and have continued playing left handed (golf) even though I am right-handed. I was very athletic growing up. I was always 6’ 2’ but just went from 50 lbs to 175 lbs. Hockey, soccer, track & field, volleyball, karate, jogging, and physical fitness. I am a Mechanical Engineer having worked in power generation, oil and gas, and now in the manufacturing sector. I currently head both the engineering and maintenance department in our plant. Me with my 2 little ones (a few years back)…less grey hair I always thought of golf along with curling as 2 boring sports. I used to say, how can golf be fun? Hit the ball, walk to it, hit the ball, walk to it, hit the ball……. Okay, now move ahead to 1996 and my first golf experience. Our company golf outing. And the rest is history. Fell in love with golf (despite being hit by a golf ball...in the back of the knee). Thank god for the alcohol. I met my wife who hails from Ontario and decided for a change of scenery. Thus, in 1999 I moved to Ontario and spent the next 12 years there. In 2012, an opportunity arose to move back to Alberta and I pursued this and my loving wife agreed to leave her home province. When I drove back, I decided to make it a golfing trip, and drove through the states. Went through Michigan, Chicago (Chicago is a golf mecca…so many courses and great ones at that), up to Wisconsin, Minnesota, and finally across to N. Dakota. That was an awesome 2 week trip. I used to play about 30 rounds a summer, then after we met, it dropped to about 10-15, then when the little ones came into our lives, about 5-10 rounds. Now that my oldest boy is 14 and my little girl is 11, they are self-sufficient and don’t need us around them all the time. Hence, practicing and playing more. My clubs. I currently am sporting Mizuno MP-25’s. I just purchased these in 2016 after using MX-15’s since 2003. My previous set, which is my first set is the Wilson Aggressor Pro. I have a goal to break 90 consistently. I have had scores in the high 80’s but very infrequent (and what is funny is that it is always at an away course, never at home). Otherwise, I normally shot in the low 90’s. Handicap Chart Here is my handicap chart for the last 3 years prior to this testing. I’ll continue this chart in stage 2. (Note that the date goes from right to left) So, after making a conscious effort to achieve this goal, I set about 2 things that I need to work on for this to happen. First, change my clubs from the MX-15’s and second, continue with more lessons. Why then Mizuno and the MP-25’s? First, I felt that in order to progress, I really wanted to hit a club that provided feedback so I could learn from it. Thus, along with Mizuno, I had considered Titleist (AP1 or AP2) as well. I went out to a demo day and could not for the life of me hit either of the Titleist clubs. I then went to a local fitter and tried both the JPX900 and the MP-25. I loved them both. After about an hour or so of going back and forth between the 2 and with different shafts each time, I decided on the MP-25. I noticed it felt better and that in itself told me I am ready for these clubs. Also, I love small sized clubs. My preference is small with thin toplines. This summer, I continued with lessons and practicing. Learning to feel what the impact position feels like. Since then, I have played less and focused more on practicing to get this position ingrained into my full swing. The results have been phenomenal. My shots crisper and further. Also, for the first time in my golfing life, I am rolling over my lead foot as opposed to it rotating to the target. But in order to do this, I need to remember to make my stance a little narrower. And again, it’s the feeling of unfamiliarity that needs to be ingrained so that it then becomes the feeling of familiarity. Another battle I have had my whole golf life is tempo. I have always struggled to have a nice smooth transition from the backswing to the downswing and hence many poor shots. I also had a very short backswing stopping at the arms being parallel to horizontal. Thus, I decide to change this by doing the following: First, increase my flexibility and strength through exercising. I started rigorously exercising in November focusing on stretching and strength exercises related to the golf swing. Second, I have made a conscious effort to pause at the top of my backswing to ensure that I have gone all the way back and hence, completed my backswing. There are times I will quickly jerk the club, but these are getting less and less. Now, I am working on reducing that pause so that there is a continuous fluid motion. It’s a work in progress. One of the things that has happened with a lesson I have is that because my hips are moving faster, I sometimes struggle with squaring the face at impact. Irons are infrequent, but the woods are more frequently slicing. The Ping i500’s These are beautiful clubs. The new i500 irons are being touted as pure distance. Ping’s first entry into the Players Distance category. Clubs in this category have the looks of a players iron and the distance of a game improvement club. How is the distance achieved? Through a hollow body which allows for the face to flex. It is the face flexing, which like in drivers gives more speed and hence, more distance. Tony Covey of MyGolfSpy has written up an article on these irons and has done a bang up job and I highly recommend reading his article dated July 16th. The chart below shows where the i500 lines up in terms of forgiveness and distance with respect to Ping’s other offerings. Now my Mizuno also has face flexing, but this is accomplished with the use of micro-slots. Injecting Boron into the steel mix allowed for the face to be made thinner and hence, be able to flex. Note that the MP-25 series is the first in the MP line to get Boron after the highly successful trial run of the JPX850 iron. The Fitting I would like to give a big thanks to Warren at Ted and Dave Custom Golf (tdcustomgolf.com) at the Golf Canada Centre in Calgary for seeing me on short notice and doing a bang up job. Thanks Warren. The fitting started out with some questions about distance, flight, and current irons. Warren looked at my irons, and in particular the shafts. Project X stiff. He was surprised that I was using them. He discussed the weight of these shafts and gave me an i500 club with one of the ping shafts. WOW, what a weight difference. Like lifting a balloon. Hmmm. This can get interesting. After warming up, I proceeded to hit some shots with my 7 iron to get the baseline data. Then I moved on to the Ping 7i. I went through the fitting process with different shafts. With different shaft, also came different trajectories. I noticed that he had a recoil shaft. I asked about trying this and he mentioned it was graphite and then asked me if I would like to try a graphite shaft. Let’s throw preconceived notions out the window and open up the eyes. We started off with the Alta CB stiff which weighed 84 grams (as opposed to my project X 5.5 stiff which came in at 115 grams). That was all the testing I needed. See the results below. Fitting Summary Below is the summary of the 7i with differing shafts. The bottom starts off with my own 7i and ends up with the Alta CB at the top of the chart. Smash Factor. Smash Factor relates to the amount of energy transferred from the club head to the golf ball. Smash Factor – The ratio between the Ball Speed and the Club Speed The higher the smash factor the better the energy transfer. My smash factor went from 1.34 up to 1.43 max with the Alta CB shaft. And the following shows how much the shot dispersion tightened up. The 7i with the Alta CB are the blue dots. My Mizuno shots are the pink dots. Comparison of club specs I went with the standard lofts on the Ping irons. Also available are 2 other loft options – Power and Retro. Power lofts are less to give a more penetrating flight whereas the Retro lofts being 2 degrees more than the standard will give a higher trajectory.Loft Comparison As you can see, there is a 3 degree difference in the lofts and this gap narrows at the 9i and the PW. The Test The big reason I want to test these clubs is that the Cobra Connect Challenge really opened up my eyes. In that challenge were 5 testers, ranging in HDCP from 7 to 19, and using clubs that, according to Cobra are for HDCP ranges of 5 to 25. Each one of these testers saw considerable gains and hence reductions in their handicaps. So, this got me thinking. Can I get more out of a club than what I am currently playing? With my exercising, lessons, better ball striking, I feel that I should be getting more. More in terms of distance, more in terms of consistent ball striking, and I’ll emphasize this last point, with less effort. Clubs getting settled in their new home. And here is profile pic of the 6 iron comparing the Ping to the Mizuno Topline comparison But, the clubs I got had imperfections. The finish on the face side was very blotchy which was noticed as I was taking pics for this review. Also noticed, several clubs had scratches. Even though they came with the neoprene covers, it was disappointing to see this lack of quality control. Now, don’t get me wrong, I realize that clubs will get marked up and dinged over time, but with the Hydropearl Chrome 2 finish being blotchy right from the start and the scratches, I am wondering how the finish will age with time and use. The Review During this review process, I want to get a lot answered. Distance, forging, feel, quality? Will the Pings out distance my Mizunos? The fitting process revealed that, but there are also other variables in play and that was only the 7 iron. The shaft, shaft length, the lower lofts, being hyped up while trying the new clubs. As well, the fitter was questioning why I had a midsize grip with an extra wrap and a half. He gave me a club with a midsize grip without the extra wraps and asked how it felt. It didn’t feel unusual and said you will probably get better results because it won’t be so tight in your hand. Will I switch? Will I blend the sets, or not? Will the forged face of the Ping perform as well as a true forged club as Mizuno clubs? The rest of the Ping club is cast. Will this play into the performance? The sound? The distance? Now, I wouldn’t be able to make a comparison to a true forging in a Mizuno as I have read that because Mizuno injected Boron into the MP-25, it has muted the feel somewhat and is not a true feeling as the other forged clubs they offer. So, my review will be a comparison to the MP-25 only. So, I currently play Mizuno MP-25 and love these clubs. Small, great looking club with a thin topline. These are not the iron equivalent of a driver that is a “volkswagon on the end of a stick”. Even though I am a high handicapper, it is due to my driver and tempo, but otherwise when I am in the groove, the irons are awesome. I love hitting these. Along with the questions above, I am also going to ask the following: 1. Will I get more distance in all the clubs? Will the long irons require less effort? 2. Feedback is important to me to constantly improve. With Mizuno’s I know exactly where I mishit it and I know when I flushed it. That is one thing I love about the Mizuno clubs. And even when I am listening to music, I know when I have flushed a shot. Will Ping give me the same feedback? 3. The Mizuno clubs are awesome when hitting in the primary or secondary cut of the fairways. I love how they slice through the grass with little resistance. I have had no problems getting the ball out of cabbage. A sharp descending blow and out comes the ball like a rocket. Will the Pings handle the rough in the same manner? 4. One of my favorite shots to get me out of trouble is a 160 yard runner with a 5i (low launching shot keeping it about 3-5 feet of the ground). Great for when you’re in the trees and need to keep it low and get back on the fairway. My course has a lot of trees and this is a game saver. Will I be able to finesse Ping’s 5i the same way? 5. Will I, as a 19 handicapper who will improve (confidence man, confidence) want to have these clubs in the bag as my handicap trends south. 6. How is working the ball with these clubs? I don’t work the ball very much. I find that nerves get in the way of this on the course and hence I don’t try it much. I do practice them quite a bit on the range, so I’ll do comparisons on this at the range. I can fade easier than draw, 7. Will the clubs stand up to my abuse. I do not baby clubs. If you look at my Mizunos, you will see lots of marks, cuts and gouges. I consider these battle wounds that I am proud to show off. Will the Pings stand up to these battles? 8. Will the new HydroPearl chrome finish stand up? According to research I’ve done, this finish is to repel water off the face so that there will be few fliers and more consistency. I’m trying to figure this statement out and how does this happen? I hope in this review process, that I will provide you with the same high level of service that you are accustomed to by the many great reviews that have already been done on this site. And if I am not, I welcome the feedback so that I can learn and grow through this process. To my fellow MyGolfSpy members, I leave you with this. Thank you all for reading my stage 1 and i'll see you in stage 2
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    And the sole, before: And after: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The woman was getting on my nerves. Blake
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    So Saturday I shot an 84 with 3 birdies... lousy front nine +10, good back nine +2. Chipping was great!! Today I shoot 81 with no birdies... good front nine +2, lousy back nine +7. Chipping was not great! Why do the golf gods do this to me?
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    Before diving into it I would like to say a few thanks. First to MGS and Ping for this incredible opportunity. I have been a member of MGS for a couple years now and have gained so much from this community. I hope my review can be as helpful and informative as many of the reviews before me to help everyone with any purchasing decision they may make! Second to Patrick and staff at Golf Central Halifax for the fitting and continued support through this review. Now a little about me. My name is Jamie and I currently live in Halifax Nova Scotia, which has been home for the better part of 6 years. Along the way I have lived all over Canada, including growing up on the other side of the country in British Columbia. My wife and I have been married for just over 3 years now and although we don’t have any children we do have our dog Apollo. Although golf is now my main sport and passion, that wasn’t always the case. Curling held that spot for 20+ years of my life. For those of you who don’t know much about curling, golf and curling go hand in hand as their seasons offset perfectly and many golf clubs and curling rinks are joined together in Canada. Curling has giving me the opportunity to visit many different areas of the world and compete at a very high level for a number of years. Even though I no longer curl, it is still a huge part of my life as I work as an Ice Technician making ice for curling clubs and events. This is also the perfect career for any golfing enthusiast as the season is typically September to April then the remainder of the year is offseason! Therefore I now fill my offseason with golf, where I play as much as possible and even work at a local course part time. I have been around golf since I was a kid and played regularly throughout my childhood with my fondest memory being my dad and I going to the par 3 down the road for 9 holes and breakfast which cost all of $7 each. As I got a little older I played a bit more, but never to a serious level. Golf for me was a something I played when I got the chance to, but never went out of my way to play. It wasn’t until I moved Halifax that I really got into equipment and playing more to improve my game. With many of my friends here being good golfers it made me want to take strides to get better. This season was the first year I ever planned out a season with expectations and goals, with all of them being achieved for the season with time to spare! There are so many different aspects of golf that make me love the sport. I love new equipment and tweaking my bag. It is something I constantly look at doing and always have a few ideas of where I’d like to improve my bag. However it is the people and the challenge of playing the course to better my game that has pulled me in. I have met many amazing people from all over and always enjoy grouping up with new people to hear their stories over the course of a round. Even when having a rough round I still always find that I enjoy myself. We have so many beautiful courses here in Nova Scotia it’s often hard to get too upset. I take the game seriously and always go out and play with the expectation to go low, however realize being a amateur and inconsistent that poor games are going to happen. That being said we are here for the equipment aren’t we! My bag has seen many changes over the years and season for that matter. If you like check out WIMB here: Here is a quick summary. Driver- Ping G400 with Project x hzrdous yellow stiff Woods- Cobra F7 3 and 7 wood with stock stiff shafts Wedges- Ping Glide 54 and 58 SS with project x 6.0 shafts Putter- Ping Sigma G Tyne with PP60 grip Finally Irons- Ping i E1 Irons with Nippon Modus3 105 Stiff shafts 5-Gw and a Cobra Forged Tec 4 iron with a KBS C Taper Lite stiff shaft. My irons I have had for 2 full seasons now. They were purchases second hand, but had them sent to Ping to have them properly fit for me. That fitting and these irons are a large factor in bringing my game to where it is. I love the shape, feel and consistency they provide. The Cobra 4 iron was introduced last year as I wasn’t finding a great gap between my Ping 4 and 5 iron so with the Cobra 4 iron having a heavier shaft and stronger loft fit perfect into my set. They have been amazing irons for me and I am really looking forward to seeing how their newer version stacks up against them. As far as my game goes I’ll link a video below to my swing yes I’m a lefty and proud of it! As well as throw up a bunch of Arccos screen shots so you can all dive a little deeper if you so choose. I would say I am a solid golfer overall. I’ve been able to get my handicap down 9 and that is in a large part to my putting which by far is my strength on the course. I am very much a feel player and a lot of that comes from curling. I can have rounds where I’m feeling it and can’t seem to miss and will go low 70’s. Then other rounds where I will hack my way around the course and be high 80’s. Arccos has helped immensely focus and narrow down areas of my game where I need improvement and practice. I will be resetting all my iron tags to get better numbers for the Ping i210 irons to compare to my current set. As you can see Arccos has my approach play as being the weakest part of my game. I initially was going to say it was my driving, but with a little reflection it is most definitely my approach play and par 3’s where I seem to loose the most strokes. My typical miss for my irons are right and over cooking a draw or a straight pull. It’s not all too often that I miss straight left. I also have a tendency to catch my irons on the fatter side rather then skinny which is a huge reason I love my Ping irons and their larger soles. For my typical ball flight I would say it’s a pretty medium trajectory. It’s certainly not too high as I can flight them low in windy conditions and don’t have too much worry when having to carry water or hazards. With the courses I play it is definitely a benefit to be able to work the ball both ways and I have worked hard this year in adding a controlled cut into my arsenal. That has come in handy when trying to combat that big miss right I often struggle with. Now finally onto the Ping i210. Here is a quick bit of info about them from Ping and what they claim to have improved over previous years just cut down a bit. For the full details on them follow this link to Ping. https://ping.com/clubs/irons/i210 Ping claim to have made the i210 with a buttery soft feel by making a larger elastomer port then previous years. This helps do two things, softer feel as well as pushing more weight to the perimeter allowing for more forgiving irons. They use the same groove technology as the Ping Glide 2.0 wedges and in the PW and GW the grooves are closer together to provide greater swin and more control. lotsPing i210 are not meant to be distance irons, but rather more consistent controlled clubs that are able to be worked both up and down and side to side. During my fitting a tried several shafts and kept a open mind going into it. I knew I loved the Nippon Modus 105 shafts, but wanted to make sure they were the proper ones for me and that there wasn’t a better option out there. In the end a lot of them produced similar flights and distances with spin numbers all around the same. Therefore it was all based on my feel preference and knowing how great the Nippon shafts performed in my current set it was a no brainer. I also stayed with a Blue dot (.75 upright) and standard lofts and lengths. To finish off I want to let you know what I’m looking for in these irons and what will help take over a spot as my new set. I want them to give me consistent distances. Even if they are a bit shorter then my current set I’d be okay with that. I’m quick alright loosing a few yards in the name of consistency and being able to really trust that my irons are going to go the proper distance I’m expecting. I also want them to feel better then my current set. I have only owned one set of forged irons and still regret selling them, but they were too punishing for my game at the time and was the right call to move to the Ping i E1. As well I want to be able to hold greens on approach shots. I have seen many reviews where the spin rates seem to be on the low end. I want to put this to the test and see even if they are on the low side if it will make a difference in my ability to hit into a green and stop it where I want. Finally I need to feel confident with them. I’m sure I’ll go through a honeymoon faze with them and I will have good rounds and bad rounds, but it is something I gained with my current set of Ping irons and is critical to helping them stay in my bag. Well that just about wraps up my stage 1! I’d invite you all to check out the other 8! Stage 1’s and to follow all of us along while continue on with stage 2 and beyond. I look forward to any and all questions anyone has along the way and will do whatever I can to help anwser. As well if anyone wants to see specific data I will do what I can to get those results as well whether that be on a launch monitor or through Arccos. Also if anyone wants to see some more photos go up there will be some on my instagram (brand new just for this review) at apolloshowl. Thank you everyone for taken the time to read!
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    Played at Brookledge Golf Club in Cuyahoga Falls this morning and shot a 42/45 87. My drives were still a bit sketchy but I think it's coming around. My irons were very good as was my 5 wood. Putting needs a lot of work from about 5' and in.
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    This is not the Odyssey putter you seek!
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    *looks around to make sure wife isn't looking over my shoulder* New driver shaft, then new driver, then another shaft. New FW shaft New hybrid. New hybrid shaft. Irons? You'll have to wait for the Ping i210 review. 2 New wedges. Putters: Ping Vault Anser Dale 2.0, Piretti Bosa, Odyssey Tank 7, Odyssey 1W WBW, TaylorMade Spider #3, and I'll buy one more here in the next week or so because... I'm a sad, sad man. Only thing that stayed consistent... My bag. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    That's awesome Kegger! I'm with you on the toe touch exercise, I'm almost reaching to the top of my socks, gotta buy longer socks. So it's more like shin touch, squat, pray I don't fall, and reach for the sky. Glad to see you're making progress, that great you kept your SS above 90. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Hit a 6 iron from 165 yards to within 4 feet and made birdie on a tough par 4. Sent from my VS995 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Wow, awesome!!! I can’t wait to take part in my first putter review! Huge thanks to MGS and Odyssey and congrats to the other spies chosen, now let’s sink some putts Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    How about when you've deleted all the other inferior golf forum websites from your bookmarks. Like the a$$78%^, dictator run forum I left after finding MGS, and that shall remain nameless but not hard to figure out .
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    Leaving Thursday to head to HHI for golf trip. Hurry up and get here, but then slow down when you do.
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    Holed it out of the sand for the first time for a birdie. Turned an otherwise average performance into one that already made my week.
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    They look like the G700s stopped being John Daly, just living off their natural talent, and hit the gym, got a haircut and bought a new suit, and started climbing the ladder. I'm not giving up my G700s, but I'll be honest: assuming these results are what I expect they'll be, the look of these make me a little jealous. Looking forward to the reviews, all!
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    Stage One – Tester Introduction {11 October 2018} The Background This is my second review for MGS since joining the site last June. I talked at length about my background, history, and playstyle in the O-Works review but I’ll give you the quick hits. I’m a former pro baseball player (pitcher) that took up golf and have been playing for 9-ish years now. I have a wife, 2 kids, a dog, and a day job so I typically spend more time practicing on my lunch breaks than actually playing golf. What’s new since my last review? I joined the MGS staff! I’m no expert so I was hesitant to apply. I am, however, organized and creative so I applied to see where it went. After a lengthy review process, I was notified of the good news. I knew this job would be a lot of work…. but it’s the FUN kind of work. Luckily for me, I’m able to stay in my swim lane and leave the experting to the experts. My biggest accomplishments so far have been the heavy lifting for #SpyStaffSlam and the #CobraCONNECT Challenge as well as revising the review templates you all have been reading this season. The Golf I play in Maryland on a peninsula surrounded by rivers which lets us experience all four seasons. No matter the temperature, there is constant humidity but we experience droughts during the summer months that harden the fairways for increased roll. We’ve been in our wet season for a bit now resulting in Florida-like rollout. The courses I play hang out around 6500 yards but switch up the tee boxes from time-to-time for a different look. My current irons (TM Tour Preferred MC) are 7 years old and have served me beautifully. They still look great for their age with a personal touch. I got them before I was good enough to play them and practiced my way into using them to their potential. I play a fade but taught myself a draw this spring to add shots to the bag. The only problem is, if I’m not constantly on the course, I can’t be sure which direction the ball will turn over. This leads to a lot of missed greens which puts pressure on my putter. I think we spend so much time trying to determine if we can, we never stop to think about whether we should. Smart Yardage Ranges: Since Arccos tracks to the final position (not carry), I think the smart yardage shows a better picture of my gapping since wind is often a factor. I’m currently only hitting 34% of greens so that really needs to come up if I’m serious about getting into single digits. The Fitting I didn’t get fit for my last review and, quite frankly, regretted it. I had to move heaven and earth to do it but I managed to get a fitting done for these irons. The closest qualified fitter is just shy of a 2-hour drive from me. They say you should play prior to getting a fitting to evaluate the clubs with a fatigued swing so I squeezed in 9 holes with Rob, RickyBobbyPR, and Rob’s friend before getting started. The experience was top notch (shout out to Brandon at Night Hawk in Crofton, MD) and I learned a lot about my swing. We conducted the fitting outdoors with a Trackman hooked up to a MS Surface. I’ll spare you the step-by-step details to say this: I would’ve done a terrible job choosing my specs had I not gone to a qualified fitter. Add me to the camp that believes in fitting. The difference is noticeable and appreciable and should not be foregone if you have a knowledgeable person within reach. Head: As a bonus tester, I’m in the unique position of having a choice between the i210 and the i500. My previous clubs launched the ball too low with too much spin; this resulted in a very large shot area. The i210 produced more of the same for me and it didn’t take long to realize the i500 was a match made in heaven. The ball flew straight and HIGH reaching its apex down range to land as softly as a hummingbird with broken legs. It feels weird hitting a straight ball but I think I’ll manage. [emoji6] Shaft: My SS is on the higher end hovering between 93-95 mph with a 7-iron. Left to my own devices, I would’ve started with the stout and heavy options and picked from there. Turns out my tempo prefers a softer and lighter option. To the naked eye, my swing looks slow but trust me that the head is really moving. I can’t explain the why but, I can explain the what that the NS Modus3 Pro 105 - S allowed me to put the sweet spot of the head on the ball more often. DG Tour 105 came in a close second. I barely saw launch monitor numbers but I took his word that they were perfect since my eyes confirmed. Final numbers were 185y carry, 100ft peak height, and 6900 spin. Lie Angle: We did the line-on-ball test that landed between 1* and 2* upright. Ended up going with 1* up (blue dot) based on my preferred ball flight. I want a stock shot fade without losing it right. Can confirm the desired result has carried to the course. Grip: Measured my total hand and my fingers. My hand size warrants a mid but my fingers warrant a std. Went with standard + 2 wraps to find a happy medium. Due to slippage issues with the humidity, I went with the corded GP grips. Length: Didn’t fool around since ½” long was just right. Made me feel good that I would’ve at least gotten ONE spec correct. First Impressions Per Ping, the sleek design and rounded topline hides the forgiving body features from top to bottom of the set. The heads lengthen from heel to toe as the clubs get longer yet the girth remains the same. The forged face is in place to increase fee resulting in a trampoline effect from the hollow body design aiming to increase ball speed, reduce spin, and maximize height. These are some beautiful clubs in photos but will knock your socks off in person. So far, I’d say they’re delivering on these promises. Although the i500s are billed as a lower spinning set, there is a key distinction to make: the spin rate is just right to maintain stopping power while minimizing sideways movement. I don’t care about gaining distance but I do care about accuracy; so if the ball flight that allows me to be more accurate also goes further, so be it. The distance will simply require adjustment at the top and bottom of my bag to ensure proper gapping but won’t play much of a factor in the quality of club for my review. The Next Step I won’t have LM data so Arccos is coming along for the ride for data back-up. My baseline is built up enough to quantify any gains or losses I may experience. To increase reps significantly, I’ll be playing a few rounds using irons only (+putter). They’ll get the full workout from top to bottom and be used in many different scenarios. Then, I’ll put the full bag back together to see how they play in “normal” conditions. These irons have the same hydropearl finish that the G700 testers noted durability issues with. I’ll be careful, but not too careful handling them to see if the same holds true. I won’t go back to my old clubs so I’ll do my best to identify the right type of golfer for these irons and highlight the aspects that’ll differentiate them from other clubs in the same segment. Since the shaft is part of the standard offerings, I’ll evaluate that as well from the perspective of how the club fits together as a unit. Until next time, I leave you with this. Keeping with first impressions, here’s my swing and ball flight with the new i500s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9Dn7vXkTnc&feature=youtu.be
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    I was over at a neighbors yesterday and noticed his toddler was wielding a plastic golf club and chasing a wiffle golf ball around. It immediately brought back memories of my growing up in Ft. Lauderdale and playing rounds at our local park. We'd create a course using everything from power poles to trees to benches as targets and played for hours. No one ever cared that we were there chopping up the turf and, as memory serves, we pretty much had the place to ourselves. At that time, my neighbor and I were playing JGA and this activity served as practice - though we never looked at it as such. When we tired of golf, out came a football or baseball. Some of my favorite childhood memories involve chasing a plastic wiffle ball around and pretending to be Chi Chi Rodriquez (I had Chi Chi Rodriguez golf clubs). Anyone else grow up playing wiffle ball golf? Anyone using these for practice?
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    For the last year I have been playing Wilson Staff D300 5W, 4H, and 5H as my long clubs. I love the 4H and 5H, but the 5W is love/hate. There are days when I really hit it well, then other days not so much. Also, on the par 5 #5 hole at my course, there is a slight downhill lie in the zone where I typically hit the ball off the tee. The Fairway wood just doesn't work for me off that lie. So... Last week I broke down and bought the matching 17º 2H to my other hybrids. The first two times I played with it, I wasn't so sure it was staying in the bag. I had a tendency to hit off the heel and a low, weak cut shot that didn't go anywhere. Well, that changed today! I hit some beauties, and even a few draws which I never did with the 5W. So, the top of my bag is now driver, 2H, 4H, 5H.
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    Pull them out of the attic and give them a whirl. I’ll admit, I’ve lost about 20 yards with my persimmon driver but my accuracy has improved dramatically. As for the fairway woods, I haven’t really noticed any distance loss at all. As for building one from scratch, I actually have found a place online that sells persimmon blocks that would be perfect to hand carve into some club heads. Haven’t felt the urge to go that route yet. I do have a few unfinished heads that will be getting some very special paint jobs. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I had a really good round this weekend. I hit the ball great. Putted well just struggled with speed. I missed several birdie chances inside 20ft. Still shot -1 on a tough course. Looking forward to working my butt off over the next 28 days to prepare for Olympic Club Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    We did this all over the neighborhood until folks would get mad when we would take dollar size divots out of their front lawn. We would tape up the holes to get a little more distance out of them... Geez I hope the USGA doesn't roll back whiffle golf balls!! Then when I went off to college, there was a tennis ball golf league that played around campus and it was a lot of fun. Par 4 around the big oak, over the fountain and the hole was a statue of some random dude. I loved both whiffle ball and tennis ball golf. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I spent years trying to make the perfect putting stroke. Spieth talked about doing the same thing as a problem in his putting so at least we are in good company. Now, I just try to trace a line from the ball to the hole and starting the ball on that line. I don't know if I sink that many more putts but I definitely feel more relaxed over the ball and not racked by paralysis by analysis.
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    I play with guys from my club during the week and with my wife on weekends. I post those rounds in GHIN, but my wife and I just do it to track our handicaps. We have been doing it for years. We do not play in comps; maybe a charity tournament on occasion. I do not post solo rounds; I only use them for practice. This is likely my last year posting to GHIN. I don't play with the men's club, so I don't really see a need to pay the GHIN fee anymore. I started posting on The Grint last month in addition to GHIN just to compare the two. The Grint is free and if you bother to collect some stats as you play, it gives you a pretty good overview of where your game needs improving. I will be using The Grint next year. It can be an official handicap if you have a local club that supports it and your scores are attested, but if all you want to do is track your handicap, it's decent and free.
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    I live in a town of 7000 people. We have two, 18 hole private courses in town. There aren't enough rich people around here to support one course, let alone two. Members of both clubs are pretty middle class. Farmers (a lot of farmers), teachers, small business owners, dentists, accountants, retirees, factory workers, doctors, lawyers, law enforcement personnel, secretaries, insurance agents,... The most common cars in the parking lot are pick ups and mini vans. The high school kids mainly drive used cars.
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    Week 1: My week 1 is officially in the books! The beginning of my week was a little out of whack due to a Monday golf tournament, so my speed training days ended up being Tuesday evening, Friday evening, and Saturday morning. Having back to back days of speed training is not ideal and is against SuperSpeed’s recommended 1 day of rest between training, but due to a busy schedule, this is how it worked out this week. I was rather sore today from a combination of SuperSpeed training and personal training (Saturday), but still made it out to the range to hit some drives. I wasn’t expecting to see any increases from the first week of training, but I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw… During my baseline swing speed testing I saw a handful of swings registering at 88 at 89 mph. Today, I didn’t see a single swing in the 80s! To make things easier to read, I will include a snippet of the recording chart that SuperSpeed sent us prior to starting (with the addition of speed increase columns that I added to the template). I don’t know if I will be able to get a before and after Driver swing speed every week, but I will include it whenever possible during these updates. As an extra piece of bonus content… One of the warm up exercises is a toe touch to squat to extension, and when I first tried, it was comical how limited my range was! I was able to reach to about my shin. I still haven’t reached my toes yet, but I am getting closer! As of today, I can just about reach the top of my feet! Progress!
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    Ohh I’m a believer, and I hope y’all steam roll the roll tide, but I gotta believe in my cats. Edit: also just checked UGA schedule, next 4 games against top 25 teams!! Tell me who else has that kind of schedule?? Blake
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    Played really well yesterday. First round playing my own ball in about a month. We played a tough course and I shot -1 71. My ball striking was great. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    SuperSpeed week one is in the books and week two has started. Now for some numbers from week one: Top Swing Speed for Each Club yellow, green, blue RH regular 101, 99, 94 LH regular 77, 85, 78 RH step change 99, 99, 93 LH step change 86, 86, 86 All of these swings RH are faster than my initial SS of 89. I'm in the group that hasn't seen massive jumps in the training clubs compared to my driver, but it's just the first week and I wasn't expecting to see them. I am seeing my last three swings average 100 mph to end the protocols. I've swung a lot of clubs this week, so it also could be that my body isn't used to the strain I've put on it. I spent an hour and a half on Thursday swinging clubs at the PGA Superstore trying to find the best fit. Between that, the range, and I played yesterday, that's a lot for this fella. My driver swing speed has increased, I took the radar with me to the course and averaged 90 mph off the tee. The Arccos numbers were horrendous, as my driver couldn't hit water if it fell out of a boat. I was all over the place. My longest drive was 217, but when you hit them 40 yards right, it hurts the distance. It was the worst day driving I've had in a while. After week one, I'm perfectly happy with the progress I've made with SuperSpeed. If I can pick up a mile per hour a week for six weeks, I'll take it with a smile on my face. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Alright, I have been having issues getting on MGS, but it's working now. Second round was at Pebble and it went much better. We shot a 67, and I actually contributed several holes! I believe I shot 80 on my own, which isn't terrible considering I was +5 on the par 5s. The weather was stunning. You couldn't ask for a better day to play Pebble Beach. I also got a couple of shots on Golf Channel, plus an interview. At least I didn't shank any! Anyway, we ended up missing the cut by 2, which was disappointing because I easily could have saved Jeff another 3 or 4 shots that day. But overall a great day. I'll be back with photos, so stay tuned.
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    I was able to get my first round in with these irons and I've got to say, they're amazing. They just feel so pure when you hit them well. I didn't play well at all, but I told my wife that it's the most fun I've had playing so bad. The distance gains are something else. My longest 7 iron went 157. I didn't do that often, I was in the rough way too much from the tee, and it was some fluffy rough. I did hit a great flop shot from about 20 yards to a foot. The Arccos system is awesome and I didn't have the issues with the battery draining that some people have brought up. I ended with 64% battery using my Galaxy s8 plus. The only issue I had was with it not picking up putts. I had to manually input all but three of them. I even held the putter still for a couple of seconds before the shot as is recommended by the Arccos site. I ended up shooting a 106, which is on par for my game. Guess I should have put in some range time, but I really wanted to get them on the course. The irons weren't the issue so much it was the driver. Looking at my stats, I'm actually surprised that Arccos didn't send a signal to my phone and my clubs and set them on fire, send someone to give me a refund, and let me know that I'm not allowed near a golf course ever again. But that's my sense of humor. I'm really satisfied with my purchase of the Cobras, I can't say enough good about them. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Reading the topic about golf being a rich mans sport, I was wondering what your clubs monthly cost is. the very nice club just down the street wants $500 initiation fee, then $710 per month, plus $118 per month for carts. Then you have to spend $199 per quarter on food, and they’ll charge you if you don’t. but, they have a pool, gym, tennis facility, fairly nice 18 holes, unlimited free driving range, and a good restaurant. They also have a ton of activities all the time like wine tasting, or whatever’s. Seems a little expensive to me, although it would be reasonable if I played every day, which I could as I’m retired. my main concern is that I’ll get sick of playing the same track endlessly...
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    Cracking stage 1's fellas Haven't seen a review that even had the fedex delivery guy/gal in the pic- one excited puppy right there...and rightly so.
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    Got back to the range today and identified what's bit plaguing my swing. It turns out I have been taking the club back inside far too much and it has been leading me to open the face and come over the top. Really focused on taking the club straight back today and it worked wonders. The weak fades practically disappeared
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    Its what my Dad used to give me. [emoji14]
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    Sooo. Yours truly, the commish picks up Blue to play in the flex over Beasely yesterday and apparently doesn't submit the lineup change to finalize it before rushing out the door. That cost me 18.1 points and likely a chance at the win.
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    I think I know some people who might need this book. Oh wait! It wouldn’t do them any good to have a book because they can’t even read! Silly me Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Went out yesterday for a round. Had the place to myself so I played 4 balls. It was pretty soggy, but I managed not to dig too much with the 60°. Still having that weird partial shot shaft load issue with the 52°, I was trying a half shot at about 65 yards and I over shot it by 30... never had this problem before. Definitely can feel when it loads up too. (Wonder if they make that in a driver shaft?)
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    Stage one is up! Hope you all enjoy the read! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Salivating to read the reviews- been on my radar since they came out
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    Stage 1 - Introducing the PING i500 irons -10/8/2018 Hello again MGS community! It’s that time of the year again, where we put all that OEM marketing mumbo jumbo up for testing and scrutiny by real players like you and me! You think their claims are bullshit? We’ll let you know for sure! As always, a huge thanks to MGS and PING, who make these great opportunities possible! I’ve done a few reviews for MGS, so I’ll keep the background info short (more details can be found in my signature). Wait a minute... the new forums don't have a signature anymore!? Oh well, then here we go: I’m Steven, currently residing in Hamburg, Germany and have been playing golf for about 7-ish years. I picked-up the game kind of late, but believe there is still some potential to flirt with single digits someday. I started this season as a 14 HCP (by EGA so not sure how that translates to USGA system) and have climbed all the way up to a 16. Did I mention I started playing at the same time as my wife and she’s now a 11 HCP? Yeah, I know… shame on me. We are now proud parents of 2, which gives me even less time to practice. My rounds are limited to 36 holes every weekend and an after-work 9 hole competitive round once in a while. My swing is fugly, so to avoid scaring you guys... I opted for a finish photo instead of a video! And I only found this one, because GolfSpy STUDeque failed to snap a selfie during his visit! I am competitive by nature; my wife and I have to bet on something every time we play: let it be a purse, dinner, shoes, you name it. I can enjoy a round with any type of golfer (ability-wise), doesn’t matter to me, as long as we can finish in a decent amount of time (personally, 4 hours is my limit, would prefer 3.5). Once the round goes beyond 4.5 hours, I get cranky, impatient and my game goes to s***. One of the reasons I like to keep rounds short is because I want to spend the afternoon with my kids. I guess once they are old enough to play with me, I won’t be in that much of a hurry. Consistency is my nemesis. I can shoot 39 on the front and blow a 55 on the back. My biggest issue this season? My driver. I used to fight a slice and now I’m fighting a snap hook. That’s the worst feeling, not knowing which side you are going to miss. Also, I realized I’m flipping a bit through impact with my irons. Even though I focus on shifting my weight forward and turning, I can’t seem to fix the problem. So I just booked 12 lessons with my teaching pro and see where that takes me next season. Putting is a little bit more decent. Since my tee shots usually leave me in trouble, I end up scrambling a lot, leaving a lot of short 1-putts. I've been playing video games for much longer than golf and I swear they give you a better sense of space and depth. You know those grids you see on the green in video games? That’s how I picture them in real life! Somewhere between my putting and driving, you can find my iron and wedge game. My short game used to be almost as bad as my driving, but it has greatly improved since I got the SM7 (link here). WITB Bag: Sun Mountain H2NO tired of putting the plastic cover over your bag when it rains? Get a waterproof bag and problem solved! Driver: Callaway Epic won at the Kings of Distance event last year, where we met Matteo Manassero, Joe Miller and Sandra Carlborg. I was fitted for the driver, but since it was a Callaway event, there were obviously no other OEM’s to compare with. Fairway Woods: got a X2Hot 3W with Aldila Tour Green. Bought this one off the rack to keep my ball flight down and as an option when my driver is misbehaving. Surprisingly, it was a good fit for me. Instead of playing a hybrid, I opted for a 5W JetSpeed - also OTR - but I rarely use it, usually good for those 200-210 yard shots. Wedges: got the SM7 a couple of months ago, fitted of course and they were truly eye-opening. These are now my favorite clubs in the whole bag. I don’t even mind practicing my short game anymore. Love them! Putter: I still prefer blade style putters. They give me more distance control than mallets. With all the hype around EVNROLL, I had to try them! And they’ve helped me tremendously. My wife got the same putter, but she’s not so happy… that just shows how different our strokes are. Irons: our protagonist for this review. More details below. I started playing irons OTR: Cobra SS Oversize, Rapture V2, Slingshots, R9. Then moved on to a fitted set of MP59, which lasted about 4 years before I switched to my current gamers the Apex CF16. Yes, 4 years feel almost as long as dog years. In between, I tested a lot of PING’s offerings, from the G15, G20, i20, K15, G25… and just couldn’t get along them with. They never felt as good as the Rapture V2 and they didn’t outperform what I already had. Ending up with the CF16 was a surprise, since I had never been a fan of Callaway, but I decided to trust the fitter and bought them with the PX 5.5 trying to lower the flight a little. I know this is more of a swing flaw, but if the equipment helps, why not? I’m not a long hitter by any means (7i for 165 yards or so) so any extra distance is welcome. I think the CF16 did a pretty good job in the player’s distance category. Initially, they looked bulky (of course, I was used to Mizuno MP irons) but with time, I started to grow into them. You’ll see a lot of players complaining about hitting flyers with these. 2 seasons later, I still haven’t noticed any, nor anything unusual. Other people complained about not being able to stop the balls on the green, not me! First Impressions As soon as I read the MGS official announcement, I called my pro shop and booked a fitting. I always prefer outdoor fittings to observe ball flight, but it was full, so to avoid causing any delays to the other testers, I settled for an indoor session. Let me tell you, it was a tough call between the i210 and the i500. The i500 certainly look better, but I was afraid they would be too explosive and I would end up with a big gap between PW and my SM7. On the other hand, the i210 seem less forgiving than my current gamers. In the end, I searched a little bit on the interwebz to see which one was more forgiving and apparently, they are very similar. So I went with the looks of the i500. Here comes the first (pleasant) surprise: Rob submitted the order on Monday and by Friday I had them in my hands… are you freaking kidding me??? Thumbs up to PING for providing lightning-fast delivery from their UK HQ. Seriously, I’ve only read good things about PING’s service, this is my first experience with them and I’m truly in awe. But I gotta say, the box presentation could be improved. Clubs came with a protective neoprene headcover, but all tied together with a rubber band in a plastic wrap. That's enough to protect them, but takes away a little of the premium feel. My specs: PX LZ 5.5 in code green (2 up), Tour Velvet grips white code PING claims their forged face combined with stainless steel body will give you so much power, you’ll feel as if you were swinging a metal wood. Your ball speed, trajectory and stopping power will increase as a total package. These are the usual claims found in SGI irons, but PING managed to wrap it up in a clean blade-style design that appeals better players. Here you can see the topline of the 4i, 7i and PW. And here the soles I am entering this review with a preconceived notion: I don’t get along with PING equipment, as a matter of fact, you could say I dislike PING equipment. Why? They never performed for me and this guy I am not fond of plays a full PING bag. Yeah, stupid and childish reason, I know. But like they say, golf is 90% mental, so you have to play whatever makes you happy! But hey! I wasn’t a fan of Callaway either, and look at me now with 9 out of 14 slots filled with Callaway gear. So I’ll let the numbers do the talking and see if PING can improve my game. One thing I already like about the i500 is the HydroPearl Chrome 2.0 finish. After playing the CF16, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to play a chrome finish iron again. Personally, I feel matte irons have a more premium air to it and the reduced glare is just extra bonus. The chromed numbers on the sole all had a protective film to avoid scratches. What to expect from Stage 2 Without hitting them, PING has already scored positively in the looks and customer service department. I wonder how they will perform? Up next, we’ll be trying to figure out whether: -I am capable of getting along with PING equipment -The i500 are as long and forgiving (for a blade design) as PING claims -They perform better than my current Apex CF16 without leaving a huge gap between PW and GW If the above prove to be true then… well then they are definitely going in my bag! Alright, folks! Enough theorycrafting, so let’s get our hands dirty! I already played 1 round with them and WOW! So stay tuned for Stage 2 and all the details
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    You should be seeing our Stage 2 results sometime around Thanksgiving, when will be completing Protocol 1. I think the results will be... interesting!
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    Proud to be a Wildcat, even though we lost in OT to a very strong Texas A&M. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    While the price will be well outside my budget for an iron set let alone a driver, it is one great looking club from the top. I have always thought that the TM clubs that were repainted some other color than white were great looking too though.
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    Played the club smchamionship this weekend, played from the tips, almost 7000 yards. Played ok, had a few bad tee shots on both days, shot 39-45= 84 on Sat., and 39-43= 82 today. I felt like I hit the ball much better today, but the score didn’t show it. We flipped the 9’s today so we played the back nine first. Struggled finishing on both days. It was brutally hot as well both days, so difficult to focus late in the round on both days. All in all a decent weekend of golf.
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    With the front line bag nothing much except I do rotate between 2 putters a 8802 style and a Rusty Scotty Santa Fe. Now if you ask me on the vintage side I will tell you how much time do you have and how many gigabytes does MGS have? On the vintage side I have so much stuff it is a constant rotation sometimes even on the turn.
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    I'll be going out today getting some time in on the course and I can't wait. It's probably going to take a bit of getting used to since my old irons are older than some of the guys that I work with. Today's just going to be for fun, but I'll at least get a baseline of what these bad boys will do. My local driving range doesn't have yardages right, they constantly move the tee boxes up and back. Arccos will definitely help me learn my distances. A quick shout out to them, by the way. Once I got them set up I noticed that the course I play most wasn't in their system. Shot them an email on Thursday and they got back to me the next day saying to get them the course info and they would take care of it. That's phenomenal customer service. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Well I am honestly in unbelievable shock right now. Cobra really surprised me with the clubs!!!! I really wanted to try one length and that is what I did with the Cobra fitter. It was the best fitting I have ever had and I have had quite a few fittings. The fitter and I discussed my weak points including my limited practice time, my hectic Navy schedule, and my curiosity with One Length clubs. I literally hit every shaft that was available and wouldn't you know it...the Cobra Forged Tech One Length were absolutely perfect for me. In general I am looking for consistency, proper gapping between clubs, simplifying my golf swings, improving my accuracy, and hitting my approach shots closer to the hole. I have no doubt that these clubs will do it. The technology in these clubs is unreal!!!! I didn't think that Cobra was sending these...honestly the F8 one length just didn't work even though I wanted them to...so I was truly expecting variable length F8s but some companies go the extra mile for even the average golfer...and the company at the top of that list is Cobra Golf!!!!!! It took me three hours to finally take the plastic off...these things are sexy...the clubs are built perfectly to my specifications and even the shaft logos are lined up perfectly...attention to detail is important and Cobra delivers. Don't be surprised if my entire bag is Cobra before the end of the year. Top quality professionally fitted equipment belongs in every golfers bag and if you want the best then take a hard look at Cobra Golf!!!! I am freaking pumped up!!!!
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    Here’s what a First Place Cobra golfer looks like......Thanks Puma/Cobra for the outfit(cap, shirt, shorts & shoes) Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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